50 Best Sex Tips For Men For a Better Sex Life

Check out our greatest sex tips for men you may have never seen before and learn the best ways to boost your confidence and unleash the better lover in you.

sex tips for men

Are you looking to improve your sex life?

Here are some of the best sex tips you might want to consider the next time you want to sleep with someone.

Now, all of these are focused on the male perspective. But women can still benefit from the bits of advice given out. 

So… Are you ready to take your game to a whole new level? Are you ready to become more confident with yourself and your body?

Here are 50 tips to keep in mind to achieve a better and more satisfying sex life. 

50 Best Sex Tips for Men 

1. Get As Loud As You Can During Sex

It’s common for women to complain about men being quiet in the bedroom.

So gentlemen, keep this in mind. Studies have proven that being loud in bed can lead to greater erections and intense orgasms. 

If you’re loud with each other, then you know you two are comfortable with one another. 

People often like to express themselves through sex. So try to give a few grunts here and there. Or better yet, do some dirty talking. 

That’ll give you an experience of a lifetime.

2. Increase Your Sexual Stamina

Don’t you want to enjoy the pleasure of having intense and multiple orgasms? 

Then learn what makes YOU feel satisfied. Get to know your body more. You can check our in-depth guide for some techniques to last longer in bed.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that it’s not all about the woman. Sex is a two-way job. You can be as multi-orgasmic as your partner. 

All it takes is a bit of practice. And a little getting used to.

And voila, mission accomplished. Congratulations. Your performance in bed has increased one level.

3. Do Longer Foreplay With Your Partner

There are several differences between the female and male bodies. 

Women start their sexual energy in their extremities. Then gradually, it is guided to their genitals. In short, women need to warm up first to get their libido going. 

If you want to make your girl as horny as you are, stretch out your foreplay time. Ease your way through her senses. Touch her in all her sensitive spots.

Satisfy her physically, mentally, and emotionally

Interested in other ways how to make your girl horny? Check out this guide.

4. Do High-Intensity Exercises

High-intensity workouts can do wonders to your sex drive.

They don’t only focus on toning and strengthening your muscles. But you could also get a surge of testosterone pumped into your system. 

More hormones can mean more pent-up energy stored up in your body.  

So after you hit the gym, find your woman. Tell her she’s beautiful. And tell her that you’re all ready to go.

She might get surprised by your sudden interest. But she’ll sure get a good kick out of it. 

5. Refrain From Eating Before Sex

Don’t have sex when you just had a heavy meal. 

Avoid doing it on a full stomach. But also, don’t starve yourself right before your sexcapade.

Indulge your sexual urges only when you are feeling good. Don’t go to any of the extremes. Just do it right.

Not too hungry, but not too full as well. 

Eating a lot can make an impact on both of your sex drives. It affects mobility in the bedroom. And it can also make the two of you feel insecure about your bodies. 

6. Restrict Yourself From Porn

Don’t rely too much on getting yourself off with watching porn. That could mess with you mentally. And it could affect your overall ability to perform sexually. 

You could get an arousal addiction. And that could rewire your mind to want more variety in your sex life. 

As a result, you might feel underwhelmed by doing it with only one partner. And eventually, you might develop some erectile dysfunction in the process. 

So lessen your porn consumption

7. Don’t Eat As Many Processed Foods As You Can

Processed foods can hurt your sex life one way or another. It can leave you feeling tired. It can leave you feeling sluggish

And you’ll generally be slowing down your body. 

Processed foods tend to cause an initial burst of energy. But also, it can lead to a crash as your blood sugar can drop quickly.

That roller coaster can make it difficult to concentrate and maintain the energy needed for a good time in the bedroom. So cut back on those favorite processed foods of yours. 

8. Pee Before Sex

Urinating before sex helps you play with your partner for long periods. Then, you don’t have to worry too much about a potential pee break in between. 

But don’t have sex immediately after letting it all out. Instead, give it a solid 20 minutes. 

You want to have your penis focus on the task. Doing it after a few minutes of peeing can potentially detach you from sexual pleasure. What this means is that you might ejaculate prematurely

And no woman likes that, right? 

9. Do Some Dirty Talking

Talking dirty is often overlooked by couples. But it is one powerful form of eroticism known to man. 

It stimulates your partner’s mind. It triggers their imagination. And it adds a whole new atmosphere to the room. 

So get a little flirty with your partner. Tell them all your sexual desires. Tell them what you like about their body. 

Put your bold and naked front forward. Don’t shy away from it. Embrace it. 

Consider checking out our ultimate guide on what to say during sex to take your game to a new level.  

10. Tease Her By Avoiding Her Genitals During Foreplay

Do you want to keep your partner on the edge of her seat? Then tease her. But avoid playing with her vagina directly.

Instead, stimulate every part of her body EXCEPT her genitals. Let the anticipation consume her. Then, make her beg you to touch that part of her body.

Sometimes, putting on the sexual tension can be an effective way to increase one’s sexual urges.

So give a few kisses on her inner thigh. Give a few playful bites. See how she reacts.

11. Do Some Chores Around The House

Is your partner busy lately? Then relieve some of her stress by doing some of the chores yourself. 

Stress is one of the leading causes of a decreased sex drive. In addition, it can lead to lower mental health. And overall, it can slow down the body in performing all its processes. 

So be a reasonable partner and help your partner out.

Do some spring cleaning. Wash the dishes. Take out the trash. And if you have kids, take care of them for her. She’ll appreciate it one way or another. 

12. Slow Down Your Kisses

Now, you might want to take it slow with your kisses from time to time. 

Don’t get too aggressive at every opportunity you get. There are times wherein your partner likes to do things more sensually. Make the moment more intimate and romantic. 

So slow down. Enjoy the company. Let every kiss have its weight. 

A kiss might not mean as much to you. But to them, it might mean the whole world. 

13. Use A Perfume She Likes

Your smell can trigger sensations in your woman’s brain. So put on that favorite perfume of hers. How about that deodorant? 

Do anything to trigger your woman’s sense of smell in the bedroom. Sometimes, all it takes is a few whiffs of your shirt. And she’s all up and ready. 

So keep your trusty perfume or cologne by your side. And if she wants, you could do a little shopping with her. Pick out a scent that turns her on. 

14. Tell Her How Beautiful Her Body Is

Make sure your partner feels as confident as they are with their skin when you two have sex. 

Insecurities can lead to lesser sex drives.

And this leads her to think that she’s undesirable in your eyes. So tell her how beautiful she is. Complement her. Make her feel attractive. 

Wooing your way to a partner’s mind can do wonders. And who knows, you might get more out of it at the end of the day. 

15. Spend Time With Each Other As You Shop For Sex Toys

Spend quality time shopping for sex toys together. Do something casual yet kinky at the same time. 

Talk to her about her preferences.

Does she like dildos or vibrators? How about butt plugs? Anal beads

You have tons of options right in front of you. 

Is she feeling adventurous? Then how about investing in a swing? There are many options out there that’ll take your sex life to great heights!

Get as experimental as you can get. Don’t limit yourselves to plain old vanilla sex. Spice up your sex life with a few sex toys. You’ll both surely enjoy it. 

16. Go On A Vacation Together

Want to go to Hawaii to surf and let loose? Or how about the great outdoors to do a little bit of camping?

Then pack your bags. Plan out a trip with your partner and enjoy some quality time together. 

A vacation can be a great getaway to relieve yourselves of your worries. You can spend every single time with each other. And you can make those intimate moments more memorable. 

17. Explore Having Sex in Other Parts of Your Home

But do you like doing it in the bedroom? But want to be more adventurous in terms of location? 

Then try other rooms in your house.

Have sex on the living room. Try the kitchen. Try the bathroom.

Or, if you feel more confident, try having SEX OUTSIDE. Maybe the balcony? The pool?

Explore as much as you want. It’s your home. You get to choose wherever you want. And whenever you like to do it. 

18. Book A Nice Hotel

It’s nice sometimes to get out from the comfort of your own home. So take your escapades to a fancy hotel. Book an Airbnb if you must. 

Change the whole mood and atmosphere. Not getting used to visual cues can be exciting.

It stimulates the brain to think of the unexpected. It makes the mystery of the unknown alluring. And it can excite both of you physically and mentally as well. 

19. Get Kinky

Is she ready for some BDSM action? Or is she into something different but still kinky at the same time?

Then have a conversation with your partner. Talk to her about what she likes in the bedroom. 

Can you commit to that idea? Are you open to doing it?

Make yourself as available as you can when it comes to new ideas. But, of course, different people have different preferences. 

At times, you might like it. And there are times when you might doubt it. But, it’s all just part of discovering yourself and your partner. 

20. Try Oral Sex Classes Together

Taking a class together can be fun. Taking a class on ORAL SEX together can be quite the thrill. 

So invest in some oral sex classes. Who knows, you might learn a lot of things from the sessions. 

No one is perfect when it comes to sex. So it’s good to have some experts guide you in your adventures in the bedroom. 

Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself. All of this is a learning experience. Better make a fool of yourself now than later. 

If you want to know how to give a girl head, be sure to read our guide here.

21. Pleasure Yourself For Extended Periods

Another way to retain great stamina is to masturbate for long periods. Learn how to hold yourself out. 

Just let your imagination do all the stimulating in the brain. And let your hands do all the work on your body. 

Drown yourself into some edging if you like. Get your body used to the feeling of anticipation. 

It’s all a mental game. And it’s all to your benefit at the end of the day. 

Do you want to learn the best male masturbation techniques available? Go to our guide so you’ll achieve the most intense orgasms ever!

22. Offer A Sensual Massage

One way to relieve stress from her body physically is to give her a massage. Specifically, you want to give her a sensual massage. 

Make something relaxing as something that can be intimate. 

Have your partner enjoy the presence of your touch. At the same time, let her feel the sexual tension. 

Have her body twitch as you caress her erogenous areas. Make her feel the motions. Make her feel your vibe. 

Check out some of our tips and techniques on sexual massages:

23. Have A Spoiling Session

It’s good to spoil your partner sometimes. It can make her feel loved. It can make her feel desired. 

So be her butler for a day. Serve every need she demands from you.

Does she want to be the dominant one in bed? Then, LET HER! 

There’s nothing wrong with being submissive. It unlocks a whole new realm of possibilities. And it’s nice to have some change in the dynamics from time to time. 

24. Earn More Dough

At times, all it takes to turn a girl on is money. So rack up that cash stack in your bank account. Be her “sugar daddy.” 

A steady income can mean stability to several women out there. That gives them the idea that you can be the perfect husband material. And that you can also provide for the kids. 

So stay focused when it comes to your line of work. Get that promotion. Always strive for excellence. 

25. Know Your Ideal Sex Life

Be more firm with your ideal sex life. Set some expectations for yourself. But be realistic about it. 

You can’t always have sex every single day. Life can get in the way. So learn to compromise. 

Understand that everything you have in mind can’t be a sure yes. People have their circumstances. So it’s best to keep that in consideration. 

As long as you’re not unsure about it, you have things straightened to your favor. 

26. Do A Sexy Shoot And Send The Results To Your Partner

Take your sexting game to a whole new level. Send your partner some nudes. Or, if you like to get fancier, do a sexy photo shoot.

Show off your pride and assets. Show them what they’re missing when they’re at work. 

Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of confidence. So let it all out. 

A confident man can be a sexual turn-on to some women out there. So embrace your inner model. And let her see all your glory. 

27. Use the Swirl Technique

Don’t be boring when it comes to making the motions. You can do so much with your hands. Instead of the usual linear pattern, go for a swirl. 

Alternate between the two and make yourself unpredictable. 

Use your finger to trace certain parts of her body. Then, make a swirling motion. Stimulate the part you want to make her feel aroused.

The tingles can have her feel overwhelmed. And the swirling motion can make her orgasm better. 

Want to learn more about how to last longer and have a pleasurable time in the bedroom? Head over to our best sex position guide.

28. Talk To Your Partner About the Ideal Sex Life

Yes, you have your ideal sex life sorted out. But, it’s also a great idea to share it with your partner. Talk to them about these things.

Relationships are for two people to connect. It’s all about establishing THAT BOND. 

So open up a conversation.

Is your ideal sex life ideal to them? Or is it something far more detached than what’s in their reality? 

Keep the questions going. Be more assured of where the two of you stand. 

29. Use the 9-5 Technique

The 9-5 technique is just another form of edging. But instead of staying on top, bring down a few notches. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, bring it from 9 to 5. Regular edging usually has you stay around the near 9’s and 8’s before stopping. 

But the 9-5 lets you be more gradual about it. It can help you train your focus. And it can also help you train your sexual stamina more effectively. 

30. Be More Vocal During Sex

You can be as loud as you want during sex. But try to be MORE VOCAL as well.

Don’t just settle for those grunts and moans. Talk to her. Be more vocal with your actions.

Maybe put in a blindfold and have your voice direct everything she’s doing. Guide her. Let her enjoy the sensation of your touch and sound. 

31. Get Your Bedside Tool Kit Ready

Your trusty staples for sex can always come in handy. A bedside tool kit doesn’t mean it’s all about sex toys. 

You have other items as well. Maybe prepare a blanket just in case. You’ll never know what accidents might happen during sex. 

And, of course, you have lube—a mainstay to several sexcapades.

And if you two are into massages, have coconut oil on the ready as well. 

32. Change Your Lifestyle Choices

Your lifestyle can affect your sex life in all kinds of ways.

It’s about keeping up with your diet. It’s about maintaining a regular exercise schedule.  It’s about the habits you choose to keep for yourself. 

There are several ways to lower your sex drive. And it could happen instantly. So be cautious about your choices. 

Are you willing to risk it all? 

33. Do Some Stretching

Do you want to try some new sex positions in bed? Are you up for conquering the Kama Sutra?

Then before you do all that, do some stretching. Get your body used to the bending and flexing that you’ll be doing. 

You don’t want to cramp up during sex. That can destroy your immersion. And it can even break the experience altogether. 

34. Try Intermittent Fasting And Cold Showers

Increase your testosterone levels by doing some intermittent fasting

Don’t overindulge your body. Keep your diet steady.

If you need a wake-up call, cold showers are your best bet. These can help improve your immune system. And it also keeps you mentally alert at the same time. 

Say goodbye to low sex drives. And say hello to heightened sexual urges. 

35. Unlock Your Woman’s G-Spot Orgasms

The G-spot can be a tricky place to find. So if you want to make her orgasm hard, then keep exploring. 

Have her guide you to her treasure trove. Unlock that inner pleasure within her.

Pro Tip

If you don’t know where to find it, check our G-spot diagram and guide to finding the elusive G-spot.

Once you find that weak spot of hers, it’s game over. She’ll be begging you for more.

36. Enjoy Morning Sex

Try waking her up to some early morning sex.

But don’t go directly into penetration. Instead, lead with some foreplay first. Warm her up. Remind her of some of the best nights of her life with you.

37. Write A Classic Love Letter

Sometimes, keeping it simple is the most effective way to a woman’s lust. 

So write her a love letter. Tell her how much she means to you. Be honest. Put all your heart into it. 

38. Be Open With Each Other’s Sexual Fantasies

Don’t stop at your ideal sex life. Share each other’s sexual fantasies as well. 

Let them know what gets you all riled up. 

A fantasy can be as weird as you want it to be. So let that freak flag of yours fly. Here are some roleplay ideas if you don’t know where to begin.

39. Be More Hands-On Throughout the Day

You can do foreplay out of the bedroom. And a simple way to do this is to become more touchy with your partner throughout the day. 

Make her feel like she’s irresistible. 

While she does chores, surprise her with a few kisses. Hold her hips. Hug her.

Get as hands-on as you can throughout the day. 

40. Master the Art of Cunnilingus

So you’ve taken oral sex classes? Then put those lessons into motion.

Practice as much as you can.

Master the art of oral play. With some dedication and effort, you’re sure to reach your goal. And in no time, you’ll be eating her out like a true pro gamer.  

41. Don’t Think About Performance

Overthinking during sex can be a red flag. You can get too caught up with what you’re thinking. And it makes the overall experience seem rehearsed. 

So what you can do instead is to immerse yourself. Be in the moment.


Let yourself ride the motions. Don’t put on a blank face in front of her. Keep that eye contact going. And keep the passion burning.

You can find more about how to satisfy your girl in our article here if you’re interested.

42. Stop The Alcohol

Drinking excessive alcohol can make you limp. So make sure you take it in MODERATION.

Having a night out with friends is all fine.

But if you plan to have sex, best limit your alcohol consumption to a minimum. You don’t want to experience erectile dysfunction, right?

So, gauge your threshold. Don’t run the risk of passing out in front of your partner. 

43. Plan Out A Sex Schedule

It’s typical to be busy nowadays as adults. So make sure you get a solid schedule going. 

Plan around your work days. Plan around your rest days. 

But make sure you always put sex in the menu. You don’t want to get rid of your sex life. So make sure to have a few accommodations if you can. 

44. Be More Emotionally Available in Bed

Bring out your inner romantic. Don’t just settle for the physical.

Be more emotionally available.

Be more invested in how they’re feeling in the moment.

Ask them if it feels good. Are you hitting the right spots? Tell them that you want to be informed. 

Putting yourself forward can show that you care for their well-being. So ask away. Talk to them. Let them feel your burning desire. 

45. Try Having Sex Outdoors

Public sex is illegal in several places. But if you want to take the risk, then go on ahead. 

You can get as freaky as you want with your partner. 

Just remember to keep an eye out for your surroundings. You don’t want to have any Peeping Toms gawking at the two of you. Keep that in mind.

If you really want to try public play, you start with using a wearable vibe.

46. Try Practicing Semen Retention

Semen retention can lead to better orgasms. You just need to know how to hold out. 

Though, this isn’t about edging. It’s more about stopping yourself from masturbating. 

And no, I’m not talking about a few minutes. A few hours. Or even a day. Maybe hold out for two days. See how you fare.

Do you have to endurance to hold yourself back? Or is your girl too irresistible? Well, you’ll find out eventually. 

47. Improve Your Hygiene

Keep up a good routine when it comes to your hygiene. Women get more turned on by cleanliness and having something well put together. 

So shower regularly. Brush your teeth. And maybe shave on a scheduled basis. 

Keep your appearance attractive to them. But somehow, make it effortless. Make it as if it’s all in day’s work for you. 

48. Give In to Their Desires More

Try being consistent with giving your partner their inner desires. Make yourself more accommodating.

Let them know their fantasies are your utmost priority. Yes, you also have value. But you want to make sure that your woman feels secure. 

Are they into sensual massages? Then try offering them every night for one whole week. 

How about roleplay? Try changing dynamics every single time you have sex. 

You can have spice. You can have variety. And most importantly, you can make the sex super passionate.

If you want to know the secrets to how to have passionate sex, check out this guide

49. Supplement Your Increased Libido

Your sex drive determines your status health-wise. So if morning erections aren’t a regular, then something could be wrong with your body. 

Your sexual urge is more pumped up if the body is in a healthy state. So look for solutions if there are issues. 

Try supplements if you can.

You have plenty of natural herbs to choose from:

  • maca root powder
  • beet root extract
  • pine pollen

All of these options help in improving erectile function. And it can also lead to increased levels of libido in the process. 

50. Work On Moving Past Your Limits

Sex can have its limitations on the human body. That’s why it’s good to push yourself out of your comfort zone sometimes. 

Are you not flexible enough?

Are you bad at eating her out?

Then keep going at it. Don’t give up. Sex is a learning curve. 

At times, you can have the upsides. And there are moments where you can go downhill as well. Just keep your head in the game. And eventually, it’ll all turn out fine.

Final Thoughts

So, have you learned a thing or two… or MORE?

Just remember, take it one step at a time. You don’t have to force yourself to do everything all at once. 

Just put in a bit of EFFORT. Put your ENERGY into it. And COMMIT to it. 

In no time, you’ll experience what fulfilling sex truly is. And it doesn’t hurt either that your partner can get to enjoy your dedication sooner or later. 

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