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When they say it takes two (or prolly more) to tango… well, so is sex. Check out some of our exciting sex statistics that are literally off the charts.

  • Find out who has the biggest what, the longest what, and the most what all in one place. Take a look at Outrageous Sex World Records we’ve gathered:
    • The most orgasms achieved in one hour are 134 for a woman and 16 for a man.
    • One man had a permanent erection lasting from 1996 to 2006, a total of 10 years. 
    • Lisa Sparxxx had 919 sex partners in a single day in 2006. 

  • If you’ve ever wondered whether sex is good for you, how big the average dick is, or if your orgasms are normal, check out some Interesting Sex Facts & Stats You Should Know:
    • The average erect penis is just 5.57 inches long.
    • 36.6% of women said that they need oral to reach climax.
    • 17% of Americans have had an extramarital affair.

  • In this article, we’ve gathered some of the most common sex myths, statistics, and facts in one place:
    • 68.9% of men said their first source of information was their friends – independent of their educational level.
    • 73.1% agreed with the myth that “Men always want sex and always ready for sex.”

  • We spent a long, hard time digging up and compiling facts on the largest penis, the size of the penis by country, by ethnicity, and what length women prefer. Read on:
    • Did you know that the world’s largest penis is 34.29 cm (13.5 inches) long and 20.32 cm (8 inches) in girth?
    • While the record for the world’s smallest penis is held by an anonymous man and measures 0.99 cm (0.39 inches).

  • Curious if folks your age are having more or less sex as you are? Check out these interesting stats we’ve gathered on the frequency of sex by age:
    • Both men and women are most sexually active between the ages of 25-29.
    • Almost one-third (29.35%) of Americans in 2021 reported having NO SEX at all in the past year. 

  • It’s important to note that the average number of sexual partners varies depending on three major factors—country, age range, and gender. If you’re ready to jump right in, here are a few statistics to help you understand this exciting topic.
    • The average number of sexual partners among men was 6, and 4.3 among women.
    • And having an average of 15.2 sexual partners is too promiscuous for women and 14 for men.

  • So just how often are most couples having sex? Not as often as they used to, apparently. These statistics paint a picture of sexual activity among couples:
    • Only 26% of couples are having sex even once per week, and most couples report having sex 1-2 times per month or less.
    • In general, men crave sex at least twice as often as women at every phase of a relationship. 
    • Increasing sexual frequency to once a week is shown to increase personal happiness.

  • We’ve compiled data on women’s and men’s partners, activity, and more to know who is more sexually active: Male or Female?
    • In most women, high libido indicates an increased attraction to both men and women. 
    • 35% of men and 28% of women want to initiate sex with their partner less often – i.e., they wish their partner would take the lead.

  • These data points highlight some of the more interesting age of consent laws:
    • The average age of consent worldwide is 16 years old. 
    • As of 2022, 39 countries or territories (17% overall) do not have equal age of consent laws for both heterosexual and homosexual relationships.

Which Countries Have More Sex? 2022 Global Sex Statistics

  • In this article, we’ve reviewed all the data and found out what’s the most popular and common sexual positions and which are most fantasized about, and which are the worst.
    • Reverse Cowgirl/boy was the top searched sex position in America Based on Google Trends.
    • On average, Americans use 2.5 sex positions during each session.
    • Women said Missionary was the sex position where they achieve the orgasm most.

  • We took a look at a multitude of studies to find out how long sex lasts on average, how satisfying it is, how to make sex last longer, and more. Here’s what we found:  
    • The average sex duration (median IELT) is 5.4 minutes.
    • Circumcised men last longer, with IELT values of 6.7 minutes compared with 6.0 minutes in not-circumcised men.
    • 68.5% said using marijuana before/during sex made the experience more pleasurable.

How Long Does It Take To Cum? Orgasm Duration Statistics [2022]

  • We went through the hottest studies and grabbed exciting one-night stand statistics:
    • On average, American men (7) and women (6) have more one-night stands than European men (6) and women (4).
    • A bar is the most common place for people to meet one-night stand partners. 

  • Top Drunk Sex Statistics you should know:
    • Almost 50% of unplanned sexual encounters occur when one or both partners are drunk.
    • 29% of young people reported being less safe in sexual situations because of alcohol.
    • Moderate intake of red wine is associated with an increase in desire, lubrication, and overall sexual function.

  • When talking about the orgasm gap, it does not involve prioritizing female pleasure alone. To bridge that gap, you should look at the different factors that affect orgasm in both men AND women.
    • 95% of heterosexual men usually always orgasm during sexual intimacy, while only 65% of heterosexual women do.
    • Men (25%) and women (50%) faked an orgasm.
    • 13-14% of women never orgasmed or were unsure if they did.

  • We cover all interesting female orgasm statistics, facts, and data in one place to better understand women’s pleasure and help improve their sex lives:
    • Only 4% of women say they orgasm from penetration alone.
    • 34.6% of women have a minute or less between their first and second orgasm.
    • 12% of women reported having as many as 10 orgasms.

  • Women faking orgasms is nothing new – in fact, it’s probably been happening since people have been having sex. But recently, there have been many studies that help shed light on exactly how many women fake orgasms – and why they do it. Here’s a sneak peek at our research:
    • 70% of women experience orgasms exclusively from clitoral stimulation.
    • 42.4% of women faked orgasms because they didn’t want to hurt a partner’s feelings.
    • Women are 10 times more likely than men to say they only rarely reached their peak.

  • Have you ever wondered how common squirting is and what percentage of women squirt? Here are the top stats that you need to take note of:
    • G-spot stimulation is the most popular recommendation for squirting.
    • 19% of women who squirt said it happens nearly every time they have a sexual encounter.
    • Between 10% and 54% of women say they have experienced some form of female ejaculation.

  • Oral sex is one of the most common ways people enjoy each other in the bedroom and, in some cases, is people’s first sexual experience. It can be enjoyable for many – especially women – but has some downsides too. Here are a few of the many oral sex statistics we’ve gathered:
    • 59% of women said they give oral sex, compared to just 52% of men.
    • 20.6% of women say they have never had a bad oral sex experience.
    • 92.6% of women like to give blow jobs.

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  • Ever been curious about cunnilingus? This type of oral sex may be common but do women like cunnilingus?
    • 69% of women reported that receiving oral sex “was very pleasurable.”
    • Only 52% of men go down and give cunnilingus to women.

  • Now, let’s talk about anal sex. Some love it, some think it’s weird, and others hate it and would never try it. Some men (and women) claim that women often enjoy anal, but(t) do women really like anal?
    • 31% of women described anal intercourse as enjoyable in one study.
    • 81.7% of women found their first experience receiving anal sex to be painful.

  • Three-way sex is a common fantasy for both men and women. So let’s dive deep into facts about women’s fantasies and try to answer: Do women like threesomes?
    • Only 1 in 5 (18%) women who have experienced threesomes claim to have initiated or suggested it. 
    • 17.7% of women ages 25 to 29 had experienced a threesome at least once; this is the highest prevalence of any age group. 

  • What’s pegging, you ask? Well, we’ve gathered all the info you need! Let’s find out how common pegging is and why some people enjoy it.
    • Curiosity was the most common reason women said they tried pegging.
    • 10% of women said they’d like to try pegging
    • 53.3% of men have fantasized about “being dominated sexually.”

Solo Play

Rubbing one out, having a wank, flicking the bean… all of us are doing it. Here, you’ll know how many people practice solo sex and how to self-pleasure well.

  • Curious how often people masturbate? Here are some interesting facts we found out in our research:
    • Around 75% of all women need the help of sex toys, hands, or tongues to reach orgasm during intercourse.
    • Men who masturbate to completion 21 or more times per month can reduce their risk of prostate cancer by 33%.

  • Men masturbate. We all know it, but we never talk about it. And that’s a shame because there’s so much to talk about. So here are some interesting facts about how often men masturbate, how many do it, and more:
    • Americans think that only 83% of men masturbate, but in reality, 92% of men do.
    • Men masturbate an average of 14.8 times per month.

  • Masturbation is normal. But it’s still considered a taboo topic for women. It’s just not as talked about because some women lie about it as they feel ashamed to admit or talk openly about it. It’s time to start self-exploration and solo sexual pleasure for women. So here are some Female Masturbation Statistics we found in our research:
    • 21.8% of women reveal never masturbating in their entire life.
    • 4 out of 10 women prefer masturbation over sex.

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Kinks and Fetishes

No matter what you’re into, kink is about consent, communication, and compromise. So, we’ve researched some more to uncover provocative facts you’ve never read before.

  • From leather whips and ballgags to group sex and armpits, we’ll cover the most common fetishes around the world:
    • Having a fetish for feet (or something related to feet) is the most common fetish in the world.
    • According to one survey, 89% of people have fantasized about some form of group sex.

Why Do People Like BDSM? [2022 Facts and Statistics]

  • Many of us think it’s odd to have a thing for feet, so we’ve gathered ALL facts on podophilia to find out how many people have a foot fetish and how common it is.
    • On average, Americans Google “foot worship” 40,000 times per month.
    • Nearly half (47%) of all people with body part fetishes have a thing for feet and/or toes.

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Choking Kink Statistics [2022]: Gasping for Pleasure

  • Many people don’t want to talk about it, so we’ve collected the best bestial sex statistics we could find. We will share how common bestiality is, what it is, its health risks, and where it’s common in our article.
    • One study estimates that 2% of the general population is sexually attracted to animals to some extent.
    • Zoophiles are commonly characterized as lonely and isolated people.
    • Dogs are the most common victims of bestiality, followed by horses and other farm animals.

Sex With Robot

Sexual Health

Affection, love, and sex are important aspects of life. But sexual activity can also be associated with risks and health problems, and here’s why.

  • It’s time to break down the science behind the benefits, drawbacks, and physical effects of semen retention.
    • Some men believe semen retention has spiritual benefits or increases their fertility.
    • Semen retention traps sperm, leading to ejaculation problems, such as premature ejaculation.

Does Masturbation Decrease Testosterone? Understanding Their Correlation [2022 Data]

  • We’ve gathered data and facts on masturbation and its relationship with testosterone to answer the most common question: Does masturbation decrease testosterone?
    • There was a 35% average increase in testosterone levels after watching porn in one study.
    • There was a 145.7% increase in testosterone levels after 7 days of abstinence in another study. 

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  • For men, erectile dysfunction (ED) can be a nightmare. Despite being a natural and often reversible condition, many men feel too embarrassed to seek treatment. We found the best studies and statistics on how common erectile dysfunction is, its causes, and treatments. Here’s a sneak peek at our research:
    • One-third of all men are affected by erectile dysfunction, and the prevalence increases with age.
    • Men with diabetes are 2-3 times more likely to develop ED.
    • 36% of men in one survey reported experiencing no side effects from their ED medication.

  • Precum (pre-ejaculate fluid) can make people nervous, embarrassed, or downright confused. Most people don’t know what it is or what it does, and there are many misconceptions about it. So let’s dive into these interesting facts on how often precum can cause pregnancy, what precum is, and more.
    • 45% of American pregnancies in 2011 were unintentional.
    • 18% of couples who only use the pull-out method experience pregnancy within their first year. 
    • When used correctly, the pull-out method (96%) is slightly more effective than female condoms (95%). 

  • Having a child can be one of life’s most incredible feelings, but being unable to conceive can cause stress, anxiety, depression, and a myriad of other negative mental health issues for both men and women. So we’ve gathered all the important stats to better understand how common infertility is and what are its causes, treatments, & alternatives.
    • 1 in 10 American men who are trying to conceive a child suffers from male infertility.
    • One survey found that fertility treatments effectively facilitated a full-term pregnancy nearly half (47%) of the time.
    • Between 70% and 80% of women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) are infertile.

  • Though many men shudder at the thought of a child, others desire to raise a family with their partner. In this article, we have covered ALL facts on male infertility: what percent of men are infertile, its medical and lifestyle causes, complications, and more. 
    • About half of male infertility cases are unexplained. 
    • An estimated 7% of all men are affected by infertility.’
    • Each year of age, a man’s sperm concentration decreases by 2.6%.

  • We dug through all birth control and infertility statistics to determine how birth control affects fertility, its effectiveness, how many uses it, and more.
    • In one study, 21% of women achieved pregnancy within one menstrual cycle after stopping oral contraceptives. 
    • 35% of reproductive-aged American women used hormonal contraception from 2015 to 2017.

Condom Effectiveness Rate [2022]: Do Condoms REALLY Work?

Sexual Addictions Statistics and Their Impacts [2022 Data]

  • Sex addiction can be distressing for the addict and their partners. Here’s every statistic you need to know about sex addiction and its impacts:
    • Between 3 and 6% of the general adult population of the United States of America suffer from sex addiction.
    • 81% of sex addicts were abused sexually, 97% abused emotionally, and 72% physically
    • 43% of sex addicts suffered from chemical dependency.

Sex Industry and Pornography

The truth is: porn and the sex industry are more closely linked than the average consumer may realize. Here, we’ll unravel their significance and implications.

  • Porn is everywhere, and our research gets into the best and worst details behind the world’s top porn companies, how they started, how much porn they make, and how it’s affecting society. You won’t last 10 seconds looking at these data points!
    • Porn makes up 4% of all websites but over 30% of all internet traffic.
    • Roughly one-third of porn viewers are women.
    • XVideos and XNXX are the two largest adult sites in the world, with a combined total of over 8 billion views per month.

  • We’ve all experienced pornography in one form or another, but how many people REALLY watch porn? What percentage of people are actually frequent porn users? What are they watching?
    • One study found that 91.5% of men and 60.2% of women reported using porn in the past month.
    • Women are more likely than men to read erotica (written porn). 

  • We’ve gathered every statistic related to why men watch porn, how frequently they watch it, its effects on men’s psychology, and more. Read on:
    • Over 90% of adolescent boys watch porn in the western world.
    • Increased internet access has increased the number of adolescent and adult men who view online pornography.

Do Women Watch Porn? 2022 Data on Female Porn Viewing

  • We’re on a mission to untangle the confusion around women and porn, so let’s dive into these facts about do women watch porn, what they watch, and more.
    • 52% of Pornhub’s visitors from the Philippines are women. 
    • Lana Rhoades and Abella Danger are the top first and second most searched pornstars by women on Pornhub. 
    • Watching porn is associated with higher self-competence, sexual function, and partner sexual satisfaction in women. 

  • We’ll share the MOST famous Pornstars and most searched based on the results from 5 of the biggest porn sites. See results and the trend across all sites! Here Are The Hottest And Dirtiest Data From Our Research:
    • On XVideos, Mia Khalifa is the most popular pornstar of all time – both in the U.S. and worldwide. On XHamster, she’s currently the site’s most popular pornstar. 
    • Abella Danger and Mia Khalifa are the only pornstars in the top 10 most popular list on all 5 sites – XVideos, XHamster, XNXX, Pornhub, and Redtube. 

  • If you’re willing to get intimate with your favorite cam girl online, you better check this out! Our research will answer all your questions on how much cam girls make, the best sites to work for, and how they make money.
    • On average, cam girls make $58.77 per hour.
    • One survey found that 47.6% of cam girls work on Chaturbate.
    • Many models make extra income from Amazon gifts or gift cards.

  • Curious how content creators make money on OnlyFans? Well, you’re in luck! This research dives into OnlyFans Statistics: how many people use OnlyFans, how much money its content creators make, who the top earners are, and more.
    • Over 300 OnlyFans content creators earn $1 million per year or more.
    • 98% of all content on OnlyFans is adult content.
    • 6 out of the 10 highest-paid OnlyFans stars are women of color.

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Sex Tourism

Prostitution Statistics [2022]: Analyzing the World’s Oldest Profession

Business or Crime? Countries Where Prostitution Is Legal [2022]

Sex Crimes

There are many common reactions to sexual violence – and no gender is safe. We’ll let the data speak for itself.

  • Sexual assault is, unfortunately, one of the most pervasive crimes women experience worldwide. This article explores the statistics about how many women are sexually assaulted and raped, how common it is, and the lasting effects on victims and society as a whole.
    • 1 in 5 US women has experienced some form of rape in their lifetime (21.3% or an estimated 25.5 million).
    • Up to 83% of developmentally disabled adult women are victims of sexual assault.
    • More than 90% of sexual assault victims on college campuses do not report the assault.

  • LGBTQ violence and assault are REAL. We review all the gay/lesbian rape statistics from various studies and how they affect each victim and the LGBTQ community as a whole. Here’s a glimpse of our research:
    • 47% of transgender people are sexually assaulted at some point in their lifetime.
    • 59.1% of LGBTQ students felt unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation.

  • Unfortunately, when false rape allegations are proven, they often gain significant media attention and are used as a way to undermine valid reports of rape. This False Rape Statistics research reviews what the data says about false rape allegations, statistics on how common it is, and why these allegations occur.
    • Only 2.1% of cases were designated as false by police in a study of 850 cases.
    • Men of color experience higher conviction rates for all crimes, including sexual assault.
    • 60% of all false rape allegations had an emotional motive.

Outlawed Orgasms: Places Where Vibrators Are Illegal [2022 Data]

LGBT and Sexuality

Better understand sexual orientation and the impact of prejudice and discrimination on those who identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual.

  • Want to know the facts and figures about the LGBTQ+ community? You’re in the right place. Here are the top LGBTQ+ Statistics that we found:
    • 20.5% of Gen Z and 10.5% of Millenials identify as LGBT. 
    • 48% of young LGBTQ+ people want mental health support and care but do not receive any. 
    • 75% of LGBTQ youth had experienced discrimination for their sexual orientation or gender identity at some point during their lives.

  • Gender identity and sexuality are very nuanced. There’s no foolproof way on how to tell if someone is gay. But we crunched the numbers to see what science says on gaydar and beyond.
    • 2-10% of people reveal having same-sex relations.
    • Homophobia, heterosexism, and anti-gay violence lead people to hide their sexual orientation.

  • Acknowledgment and understanding of non-binary people have increased significantly in the past decade. But are non-binary people actually any more common, or just more well-known? We look at how many people are non-binary, the demographics of non-binary people, and more.
    • 11% of the LGBTQ adult population are estimated to be Non-binary people.
    • 76% of non-binary people are 18-29 years old.
    • 81.8% of Non-binary people experienced emotional abuse before the age of 18.

  • We’ve gathered all of the stats both globally and for the united states to help shed light on how many transgender people there are, what percentage of the population is transgender, and more.
    • An estimated 0.355% worldwide self-identify as transgender (355.1 self-identify as transgender per 100,000 people).
    • The United States has the highest estimated population of those who identify as transgender worldwide.

  • These are some data points that paint a picture of global intersexuality: how common intersex is, its causes, the history of intersex, and the struggles faced by Intersex individuals.
    • Approximately 1.7% of the world’s population is intersex, making it about as common as having red hair.
    • Many cultures and societies recognize more than two genders or sexes.

  • Curious about what pansexuality means? Well, lucky you! We gather all interesting pansexual facts in one place, so you can know more about it, how common it is, and how many polyamorous pansexuals there are.
    • Pansexual as a term for sexuality was used early on in the BDSM community to describe desires to play with anyone regardless of gender identity.
    • 2% of adults in the US identify as pansexual.
    • One study found that 90.8% of pansexual people were in polyamorous relationships. 9.2% were in monogamous relationships.

Do Asexuals Masturbate? Ace Sexual Facts and Statistics [2022]

  • Here are all the stats we could find about teenage sexuality, teen sex statistics, and more:
    • 11% of girls and 5% of boys have had a same-sex partner in their lifetime.
    • 52% of students had heard homophobic remarks from teachers or other school staff.
    • Interest in romantic and sexual contact typically begins around the ages of 11-14.

Dating and Relationships

Regardless of when you started dating and subsequently tied the knot, there’s likely been changes in the activities you do together. Here’s what we found out from the data we put together.

  • Let’s take a peek at how love & relationships have evolved over the years, from where it all started to where it’s going with our relationship statistics report.
    • Couples who live together have an average relationship length of 2.83 years.
    • On average, Americans go on five dates before deciding to make their relationship exclusive.

  • While some of us can’t stand the thought of spending a week away from our partner, many people manage to make long-distance relationships (LDRs) work despite the distance. Just how do they make their relationships work, and how long do long-distance relationships last?
    • The leading cause of LDRs is work; a significant portion of these are military.
    • 70.9% of women and 64.4% of men who ended an LDR say it was because “the relationship didn’t progress.”
    • 16.2% of individuals in an LDR report cheating on their partners.

  • We took a look at thousands of breakup statistics to find out how long breakups take to get over, why they happen, what makes them worse or better, and more. Here’s what we found:
    • The majority of Americans say it takes an average of 11 weeks to get over a breakup.
    • Breakups are most distressing when one person left the relationship for another person.
    • 90% of cases of “broken heart syndrome” were women.

  • Let’s look closely at what percentage of the population is single (SPOILER: there are billions), why they’re still single, and why they choose to be.
    • The primary reason that most singles (89%) choose not to date is that they believe they aren’t good at flirting.
    • There are about 2.12 billion single people on Earth.
    • Americans are least likely to be single (only 23%) between the ages of 30 and 49.

  • So what’s the deal with polyamory? Is it all that common? Do people actually want it? And is it as bad as some people would have you believe? Here are some of the top polyamory statistics that we found:
    • The average polyamorous person has 2.3 partners.
    • 38% of polyamorous people say they are poly because it’s “just the way they are.”
    • Only 14.2% of people who are not interested in polyamory say they respect it.

  • Swinging is a lifestyle among couples who swap sexual partners frequently, often engaging with multiple different partners throughout the course of a year. We take a look at the stats on how common swinging is in America and worldwide, how often people swing, their reasoning, and more.
    • 2.35% of Americans self-identified as swingers in 2018.
    • 62.6% of all swingers were happier after swinging.
    • 52.9% of swingers say sexual variety was a very important reason for swinging.

Online Dating Statistics [2022]: Where Do Couples Meet?

LGBT Online Dating Statistics [2022]: Is It Safe & Useful?

  • Tinder was brought into existence in 2012 and took the world of dating by storm. It’s still the biggest dating app out there, and millions of people use it every day. But what’s the deal with Tinder? How many people are using it, and how successfully? Find out all with our Tinder Statistics research.
    • One in four current couples met on Tinder (27%)
    • Tinder has approximately 75 million monthly active users, 7.8 million of whom live in the United States.
    • As of 2021, Tinder has recorded more than 65 billion matches worldwide.

  • Been considering Bumble to find your perfect match? Here are some Bumble Statistics (success rate & users) you’d want to know before diving into the dating app.
    • Roughly one in four (23%) couples met on Bumble.
    • As of February 2021, Bumble has 40 million worldwide active users.
    • Bumble had made 850 million matches by 2017, less than three years after launch.

  • What about letting cupid find the right match for you? We’ve gathered all you need to know about OkCupid Statistics: its user base, demographic data, and growth.
    • 50 million people globally were using OkCupid in 2020.
    • OkCupid has an average total monthly downloads worldwide of 500,000.

  • Is hooking up taking over from dating soon? Here are some facts on hookup culture statistics: how common it is, where it’s happening, and why people do it.
    • 17% of men and just 2% of women have a strong preference for hooking up over dating and relationships.
    • 46.67% of women and 45.07% of men prefer traditional dating to hooking up.
    • The average American has the most hookups at the age of 27.

  • In this article, we collected interesting facts that will help you find out just how vital cuddling is in a relationship and whether do guys like cuddling too. Top Cuddling Statistics You Should Know:
    • 84.76% of people would recommend cuddling to others.
    • Men are more likely to initiate cuddling than women.
    • 86.2% of men say they would find “cuddling more often” either very appealing or somewhat appealing.

Do Girls Like Dick Pics? A Close Look at This Digital Trend

Does Penis Size REALLY Matter? [2022 Statistics SPILL ALL!]

  • Does breast size matter? Yes, but not for the reasons you may think. Let’s dive into the numbers on preferred breast sizes around the world, cosmetic breast surgeries, how breasts affect health, and more.
    • 70.7% of women are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts.
    • Nearly half of both men (48.5%) and women (52.3%) think a C cup is the ideal breast size.
    • One survey found that more men (35.3%) prefer large breasts than women (30.5%), but more men (11%) also prefer small breasts than women (9.1%).

  • Sex is one of the most powerful and formative aspects of the human experience. That’s why most of us tend to keep sex outside of the family. So we did our research and gathered some interesting facts on how common incest is: its history, its types, risk factors, and psychological harms.
    • Stepdaughters are over 8 times more at risk of sexual abuse by stepfathers than by biological fathers.
    • Incest is legal between consenting adults in the states of New Jersey and Rhode Island, but marriage is illegal.
    • Single-mother families with another man living in the home (not the father) are three times more at risk for father-daughter incest.

  • While it is natural for children to be curious, there is a very fine line between healthy exploration and traumatic abuse. We dive into the facts on sexual exploration between siblings, how common it is for brothers and sisters to experiment, and its long-term impact.
    • 13,013 cases of sibling sexual abuse were reported in the National Incident-Based Reporting System from 2000 to 2007.
    • One study found that 100% of brother-abused women experienced depression, and 56% experienced substance abuse.


To learn about navigating love stories that don’t come with a script, we’ve gathered the best information you need to know right now.

  • As society evolves, so do its oldest institutions. The following marriage statistics, facts, and data can help us understand how marriage functions in the U.S. today. Here are some of the most interesting modern marriage trends from our study:
    • Before age 25, women are about 14 times more likely to get married than divorced. After age 45, women are more likely to get divorced than married.
    • Over three-quarters (76%) of couples in America live together before their first marriage.

  • In general, married couples do seem very happy together. Many people say that their wedding day was the happiest day of their lives. So what does the data say? Does getting married actually make you happy? Are married people happier?
    • Sharing friends and social circles with your spouse increases marital satisfaction.
    • 43% of married Americans report being “very happy,” while only 24% of single Americans say the same.
    • Married Americans are overall less likely to report physical disability, chronic illness, neurosis, depression, or isolation.

  • We intend to clear the cobwebs on how often married people have sex by presenting comprehensive data extracted from wide-ranging research on the topic. Here are some key statistics at a glance:
    • Only 13% of men think sex is not important to marriage, compared to 35% of women.
    • The frequency of sex among married couples has been declining over the last two decades.
    • The ideal sexual frequency for a happy married life is once per week.

  • Sex before marriage is becoming prevalent. But what’s the truth behind it? How common is it? And could there actually be benefits to waiting until you tie the knot to do the nasty?
    • 95% of Americans have non-marital sex by the time they are 44.
    • 50% of Christians believe that casual sex is morally acceptable, while 50% say it’s unacceptable.
    • 54% of American teens believe that sex before marriage can enhance and strengthen romantic relationships.

  • Are open relationships a terrible idea? Can they work? Could they be more fulfilling than monogamy in certain cases? We’ve got the facts to answer all these questions and more. Read on to find out all about open marriages and relationships.
    • 4% of Americans are in open relationships.
    • Men (32%) are more into the idea than women (19%)
    • 26% of Americans would be interested in having an open relationship.

  • Not every marriage was built to last, and divorce rates reflect that. So we take a look at the current trends in divorce rates and statistics in the US and worldwide, why people do it, and what these numbers mean for couples today. Here are some key data points on divorce from our study:
    • The most significant cause of divorce that men (52%) and women (53%) most closely agree on is “Not being able to talk together.”
    • More people report “lack of commitment” being a primary cause of divorce than any other factor.
    • 23% of women say that their spouse’s leisure activities are a primary cause of divorce, while only 12% of men do.

  • Infidelity is one of the most common areas of strife in relationships and marriages. So exactly how common is cheating? Do cheaters “always cheat,” or can they change their ways? Is it more common in relationships vs. marriages? Here’s the key data we’ve gathered on cheating and infidelity:
    • Infidelity occurs in approximately 25% of marriages.
    • Only 3% of people marry the people they had an affair with.
    • 75% of divorces say that cheating was a factor in the divorce.


Single-parent families are increasing worldwide, especially in the US. Find out the challenges and behavioral problems single parents experience in day-to-day child care.

  • An in-depth look at single parent statistics in the US and worldwide, why single-parent families are increasing, the number of single mothers vs. single fathers, and more.
    • Single mothers make up 9.33% of all U.S. families, making them roughly three times more common than single fathers, who make up 3.17%.
    • The U.S. has the highest rate of single-parent families in the world.
    • A higher percentage of single mothers (51%) than single fathers (36%) have never been married.

  • According to recent single mother statistics, mothers make up the majority of single-parent households. And it hasn’t been easy for them and their children. These data points highlight some of the most interesting facts about single-mother families:
    • Children of single mothers are more likely to have unmet healthcare needs
    • 3,247,000 children with unemployed single mothers are receiving no public assistance in the U.S. as of 2021.

  • Let’s look at the current single fatherhood statistics in the US to understand increasing trends, difficulties, and what this set-up does to their children.
    • Of all family households in the U.S., 3.17% are single-father families
    • 57.71% of single fathers do not have a partner
    • 64.93% of single fathers in the U.S. are White/Caucasian

  • Fatherless families exist in a multitude of varieties, across all demographics, and with several unique causes. We share the most recent data and statistics on fatherless homes in the US, present vs. absent fathers, and their impacts on the children involved in our research.
    • About 1 in 4 American children live without a father in their home.
    • A 1987 study found that 60% of rapists were raised in fatherless homes.
    • Having a “social father” – one not related to the child biologically – in their home increases a child’s risk of abuse and neglect.
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