The 10 Best Butt Plugs in 2020, *Side-by-Side Comparison Chart*

After more than 60 hours of research, hands-on experience and crowdsourcing hundreds of anal play enthusiast opinions and experience, we've uncovered the 10 of the best butt plugs for every situation. We discovered that there is no one best butt plug - there is only the best plug for your specific needs.

Njoy pure butt plugs won as being the most multi-purpose pleasurable plugs for anal play and even long-term wear. Then Lovense Hush turned out to be the best vibrating butt plug that most couples loved.

Tristan is the best stretching plug to prepare for anal sex and B-vibe snug plugs are the best for exciting and comfortable long-term wear. But the devil is in the details which is why we encourage you to read about how we came to these conclusions.  After you're done reading you'll be an expert in butt plugs.

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Njoy Pure Butt Plugs
The best overall

Stainless steel looks manly, the curve and the weight really stimulates the G or P-spot well. The T-base shape also ensures fairly comfortable long-term wear and it doesnt retain any odors. The biggest decision is to choose the right size (there are 4). It's why you should probably start with cheaper silicone butt plugs first and see this as an upgrade later down the road.

Our Pick

Lovense Hush
The best vibrating couple's plug

This powerful vibrating butt plug feels incredible during the intercourse. It almost feels like the penis itself is vibrating. There are two size options and you can remotely control the vibrations using the app. It's waterproof, it's soft and it's shape is easy enough to insert, yet stimulating.

Best Couple's Butt Plug

Introduction To The World Of Butt Plugs

Anal play is an awesome way to quickly add tons of new sensations to your love or masturbation life.

The problem?: You can waste lots of time, money and ruin your first butt plug experience if you don't choose the RIGHT butt plug for your desires and experience.

First, I want to debunk the misconception where plugs are marketed to different genders.

It's just marketing bullshit. 

In truth, plugs are as gender-neutral as they can be.

Yes, men have a prostate in the butt. 

But the same angled butt plugs also indirectly stimulate G-spot for a woman feeling damn awesome.

Why would one use a butt plug?:

  • New sensations during masturbation
  • The tight feeling during intercourse, transforming the ordinary sex into something fresh and kinky
  • To safely prepare for anal sex

Here's a quick story sharing how a good ass play experience could look like:

“The best anal play I’ve ever had was when I showed my dildo collection to a fuck buddy of mine. 
He saw the three butt plugs I have, as well as inflatable dildo, vibrators, etc. And immediately wanted some anal play. So, I got cleaned up and we went to town.
I absolutely love the feeling of being filled up and stretched, especially in my ass. So, I basically just laid on my back, legs up, and let him pound away at my asshole with whatever he wanted. I also like ass-to-mouth and so he had fun popping toys from my ass to my mouth, or his own cock. Eventually he worked his way up to the inflatable dildo and slipped it inside. Deflated, it’s about 2.5 inches in diameter. 
Fully inflated it can reach as high as 4. I think he got it almost max inflation, popping it in and out of my ass, before he just couldn’t take it any longer and busted his load into my ass.
So — that. That was one of the best ass play experiences I’ve ever had.”

Source: sexmeup87

What You Should Know About Butt Plugs?

Butt plugs are seemingly so simple sex toys, but the same as the world of dildos, you need to learn quite a bit to make sure your desired outcome aligns with the reality.

For example, in each of the cases you'll want a different plug:

  • Looking for a comfortable butt plug to wear during the day at work?
  • Do you want to stretch yourself to prepare for enjoyable anal sex? (penis in the butt)
  • You want a plug to be worn during sex? (double penetration)
  • You're looking to specifically stimulate the G or P-spot?

But on top of that, there is the foundation of what you know about butt plug designs.

The design of a butt plug may be subtle but it will affect a lot how you will feel when putting it in and having it in. 

For example, you must know the safe materials or what is the safe shape of the base to ensure the plug doesn't get sucked in the butt and creates unnecessary danger for yourself.

So with that being said, what are the qualities of a great butt plug?

The Anatomy of a Great Butt Plug

There are four things that really matter:

  • The size and shape of the butt plug's base
  • The shape of the tip of the plug
  • Smooth tapered increase and drop off in size
  • The length and width of the neck of the butt plug

The base of the butt plug

Let's start with safety first.

The size of the base matters. The last thing you want is to have the butt plug sucked in during the passionate play and then not being able to get it out.

The jeweled princess butt plugs are the most famous of having these issues.

They look beautiful, but their base is too small. 

On top of that, the cheap knockoffs (anything $20–$50 range) are not made from stainless steel. 

You'll see chrome plated plugs, and they are not safe to wear as chrome wears off over time (and get stuck in your butt hole).

Princess butt plugs look gorgeous, but expect to pay $100 for quality and body-safe stainless steel options. Silicone is much cheaper.

These plugs are great for presentation, but not so great for long-term wear or comfiness.

The main reason is the butt plug's round shape. It will squeeze in your butt cheeks and not be pleasant.

Which is why T-shaped bases are a lot better. They snugly fit between the cheeks and anatomy works in our favor.

But then again steel is rigid. That's why many favor silicone which is lighter and softer. It simply feels comfier inside and outside sitting between the cheeks.

The shape of the tip of the plug

If you're a beginner: the pointier, smaller the initial size of the tip the easier it will be to insert the plug.

But you can also use fingers to open up your butt a bit and start with more rounded plug EASY. 

And you can save some money on not getting super low entry beginner's plug.

The main con with pointy tips comes if you decide to sit on it. It's gonna stab your rectal wall.

Walking around, having sex is all fine, just sitting won't be pleasant.

This is something to consider if you're looking for a plug that you'll wear more often during the day. 

A more rounded tip is highly recommended.

Gradual increase and decrease in butt plug size

After the tip, there is a gradual increase and after reaching the widest point, there should be a gradual decrease in the size until you reach the neck of the plug and the base.

This is the main problem with most ace shaped or jeweled princess butt plugs.

There is a big bulb that slowly increases in size and then there's a sharp drop that snaps the plug in place.

Yes, it's all fine on insertion, but removal will be a pain. 

The girthier the plugs you use the more you'll feel this sharp drop-off. 

Watch out.

The length and width of the neck of the butt plug

First of all, watch out for toys with a short neck. Anything less than 1" in length is a red flag. 

This is because we have two anal sphincters. 

One external that we can control and second that's more internal that we cannot control, but we can relax.

Plugs with short necks are uncomfortable because the inner sphincter cannot relax as it sits not on the neck, but on the wider part of the plug essentially wanting to push it outside.

The second thing to watch out is the width.

If you're looking for comfortable wear — you want as thin neck as possible so you don't feel the plug on sphincters, but feel the pleasant sensations as it presses to G or P-spot.

If you're looking for stretching and preparing for anal sex you want to wear something with a wider neck to be able to relax the sphincters over time to be able to take in something of the size of the penis, for example.

Which Material to Choose? — Soft vs Firm

This is a big decision both from the standpoint of sensations you want and your budget.

There are three main body-safe materials that you can choose from:

  • Silicone Butt Plugs: silicone is great for long-term wear as it's softer and has more “give” to adjust to your anus. These plugs are also the most affordable. Downsides are that they don't slide as easy, this softness also doesn't pressure the G or P-spot as much. And you cannot use silicone lube with them (can use coconut oil though). Oh, and no matter how you clean them, they will retain some odor.
  • Borosilicate Glass Butt Plugs: Glass looks awesome, is rigid and more affordable than its close neighbor stainless steel and slides in easy. The downside is that most glass plugs have round bases that are uncomfortable and will dig into your butt cheeks.
  • Stainless Steel Butt Plugs: Stainless steel (the real ones) plugs are indestructible and will last forever. They are heavy, slide in easily, you can use any lube with them, and steel plug will hit the G or P-spot nicely & forcefully. The downside is that steel plugs retain temperature — they are cold at first, and later they become very hot after extended wear. Also, they are not as comfortable for long-term wear and, they are the priciest of the bunch (the real stainless steel material).

It's not about which material is better.

 → It's about answering the question: What is the desired outcome you want?
  • Silicone: The most comfortable for long term wear. Also the most affordable body-safe option. It has vibrating options.
  • Glass: Has lots of qualities that stainless steel does for a fraction of the price. Not so many shapes available though (but look into Icicles).
  • Stainless Steel: Looks sexy, feels great for pressing the right buttons. Heavy. Expensive. Indestructible. It can use with silicone lube that lasts for a long time.

I recommend starting with silicone or glass as they are a lot more affordable.

Then you can later upgrade to a high-quality stainless steel option once you know the size you like.

Avoid metal, chrome-plated crap, alloy metal butt plugs. 

That's NOT stainless steel. It's an unsafe material that's been labeled as body-safe.

If you're thinking you're getting a great deal, more likely you're about to stick unsafe metal in your ass. Many shops will specify their material as metal rather than explaining more which raises red flags.

Stainless steel is expensive. Anything less than $60–80 is a knockoff. 

Njoy's smallest plug costs $80-100 (140 g of medical grade stainless steel).

How To Figure The Right Size For You?

This one is easy. 

Start small, and keep in mind 0.25" girth increments.

Play with your fingers first. Lube it up and insert one, then two fingers.

See what feels comfortable, measure the width or circumference and start from there.

It's also a good idea to buy anal training kits, several cheap different size silicone dildos that you can play with.

Even better if one of them has vibrations. Start cheap first (but preferably still body-safe).

We didn't even focus on prostate toys, but even if women don't have a prostate, the curved toys still press internally on their G-spot giving tons of pleasure.

Finding the best butt plug for you takes time and pleasant self-exploration 🙂

But at least now you can avoid common mistakes and make better decisions huh?

Finally, what's the best lube to use with butt plugs?

You'll need plenty of it. 

There is no such thing as too much lube when it comes to anal play.

If you need a simple choice that will work in ALL CASES — choose a Sliquid Sassy lube

It's a hybrid, thick water-based lube that you can use even with silicone butt plugs. Sliquid brand, in general, is the most loved between sex experts and anal play enthusiasts.

If you want to dive a bit deeper:

  • Glass and stainless steel plugs don't absorb as much lube requiring less of it, and you can use ANY lube without worries. Yep, you can use the thickest silicone type lube or unrefined coconut oil is also a great option.
  • Silicone butt plugs cannot be used with silicone lube, but you can still use oil-based lube like unrefined coconut oil. Just don't use it with condoms. Sliquid sassy is the best bet.

Now let's jump into the chart itself:

The Best Butt Plugs in 2020 On A Side-by-Side Comparison Chart

Okay, here's the chart, but I know it can be quite overwhelming, so let me explain it first:

Buttplug world is quite wide, but it could be categorized like this:

  • solid plugs— glass and metal, that gives more pleasure by pressing on P or G-spot. Some are angled like nJoy to really hit the spot.
  • soft butt plugs — silicone, comfortable for longer-term wear
  • budget, warm-up beginner plugs — the ones with little girth and pointier ends allowing for easy insertion
  • stretching butt plugs — these are butt plugs with a low bulb to neck ratio that gets sphincters stretched if worn over a long time and gives that full feeling.
  • vibrating, rotating butt plugs — these are plugs that have vibrating, sometimes rotating (rimming) feature with a bullet vibe.
  • princess and tail plugs — these are for fun pet play that looks incredible visually, but often aren't as practical unless you get higher-end plugs.

Yeah, and then there are inflatable butt plugs and advanced prostate massagers too 🙂 

As you see it gets complicated quickly.

But to help you decide, here are the butt plug checklist with questions you should answer upfront:

  • what's my budget?
  • whats the girth (widest width) I can and want to handle?
  • do I want comfort or more sensations?
  • am I prioritizing looks or practicality?
  • am I looking for comfortable long term wear or stretching long term wear?

With these answers in hand, you can dive into the spreadsheet and make good decisions.

But let me explain quickly each selection and why it made to the chart:

  • Tantus Perfect Anal Training Butt Plug Kit $60: ( ⭐ Best For Beginners) —this two-piece kit starts small (finger size) and then has a bigger vibrating version to allow the first experience of vibrations. Great first butt plugs.
  • nJoy Pure Stainless Steel Butt Plugs ($100–150): ⭐Overall Best & Our Pick —no plug has been loved more than Njoy Pure stainless steel plugs. Especially loved between the men who enjoy the manly look and the weight of this plug. They are good for play and even long-term wear, the downside is that they are pricey so probably you shouldn't start with those till you know which size you like the most.
  • Lovense Hush Vibrating Butt Plug ($119): ⭐ Best Vibrating Plug — If you're looking for exciting couple's play butt plug, Lovense Hush has the most powerful vibrations, remote control (yep, for even public play) that will feel incredible during the intercourse.
  • B-vibe Weighted Butt Plug $45–55 : (⭐ Best For Long-Term Wear)— if you're looking for something comfortable then this is the best plug for pleasant long term wear because of its thin neck and smooth base. This silicone plug is weighted (55g to 178g) with jiggly balls inside giving you the best of both worlds. Weight of steel, and comfort of silicone.
  • Tristan Stretching Butt Plug ($40–50): ( ⭐Best Anal Training Plug) — if your goal is to have an actual penis in the butt, you gotta train for it. This plug is designed for stretching those anal sphincters. One hour with this in and you'll be ready.
  • Haka Swarovski Jewelled Princess Butt Plug ($80–100): (⭐ Luxury Choice )— You've seen those beautiful princess butt plugs for cheap right? They're awesome, but not body safe and the base is small making them dangerous. Now, this is body-safe stainless steel + jewels are shiny as they are made from real Swarovski crystals. The perfect gift for the naughty princess.
  • Lovehoney Vibrating Butt Plug 3.5" ($25) — this is a good budget vibrating butt plug. Its tip is small, pointy allowing you to experience your first butt plug play without spending a lot.
  • Pipedreams Icicles No 48 Glass Butt Plug ($30) — this is a cheap alternative to cute princess plugs. That flower looks beautiful and the plug itself doesn't look scary. Glass is awesome and some love the feel of it.
  • Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug ($27) — inflatable butt plugs are something else. Pick it if you're bored with ordinary butt plugs and want something new. Inflatables are not best for stretching, but vaginal intercourse can get extremely tight and exciting with an air-filled plug in your butt.
  • Dominix Fox Tail Butt Plug ($40) — While this guide is beyond the scope to fully dive into tail butt plugs, know that you can play being cute and sexy while having a bunny's, fox, cats or whatever tail inside you. This is not a totally body-safe version (better chose silicone plug if you want cheap), but it was the most popular tail plug.

And now let's dive in deeper in each selection:

Lovehoney Vibrating Butt Plug 3.5" ($25)

If you're looking to start really cheap, yet body-safe this is a great choice.

You'll get to experience vibrations and have a smooth pointy, yet comfortable T-base butt plug. 

The vibrator is not powerful, but you can always later replace it with the best vibe in the market — We-Vibe Tango (a great investment in any sex toy box).

Lovehoney butt tingler comes in 3 sizes, but the most popular is 3.5" insertable length and 1.4" girth version.

Here's how it looks in the real-life:

Pipedreams Icicles No 48 Glass Butt Plug ($30)

Pipedreams mostly has non-body safe products, but they have really nailed it with their Icicles glass toy line. 

Glass opens up a fun temperature play and some just love the feel of glass where silicone is too squishy and steel is heavy, plus it will heat up a lot if used for an extended time.

This is beautiful borosilicate glass (shatter-resistant) butt plug that will look nice in the butt making you want to show it off to your partner.

The girth is not big, but the neck is quite thick making it not so comfortable for long-term wear, but it will definitely help with stretching those sphincters.

Best used during the partner play as the stretched rectum will make the vaginal walls tighter.

It is a beautiful body-safe and affordable alternative to fake steel princess jewel butt plugs.

Here's how this glass butt plug looks in real life:

Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug ($27)

Inflatable butt plugs plus vibrations are... Something else.

Hard to compare with anything else. You start by inserting a 1.6" widest point plug, but then it inflates up 2.86".

This gives a very interesting pressure to the G or P-spot and rectum wall where the nerve endings are. Some love it, some hate it.

However, if you hope to use this for stretching and preparing for anal sex, it won't work.

Air will always go to the area of the least resistance — rectum and will stretch the least around the sphincters. 

Depending on your desires, it might be just the thing you need or NOT.

Also, this is the cheapest vibrating + inflatable option, but it's NOT body-safe.

I would strongly urge you to look at this silicone inflatable butt plug that inflates up to 2.7". 

It's $35 and doesn't have vibrations, but it will be a better long-term choice.

Here's the video showing how inflatable butt plug looks in real life…and no, if you're worried it won't explode even with biggest pumps:

Tantus Perfect Anal Training Butt Plug Kit ($60)

This is a two-piece kit including bestselling Tantus butt plugs.

If you're looking to start small, but don't want to use your fingers the smallest butt plug is the perfect size of the finger with 0.75" widest point.

The smaller toy will be always great to warm up with.

Then the second plug has vibrations (while being waterproof), less pointy end, wider neck, and could be used for stretching a bit.

You can also later replace the vibe to a much more powerful vibe like Tango or use included bullet vibe separately.

Here’s how this training butt plug kit looks in the real-life:

Overall Tantus makes tons of great butt plugs, and I strongly recommend you explore their product page some more.

For example, Tantus Ryder rounded tip makes it a very popular silicone long-term wear option and Tantus Ringo's wider neck really helps with stretching.

Tantus gets the basics of good butt plug anatomy mostly right.

B-vibe Butt Plugs For Long Term Wear At Work ($45–55)

B-vibe has really focused on making the most comfortable long term wear silicone plug while also making it heavy.

The thin base and the long thin neck create the perception that the plug isn't even there if it wouldn't be for the weight, jiggling balls and that pleasant pressure on the rectal walls. 

While the plug itself could be softer, it feels pretty greatand those jiggling balls!

While these plugs won't stretch you, they will allow maximizing the wear time.

It comes in 4 sizes and weight options.

Here's the largest 257g, 1.7" girth and 5.2" insertable length version.

The only downside with silicone is that the lube dries up quickly and you cannot use the longest-lasting silicone lube with it. The next best alternative is unrefined coconut oil.

And yeah, silicone will retain some odor over time.

Learn more and see how these snug plugs look in real life:

Alternatively, you might also want to look at this similar Fun Factory jiggle balls version for $40.

This butt plug takes that ball jiggling to the next level.

Tristan Stretching Butt Plug To Prepare For Anal ($40–50)

Tristan is actually the most popular toy for anal training because it's wide neck really stretches the anal sphincters allowing for anal sex to be a lot more enjoyable.

Sit with this in for an hour, and you should be ready for a good session.

It's named after Tristan Taormino, a famous sex educator and author of the book “Anal Sex for Women”, so she really knows her stuff.

The plug comes in two sizes — 1.5" and 2" girth. 1.5" mimicking the most average size penis owners.

There are also versions with a hollow middle allowing space for vibrating egg.

You probably still need smaller plugs to warm up for this one, but if you ever wanted to have enjoyable anal sex, you need this plug to prepare for it.

Dominix Fox Tail Butt Plug ($40) 

You don't want to be in pet fetish or be a furry to enjoy this beautiful looking tail plug.

There are all the variations you can imagine — fox, cat, bunny, wolf, horse (and unicorn in 5 colors) tail butt plugs, but you do need to watch out for materials.

This Dominix foxtail is not made from body-safe stainless steel. See that its marked as “metal” not steel. 

The thing is that medical-grade steel is expensive. And also the quality tail is pricey.

For example, even body-safe Crystal delights glass plug bunny plugs cost around $100.

What are the body-safe alternatives if you're on a budget? 

Well, you can look for a silicone butt plug with a tail and still get good looking, but not that high-quality tail itself. Like this fox tail with silicone plug for $50, for example.

Here's how Dominix foxtail looks in real life:

Ninja tip: You can also buy a stainless steel plug like njoy Pure plugs with a loop and buy the tail separately 😉

Haka Swaroski Jewelled Princess Butt Plug ($80–100)

As previously mentioned on tail plugs, stainless steel is pricey.

This is especially the case with that princess jeweled butt plugs that are so popular. People see cute “metal or fake stainless steel” shiny plug for $20–30 and go for it.

But it's not body-safe. The chrome plating or alloy that the plug is covered with can come off and create problems.

The only stainless steel jeweled princess butt plugs with safe materials and a wide enough base for safety are Haka brand plugs.

They are made from medical grade stainless steel and come with real Swaroski crystal jewels.

Also, the base is big enough to avoid plug getting sucked in which is a big problem with most cheap princess plugs.

Lovense Hush Vibrating Butt Plug ($119)

If there's one thing butt plug enthusiasts agree with is that Lovense Hush is the best vibrating butt plug made.

It has powerful, rumbly vibrations, in fact, you can feel them during the sex when the plug is in the butt and you have normal vaginal intercourse. It's pretty amazing.

USB rechargeable, battery lasts 1.5–2hrs and Lovense gives it a 1-year warranty.

You can control the plug with your phone, allowing to essentially control it from anywhere in the world, making it a fun toy for long-distance relationships.

Some people report that the app has been faulty, which is why it's especially important to buy the plug from Lovense's official site and in case of problems make full use of their warranty.

Here's how the plug looks and works in real life:

Here are few honorary vibration mentions if you're looking for different vibrations:

  • B-vibe has a rimming butt plug where the neck of the plug rotates giving incredible unique sensations
  • Nexus Ace vibrating plug is similar to Lovense, but it has a remote which works more reliably than the app sometimes does. Plus Nexus is extra quiet and cheaper.

nJoy Pure Stainless Steel Butt Plugs ($100–150)

I saved the best for the last. 

Chances are you've either heard about Njoy pure plug or the Pure Wand that's given more squirting orgasms than any other toy (even more than a cumming dildo).

Njoy is the hands-down most loved butt plug across anyone who knows anything about anal play.

They are not cheap, but they will last for a lifetime. The weight and the rigidness is unforgiving. 

That steel looks manly, it can be used with any oils, slides in easily and doesn't retain any odors. It stays put securely for extended wear.

The shape of the plug and it's bigger cousin Pure Fun is designed for mind-blowing P or G-spot stimulation.

Many love to wear nJoy stainless steel plug for long term wear though some don't like how steel can get incredibly hot and its rigidness can feel uncomfortable over time.

But 90% of people love nJoy plugs. The only big decision is to decide on the size, which is why it's probably not best to go for nJoy as your first plug.

Experiment with cheaper silicone plugs first and then invest in a quality badass plug like nJoy

Orget a cheaper glass plug version Icicles for $27.

Here's a cool video by Tristan Taormino showing and explaining nJoy toys deeper:

How To Best Use & Insert A Butt Plug?

Is it your first time with a butt plug?

Not to worry, here are a few pointers on how to proceed:

  • Anal pleasure takes time — don't rush it. Even with plenty of lube, it will take time depending on the size of the plug you've chosen. Start with rubbing around the hole with fingers, breathe.
  • It should never be painful — if it's painful you're doing something wrong. The usual suspects: not enough lube, going too fast, being stressed or too big butt plug. If trouble getting the plug inside, squeeze the Kegel muscles out in short bursts — it will help with relaxation.
  • Play by yourself first — even if you want to play with the partner experiment by yourself first so you are able to relax and enjoy the anal play together
  • Arouse yourself first — you will heighten the anal experience 10x if you masturbate a bit beforehand or have sexand introduce the butt plug later
  • Start small and size up in 0.25" increments — Never go from zero to penis size. Start with one finger, then smallest butt-plug, bigger butt plug, till you're ready to even for anal sex if that's your cup of tea.
  • What goes in the butt, CANNOT go in the vagina — butt has bacteria and vagina is a sensitive ecosystem. Don't use fingers on the butt and then on the vagina. Watch out for butt liquids getting into the vagina. Use towels. Use a condom on the finger. Stay safe.

If you're worried about cleanliness, you can simply poop before, take a shower and play with your finger in there.

It will be both good for cleaning and warming up your butt.

Of course, you can always do anal douching, but it's really not required.

What to do after the butt plug is inserted?

Working your way to getting a butt plug inserted is tons of fun if you allow it to be. 

Pushing the plug inside, then relaxing a bit, releasing…breathing, lubricating, and going deeper while still gently masturbating.

For one, you could surprise your partner with wearing one, then it's especially sexy to have one of those jeweled butt plugs (or a tail plug?).

The ones with a rounded base aren't best for walking around, but it's fine for a little bit.

Sex feels incredible with a butt plug in. It's my personal favorite.

During vaginal penetration, both of you will feel extra intense sensations and tightness while feeling very naughty.

If you get a powerful vibrating butt plug, like Lovense Hush, you'll both feel those rumbling vibrations during sex. It will feel like his penis is vibrating too.

The best positions with a butt plug?:

  • Doggy-style (not talking about using a dog dildo): It's great for visual pleasure, plus his abdomen will push a bit on the plug when thrusting.
  • Missionary: it's always heavenly. Also if she has a butt plug and she's laying on stomach, then the partner's whole body weight will push against the plug and feel incredible.

In short, try everything you do normally without a butt plug, and notice how all the sensations change. 

Use a blindfold, restraints, massage, give oral, or even incorporate bondage furniture 😉

How to remove the butt plug?


What might happen is that eventually lube dries up, and if you're overexcited you will pull the plug out too fast which will be painful.

In preparation, do little rimming and lube it up as much around butthole and inside as possible.

Don't yank it out with brute force.

It also helps to push the plug out with your sphincter as if you were about to poop while pulling the plug at the same time.

Squatting on the ground or doggie positions are the easiest ones to get a plug out.

If it's still painful, then maybe you've bought a bad plug that doesn't have a smooth increase and a decrease in bulb's size. 

If that's the case reread the anatomy of a great butt plug section.

Once the widest part is out, it's easy sailing. Till then, take your time.

How to Clean a Butt Plug

While you can definitely boil non-vibrating silicone toys and stainless steel, usually it's enough to clean with antibacterial soap and warm water.

Keep in mind that no matter what you'll do silicone will retain some odor, but it goes away after some time. 

Stainless steel and glass don't retain odor so pick those if that bothers you a lot.

How To Use Butt Plug To Train And Prepare For Anal Sex?

If you want to stretch your asshole, more specifically butt sphincters to be able to take in the penis without pain, you want to read this.

First of all, if you do proper anal training anal sex won't be painful.

What's a proper anal training?:

  • Start with a finger then a small butt plug
  • Increase in size of 0.25" increments
  • Eventually, get to the size where Tristan butt plug fits.
  • Sit with this plug inside for an hour. It will stretch and relax the anal sphincters.
  • You're ready for anal sex! Just make sure the partner uses tons of lube and goes slow.

For this, you'll need several size butt plugs.

Oh, and after anal sex gives your butt at least a few days or one week rest allowing sphincters to go to normal. (or don't if you have a big stretching goals).

Remember that keeping a butt plug in for extended periods of time is the easiest and fastest way to stretch your butt for bigger toys (or penis).

Long term wear may make you sore, but without some soreness, you won't make much progress. 

Also, keep in mind that thrusting feels very different from plugging. 

Try thrusting with a toy first before trying actual size penis.

FAQ: Common Butt Plug Questions Answered

  • My butt plugs keep falling out, what to do? — Usually, this happens because a butt plug has a short neck not allowing sphincters to relax naturally pushing the plug out. Go for at least 1–2" long neck to avoid this problem. Then also look at the bulb and neck ratio. For example, Tristan stretching butt plug will want to fall out because of its thick width. Alternatively, you can also get anal plug harness giving you peace of mind wherever you go.
  • How long can you leave a butt plug in? — For a comfortable long term wear you want a T-base plug with a long, thin neck. With such a plug you could easily go with it for a whole day at work. Softer silicone plugs are more comfortable, while stainless steel nJoy plug gives more sensations. Also, keep in mind that you need to keep the lube with you and reapply it as your ass doesn't naturally lubricate. Besides B-vibe snug plugs, SquarePeg plugs are soft, squishy, very comfortable and most loved plugs between experienced long-term plug wearers.
  • Can I sleep with a butt plug in? — Yes, plenty of people have done it. But it is highly recommended to wear a plug for an extended period while you are awake first. Prepare that you might not sleep well with plug in. Wear tight fit underwear to prevent the plug from popping out during the night. Make sure it's a comfortably sized plug — not too big, not too small and be prepared to reapply the lube during the night. Silicone is best for overnight wear.
  • Can butt plug be sucked and get stuck in the butt? —Yes, it can if you choose a plug with a small base. But even if it happens, here's a pro tip: squatting is the best position to push the plug out. And for ladies, you can insert two fingers inside the vagina and lock the plug in place while your partner works on your butt to rescue it from the plug. But you can prevent all of this from happening if you choose a safe, big base (watch out for small princess plug bases)

  • Bringing It All Together

    Now you're officially a butt plug expert! Congrats!

    As you see the best butt plug is the one that satisfies your specific needs. 

    No easy answer here.

    There are so many subtle differences, but get them right and you'll have an incredible experience with anal play.

    Even with this information, it will take some trial and error…

    But it's all part of the fun, right? 

    Don't leave the frontier of your butt unexplored! 🙂

    Good luck.