21 Of The Best & Most Realistic Male Masturbators Of 2023

Over years we’ve tested all the most realistic strokers and best male masturbators. Now we rank & review them based on different categories, all in one place (based on HANDS-ON experience):

realistic male mastubators

Gone are the days when women were only living the horny dream.

We, men, also deserve different sex toys for different experiences and fantasies.

Thankfully, male masturbators have cum a long way. And if you’re still hiding inside your man cave, come out, come out, wherever you are.

You see, there’s a whole lot of male masturbators to explore.

If you don’t know where to begin, don’t worry. I did all the “hard” work for you and consulted enthusiasts and experts of pocket pussies, onaholes, and the latest tech, so you find one that suits your taste.

From the more affordable manual toys to the more expensive automatic toys, we bring you 21 of the best male masturbators of 2023, starting with my TOP 3.

Best Automatic Male Masturbator

I said it last year, and I’ll say it again, Kiiroo Keon is hands-down the best automatic male masturbator of 2023. It’s well-built, powerful, and jam-packed with a bunch of automatic and interactive features that’ll make every good time the best time, whether solo or with a real-life/virtual partner.

Most Realistic Male Masturbator

For the most realistic experience without going all-in on a full-sized sex doll, get the Tantaly Britney Sex Doll Torso. Most torsos only focus on two crucial holes, but Britney has squishy curves and soft skin. So while you’re thrusting into her, your hands can freely explore other parts of her body.

Cheapest Male Masturbator

If you’re looking for a cheap good time, nothing beats the texture and experience that a Tenga egg offers, like the limited edition Tenga Egg Lovers. It’s the perfect balance of softness and texture, and the best part is you can just dispose of it when you’re done. NO MESS (maybe a bit). NO CLEAN-UP. NO STRESS.

Top 3 Of The Most Realistic Male Masturbators in 2023


most realistic male masturbator

Tantaly Britney Sex Doll Torso


most realistic male masturbator

Kiiroo Keon


most realistic male masturbator

Tenga Egg Lovers

29.67 lbs
2.43 lbs
53 g
TPE, silicone
ABS, PC, Silicone

Automatic, Hands Free & Vibrating Male Masturbators

These masturbators have motors that work to stroke the toy up and down or send vibrations or air suction on all or various parts of the penis without you doing any work.

Well, you still have to hold the machine to keep it in place. But there are some that you can just mount on your wall, between two pillows, or keep steady on you. Heck, some even come with interactive features for an immersive experience.

most realistic masturbator

Best Automatic Male Masturbator

1. Kiiroo Keon

insertable length:
stroke speed:
230 strokes/min
stroke length:
battery life:
2 hours
  • Adjustable stroke length and speeds
  • Ergonomic design and control buttons
  • Can work with most full-sized Fleshlight sleeves
  • Only syncs to Kiiroo Pearl 2 and another Keon

If you’re gonna ask for one automatic male masturbator reco from me, I’d say Kiiroo Keon in a heartbeat. Next product, please!

In all seriousness, Keon filled the void that the OG Fleshlight Launch left us, starting with its sleek design and color.

It’s pretty solid, well-built, and easy to keep in place. Unlike other automatic masturbators, the Keon’s control buttons are right where your thumbs should be (think thrusting inside of someone).

You can use it in MANUAL MODE and adjust the stroke speeds and lengths up to 230 strokes/min for the fastest and shortest settings. 

Or in INTERACTIVE MODE for a more immersive experience.

And by immersive, I mean: customizing the strokes, syncing the toy’s motions to interactive 2D/VR adult content or webcam models, and connecting it to another Kiiroo device.

While RealFeel and FeelStars sleeves look and feel like the real thing, if you have full-sized Fleshlight sleeves in your arsenal, you can also stick them in for more variety.

You can use the discount code SEXUALALPHA for 10% off all products (with a minimum purchase of $69).

Read the full review of the Kiiroo Keon here.

most realistic masturbators

Quality Hands Free Male Masturbator

2. Fleshlight Quickshot Launch

Insertable Length:
Stroke Speed:
250 strokes/min
Battery Life:
1 hour
  • Works with batteries or while charging
  • Manual control of stroke speed and length and toy position
  • With phone mount
  • Won’t work with full-sized Fleshlights
  • No interactive features

The Fleshlight brand is a mainstay in the sex toy industry. Ask any regular wanker for male toy advice, and Fleshlight gets mentioned nine out of ten times.

Now, here comes the Quickshot Launch.

As the name so obviously implies, this machine makes your favorite Quickshots move standalone (no holding on). Minus the interactive features, sadly.

–> Go to this guide to see all the best hands-free male masturbators.

Though it looks like a big-ass gaming gadget than other automatic toys on our list, it packs a lot of power. Plus, it’s stable enough, so you can give the toy a good grip and press the buttons to adjust the stroke speed, length, and position.

If you like your Quickshots better than your full-sized Fleshies because of their size, features, and ability to send pinpoint sensations, then this device is a no-brainer.

While a full charge only gives you 60 minutes of non-stop wanking, you can take advantage of its Active Launch Mode. That means you can use the toy even if it’s plugged into a power outlet.

You know, in case you forget to charge your toy and want a quick… shot.

Don’t forget that Fleshlight has a Loyalty program that lets you earn points in a few different ways. You can later use those points as money off your purchase.


Make sure to check our ultimate guide on how to cum hands-free.

To know more about this Fleshlight Quickshot Launch, read our in-depth review here.

most realistic male masturbators

Cheapest Automatic Male Masturbator

3. BestVibe Spinning/Thrusting Machine

Insertable Length:
Stroke Speed:
380 strokes/min
Stroke Length:
Battery Life:
1.5 hours
  • Vibrates, spins, and thrusts
  • Strong, adjustable suction cup for no hand fun
  • Moaning voice feature
  • Can’t turn off rotation feature separately
  • One button to cycle through 10 modes

It’s kinda hard to find an automatic masturbator under 100 bucks that’s not gonna break down after initial use.

But here we are with BestVibe’s spinning/thrusting male masturbation cup. For just $80, you’re getting an automatic male masturbator that vibrates, spins, and thrusts up and down.

You can cycle through 10 functions by just pressing one button. And you’re getting a clear silicone sleeve with gentle ribs and protrusions that stimulate different parts of your penis.

And come on, it has a strong, adjustable suction cup base for different positions and fun without using your hands! It even has a moaning voice feature when you put your earphones on.

Well, okay. It’s not going to be as durable as its $200+ automatic masturbator counterparts.

But if you’re a beginner who’s quite unsure which automatic masturbator or sensations are for you, then this is a good toy to try.

You can use the discount code 15OFF for $15 off upon checkout.

Update: We’ve changed this recommendation to an alternative for now.

best realistic masturbator

Best Handjob Masturbator

4. The Handy

Insertable Length:
Stroke Speed:
600 strokes/min
Stroke Length:
Battery Life:
  • Adjustable Velcro band fits most penis sizes
  • Works with some sleeves/strokers
  • Syncs to interactive adult content
  • Needs to stay plugged in
  • Limited patented sleeve options

When I saw Handy for the first time, I thought it’ll just be like any other compact plaything without the features of big, bulky machines.


In terms of interactive features, Handy is neck and neck with Kiiroo Keon. However, with its recent firmware update, now I’m not so sure.

Love the action but hate the “talking” part? Now, you can skip to different parts of your fave porno without waiting for a few seconds for the machine to sync.

Of course, these features are more for techy folks.

What about the Handy in manual mode, then? From the name itself, it does one heck of a good job at mimicking a handjob!

Using one hand, you can hold the machine and control its buttons while seeing the clear sleeve working your shaft on the outside.

Though you’re only getting uniform nubs from the sleeve, they work quite well with the automatic Handy.

And if that’s not enough, you can strap your favorite Quickshot, Tenga sleeve, or any other pocket pussy (except the bulky ones) onto the Velcro band for variety.

Want to know all the details about The Handy, read our in-depth review here.

best realistic male masturbators

Best for Couples

5. Lovense Max 2

Insertable Length:
Stroke Speed:
360° contractions + vibrations
Battery Life:
2-3 hours
  • Connects with other Lovense toys
  • Separate manual and in-app vibration and contraction controls
  • Syncs with Max-exclusive VR games
  • A bit loud with stronger vibrations
  • Too tight for thicker than average guys

Lovense is at the forefront of teledildonic technology.

Sure, Max 2 for solo play has many great features to offer — 7 vibrations, 3 contraction settings, and adjustable air vents.

But if you want to up the experience, connect it to the Lovense Remote app.

With the app, you get to customize the vibrations and contractions, save them, and enjoy a library of patterns from other users. You can even let your partner control your Max 2.

The best part? If your partner has a Nora (Lovense’s Bluetooth vibrator) or another Max, you can sync the toys together no matter the distance.

Note: You can get both toys for the price of one.

So, when you’re on video chat and your partner moves the Nora in a particular way, you will feel those movements through your Max (and vice versa).

And if you’re in different time zones, you can sync the toy to your partner’s recorded video and feel like your SO’s playin’ with ‘ya even if they can’t join in on the fun in real-time.

Pro Tip

While the Max 2 only vibrates and contracts, you can stroke the toy for more intense sensations.

Interested in learning more? Read our in-depth review here.

most realistic male masturbator

Best Automatic BJ Masturbator

6. Kiiroo Onyx+

Insertable Length:
Stroke Speed:
140 strokes/min
Battery Life:
1 hour
  • Lightweight, quiet, and discreet
  • Syncs to other Kiiroo devices
  • Manual, automatic, and interactive control modes
  • No up and down movement
  • Longer charge time than use time

A lot of guys get off from getting head alone. But, unfortunately, some partners are not just into it or get tired 2-3 minutes in.

What do you need? An automatic BJ masturbator that does all the work for you. (You still need to hold it in place, though.)

And Kiiroo Onyx+ delivers.

While it gives less stroke speed than the Keon, it has the same interactive features but a more lightweight design perfect for guys always on the move.

Even if you take away its interactive features, the 10 contraction rings tighten and release the entire length of your penis, so you’ll enjoy some solo BJ-like sensations without stroking the toy.

Simply press the control button to adjust the intensity of the strokes, and voila!

Want an in-depth Kiiroo Onyx+ review? Read here.

best realistic male masturbator

Best Vibrating Male Masturbator

7. Fun Factory Manta

Vibration Function:
6 speeds, 6 patterns
Battery Life:
40-120 min
  • Works as a vibrator and stroker
  • Can be used solo or with a partner
  • Made of waterproof, body-safe silicone
  • Needs to practice to get the best results
  • Not for folks who want a quick jerk off

There’s a learning curve to using the Manta, especially if you’re a guy who grew up knowing that stroking the penis is the only way to get off.

It even took me several tries before I was able to hit the big O.

But if you figure out the best way to use this vibrating stroker, then you’re in for a good time — solo or with a partner.

You can position its soft, wide wings on various parts of your penis for focused sensations. But I highly recommend using it on the frenulum, starting at lower intensities going up.

The orgasms are insane! (Note: Not the usual one you get after some good ol’ stroking.)

Heck, you can even use the Manta and transform your penis into a vibrator during sex. EXCEPT you have to hold it with your hand.

Unlike most TPE-made toys for boys that mimic the softness of the vaginal insides, Manta is made of body-safe, waterproof silicone.

That means you can bring the toy in the shower and not worry about it breaking down. That’s 140 dollars of well-spent money, honey.

More details on our Fun Factory Manta review.

best male masturbator toy

For Targeted Sensations

8. Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential

Vibration Function:
9 speeds, 5 modes
Battery Life:
1 hour
  • Works whether you’re flaccid or erect
  • Can use without holding onto it on the lower settings
  • Can be used with or without lube
  • Not for sensitive folks
  • Won’t give the best results if you’re smaller or bigger than average

Sometimes, you just need powerful vibes on various parts of your penis sans using your hands.

Well, not for most guys, but if you’re into male vibrators, listen up.

The Pulse Solo is a compact vibrator covered in body-safe, waterproof silicone. So, it’s safe to bring with you for some splish-splash fun. Plus, cleaning it is a breeze.

Its unique PulsePlate tech works well at sending focused sensations to the frenulum, like the Manta. But OFC, you can still use it in different parts of your penis.

The best part? You can use it without sporting an erection, without lube, and without stroking the toy. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let Pulse’s powerful vibes do all the work for you.

WARNING: On the highest settings, you have to hold the toy in place, or it will slip off your penis.

Yup, that’s how powerful the vibrations are on this bad boy.

Unfortunately, you’ll only get one-hour max use time after one full charge. While not bad, it could’ve been better, especially if you’re no fan of constantly charging your gadgets.

Looking to learn more about the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential? Read here.

best mens masturbator

Vibrating Frenulum Masturbator

9. Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2

Insertable Length:
Vibration Function:
11 patterns
Battery Life:
40-120 min
  • Deep, rumbly vibrations
  • Travel lock feature
  • Saves your favorite pattern
  • Only works on the penis head

Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2 is perfect for stimulating the tip and nothing but the tip (so help me, God).

Okay, a quick trip down memory lane.

The OG Cobra Libre was so good that it started the whole male vibrator craze. And Fun Factory wanted to make sure that they make the best version of it.

So, they created the Cobra Libre 2 with improved motors, more vibration functions, and convenient buttons, making version 2.0 the best penis head vibrator to date.

It focuses on the penis head and sensitive frenulum only, which makes it not as versatile as other male vibrators out there.

Also, its closed-ended design limits the sensations to the penis head. Unlike the open-ended Manta or Pulse Solo, you can’t stroke Cobra Libre 2 and target different parts of your penis.

Still, you can use this frenulum vibrator without actually holding it with a partner, or even while you’re soft.

Here’s the full review of this beauty. 

best male strokers

Upgrade Pick

10. Arcwave Ion

insertable length:
air pressure functions:
8 intensities
battery life:
60-70 min
  • Best for sensitive folks into frenulum play
  • With storage and charging case
  • Easy clean-up and drying
  • Can get pretty loud on the highest setting, even with the Smart Silence on
  • Expensive for average wankers

If you think you’ve wanked all masturbators known to men (and your penis) and new things have gotten *yawn* boring, give the Arcwave Ion a try.

But first, know that it’s gonna set you back around $200. That’s +$50-80 from the other awesome male vibrators we’ve featured on our list.

All I’m saying is you have to be 100% sure that you’re into frenulum stimulation before investing in this toy.

So, what does it do? It delivers air pulses into the frenulum’s sensitive nerves sans direct contact. The sensations are new that you’d tell yourself either 1 of 2 things:

Woah! That was awesome!


That was it?

It was def the former for me, but it might be the latter for some. All I know is that it’s the perfect frenulum toy if you’re sensitive to strong vibrations.

Also, clean-up is super easy because it’s submersible. And you can dry and charge it at the same time through its sleek storage base.

You can read more about Arcwave Ion here.

Manual Male Masturbators

No fancy motors, tech, or automatic sorcery for the next 11 toys on our list, Sir!

They’re all about unique textures with realistic or non-realistic orifices, so you’re equipped for your next hand-to-gland combat.


Most Realistic Male Masturbator

11. Tantaly Britney (Sex Doll Torso)

Vital Stats:
31.1″ – 18.1″ – 38.58″
29.67 lbs.
TPE, silicone
  • Not too small nor too big
  • Great sex beginner doll
  • Super realistic look and feel
  • Meticulous clean-up and maintenance

Britney is the sex doll torso for you if you want to put your hands on other parts of a female body (not just the holes) while getting it on.

If you’re a boob man, ass man, or still undecided, Britney will make sure to satisfy your fantasy. Once you use ‘her,’ I’d bet she’ll get you saying, “Oops, I did it again!

Kidding aside, it’s not too small nor too big, making it perfect for beginners who want to try sex dolls but aren’t ready to invest in full-sized ones.

And don’t get me started on Britney’s realistic detailing. From her 32B squishy breasts, sexy hips, detailed labia to her textured vagina and butt holes, Britney looks and feels as close to a real lady.

Gentle nubs and bumps on both holes add to the sensation. You’ll even find dimples and goosebumps on her backside that add to the visual appeal.

The best part? There’s a stable skeletal frame that you can adjust to whatever position you like Britney to be in.

Just be thorough when you clean her and keep her in a straight lying position if you want her to last long.

realistic male masterbators

Best Blowjob Sensation

12. Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

Insertable Length:
Orifice Type:
SuperSkin Soft Plastic
  • 3 insertion points that mimic a blowjob
  • Transparent case and sleeve
  • Varied textures
  • Not for sensitive folks
  • Noisy

Unlike most Fleshlights with vulvas, butts, and mouths, the Turbo Thrust looks transparent, innocent. BUT it’s the only Fleshy that gives the best blowjob out there.

It doesn’t look like a mouth, but close your eyes and play with the three insertion points and varied inner textures, and BOOM.

You’re in sloppy blowjob heaven!

It has a transparent case + sleeve. Plus points if you (or your partner) love seeing some oral action happening. This also means it’s easier to clean ‘cause you can see through its ripples and nubs.

The only downside really is things can get pretty intense, from the tightness of the entrance to the textures on the inside.

But if it feels so good, do you even call that a downside?

If you want to know more details about the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust vs. Ignition, we have an in-depth review here.

realistic male masterbater

Most Intense Male Masturbator

13. Riley Reid Utopia

Insertable Length:
Orifice Type:
SuperSkin Soft Plastic
  • Smooth but intense textures
  • Medium tightness
  • Drying takes time

If I were to choose between Riley’s lady bits (Utopia) or butt (Euphoria), I’d go with the former.

WHY? Unlike Riley’s butt that starts tight then ends up not-so-tight, Utopia is the exact opposite. You go in with a bit wider opening that gets a bit tighter to the end.

Combine that tightness with four different gentle textured chambers that get you going until you reach the last one. The result? An overall pretty intense sensation!

It strikes a good balance between tightness and varied ridges and bumps, so it’s a good Fleshlight for most folks.

The only downside is the long drying time because of the sleeve’s intricacy and tightness.

If you want to read more about the Fleshlight Riley Reid, we have all you need to know here.

realistic male masturbater

Tightest Male Masturbator

14. Stoya Destroya

Insertable Length:
Orifice Type:
SuperSkin Soft Plastic
  • First half with interesting textures
  • Works for both smaller than average and average guys
  • Too tight for thicker than average guys

If you want a Fleshlight that’s even more intense and tighter than Utopia, then Stoya Destroya is for yah!

Stoya is a legend in the world of Fleshlight Girls.

I mean, a Fleshlight that’s described as having chambers of teeth and fangs? That sticks to your brain (or penis), dude!

But like I love this alt model’s name, I also love how the soft “teeth” drags a little on my skin and massages my entire penis from all angles.

And Fleshlight folks are not joking about the tightness. It is SUPER TIGHT that if you’re thicker than 5″ girth, good luck inserting your schlong inside Stoya.

Tightness, suction, and textures combined, get ready for the hardcore ride of your life!

To read more about Stoya Destroya, you can find our in-depth review here.

realistic male masturbator

Unique Textures

15. Original Pink Lady

Orifice Type:
SuperSkin Soft Plastic
  • Best for beginners
  • Most realistic feeling
  • Easiest to clean and dry
  • Boring texture for experienced FLyers

With hundreds of Fleshlight textures on the market, it’s quite hard to tell which one to get.

Choose one that’s too tight or too intense, and I’m sure you’d swear off buying another Fleshlight in your life.

So, if you haven’t got one Fleshlight since the dawn of time, stick with the simplest Fleshy in life.


It has a uniform tunnel texture that actually feels as close to the insides of a real vagina as possible. And because it has no swirls, nubs, or “fangs,” it’s the easiest to clean and dry.

No wonder why it’s still available today since Fleshlight shookt the sex toy world.

the best male masterbater

Best Cheap Male Masturbator

16. New Standard Tenga Egg Pack

Insertable Length:
2.4″ (stretches up to 7.8″)
Orifice Type:
Soft Plastic
  • Cheap and convenient
  • 6 textures for the price of 1
  • Disposable
  • Tears easily
  • Won’t last very long

Tenga offers three egg variety packs that you can choose from. The New Standard came after the OG Easy Beat.

And it’s the best Tenga range for first-time folks on a budget who want to explore a variety of textures for the price of one.

So, how do you use one?

Remove the case, squeeze the lube, and put your penis inside. You can use its OG size of 2.4″ on your penis head or stretch it up to 3x to stimulate the rest of your shaft.

But be careful not to overstretch your egg, or you would tear it.

Explore 6 different textures and unique sensations till you find your faves. But if you’re like me who wants variety, you can always get another pack instead of one.

Pro Tip

Tenga advertises their eggs as single-use. But you can actually clean, dry, and use them for around a month. Just make sure to inspect for untoward smells, holes, or tears and use lots of water-based lube each time.

realistic stroker

Cheapest Male Masturbator

17. Tenga Egg Lovers

Insertable Length:
2.4″ (stretches up to 7.8″)
Orifice Type:
Soft Plastic
  • Convenient to use and bring
  • Easy clean-up
  • Won’t last long

What makes this particular Tenga egg unique, and why am I recommending it?

TBH, you can take your pick of any Tenga egg. It’s the cheapest male masturbator on the market that won’t disappoint most penis owners.

It’s super convenient and takes your wanking game to a whole new level for 6-7 bucks a pop.

But if you’re in a hurry and can’t decide which egg to get, get Tenga Egg Lovers instead. Aside from standing out from all other generic-looking Tengas, the sleeve texture is pretty good.

It’s as soft as the eggs from their Easy Beat and New Standard variety packs.

But it has heart-shaped textures that rub around your penis and doesn’t feel uncomfortable like some of their hard-boiled eggs when you bottom out.

As of this writing, this is my go-to egg from Tenga. And it’s a limited edition. So, better try it, so you know what I’m talking about.

For more options, check out this list of the best Tenga eggs.

realistic male masterbator

Budget Friendly Masturbator

18. Tenga Deep Throat Onacup

Insertable Length:
Orifice Type:
  • Feels like getting a deep throat
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Self-lubricates
  • Pre-lube could get messy
  • Disposable

For just $8, there’s a lot to like about Tenga’s Onacup. It doesn’t scream sex toy, for starters, so you don’t have to worry about finding a hiding spot for this Old Spice look-alike.

It has a smooth pre-lubed insertion pad that keeps air and lube from leaking. Plus, there’s an air hole on the other end that you can cover with your finger for suction control.

And how does it feel once inside? With the crazy textures, suction, and automatic lube, it feels like you’re getting a good blow — the sloppy and deep kind.

No wonder why Tenga originally called it the Deep Throat.

Other users say that the Onacup is too small for them. So here’s a TIP: get the ultra size if you’re packing a bulge. It’ll only cost you $13 a pop.

If a Tenga egg is too soft and thin for your liking and you want a toy that “swallows” your entire shaft, this is the Tenga for you.

realistic male masturbaters

Most Discreet Male Masturbator

19. Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

Insertable Length:
Orifice Type:
Non-anatomical, open-ended
Soft Plastic
  • Great for solo and couples play
  • Easy to hide, travel with, and clean
  • Cheapest and smallest Fleshlight
  • You can’t penetrate the toy all-in
  • Noisy

The Quickshot is like the smaller brother of the full-size Fleshlight.

For half the size and half the price of any full-size Fleshy, you get a clear and compact open-ended toy that you can easily hide and bring with you anywhere you go.

You can benefit from Vantage’s spiraling bumps and ribs during solo play as an upgrade to your hand. Or during foreplay to level up your partner’s BJ skills.

It’s small and open-ended, so you can use it to target different parts of your penis.

Plus, it’s clear so you (or your partner) can see right through the action. Plus, it’s the fastest to clean and dry compared to other Fleshlights.

Downsides? If you like to go all-in like penetrating inside a woman, the Quickshot won’t help you. And because it’s open-ended, things can get noisy and messy if you’re not careful enough.

realistic masterbators

Best Male Masturbator for Travel

20. Fleshlight Flight Pilot

Insertable Length:
Orifice Type:
Soft Plastic
  • Smaller and lighter than regular Fleshlights
  • Offers more texture for men with smaller penises
  • Won’t fully fit folks bigger than 6″

The Flight Pilot falls between the regular Fleshlight and Quickshot sizes.

That means you get Quickshot’s benefits of being smaller, lighter, and discreet — perfect for travels.

Plus, a regular Fleshlight’s benefit of giving you that full-size experience.

There are bumps, ridges, and fingers on the inside that kinda remind me of the Stoya texture. 

But because it’s smaller than its full-sized counterpart, it’s perfect for smaller than average guys to enjoy every delicious texture.

Unfortunately, if you’re bigger than 6″, you won’t be able to go all-in. Still, the textures are equally satisfying.

For a more in-depth breakdown, check out our review of the Fleshlight Flight Pilot.

realistic strokers

Best for Beginners

21. Mini Lotus

Insertable Length:
Orifice Type:
Soft Plastic
  • Medium intensity
  • Works for men with smaller penises
  • Realistic experience
  • Takes a long time to clean
  • No case

First things first. Unlike the Fleshlights we’ve featured on our list, the Mini Lotus doesn’t come with a case. Instead, you’re only buying a classic textured sleeve.

Sure, it’s cheaper than sleeves from FL Girls.

But if this is your first Fleshlight purchase, you need to get a regular case for around $20 in your choice of color.

Priced like a regular Fleshlight? Don’t worry. The payoff will be worth it.

The Mini Lotus is best for beginners who want to experience some texture from their Fleshlight while still getting that close vagina-like feel.

Unlike the Lotus, the waves of nodes from the Mini start closer at the entrance, so men with smaller penises can enjoy these well-spaced textures.

OFC, bigger than average folks can still enjoy these swirls of pleasure.

Check out our review of the Fleshlight Mini Lotus for more details about the product.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Male Masturbator Among Male Sex Toys

You have to know what to look for when buying a male masturbator, starting with the toy’s material.


The majority of male masturbators are made of TPE material. In the sex toy world, this porous material is a NO-NO. It’s not durable, and you can’t clean it 100%.

While for all other toys, we only recommend SILICONE, it doesn’t feel as good as soft TPE. Even the softest silicone feels too rigid compared with TPE toys.

Just look at Fleshlight and Tenga. So, what are you saying, Dainis? It’s a tough decision.

That’s why we recommend either silicone or TPE for your first or nth male masturbator.

While you can’t fully sanitize TPE, as long as you clean and dry it thoroughly and don’t share it or put it inside you, it’s all good.


ASK YOURSELF: What do you want your masturbator to do?

For manual masturbators, you don’t get a lot of fancy bells and whistles.

But each experience will be different, depending on the toy’s internal textures. Some manual toys like Fleshlights even have a suction mechanism for a more intense experience.

To enjoy these features, though, you have to stroke them over your penis.

Now, automatic masturbators are another story. They come with one or more motors or unique tech so that they can do all (or most) of the work for you.

Some do all the stroking for you, while you only need to touch a few buttons to adjust the stroke length and speed. Some send vibrations or pulsations to one or different parts of your penis.

Some have interactive features that you can sync to adult content or with a compatible toy.

Then some can even be used without holding if you mount them onto something, so all you have to do is thrust into them.

In the world of male masturbation, you can find a toy that does whatever you want it to do. 

Usually, the more features you want from the toy, the more money you need to spend, which brings us to your…


You get what you pay for. It’s that simple.

Anything under $40, and you’re better off sticking with your hand. EXCEPT if you have a disposable Tenga.

If you’re going to spend more than $100, then expect your toy to be automatic and with a motor for some sorta “ma, see no hands!” fun.

Want to sync your toy to other toys, webcam performers, or interactive 2D/VR content? Set aside at least $200+ for a feature-packed, immersive experience.


Do you want a masturbator that looks like the real thing? Then go for toys with a vulva, butt, or mouth orifice.

Choose your textures wisely if you’re more for the feel than the look.

For most masturbators, you can control the pressure, suction, and tightness with your hand or with a touch of a button.

Control the suction for blowjob-like sensations; the tightness for anal-like sensations.

But if you want a more realistic looking and feeling experience, go with a sex doll or sex doll torso. They’re anatomically correct with ultra-realistic holes.


How To Use A Male Blow Job Masturbator?

Using a manual male masturbator is super easy. After the initial cleaning, just insert your penis, start stroking, and you’re done.

Of course, there are many ways to get creative, depending on your toy. Like adjusting the tightness or suction of the sleeve OR focusing on different parts of your penis.

If you want a more realistic experience, warm the toy upfront using hot water or a warming rod.

You can also invest in a warming lube but don’t put it directly on your penis, just inside the sleeve.

For automatic masturbators, always read the manual, so you know the nitty-gritty of setting up and using your toy. Also, be sure to inspect your toy for any loose parts or tears on the sleeve.

You can set the mood the traditional way: letting your imagination run wild or watching some good ol’ porn.

But if you’re more of a tech dude, you can synchronize your automatic toy to porn videos or VR to enjoy an immersive experience.

You and your partner can also play with your toys (‘cause they’re not just for boys).

Have fun, experiment, and enjoy each moment.

How Do I Clean My Masturbator?

For masturbators with a case and sleeve, remove the sleeve first. Then, gently wash the sleeve using warm water or mild soap.

If possible, go with an antibacterial or disinfectant that’s made especially for your toy. Steer clear from detergents as they may end up damaging your toy or irritating your skin.

NOTE: Be extra careful if you have a masturbator with motors or wires. Read the manual to know if the toy is submersible or only splashproof. 

Before putting the sleeve back on or using the toy, make sure that it’s completely dry.

Some toy materials require the use of renewal powder like Fleshlights to make them less sticky and last long after every use.

Best Way To Store & Maintain My Masturbator?

Every toy manufacturer has specific storage, care, and maintenance instructions.

But generally, if you want your masturbator to last, clean it before first use and after every use. If you want to make clean-up less messy and less of an effort, don’t ejaculate inside the toy.

Only use lube compatible with your masturbator sleeve. For example, never use a silicone-based lube on a silicone sleeve.

In terms of storage, a lot of masturbators have cases.

After cleaning the removable sleeve, make sure that it’s dry enough before putting it back inside the case or machine. Doing so keeps any mold from forming and degrading the material.

Also consider the toy’s size and design when storing it.

For example, if you have snoopy roommates and your toy screams vagina, mouth, or butthole easily, then you have to hide it inside your sock drawer or bedside drawer.

But if your masturbator is a ninja (think Tenga eggs and onacups), don’t bother hiding that thang ‘cause regular folks will just think that you have a new deodorant or Easter egg memorabilia lying around.

And of course, if you live with a supportive partner who wants to use the toy with you, why hide it when you can flaunt it?


Male masturbators have made the art of getting off quite a bliss.

If you haven’t tried one yet, do yourself a favor and give your hands some rest or an upgrade.


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