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Hi! I’m Dainis, the founder of SexualAlpha.

I believe that every person deserves to have an incredible sex life – and it’s my mission to make sure that happens for you.


  • For over 2 years I worked in a sex toy store Etriskelion (in Poland) where I gained deep experience about the best sex toys and how to translate what people wanted to give them exactly what they need.
  • I am a top writer on Quora. My answers on various sex topics (sharing the personal experiences and book studies) have been viewed over 7 million times, and attracted 2.3K followers.
  • SexualAlpha site has attracted 2.1M unique visitors in the last year. I’ve personally written 70+ guides.
  • I’m also a top stock photo erotic photographer on Unsplash (currently TOP 100 most downloaded and viewed). Find my free erotic stock photos.

Past Experience & Education:

Officially I have programming and designer education. From 2008-2016 I founded and grew 1stWebDesigner to become one of the biggest web design blogs in the world.

While I don’t have any formal sex education, I am a voracious reader and student. I’ve read hundreds of books about sex, relationships, BDSM, polyamory.

Plus, I’ve been experimenting for all my life – with sex toys, various partners, working on keeping spark alive in long-term relationships.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

We thrive on variety. Do things the same old way and you’ll soon feel that your life becomes “grey”.

The same way you need to invest in relationships to keep them vibrant, you also need to invest on sexual growth. Try some power play, incorporate new toy, go for outfits and roleplay, work on your pussy eating / blowjob skills.

Me and my woman Nastja.

At SexualAlpha we inject this thinking in everything we do. Our bodies are meant to be explored and enjoyed. Read more at SexualAlpha manifesto.

Work With Me

I have appeared on sites like Medium, TheFrisky, Kiiroo, MenProvement, VirtualRealityReporter, and many more.

I am open to being a guest on a podcast and available for collaborations, appearances, speaking, and more.

I’d love to hear from you: press@sexualalpha.com