The Ultimate Fleshlight Review: Top 13 FLs (2024)

The best Fleshlights were tested in this ultimate Fleshlight review. In this guide, we detail every pros and cons of each toy. Read on:

fleshlight review

At-A-Glance: Our Top Recommended Best & Top Rated Fleshlights

Exploring the world of Fleshlights is a challenging task.

It takes a lot of effort to know the ins and outs of each toy. And we’re not even counting the accessories that come with it to help improve your overall experience. 

Yeah… I know. It’s a lot!

So we’re here to give you the ultimate guide. We’ll cover all the basics you need, from classic models to the Fleshlight Girls series to other discreet toys in the roster. 

Can you find the best fleshlight sleeves in this lineup? Or will you see something new in this entire process?

BUT First!

Let me tell you about the most recent, most popular and best-selling sleeve and stroker made by Kiiroo! It’s the Victoria June Mouth sleeve! Molded from a pornstar, Victoria June, this one of a kind fleshlight sleeve is most compatible with the Kiiroo Keon only (a very sturdy and high quality product). Might as well try and check out this bundle of delight. You won’t regret it!

Find out, starting with our top picks from the bunch.

The 3 Top Rated Fleshlights

Riley Reid Utopia

Riley Reid Utopia

  • Fleshlight Sleeve Molded After The Pornstar, Riley Reid
  • The Standard Of A Fleshlight Girl
  • Great And On-Point Of Intensity, Tightness, & Realism
Quickshot Pulse

Quickshot Pulse

  • A Super Affordable & Discreet Fleshlight
  • Made With Clear Plastic With Soft & Rippling Ribs
  • Can Be Used Alone Or With A Partner
Mini Lotus

Mini Lotus

  • A Gentle & Great Fleshlight For Beginners
  • Cheaper Than The Average Fleshlight Girl But The Same Quality
  • Realistic & Flowing Texture

Our Recommendations

Riley Reid Utopia

Best Fleshlight Girl

1. Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia

Insertable Length:
Orifice Type:
  • A perfect balance of tightness, intensity, and realism
  • Good for most sizes of penis
  • Good for new and experienced FLyers
  • Chance to overstimulate

Fleshlight Girls are sleeves modeled after famous porn stars. Most of the biggest names in porn right now have their own range of both Lady (vagina) and butt sleeves. 

And one of them is the best Fleshlight sleeve of all (for me at least) is Riley Reid Utopia.

It’s at the top of the list because it’s right in the sweet spot for Fleshlights. It’s intense but not too intense, tight but not too tight, realistic, and stimulating all at the same time. 

The coiled bumpy chambers and tight constricting rings on the inside make for an unforgettable experience. 

And further inside, the texture starts to feel like a spiral, which gives you a wet swirling feeling like you’re stuck in a washing machine. But in a hot way. 

The many bumps give a lot of points of soft contact, which feels great for most guys. However, if you tend to get overstimulated then it might get uncomfortable. 

Utopia might be the benchmark for a good Fleshlight Girl, but that doesn’t mean it’s the perfect one for you. Take a look at the Best Fleshlight Girls to find your ideal match.

Quickshot Pulse

Best Cheap Fleshlight

2. Fleshlight Quickshot Pulse

Insertable Length:
Orifice Type:
  • Open-ended for easy cleaning and drying
  • Compact case is good for traveling
  • Transparent sleeve is fun to watch
  • Doesn’t give the full sex simulation

If you want a Fleshlight but you’re on a tight budget, the Quickshot Pulse is a good time on the cheap. 

It’s an open-ended, barrel-shaped case with a clear sleeve inside. The Pulse offers 3.5 inches of insertable length with gentle rippling ribs inside. 

You don’t get the full Fleshlight experience of penetrating a realistic orifice, but it’s a massive upgrade on your hand. 

The Pulse is fun to use with a partner, too. The transparent design means you and your partner can watch the stroking action, which is fun if you’re into that sort of thing.

Not convinced the Pulse is your best option? Check out the Best Cheap Fleshlights. 

mini lotus

Best Fleshlight For Beginners

3. Fleshlight Mini Lotus

Insertable Length:
Orifice Type:
Lady, Butt
  • Realistic feeling
  • Cheaper than Fleshlight Girls
  • Lotus node feels incredible for edging 
  • The pink color isn’t as appealing

The Mini Lotus is one of the oldest textured Fleshlights that’s still in production. 

Not only that, but it’s one of the best-selling Fleshlights there is – and for a good reason.

Mini-Lotus has a realistic texture with gentle ripples and waves that feel more like the real thing than the bumpier textures of many Fleshlight Girls. 

The best bit is the lotus node – a tight secondary entrance that feels like you’re penetrating a vagina when you’re already inside it. 

And you get a choice of orifice – vaginal for the standard experience, or butt for something a bit tighter that you have to push more to get inside. They’re both great for their own reasons, but I prefer the look of the vagina personally. 

If this is your first Fleshlight take note: You have to buy a case! The Mini Lotus is a sleeve-only product, so you need a case that comes separately otherwise all you’ve got is a big floppy sleeve that’s pretty awkward to use. Just a heads-up. 

The Mini-Lotus is awesome for edging and less intense build-ups to orgasm. 

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to play for hours rather than minutes, the Mini Lotus might be your best friend. With benefits, of course.

Mini Lotus is one of the best male masturbators out there, so you should give it a try!

Stamina Training Unit

Best Fleshlight For Stamina Training

4. Fleshlight STU

Insertable Length:
Orifice Type:
Lady, Butt, non-anatomical
  • Highly stimulating
  • Choice of 3 orifices
  • Good suction
  • The gold case looks silly

Of course it’s the best sleeve for stamina training. It’s called the Stamina Training Unit

STU consists of a single canal lined with big, fleshy bumps. These massage and rub as you thrust, which quickly builds up in intense feeling. 

There’s no break, no rest. It just keeps massaging and stimulating until you can’t help but bust. 

That’s why it’s so good for stamina training. You have to consciously slow down and hold on and distract yourself. 

The STU is great if you want to last longer in bed with a real human OR if you want something that can make you finish fast. Sometimes you want to crank out a quick one, and the STU will get you there faster than any other Fleshlight I’ve tried. 

It comes in a gaudy gold case that some guys think is great. Personally, I kinda don’t like it, but I think I’m in the minority here. 

Fleshlight Stoya Destroya

Most Intense & Tightest Fleshlight

5. Fleshlight Stoya Destroya

Insertable Length:
Orifice Type:
Lady, Butt
  • Awesome intense textures
  • Good suction 
  • Tiresome to clean and dry
  • Too much for sensitive heads

Like the Mini Lotus, Stoya Destroya has been around for a while and has made quite a reputation for itself. 

If you’re a sensation-seeker who likes it wet ’n’ wild, Destroya has what you’re craving. 

Probing, squeezing intensity, tight rings, and a sphere full of teeth that drag and poke against your skin in a way that sends shivers down your spine. 

And it sucks hard, too. All Fleshlights have built-in adjustable suction, but the effectiveness depends on the sleeve. Destroya gives a strong sucking sensation along with intense contact. 

Destroya is the most intense tight Fleshlight, but she’s not the tightest. To find out which is the champion of constriction, check out the tightest Fleshlights guide. 

Flight Pilot

Best Fleshlight For Travel

6. Fleshlight Flight Pilot

Insertable Length:
Orifice Type:
  • Intense texture
  • Compact full-size Fleshlight
  • Unique orifice
  • Can’t go balls-deep if you have a long dong

Flight Pilot is a non-anatomical sleeve and has adjustable suction, thanks to the twisting end. 

Best of all, the Flight Pilot has a great variety of textures, ridges, and bumps packed into a short length, so you’ll never get bored of the pattern. 

The texture is like a modified Destroya, with the same basic proportions in a more compact package. 

The orifice is excellent, too. It’s shaped a bit like a jet engine. Looks cool and feels great – a bit like a butt but with less resistance. 

Flight Pilot is awesome because it offers the full-size Fleshlight experience in a smaller package you could take traveling with you. 

Fleshlight Vibro

Best Vibrating Fleshlight

7. Fleshlight Vibro 

Insertable Length:
Orifice Type:
Lady, Butt
  • 3 vibrating bullets
  • Clinging sensation in both directions
  • Vibrations aren’t that powerful 
  • Replaceable batteries

If you like Fleshlights but wish it vibrated, you have two options. 

You can use your Fleshlight on one of those vibrating plates you see at the gym… 

…Or you can get a Fleshlight Vibro. 

Honestly, Vibro is probably the better option. Don’t masturbate in the gym, dude. 

It’s a pretty standard pink sleeve with backward-facing teeth that grip and cling when you pull out. It’s very inviting on its own. 

But there are also three bullet vibrators that you insert into the fleshy outside of the sleeve, which then makes the whole thing vibrate. 

It’s not an earth-shattering sensation, which is probably a good thing. The sleeve feels great on its own, so too much buzz will distract from the texture itself. 

Vibro has a good balance of texture and vibrations that enhance the overall sensation. If you dig the vibes, look no further. 

Fleshlight Ice Lady

Best For Visual Stimulation

8. Fleshlight Ice Lady

Insertable Length:
Orifice Type:
  • Transparent so you can see everything
  • Tight, intricate texture
  • Fun to use with a partner
  • Gets dirty and sticky if not maintained right

Are you the kind of guy who likes to watch himself thrust? 

Me too! 

So the Ice Lady is a great choice for people like us. 

It’s a full-size vaginal sleeve with a tight and interesting texture. Lots of ridges and bumps to enjoy that feel especially nice if you take it slow. 

Oh yeah, and it’s transparent. 

That means you can see every inch of the action as you’re feeling it. Your partner can watch it too – my girl says it’s hotter to watch me using the Ice Lady than other Fleshlights. 

The clear material picks up dirt faster than the regular flesh-colored kind, and if you don’t add corn starch to it to keep it fresh then it will get sticky pretty quickly. 

But on the other hand, it feels even softer and wobblier than the regular Superskin, so I’d say the trade-off is worth the extra hassle of maintaining the sleeve.

If you are looking for toys for small penises, then read our best Fleshlights for small penises.

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

Best For Blowjob Sensation

9. Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

Insertable Length:
Orifice Type:
  • Feels like a sloppy blowjob
  • Transparent so you can watch 
  • Can be overstimulating

It’s difficult for a toy that doesn’t move to simulate a blowjob. In fact, before I came across the Turbo Thrust, I thought it was impossible. 

I’ve never been happier to say I WAS WRONG. 

The Turbo Thrust has 3 separate points of entry – a soft outer flap and two entrances that feel like lips, tongue, and throat. Somehow. I think there might be magic involved somehow. 

And it’s transparent. So like the Ice Lady you and/or your partner can watch the action as it unfolds. 

Thrust has a tendency to be overstimulating even though it doesn’t feel that intense, so if you’re sensitive but want a clear Fleshlight I’d try the Ice Lady instead. 

But if you like deep throat (and who the hell doesn’t?) you’re gonna love this.

Want to see more? Check out our best Fleshlight sleeve guide.

Quickshot Vantage

Best Portable Blowjob Sensation

10. Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

Insertable Length:
Orifice Type:
  • Twisting sensation
  • More intense than Pulse
  • Great for partner play
  • Gets sticky and dusty

Quickshot Vantage is the same compact size as the Pulse, but with a screw-like texture on the inside. When you stroke up and down it feels like a twisting motion, which is more intense than the Pulse’s ribs. 

It’s great fun to use alone or with a partner. The soft twisting motion already feels like a blowjob, but if you add it as an accessory to an actual blowjob? 


And you can also take it out of the case to get more pressure and squeezing on your penis. It’s much easier to use this way than a regular Fleshlight. 

It’s a lot of variety from such a small thing. If you like blowjobs in a smaller package you can take anywhere, Vantage gives you an advantage. What a terrible pun. I apologize. 

Fleshskins Blue Ice

Most Compact Fleshlight

11. FleshSkins Blue Ice

Insertable Length:
5.35” (stretchy)
Orifice Type:
  • Easy to control the tightness 
  • Fast cleaning and handy drying stand
  • Doesn’t feel as erotic as a normal Fleshlight

A superior upgrade over your bare hand… and an extremely ineffective knuckle duster. 

Blue Ice is an entirely soft plastic sleeve with grips for your fingers, so you slip it on your hand and jerk it like you would normally. 

It’s great for anyone who can’t get a normal Fleshlight for some reason, or if you want to control the tightness and intensity as you go. 

Blue Ice is very stretchy, so it fits almost any size penis. And the texture is subtle but stimulating, so it works whether you like it light and airy or you’re training your grip strength to bend iron bars. 

The case is good for storage but also doubles as a drying rack. 

You put the Blue Ice on the drying stand and leave it for a couple of hours. Since cleaning and drying time is one of the worst things about Fleshlights overall, the Blue Ice is a welcome change. 

Go Surge

Most Discreet Fleshlight

12. Fleshlight Go Surge

Insertable Length:
Orifice Type:
  • Easier to hide than full-size
  • You can use more of the texture
  • Easier for a partner to use
  • Not great if you have a big schlong

Go Surge is a fantastic texture in a more discreet size than the regular Fleshlights. You wouldn’t think an inch or two would make much of a difference, but it really does. Hehe. 

I’m talking about hiding it, of course. You can fit the Go Surge in a suitcase or hide it much easier in your sock drawer. 

Let me talk about the texture for a minute. It’s brilliant. The cross-hatch design is one that doesn’t get enough use in Fleshlights, in my opinion. 

It drags and zigzags in just the right way to feel electrifying. 

And because the GO Surge is smaller, you can almost reach the end (assuming you’re about average size like me). 

If you want some more pleasure on the sly, check out our Discreet Fleshlight Guide.

Riley Reid Euphoria

Best Anal Fleshlight

13. Fleshlight Riley Reid Euphoria 

Insertable Length:
Orifice Type:
  • Unique texture
  • Good for most sizes 
  • Can overstimulate easily

Hang on a second, I see you thinking. You’ve put Riley Reid on here twice! You’re just a fan of her, personally, and that’s why you like both of her sleeves. 

And you’re half right. I am a fan. But they’re still two of the best sleeves for most guys out there, and here’s why. 

The orifice is tight and inviting while offering the perfect amount of resistance. 

And once you’re inside, you’re greeted by a unique undulating square pattern. It’s intense and tight, exactly how you want a butt Fleshlight to feel.

There’s a feeling of pressure around your shaft which feels kind of realistic, even though the texture itself is anything but. 

Like any intense Fleshlight, it’s easy to get overstimulated with Euphoria. Especially on the head, so if you have a sensitive glans, you might want to try something milder. 

If that’s the case or you just want to see what else is available, check out our Anal Fleshlight Guide to find something that’s more your cup of ass. 

Fleshlight Accessories & Machines

fleshlight universal launch

Used With Most Fleshlights

1. Fleshlight Universal Launch 

Top Speed:
230 strokes per minute
Insertable Length:
about 3.2 lbs
Battery Life:
60 minutes
  • Works with full-size Fleshlights
  • Intuitive controls 
  • Automatic stroking
  • No interactive features
  • Not waterproof

If you like Fleshlights but wish they stroked themselves, Fleshlight already thought of that. 

And they made the Universal Launch.

It works with *almost* any full-size Fleshlight thanks to their ratcheting system. You simply slot in your stroker of choice, lock it in there and get stroking. 

It will stroke you off at up to 230 strokes per minute, which is almost 4 a second. Much faster than you can manage with your hand. 

You can change the stroke depth, speed, and position quickly on the fly, and the controls are very responsive. 

You control it using buttons on the handles, which you hold over your crotch. Kind of like a turret mission in a video game. 

If you already have several Fleshlights and want the automated experience, then the Universal Launch is a solid investment. 

Fleshlight Quickshot Launch

Used With Quickshots

2. Fleshlight Quickshot Launch 

Top Speed:
250 strokes per minute
Insertable Length:
3.2 lbs
Battery Life:
60 minutes
  • Easy to control
  • Smartphone mount to watch your favorite porn 
  • Only works with Quickshots

If you love Quickshots but wish you could enjoy them hands-free, keep reading cause this one’s for you. 

It’s a simple and easy-to-control machine that only works with Quickshots. 

It has four options for stroke length which go from a quick short motion to a longer stroke that’s enough for your whole shaft. And like the Universal Launch, you can change the position and speed quickly. 

250 strokes per minute is enough to get you off even if you’re a speed demon, especially if you keep changing the position to your preferred area. 

Since it only works with Quickshots, you should be sure that you like those before getting one of these. 

And if you want an all-encompassing sensation, you can get a Quickshot connector that sticks two together, giving you about 8 inches of total length. Plus, you can mix and match for a greater variety of sensations.

The Quickshot Launch has a battery life of about 60 minutes, or for marathon sessions, you can use it while it’s plugged into the wall. 

So if you want a versatile and customizable experience (and you really like Quickshots) this is a good sex machine

But, if you’re looking for more customizable experience, check out our custom fleshlight guide.

Fleshlight Shower Mount

For A Hands-Free Experience

3. Fleshlight Shower Mount

Adjustable suction cup
  • Use your Fleshlight standing up 
  • Hands-free masturbation
  • Only works on smooth surfaces 
  • Needs an adaptor for Flight, Go, and Quickshot models

Fleshlights are great, but they can be hard on the wrists. 

So if you don’t have the forearm strength of a tennis player or you really like thrusting hands-free while standing up, the Shower Mount was made for you. 

It sticks to any smooth, flat surface. Think glass, metal, or some kinds of painted surfaces. 

So it’s mainly useful in the shower, though you can also stick it to a mirror and watch yourself thrusting if that’s your thing. If you don’t like watching yourself then just don’t look! 

If you’re perfectly happy just using your hands or you enjoy your Universal Launch, then you won’t find the Shower Mount to be essential. 

Personally, I find thrusting to be more realistic and fun than stroking using my hands, and I love playing in the shower, so the Shower Mount was definitely a worthwhile purchase for me. 

Liberator Fleshlight On A Mission

For A Realistic Experience

4. Liberator Fleshlight On A Mission

27” x 9” x 10”
Artificial leather, polyurethane, polyester
  • Thrusting with realistic resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Good for stamina training
  • Expensive

If you want a more realistic sex feeling but like to do the work yourself, the Liberator Fleshlight On A Mission was made for you. 

It’s a large leather-clad pillow with a hole for you to slot in your favorite full-size Fleshlight. You can then thrust into it like missionary sex.

It’s great for stamina training because you’re practicing in a more true-to-life way, so it can really improve your staying power. 

And when you’re done you just wipe it off with a sponge and some soapy water, so it won’t get all gross and smelly. 

Sure it’s a bit pricey, but it lets you take a hands-free active role and feels more like sex than either the Launch or using your Fleshlights manually. 

Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer

To Enhance Sensations

5. Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer 

USB cable
Other Features:
Automatic shut-off
  • Warms sleeve to the perfect temperature
  • Quicker than using water
  • Kinda expensive

If you use Fleshlights a lot, you’ll know that it’s better to use them warm than cold. 

But how to warm one up? 

Sure, you can put your sleeve in a bowl of warm water. Like a peasant. 

OR you can get a Sleeve warmer

It does exactly what it suggests – warms your Fleshlight sleeve to 40℃ in 5 minutes without overheating

Once it’s warmed up, the Fleshlight will insulate heat for a long time, so you don’t have to keep bringing it back to the Sleeve Warmer.

So if you want a warm, sensual, and convenient experience – Sleeve Warmer is the accessory for you. 

Fleshlight air

Drying Machine For Fleshlights

6. Fleshlight Air 

  • Much faster than air drying
  • Works with any Fleshlight
  • Not waterproof

Some Fleshlight sleeves can take the whole day to dry. Which isn’t exactly convenient, is it. 

The Fleshlight Air cuts that drying time down to an hour, which is a lot more manageable. 

You simply put in your freshly washed Fleshlight, turn the Air on and leave it for up to an hour. 

The Air can even extend the life of your Fleshlights, since faster drying means less time for mold and bacteria to potentially grow in the material. 

You might think the bathroom is an obvious choice to keep your Air, but unfortunately, it’s not waterproof. 

That means you’ll have to keep it somewhere dry and safe, but then again it’s still more discreet than leaving your fake vagina sleeve on a drying rack somewhere in the house. 

Fleshlight Screw Dry


7. Fleshlight Screw Dry 

Coated Aluminum
  • Keeps air circulating for more efficient drying
  • Extends the life of your Fleshlight 
  • Only dries one Fleshlight at a time

You wanna keep your Fleshlights dry, but you don’t want electricity to help. 

No worries! The Screw Dry lets you put in your Fleshlight in the case standing up. This ensures a constant flow of air through the sleeve, so it doesn’t keep pockets of water anywhere. 

It’s much more efficient than leaving the sleeve on the side in the bathroom or a drying rack. 

This means you can just put it up and forget about it instead of coming back to check on the sleeve and turn it over. 

Fleshlights aren’t cheap, so it’s better to invest in a drying stand that helps it last longer than to keep buying new ones because your old ones got moldy inside a year.

Fleshlight Stand Dry


8. Fleshlight Stand Dry

Coated Aluminum
  • Keeps air circulating for more efficient drying
  • Extends the life of your Fleshlight 
  • Only dries one Fleshlight at a time

Like the Screw Dry except it holds the sleeve up alone, allowing water to drip down into the bucket. 

The Stand Dry seems to work a little bit faster than the Screw Dry, but with the downside that anyone walking past it can plainly see the pink/flesh-colored sleeve in full view. 

Fleshlight Hang Dry


9. Fleshlight Hang Dry 

Coated Aluminum
  • Keeps air circulating for more efficient drying
  • Extends the life of your Fleshlight 
  • Only dries one Fleshlight at a time

This drying stand hangs up on a hook such as a coat rack. It’s good if you have a spare hook in the bathroom since it will drip onto the floor. 

It’s good if you have your own bathroom or live with someone who doesn’t care, since anyone going in there will see your sleeve hanging there in plain view. 

Just don’t hang it up in the closet. First, your clothes will get wet and second, there’s no ventilation so it won’t dry very fast. 

What Is A Fleshlight?

Fleshlight is the original penis stroker and is practically a household name. 

Their toys consist of a rigid plastic tube that holds an inner sleeve made from SuperSkin – Fleshlight’s patented top-secret soft plastic concoction meant to simulate the feeling of a vagina. 

Most models allow you to swap out the sleeves for various experiences. And variety is what Fleshlight does best. 

Since they first launched in the early 2000s, they’ve expanded their collection to include every penis stroker you could possibly imagine, with different looks, sizes, textures, and functionality.

These days there are plenty of knock-offs – some fantastic, some downright terrible – but Fleshlight is still the original and, in my opinion, the best penis stroker manufacturer out there.

Why Would I Want A Fleshlight?

If you’ve thought that your hand is the be-all and end-all of masturbation, I’ve got great news for you. Ol’ faithful is fine, obviously, but there are some things your hand just can’t do. And wouldn’t you rather have a mind-blowing personally-tailored orgasm than a ‘fine’ orgasm? 

Sure, you can use a death grip to get the tightness you’re craving, but you’re gonna end up with a carpal tunnel one of these days. Cramping up on the brink of orgasm isn’t much fun, either. 

A Fleshlight can give you a tight grip without costing you the use of your appendages. Not only that, there’s an endless variety of titillating textures to choose from, giving you sensations your hand never could.

There are also so many visual choices. Want to fuck a pornstar pussy? Choose your favorite from the Fleshlight Girls series. Anal is more your thing? No problem, that’s on the table. Want to know what alien sex would feel like? There’s literally a whole array of fantasy Fleshlights to choose from.

A Fleshlight brings your solo-pleasure sessions to the next level. You have so much variety to choose from – tightness, texture, visual stimulus, and depth. 

Literally, anything you could want for your cock, there’s a Fleshlight for that. 

These are also great for people who experience ED or premature ejaculation. 

For ED, a Fleshlight lets you enjoy a completely low-pressure situation designed for your pleasure. You can take your time and just enjoy yourself, and it could even help you become more comfortable with sex by taking some pressure off PiV sex.

If you want to last longer, a Fleshlight can be a great way to train your stamina, and there are even models made just for that purpose. You can train yourself in a controlled environment and practice edging with all the time you need.

My Experience With Fleshlights 

Long gone are the days when men feared to order sex toys online. 

The days when you might get a box delivered to your home that says “ELASTIC FAKE VAGINA FROM FAKE VAGINA SEX TOYS INC” plastered on the label. 

No, these days things are much more sensible. When you order a Fleshlight (or several) they ship in plain cardboard boxes that don’t say what’s inside. 

And the return address just says ILF. 

And sure, anyone who recognizes that company would know you’re buying a Fleshlight. But then again, if they recognize the company that means they also buy Fleshlights, so no worries. 

Buying from Amazon or other websites might mean you get a box with Fleshlight printed on the label, so I always get them directly from Fleshlight themselves just to be safe. 

Plus, rewards program. Sign up, write reviews and buy Fleshlights from them and you can get some nice discounts on future purchases. 

Delivery normally takes about a week if you live in the US or Europe, which is decent. Or you can pay extra for express delivery if you need it in a few days. 

Pro Tip

As for returns, defects, or incorrect items, Fleshlight are pretty good for that. They’ll let you return any unopened product and if there’s something wrong with what you got their customer service department will fix the problem for you. 

So yeah Fleshlight as a company are dependable and professional. I guarantee you’ll have a better time dealing with them than your internet service provider. Although come to think of it, that’s a pretty low bar to clear… 

How Do Fleshlights Look And Feel? 

The first thing you notice when you hold a Fleshlight in your hands is the size. 

It’s 10 inches long and it’s got some heft to it. I wouldn’t call it heavy, but it feels solid and well-made. 

The outer case is a tough plastic that’s nice to touch, and the inner sleeve is made of Fleshlight’s patented Superskin soft plastic that feels amazing in your fingers. 

You wouldn’t think just touching a fake pussy would turn you on, yet there I was stroking the labia of my new sleeve and getting hard already. 

So that’s a mark of quality, surely. 

But what about using it? 

First thing’s first, gotta warm it up. I didn’t have a Sleeve Warmer at first, so I filled a bowl with warm water and let the sleeve soak for about 20 minutes. 

Pro Tip

One thing to remember about Fleshlight use: you need more lube than you think.

I always put a good dollop on myself to get an even coating, then another inside the sleeve which I spread around with my hands. 

Oh yeah, you’ll wanna keep a towel or some paper napkins handy to wipe your hands. The plastic case can get pretty slippery, which makes it harder to stroke with. 

The first time I used it I stroked using my hands and finished really fast. Which was kind of annoying in a way because I had planned out a whole hour to get to know my new toy and edge myself a bit, but oh well. 

Later I discovered the pleasure of rolling the Fleshlight in a towel and wedging it between some sofa cushions. Hands-free thrusting! Beautiful.

I really like Fleshlights because they’re always dependable. There are other, fancier toys that can give you more interesting orgasms, but they can be a hassle to use. Or their battery doesn’t last long enough. Some of them just break randomly. 

But Fleshlights? You can always count on them for a good time.

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Right Fleshlight

There are a few things to consider when you’re shopping for a new Fleshlight sleeve. Besides things like texture preferences, which are different for every guy, there are a few things you should consider before reaching for your wallet.


Are you an ass man? Prefer the vagina? Maybe you don’t like realism at all and you just want a nice nondescript hole? You can get any of those, or even one of each if you fancy. 

Fleshlight have pretty much discontinued their mouth orifice sleeves, but you can still pick one up from some third-party sellers if that’s your favorite.

Size + Discretion 

Your basic Fleshlight model is a big hunk of plastic about 10 inches long and weighs about 1.5 pounds. 

So it’s pretty big and not what you’d call easy to hide. You can just about squeeze one in your sock drawer, but you’ll only keep that a secret if you do your own laundry. 

If discretion is important to you there are other options. The Go and Flight models are smaller and thinner than regular-size, and Fleshskins is another toy with a more compact case. 

The smallest and easiest to hide Fleshlights are of course the Quickshots. They don’t offer the same range of sensations as the larger enclosed sleeves, but they feel much better than your hand, and you can hide one just about anywhere.

Things that you shouldn’t do

I said it before, but I’ll say it again because I don’t want any heartbreak here – never put your Fleshlight in the dishwasher!

Following that, don’t use scalding hot water to clean it. This will very quickly degrade the plastic and have you crying into a ruined plastic pussy. Nobody wants that. 

That goes for harsh soaps, detergents, or other cleaning products, too – using a mild sex toy cleaner is your safest bet. 

And to round out the cleaning theme – don’t use anything other than your fingers to clean your Fleshlight. That means no bottle brush, no abrasive sponge, and no steel wool, for the love of god.

Other things you want to avoid could damage either the toy or you, or both.

So you shouldn’t be sticking anything in there that isn’t your dick or your fingers. Anything else could easily cause tears or cuts to the inside of your Fleshlight, and that’s a one-way ticket to an infection and a broken pocket pussy.

Make sure you keep it away from the heat too. You might be tempted, but never – I repeat, NEVER – try to dry your Fleshlight with a hair dryer, radiator, or anything else that emits heat. Trust me, you don’t want to see your precious pussy melt all over the heating unit.

And finally, be nice to your Fleshlight. That means don’t death grip the sleeve like it’s the last orgasm you’ll ever have. 

Always use the case to keep your sleeve in good condition and if you want more tightness, just go for a tighter model. Fleshlight has thought of everything.

Fleshlight Cleaning And Maintenance

To clean your Fleshlight properly

  • Take the sleeve out of the case and rinse through with water to get rid of the lube and your… you know. 
  • Take some 70% isopropyl alcohol OR Fleshlight’s toy cleaner, and scrub gently around the inside. This will help keep it fresh and bacteria-free 
  • DO NOT USE SOAP OR PUT IT IN THE DISHWASHER. These will ruin the sleeve faster than you can say “thermoplastic elastomer” (the stuff that Fleshlights are made of). 
  • Once it’s cleaned out, put it in a well-ventilated place and leave it to air dry. Put it on one of their stands or use the Fleshlight Air for best results. 

That’s basically it. It’s not that difficult, but it is really important that you clean your Fleshlights properly every time. 

Seriously I’ve heard some guys don’t even rinse out their Fleshlights after every use. And to those people I say… DUDE. GROSS. Clean up after yourself.


Now go forth, armed with your new knowledge of everything Fleshlight, and get something that fits you like a glove.

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