The Best Penis Sleeves for 2020, *Side-by-Side Comparison Table

The Best Penis Sleeves

After more than 40 hours of research, analysing hundreds of best-selling penis sleeves, crowdsourcing enthusiast opinion and consulting with other sex toy experts, we've concluded that the best budget choice for most people is LoveHoney MegaMighty 1-3" cock sheath. It gives the desired size increase, feels realistic & is stretchy that helps with the fit. 

Vixen Colossus is the best upgrade choice for men who want help with ED (you can even go limp with it), from quality silicone material and high realism.

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Penis sleeves are amazing.

That is IF you can find the right one (size, texture, sensations) for you.

I had no clue how many different cock sleeves there were initially.

It's not only about the size increase.

There are sleeves to help you numb sensations and fix premature ejaculation…

And a penis sleeve that help with erectile dysfunction, so you can use a flaccid penis and suddenly perform with the right cock sleeve.

But if you don't do enough research, you can easily buy the wrong cock sleeve and conclude that this sh*t doesn't work…

I know, because I was there too…

I also started checking for a penis sheath, overoptimistic just to get disappointed again and again…

Penis sleeve examples

While it’s not rocket science, it’s not simple to find the right size, quality, sensations, skin-feel.

But I’ve got good news — I’ve spent around 100 hours researching, testing and collecting the data from other sex toy experts and reviewers so you wouldn’t need to. I went through 68 different sleeves to create this guide and filter the crap out.

When you’re done reading, you’ll know with crystal clear clarity which cock sheath will be the winner for you and your partner — I promise you that!

Vital: Don’t buy sexual wellness products on Amazon. You won’t get a warranty and chances are high you’ll get counterfeit product that is lower quality and from possibly toxic materials. Instead buy from original creators or from trusted sources we’ve identified.

If you just want a quick answer…here are my specific, quick recommendations on best penis sleeves.

But I really recommend you read more to understand how to pick a good cock sleeve for you:

  • Our pick: Help with ED & size — either Vixen Ride-On (for smaller guys) or Colossus (for average-size guys)
  • Budget Option: For size queens & for guys who want both length & girth while not feeling a lot — LoveHoney Mega Mighty (choose between 1–3" sizes) is my #1 beginner's budget choice cock sheath.
  • Runner Up: Looking for only girth increase and still feel sensations? — Perfect Fit Fat Boy Slim is great. (there are many size options)

Anyhoo…back to the story…

Wooden hand holding a penis like vegetable

The thought of how it would feel like to be well-hung like a pornstar has haunted me for years.

Not like I have self-esteem issues, I’m definitely on the better side of the average sporting 6" penis.

(not like I’ve measured…)

But still… curiosity remained.

I knew there were options of using a penis pump (make sure to search for the best penis pump available as there's a lot of low quality ones) in combination with a cock ring would give improved effect, but it still seemed like too much off an effort and danger (even searched for a cock extension).

Then one day I discovered the growing market of penis sleeves.

I got curious and started digging.

It turned out that penis sleeves could be put on top of your penis instantly gaining you a few inches in length (cock extension), but more importantly giving you extra girth.
I knew girthier penis would inevitably stimulate her G-spot without any special thrust or angle.

Still sounded too good to be true.

What if I feel nothing with this thing on?

What if she hates it?

What if she loves it too much?

Cock extension product

This LoveHoney Mega Mighty extender is a good quality, low-price beginner's option to test things out.

I kept digging and uncovered a whole graveyard of cock sheaths that didn’t fulfil expectations BUT…

It turned out that most men had bad experiences because they went for impulse buy and didn’t learn upfront what made good penis sleeve good…

Or they didn’t discuss it upfront with their wives (“honey, have you ever thought how would it feel to have sex with someone really well hung?”).

Cock extensions actually worked (the good ones)…

IF the expectations, communication, and measurements, and were right.

But when these three criteria were met upfront, the story was completely different.

Married couples immediately transformed their love life.

The men suddenly discovered they can last as long as they need while enjoying screaming wife underneath….

The women suddenly experienced long-forgotten orgasmic sensations they hadn’t had after the child-birth…

Size queens finally were able to invite their suddenly well-hung partner to play instead of using oversized dildos…

Screaming G-spot orgasms were achieved with little effort.

I was flabbergasted. Intrigued. Excited.

I knew finally we would be able to play the deeply-filling fantasy of me blindfolding her and giving her experience she would never forget.

Even if I was fearful that she might like the bigger me too much (potential ouch to the ego), I wanted to do whatever I could to make her happy.

To make that happen I needed to pick the RIGHT cock sleeve for us. Based on our specific needs.

Here’s what I learned:

licensed sex shop neon sign

What You Should Consider Before Buying A Penis Sleeve?

It’s interesting how each of us sees the world differently.

We see it through our lens and often there is a disconnect which leads to disappointments.

For example…

Let’s imagine the scenario:

You’re browsing around and the idea comes that you could add a new toy to the toolbox. Something to spice it up.

Vibrators…dildos…vibrating panty…nah…

Oh…what’s that?

A penis extension?

That’s interesting…

Immediately your mind flashes the images of your desired result:

  • Maybe you’re suddenly hung like a pornstar…
  • She’s moaning and orgasming like crazy…
  • You can last for ages or suddenly your ED is no issue…

You press the buy button.

You cannot wait to have this bad-boy cock extension arrive and surprise your wifey.

Everything is planned. You are going to blindfold her, excuse yourself for a minute and run to the bathroom to attach this bad-boy.

Then BAM! She loves it! You love it.

Suddenly your sex life has been rekindled.


It rarely turns out that way.

You end up with the graveyard of sex toys.

She doesn’t like it… Or you didn’t read the specifications, reviews…who is that toy best for.

Instead, your mind played a trick on you. Fooled you.

Not this time.

Here are three things you must know to get the RIGHT cock sleeve for you this time:

  • #1 — Expectations
  • #2 — Communication
  • #3 — Measurements.

Three things. No big deal. I kept it simple for you.

#1 — Expectations: What do you expect to gain from getting a penis sleeve?

The most common disappointment will happen when you expect one thing and buy a cock extension that’s meant for something else.

  • Make you feel like a fucking champ while wearing it?
  • You and your lover want you to be hung like a horse? (is she a size-queen? horse dick dildo could also be another option)
  • Don’t want anything huge, just something to spice things up a bit?
  • Do you want it to help with ED?
  • As a way to numb sensations and last longer (fix PE issues)?
  • Are you looking to increase length? girth? both? if so how much?
  • Eco-friendly alternative to the condom?
  • Is it important that it’s realistic? Skin-feel or ridiculous is good?
  • Are you smaller than average and want to get bigger? (most sleeves are made for average-size guys so you must be cautious)
  • Do you want something cheap (but not body-safe, porous…smelly, sticky) or you want a penis sheath that’s made from medical-grade silicone and lasts for a long time?

You must be clear of your goals first.

Write down what is it you’re looking for and later side-by-side comparison chart will help you to look for the right cock sheath for you.

#2 — Communication: Does she want you to suddenly gain monster-size penis?

What if you want to give her filling experience and that’s your fantasy, but…

She’s not on board?

If that’s the case. You just threw money in the garbage.

One thing is if you know for a fact that she’s a size queen who likes bigger toys.

Maybe you found her secret toy drawer with bigger toys? Then it’s cool.

But what if she’s tight already and just the sight of gigantic cock instills fear in her?

“That’s not gonna happen.”

If unsure, better talk to her and avoid wasted time and money.

#3 — Measurements: Make sure the sleeve fits your penis.

This requires a correct measurement of your erect penis and then fitting it with the right cock sheath.

There are some sleeves that are “one size fits all” and you can trim it to fit your penis.

But if you’re smaller than average be careful about girth.

If you’re larger than average count on the fact that some cock sleeves will be too small for you.

If you’re average size — 4.5"-7" then you are in luck. You’ll have the biggest leeway and most choices.

There is no simple answer to this.

You gotta measure and know the size you’re targeting, and you gotta check the videos to see how the sleeve looks and feels like.

The best way to measure your penis is by:

  • length — measure it with a ruler from the FRONT, pubic bone to the tip of the penis.
  • girth — get a flexible tape measure and wrap it around the shaft where its the biggest (closer to balls)

For more detailed instructions, check this penis guide…where I discuss average penis sizes and how to properly measure one.

A Side-by-Side Penis Sleeve Comparison Chart:

Few notes before you check it.

The best penis sleeve comparison chart

These are the most popular and highest-rated penis sleeves in the market for different purposes, prices and quality.

Pay special attention to sleeve length and girth.

Most sleeves are made to increase girth, not so much length and are made usually for AVERAGE size guys.

Be very careful with girth because it may be too much for her.

The next important piece is the quality and material.

I added stars to indicate quality and potential longevity of the toy.

Most cheaper cock sleeves like Pipedream Fantasy X-Tensions and LoveHoney Mega Mighty are made from TPR, TPE and silicone combinations which make them porous.

Porous material means that over time toy will gather potentially dangerous bacteria.

An easy rule to remember:

If you see anything that smells bad, is sticky or over time you notice black dots on the toy…don’t use it! (Or simply don’t buy anything that’s not from silicone).

For example with X-tensions if you want to be safe you should only use it with a non-latex condom.

Only Vixen Creations and Traz are made 100% from silicone. (but there is also a cheap Lovehoney MegaMighty alternative made from silicone).

Also this is the reason, why it's not advised to buy from Amazon (especially if you want to buy something branded). There are lots of fakes there and you cannot even know what materials those sleeves are made from and you might not even get the real thing from there (+ no warranty).

That's why I recommend Lovehoney that has a 30-day return policy (very important), great support and very fast shipping.

Finally, check if the sleeve will fulfill your expectations.

  • Xtensions and LoveHoney MegaMighty are both for both length and girth (+ cheaper price).
  • Traz Rhino and Perfect Fit Fat Boy are only for girth and not so much for length increase.
  • Only VixenCreations are good for ED and smaller penises so you don't even need to have hard penis to wear it(Colossus for average penis owners)
  • If you want extra sensations for a man then only PerfectFit Fatboy and Traz will have them — everything else will numb penis sensations.

Okay, now you can inspect the chart closer:

What Are The Best Penis Sleeves Out There?

The best penis sleeve comparison chart

Check the original spreadsheet here.

Okay, here are my specific, quick recommendations:

  • Help with ED & size — either Vixen Ride-On (for smaller guys) or Colossus (for average guys — 90%)
  • For size queens & for guys who want both length & girth while not feeling a lot —LoveHoney Mega Mighty (choose between 1–3" sizes) is my #1 choice.
  • Looking for only girth increase and a lower price? — Perfect Fit Fat Boy Slim is great.

Now let’s dive in deeper in each.

Devil is in the details:

#1 — For Who Vixen Creations Ride-On, Holster & Colossus Cock Sleeves Are Best For? ( Our Pick)

Vixen creations penis sheath

While Colossus is the most popular option between monster cock seekers Vixen Creations actually is great for guys with ED challenges and smaller penises.

If you as a guy don’t want extra sensations, want to last long and give the size she wants this is a good option.

Just keep in mind that because of the strap you cannot trim this model. Either you get the size right or it’s not gonna fit.

Vixen models aren’t too stretchy, the tip is harder because they need to work without erect penis presence.

Here's LoveHoney's preview video of Colossus sleeve so you get a better idea:

How to choose between sizes?:

  • Between average size guys, Colossus is the best option.
  • Between smaller than average guys (till 4") Ride-On is very popular.
  • Holster version is in the middle for 4.5" size and thicker penis sheath seekers.
Vixen creations cock sheath

Vixen also has a great suction type vacuum mechanism that will suck the flaccid or erect penis for a tight hold.

The only downside is that the strap around balls is quite tight and uncomfortable.

Make sure you get the size right….!

#2 —Budget Choice: For Whom LoveHoney MegaMighty 1–3" Penis Sheath is For?

LoveHoney MegaMighty 1–3 Penis Sheath

Shortly after finishing the article I discovered this highly-loved penis extender by LoveHoney.

It’s not 100% silicone, but it doesn’t contain phalates, doesn’t have weird smell (as most Xtensions have) and is highly recommended across a wide spectrum of users and experts as the first budget penis sleeve.

$30–40 range is pretty good.

LoveHoney MegaMighty 1–3" Penis Sheath Specs

Learn more here on LoveHoney.

Weirdly, most people choose and like this instead of silicone version.

It’s made from RUBBER, which is porous and can have reactions.

I would recommend to use this only to test the waters and then if you like it invest in quality, body-safe silicone item that will last you for years.

You’ll discover that Mega Mighty has the perfect balance of being solid enough, yet not too jiggly.

The tip of head is firm enough, but not too stiff.

Here's how the penis sleeve looks like in real life:

Note: Make sure you watch the two videos under the product to learn how to properly wear this sleeve.

Be warned that this thing is gigantic — don’t buy it if your wife is not a size queen!

#3 — For Who Perfect Fit Fat Boy Thin Sleeves Are Best For?

Perfect Fit Fat Boy Thin Penis Sleeves

Fat Boy sleeves are meant to increase the girth to the penis, not length.

They feel like a thick condom, but there are inner knubs that will provide extra sensations for a man.

You can choose between clear and black colors.

Perfect Fit Fat Boy Cock Sheath

Check the video to see how Perfect Fit Fat Boy Thin looks & feels like(it’s in German, so don’t use audio):

Just know that Thin Clear model is the most popular cock sleeve, but if you want different sizes Perfect Fit has 3 other models available (just type “Perfect Fit in search bar”).

Don’t buy this if you’re looking to increase length.

Here’s English video, but it’s a promo video made by brand and covers their bigger fat boy member:

#4 — For Who Traz Rhino Sleek, Genesis & Stampede Sleeves Are Best For?

Traz Rhino Cock Sleeve Models

Traz Rhino creates a high quality penis sleeves and is the best choice for guys who are average size and WHO KNOW that their wifey is a size queen.

Watch this to see how Rhino models look and how to use them:

Also, note that Traz penis sleeve is specifically designed to also give pleasurable sensations for a guy.

Note that with the sleeve on pleasure comes from inner sleeve ridges, not her vagina.

Sleeves come in 4 colours: vanilla, cinnamon tan, chocolate or purple.

Traz Rhino cock sleeve specs

Here’s how different Rhino models compare:

Final verdict.

It’s a great model, but it costs around $70, which might be too much if you’re not sure you’ll enjoy added size.


  • Don’t buy this if you’re smaller or larger than average (4.5" to 7").
  • Don’t buy this if you’re not sure if your wifey would like such big upgrade (talk to her first) and consider Sleek version first.
  • If this is your first penis sleeve purchase, try cheaper sleeve to test the waters both for yourself and your loved ones sake.

Ninja Tips On How To Best Use Penis Sleeves

penis sleeve ninja tips

Be prepared that it will take some time to get a hang of this.

If you want the penis sheath to feel great, put it in warm water a few minutes before using.

When putting on the sleeve just put a little drop of water-based lube (Sliquid Sassy is the most loved and recommended lube period) on the tip of the penis.

This will allow for the sleeve to slide on and create a vacuum lock.

Use too much lube and it will keep sliding off. Same applies for the balls (in case you get sleeve with strap). Be mindful of lube and try to use as little as possible when putting it on.

When it’s on, however, it’s a completely different game.

You’ll need lots of lube to ensure it’s pleasurable for her.

If you’ve bought really stretching gigantic size sleeve, then you will need to make sure she’s really aroused…and that you take it very slowly.

But if she’s size queen I’m sure she’ll let you know if something is up 😉

Do it right and she’ll orgasm faster than Usain Bolt running down the hill 😉

group of people jumping for joy

What Other People Say About Cock Sleeves?: Real Stories & Reviews


Now let’s add some perspective on what other people (men and women) experiences with a cock sleeve have been.

“There’s fat boy sport, which gets some great reviews by people.

(at least, by people who can read- it’s amazing how many people buy something that has accurate measurements listed, and then give a low rating because “I didn’t think it would be so big”).”

Source: comach2

front of old airplane representing penis sheath

“The Best Penis Sleeves In My Experience…”

“Traz Rhino: Huge.

Made of silicone. Stays on very well due to the suction.

Cons: Can tug on the vaginal walls or be too hard.

A sleek version is available if you don’t want the girth!

Vixskin Colossus’/Ride on: The best extensions. Maybe at your length, you might find the end to be empty. If that happens, you can use a small rubber ball or something, to fill that space. Cons: Expensive.

Fat Boy: Very stretchy. It adds girth and length, but its feel may not be as good. Could make you too big as well. But it has nice pleasure nubs on the inside.

If you want to avoid the rubbery feeling you may use a condom over it (for the receiver) It, however, works well as a masturbation sleeve.

Source: portmantoux

“How Penis Sleeve Feels?”

“Suction, a little sliding (I’m uncut) and pressure, and glans rubbing on the end.

Plus, the fact that it’s a major turn on and her vagina contracting on the dick (which gets transferred).”

Source: portmantoux

#2 — “What are women’s experience with cock sleeves?”

women's experience with cock sheath

“Can be fun to change shape and size”

It feels almost like you’re with someone else, or like your partner is more easily controlling some kind of dildo.

I used them with my partner during a threesome where we pretended he was being fucked by more guys and the extenders made things feel different enough that it subconsciously convinced him he was bottoming for a lot of guys.

At least, it produced the desired effect.

But I think the sleeves are mostly unnecessary.

And especially so if a guy wanted to use it because he’s not secure in his size.”

Source: mareenah

“So it’s a thing that makes a man’s penis bigger?”

“That doesn’t sound fun.

Honestly, I often wish guys were a bit smaller (and almost always shorter), and I’ve never had a time where I wished he was bigger.

Guys often seem super self-conscious about their dick size, but seriously don’t worry about it.”

Source: accidentw8ing2happen


“And I’ll happily repeat this here: For most women, penis size doesn’t matter unless it’s an extreme.

And even at that, a majority of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

Penis in the vagina is not what gets s majority of women climax no matter the size of the dick.”

Source: Svataben

#3 — “Ladies, what would you think if your partner brought up maybe using a penis sleeve while having sex?”

couple discussing the use of a penis sleeve

“I think something like this wouldn’t be for just a one night stand. “

“I understand size is a big issue for guys, but not for all women.

Only if the guy was in a long term relationship and they felt that their sex life was suffering because of his size and they wanted to make it work, it could be a great tool to save someone’s sex life, but don’t just whip it out on the first time!”

Source: shonabee

“I’d find it weird and would need some real discussion on what’s in it for him as I don’t understand the appeal.”

Source: metathinking

“I and my wife are completely happy with my size.

But we have a sleeve that we use on occasion because it’s fun.”

“I thought it was going to be a textured thing for his pleasure.

Currently, I am worried about fitting him in as it is (haven’t tried yet), don’t need it bigger.

But I am game to try it out if he wants to down the road.”

Source: capughe

beach to portray cock sleeve thoughts

Bringing It All Together — Penis Sheath Conclusion

That’s it, folks!

I hope I succeeded simplifying the complicated world of penis sleeves… 😉

It does get a bit complicated, and if you feel still confused, just email me dainis at sexualalpha dot com or comment below and I’ll be happy to help.

Just let me know your needs and the member specs.

  • I’m currently looking for a textured sleeve for my 14″ dildo but so far no luck as most of them are too small to cover length and would start to slide off very quickly. Do you have any recommendation.
    Ps. I’ve stumbled upon this video from this cam model KarlaKole with an interesting looking sleeve, just wondering if you know what it’s called

    • Why are you looking for sleeve? I would instead go simply for a huge dildo like – Mr. Hankey Toys has incredible size and shape dildos.

      • I’m not particularly looking for an increase in size but rather adding texture to the existing one as it is compatible for my sex machine

  • You know what is funny. The Opinions MOST VALUABLE are from people that actually used one during sex and can report their experience and how their GF/ or BF liked it or not.

    Not those who are guessing (unknowingly what they believe). Some are more uptight but usually those who guys who can communicate the REASON is they want to SPICE things up and that while they are confident (women WANT A confident man) they are convinced from many reviews that some people are quite surprised how much closer and mind blowing these toys can make an intimate encounter so much more enjoyable….and if a women is orgasm’ing multiple times in a intimate enjoyable encounter she will adjust her opinion. PERIOD.

    Countless reviews on Amazon sight a male giving a review and at first the “female partner” says no way that is not gonna fit…Then usually after plenty of foreplay and a glass of wine they decide to “try it”. More time than not it’s MIND BLOWING for the women! They start to realize that while intimacy is soooo important to them if they can combine great chemistry , intimacy and this filling size that they are quite surprised how hard they orgasm and how more girth feels better (up to a point) and length to a degree (especially in certain positions) .

    These ideas are especially valuable for people who want to spice things up and have been together a while or for some AFTER childbirth. The simple fact is for many couples when their is intimacy and well lubricated foreplay the added size is a GAME CHANGER that leads to mind blowing multiple orgasms for women. Its probably a better idea if the guy suggests this but if the women does and the guy has a fantasy of seeing his girl pleasured by a larger penis (many men in longer term relationships Do! as they crave some different excitement and if another women isn’t a option…. women would be surprised how often a man wonders if wearing a larger penis can be fun and rewarding idea for both!

    • Totally agree, Christian. Yeah… many reviews of either guys not using or stories how women get afraid to even attempt it. Sure, it’s also not just about the toy – a nice warmup and high arousal is a must to have a great experience.

      But then again, this is a must with every sexual encounter.

      Thank you for sharing your advice, Christian.

    • Jay, Vixen Collossus, Holster and Ride-on are made for exactly that reason. They suck the flaccid penis in nicely and are rigid enough to keep the shape.

      Read more on that section for more detail.

  • My partners penis is about 3.5 inches in length fully erect and the girth is 1inch.
    Which sleeve would you suggest as I am pretty confused?

    • Tina, what improvement are you looking for? Bigger girth, bigger length? Both? How much?

      Yours is tougher case as most penis sleeves are made for 5-6″ length (average penis size).

      You need to look then at the sleeves that you can adjust the length on – like Traz Rhino, or Xtensions options.

      I would love to recommend Vixen Creations, but they are still quite long and girthier. They are meant to be used even with flaccid penis so they might work, but also might fall short, and your partner would feel very little.

      With Traz you can adjust the length – Traz Rhino Sleek would work (the girth especiallly) and he would still have sensations inside.

      Hope that helps a bit with thinking process, Tina.

  • Hello Dainis,
    At first I wanna thank you for doing what you do, you make things so much more easy for me! You explain everything very wel and i’ll bet you wil save me a very lot of money i the futures! Especially because i like exploring and always aspire the best for myself and my wife.
    And that’s also the reason for my next question and i hope you can help me with that either. Do you already tested / or know something more about the new version of the Vixen vixskin colossus, called the Colossus X?
    And if you do, do you recommend it?

    Greetings Roy

    • hey Roy, it came out only 10 days ago – no haven’t tested it, just saw the video on Twitter about it.

      Based on what they say themselves ” Colossus X is more flexible, plush and soft. A variation from the Vixskin Colossus which is more firm and structured.”

      My guess it won’t work as well for people who use it to help with ED, but for actual sex and being suddenly hung like horse…it looks incredibly exciting. Vixen is known by their unique, super realistic Vixskin material, seems like they applied it to penis sleeve 🙂

      I would be extra careful about the size though, it will be less forgiving if you get it wrong since it’s a lot softer.

      Not much else I can advice for now unfortunately, Roy.

      • Okay thank you very much for answer! I am 6 inch in erection and i have no ED, perfect Size for the original Colossus. But the problem of the original is that i think its a bit to girthy for my girlfriend. And i have to much length for the “holster” and the
        ” ride on ” But i Just realy want tot try something of Vixen Just because of their realism. So i was hoping that because of the X version isn’t ment to be for people with ED, and because its of IT made of other materials it is a little bit less girthy. More like the lovehoney mega mighty type of girth. But didn’t know that the X version was that new. 10 days is a very very short time. So i just have to be more patiënt. And the time Will give me answers.

    • you need to reach out to individual sex store for shipping. As for the size – check the spreadsheet (average penis size is 5″-6″)

    • If you have troubles with erection Joshua – Vixen Collossus is best for that (can have sex while flaccid).

      But sounds to me that you need something else – I would recommend cock ring + penis pump combination if you want to get good erection. Pump with penis pump first getting good erection, then put cock ring to trap the blood. Will be able to have good sex for 20 mins (dont leave cock ring any longer for safety).

      We have guides for both. Just use search feature in top right corner. Hope it helps, Joshua.

  • None of these sleeves mentioned in the reviews compare to the the quality and life like feeling of the Lebrawn penis sleeve…your review lacks research.

    • Shane, Lebrawn sexflesh is made from terrible material, which is why it’s not included here. Same as Cyberskin Tommy Gunn. It’s intentional.

      The only exception we made on non-body safe material is Xtensions. All the other selections are body-safe and 100% cleanable silicone materials.

      Hope that explains why you don’t see some of the popular models sold on Amazon, Adam & Eve, Lovehoney. We cannot in good consciousness recommend many of those choices since we know some may have reactions, rashes, infections over time from them.

  • Hey Dainis,

    I have a curve to the left in my penis and am normal girth and about 6.5 inches…what would be the best fit for me with the curve… probably needs a little flexibility

  • >