10 Best Penis Sleeves In 2020 To Get Well-Hung Overnight

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Finding the best penis sleeve heavily depends on preparation & knowing the outcome of your desire upfront. It works if you do the work.

best penis sleeve cover

If you want to learn about the most realistic, biggest, or cheapest cock sleeves in the market… then you’ll LOVE this (updated) guide.

I spent over 40 hours researching & testing different sleeves. During the process, I analyzed close to one hundred best-selling cock sleeves.

There are tons of choices, but to navigate the minefield properly you first need to think whether you want the sleeve to help:

  • with ED,
  • to increase the size (length, girth, or both),
  • or decrease sensations to be able to last longer.

Let’s jump in:

The Best Penis Sleeves Available Today (Comparison Chart)

Vixen ColossusMega Mighty 1″ to 3″Perfect Fit Fat Boy
Best For:Most RealisticLarge Budget ChoiceAdding Girth
Sleeve’s Girth2.25″1.5″1.25″
Insertable Length6.75″5.5″6.5″
MaterialSiliconeSoft PlasticSilicone + TPR
FeelRealisticFlexibleStretch, Realistic

Here is a snapshot of the best sleeves:

vixen colossus penis sleeve different models

1. Vixen Colossus ⭐

The most realistic & highest quality penis sleeve

Material: Silicone | Length: 10” (inches) | Insertable length: 6.75″ | Girth: 2.25″ | Feel: Realistic | Size Options: 3 (girth and length)

  • Made from soft, high-quality silicone
  • Hard tip helps to use even when flaccid
  • Handy color and size choices for a perfect fit

  • Not cheap
  • No internal sensations for men

Vixen Colossus is the most popular option between monster cock seekers.

It is great for guys with ED challenges, smaller penises, and if you like realism and veins.

If you don’t want extra sensations, want to last long, and give the size girlfriend wants this is an excellent solution to the problem.

Just keep in mind that because of the ball strap, you cannot trim this toy. Either you get the size right, or it’s not going to fit. Vixen models aren’t too stretchy.

Here’s a video to get a better idea, but if you’re considering this model read our standalone review (link below).

Check The Standalone Vixen Colossus Review Here

lovehoney mega mighty large penis sleeve

2. Lovehoney mega Mighty 1-3″

The best budget large penis sleeve

Material: Soft Plastic | Length: 8.5” (inches) | Insertable length: 5.5″ | Girth: 1.5″ | Feel: Realistic, Flexible | Size Options: 3 (size and color)

  • Great value for the price
  • Big increased size
  • A perfect balance of firmness and softness
  • Reduces feelings for men
  • Challenging to put on

While Mega Mighty is not 100% silicone, it doesn’t contain phthalates. It also doesn’t have a weird smell.

A broad spectrum of users and experts recommend it as the first budget penis sleeve. The $30–40 range is pretty good.

Use this only to test the waters. If you like the penis sleeve idea, invest in quality, body-safe silicone items that will last you for years.

You’ll discover that Mega Mighty has the perfect balance of stability, yet not too jiggly.

The tip of the head is firm, but not too stiff.

Here’s how the penis sleeve looks like in real life:

perfect fit fat boy penis sleeve

3. Perfect Fit Fat Boy

The Most Realistic Penis Girth Sleeve

Material: Silicone + TPR | Length: 5.5” – 7.5″ (inches) | Insertable length: Stretchy | Girth: 2.25″ | Feel: Life-Like, Skin feel | Size Options: 10 length, girth and texture choices

  • Stretchy, will fit any size
  • Many size, texture & girth choices
  • Durable and realistic feel
  • Doesn’t increase the length
  • Cannot use when flaccid

Fat Boy sleeves increase the girth to the penis, not length.

They feel like a thick condom, but inner knubs will provide extra sensations for a man.

You can choose between clear and black colors. Don’t buy this if you’re looking to increase length. Some like to use this as a reusable condom. Different Perfect Fit sleeves add various sensations to him and her thanks to the texture.

4. Lovehoney Vibro 3″

The Best Vibrating Penis Sleeve

Material: Soft Plastic | Length: 8” (inches) | Insertable length: 5″ | Girth: 1.5″ | Feel: Soft, Flexible | Size Options: 1 (but two colors)

This is a modification of Mega Mighty and comes with an added 7 function bullet vibrator that will add extra fun. The ball loop keeps the sleeve firmly in place.

There are extra ridges on top of the sleeve to add clitoral stimulation. It’s a good budget choice, but it’s not going to last long due to the material.

5. Pipedreams Fantasy X-tensions Deluxe

fantasy xtension penis sleeve

A Vibrating Penis Sleeve To Help Last Longer

Material: Silicone | Length: 4.75” (inches) | Insertable length: 4.75″ | Girth: 1.3″ | Feel: Realistic | Size Options: 3 (girth and length)

This variation of cock ring and penis sleeve enhances erections and has a vibrating bullet and clit ticker for her pleasure.

This sleeve wins in looks and adds a bit of texture during the intercourse. You can also use a bullet vibe separately.

6. Mega Mighty Enhancement Kit (6 pieces)

Most Versatile Penis Sleeve Kit

Material: Soft Plastic | Add: 2″ or 3″ extra inches | Girth: 2.0″ | Feel: Realistic | Size Options: 6 piece kit, various sizes

penis sleeve kit

What if you find it challenging to decide between different sizes, vibrating options, or not.. whether you want girth or length increase sleeve?

Don’t choose! Have it all! In this kit you’ll have:

  • 2″ increase in length sleeve
  • 3″ increase in length sleeve
  • girth penis sleeve
  • adjustable cock ring
  • and vibrating penis sleeve with a removable bullet to use elsewhere

It’s an excellent value for a kit, and you don’t need to worry about not getting the measurements right and can adjust things to your liking.

7. 1″ Silicone Clear Penis Extender

A Budget Body-Safe Silicone Penis Sleeve

Material: Silicone | Length: 5.5” (inches) | Insertable length: 5.5″ | Girth: 1.25″ | Feel: Flexible | Size Options: 1 (but has 2 color choices)

silicone penis sleeve

This is one size, one extra inch adding silicone penis sleeve for a great price ($20-30 range). It will fit great if you’ve average size penis and the stretchy nature of it helps with a snug fit.

There is also a defined head and realistic veins that only add to the experience and lifelike feel.

8. Traz Rhino

For Size Increase & Extra Sensations

Material: Silicone | Length: 8” (inches) | Insertable length: 4.5″ – 7″ | Girth: 1.75 – 2″ | Feel: Soft, Non-Realistic | Size Options: 4 (girth and length)

Traz Rhino creates high-quality penis sleeves. It is the best choice for guys who are average-sized, and WHO KNOW that their wifey is a size queen.

Note that Traz penis sleeve also gives pleasurable sensations for a guy.

With the sleeve on, pleasure comes from inner sleeve ridges, not her vagina.

Sleeves come in 4 colors: vanilla, cinnamon tan, chocolate or purple.

Check The Standalone Traz Rhino Review Here

9. RX Sleeve

Custom Made ED Penis Sleeve

Material: Silicone | Length: 6.5″ – 8.6” (inches) | Insertable length: 3.5″ – 6″ | Girth: 2.25″ | Feel: Realistic | Size Options: Many (Custom Made)

rx sleeve demonstration

RX sleeve offers custom made penis sleeves that help with ED and offers many sizes.

However, it’s pricey. Expect to say goodbye to approx $400.

It does feel realistic, has an adjustable waist, and is the only FDA approved penis extender company.

Check The Standalone RX Sleeve Review Here

10. Bad Dragon Flint Sheath

Fantasy Wearable Penis Extension

Material: Silicone | Insertable length: 5″ | Girth: 2.2″ | Feel: Soft, Realistic | Size Options: 3 (girth and length)

If you like something not realistic and all, yet body-safe, Bad Dragon company make fun fantasy wearable sleeves.

Keep in mind that you need a hard penis to use them and fit only average to big penis owners.

Check The Standalone Bad Dragon Sheath Review Here

How To Choose The Best Penis Sleeve For You?

First of all, it helps to think of a penis sleeve is a sex toy that enhances your sex life or confidence.

There are many reasons to use a penis sleeve and learn more about what it is & how to use it to read our standalone guide.

But when deciding between one or another, you need to consider the size, sensations that you get, and whether you want it to help with ED.

Here are different reasons why people buy cock sleeves:

  • Do you want to feel like a fucking champ while wearing it?
  • You and your lover want you to be the size of a horse? (is she a size-queen?)
  • Don’t want anything huge, just something to spice things up a bit?
  • Do you want it to help with ED?
  • As a way to numb sensations and last longer (fix PE issues)?
  • Are you looking to increase length? Girth? Both? If so, how much?
  • Eco-friendly alternative to the condom?
  • Is it essential that it’s realistic? Skin-feel or ridiculous is good?
  • Are you smaller than average and want to get bigger? (most sleeves tailor to average-size guys, so you must be cautious)
  • Do you want something cheap (but not body-safe, porous, smelly, sticky)? Or you want a penis sheath that’s made from medical-grade silicone and lasts for a long time?
  • Is it okay if there’s a ball loop for attachment? Do you want a bullet vibrator with a sex toy too?

Some sleeves like Fit Fat Boy are like thick condoms giving increased girth, decreasing sensations, but still giving you some.

For example, if you want penis sleeve to help with ED, you won’t feel a lot since the sleeve needs to be hard enough to be used without any erection.

Then it’s essential to communicate with your partner.

Does She Want You To Suddenly Gain Monster-Size Penis?

If she’s not on board, you just threw your money in the garbage.

One thing is if you know for a fact that she’s a size queen who likes more giant toys.

Maybe you found her secret toy drawer with bigger toys? Then it’s cool.

But what if she’s tight already and the look of gigantic cock instills fear in her?

“Baby, that’s not gonna happen.”

If unsure, better talk to her and avoid wasted time and money.

What Type Of Penis Sleeves are There?

Firstly, penis sleeves come in many different materials.

Most cheaper cock sleeves like Pipedream and Mega Mighty are not body-safe. They use TPR, TPE, and silicone combinations, making them porous (not an excellent long-term option).

The longest-lasting and non-porous best material for sleeves is silicone.

So while you can buy a cheaper sleeve to test waters, you should invest in a quality silicone penis sleeve if you like the play.

different types of penis sleeves

Then when choosing penis sleeves, you’ll notice these kinds of different designs:

  • sleeve with a ball strap – it’s a closed-ended sleeve that you strap around your balls to keep it around securely.
  • penis sleeve with suction type mechanism – straps are annoying, and suction is a good alternative. It’s harder to apply it correctly though.
  • added vibrations – on top of the sleeve, there is an added bullet vibrator that can stimulate her clit and add extra sensations
  • hollow strap-on dildos – these are hollow penis sleeves that use a harness to keep it secured. If you’re interested in those we have a hollow strap-on dildo guide.

Choosing The Right Size (Length & Girth)

Make Sure The Sleeve Fits Your Penis. Fail to do this, and you won’t have an enjoyable experience.

Pay special attention to sleeve length and girth.

Most penis enhancers are made to increase girth, not so much length, and are made usually for AVERAGE size guys. Be careful with circumference because it may be too much for her.

This requires a correct measurement of your erect penis length. Later you can fit it with the right cock sheath.

Some sleeves are “one size fits all,” and you can trim it to fit your penis. Pop the ball loop, and you’re good to go.

But if you’re smaller than average, be careful about extra girth.

If you’re larger than average count, on the fact that some cock sleeves will be too small for you.

If you’re average penis size — 4.5″-7″ then you are in luck. You’ll have immense leeway and most choices.

If you’re not average, make sure you carefully analyze sleeve girth, length, internal sizes, and compare yourself.

When you’re done with technical stuff and already ordered your top choice, that’s when the fun stuff starts.

Keep this guide handy where we explain step-by-step how to use a penis sleeve & get the most out of it.

If you still have some questions, please ask below I’m happy to help!

  • I’m currently looking for a textured sleeve for my 14″ dildo but so far no luck as most of them are too small to cover length and would start to slide off very quickly. Do you have any recommendation.
    Ps. I’ve stumbled upon this video from this cam model KarlaKole with an interesting looking sleeve, just wondering if you know what it’s called

    • Why are you looking for sleeve? I would instead go simply for a huge dildo like – Mr. Hankey Toys has incredible size and shape dildos.

      • I’m not particularly looking for an increase in size but rather adding texture to the existing one as it is compatible for my sex machine

  • You know what is funny. The Opinions MOST VALUABLE are from people that actually used one during sex and can report their experience and how their GF/ or BF liked it or not.

    Not those who are guessing (unknowingly what they believe). Some are more uptight but usually those who guys who can communicate the REASON is they want to SPICE things up and that while they are confident (women WANT A confident man) they are convinced from many reviews that some people are quite surprised how much closer and mind blowing these toys can make an intimate encounter so much more enjoyable….and if a women is orgasm’ing multiple times in a intimate enjoyable encounter she will adjust her opinion. PERIOD.

    Countless reviews on Amazon sight a male giving a review and at first the “female partner” says no way that is not gonna fit…Then usually after plenty of foreplay and a glass of wine they decide to “try it”. More time than not it’s MIND BLOWING for the women! They start to realize that while intimacy is soooo important to them if they can combine great chemistry , intimacy and this filling size that they are quite surprised how hard they orgasm and how more girth feels better (up to a point) and length to a degree (especially in certain positions) .

    These ideas are especially valuable for people who want to spice things up and have been together a while or for some AFTER childbirth. The simple fact is for many couples when their is intimacy and well lubricated foreplay the added size is a GAME CHANGER that leads to mind blowing multiple orgasms for women. Its probably a better idea if the guy suggests this but if the women does and the guy has a fantasy of seeing his girl pleasured by a larger penis (many men in longer term relationships Do! as they crave some different excitement and if another women isn’t a option…. women would be surprised how often a man wonders if wearing a larger penis can be fun and rewarding idea for both!

    • Totally agree, Christian. Yeah… many reviews of either guys not using or stories how women get afraid to even attempt it. Sure, it’s also not just about the toy – a nice warmup and high arousal is a must to have a great experience.

      But then again, this is a must with every sexual encounter.

      Thank you for sharing your advice, Christian.

    • You nailed it! I bought our first extension sleeve 5 months ago (married 6 1/2 years with 3 kids between us) they are so much fun. I started with a 2″ extension. Now we have 7 different extensions and open ended sleeves (3 from Bad Dragon) our biggest is the mega 3″ extension and it is awesome! My wife took a little while to warm up to them all, but she loves pleasing me and now is enjoying them just as much as I am.

    • Jay, Vixen Collossus, Holster and Ride-on are made for exactly that reason. They suck the flaccid penis in nicely and are rigid enough to keep the shape.

      Read more on that section for more detail.

  • My partners penis is about 3.5 inches in length fully erect and the girth is 1inch.
    Which sleeve would you suggest as I am pretty confused?

    • Tina, what improvement are you looking for? Bigger girth, bigger length? Both? How much?

      Yours is tougher case as most penis sleeves are made for 5-6″ length (average penis size).

      You need to look then at the sleeves that you can adjust the length on – like Traz Rhino, or Xtensions options.

      I would love to recommend Vixen Creations, but they are still quite long and girthier. They are meant to be used even with flaccid penis so they might work, but also might fall short, and your partner would feel very little.

      With Traz you can adjust the length – Traz Rhino Sleek would work (the girth especiallly) and he would still have sensations inside.

      Hope that helps a bit with thinking process, Tina.

  • Hello Dainis,
    At first I wanna thank you for doing what you do, you make things so much more easy for me! You explain everything very wel and i’ll bet you wil save me a very lot of money i the futures! Especially because i like exploring and always aspire the best for myself and my wife.
    And that’s also the reason for my next question and i hope you can help me with that either. Do you already tested / or know something more about the new version of the Vixen vixskin colossus, called the Colossus X?
    And if you do, do you recommend it?

    Greetings Roy

    • hey Roy, it came out only 10 days ago – no haven’t tested it, just saw the video on Twitter about it.

      Based on what they say themselves ” Colossus X is more flexible, plush and soft. A variation from the Vixskin Colossus which is more firm and structured.”

      My guess it won’t work as well for people who use it to help with ED, but for actual sex and being suddenly hung like horse…it looks incredibly exciting. Vixen is known by their unique, super realistic Vixskin material, seems like they applied it to penis sleeve 🙂

      I would be extra careful about the size though, it will be less forgiving if you get it wrong since it’s a lot softer.

      Not much else I can advice for now unfortunately, Roy.

      • Okay thank you very much for answer! I am 6 inch in erection and i have no ED, perfect Size for the original Colossus. But the problem of the original is that i think its a bit to girthy for my girlfriend. And i have to much length for the “holster” and the
        ” ride on ” But i Just realy want tot try something of Vixen Just because of their realism. So i was hoping that because of the X version isn’t ment to be for people with ED, and because its of IT made of other materials it is a little bit less girthy. More like the lovehoney mega mighty type of girth. But didn’t know that the X version was that new. 10 days is a very very short time. So i just have to be more patiënt. And the time Will give me answers.

    • you need to reach out to individual sex store for shipping. As for the size – check the spreadsheet (average penis size is 5″-6″)

    • If you have troubles with erection Joshua – Vixen Collossus is best for that (can have sex while flaccid).

      But sounds to me that you need something else – I would recommend cock ring + penis pump combination if you want to get good erection. Pump with penis pump first getting good erection, then put cock ring to trap the blood. Will be able to have good sex for 20 mins (dont leave cock ring any longer for safety).

      We have guides for both. Just use search feature in top right corner. Hope it helps, Joshua.

  • None of these sleeves mentioned in the reviews compare to the the quality and life like feeling of the Lebrawn penis sleeve…your review lacks research.

    • Shane, Lebrawn sexflesh is made from terrible material, which is why it’s not included here. Same as Cyberskin Tommy Gunn. It’s intentional.

      The only exception we made on non-body safe material is Xtensions. All the other selections are body-safe and 100% cleanable silicone materials.

      Hope that explains why you don’t see some of the popular models sold on Amazon, Adam & Eve, Lovehoney. We cannot in good consciousness recommend many of those choices since we know some may have reactions, rashes, infections over time from them.

  • Hey Dainis,

    I have a curve to the left in my penis and am normal girth and about 6.5 inches…what would be the best fit for me with the curve… probably needs a little flexibility

      • I went for the LoveHoney Mega Mighty 3 inch and it almost worked, no problems with my curve, but lots of trouble get my balls thru the holder…I never did get that right…any tips ? what about suggestions for ones without the ball strangling strap ?

  • >