19 of my Top Best Penis Sleeve Picks to Boost your Size!

Skipping a penis sleeve because you don’t have erectile dysfunction? You’re missing out.

While they’re great for this purpose, penis sleeves aren’t just for that. You can also use them to enhance girth and length, add an exciting new texture, and boost the overall sexual experience for you and your partner.

In this guide, we’ll help you choose the right size, texture, and features so you find the best penis sleeve that’s not just physically satisfying but also boosts your overall sexual experience.

What To Look For In Penis Sleeves

  • Purpose: Are you looking for something to help with erectile dysfunction, to add girth or length, or to provide a new sensation? Your purpose will guide your choice.
  • Size and Fit: A penis sleeve that’s too tight can be uncomfortable, while one that’s too loose won’t serve its purpose. Measure yourself accurately and check the product dimensions to ensure a good fit.
  • Material Quality: Look for penis sleeves made from body-safe materials like silicone. These materials are not only safe but also provide a more realistic feel. Avoid materials that may cause allergic reactions or have a strong, unpleasant odor.
  • Texture and Shape: Penis sleeves come in various textures and shapes. Some have realistic features, while others might have nubs, ribs, or other textures for added stimulation. Consider what sensations you and your partner prefer.
  • Ease of Use and Maintenance: Choose a penis sleeve that’s easy to put on, take off, and clean. Cock sleeves that are too complex or difficult to maintain can detract from the overall experience.
  • Comfort and Sensation for the Wearer: While the primary focus is often on the partner’s pleasure, the wearer’s comfort is equally important. Some cock sleeves are also designed to provide pleasure to the wearer, with features like internal textures or vibration.

Top 3 Penis Sleeves

RX Sleeve Manhattan

The RX Sleeve Manhattan is a top choice for its lifelike feel, thanks to its certified Skin Safe Platinum Silicone material. It offers a secure fit with ‘The Grip’ system, perfect if you have ED. While it may lack the texture and girth enhancement of other penis sleeves, its customization options are a plus for those seeking a long-term solution.

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Vixen Colossus

Vixen Colossus stands out with its realistic texture and versatile design for both erect and flaccid use. It’s made from body-safe silicone and provides a comfortable, secure fit, but the hollow design might not suit everyone. Even so, this extension is great if you value realism and versatility.

Fat Boy Sport Sheath

If you’re after maximum girth enhancement, then the Fat Boy Sport Sheath is your go-to. Its thick design and ribbed interior cater to both the wearer and the partner. Made from soft TPE and including a ball strap, it’s comfortable but may not feel as premium as silicone.

List of Our Hand-Picked Most Realistic Penis Sleeves

  1. Best Customizable Penis Sleeve:
    RX Sleeve Manhattan
  2. Most Realistic Texture:
    Vixen Colossus
  3. For Adding Girth:
    Perfect Fit Fat Boy
  4. For Adding Length & Girth:
    OptiMALE Clear Extra Thick Dick
  5. Best Textured:
    CalExotics Stimulation Enhancer
  6. Realistic Vibrating Penis Extension:
    Fantasy X-Tensions
  7. For Solo Play:
    Kiiroo Keon
  8. App-Controlled Penis Sleeve:
    Lovense Gush
  9. Best Budget:
    Tenga Flex
  10. App-Controlled For Couples:
    Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo

Best Penis Sleeves, Cock Sheaths & Extenders

RX Sleeve

SexualAlpha Top Pick

1. RX Sleeve Manhattan

Insertable Length:
Hole Girth:
  • Best penis sleeve for men with ED
  • Highly customizable penis sleeve
  • Comes with an adjustable 60″ belt harness
  • Pricey

RX Sleeve has been helping men with erectile dysfunction since 2004, thanks to their highly customizable, SUPER REALISTIC cock and one of the best penis sleeves out there.

You can even add an inner silicone rod to maintain the cock sleeve’s firmness when you’re not fully erect.

There’s a wide range of customization options – from an array of realistic penis shapes and sizes to customizable colors to match your skin tone. You can even choose between soft and hard firmness.

Every cock sleeve is made from non-porous platinum silicone to ensure your safety and your partner’s.

In addition, it comes with an adjustable 60″ belt harness with a silicone loop that’s comfortable on your skin while you’re thrusting.

Just remember that the more you customize this penis sleeve, the higher the prices. But for a penis sleeve that’s sure to boost your sexual confidence and satisfy your partner, it’s all worth it.

Check out our in-depth analysis of this cock sleeve in our RXSleeve experience review.

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Vixen Colossus

Most Realistic Texture

2. Vixen Colossus

Insertable Length:
Hole Girth:
Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla
  • Bulging veins add sensation
  • Non-porous silicone material
  • Very stable with its stretchy ring for the balls
  • Quite pricey

The Colossus is one of the more popular cock sleeves made for average-size guys who want to get hung like pornstars overnight.

It’s one of the highest-quality cock sleeves available in the market today. And if you’re struggling with ED, it’s probably the best penis sleeve to use in your sex arsenal.

Perfect Fit Fat Boy

best Penis Sheath for adding girth

3. Perfect Fit Fat Boy

Insertable Length:
Hole Girth:
Textured inner shaft, smooth exterior
  • Ribbed inner shaft for added sensations
  • Ball strap secures the sleeve
  • Maintains erections for men with ED
  • Can’t use over flaccid penis
  • Not for men who want to last longer

Fat Boy is a transparent cock sleeve that instantly adds an inch of girth to your penis.

It’s made of soft, stretchy material that’s super comfortable for the wearer and receiver.

It looks and feels like a thick condom, but its ribbed interior provides extra sensations for men during sex.

This cock sleeve is an excellent choice for some men with ED who need added stimulation to maintain erections.

OptiMALE Clear Extra Thick Dick Penis Extender

best Sheath for adding length and girth

4. OptiMALE Clear Extra Thick Dick

Insertable Length:
Hole Girth:
Realistic, skin-like
  • Adds length and girth to the penis
  • Comfortable, easy to insert
  • No stimulating textures for the partner

This Extra Thick Dick Penis Extender by OptiMALE instantly adds almost 2 inches of girth and an inch of length to your penis making it a realistic penis extender.

It’s made of super-soft, skin-like TPE material that easily slides into your penis with a good water-based lube.

Plus, it has a studded inner texture like the Fat Boy cock sleeve that you can use as a stroker for some fun solo or partnered play experience.

Cal Exotics Stimulation Enhancer

best textured penis EXTENDER

5. CalExotics Stimulation Enhancer

Insertable Length:
Hole Girth:
Soft plastic
  • Adds girth and enhances pleasure for your partner
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • The strap can snap easily

This ribbed penis extender can help you get bigger and have your partner feel more pleasure.

You can wear this product over condoms, which helps improve performance for vaginal and anal sex. It’s very comfortable for the person wearing it and very stimulating for the person receiving it.

However, the strap can be a bit delicate if pushed too much for its usage. So, the possibility of it snapping is also highly likely. 

Fantasy X-Tensions

thick realistic vibrating penis extensions

6. Fantasy X-Tensions

Insertable Length:
Hole Girth:
Realistic + vibrations
  • Makes penis 33% thicker, 2 inches longer
  • Comes with waterproof vibrating bullet
  • Not for partners who don’t like it too thick

This realistic penis extension sleeve is the ultimate size queen (or king) pleaser. It instantly makes your penis 33% thicker and 2 inches longer!

It has a thick, veiny, realistic textured shaft satisfying your partner’s pornstar fantasies. Plus, it comes with a single-speed waterproof bullet vibrator that stimulates your partner’s clit (if any).

Its smooth inner texture and ball strap work together to prolong ejaculation – great for men with premature ejaculation.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo


7. Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo

Powerful oscillations
  • Great for couples
  • Fully waterproof
  • Strong vibrations
  • Poor battery life
  • Gets noisy

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo is one of our best picks for couples, thanks to its two powerful independent vibrators, allowing both of you to get stimulation when grinding.

With its easy-to-clean silicon design and adjustable control of five different vibration levels, the Octopuss pulse duo feels premium. It is held in place by your body, allowing hands-free fun.

The pulse plate technology is specially designed for maximum stimulation to the frenulum using oscillations, and best of all, you can use it in the bath since it’s fully waterproof. 

Compared to other penis extender, the Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo is undoubtedly an excellent choice for couple play, but it has a few disadvantages. 

One downfall of the Hot Octopuss duo is that it does get noisy during play, but not much of an issue in the bath. The battery life is also limited, so you may have to recharge often.

Tenga Flex


8. Tenga Flex

Soft and tight
  • Discreet and portable
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for solo play
  • Might be too tight for some
  • Not very strong sensations

If you are looking for a discreet and affordable penis extension, the Tenga Flex will not disappoint. 

Despite its small size, the Tenga Flex is very high quality, and its soft rubber interior is full of twists to suction and stimulate your penis during use.

If you have a smaller girth, the dick sleeve is ideal since it grips you, with a width of just 2″.

The Tenga Flex is ideal for those on a budget since it’s affordable. We recommend going nice and slow with this toy, rotating as you stroke to get the most out of the design. It’s excellent for solo play.

Take caution if you have a bigger penis girth, as this toy’s constriction is very tight. The rocky black version of this toy may be a better choice if you want stronger sensations.

Ultimate Stud Enhancer


9. Ultimate Stud Enhancer

Ribbed sleeve
  • Ribbed sensations
  • Length extension
  • Comfortable
  • Elastomer material is hard to clean

The Doc Johnson Ultimate Stud Enhancer is by far one of the best all-around penis sleeves you can buy. 

Its sensations are great thanks to the internal ribbed chamber, and it also acts as a length enhancer of up to 2″, making it great for couple play. 

Apart from better sensations and more length, you also get more girth with this penis extender, and the design provides support to your penis while being flexible thanks to the elastomer material. 

You can’t go wrong with the Doc Johnson stud enhancer if you want a penis extension that does everything, but you should note that the elastomer material is much harder to clean than silicone.

kiiroo keon


10. Kiiroo Keon

Stroke length of 2.56″
8.7 x 5.1 x 5.8 inches
ABS, PC & Silicone
Very realistic
  • Sync to VR videos
  • Great for solo and couple play
  • Different bundles
  • Heavyweight
  • Expensive

The Kiiroo Keon is one of the best-selling penis sleeve from Kiiroo, and we can see why. 

This dick sleeve isn’t just your standard masturbator, but it is interactive too! 

You can connect the Fleshlight-type toy via Bluetooth to your phone to control modes or even watch VR content, syncing your phone to hot VR videos for an even more realistic experience.

If you sign up on FeelMe AI, you can turn any adult content online into interactive content to use with the toy.

The toy is an excellent choice for solo play but also great for long-distance couple play, thanks to the app.

Its design has a stroke length of up to 2.56″, and you can get up to around 2 hours of usage depending on the mode. 

The drawbacks of this toy are the weight due to all the tech and the higher price tag, but it’s worth it for everything this toy can do!

Another excellent tech feature of the Kiiroo Keon is the option to pair it with other masturbators from the range, like the ‘Kiiroo Titan’ and ‘Kiiroo Onyx+’.

With a FeelConnect account, you can control each other’s devices.

If you’re interested in other Kiroo toys, our recommendations are: 

Satisfyer Men One


11. Satisfyer Men One

Silicone & ABS
Blowjob strokes
  • Adjustable tightness
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable
  • Not very strong sensations

The Satisfyer Men one is an excellent choice for a male masturbator with adjustable tightness. 

Its design has a 9.9″ length and is a manual stroker. The size is nice and discreet, so great to take for your travels.

A bumpy dick sleeve is included for various sensations and adjustable tightness via the sides to change air pressure. You can also buy other cock sleeves to use.

For easy cleaning, the stroker is open-ended and made of ABS material. The toy is also completely waterproof. We suggest putting it in warm water before use to make it more comfortable. 

When testing the Satisfyer Men One manual masturbator, one downfall is the lack of sensations; if you have a shorter penis size of 5.2″, you may struggle to feel them. 

Overall, the Satisfyer One is a great portable masturbator for solo play, but don’t expect intense sensations; it’s more about the suction.

Lovense Gush

best app-controlled PENIS sleeve

12. Lovense Gush

Insertable Length:
Hole Girth:
Soft with vibrations
  • Soft, flexible hands-free massager with cock ring
  • Unlimited vibration settings
  • Lovense Remote app has a learning curve

The Lovense Gush is a super-flexible penis massager that works for any penis size HANDS-FREE or WHILE STROKING (with vibrations) – making it suitable for solo and partnered play.

Want more tightness and intensity? Place the flexible band over the massager, and voila!

Like other Lovense toys, you can customize the Gush’s vibrations and have your nearby or long-distance partner control your vibes through the Lovense Remote app.

You can even sync the vibes to your favorite music or some background sounds.

Other Dick Sleeves That Are Worth Mentioning

  • Vixen Ride-On – This one is a cock sleeve you need to keep an eye on when researching for a penis sleeve for ED. This cock sleeve has all of the decent texture, length, and girth that every man wants in a penis extender.
  • Vixen Holster – This one is also designed for ED along with the Ride-On and Colossus; this cock sleeve is the thickest yet among Vixen penis sleeves. Still, this can get the job done to satisfy your partner.
  • Lovehoney Mega Mighty – At one of the most affordable penis extension on this list, this one is sure must-buy for people who are still starting to get into penis sleeves.
  • Doc Johnson’s Body Extensions Be Ready – This strap-on penis extender is a 4-piece hollow strap-on set with 3 penis extension sleeves. Designed for beginners and is probably the most realistic penis extender on this list.
  • Lovehoney Twin Teasers – With these two dick sleeves, you won’t have to get enough of these! One sleeve has a smooth head with curved ridges and bumps in the middle, while the other has row after row of soft bubbles.
  • Satisfyer Men Vibration – This penis sleeve has an intense sensation and great textures with its vibration settings, intensities, and rhythms. It’s the ideal penis extender for solo play to come to life.
  • Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo – Has the best vibrations (in my opinion) with its PulsePlate that comes in smoother waves instead of buzzing like normal vibrating penis sleeves.

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He is a certified sex educator and relationship coach and has experimented with 1000s of different sex toys.

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How We Chose The Best Penis Extender Sleeves

Choosing the best penis sleeves involves many factors for the best user experience. 

We felt these markers indicated what made the best penis extender below.

  • Material – The best penis extender are made out of silicone and elastomer. These materials are easy to clean and sterilize and very comfortable to wear.
  • Features – Penis extension with many features allow you to get the most out of your toy. These could be vibrations, remote controls, and adjustable sensations.
  • Textures – Dick extension need to be stimulating; our best picks have ribbed patterns and adjustable tightness and aim to stimulate your penis from head to shaft.
  • Adjustability – Everybody feels sensations differently. Finding a dick extension with variable vibrations, girth, or length is ideal to get the most out of your toy.

Penis Sleeve Buyer’s Checklist


Every now and then, when buying a specific thing, you have to ask yourself, ‘Why should I buy this thing?’

To add some length, girth, or both to your penis? So, you can be finally confident with yourself with the size of your penis.

To help with your erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation? So, you can finally satisfy your partner?

Or do you want one simply for the thrill and pleasure that it brings to you and to your partner?

There are different cock sleeves that are designed for different reasons. Do your research and understand what you need in a dick extension.



There are three different types of penis sleeves, and they all have different purposes.

  • A penis sleeve that covers the shaft only
  • A penis sleeve that covers the shaft and head of the penis
  • A penis sleeve that covers the shaft and head and adds extra length or girth

We’ll cover this in a bit more detail later on, so keep reading.


The right penis sleeve size should not be too tight, so it feels comfortable and not too loose that it doesn’t slip out easily.

Pay attention to the manufacturer’s given cock sleeve measurements, such as the insertable length and interior and exterior girth.

To find the right size, use a flexible measuring tape. While erect, measure your own penis length and girth and compare them to the cock sleeve size.


With so many options to choose from, there’s a whole world of pleasure to explore!

Finding one that suits your and your partner’s desires is simply a matter of browsing different options and trying out what looks good to you! As long as it fits your body, there’s no wrong answer here.


Depending on what you’re using your cock sleeve for, your design needs will be different.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the purpose – the design for a penis sleeve to help with ED will be different from a stroker meant for solo pleasure. 



Always check the materials of your dick sleeve to make sure you’re using the right lube.

If it’s made of silicone, you’ll need to use the best water-based lubricant – oil- or silicone-based lube will damage your toy.


Only choose body-safe and comfortable materials.

Silicone is the best choice as it’s nonporous, durable, and lasts a long time.

There are affordable soft plastic options that you can use to test the waters.

Make sure to wash them properly after every session.


The most straightforward cock sleeves cost between $20 and $150. They can cost $400 and up if they come with more features or are made specifically for men with ED.

Pros & Cons Of Penis Sleeves

For longer-lasting erections, added length and girth, extra stimulation, or simply to try something new, dick and sheaths are great additions to the bedroom.

They’re easy to buy online or in a sex shop, and, unlike ED medication, they don’t require a doctor’s note! There’s a huge variety to choose from, so you’ll be sure to find something that works for you.

The only cons are that they can be a bit awkward until you get used to using them and can require some trial and error to find what you like – unfortunately, they don’t let you try them on in the store. 

How Does A Penis Sleeve Actually Work?

A penis sleeve works pretty much like a real penis (or a dildo). Some increase the length only, girth only, or both penis length and girth. Some penis sleeves are specifically designed to help men with ED or PE.

Then, you have some dick sleeves with extra features like vibrating functions that add sensations to the wearer and/or receiver or penetrated partner.

How Do You Exactly Use A Penis Sleeve?

Penis sleeves are simple to use despite their overwhelming look. 

That being said, there are some things you can do to get the best sensations out of your dick sleeve and ensure comfortability. 

We’ve listed the basic steps to using a dick extender sleeve below to guide you through using one for the first time.

  • Make it comfortable – To begin with, run your penis sleeve under warm water, making the penis sleeve feel more comfortable and realistic. It’s easier to fit on an erect or semi-erect penis.
  • Use lube – Next, use a water-based lube to go inside and outside your penis. Be generous here since it will help the penis sleeve slide on quickly.
  • Put it on – Now put your dick sleeve on. If the dick sleeve has a closed design, try to squeeze it so you can remove as much air as possible.


Is There A DIY Penis Extender Sleeve?

There are DIY sex machines, DIY monkey rockers, and homemade vibrators.

But is there a DIY penis sleeve?

The answer is… No. There can be no such thing as a DIY penis sleeve that can be used during sex.

It is genuinely unsafe and dangerous for the wearer and their partner to use a DIY penis sleeve with various materials that can irritate and be uncomfortable for both people.

Its design and shape that maybe can’t fit into the penis or the vagina, making it uncomfortable for both again.

And, why make a high-quality dick extender that will cost you money AND time.

It usually requires you to have a 3D printer and some complicated steps to make a DIY penis sleeve successfully. It is difficult and costly however, it is not impossible.

So, my advice is to stick with the reputable makers of penis sleeves instead of making one. Do some research and read user reviews to understand what for you is the perfect penis sleeve for you.

Don’t make some homemade dick sleeves; usually, it’s gonna turn out to be a one-time-use condom.

Do Women Enjoy When A Man Wears A Penis Sleeve During Sex?

Different women have different opinions on penis sleeves being used in sex.

But for the most part, they do like penis sleeves. They like what the cock sleeves provide them: the added length, girth, textures, and designs.

It depends on the preference of the woman. If they like stimulation, they might enjoy a man who wears a ribbed penis sleeve. But sometimes, over

What’s most important is that you talk about using one first and getting consent from your partner.

Can A Penis Sleeve Desensitize a Woman’s Sensation During Sex?

A penis sleeve can be a factor in desensitizing a woman’s enjoyment of a real penis.

Although it is one of the factors, it is never alone.

It can also stem from the size of the penis. The woman may prefer a man use a penis extender that adds length and girth rather than a 4-inch penis that is not enjoyable for her.

Regarding penis extension, the texture and design of the penis extender sleeve can be a factor as some textures, such as ribbed ones, can overstimulate and desensitize a woman’s vagina.

Overstimulating can sometimes get you or your partner’s vagina numb.

Pro Tip

If you really enjoy your partner’s use of penis sleeves but still fear forgetting the feel of a real penis, start with the natural penis and use the cock sleeve midway.

Does Wearing A Penis Sleeve Decrease Sexual Pleasure?

No, many people are experiencing the lack of sexual pleasure that they usually feel between their partners, maybe due to the size of their partner’s penis.

Now, they usually want a penis extension that mainly adds length and girth, solving their lack of sexual pleasure.

Like vibrating penis extenders that can pleasure the wearer and your partner at the same time, now those vibrations can’t be replicated by a natural penis only.

And there are penis sleeves that add length and girth if your partner prefers more length or girth during sex.

Penis sleeves are designed to be a very safe choice for people when it comes to enhancing the sensations of sex.

What’s The Difference Between Penis Sleeves, Sheaths And Extenders?

Technically, a cock sleeve covers the penis shaft only (not the head).

A penis or cock sheath covers the entire penis length. A penis extender sleeve also covers the whole penis but could come with more material to add length and/or girth.

How To Put On A Penis Sleeve?

Before putting on any penis sleeve, make sure that you get the right size (not too tight, not too loose). Now, add some water-based lube to your penis and the inside of your penis sleeve.

Get your penis at least partially erect before you slip the sheath over your entire length. Pull the penis sleeve down until the bottom part is positioned and right at the base of your penis.

Adjust the penis sleeve as necessary to feel comfortable and stay put when you stroke or thrust it firmly.

Where To Find The Best Penis Sleeves Online?

Our favorite suppliers are SheVibe and LoveHoney. They’re both reputable online stores with ethical business practices and high-quality products.

How Much Do Penis Sleeves Cost?

Penis sleeves vary in cost according to the brand and design. Very expensive cock sleeves are often best for ED sufferers.

Depending on your desired features, you can find a decent penis sleeve priced between $20-$150.

Are Penis Sleeves Recommended by Physicians?

There is not much medical data surrounding the use of penis sleeves. Therefore, some Physicians might not recommend them. 

However, there is no reason they would be against using them, especially for people who suffer from ED or want to use them as part of a healthy sex lifestyle.

How To Warm Up A Penis Sleeve?

The easiest way to heat a penis sleeve is by running it under warm water for a few minutes, or you can buy dick sleeve warmers too.

Should I Lubricate My Penis Before Putting On A Penis Sleeve?

Lubricating your penis beforehand makes putting on the penis sleeve easier and stops any friction.

Are There Any Options Other Than Using Penis Sleeves?

If you’re not getting on with penis sleeves, there are other kinds of the best male masturbators to try. 

You might need to check out other medical options with your doctor or make lifestyle changes if you suffer from ED.

Who Invented The Penis Sleeve?

Penis sleeves came around in the 1960s to help males suffering from ED. This was before Viagra and is now a popular sex toy for male masturbation.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are different penis sleeves for different people and their varying sexual needs. So, there are many best cock sleeves for different people.

We hope you’ve found the right one from our list.

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