How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed: 33 Expert Tips

In this guide, you’ll learn how to satisfy a woman in bed using different techniques, erogenous zones, and positions. Read more here to give her the best orgasms of her life.

How To Satisfy A Woman

Learning how to satisfy a woman in bed and make her come hard is all about understanding that a combination of things will turn her on.

But, of course, these things will vary from woman to woman, so you need to have some knowledge about what she likes.

Every woman is different. You can’t standardize pleasure, so it’s important to be open to learning different tips to satisfy a woman.

This is a guide on how you can use different techniques, positions, and erogenous zones to make her come hard. Then, if you do it right, you can assure to leave her sated, breathing heavily, and with a beautiful after-sex glow.

What does it mean to satisfy a woman in bed?

Sexual satisfaction for a woman (or a man) doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all definition. It’s different for everyone, but some of the similarities many people share are the feeling of trust and security.

Something to note

A woman feels satisfied in bed when she trusts you to be vulnerable with herself.

This way, she can fully let go of any inhibitions during sex.

Women also need to feel a connection and emotional closeness with you. So it matters for her if you get each other when you’re in the same boat. 

And finally, you can define a woman’s sexual satisfaction in bed by having an orgasm. If she climaxes, then that’s a telltale sign she’s satisfied. Good job!

How much time would it take to satisfy your girl and make her come?

Again, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Sexual preferences and timestamps are different from woman to woman.

But in general, women may take longer than men to get in the mood. This is because women ENJOY foreplay, and they have to feel connected and secure with you for them to get wet.

On average, it takes a woman 13.25 minutes1 to orgasm. Some women may take more quicker than, longer, or none at all. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t let that shoot your enthusiasm as you can always try next time.

Orgasm isn’t your end-all and be-all. Women could enjoy sex without orgasm. Still, you should do your best to make her feel truly satisfied in bed with you.

33 Ways To Satisfy A Woman in Bed

1. Kiss passionately

Women enjoy smooching frequently and passionately. It gives them erotic pleasure. It’s elementary and almost a no-brainer. But some men don’t know how to do it right.

Kissing is not just using your mouth. A good makeout session starts with light touching. Gently brushing your hands on her arms, gliding your fingers on her thigh, and working your way up to her pleasure hotspots enhance your kiss.

Start using your tongue to make your kissing sesh hot and passionate. Keep it nice and slow by gently sticking your tongue out to spread her lips and glide your tongue inside her mouth.

You can also pull back a little and break the kiss to plant soft, slow, and sexy kisses up and down her neck. It could be ticklish but super erotic, leaving her hot and ready.

2. Foreplay

As a man, it is always important to know the value of foreplay. Getting your lady aroused is the key to having sex because it puts her in the mood for action. It is also the best way to make sure she gets satisfied. 

But it’s also important to note that sex isn’t a requirement for foreplay. She will know if you’re doing it half-heartedly to lead into sex, which can be a mood killer. She might even shut down.

So stay in the moment and enjoy the sensations.

There are many ways for you to enjoy and spice up foreplay, and we’ll drop those tips throughout this guide. 

Note that foreplay doesn’t ONLY mean sexual-related activities before sex.

It could also cover all the time between you and your partner’s connection. For example, intimacy may be in the form of helping her with chores or complimenting her with a new dress. 

3. Be a gentleman

Sex, love, relationships, and romance can be so confusing. To be a gentleman in bed during all these things might seem like an odd definition, but it’s true! 

When we talk about being gentlemanly, we’re not referring to opening the car door and buying flowers. (But this is great too!)

But in this case, we’re talking about this behavior linked to treating your partner with some level of dignity, respect, and restraint

Being gentle during sex isn’t always about being nice either. You can be naughty while respecting her boundaries and having self-control. Make sure you’re bringing her pleasure in every way possible so she can truly enjoy the best night of her life!

4. Talk dirty

If you’re looking to get your woman/man in the mood, you’re not alone. But unfortunately, it can be easy to let intimacy slip away in our busy lives. 

But one of the best ways to make a woman feel wanted is by talking dirty to them! Dirty talk is basically any kind of communication that includes sexual elements in words or innuendo, and it is usually considered “casual” or “unintended” communication. 

However, dirty talk is fun, and the best part about it is that you can do it whenever you want, wherever you want!

Consider checking out our ultimate guide on what to say during sex to take your game to a new level.  

5. Whisper sweet nothings

A little chit-chat can be sexy, too. We know it’s not a primary activity, especially in the heat of the moment. But for some women, feeling connected and relaxed with you is actually a form of foreplay. 

To help you get to crave each other more, make sure you and your partner have a communication practice that allows for honest sharing of desires, fears, and what makes each person feel valued by the other.

Whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears might seem cringey. But saying things like “You feel so good” or “You’re so hot” could actually make her feel really good.

6. Oral sex

Whenever I hear women say that they don’t like receiving oral, I feel like I’ve been punched in the gut. There are so many incredible benefits of receiving cunnilingus, but it seems most women are unaware of them or are too shy to receive them.

For example, not only will oral sex make you have more orgasms, but it also burns calories, reduces stress, and helps prevent cancer and heart disease! 

Cunnilingus is one of the greatest pleasures a man can give his woman. So next time you want to give your woman the most pleasure possible, make sure you touch, lick, and suck her vagina. 

Flicking the clit is something you can try to mix things up. Imagine the tongue-licking you do on ice cream, not like a woodpecker poking a hole in a tree. You may even try inserting your tongue into her vagina opening, which can be hot AF.

If you want to know how to give a girl head, be sure to read our guide here.

7. Teasing, tickling, and licking

Licking and tickling are tantalizing sensations you can do to your partner that can make her shiver and get goosebumps. These small, teasing actions build anticipation, so she gets more sensitive. In turn, she will ache for your touch.

You can tickle and lick her in some of her pleasure hotspots. These don’t always have to be her vag. For instance, you can do this on her nipples, neck, inner thighs, etc.

You can also add gentle biting and nibbling to add a variety of stimulation to these sensitive spots.

Take the time to learn what brings your partner the most pleasure. For example, she may like to have her nipples or thighs and inner knees licked. Or her lower back or the area between her shoulder blades gently bitten. 

Be gentle and patient with your partner. This can be a very erotic and sensual experience that will get her more sexually excited than she’s ever been before.

8. Quickie

Quickies often get a bad rep for being rushed. As we mentioned, women need foreplay to be satisfied. However, it’s also fun to have occasional quickies, and women also want them.

Sometimes, sudden bursts of passion also happen right in the middle of the kitchen. Waiting to reach your bedroom might tone down that burning passion a notch, so why not do it right at the moment?

The I-want-you-right-here-right-now situation of quickies is such an aphrodisiac for your woman as she feels you want her so much that you can no longer wait. 

It’s also sexy and new to have sex with some clothes on (compared to the usual butt-nakedness).

Skirt pulled up on her hips. A few buttons of her shirt undone. Ahhhh, that’s smokin’ hot.

9. Practice good hygiene

At some point in your relationship, you might be very comfortable with each other. Sometimes, too comfortable that couples neglect to look good for their partners.

While feeling comfortable with your partner is healthy, you should still make an effort to look and feel good for her. This keeps the spark in your relationship.

One of the most important things is good hygiene. Take a shower before going to bed. Spritz some light perfume. Wear good undergarments. Brush your teeth well.

At the end of the day, we’re humans. And during sex, we go into the most intimate positions and acts. So it’s normal for you or your partner to get turned off when smelling something not so pleasant.

Small, basic hygiene efforts can win you big time.

10. Listen to her likes

Sexual generosity is vital for couples. There might be things you want to do, but you should always consider your partner’s likes.

I feel good if she feels good.

Always listen to what she likes. Prioritize her needs. This way, she can trust you better and be more comfortable letting herself be vulnerable with you. As we mentioned, women need to feel connected with their partners to be satisfied in or out of bed truly.

Your girl can tell the barista how she exactly wants her coffee because her barista isn’t a mind reader. And neither are you.

Hence, you should be open and communicate with each other. This way, you can cut the guesswork and know exactly what sensations can satisfy and give her pleasure.

11. Make out in different places

Having sex in the bed in your bedroom is expected. It’s comfortable, but no surprise there. But there are more land areas you can explore in your home, so make use of them.

Do it in the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom… heck, even your garden. Just as long as no one’s around!

Sometimes, switching areas where you make out can give a HUGE difference.

It’s refreshing for some new scenery and opens opportunities to explore different positions that you didn’t do in bed. Also, it adds spice to the sexperience, so it’s not too repetitive, predictable, and… boring.

12. Use sex toys

Think of it this way. You can make fire with a flint. But wouldn’t you like to go for a gaslighter, so it’s easier and smoother?

That’s the beauty of sex toys. Introducing sex toys in your couple’s play is a great way to up the ante on you and your woman’s sexual pleasure.

Vibrators do a really good job of satisfying and pushing a woman to orgasm. Sending good vibes to her erogenous zone could take her over the edge. This is great to use to enhance pleasure or help her orgasm for the first time.

Clit suction toys are also worth checking out and a more sure-fire way of pleasuring her, especially if she’s into clit stimulation. If you want the vibrations but want something more handy and easy to grip, you may also go for wand massagers. Plus, it doubles as a body massager when not used during your sexy times.

13. Incorporate sensual food

What do sex and food have in common? They are both nourishing and delicious. So why not combine the two?

Food play might just be the novel sensation so you can add to your next sexploration.

First of all, keep it light. You’re bringing in food not to curb your hunger. So if you’re taking in large potions, maybe you and your partner should actually eat first.

Healthy sweets are always a good idea, such as fresh fruits, chocolate, ice cream sauce, caramel toppings, etc.

Something to note

You would want to stay away from savory and spicy food that could burn your skin and eyes.

You can also use food to experiment with temperature play. For example, melting chocolate and popsicles give you hot and cold sensations. Running them over to your girl’s sensitive zones like her nipples can be very stimulating.

14. Love and romance her

Women are indeed emotional creatures, and NOT in a bad way. They love to love. And they love to be loved.

While men may think they know how to please a woman, they can often get the relationship into a heated sexual state, and then bam! They’re ready to move on to a physical relationship. 

Women, however, want to feel the comfort and trust of a romantic relationship before they are ready to make the physical commitment.

You need to understand that you have to give the woman time to feel comfortable and secure enough with you to make love. You need to build a loving relationship with her before she is ready to give herself up to you.

Consider checking out our best sex tips for men guide to take your game to a new level.  

15. Get naughty 

Shake things up and do kinky things with her. Explore and indulge in her wildest fantasies, and be ready to fulfill them if you’re comfortable.

For one, some girls fantasize about threesomes. So if that’s something you’re up for, go for it. However, you may simulate it by using dildos and mounts or sex machines. The possibilities are endless.

Another naughty thing you can do is take it to a mirror. You get to watch how you and she enjoy yourselves, which really turns both of you on.

16. Let her know how much you want her

This is a very basic concept, but sometimes it is easy to get wrapped up at the moment and forget to tell your partner how much you appreciate their efforts to make you feel good. 

Compliments are a key part of foreplay, but they can often be overlooked. For example, if you tell your partner how much you like how they look or how they perform before you both even take off your clothes, they might feel sexier. 

Women, in particular, can feel sexy when they feel desired. While it would be nice if all that was needed to satisfy a woman in bed were to shower her with compliments, it is unlikely to be that simple.

Instead, focusing on appreciation before, during, and after sex can help your woman feel sexy, desired, and satisfied.

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17. Forget about porn

Many of us consume porn for educational purposes. Alright, for other reasons as well, but anyway…

Porn turns you on. Because many of these videos are made with male pleasure in mind, it is rarely for female consumption. Hence, if your idea of female pleasure is based on what you see in these adult videos, you would have to step back.

Leave preconceptions you have about sex that you gained from porn. Just because you see a porn star squirting doesn’t mean you should make your girl squirt. It’s a lot more complicated than that.

18. Ladies first

There is no rule on who gets to climax first. But it always makes sense to focus on pleasuring the woman FIRST.

That’s because women tend to orgasm longer than men. Plus, they can do multiple rounds. Meanwhile, chaps could climax usually faster.

When you orgasm before she does, you’re most likely not ready for round two. (Men have a shorter refractory period than women.) So that means she’d have to call it a day without climaxing.

So hold on to your lovemaking session and pleasure her first. There are a couple of ways to train your stamina, which may be worth trying to last longer.

19. Use lube

Not all women have a problem with vaginal dryness. When they’re turned on, their vagina self-lubricates. Still, adding lube into your play will make sex feel more pleasurable.

If you’re not using toys, you can go for silicone lubricants. They last longer and are more sensuous. They simply make gliding more delicious. Plus, it reduces the risk of friction which can cause pain and tearing.

If you have sex toys, it’s always best to go for water-based lubricants.

Lubes aren’t just for the woman’s vag. You can also use it on her body, particularly her breasts and nipples.

Want to explore more lube-tastic content? Check out our best sex lubricant guide here. 

Want to go kinkier?

Pour some lube on her breasts and put your peen between her cleavage and simulate that way. This naughty stimulation could make your girl hornier.

20. Send racy texts throughout the day

Foreplay doesn’t ONLY start in the bedroom. It could begin anytime, even right when you wake up. You can set the mood and buildup anticipation this way.

One way is by sexting throughout the day.

Let her know she’s on your mind and that you can’t wait to be with her. Texts like “I want to feel you around me” and “I can’t wait to be inside you” are small messages that could quickly turn her on.

You can even take it a notch higher by sending nudes. Snap a photo of your hard erection, and she’ll be clenching her legs together as she opens it.

By the time you’re home, both of you will be revving to go.

21. Remember her erogenous zones

A woman has several erogenous zones. But not everyone shares the same secret spots that can instantly make them horny. So, try exploring your partner’s body in bed.

Tease her neck, legs, ears, shoulders, and anywhere you can reach with your hands and lips. Excite her. And remember those particular areas that make her clench up.

They could be helpful next time if you want to trigger their arousal as soon as possible.

22. Don’t roll over and sleep

It’s understandable to get tired and fall asleep after a good and long sex session with your partner. But don’t make yourself too comfortable. 

Having security in the relationship differs from making your girl feel taken for granted. So, try cuddling up with her post-release. Better yet, engage in a bit of pillow talk with them. 

Start with the little things like her work that day or her favorite hobbies. Do anything to spark up a conversation. Or, if you’re the strong silent type, try spooning with her instead.

23. Experiment all the time

If you want to go all-out to satisfy your woman, then try experimenting with them. Don’t stick to plain old vanilla sex. Try new and different positions in the bedroom. Better yet, do some dirty talk. 

Sometimes, getting out of your comfort zone can be the push you need to spice up your relationship behind closed doors. So if you have any particular fantasies to try out, talk to your partner about them. Who knows, they might be interested in the topic sooner or later.

24. Trigger zones and fantasies

Speaking of your fantasies, you could also ask your partner about theirs. What are their triggers? Is it being put in a specific scenario? Or are they more reactive to the human touch?

Talk to them about these things. Being open in a relationship can present more doors to explore and more possibilities to venture into. And it also helps that you can make them orgasm faster in the process.

25. Be outrageous

Loosen up during sex. Get as wild and crazy as you can get. Sometimes, being more lax can be perceived as sexier by women. So try taking risks once in a while. 

Go for something bold to make the bedroom more exciting. For example, try pleasuring your woman from behind in front of a giant glass window or mirror. Or, why not go Fifty Shades and use blindfolds?

Try embracing your outrageous side. The more out there you are from your usual self, the sexier you can be perceived by your partner. 

26. The G-spot

The G-spot is not that difficult to find. However, reaching it is a whole different story. It takes talent for a partner to provide a G-spot orgasm as women have different sensitivity thresholds and reach their erogenous zone. 

You could simply ask them what makes them feel good during sex. For example, are you going too slow? Or are you pushing too hard?

Consult with them once in a while. Know what makes your girl lose her mind. 

27. Duration of the lovemaking

If you already know your partner’s body, then it’s easy for you to make them orgasm quicker. But sometimes, they’re unsatisfied with a single release during your lovemaking sesh.

Remember, women can orgasm multiple times in succession as compared to men. So, have that in mind when going in. Prepare yourself both physically and mentally. 

28. Confidence is key

The phrase “fake it till you make it” can also apply behind closed doors. A woman can get turned off by a man if he doesn’t know how to put his tools into good practice.

If that’s the case, then some friendly advice from your buddies might help. Ask them about their experiences. Get some inspiration to boost your self-confidence. 

29. Clitoris is the priority

Some people perceive the clitoris as the equivalent of the male penis. So if you want to give your woman that fantastic sensation, stimulate their clit. Put some effort into making that area feel as sensitive as possible. 

You could use your fingers or tongue. Or you could go all-out by using both to make your girl moan loudly on the outside. 

30. She’s in control

Switching things up in the bedroom can be exciting. And some women even prefer to stay dominant in their relationships. And kudos to them!

Giving your woman the wheel can be a good change of pace. It not only shows that you have trust in them, but it also shows how open you are to new experiences. 

Look, some people have ‘being submissive’ as a kink. And that doesn’t only apply to women. Some men especially have some form of desire to be told what to do in the bedroom. And that’s fine. 

There’s no kink-shaming in this household. If you think about it, it’s all about personal preferences at the end of the day. And people should be open to doing whatever they want as long as no one gets hurt. 

31. Don’t rush with removing each other’s clothing

Sometimes, a good tease can go a long way. And that can apply to your pre-bedroom antics as well. So, try having more extended foreplay with your partner.

Make out with each other in the car. Do a striptease. Go on an underwear date with them at home. 

Do a few teases here and there. You’ll find out soon enough that your orgasm will feel much better the longer you hold your excitement. 

32. Use your fingers

The fingers can be a powerful tool during sex. Yes, you can finger your woman to make her feel good. But, you could also do other things as well. 

Put your fingers to good use by using them to caress her nipples. How about stimulating her clit? Try moving them up and down her legs. Touch every part of her body using those fingers of yours. 

It can make them feel much better and make the experience more stimulating. 

33. Cuddle with her

Women are more emotional creatures than men. So, it’s best to provide comfort and aftercare to them after sex. 

A simple conversation could do the trick. Or, as mentioned before, a good cuddle can do. Give your girl some physical assurance. 

Show her that you care for her. You don’t even have to talk. Just draw her in and give her the big spoon treatment. And have her spend the night in your embrace.


Giving your woman sexual pleasure and satisfaction goes beyond penetrating her with your peen.

Maximize foreplay for MORE PLAY and get to know what she likes, what makes her wet, and what her no-nos are.

It’s a process that could take time to perfect, but giving more effort to pleasuring her will surely take her panties away.


  1. NZME, 2019. An article on the average time for a woman to orgasm.
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