99 Days of NoFap & Semen Retention: What Are The Actual Benefits?

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I’ve been practicing NoFap and semen retention since Nov 2, 2018.

It’s been a transforming experience.

I love the results so much that I am adding it as my life-long practice.

But it’s much trickier than I originally thought.

It’s not just a black and white list of benefits as everyone at NoFap community preaches.

I know.

I was one of the preachers. 

I was so excited about early results, that I got over-optimistic.

And then it happened.

Results plummeted. 

I got into challenges and it took me two more months or reading books, scouring the web and lots of trial and error to figure out how to practice NoFap and semen retention THE RIGHT WAY.

Lots of reading! Okay, in picture these are not sex books as I was mostly reading Kindle, but you get the idea!

With the right way I mean:

It’s NOT about one week reboot, 30 or even 90 day challenge. 

It’s about successfully implementing no porn diet, semen retention and sexual energy transmutation in your day-to-day life.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. 

Let me share you my experience step by step.

I documented how I felt every day during these 99 days, so the experiment is pretty thorough.

After I share my story, I’ll give you my best tips on how to implement semen retention practice in your life and even learn how to do non-ejaculatory orgasms. 

You won’t ever need to ejaculate again!

Instead you’ll cherry-pick the times you choose to do so knowing clearly the consequences.

I suggest to read from start to finish, but you can always jump around to your interesting sections.

My Experience With NoFap & Semen Retention

What triggered me to undertake this path was an embarrassing experience when I couldn’t perform with my girl Nastja again and again.

I had all the excuses, of course.

I was stressed, occupied with work or depressed. 


Me and my girl Nastja.

But one day I couldn’t lean on those excuses anymore.

I saw she was getting increasingly upset, even when she claimed to understand what I’m going through. 

I love her.

She’s has a beautiful, sexy body – I had zero reasons not to want her!

Every time I couldn’t get hard or last long enough with her, I felt less of a man.

One day I reached the edge.

I was sick and tired from this!

I said to myself, “That’s it! I’m gonna figure it out! And I’m not gonna give up until I do!”

This wasn’t about a NoFap challenge, it was about the lifestyle change.

And I had the best motivation of all – my girl. 

I couldn’t fail her.

Yeah…learning how to gain awesome pleasure like prostate milking, urethral sounding, and advanced male masturbation techniques is all nice and well…

But here we’re talking about relationships being at stake!!!!!!

For Fuck sake!

99 Days NoFap Timeline

Day 1: NoFap Reboot

I found NoFap site and Reddit group quickly, because deep down I knew it was porn that caused problems.

You see, I’m 30 and I never went without ejaculation for more than 3-4 days. I was a porn addict, even if not a chronic one (or so I thought), but whenever I wanted a release I turned to porn and fapped away.

Since 19, I have been working from home. I always had space to watch porn during the day.

I never thought it to be an issue until I read what porn does to your brain. 

Then and there I decided not to ejaculate and watch porn for 99 days.

I would still have sex with my girlfriend, just I won’t ejaculate. 

I told Nastja about the plan.

She agreed.

I was energised by the idea and benefits I would gain.

Day 3:  Adding More Challenges

My girl left for a week to visit her family in Ukraine, so I had all the time for myself.

I decided to add more challenges to make the results even better. 

I read the book “Never Binge Again” and stopped all the junk-food.

I committed myself to drink one green cocktail and do one 30-min home workout (P90X) every day.

Had good results quickly, because I had the base already… Feelin’ good.

1 Week of NoFap

I was on fire!

I felt my energy and willpower increase. 

NoFap Reboot + Green cocktails + Workout = Explosive results.

Overall I felt more positive and grounded. 

Surprisingly I wasn’t even feeling horny.

My commitment was strong.

2 Weeks of NoFap

This was the time of the highest peak!

I drank all the Nofap benefits articles up and felt – manly, confident, energetic, productive, and with high sexual drive!

Nastja arrived back and we had the best sex yet (no ejaculation)!

I felt so confident, so powerful, so present.

It was unbelievable.

Now I could make all the hardest standing positions, even carrying her and fucking at the same time.

I could control my hardness on command and survive fine without ejaculating (I was actively training my PC muscles).

Nastja said that my look and the overall vibe was much more confident than ever.

Week 3: Trouble begins

Till this time it was all smooth sailing.  

I had a crazy sex drive and we were having as much sex as we where when we first met each other.

But then Nastja got cold and a few days later I fell down too.

Together with that I had challenges at work and I found myself repeatedly with low energy.

I stopped seeing the crazy benefits I saw initially.

Yes, I still had energy and I didn’t get as depressed as I did before, but something was missing.

I wondered, I guess I reached the peak, and I wouldn’t get any more energy?

There were also urges. As the man behind SexualAlpha, I did need to research sex related stuff which leads to accidental naked pictures.

One time I watched a movie which had a sexy actress and I did fell into a trap of researching naked pictures of her.

I allowed these urges for a few minutes with a promise to myself that I won’t touch my penis. 

NoFap, means NoFap even if I was walking the gray area.

30 Days of Nofap

Stagnation continued. I actively restarted my reading to understand what was going on.

I read Mantak Chia books on Taoist sex secrets, I re-read Napoleon Hill “Sex Transmutation” chapter and scoured the web. 

From Mantak Chia I picked up how to have a non-ejaculatory orgasm with 3 finger lock method. 

This is how 3 Finger Lock Method works: 

You masturbate by yourself and right before ejaculation you press the three middle fingers into the perineum just in front of the anus, just hard enough to prevent semen from coming out.

I thought I had unlocked the holy grail of semen retention + non-ejaculatory male orgasms!

Win/win all around!

Or so I thought.

A few days later I started feeling stagnant energy in my lower belly.

I freaked out.

Something was wrong!

I felt crushed.

The crazy benefits I was getting in the first 2 weeks were no longer at sight and on top of that I started having problems!

Thankfully, sex drive was still there, but this time when my girl teased me to cum on her belly, I decided to do so.

Yep, I celebrated my first month of noFap and semen retention by ejaculating.

Talk about the upset.

I just knew I was doing something wrong if my lower belly was hurting.

I needed to rethink my strategy, regroup and start all over.

In progress… Yep, started growing beard.

60 Days of NoFap

Remember, I never relapsed back to porn.

I did renew masturbating to practice non-ejaculatory orgasms, but after 30 day failure, I decided to stop any stimulation again.

Until I figuree out what to do.

I read again Mantak Chia book  “Multi-Orgasmic Man” and this time I didn’t discard the woo-woo stuff in there.

You see, he was telling that any stagnant energy causes trouble.

And I felt it in my lower belly.

Now I knew there must be something else to it.

Then in yet another book, I read that 3 finger lock method I was using for non-ejaculatory orgasms was a bad long-term solution since it was forcefully stopping the flow.

If I wanted to have sustainable non-ejaculatory orgasms, I needed to learn to do so naturally with my PC muscles.

I got introduced to Qi Gong and Multicosmic Orbit exercise.

The idea is that you rotate your sexual energy instead of letting it sit in your genitals. 

The second month was full of trial and error. I did ejaculate several times when practicing to achieve non-ejaculatory orgasm.

I didn’t lose all semen however, my PC muscle was getting stronger and I lost a few drops here and there, but not the whole load.

Still my energy wasn’t skyrocketing, it was fluctuating.

Good news were that again I started feeling better and better in my whole body. 

The craziest experience where I saw that sexual transmutation isn’t just woo-woo stuff, happened like this:

I was working on my computer when I started feeling pain in my belly.

Pain like when you work out your abs real hard and they hurt badly the next day.

But I haven’t done any ab exercise.

What was going on?

I was confused and little scared, but decided that right after my energy rotation exercise I will take a nap.

I hoped nap would help the pain go away.

But maybe I should see a doctor, I wondered.

For 15-20 min I did the exercise of rotating my energy from genitals, up to the spine to head and then safely storing it in my belly.

As I finished the exercise and stood up, I felt that something had changed.

That’s when I realised: 

The pain in the belly had gone away!

This energy rotation thingie was for real!

99 Days: NoFap Results

I’m not sure if I can say I successfully completed this challenge. 

Did I succeed at not ejaculating for 99 days?


Did I succeed at not masturbating for 99 days?


Did I succeed to quit porn indefinitely?

Oh yes, a checkbox for this one.

I didn’t succeed in my initial goal, but I got so much more. 

The last month was spent actively learning Qi Gong and Sexual Kung-fu.

I reached my first multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms. 

I learned how to rejuvenate my body quickly with Qi Gong.

I finally perfected my system to be able to practice semen retention and sexual transmutation as part of my daily ritual.

Is NoFap Worth it? Does NoFap Work?

Hell, yes! Even if you just detox yourself from porn for a while the results are incredible!

You can go as crazy or as sane as you want. You can undergo one month challenge every year.

But if you ask me, the benefits are the highest when you adopt this as a life-long practice.

Challenges will give temporary results. 

Habits however… 

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ” — Aristotle.

What Are The Actual Benefits of Not Ejaculating?

Here’s one:

When men don’t masturbate for 7 days their testosterone levels increase by 45.7%.

And sorry…

No, you won’t get superpowers.

But you’ll learn how to charge, access the sexual energy reservoir, which has the potential to give you 20-30% extra energy every day (no scientific backing, just my humble estimation).

But it’s not that simple. 

You cannot just stop masturbating and hope that all the good results will magically appear.

You gotta practice.

You gotta learn about your body.

You need to be patient. 

And then: with the right attitude you WILL get results that CAN transform your life.

Now…I am a believer.

And I am never giving this up.

My goal now is to ejaculate only when it’s really needed – like conceiving a baby or when my girl really, really begs for it.

Will I fail sometimes?


Accidents happen and there is a steep learning curve. 

But now I know that this stuff is real.

You can access 20-30% extra energy and you can have HEALTHY non-ejaculatory orgasms at the same time.

There is simply no need to ejaculate. 

Why would you waste over 200 nutrients that are in semen for no good reason?

Top 5 NoFap & Semen Retention Benefits

I use both terms “Nofap” & “Semen Retention” interchangeably because to me I cannot separate one from another.

#1 – Increased Sexual Power

Never again you’ll have trouble with arousal. 

You’ll get turned on easily, even too easily.

You can forget about erectile disfunction, your challenge will be with premature ejaculation 🙂

Instead of looking for a crutch with porn, you’ll want to go out and work on creating real relationships and sexual connection.

Kheh, that’s why make sure you learn how to really satisfy a woman in bedroom...

Before you start researching what is the best pocket pussy in the market 😀

#2 – Increased Confidence and Manliness

Your sexual desire will be out of the roof.

But because you will have practiced overcoming those animal urges, you’ll be able to intentionally decide whether and when you act on them.

You’ll feel like a man and never at the mercy of your urges. 

You’ll be in control.

Now I love to demonstrate to Nastja how I’m getting hard just from the naked sight of her. Afterwards I just put penis back in my pants and walk away. I’m in control.

This feels incredible. Somehow I feel proud of my penis now and I vibrate the confidence.

It’s hard to explain, but this manliness will also allow you to be more adventurous to undertake new challenges and believe in yourself to stick through them.

#3 – No More Brain Fog

I remember before this challenge I regularly experienced low energy, brain fog and irritability. 

No more. Yes, I do get tired, but mind just seems to be working better. It makes new connections easier, I can read and work for longer. 

If previously I enjoyed high highs and low lows often, now it’s more of a steady, calm and consistent line. 

It might feel less exciting, but it’s a lot better way to live a life in my opinion.

#4 – Increased Positivity and Calmness

This is a biggie. When I regularly masturbated I felt the waves of depression coming to me 1-2x a week. I hated it. 

Now when I don’t ejaculate for 1-2 weeks I feel consistent positive calmness in my days. When I did fail and ejaculated I could guarantee that for the next 3-4 days I will argue with my girl about something meaningless. 

I also knew I will have at least a wasted day where I won’t be able to push myself to do any work.

It’s funny and also scary in the retrospect. But the correlation is so clear when I review my daily NoFap log.

#5 – Increased Self-Respect

I constantly felt ashamed of my porn addiction. 

When Nastja was sad after my weak performance, I lashed myself for not being able to give up my masturbation, and have real, loving sex instead.

When you say to yourself, Never again!, however…

You’ll start respecting yourself more. A lot more.

You’ll feel like a man.

A man who keeps his word. 

How To Actually Stop Masturbating And Watching Porn?

First of all, let me salute you for asking this question in the first place!

The first step to recovery is admitting that there is a problem.

Not gonna lie, it’s not easy to change years of bad conditioning and overcome your animal urges.

“I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self.” – Aristotle

The easiest way to succeed is when you have a big enough why.

For example, I used my shame when seeing my girl sad to push myself to action.

But the other motivation is when you read success stories and get excited about the idea of life transformation. 

Ask yourself:

  • What if this stuff works and I get 30% more energy?
  • What if I would have an insatiable sexual drive?
  • What if I would feel more confident and be more attractive to girls?
  • What if..?

These questions can trigger your why.

Maybe you are tired from not being able to get a girlfriend, a promotion or launch your new business?

Maybe it’s time to declare:


Whatever it is, just set a date and START.

You can make a written agreement with yourself and sign it.

You can look at yourself in the mirror staring into your left eye and announce:

“Starting today for the next 30 days I will stop ANY sexual stimulation. 

I can. I will. I must.

I can do anything I set my mind to!I am fucking unstoppable!”

Remember, you don’t need to be great to start, but you need to start to be great.

Find Accountability Buddy & Join The Community

To increase your chances of success you need to have peers to support you when you’re weak!

Ideally, you would set a challenge with your best buddy and agree on the consequences if you fail.

It could be monetary, like paying 50-100$ if you fail. It could be something humiliating. It must be something that triggers you emotionally.

You need accountability and pressure to follow through.

There are three online Reddit communities I would recommend:

The bigger the movements get though, the more general they become. 

Choose to your liking, just know that NoFap subreddit will claim the most superpowers and cheesy benefits. 

Semen retention subreddit is the most down to earth and objective community. 

Here’s my recommendation:

When you start, join NoFap and PornFree. 

Go with the buzz and excitement.

You’ll need it to get started.

After the first 30 days however graduate to Semen Retention community.

You’ll need it if you want to implement semen retention as your lifelong habit, not just a challenge.

How To Deal with Urges To Relapse?

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” — Dwight D. Eisenhower

Don’t hope that you’ll avoid all the roadblocks. Prepare for them to come and half of the battle will be won.

Here are my top 3 recommendations:

#1 – Install NoFap Panic Button

Use it when feeling depressed, rejected or about to relapse. 

When you press the button, it will show motivational quotes, success stories of those ahead of you. 

#2 – Interact with Community

Ask questions, find people who are at the same stage as you are. 

Knowing that you are not alone and that there are people who’ve overcome those urges helps so much to keep going.

#3 – Get the Blood Flowing

When you feel the urge it’s because your sexual energy had concentrated around your genital area.

If you’re hard then your blood has concentrated around your genitals as well.

You need to move that energy and blood around..!:

  • Go for a run or gym
  • Jump around and breathe through your nose deeply and heavily.
  • Stand up, hold your breath and contract all your muscles (especially butt muscles). This will move blood quickly to other body parts. Repeat till you feel calm.

How to Transmute Sexual Energy & Learn The Semen Retention The RIGHT Way

Undertaking the NoFap challenge is good, but as you know from my story, it’s not enough.

You need to rotate that energy, transmute it, distribute it throughout the body to feel great in the long run.

But first, let me explain why semen retention practice is so powerful!

Did you know that semen contains 200 separate proteins, as well as vitamins and minerals?

Another astonishing statistic: a single male ejaculation scatters to two to five hundred million sperm cells.

Cast upon three hundred and twenty-five million female eggs, a single ejaculation could conceivably generate the present population of the United States (according to 2017 statistic).

When you ejaculate you are basically asking your body to keep producing more and it takes around 30-45% of your body’s energy!

What would you do with 30% of extra energy?

Just think about it.

Your body has atomic energy in it! Why would you waste it and ejaculate away?

BTW If you’re worried about health issues when you stop ejaculating – don’t.

After around 64 days if your semen is not ejaculated your body observes and reuses it.

Everybody likes to mention a popular study on how semen retention increases the chances for prostate cancer, but this study has been debunked many times as inaccurate.

It was a simple questionnaire which didn’t even account men’s health, diet, bad habits in the account.

However it’s also true that according to Chinese medicine, stagnant energy is what creates tumors.

That’s what I felt after 30 days of non-ejaculation – stagnant energy. 

If you don’t learn to move the energy around, you should ejaculate at least every 30 days. 

But Taoists have been practicing semen retention and sex transmutation for more than 3000 years.

It’s not a new practice, just science hasn’t caught up with it yet.

When you learn how to achieve non-ejaculatory orgasms and sex transmutation, you’ll have all the energy benefits without a downside! 

You have nothing to lose. You can always go back. 

“But…what if?”, I asked.

How To Transmute Sexual Energy You Saved?

There must be a reason why Napoleon Hill included “Sex Transmutation” in his famous book “Think and Grow Rich”, don’t you think?

That’s what got me curious in this field.

As I researched more it turned out that world-class athletes are advised by their trainers to not ejaculate and have sex for at least a week before important competitions.

It’s rumoured (cuz how can you really know for sure) that Muhammed Ali, the famous boxer practiced semen retention for a year at a time before important fights.

Steve Jobs practiced semen retention.

Nikola Tesla famously stayed virgin for his whole life, because he didn’t want to waste his precious sexual energy and transmuted all of it to crack challenging creative problems.

And many more famous figures like Gandhi, Beethoven, Henry Thoreau and Leonardo Da Vinci just to name a few.

Rotate Your Energy With Microcosmic Orbit Exercise

When I was 30 days in the NoFap challenge I really felt that my sexual energy was staying in my genital area and I felt that I really needed to learn to rotate it to get all the positive benefits.

I studied Qi Gong and learned how to rotate that sexual energy. I think now I know why Qi Gong is more popular between men than women 🙂

The most important exercise for this is called Microcosmic Orbit (I heard of it first from Taoist sexual master, Mantak Chia).

You can start doing it without any sexual stimulation, you’ll move less energy that way. It’s a safe way to get started.

To reap the most benefits you should get yourself hard and aroused (charge yourself up) and then move that energy around.

Again if you think it’s voodoo shit…

Yes, it is a bit voodoo. But this shit works.

Now here’s how I’m doing it…

I call it:

The healthiest way for a man to masturbate.

I get myself aroused with closed eyes. I fantasize about something sexy to get me initially hard, but after that I focus on my own sensations.

That’s why the porn, external stimulation is bad – it outsources your sexual arousal.

But you gotta feel your body, you gotta feel that arousal, you gotta feel that sexual energy if you want to learn to control and become a master of it.

So… I got myself hard.

From 1 to 10 (1 is limp, 10 is ejaculation) I get myself to 8–9.

I don’t want to ejaculate.

I want to awaken my sexual energy and then move it through the body.

That’s how I really take advantage of it. If I ejaculate I lose my energy and body works hard to replenish it.

When I get hard, that’s when I stop stimulation and perform Microcosmic Orbit Exercise.

The feeling is like I am sucking that energy from my penis and balls up from my spine to my brain… and then I move it down and store it safely in my belly.

Again, it’s some crazy shit.

But try it a few times – results are magical.

In the past when I felt horny I couldn’t do anything else. The only thing that saved me was a workout or a long run (or porn session…of course).

Now, I just masturbate for 15–20 minutes and after getting myself hard…then moving energy to the brain:

  • I don’t feel horny anymore
  • I feel re-energised in the body
  • My mind get’s clear, fresh and present

It just feels great.

There are a lot more exercises than this in Sexual Kung Fu and Qi Gong, but this is the one that will give 80% of results.

Learn How To Have Male Multiple Orgasms Without Ejaculation

Okay, so you are seeing crazy benefits from semen retention! 

You are having immense amounts of energy with sexual transmutation!

But… you feel like something is missing…

You miss those few glorious seconds of orgasm, don’t you? 

That’s the one thing you gave up and it hurts.

But what if…?

(Yes, that question again…)

What if you could have all the energy AND you could have orgasms at the same time..?

But why settle with a few second orgasm? 

Why not double, triple the length or even achieve 30 min orgasms?

That’s what Taoists preach and Dave Asprey achieved himself too.

I haven’t gotten to true full-body extended orgasms, but I have achieved several 10-15 sec orgasms that moved from my genitals to the spine and to the head. 

Oh, and no ejaculation, did I mention that?

Here are the steps:

WARNING: You should know that you’ll probably accidentally ejaculate while trying to learn to achieve non-ejaculatory orgasm. 

I failed around 10 times and many times I lost only a few drops of semen. It’s a new skill you are learning, but the benefits are pretty “orgasmic” (wink,wink).

#1 – Understand that Ejaculation and Orgasm Are Separated Things

You might understand it in theory, but deep down you don’t believe me, right..? After all, how could you? 

For all your life ejaculation and orgasm have been inseparable things!

Here’s a quick way to experience orgasm without ejaculation (not a permanent solution).

Three Finger Lock Technique:

  1. You arouse yourself close to the ejaculation. Once you feel you reach the point of no return, stop the stimulation and…
  2. Locate the perineum just in front of the anus and use your three middle fingers to press hard enough to prevent semen from coming out. Do it a few seconds before semen would come out. One finger should press right on the middle, and the other two should press on the sides to ensure you’ve fully blocked the exit.
  3. Hold the fingers tight while enjoying an extended orgasm without semen coming out.

That’s it!

You’ve achieved your first non-ejaculatory orgasm! 

However this is not a healthy way of doing it. 

You should massage your perineum and balls (learn how to massage prostate) after to relax the area. You can use a toy like the Aneros Vice which is one of the most popular brands.

Don’t do it more than a few times.

I wanted to show you this exercise just so you would know and believe that non-ejaculatory orgasm is possible!

Now you’re ready for the next step.

#2 – Train Your PC Muscles With Kegel Exercises

Thanks to Arnold Kegel we have the exercises to strengthen our pelvic floor with natural means.

This exercise is a key component to achieve non-ejaculatory male orgasm and be able to last longer in the bedroom. 

After you’re done with the NoFap challenge, you’ll need it, because you won’t be able to last long enough! But it’s a great challenge to have.

You can locate PC muscles by going to the toilet and stopping your pee. Yep, that’s the one. 

Ideally you would start doing Kegel exercises right after you start your NoFap challenge, because it takes time to build this muscle up.

You should do them every day 10-15 minutes and mix between 3 types of contractions:

  • 50 quick squeezes and releases
  • 30 three to five sec squeeze and hold
  • 10 ten to twenty second squeeze and hold.

Start slow and build up the length of contractions over time. 

You can set 3 reminders on phone and do it for 5 minutes each time while reading, eating or driving somewhere.

Here are my 3 favorite ways when and how to train PC muscles:

  • When I go to take a leak – You’ll have some trouble in the beginning isolating just the PC muscle, so training it during toilet breaks serves as a great trigger to work on it. I usually stop myself for peeing five times, counting slowly to 10 and then releasing.
  • When masturbating – This is a dangerous one, so promise to yourself that you won’t get carried away. But I’ve found that when starting out contractions when the penis is limp are good, but over time it loses it’s effectiveness. It’s much harder to squeeze your PC muscle when you are hard and excited. Use it! Get yourself to 70-80% aroused and squeeze PC muscle and hold for 20 seconds. Wait till it’s limp and arouse yourself again, till you’re not horny anymore. Then you can finish the practice with Microcosmic Orbit Exercise and you’re good to go!
  • Use the morning boner – this is the toughest! It will take several rounds to calm your penis down, but why not use the boner for good? Make sure you do the exercises for at least two weeks religiously until you move on to more dangerous fields like edging and actually attempting non-ejaculatory orgasm.

When you ejaculate, all your energy and time you spent charging it is lost. 

It’s not the end of the world, but learn from my mistakes.

#3 – Practice Edging While Masturbating

Yes, we’re back to masturbating! But this is educational masturbation (even if very pleasurable)!

My friend asked why would I masturbate if I have a girl? 

Well, with a girl its 100x harder to control yourself!

With the girl you cannot just focus on yourself and there is too much stimulation, noises, views going on.

When you masturbate now, however, you won’t do it just for pleasure – you’ll have a goal in mind.

Your goal:

Learn to understand your own arousal levels to be able to last longer and not to ejaculate prematurely.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Set the timer to 20 minutesYou need to learn how to last longer by yourself if you ever expect to do it with a woman.
  2. Don’t use any external sexual stimulationNo porn. But you know that already. Just making sure.You can use sexy fantasies to get yourself hard, but once you’re there focus on your body and bodily sensations. We are looking to learn more about ourselves, we gotta focus inwards.
  3. Mentally assign a percentage to your arousal levels0% is limp, 100% is you’ve ejaculated. You want to learn to recognise 70, 80, 90% levels.
  4. Get yourself to 80-90%, then relax back to 40-50%You’re learning the command & control of your penis! Get yourself aroused to 70% quickly, but then slow down and notice the  arousal slowly increasing. Once you feel like you are getting close to ejaculating, squeeze your PC muscle as hard as you can and hold for 20 seconds (or as long as you can). Repeat it till you’re 40-50%. Make sure you squeeze your butt hard too and breathe the arousal up to the spine.
  5. Repeat this process for 5-10…or however times you want.Every 20 minutes you should get completely limp though to let blood completely move out from the penis.
  6. Finish by doing Microcosmic Orbit exercise rounds for 2-3x.This will distribute energy throughout the body. You should feel quite rejuvenated after this exercise.

I love to practice edging whenever I’m feeling horny.

Those 20 minutes really put me in the different state and serve as a nice trigger to practice PC muscle contractions and Microcosmic orbit in the end.

#4 – Achieve Your First REAL Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm

When you feel that your PC muscle is strong and you’re able to pull yourself closer and closer to the edge (95-96%?) without accidents, you’re ready for your first non-ejaculatory orgasm!

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Get yourself hot and aroused as you did during edging exerciseIncrease your arousal by edging for 4-5 times. Get yourself to 90%, then relax back to 70-80% again and again.
  2. Reach the point of no returnDevil is in the details. You want to arouse yourself to 95% or something until you feel that ejaculation is inevitable. However once you feel it, STOP ALL THE STIMULATION! Don’t keep stroking your penis as you would normally to reach powerful semen squirt. I did this mistake with 3 finger lock and had retrograde ejaculation (semen doesn’t come out, but instead enters the bladder and you still pee it out).
  3. Contract your PC muscles as hard as you canTiming is very important here. You should contract PC muscles before semen pumping is triggered. Do it too late and semen will still come out. Do it too early and you’ll interrupt the orgasm. It’s better to do it too early because you can always start over.  Now, you’ll need to hold as long as you can, as hard as you can (20-30seconds to be safe)! Your penis will want to pump the semen out, but your PC muscle should be stronger to interrupt the automatic muscle contractions. 

It’s gonna be tough, my girlfriend was laughing the first times I attempted it:

I was having the most powerful orgasm of my life while working super hard to keep my penis tight on the lockdown! 

A few things that can help you succeed:

  • be in sitting position – I find it easier to isolate PC and butt muscles that way.
  • imagine sexual energy going up your spine – instead of semen splashing out, imagine that it goes another way, spreading throughout your whole body.
  • hold your breath and contract your whole body – butt, legs, clench your fists, neck, face. I also find that looking with my eyes to my head helps to mentally move energy up.

A few possible case scenarios:

  1. You did it too early, and didnt get an orgasm. You get to try again.
  2. You had a much longer orgasm, but still ejaculated. Either your timing was too late or your PC muscles aren’t strong enough.
  3. You had an orgasm and few drops came out. You succeeded! Next time, try holding for longer or squeeze your PC muscles earlier. Work on your timing
  4. You had your first non-ejaculatory orgasm! Congratulations! If you did it all right, you will be able to repeat this several more times. Welcome to heaven!

As you succeed with your first non-ejaculatory orgasm, you can keep working on it to have a whole-body experience and longer orgasms! 

Meditation helps with bodily presence. 

Qi Gong helps to move the energy and activate your whole body for sensations.

Bonus: Attempting Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm With Your Partner

Time to impress your lady and have even better non-ejaculatory orgasms!

Explain to your partner what you’re doing and get her to cooperate. 

There are A LOT of benefits she’s getting out of this like:

  • longer love-making sessions
  • more orgasms – it’s very hard for a woman (or man) not to orgasm when his partner is orgasming because of mirror neurons! You’ll drive her crazy by orgasming several times in one session!
  • she’ll get to see you have the most powerful orgasms – you love when a lady is orgasming right? Why wouldn’t she? Especially when she will find out that right after orgasm you’re ready to keep going!

You need her cooperation because she has power to push you easily over the edge. 

When you’re close to orgasming, you need to stop all stimulation and concentrate on PC muscle contraction. 

If she keeps riding you, she will trick the ejaculation out from you. Not ideal, unless that’s your goal.

If she’s in then once you want to attempt to achieve non-ejaculatory orgasm, move to the best position that will allow you to contract PC muscles.

My preferred position is doggy style.

Good luck! 

It does get easier the more you do it! Taoist masters claim to be able to stop ejaculation just with the use of their minds.

But this is as far as I will lead you!

Or maybe you could use a male chastity cage to discipline yourself easier?

Would love to hear your story and experience!

It’s a fun world out there!

Happy exploration!


  • I’ve been searching for a nice explanation about Napoleon Hill’s sex transmutation, i think i found it here!
    Thank you for your work🙏

    • Ah, yeah, I was there too! It was so mystical. Too good to be true.

      It’s definitely helpful when you can save the energy and not ejaculate putting it instead in productive work.

      I still have my ups and downs. But definitely better than before.

      Thanks Hosein, feel free to reach out at my personal email – dainis at sexualalpha dot com if you have pressing question. Happy to chat.

  • Can’t wait to see more of your topics! They really made me feel a lot better after knowing stuff about how to turn her on and drive her wildly and those kinky stuff ;P
    Keep up the good work Dainis 🙂

    Have you made a topic about like healthy diets that boosts sperm production rate? (drinking tons of water is all I know haha). Also bodybuilding stuff to start with (like specific workouts benches etc.)? I’m underweight and I got like no fats at all planning to have a nice body like yours 🙂 wanna try first practising at home and if it gone well I might take it to the gym and aiming for a shredded body! If you already did then please provide it here!

    Also can’t wait for a book written by you for just about tips for everything sex related haha~

    For the premature ejaculation thingy. I was ashamed of myself of how fast I cummed while masturbating even though I cummed twice in less than 10 minutes without watching porn… It was both stupid and crazy tbh.. I’m 18 and I guess that it happened because I use lubing a lot and being very hyped. Also I’m trying to take the 99 no fap challenge, been 8 days, tried edging once and failed after three-ish minutes I don’t really understand it, should I wait til it gets flaccid then start again? Idk how to time it while trying to stay on the challenge’s track
    This is my first time commenting on your topics after seeing many one after one I got many questions to ask, kinda sorry for the long text, also thank you a lot for the motivation that you provide to many people including me, it’s really sweet of you!✌

    • Hey Jack, cheers! 🙂
      For sperm production here’s a guide I wrote about it (both natural and supplements you could take).

      about edging and premature ejaculation – If you wanna go 99 no fap – I would recommend really not even touching yourself, not getting close. And if you masturbate then don’t stroke…just tickle the head a bit, massage it… don’t even get close too fast… At first you gotta be super careful. Hope it helps… check New? Start Here on top of page – there are more guides I’ve written.

  • This is amazing! I’ve been looking for a level of detail like this for some time. A question, for the first exercise you say you masturbate for 20 minutes and get up to about an 8. Does it take you 20 minutes to get to that point? Or is it that once you’re at an 8, you maintain an 8 for the remainder of the 20 minutes?

    • Hey Eric,
      happy to help. I was looking for smtng like it too…till i decided to create one myself 🙂

      Oh, sorry for not being clear enough. It’s about getting to 8 and then I would circulate the energy around with the breathing (Microcosmic Orbit) till I get to around 5 or smtng… And then repeat….

      8 is important so you don’t accidentally ejaculate. It’s basically a modified edging exercise.

  • Hey man!

    Super stoked to hear about your experience in such detail and (to me) a much more grounded take on practicing no-fap.

    Personally, I’ve had a very imperfect experience with no-fap.

    “Imperfect” meaning at times I have experienced getting more benefits from actively fapping, than from no-fap.

    KEY POINT HERE = NO-FAP is ONLY helpful IF one knows how to feel and move the new energy that comes from a no-fap practice. Until then, no-fap can lead to disappointing results (as it did for me).


    Overall I’ve experimented with no-fap since 2016. Back then, I completed a 105 day no-fap on full hard mode (no touching, porn, no sex, only flirting and one time make-out at around day 90ish)

    At the time I decided to try no-fap because I was frustrated by my self-sabotaging behaviors with girls (at the time I was a little Puritan haha. I had a very deep phobia of initiating sexual/sensual contact with women).

    Girls would come to my room at night (in college), with skimp clothing and I still didn’t think they wanted to fuck me because they didn’t explicitly touch me or initiate. (it’s funny to me now… but wow, I was naive.)

    While it was true that overall I felt more confidently with women during those 105 days, it was more socially than sexually. It was also true that I felt like I was muting myself in life. Denying pleasure of the senses and life enjoyment without any real reason, purpose or benefit.

    Eventually I stopped. Gave up the no-fap idea and continued to fap at will. Decided to just enjoy porn, ejaculate all day and whatever else I wanted sexually.

    The results were something the no-fap community would probably never believe me…

    I very quickly became a chick magnet.

    This was NOT supposed to have happened LOL

    I can only explain it this way: Perhaps by actively fapping (and ejaculating) to porn regularly, I finally relieved the stuck energy that was trapped inside for those 105 days. I remember almost immediately feeling waaaaay less desperate and yearning. That neediness went away.

    For the first time in months… sex was not on my mind 24/7.

    With my mind on other interests, the girls around me probably felt that my energy was far more attractive and so things began to change.

    Seriously… the results were hilarious (in that they are the exact opposite of what the no-fap community preaches).

    I was fapping any time I wanted. And then I find myself getting blatantly hit on by a perfect 10 model.

    NOT MAKING THIS UP or exaggerating. It was straight out of a movie. Foreign Russian European model in Los Angeles (where I was living at the time) was asking me to go on a 1v1 nature hike with an obvious sexy subtext.

    I remember that well because I was so incredibly surprised and caught off guard that I didn’t even take her invitation seriously. Later I realized I should have taken the opportunity LOL. Lesson learned.

    Still. This was to me unbelievable and totally unexpected given my “no-fap failure”

    During the next few months I manifested an opportunity to move and live in Costa Rica.

    There a couple young yoga girls came over my house and stripped down taking photos of themselves.

    Again, all of this was happening WHILE I was freely fapping away.

    I had more energy, financial opportunities were coming my way. I moved to my favorite place in Costa Rica.

    Literally after quitting the no-fap challenge and just enjoying fapping anytime I wanted (with porn) … I got everything I wanted by doing no-fap.

    (Imagine my surprise at experiencing seemingly the exact reverse of the claims made by the no-fap community)

    Isn’t life full of ironies?


    It wasn’t until this year (2019) … that I actually began to understand what REALLY happened (and also why your article and account here rocks so much!!)

    What I now understand is that during my 105 day no-fap. I unknowingly suppressed vital sexual energy without knowing how to transmute it properly.

    Thus, No fap WITHOUT learning how to consciously move sexual energy = Sucks. I don’t recommend it. No benefits. Just torture.



    Since the end of 2017 (long after my 105 day experiment was over) … I began a daily morning of meditation. Every morning, for 17 minutes, I focus on the feeling/sensation of my body and environment around me. Every single day.

    Over the last year and a half, what I’ve discovered through this practice is that energy can get stuck in my body, but it can also be moved around and be made “unstuck”

    I learned that, no-fap without any additional support is borderline self-torture and NOT-AT-ALL effective (unless it inspires one to research Qi Gong or meditation, or anything that moves the energy. Like it did with you and eventually now me).


    You had a girl-friend during this experiment.

    I’m curious what your experience would have been like if you didn’t have a girl-friend. I did not at the time.

    Perhaps it was just me, but because I was single (with a very high libido) my mind would torture me with strong cravings to approach and fuck almost every girl I would see.

    Talk about brain fog. It wasn’t brain fog, it was penis fog. All I could think about was inserting objects into warm holes.

    Contrary to the claims made by the no-fap community, my 105 day no-fap practice made it much more difficult for me to respect and fully engage with the company of girls

    I would either be too hot (too sexually intense) … or too cold, (mostly uninterested… the stuck energy and probably over-compensating due to fear of being too sexually intense).

    During those “cold times” I remember missing numerous hints and cues for sexual escalation from girls I would spend time with. This would disappoint the girls I was with (as well as me when I later realized my oversights).

    Frankly, until I learned how to move energy this whole no-fap thing was a sad, meaningless punishment. It turned that extra 30% energy into an over-compensating, irritability and even depression.

    Quite the opposite of the claims made by no-fap and no-porn gurus.


    After learning and beginning a regular meditation practice in late 2017, I decided to experiment again with no-fap.

    THIS time, however, I noticed a substantial energy boost from my no-fap practice. Due to my meditation practice, I could now FEEL my inner-body much more strongly after about a week of no-fap.

    Like you, I also experimented with sex without ejaculation. I think the first time I had sex after a 3 week no-fap fast, it was so intense the girl I was with couldn’t talk properly she was in such a turn-on haze.

    Also I started to notice how enjoyable the act of sex was without orgasming.

    For the next few months I was on and off with my no-fap practice. Usually fapping only once or twice every few weeks. I would also regularly watch porn, but because I loved the no-fap energy so much it wasn’t hard for me to edge to porn, but then not go all the way. Strange I know, but to me it wasn’t that difficult.

    After months of doing that (to the point that I started to think I was developing an unhealthy compulsion) I noticed that I was able to naturally and effortlessly get shots of intense pleasure (orgasm?) WITHOUT ejaculating.

    I would watch porn, get right to the edge. Then stop. But, this didn’t feel bad.

    It felt nice. I loved the energy rush.

    I would watch porn, get myself riled up and then go workout to that energy.


    This year, with my most recent sexual partner, I noticed that I can routinely go 2-3 hours of full-on sex without the need to ejaculate. To be honest, I love the actual experience of sex so much that I usually don’t want to end it by cumming.

    Usually the girl gets tired before I do. She tells me to finish and I send her my white walker army.

    I still watch porn, but only when I really want to ejaculate or infuse myself with that sexual energy. Sometimes I watch porn just to take a break from project work (often works super well, I usually come back more fresh and creative!)

    I find that if managed and moved effectively, this awakened sexual energy from no-fap can be incredible powerful!

    Makes those “will-power” tasks way more pleasant to handle and start.

    However, as I get deeper into my spiritual practice I wonder if there there is no truly objective view here on no-fap. In other words, depending on the timing and “life season” … no-fap (even porn) can be enormously helpful. Other times, it could be equally detrimental.


    I am an athlete and a regular practitioner of working-out and sports. (Primarily weight-lifting, basketball and surfing). I am actively engaged in sports 3-4 times a week usually more.

    Overall, I can say that I have felt more energy during no-fap, but I also felt lethargy during other times.

    I have also had days when I would ejaculate 3 times and then have an epically powerful strength workout.


    Also… one time I was trying to do no-fap and I failed (decide to run one out).

    Feeling guilty immediately afterwards, I went for a run. My run took me to a beach where I ended up meeting, flirting and eventually passionately making-out with a girl. She was very turned on by my forwardness.

    After our beach makeout she drove me back home and we made places to meet up later to “hang out”

    This happened like 40min after I fapped and “failed”

    Life isn’t black and white.

    Only our body and energy can really tell us what is helpful or unhelpful to us and our body in any given moment.

    Cheers man! Thank you again for sharing your story!

  • I have been masturbating since the age of 14. I developed a number of problems (anxiety, stomach cramps) around my middle-late adolescence that we could not explain. I believe now that it was caused by masturbating 2-3 times a day for about a 4-5 year period. The cramps did subside over the years into my twenties because I realized I felt like shit when I did this activity. Didn’t tie it to my cramps at that point, but now I know there is seriously something terrible about excessive amounts of masturbation. I’ve quit for three weeks so far and I’m never looking back. I feel better in a few ways and I think maybe it may continue to improve the longer I hold on.

    • Amazing story, happy to have you back! Moderation eh – after serious nofap streak, i am returning a bit on moderate ejaculation and feeling a lot better too.

  • Hey man great article I wish I had read this before my last relationship it would have been so much better but thanks for the info much needed I bought the book a few years ago but never really applied it

  • Sometimes, when I edged a drop or 2 or semen is discharged. However, I don’t feel as tired as with a full ejaculation. How much will this affect my semen retention progress?

    • Not much, maybe it’s even the precum. As long as you don’t ejaculate fully – you won’t loose any energy (at least in my observation)

  • Hey men great history, thanks for sharing, you motivate me to do this stuff, I am staying away from porn, I am doing Kegels (reversal as well), now I understand the masturbation base in felling instead of visual inputs, I noted that I don’t need to go really hard, used to beat the meat really raw, now gentle strokes are enough. One thing that I noted as I develop this filing base masturbation I fell some strange shit moving up down my spine, and when a close my eyes I feel this electric pulse that moves up and down, is really strong in the head (near forehead) it is like a shiver, some times I manage to store in my feets when I want, but I don’t feel it much in the rest of the body (like belly and lower back) is this the microcosmic orbit ?

        • yeah sometimes it is. But breathing, focusing in on little details, not going fast… contracting your penis on exit, relaxing when going in… CAT position – all of it helps 😉

  • Hi Alan,
    I was successfully on nofap for more than 1 year straight.
    Recently got into a relationship and while having sex, the most expected thing happened that I came under 1 min.
    I came across your article and re-initiated the no-fap journey.
    Only few points I need some clarification on. First, how to exactly execute Microcosmic Orbit Exercise. And second, will the edging technique be enough to last longer in bed?
    I recently came into a relationship and really don’t want it to get affected by below average sex.

    • Vick, check the video embedded in the article – it shows how to do Orbit Exercise.

      Edging will help, but you cannot have sex the way you usually did… Fast thrusting inevitably will lead to faster ejaculation.

      You gotta go slower and not even get close to that edge for as long as you can. I was worried that she might be bored…but fun thing is when you go slow and amplify the sensitivity – you both adjust and enjoy it a lot 😉

      • Exactly man. The thing is that she prefers it to get raw and rough most of the times and I’m worried that with the slow pace, she might not enjoy it as much.
        Because the major issue I’m facing right now is that my mind is focusing too much on the fact that how can I last longer. It’s like all the day I’m thinking of that only how can I fix that.
        And therefore the performance anxiety is also kicking in which is adding up to early ejaculation.

    • Hey Boyan, how far are you in the journey? 🙂 I think from 16 the fap…probably 18 porn. Didnt have space or computer before (hah I am old)

  • I am starting my NoFap movement from now on. I’ve tried this for nearly 4 weeks in April 2017 and the results were mesmerizing. But, ultimately I gave up and never went back. I also have Think and Grow Rich in my book shelf since the last 5 years and I have never read it. Poor choices in life, I guess.
    So, I’ve decided to start something from today itself which can change my life for good. NoFap and exercising. Wish me luck.

    • Good luck, Yogi! 4 weeks are awesome… 🙂 as time goes I also fall down, but it’s not about how many times you fall, it’s about how many times you get up and keep going 🙂

  • Congrats Dainis on your journey. Really glad i stumbled upon your site accidentally. I’ve been practicing non-ejaculatory orgasm for a few months. I’ve also successfully had non ejaculatory orgasm but i heard from other books and sites that holding our PC muscle too hard during NEO is not healthy. The right way is to gently hold the PC muscle,if done correctly we’ll stop the ejaculation and have our PC muscle flutter. How true is this ? And if so i am not able to achieve NEO by gentle contractions and not having those flutters either.

    • Hey Sonu, it’s hard to understand what’s right. Gentle way can only work if the wave of orgasm is weak. If you push too much then only a strong contraction will stop it.

      So I guess it’s about learning your levels…and if you want a gentle contraction, also expect a not so explosive, calmer, less sensational mini orgasm.

      For going for a big wave, i don’t know how you can do it with gentle contractions… I just end up losing my semen.

      It’s tough to understand what to believe reading all the resources. Trial and error.

      But I haven’t succeeded in what you are describing – the gentle way.

      • Hi Dainis, have you done any research on whether NEO is bad for your health in any way? For example, in retrogade ejaculation can it damage your parts or cause long term infertility, etc?

        • Andy, unfortunately there is no scientific research I’ve been able to find. There are some warnings, Taoist teachings about energy rotation.

          Just to stay safe I still ejaculate from time to time. Better would be to not even get close to ejaculating..as NEO is still unnatural.

          If retrogade ejaculation happens it means that you still ejaculated. Some doctors do warn against doing it frequently. For example, there’s urethral play that prevents ejaculation at all.

          Information is incomplete. I would suggest not going overboard – like ejaculating from time to time (once a month) if you practice lots of NEOS. Or go for longer times without even reaching that edge.

          Sorry, not able to give better explanation than this, Andy.

      • True,Trail and error.Whatever works best for you. As long as no semen and energy is lost I’m happy. Thanks a lot Dainis. And do you get involuntary contractions after a successful non ejaculatory orgasm, if so is it mandatory to get involuntary flutters after every NEO.

  • Nope, I tried several times peeing after that lock and it wasn’t white (that’s how you can check if it went to bladder).
    So…if you do it correctly then you should lose energy or sperm, SRK.

    • i dont think you can. Heard of a man who said that he told his mind not to have them and commitment was so strong that even during the sleep he stopped himself over indulging the dream.

  • Does the long 30 sec kegel hold throw off the girls progress? I feel like a 30 sec wait would look weird, especially in a hook up situation.

    • why do you need to do them in hookup situation? plenty of time aside from it… 🙂 and if you’re talking about toilet break, ladies take way longer breaks 😉

  • Hi Dainis, nice work man! Really appreciat your writing. So i was wondering wich books you read in your no fap-period (by this i mean the no-fap research kind a books)?

    • The Tao Of Health, Sex, and Longevity: A Modern Practical Guide to the Ancient Way – i like this book, it doesnt talk about just semen retention, but has long section on it. It’s incredible book, found recommended on Tribes of Mentors by Tim Ferriss initially.

      • but there is also book: Your Brain On Porn, if you wanna dive deeper, but I found Tao to be more inspiring to just take care of myself, not just pure science on brain on porn.

  • Hello :), I’m really amazed by your determination and discipline to master this ability. And I really appreciate you share your experiences with us. I am 18yo and I’ve been practicing PMO since I was 13. In the last months I have realized some of the drawbacks of this practice and started learning about NoFap movement and Semen retention.

    I am convinced at least that it is scientifically proven that masturbating mindlessly correlates with fatness.

    “…I examined the relationship of recalled and diary recorded frequency of penile-vaginal intercourse (FSI), noncoital partnered sexual activity, and masturbation to measured waist and hip circumference in 120 healthy adults aged 19–38. Slimmer waist (in men and in the sexes combined) and slimmer hips (in men and women) were associated with greater FSI. Slimmer waist and hips were associated with rated importance of intercourse for men. Noncoital partnered sexual activity had a less consistent association with slimness. Slimmer waist and hips were associated with less masturbation (in men and in the sexes combined). I discuss the results in terms of differences between different sexual behaviors, attractiveness, emotional relatedness, physical sensitivity, sexual dysfunction, sociobiology, psychopharmacological aspects of excess fat and carbohydrate consumption, and implications for sex therapy.”

    By far this is the best guide I’ve read. Congrats man. Keep on, keep strong.

    Wish me luck!!

    • Mm, good luck George. I cannot say that I 100% stick to it, but it has changed habits forever. Now I protect and are very mindful of every time I ejaculate or get close to it. That Reddit group SemenRetention is really good community to join.!

      Keep strong! Thanks!

  • Hey mann…great work👍👍
    It really takes some reading and pract. knowledge above all. But I have a really different issue Dan….
    I’m not thinking of masturbation coz. it’s not troubling me any day…but the problem is ….Hair FALLL…
    Now I think and I feel at least though not scientifically proven, it is related to working out….
    And I don’t have it as a genetic factor for sure…

    Let me explain my exp. about the matter ….
    I am 18
    I do not lift any weights…
    I just do exactly as I say–
    {Pushups(30×)➡Chinups(10×)➡backhand Benchups(15×)}
    4 reps a day…
    (Not huge)
    I started it since the age of 12/13 …

    At that time I was too young to notice it(hairfall) . But for some reason I paused for a year and half, then started working out again ..
    Then for the first time to saw the fact and somehow I started thinking that it might be related to my workout ..somehow (courtesy my subconscious)…

    So it stopped once again for a year or so and I noticed an improvement for how I didn’t know . I was so eager to start working out once again that my subconscious mind convinced my heart to belive ”that the mysterious ailment on my scalpe is gone and I would not experience any hairfall further and it had nothing to do with my workout however…”

    So,…(I know its going tooo long) … I do workout till the day but the thing is that my hair is in extreme risk of extinction by 2025-26 though it seem enough ….
    Only an angel can save …
    Danis I have complete faith that u can device something out of your reading habit and experience …
    Please Dan ….do reply to your bro with a good hope…❤💚💙💛💜

    • Hey Soham, sorry to hear for your challenges…

      I never had hair challenges so cannot really relate or help. But friends who have this issue just eventually learned to live with it. They found nice short haircut that looks good on them and just accepted it.

      Plus, if you workout then short hair actually looks pretty badass 🙂

  • >