5 Best Cum Lubes That Look Like Fake Semen [2021]

Get a load of these best cum lubes!

Best Cum Lubes

Are you insatiable for cum but never get quite as much of it as you want?

With the power of cum lube, you can get loads of that juicy… well, load. There are plenty of cum-like lubricants that let you have your fill of the gooey good stuff (like in our best edible lube guide).

But what is the best cum lube for you?

That’s what you’ll find out right here. I’ll tell you about the greatest lube like cum on the market so you don’t waste your money on crap.

You’ll also read a bit about what to consider if you want to buy cum lube for yourself.

Top Cum Lubricants Available Today

delight silk

Delight Silk


Price: $
Type: Water-based
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Vegan-friendly: Yes
Edible: No

sliquid silk

Sliquid Silk


Price: $$
Type: Hybrid (water + silicone)
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Vegan-friendly: Yes
Edible: No

jizz lube

Jizz Lube


Price: $
Type: Water-based
Hypoallergenic: No
Vegan-friendly: Likely No
Edible: Yes (in small quantities!)

1. Sliquid Silk

Best overall

Type: Hybrid (water + silicone) | Scent: Very mildly citrusy | Taste: Slightly lemony | Hypoallergenic: Yes | Vegan-friendly: Yes | Edible: No

  • Really similar to cum
  • Moisturizing properties
  • Easy to clean
  • Silicone might damage some silicone toys 
sliquid silk product shot

All things considered, this is likely the best cum lube you’ll find on the market.

It looks about as much like cum as any cum-like substance can. The texture and coloration are on point. It even bubbles the same way cum does.

In that sense, the lube knocks it out of the park.

Besides looking the part, Silk is also a great lube product overall. Just a little smidge will provide plenty of lubrication. It feels smooth and silky, so its name feels appropriate.

It is hypoallergenic and Glycerin-free too.

As far as the smell goes, though, don’t expect an authentic experience. This lube has a lemon-like aroma and slight citrusy taste, but it’s really mild. It’s kinda nice, really.

That said, you won’t really sense anything in use. If you’re after a true spunk scent, this ain’t it, but it’s pleasing to the nose nonetheless.

This lube is fairly easy to clean, which is a big plus. A little water should remove it no problem, so no need to worry about stains or residue.

Your sex toys may need special attention, however. 

You see, this is a hybrid lube, which is a mix of water-based and silicone-based lubricants. Fully silicone-based lubes can degrade bad quality silicone (or a blend)

The concentration of silicone in Sliquid Silk is low, though (12%). As such, there shouldn’t really be any problem with your toys. 

However, I still suggest you do a patch test (i.e., put a tiny bit of lube on a part of your toy) to see if it affects the toys.

2. Lovehoney Delight Silk

Best cheap cum lube

Type: Water-based | Hypoallergenic: Yes | Vegan-friendly: Yes | Edible: No

  • Affordable
  • Super-smooth and silky
  • Usable with latex condoms
  • Causes a warming sensation that might throw you off
  • Gets drier and creamier after a while
delight silk product shot

If you want the most bang for your buck, look no further than Lovehoney’s Delight Slick.

For such a cheap realistic cum lube, it’s an excellent texture: silky, slippery, and not tacky at all. There’s no discernible taste, and it doesn’t smell, either (apart from your typical water-based lube odor).

It claims to be hypoallergenic, so you shouldn’t get any adverse reactions from it. 

It has glycerin and propylene glycol, though. Women who are susceptible to yeast infections, should consider staying away from glycerin as it might be one of the causes.

After a while of using it, you might start getting a warm, tingly sensation. I’m not sure why this happens (it may be sodium hydroxide1 to blame).

I didn’t have any real reaction, but some people have noticed an off-putting sensation.

Since it’s water-based, Delight Silk does need more reapplying than something like a silicone-based lube.

On the other hand, that also makes it latex friendly, so you can plow away with any kind of condom you want.

3. Master Series Jizz Lube

Best scented & flavored cum lube

Type: Water-based | Scent: Musty cum? Kinda fishy | Taste: Similarish to semen | Hypoallergenic: No | Vegan-friendly: Likely No | Edible: Yes (in small quantities!)

  • More realistic than most cum lubes
  • Usable with all toy materials
  • Simple cleanup
  • Doesn’t taste great
  • Not quite the authentic cum smell
jizz lube product shot

The folks behind Master Series Jizz Lube sure went the extra mile to make this lube jizz-like.

Its texture is pretty authentic to the real thing. It’s creamy and white with a little clarity, very realistic cum lube in that department. 

Beyond looking the part, it works great as a lube, too. It’s water-based, so it’s compatible with all toys and condoms. Even cleaning it up takes no further effort than a quick rinse. 

On the other hand, it does contain propylene glycol and glycerin. 

But the real draw here is the smell and taste. Both are really similar to cum. Well, the smell is more like musty cum, of a person who ate some meat or asparagus.

Not exactly like the real thing, but it’s close.

Do keep in mind that it might not be vegan-friendly since it contains Diazolidinyl Urea, and I’m not sure if it’s animal-derived. 

Seeing that the lube is trying to replicate the real thing, both the smell and taste are far from a strawberry sundae.

The smell in particularly strong if you get a whiff straight from the bottle. Meanwhile, it tastes similar to real cum with just a sprinkle of playdough.

If cum flavored lube isn’t your cup of tea, you won’t adore the stench and flavor, but it’s all about the authenticity here. In that respect, it’s pretty solid.

4. Spunk Lube

Type: Hybrid (water + silicone) | Scent: Slightly vinegary | Hypoallergenic: Yes | Vegan-friendly: Potentially, but not certified | Edible: No

  • Great for anal
  • Condom-friendly
  • Easy cleanup
  • Smells a little off-putting in high concentrations
spunk lube product shot

To someone looking for a lube that looks like cum, something actually called Spunk sure sounds like the right choice. 

And sure enough, Spunk does look like actual spunk. It has that silky, runny texture with just a hint of tackiness. When you let it droop down from your finger, it’s kinda stringy like the real thing.

There’s no authentic smell, though, and no taste either. It boasts a kind of vinegar-like scent, but it’s too mild to notice during use. It isn’t edible, either, so refrain from guzzling it down.

Many consumers report not sensing any smell at all, while others say it smells like chemicals. I felt a vinegary odor, but your experience may vary.

No matter the smell/taste, one true fact about Spunk is that it‘s wonderful for anal. Its silicone component gives it just the slickness you need to get in through the back door if you will.

And that’s not all: Spunk is condom-friendly, so you don’t need to worry about your rubber popping mid-action.

5. Uberkinky Cum Together

Type: Water-based | Vegan-friendly: Yes (in small quantities)

  • Extra moisturizing effect
  • Cleans up like a dream
  • Not quite white enough
  • A little runny for “real” cum
cum together product shot

Uberkinky’s Cum Together fake cum lube is water-based, so it’s safe to use on all sorts of toys. There’s no need to worry about destroying a silicone toy or ripping a condom here.

Meanwhile, the consistency is really nice and slick, so it does a good job lube-wise. It has no discernable scent and taste, so you don’t have to fear any nasty aromas. 

If you are sensitive, it’s worth mentioning that this lube has propylene glycol, and glycerin.

At the same time, the texture doesn’t quite measure up to its gooey muse. Cum Together is a little too runny for a cum imitation, and it doesn’t have that white thickness of a proper load. But it offsets that by being usable with all toy and condom materials. 

Beyond that, it’s also super easy to get off of sheets and your skin after using it. 

Honorary Mention: Bad Dragon Cum Lube

Bad Dragon Cum Lube is a popular water-based lube. Or, rather, it was.

You see, earlier in the year 2020, a lot of people began having nasty reactions to it: burning sensations, numbing, and so on.

This was due to the fact that Bad Dragon changed the lube recipe without letting the public know (they eventually posted an announcement regarding this issue).

At the moment, Bad Dragon no longer puts out this lube. So if you see someone selling it, keep in mind that it might not be safe for use.

The clear Bad Dragon Cum lube version (that should still be safe for the body) is still in stock, though, if you’re interested.

What Is A Cum Lube?

Some of you reading this might be wondering: what is cum lube?

Well, cum lube is pretty much what you conjure in your mind when you hear that phrase: lube made to resemble semen. It has the color, texture, and sometimes even the smell and taste of bona fide jizz.

Why make something like that? Well, the obvious reason is that a lot of people simply like the idea of playing with cum. 

But, of course, there are other reasons. Some might want to make their squirting dildos ejaculate something more like the real thing, for example.

Maybe they like seeing bigger loads and add this stuff to enhance a cumshot. 

Cum lube has its place in the porn industry, too. You’ve probably seen a lot of impressive loads in porn, right? Well, quite a few of those are enhanced by this kind of lube.

Do keep in mind that there’s something called fake cum, and fake cum isn’t the same thing as cum lube.

Cum lube works as an actual lubricant, while plenty of fake cum products don’t. Odds are that simple fake cum won’t lubricate right.

How To Warm Up Cum Lube

For even more realism, you can warm up your cum lube before using it.

Now, the first thought popping into your head might be to just toss the bottle into the microwave. But microwaving lube is a bad idea.

For one, the bottle itself might not handle being in a microwave. Secondly, a microwave usually does a piss-poor job of heating evenly. And to make things worse, you’re likely to overheat the lube in a microwave.

So what do you do? Here’s a quick and easy solution.

Warm-up a bowl of water (you can do that in a microwave if you want). Then, put your bottle of lube in the water and wait for it to heat up to your liking.

How To Choose The Right Cum Lube For You

If you want to get the best cum lube for you, you need to know what you want to use it for.

Are you just looking for something that looks like jizz in terms of color and texture? There are plenty of products of that nature for you to find. If you’re after an authentic smell, look for a lube that has that.

Some lubes also taste like actual spunk, but not a lot of manufacturers get the flavor just right. So the market is a bit of a mixed bag in that respect. The aforementioned Master Series Jizz Lube does a good job replicating it, though.

No matter the flavor, please make sure it’s edible before deciding to chug any of it down.

Using A Condom With Cum Lube? You Need to Know This

In case you intend to combine your cum lube with a condom, you should also be mindful of what kind of lube you’re using. Applying the wrong type can actually end up damaging the condom.

For example, oil-based lubricants can weaken latex condoms, causing them to break if put under enough stress. 

Your safest bet is to just use water-based cum lube. It doesn’t react with any material, so it won’t degrade or tear your rubber during use. 

Sliquid Silk is a good option for you since it’s a hybrid. It basically takes the best properties of both kinds. That means it’s more long-lasting (owing to the silicone) and safe for condoms (because it’s also water-based).

Silicone Toys And Silicone Lube

While we’re on the subject of dangerous pairings, I should mention that silicone-based lubricants will corrode some silicone toys.

That said, high-quality silicone toys can handle it. It’s usually best to do a patch test on a part of your toy (a part you don’t insert into yourself) and see how it reacts to the semen lube.


With these five products, you’ll be more than able to sate your cumlust. With them by your side, you can get a massive load whenever you feel like it.

Get one of the above lubes that suits your needs and interests the most, and you’ll rest easy knowing that you’ve got the best cum lube around.


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