The G Spot Diagram: Finding the Female G Spot

Let our G spot diagram help you find and properly stimulate this elusive pleasure spot, so you can give your girl satisfying orgasms during penetration.

The G spot might feel like a mystery. It’s not mapped out in the female body, so it feels like you’re literally searching for a secret treasure.

But you don’t have to be a treasure hunter like Benjamin Franklin Gates to find that ~hidden gem~ in your girl.

And you have to because the G spot is key to female orgasm, especially through penetration.

What Is the G Spot?

G spot, or the Gräfenberg spot, was first “discovered” by a German scientist in the 1950s.

A quick history of the G spot

Sadly, at the time, most people forgot about it and moved on with their lives.

It was only revisited in the 1980s and then went mainstream after Dr. Beverly Whipple published the findings in her book The G-Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality.

The sex researcher discovered that stimulating a specific spot in the vagina produced a physical response in women.

To give a nod to the German scientist, the term G spot was coined for “Gräfenberg,” which is that German scientist’s name, Ernst Gräfenberg.

The G spot defined

The G spot is an area with increased sensitivity and erotic pleasure when stimulated.

You can find it along the inner front wall of the vagina. It varies from person to person, but it’s located a few inches in. For some, the G spot is a bit higher, while it’s closer to the vaginal opening for others.

It feels like a wrinkled, ridged, or spongy area. The more aroused the woman is, the more pronounced this spot is.

The G spot is referred to as the “female prostate” because of its similarity to the male organ in structure and function. For one, both spots trigger and contribute to orgasm.

Another similarity is the Skene’s glands for both males and females. These two small structures produce a fluid to lubricate the urethra for women. Meanwhile, it’s said to have the same components as the male prostate.

Ultimately, it’s an erogenous zone.

Get to know the female anatomy

Aside from the G spot, familiarize the rest of the female anatomy as well, so you don’t get lost.

A pleasure nub located out of the vagina, a source for many women’s orgasms.
Clitoral hood
The folds on the clit to protect it.
Outer and inner labia
Folds of skin around the vaginal opening.
G spot
A few inches inside the frontal vaginal wall, source for squirting orgasms for women.
The tube that connects the urinary bladder to the vaginal opening to excrete urine.
Pelvic floor muscles
Muscles supporting bladder and rectum.
Skene’s glands
Secrete the liquid to lubricate the urethra opening.

Is the G spot real?

TBH, there is still a lot of speculation surrounding the G spot.

When you map the female anatomy, there is no X mark where the G spot is. This is because its existence and exact location are not clinically-proven—yet.

Also, it’s believed that the G spot is not necessarily a specific, separate spot in the vagina. Instead, it’s more of an area that extends from the clitoral network.

The clitoris we know is the little nub outside of the vagina, but it’s actually larger. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. And when you stimulate a woman’s G spot, you’re actually stimulating part of the clit.

Furthermore, a study published in 2022 claims that the G spot is made up of five structures. These are the clitoral crura, clitoral bulb, periurethral glands, urethra, and anterior vaginal wall. And when these structures are stimulated during penetration, it could make a woman orgasm.

So, yes, the G spot is real. And it might not just be a spot but more like a zone, in fact.

G Spot Diagram: How To Find The G Spot

Finding the G spot isn’t the most straightforward because it’s not exactly mapped out. But the search isn’t impossible. 

To make it easy for you, you can take a look at this G spot diagram.

1. Communicate with your partner

Self-exploration is the best way to find the G spot. It gives the person more control of how they stimulate the spot, and they know better what feels good or not.

So the best way to go is by first talking with your partner. She knows more about her body than you ever could. If she has explored her G spot before, ask her to guide you in locating where it is so you can pleasure her. 

Something to note

If you’re exploring it for the first time together, then be open to each other.

Let her feel comfortable to express if she feels nice or not from the stimulation.

2. Make sure she’s aroused

This is important. Penetration is needed to stimulate the G spot, so your partner must be aroused.

If she feels anxious and not ready, she might tense up. Plus, her vag might not be “wet” yet. This could make fingering her feel unpleasant.

So foreplay is a must.

3. Start with your finger/s

Using a finger or two is the best way to go when you’re first exploring. It’s easier for you to FEEL the texture and control your finger’s movements.

It also makes locating your partner’s G spot easy.

Insert your finger with your palm facing upward. Then, curl your finger a bit in a “come hither” motion.

On average, the G spot is around two inches inside the vagina and at the top of the vaginal wall.

Sort of behind the belly button. 

When you’re moving your fingers, you can imagine you’re stroking the belly button from inside.

It’s also not right smack in the middle. It can be a little off to one side.

Ultimately, you don’t have to look for a specific button. But you may be able to determine you’re in the right spot when you feel a spongy texture. It’s like a bean-shaped bump and a bit more textured than its surrounding area.

But you can also tell you hit it when the woman responds positively.

How To Stimulate The G Spot

You’ve found the G spot. Now, what?

It’s time to stimulate it, of course!

Start slow

Slowly ease your finger into your partner’s vag. And when you’re in, don’t IMMEDIATELY thrust like there’s no tomorrow.

Massage the G spot with your finger

Use the pad of your finger to massage the G spot gently. Here are some techniques you can try:

Steady pressure
Maintain a steady direct pressure with your finger. When doing this, adding clitoral stimulation is best.
Come hither
Popular because it’s effective. Curl up your fingers in a “come hither” motion, then apply pressure against the anterior wall.
Right on the spongy nub, rhythmically tap your finger. Experiment with pressure, intensity, rhythm, and speeds.

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Gently press her belly

Applying pressure outside her G spot area makes the sensation feel more stimulating.

So with your free hand, gently press on her belly. That spot above the top line of the pubic hair.

Use sex toys

Sex toys add spice to you and your partner’s G spot exploration. It also takes away the strain from your fingers and wrist.

The best sex toy you can start with is a stainless steel dildo like njoy Pure Wand. Its C-curve is the perfect angle to hit the G spot. Its firmness and weight also let you apply firm and steady pressure on the woman’s pleasure hotspot.


njoy Pure Wand

External stimulation is great to incorporate as well, especially on the clit. I suggest using a clit vibrator. Many women orgasm more from clit stim, making the experience feel better for them.

Consider she might squirt

Squirting is the expulsion of liquid from a woman’s vagina. Consistently stimulating the G spot can cause some women to expel fluid from the Skene’s glands via the urethra.

It can be a very pleasurable experience for your girl.

Best Sex Positions for the G Spot

Now, it’s time to explore stimulating the G spot during partnered penetrative play. Again, some sex positions work better for this type of stimulation.

Angle is very important during intercourse to hit her frontal vaginal wall.



When she sits on top of you, grinding her hips is a really good angle for the G spot. She doesn’t have to thrust up and down. Moving her hips back and forth would be better. And with her on top, she can control the speed, depth, angle, and rhythm.

Doggy Style sex position

Doggy style

The position of your bodies during doggy style allows good access for your penis to hit her G spot. You are more in control in thrusting her here, but she can enhance the angle to what feels best for her by pushing her hips backward or leaning down on her forearms.

Closed missionary

Closed missionary

It’s a variation of missionary where you straddle her legs. Instead of you being in between her legs, she closes her legs and keeps them straight while your legs are on the outer side. This more closed position gives a shallow penetration, creating a tighter feeling and more friction against the G spot.


The G spot might be an elusive pleasure hotspot for your girl, but it’s not a myth.

It’s worth exploring if it’s something that feels nice for her. If not, you can both take that to your sex journal and add sexual knowledge from experience. Win-win!

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