Squirting 101: How To Make A Girl Squirt FAST & For Real

Discover the secrets of squirting and help her experience the most intense female orgasms ever! Learn how to make a girl squirt – it’s not a myth!

Squirting 101

Making your girl squirt is one of the best feelings. It’s like the ultimate climax, and you want to give that sexual euphoria to her.

But there are also a lot of misconceptions about it. Is it real? Is it just pee? Does squirting with associate orgasm? And, most importantly, how do you make a girl squirt?

To get it out of the way: yes, squirting is real. 

As for the rest of your questions, we’ll go on a deep dive into the answers in this squirting 101.

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What is squirting, exactly?

Squirting is the expulsion of fluid from the vulva. It’s also often referred to as “female ejaculation.” (More on that later.)

The thick semi-white fluid comes from the Skene’s glands, located in the erectile tissue that sits at the lower end of the urethra. 

Interestingly, this is also where urine comes from. That’s why there are many controversies that say squirting isn’t real and it’s actually just peeing.

So, is squirting simply peeing?

Ehh… that’s a bit complicated to answer.

Squirt DOES contain some components of urine, such as urea, creatinine, and uric acid concentrations. But it ALSO contains chemicals found in semen.

Ultimately, squirting is NOT pee.

It may contain urine (especially if the woman didn’t pee before sex), but squirt is basically its own kind of fluid.

But for all its intents and purposes…

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Squirting is real!

It’s not a myth. It’s real, and it exists.

And there are many studies to prove that. Yep, it’s still a mystery what it really is and where it really comes from. But vulva-havers have experienced it. This 2017 cross-sectional study revealed that 69% of women aged between 18 and 39 had ejaculated during orgasm.

REGARDLESS! It makes a woman feel good. And if your partner is interested in trying, you should give it your all. So read on.

Source: The Journal of Sexual Medicine

Squirting Preparations

You don’t just dive into your woman’s vag and pump into her at full speed. There are things to know and prepare before you jump in.

Understand the female squirting anatomy

If you want to make your girl squirt, there are two genital parts you should be familiar with.

First is the G-Spot.

I know you’ve heard of it by now. It’s one of the holy grails in female sexual pleasure. And squirting is no different.

Something to note

It’s easier to spot her G-spot when she’s aroused. So make sure you do foreplay, and she’s hot and horny before you attempt to find it. 

How to find it? The G-spot is in the front wall of her vagina. Insert your finger, then slide the pad of your finger at the upper wall. It’s around 2 to 3 inches deep, and you’ll know you’ll find it when you touch a slightly ribbed texture.

Next, get to know the Skene’s gland.

It’s also referred to as the female prostate due to its similarity with the male prostate. When a woman is aroused, this gland swells up and fills with fluid, which is what the woman then squirts.

How to find it? You can’t directly stimulate the Skene’s gland. But, it’s verrrry close to the G-spot, so stimulating the G-spot is the way to go—which is great because that’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

Make her feel comfortable

Orgasm is so much more than physical activity for women. It’s also very emotional and psychological. So if a woman feels uncomfortable with you or with herself, it wouldn’t be possible for her to squirt and release.

Telling your woman to “relax” won’t work. Instead, she will feel pressured to climax, giving you actually the opposite effect.

Some of the factors that could stop her from getting turned on are:

  • Stress
  • Exhaustion
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Some medications
  • Trauma from bad experiences
  • Fears
  • Guilt
  • Shame (if they perceive sex as wrong or immoral)

It’s important to get your girl comfortable to be vulnerable with you, especially as squirting is a type of release that requires no inhibitions.

Consider checking out our best sex tips guide to take your game to a new level.  

Ensure she’s aroused and ready

Now, she should not just be relaxed. She should be horny as well.

You have to trigger the right switches to turn a woman on. While it sounds complicated, it’s actually surprisingly easy.

First, make sure to start outside of the bedroom. Foreplay doesn’t start when you take her clothes off.

Get her in the mood throughout the day. Make her feel loved and desired. Send flirty texts. She should feel sexy and how eager you are to be with her by the end of the day.

Next, you should highlight intimacy and emotional connection, especially if you are in a long-term and committed relationship with your partner. 

And when you’re getting into it, set the mood and dim the lights. A dimmer room feels more intimate and could help her feel less self-conscious to feel comfortably connected with you.

A Step-by-Step Guide: How To Make A Girl Squirt

Step 1: Make some preparations

It can get wet and messy when a woman ejaculates. Of course, the amount varies from woman to woman. But it helps to make some preparations in your room to prevent major clean-up later.

So have a towel ready and waterproof your bed, couch, floor, or wherever you’re planning to explore your squirting sesh.

Step 2: Set the mood

Remove distractions from the environment. Turn off the TV and get some good, sexy music on. Some women might like having candles for a romantic and intimate feel, but that’s totally up to your couple preferences.

This step is important to get your girl to feel comfortable. If she’s distracted, uncomfy, or anxious, she might end up contracting her muscles and prevent any orgasm from happening.

Step 3: Foreplay

There are many ways to do foreplay, and you can get as creative and fun as you can. However, if you don’t know where to start, here are some tips:

Give her an erotic massage
Massaging her loosens up her muscles and lets you explore some pleasure hotspots in her body. Start with her back, arms, and legs. Then, slowly inch your way into her sexier parts.
Talk dirty
Dirty talk is super hot. And you might be surprised to know she actually likes it. Many women don’t reveal this, but they enjoy it when their man talks dirty to them.
Do a striptease
It’s fun and sexy. Even if you’re a terrible dancer or feel silly, you’ll come off as sexy. And regardless, seeing you naked would get her hot and ready. So bust some Magic Mike moves and dance away.

Step 4: Stimulate the G-spot

…using the techniques we’ll discuss below.

Every woman is different when it comes to squirting.

That is why there are various techniques you can try, and we’ll delve into them.

What you should do is:

  • Listen to what YOUR partner likes
  • Explore various techniques
  • Be ready if she squirts or doesn’t squirt

Step 5: Don’t stop

Consistency is key. Yep, it may strain your arm, but be prepared to keep going.

Squirting doesn’t come fast. So make sure you don’t stop or slow down—unless she wants you to, obvs.

At this point, you can feel her G-spot swell and be so wet that you can hear that splash-splash-splash sound. 

She might even feel like she’s going to pee. That’s a sign that she’s nearing squirting, so reassure her to let go and keep doing what you’re doing. Keep going and satisfy your woman.

Squirting Techniques

As promised, here’s exactly how you can get her juices pouring.

By this point, your woman should be wet with her lady juices. If she’s a bit dry, you can lick your finger and use saliva to wet your finger when you put it into her vagina. Or, use lube. Lubes are always a good idea and make insertion more accessible and pleasurable.

Start with your middle finger. Insert your finger into her vagina facing up. The pad of your finger should press to the top of the vaginal wall, which is where her G-spot is.

When she’s ready, insert another finger (preferably your ring finger) and continue doing the gentle strokes. See how she responds.

Put pressure on her G-spot area by curling your fingers around her pubic bone. This is the perfect position to locate and stimulate the G-spot.

You will know when you’ve spotted her G-spot when you feel a textured area like a raspberry. It has textures that feel sort of ribbed, and it’s more pronounced the more aroused she is.

Doing so could make her orgasm. But since squirting is the goal, you don’t stop here. Keep going with the following techniques:

1. Push the button

How: With your finger, press her G-spot repeatedly like pressing a button. Do it up and down.

Depending on your partner’s reaction, you can do this fast or slow. You can also vary how much pressure you apply. Light, stable pressure is usually the most pleasurable, especially for sensitive women. Stronger pressure might be too intense for women, but there are also others who like more intensity.

This technique can feel good to your woman. It helps make her squirt, but this is not the button to push her over the edge—yet.

2. Circular motions

How: Maintain pressure on your finger, then rub the G-spot in a circular motion. You don’t thrust in and out or motion up and down; just go in circles.

This feels good, but as the first technique, it might not be enough yet to make her squirt. That’s not to say these techniques are skippable, as the key to making a woman squirt is making her feel good on her vag to make her reach her peak.

3. Come hither

How: The come hither motion is similar to doing a beckoning motion using your finger.

Again, it’s NOT thrusting in and out or up and down, but more like motioning your fingers to run back and over the G-spot—exactly like the ‘come here’ motion. Apply pressure on the G-spot when you curl your fingers, then release the pressure when you straighten your fingers.

Many women get off with this as it’s the go-to way of stimulating the G-spot. However, it could be tiring.

As I mentioned, you need to be consistent, and you should not stop or slow down until she squirts. Since you’re moving your fingers and wrist, it does feel straining. Plus, the stimulation may not even be enough.

4. Arm shaker

How: Lock your arm, wrist, hand, and fingers tightly. Give pressure into her G-spot by moving your entire arm this time. Next, raise your arm up and down rapidly with your fingers pressed on her G-spot.

This technique gives the most pressure, so it’s most likely to make her squirt.

And if you watch porn, this is usually the technique they do to make the woman ejaculate.

Pro Tip

I do the three techniques first, and when I notice my partner is nearing squirting, I switch to the arm shaker technique. Especially if I start to feel my hands go tired.

5. Extra G-spot pressure

Sometimes, a girl needs more pressure to get her to squirt. Try applying pressure on her mons pubis. It’s at the front of her pubic bone, right at the lower part of her belly or abdomen. Use your extra hand or let your partner push down this area.

This applies more pressure as it squeezes her G-spot into her vagina in a pleasurable way, making stimulation more effective.

Of course, you shouldn’t do it too hard. This position also puts pressure on her bladder, so you might risk making her pee instead.

6. Clit and G-spot stim

Combine internal and external stimulation. Not only will this help her achieve female ejaculation, but this also feels really good. 

How: You will be using BOTH HANDS for this. With your one hand, stimulate her G-spot using the techniques mentioned above. With the other, massage her clitoris in ways that feel good to her. Like the G-spot, there are many ways to do this. And each technique will elicit a different pleasure.

The techniques to rub her clit are actually pretty similar to G-spot stim. You may try the following:

  • Rubbing the clitoris and clitoral hood back and forth or up and down using your fingers or hand,
  • Tapping the clit and hood as slow or as fast as she likes, and
  • Pinching the clitoral hood and tugging it up and down GENTLY using two fingers.

Doing these with both hands can be challenging, so you may ask your girl to participate in letting her handle the clit or G-spot play herself. What’s good about this is she’s in control, which means she can pleasure herself in a way that’s most pleasurable for her.

If you’re using both hands for your girl, some positions could make doing it a bit more manageable, such as:

Standing behind her
You’re stable since you’re upright, and you can easily reach around her. This position also lets you kiss and nibble her neck. Go, multitasker!
Having her lay down on you
Lay down on your back, then have her lay down on top of you. She should be facing away from you. It’s similar to the first position, but you’re more relaxed this way. It might be harder to control your thrusts, though.
Having her on all fours
It’s sexy and gives you enough reach to her hotspots.

7. Use sex toys

Incorporating sex toys doesn’t mean you’re incapable of making her squirt yourself. Sex toys amp the sensations, so you can focus more on other sensations and help make it easier for your girl to squirt.

There are so many sex toys you can use. But these are my top three suggestions you should explore:

Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration Vibrating Pressure Wave Stimulator

Clit stimulation toys

Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration Vibrating Pressure Wave Stimulator

Many women orgasm from getting their pleasure nub rubbed, so using clit stimulating toys like the Satisfyer Pro 3 can help make her squirt more easily. This toy has air pulsations that feel like oral sex and also has vibrations.


Stainless steel dildo

njoy Pure Wand

While you can use your fingers, maintaining the pressure could be tiring. Many users swear by a stainless steel dildo like njoy Pure Wand in helping them achieve their first squirts. Its curvature makes hitting the G-spot at the right angle without much strain on your hands.

Wand massagers is a simple-to-use toy that provides more stimulation with its powerful vibrations. Pressing and rubbing it against her vulva could effectively push her to the edge of reaching her climax. The Magic Wand and Le Wand Massager are among the popular ones.

Magic Wand

wand massager

Magic Wand

Le Wand

wand massager

Le Wand

And, of course, don’t forget to use your favorite lubricants. Just because she naturally lubricates doesn’t mean you should skip lubes, especially when it makes using toys and stimulation better.

Check out other great toys in our best sex toys for squirting guide.

8. Massage

An erotic massage is a relaxing and sensual activity you and your partner might be into. There’s a reason why there is an entire genre of porn for “massage.” It turns a woman on and helps her orgasm because of the following main reasons:

  • It helps her relax.
  • It eases her tension spots.

As we already discussed, a woman can’t orgasm if she feels anxious or uncomfortable. Helping her relax is crucial, and massage is one good way for that.

Plus, women have tension spots on their bodies.

Something to note

It would be difficult for her to reach climax if these spots were tense. Massage lets you loosen up these muscles and areas.

So, where are a woman’s tension spots exactly? Usually, these are around her collar bone, nipples, stomach, groin, inner thighs, back, spine, and buttocks.

Not only that, but erotic massage makes her more sensitive to your physical touch as her senses are heightened. This makes your every touch feel more intense, helping her squirt.

Maybe give her a pussy massage?

Squirting During Sex

Making a woman squirt through fingering during the first few sessions is the most plausible. But as you both get familiar with the sensations, you can start exploring squirting during partnered sex.

Yep, that’s possible.

Best Sex Positions To Make A Woman Squirt

Technically, any sex act or position that stimulates a girl’s G-spot and clit at the same time CAN make a woman squirt. The great thing? Squirting doesn’t require you to go in deep. 

Shallow strokes are needed for G-spot stim. Try these:

1. Legs-On-Shoulders or Shoulder Stand Position

It’s one of the best positions to hit the G-spot, although it looks a bit challenging.

To give this a try:

  • Have her lay on her back. Meanwhile, you’re upright and on your knees.
  • Let her wrap her legs around your waist, then lift her hips to penetrate her.
  • Placing an arm on her back helps support her weight during this position.

2. Spooning

As mentioned, spooning is a very good position to hit her G-spot AND stimulate her clit. It also feels very intimate and not as straining as you’re both lying down.

To give this a try:

  • You and your partner should lay on your sides, front to back.

You can also try other variations of the spoon position, like the binding spooning position (her one leg is raised up).

3. Doggy Style Sex

Doggy style is a favorite for many women because of how it exactly hits their G-spot. It’s not the ideal position for squirting as you’re basically blocking her vag. When she does squirt, it’ll be quite messy.

BUT this position lets you easily stimulate her clit and hit her G-spot simultaneously, which are key points for squirting.

To give this a try:

  • Have your woman crouch on all fours. She uses her hands and knees to support her weight in this position.
  • Kneel behind her.
  • You can easily penetrate her this way and then reach over to stimulate her clit.

4. Jockey Position

It’s a variation of doggy style but is more sensual OR athletic thrusting. Again, the speed is up to you. This position doesn’t allow you to play with her clit, but the G-spot stimulation is intense. It’s like the Arm Shaker, but with your whole torso.

To give this a try:

  • Have her lay down on her front.
  • Straddle her and then penetrate her.

5. Crab Position

If you like girl-on-top or the cowgirl position, you’ll enjoy the crab position as well. It’s a variation of the girl-on-top where she can take more control of the thrusting.

To give this a try:

  • Lie down on your back.
  • Let her lower herself down on you.
  • Have her lean back with her arms supporting her weight.
  • You can help support her weight by bending your knees and letting her rest her back on your legs.

6. Double Decker Position

It’s quite a funny name as it’s inspired by the double-decker buses like those in England. Think of it as spooning. But instead of laying on your sides, you’re both laying on your backs. Free hands for you to play with her breasts and clit!

You can’t thrust as much as you’re at the bottom, giving your woman complete control of the pressure, speed, and depth.

To give this a try:

  • Lay down on your back.
  • Have her lay down on top of you, her back on your chest.
  • Help her support herself with her elbows and feet.

7. Bouncing Spoon Position

It’s like the Double Decker Position and Crab Position COMBINED. She leans back while sitting on you. These positions, where she leans back with her back on you, are great for hitting the G-spot as your penis is angled to hit the front side of her vaginal wall.

To give this a try:

  • Sit with your legs straight (or slightly bent).
  • Her position should be kneeling while she’s facing the opposite side. (You’re facing her back.)
  • Let her lean back and thrust.

8. Tuck Knee Position

Like missionary, but with more spice, this position lets you go in deeeeep while also giving her control of how deep you can go even when she’s lying down. It’s also not too straining for you as you can be quite stable while on your knees.

To give this a try:

  • Have her lay on her back with her legs up in the air.
  • Kneel near her hips.
  • Let her pull her thighs to her chest as high as possible, depending on her flexibility.
  • Slide inside her. You can support your weight on the back of her thighs, allowing her to let you go as deep as you want or resist.

If you want to more some simple and complicated positions then go check out our guide on the best sex positions to make her squirt.

Talk to your partner

The squirting techniques I mentioned here should help you make your girl squirt. 

The keyword? 


It’s not an assurance. There is no 100% foolproof way to make a woman squirt because every woman and everyone’s body is different.

The secret, then, is to find out what feels good to her. And the way to do that is by getting her feedback.

Well, how?

It’s easy. 

Communicate. With. Her.

Let’s start with passive feedback.

You can SEE if she’s enjoying a specific stimulation simply by watching her reactions.

Some visual cues from her face are:

  • Her mouth makes an ‘O’ shape
  • Her eyes roll into the back of her head
  • She’s screaming, moaning, gasping, and writhing in pleasure

If she looks bored, neutral, or annoyed, then it’s pretty obvious she’s not having fun.

Also, be cautious of the sounds she’s making. Is it from pleasure or pain? Unfortunately, they could sound awfully almost the same.

But then again, every person is different. So you can go for the surer way.

That’s with active feedback.

If all else fails, just talk to her

Plain and simple.

There is no harm in asking. This eliminates you having wrong assumptions. 

You can’t know how to get to your destination if you don’t know whether or not you’re going on the right path.

Some men might feel self-conscious about actually asking their girl. But let go of that notion.

A great lover asks, gathers feedback, and takes the necessary steps to improve from there.
Having an open, non-judgemental space to communicate about sex makes sex better.

Troubleshooting Guide in Squirting

Like many explorations, the experience won’t always be smooth. But you don’t have to panic, as I have tips for you on how to troubleshoot when you meet these road bumps along the way.

She feels like she’s going to pee

Stimulating the G-spot and Skene’s gland is key to making a girl squirt. But as you may have noticed, the G-spot and Skene’s gland are very near the bladder. In fact, they’re just right beside each other.

That’s also when she’s turned on, and her G-spot swells. She will get a feeling like she needs to pee. This can feel even more noticeable when you make her squirt as you’re putting pressure in these areas, which indirectly puts pressure on the bladder as well.

Plus, the fluid from squirting passes through the same tube where pee comes out: the urethra. So if she’s holding back to prevent herself from peeing, then she will also unlikely squirt. 

So, what to do?

  1. Let her pee before your squirting session, so she has an empty bladder.
  2. Do it in the shower. If she does pee, then just wash it away. No big deal.

She got very wet, but she didn’t squirt

Right before squirting, you will often notice or, rather, hear a splash-splash-splash sound. That’s usually a giveaway that she’s near squirting.

But what if she didn’t squirt? Well, you’re almost there. So that’s a good sign. You can try again next time with more knowledge on what to do, what feels good, and what not to.

Pro Tip

Your girl may do Kegel exercises. Squirting can be easier to achieve when her pelvic floor muscles are toned and strong to contract more powerfully.

How? Let her lay down flat with knees bent. Then, she should raise her hips and flex her vaginal muscles.

It’s also important to set expectations. Squirting may not always be the same as what you see in porn (which is usually fake, by the way), where a gush or stream of liquid bursts from a woman’s vag.

Each woman is different, so the amount would be different as well. There’s no too much or too little squirt.

She didn’t squirt at all 🙁

First off, don’t be sad. If she squirts, AWESOME. If not, NO BIGGIE.

There are still so many things you both can explore. And squirting shouldn’t be just your end goal.

Plus, there could be many reasons for her not squirting. If you’re really interested, you can always try and try and try. Some couples take more sessions while others take less. So, identify what the probable reasons are.   

Maybe she feels uncomfortable with it? Maybe you’re doing the wrong techniques? Maybe she has some physical issues preventing her?

Regardless, you should openly talk about it without blaming or feeling inadequate.

Can squirt be used as lube?

The vag has natural lubrication. But while squirt is wet in many ways, it’s also different from female ejaculation.

For one, their textures and slipperiness are different.

If penetration is something you want to do next after making her squirt, get a good lube. It makes penetrative sex more pleasurable and just sliiide in, especially as her vagina could feel extra sensitive after squirting.

Make sure to use the RIGHT lube as well. Water-based, silicone, and oil are some examples, and not all of them are the same.

Personally, we mostly stick with water-based lubes are they’re safe for condoms, sex toys, and friendlier to sensitive skin. Especially as the vag needs to stay at good pH levels to ensure everything is functioning right.

Final Thoughts

Making your woman squirt can be fun for you and your partner to explore her body, be more intimate, and add spice to your sex life.

But(!) you shouldn’t treat it as a conquest to take on as she will only feel pressured to “perform.” And that’s not what it should be.

Sometimes it happens, and sometimes, it doesn’t. There’s totally nothing wrong with not being able to squirt. Sex and orgasm can still feel good even without squirting. And as long as you’re both happy and satisfied, that’s what truly matters.

And if you want to learn how to squirt or make someone squirt, check out the different courses including Squirting course from Beducated! Check out our Beducated review for more insights on this sexual education program.

Or, you can check out our guide for her first time squirting guide!

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