How To Measure Your Penis Size & Girth The RIGHT Way

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What is the right way to measure penis you may ask?

Well, BJUI International with King’s College in London and lead researcher David Veale have the most reputable study done on average penis size yet with 15,521 men.

visual graphic to measure penis length and girth

They have created a standardised process for a medical health professional to make accurate penis measurement.

If you’re wondering this study concluded that average erect penis length is 5.16″ and girth (circumference) is 4.59″.

Here are the quick steps to measure your penis size:

  1. Find a measuring tape or ruler and get your penis fully-erect
  2. Press the ruler against the pubic bone at the base to ensure excess fat or pubic hair doesn’t add “fake” extra length
  3. Write down the measurement at the tip of the penis.
  4. For girth measurement use a measuring tape and wrap it around the thickest part of the shaft. Mark down the number where ends of tape meet.
  5. Compare it against the average penis size.

If that’s confusing here’s an official video from King’s College where urologists (from the same 15,221 men study) explain how to accurately measure your own penis (flaccid and erect length and girth).

Now you can use this data to get better fitting condoms, sex toys and possibly join the communities that will help you learn how to use your penis:

  • here’s a good community to join if you have a small penis (30K members).
  • and another if you’re bigger. Yes having a big penis is not that great either – this community on Reddit BigDickProblems exists for a reason (161K members).

But chances are, you’ll discover that you’re perfectly average size.

You see, porn industry has skewed our perception of what average really means.

Remember that male pornstars are the most impressive well-hung of them all. But they are definitely not averages.

Porn producers use perception (angles, big guys/short women) to make things appear bigger than they are.

If you have insecurities, you might want to visit this Subreddit (AveragePenis) where people share their perfectly average sized, curved, shaped penises.

There is something liberating about seeing that you’re not that different.

How To Correctly Measure Penis Length

If you’ll talk to your buddies chances are that they will exaggerate their penis size. For some reason average penis size discussion has haunted us for years.

Men and women cannot stop arguing about it. Which is why, I am so grateful for David Veale 15,521 men study that finally put this question to rest.

Yes, there are still arguments about it, for example, the fact that men who agreed for measurements weren’t insecure about their sizes.

Small penis owners would not want to be measured since they have insecurities about it.

You got the quick steps on how to measure your length, but the devil is in the details.

For the best results you should measure your erect penis in room temperature while standing up.

You need a hard ruler and place it on the upper side of the penis while pressing to reach the pubic bone and get the number at your tip (if you’re uncircumcised, pull the skin back).

So what is it? Is it off the average 5.16″?

How To Measure Your Penis Girth Correctly

To measure your penis girth keep in mind the same thing – standing and room temperature.

Just this time hard ruler won’t help, you need a flexible measuring tape, the kind that tailors would use to measure waist size, for example.

Another alternative is to use a piece of string without any stretch. While there is more room for error, after measuring circumference you can put it back to the ruler and get the number.

When wrapping the tape around penis choose the thickest part of the shaft and gently tighten it.

Tape shouldn’t press in the skin, but it shouldn’t fall off either. Other thing is that you must choose the shortest road around the shaft (no diagonal measuring).

The average girth (circumference) is 4.5″ – how much off were you?

Bringing It All Together

Don’t get stuck on the penis size – it’s not about what you have, it’s about how you use it.

  • Big penis owners have challenges to warm up the girl’s vagina.
  • Small penis owners have it worst – you could check penis sleeves, but your key is to find the most effective positions and angles.
  • Average penis owners – have it easiest. but still, even though I’m perfectly average I need to be cautious with certain positions and angles.

Everyone needs to learn to use what they’ve got. And penis size is just a small part of learning how to satisfy a woman.

Good luck!