The Best Sex Furniture in 2020, According To Happy Couples & Experts

This guide is based on over 100 hours of research to uncover the most loved and highest rated sex furniture, sofas and sex chairs. We considered them all - inflatables, swings, spanking chairs, wedges, looking for the advice from happy and lazy couples who wanted more pleasure with less work.  Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo stood out above the rest as the most affordable, quality furniture choice. It gives the most new angles & enhanced comfort, the best bang for the buck.

Liberator Esse Sex Sofa is officially the best furniture piece that can easily hide in plain sight and be used as comfy reading sofa. Consider though that you'll need to add ramps to lift it higher, as out of the box it's too low for many couple. But this only adds to the variety as you have more "lego blocks" to experiment with.​​

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There comes a time when sex life goes downturn because there is nothing exciting happening.

Pleasing yourself sounds more attractive than making love with your partner.

When you're at that place you have two choices — either invest in sex education to try new things or invest in new sex toys or even better sex furniture that will add the novelty and spice things up in the bedroom.

I get it. I was in the same place after several years of relationships.

I was hesitant too upgrading to specialized sex furniture when pillows “seemed” to get the job done.

But oh boy, I was wrong. And I'm happy I was.

Sex furniture adds a completely new dimension.

  • suddenly there is more pleasure with less work. Angles get exposed with ease — no aching necks, legs or hands.
  • suddenly furniture doesn't sink in under weight
  • suddenly you don't need to worry about leaving the mess…you can simply throw the covers of those furniture pieces in the washing machine.

In this guide you'll discover the best sex furniture pieces for different needs, affordable prices and highest quality:

Yep, there are shower handles, bondage kit, wedges, sex chair and full-blown Liberator Esse sofa that looks elegant and is EXTREMELY functional for sexual pleasures.

What You Should Know About Sex Furniture?

Here's what you should look out for when shopping for one ( keep in mind in this guide I only included the best sex furniture), so no bad choices here.

The quick checklist:

  • What's your price range? — if you've ever shopped for furniture, you know it gets pricey fast. It helps to set a budget upfront. If you're looking for a full-blown sex sofa — expect to pay $600–$1000. If your budget is in $100 range then look at the simple sex wedges that give the most effective for least amount of the money.
  • Is it discreet? Will it blend with your interior? Or if not — do you have space to hide it?
  • How easy it is to clean the furniture? — this is where specialised sex furniture shines. For example, Liberator has removable, machine-washable & waterproof covers.
  • What materials is it made from? — I would urge you not to look at any inflatable pieces as the material is crappy and doesn't feel good on the skin. Yes, they are cheap, but, for example, Liberators cost more than simple medical wedges because the material can support a heavy weight and maintain the shape (very important for those delicious, comfortable angles)
  • Do you love it? Do you see using it regularly? — this is the same rule I use when shopping for clothes and it applies to sex toys too. This is serious money we are talking about. There is no point getting a sex chair or bondage kit that will only collect dust somewhere. So either you love it or hate it. Don't accept 7/10.

Final advice. Shop these pieces together with your partner.

Discuss what you would love to get from the sex furniture:

  • are you looking for new positions and novelty?
  • is it enhanced comfort?
  • is it kinkiness? (bondage, restraints, exposed oral sex angles)
  • is it for BDSM play? how far do you want to go and restrain each other?

If this is your first time buying sex furniture I suggest you opt-out for something simple within $100 range.

Looking for sex sofa like Esse II?

  • Get the small Liberator Jaz or Wedge and see if you actually use and like it!

Looking for restraint play?

  • Get the simple, affordable under the mattress restraint kit before looking at something pricier like Liberator Black Label sets.

Looking for a new place to have sex at?

  • get the cheap, yet quality shower mount handle and unlock pleasurable shower sex.

You can always go wild later! Test the waters first!

Note: If you want to look deeper in sex wedges, pillows, and learn how much difference a specialized sex pillow ACTUALLY makes, read this sex wedge guide.

It goes deeper in explaining where people notice the biggest improvement when using sex furniture pieces.

Take a look at this video so you see how specialized sex furniture looks and feels like in real life:

What Is The Best Sex Furniture in 2020? (Sofas, Chairs, Stools)

Here are all the top 10 contenders:

I'll share the original spreadsheet later, but here's the gist about every piece & why it made in the list.

If you're wondering why there are so many Liberator items… The thing is that Liberator is THE BRAND in the quality sex furniture market.

There are no good alternatives — either there are cheap inflatables or bad quality Amazon counterfeits or even more expensive (but less practical) luxury brands.

Liberator is simply the best right now.

  • #1 — Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle — shower sex gets slipper fast and while it's extremely hot, the positioning isn't the easiest. This shower handle (and there is also leg handle) makes it more comfortable and lets you focus on the pleasure instead.
  • #2 — Under Mattress 4-piece Restraint Kit — if you thought that you need a metal frame to explore bondage, you're wrong. This adjustable restraint kit goes under the mattress and nicely spreads the partner wide. Ankles are comfy, but there is no easy way of getting out of this one. My personal favorite restraint play.
  • #3 — SportsSheets Sex Swing door Jam Kit — this is the best bang for the buck sex swing that you can attach on doors. As long as you have stable wooden doors you can simply install it and overnight have plenty of kinky fun by swinging in this bad boy.
  • #4 — Liberator Jaz — this wedge pillow is a bit more practical than Heart because of its rounded angle. If you're looking for more practicality pick this one, if more discreet or gift — pick the Heart one.
  • #5 — Liberator Heart (⭐
  • #6 — Position Enhancer Weightless Sex Stool — this stool/chair will help if you're looking for more comfort while exposing the sexy bits. Some use it as queening chair because it nicely exposes for oral sex. But also you can use it for bouncing and have sex while being seated (less work, more pleasure, great for people with back pain)
  • #7 — Liberator Wedge — If you're curvier couple then Jaz or Heart may be too small for you. The wedge can be used as a reading pillow and is big enough to hold onto comfortably. It's the most popular Liberator wedge.
  • #8 — Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo ( ⭐
  • #9 — Liberator Esse Sofa ( ⭐
  • #10 — Esse II Sex Sofa ( Upgrade Choice )— if you don't want to mess around with ramps and want an elegant sexy centerpiece for your apartment, this is the one you want. It has nice wooden legs, and additional supporting wedges for many, many new positions.

Okay, now here's the original spreadsheet, and further down we delve into each piece deeper:

Click to image to enlarge or check the spreadsheet here.

#1 — Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle —$20

This simple 12" handle makes the uncomfortable, but smoking hot shower sex a lot more pleasurable.

It's easy to put it in place, remove — giving a lot more room to experiment in the shower. Will help to maintain the rhythm and won't budge.

Don't expect it to hold all your weight though, it's more meant for support.

If you want to get even more stable, add the suction footrest ($14.99) in the mix.

After the sexy times, you leave it in the bath and use it to help you get out of it.

#2 — Under The Mattress Bed Restraint Bondage Kit — 4-pieces — $50

In past I was sure I need a metal handle bed frame to try any restraints, but oh boy I was wrong.

This simple kit goes under the mattress and will pin your partner down well!

Cuffs are made from Velcro — simple, well-made, and unescapable.

While technically this is not sex furniture, more like bondage furniture, they can make your bedroom play a lot more exotic for a low investment!

Orgasm denials, ruined orgasms, forced orgasms — I'll let you pick.

#3 — Sportsheets Sex Swing door Jam Kit — $60

If you've got solid doors at home, this simple sex swing will give you a flying feeling while having sex.

The best position will be as indicated in the picture — position yourself and just swing yourself to pleasure.

Learn more about it here.

SportsSheets swing itself supports up to 325lbs as it’s made from quality velcro material.

It just adds this kinky feel to the intercourse that you'll learn to enjoy.

#4 — Liberator Jaz Wedge (50–70$ range)

Okay, now we're moving on to the serious boys.

Note: For all Liberator items, I suggest to subscribe to their newsletter and wait for their 20–30% discounts that come several times a year. This will make the purchases a lot less emptying to wallet, and a lot more fulfilling to your love life 😉

It doesn't look like much, but oh man, the angle it provides is perfect.

It makes missionary heavenly (no matter who’s on the top) and helps to avoid that painful thrusting in the vagina.

Anyone who has stuck ordinary pillows under their wife’s back will appreciate this wedge. Angle also exposes G-spot which increases the odds of getting her to squirt sometime.

This video will give a better idea of how Jaz looks and feels like (apologies for bad quality):

Some people prefer Jaz Motion which allows the rocking motion for easier thrusting.

I would still recommend classical Jaz to start with.

Here are some position ideas:

#5 — Liberator Heart (⭐

This was the first sex furniture piece I started with.

It simply makes for a great gift, is cute, discrete, and extremely practical.

You could easily mistake it with decorative throw pillow.

Since they are small you can easily take it together with you on travels, road trips…camping… there are just so many pros for such a good budget item.

#6 — Position Enhancer Weightless Sex Stool — $89.99

This stool simply enhances the positions and is perfect for oral sex lovers.

Many couples who have stiff joints or back-pain use this stool, but you don't need to have mobility issues to use this.

You can use it in the bed and with her on top simply bounce up and down (it holds up to 150kg weight).

Plus, the view from down there is divine.

You can also use it for anal sex, doggy sex (add a k9 dildo into the mix) — be creative.

Those straps are elastic, metal stool legs are padded with soft foam making it very versatile.

#7 — Liberator Wedge For Sex — $93

Liberator wedge was called a “must-purchase” for sex by Timothy Ferriss (in The 4-Hour Body book).

This is a bigger than Jaz & Heart wedge and suitable if you are curvier or simply want something bigger to hold onto.

To compare, if Jaz is 18" length, Wedge is 24".

Also, most people who get wedge/ramp combo end up using Wedge a lot more often than the ramp. 80/20 rule right here.

Note: There is also a Plus-size wedge version for curvier couples.

Here's a helpful video to see how wedge looks like and the differences between ramp and wedge:

Also a cool feature is that if you want to spice it up you can later buy a restraint case for the wedge too 😉

#8 — Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo ( ⭐

This is the most popular (best-selling) piece of sex furniture ever (also the first) designed by Liberator.

It can open up tons of new positions if you are the creative type…or study Liberator's position guide.

It’s important you pick the right size ramp when shopping.

There are four sizes in total and you must measure the inseam length correctly to pick the right one.

But when you do, it will make those tricky positions possible and the angles will just work.

Comfort and pleasure enhanced with less work 😉

The combo comes especially handy if you have height differences, or if you’re young at heart but sometimes back disagrees.

Here are few example combinations:

#9 — Liberator Esse Sex Sofa ( ⭐

Okay, you might have been scrolling through the wedges and thought to yourself :

"I wanted a furniture piece, the sex sofa, not some angle adjusters…!"

Well, the reason why I presented cheaper options first is that this is where it gets more expensive.

Because of bigger dimensions, there is a need to use a lot more material which costs money…

This is the cheapest, quality Liberator sofa, but the trouble is that it's still too low for many people. I am young (31), but still I wanted it higher.

It’s ergonomic, beautiful and functional.

It comes in 6 different colors: black, champagne, espresso, merlot, platinum, and plum.

Liberator makes tons of sex furniture pieces, but Esse is the best bang for the buck (especially if you hold out for sales on their site).

The biggest pros of getting this?:

  • it will be so much more comfortable compared to your bed. (because you get more freedom/space for the legs)
  • better positioning, leverage — curves open lots of fun positions.
  • will not budge even with 600lbs of weight applied to it (plus, covers are removable & washable).
  • 12 color choices

The biggest cons?

  • it’s quite low and many people will need to buy extra Lift ramp ($75 per piece…2 is ideal) to get it to a comfortable height.
  • returns are challenging if you don’t like the piece (because of size and weight, and the fact you pay for shipping on return)
  • it’s a pricey love seat and requires a learning curve to discover good positions.

You can move through the curves and change the pillows as you experiment with different angles and positions.

The material is nicely hard, but soft at the same. Covers can be removed for washing.

If you’re looking for the ultimate sex furniture, this is the one.

This thing will last for years and will provide lots of great pleasures.

See the unboxing and how the Esse looks in real life.

Unpacking is lots of fun and as you can see 😉

#10 — Esse II Sex Sofa (Upgrade Pick) — $900

If you're prepared to pay a little more…and don't hack your way to the height… Esse II won't disappoint.

You won't need to hide it — you can present it proudly (hiding in plain sight).

It just unlocks so many new positions if you're taking time to experiment…

Also…it is incredibly comfy to lie and sit in. It's a lounging sofa, sex chair, sex sofa…everything you want it to.

If you're looking to have an effortless way to discover new positions and connect with your partner, this is the sofa.

These are the best of the best…but you're still here…?

Okay, let me reward you with few bonus uncommon sex furniture ideas to wrap it up:

Update — #11 — Sex Furniture: Liberator Zeppelin Lounger ($404) 

What if a bean bag…could serve for sex?

Generic beanbags don't hold the shape as well, but this Liberator piece does.

You can shape and mold it to anything you want — make it a bed, a chair. Whatever. No need for fancy measurements or adjustments.

Learn more about it here (there are helpful videos on the site showing the Zeppelin in action)

And don’t be worry about cleaning, you can remove the cover and wash it in the washing machine.

It comes in tons of colors to ensure it fits in with the interior.

Finally, this bean bag is very discreet — it's a cool piece to keep around for general lounging too.

Transparent Crystal Sex Chair

Okay, technically it’s not a sex chair… but think about it.

Put a dildo with a suction cup on top of it and have your partner watch as you play around with it.

The transparency just gives the kinkiness like nothing else.

It may be not as practical as sex stool, but if you're into sex toys, it might just be the thing you were missing.

Use Massage Table As Sex Furniture

You’ve probably have seen tons of adult videos with massage theme…

Why couldn’t massage table be used for the foreplay, relaxation and sexy time?

It’s compact, it’s sturdy and it’s adjustable…

Plus, massage tables are intended to have contact with lots of liquids and oils, which make them the perfect sex furniture.

Bringing It All Together

I wish you never-ending passionate love life that lasts for years.

Sex furniture is great as it isn't as distracting as toys can be… you are still with the partner, but simply can focus more on positions, comfort…

You can be more adventurous in trying new angles when you know you'll not need to work as much…

Yes, everyone says sex is the most pleasurable sports activity…

But come on, we don't want to work when we're making love — we want to enjoy, relax, drink in the partner and focus on subtle, pleasurable sensations.

Pick one, and let your love life get rejuvenated with novelty.