The 10 Best Anal Beads From Small, Beginner, To Large and Vibrating [2024]

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro, anal play can spice up your bedroom escapades. So, check out the best anal beads on the market today!

bubbalicious anal bead stick

If you are interested in some backdoor activity, there are plenty of toys that can satisfy you.

We talk a lot about vibrators and dildos, but what about anal beads?

If you’re  want to bring these into the bedroom,  take some time to explore these options:

Best Remote Controlled

Having the complete package of 3 beads, 2 intense motors, and 1 flexible shaft, the b-Vibe Triplet Vibrating Anal Beads might just take your pleasure to a whole new level.

This anal toy works up to 30 feet away, so you can have your partner take control from afar and add an exciting new element to your foreplay.

It’s whisper-quiet, stimulating, and, most importantly, powerful, perfect for making your nights with your partner steamy and eventful.

Best For Beginners

For first-timers, the Lovehoney Classic Beads is a toy that will get you hot under the collar.

They come in different lengths, so they’re suitable for all people with varying skill levels.

With their graduated shape, smooth texture, and finger loop feature, these beads are great whether you’re an expert at anal or just getting started.

Best Selection of Sizes & Colors

The Vixen Gemstones Silicone Anal Beads is your go-to for high-quality platinum silicone beads that are great for going deeper and emulating that plugging sensation.

These beads are handmade and come in four sizes and color patterns for your preferred marble finish. This toy offers variety in terms of aesthetics and even includes a glow-in-the-dark variant.

Top Anal Beads Comparison Chart


Lovehoney Classic Beads

Lovehoney Classic Beads


b-Vibe Triplet Vibrating Anal Beads

b-Vibe Triplet Vibrating Anal Beads

Best selection of sizes & colors

Vixen Gemstones Silicone Anal Beads

Vixen Gemstones Silicone Anal Beads

Insertable Length:
14.25” to 18”

Best Anal Beads In 2024

best vibrating anal beads

Best remote controlled

b-Vibe Triplet Vibrating Anal Beads

Insertable Length:
Medium Firmness
  • Quiet
  • Long-range remote control
  • USB rechargeable
  • Expensive
  • Magnetic USB charger can be tricky

B-Vibe is known for luxury sex toys, and the Triplet Rechargeable Anal Beads live up to the reputation. 

The straight wand has a satiny texture, and it gradually increases in size from 0.8″ up to 1.2″ in diameter.

The gap between each bead gives just the right amount of space to really enjoy popping each bead in and out. 

The b-Vibe offers some seriously good vibrations powered by a remote control with a range of up to 30 feet. There are 6 vibe levels and 15 different patterns to indulge in. 

Even better, those vibrations are whisper quiet, so you aren’t limited to private quarters with these anal beads.

The T-shaped base is very comfortable (and safe!), so you can have some seriously sexy fun with this toy.

The wand is rechargeable, but the magnetic USB connection can be a little tricky. The beads have to be placed in just the right position for the charger to properly attach. 

Looking for hands-free, remote-controlled butt plug alternatives? Check out other great options here.

beginner anal beads

Best cheap beads for beginners

Lovehoney Classic Anal Beads

Size (in diameter):
0.34” to 1.81”
Insertable Length:
Very Flexible String
  • Graduated bead size
  • Smooth feel
  • Comfortable insertion
  • No storage pouch
  • First 4 beads might be too small
  • No resistance in the string

These wand-style anal beads are a great price ($17) and style for anal play beginners. 

There are 9 gradually enlarging silky smooth silicone beads that you can indulge in with the first one smaller than the tip of a pinky (0.34”).

Being soft and bendy, they will comfortably gather inside with each extra bead. 

That said, It might be challenging to insert the first few beads, as the string is a bit floppy. If you have great ambitions, you might also find them a bit too small. 

But for those just starting out – those beads will be helpful to get the butt used to the filling sensations. 

Even though the loop at the base is large, you can attach a carabiner to make sure it’s not going anywhere you don’t plan for it to go.

cannonballs anal beads

Best selection of sizes & colors

Vixen Gemstones Silicone Anal Beads

0.75”, 1”, 1.25”, 2”
14.25” to 18”
  • Great variety of size and colors
  • Outstanding quality
  • Options for all users
  • Expensive
  • No graduation in size

These are not your average anal beads.

The Vixen Gemstones Anal Beads come in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large; and a few color options, so you can pick one just for your wants and needs.

This is definitely one of the most elegant entries on the list (they even have the beads that glow in the dark). 

Gemstones are handcrafted from high-grade silicone and are fully waterproof.

Each size has 6 uniform beads that are evenly spaced 1.5” apart on the string, and a wide rectangular for safe play. 

The smallest size – just 0.75” in diameter – will be easy for everyone to start with, while larger ones are sure to please anal play veterans. 

If you are not sure about the size, go for one size smaller than the dildo you can handle since the shape and uniform size make them harder to insert.

These ones will bring more of a bunching (plugging) sensation rather than the “pop” you get with strung beads.

small anal bead

Best upgrade pick

Velvet Thruster’s Walter

Medical Grade Silicone
0.85” up to 2.07”
Insertable Length:
Very Flexible
  • Thrusts and vibrates
  • 90-degree flexibility
  • Up to 8 hours of play
  • Pricey
  • Not waterproof

Walter is a unique toy on this list. This beaded dildo has 6.5” to play with. But what really makes the Walter unique is the additional 3” of thrust – no more tired hands! 

This bad boy has 10 different setting modes and can deliver up to 140 thrusts per minute.

It falls under the mantra of working smarter, not harder – the toy is doing all the work for you. 

Furthermore, you can bend it up to 90 degrees to zero in on those hot spots like the clitoris, G-spot, and prostate. 

The lavender lovely can last for up to 8 hours. Constructed from medical grade silicone, Walter is body-safe for even the longest of sessions.

Note that it is not waterproof, so water play isn’t an option.

Walter is not cheap, but it offers the most features on this list. If you are looking for a versatile Rolls Royce of beaded dildos, this upgrade pick is well worth its price. 

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Use code “ALPHA20” upon checkout for a 20% discount!

anal beads for beginners

Best for G and P-spot

Njoy Fun Anal Bead Wand

Stainless steel
1.1” head, 0.75 to 1” balls
Insertable Length:
  • Unique design for multiple areas
  • Can be warmed or cooled
  • Strong material
  • Expensive
  • Slim

Made of sleek stainless steel, the Njoy wand comes in beautiful gift-box bringing a truly luxurious experience.

This is probably the most unique toy on the list as it is created to deliver anal pleasure through its precision.

The wand is very versatile as it offers several play options. One end has a 1.1” head for target G-spot or P-spot, while the other features three graduated beads.

The toy is deliciously heavy (0.75 lbs) and extremely well-made yet rather on the slim side.

Its weight adds pressure you simply won’t find with other anal sex toys, while the slimness makes the wand an excellent toy for precise stimulation.

Stainless steel is a body-safe material, that you can fully sanitize. It offers a superb glide, and for such a firm material, it is surprisingly comfortable to use!

The best saved for last: you can also warm it up or cool it for your temperature play session. 

We’ve made an article on the best metal butt plug for other great options that you can check.

men anal beads

Best glass beads

Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo

Insertable Length:
  • Very smooth
  • Can be warmed or cooled
  • Curved to reach G and P-spot
  • Not very safe base

For those looking for a rigid toy and something completely hypoallergenic, Lovehoney’s Beaded Dildo offers up intense and creative play.

The design is simple, yet It offers a good bit of control and a sense of fullness while the weight puts just the right amount of pressure on pleasure zones like the G or P-spot.

If you are into temperature play, these glass toys will be a crown jewel in your treasure chest. 

The strong glass can be heated or cooled to your perfect temperature for added sensation.

In fact, the coolness of the glass anal beads makes the massage of the bulbs even more intense! 

While the smooth design is also effective for external massage, it does have a limitation for anal play.

The base of this wand is a large ball, so be sure to leave a bead or two outside the anus to be on the safe side.

CalExotics 12 Function Bendable Vibrating Anal Beads

Most Comfortable and Flexible Anal Beads

CalExotics 12 Function Bendable Vibrating Anal Beads

Insertable Length:
  • Simple and easy-to-use design
  • Great for experimenting
  • User-friendly for pros and beginners alike
  • Not waterproof
  • Requires recharging after a short interval of use

If you’re looking for anal beads that are flexible, comfortable, and easy to use, CalExotics 12 Function Bendable Vibrating Anal Beads is a great choice for you.

The shape and design make it easy to put in, and the 4 smooth silicone beads can adjust to your movements for maximum comfort.

There is no need to mess around with many buttons to have intense anal orgasms because you only have to push one button to cycle through all 12 vibration modes.

On a personal note, I liked how flexible these anal beads were, but they were still firm enough to stimulate my rear as intensely as they had. 

It’s not waterproof, though, so using it in the shower is out of the question. Also, it runs out of juice fairly quickly.

So if you don’t have the patience to recharge for short intervals, this anal toy may not be for you. 

starter anal beads, anal beads for beginners

Best starter toy

Tantus Silicone Beaded Butt Plug

1″ (widest point)
Insertable Length:
Very Flexible 
  •  Non Intimidating design
  •  Easy to use
  •  Can be used with a harness
  • Large base isn’t too comfortable 
  • Might be too soft for some users

Another Tantus product to check out is its Silicone Anal Bead Plug. The first bulb is smaller than a fingertip, making this a really great choice for starters.

This anal sex toy is very soft and flexible. In fact, some people deem it too soft.

A little more firmness would help it hold the shape as this butt plug can get bendier than Gumby.

For anal beginners, this butt plug will bring gratifying results, but size queens and kings will need to search elsewhere.

The wide, flat base ensures that the butt plug will not be lost inside.

And you can use anal beads plug with the harness for more anal play options! 

If you want more butt plugs, here’s a list of the best butt plug out there.

Lovehoney Double Fun Vibrating Beadead Strap on

Best for Double Penetration

Lovehoney Double Fun Vibrating Beaded Strap-On

1.57” to 1.96” (ball ring)
Insertable Length:
  • Can be used for long sessions
  • Stays in place even when used for rough sex
  • Waterproof
  • Battery-powered
  • Can be somewhat noisy

The Lovehoney Double Fun Vibrating Beaded Strap-On is your best bet to pleasure your partner with mind-breaking sensations through double penetration.

This toy is a two-in-one package just like any of those double penetration penis rings: sporting a clitoral stimulator that offers intense vibrations, as well as cock and ball rings for that extra stimulation. 

For your preference, the device has 5 vibration patterns and 2 speed settings to explore. Plus, the cock and ball rings give the wearer the extra ‘spice’ to boost the pleasure you and your partner feel during sex. 

Yes, threesomes can be a bit messy without settling boundaries. So, using these anal beads is a perfect alternative to emulate those similar sensations. 

Although it’s best to keep in mind that this toy isn’t exactly suited to everyone’s body type. So it may not be the most comfortable option in this list.

And yes, it tends to get noisy here and there. So using this with roommates in the house may not be ideal. 

cannonball anal beads

Best big size beads

Cannonballs Silicone Anal Beads

1.59”, 2.22” in diameter
Insertable Length:
12”, 13”
  • String design allows for gradual insertion
  • Large size for anal aficionados
  • Giant size only has 3 beads instead of 4
  • Both strands have uniform size beads

The aptly named Cannonballs come in your choice of large or huge. If you are looking for SIZE, your search is over.

The Large option has four golf-ball-sized beads, while the Giant one has three orbs about the size of a medium tennis ball.

Both varieties are made from seamless silicone anal beads and have a very silky texture that makes insertion easier while still delivering weight and fullness. 

The size and adequate spacing between each bead ensure that those will sit right on your guy’s prostate.

And while these big anal beads feel pretty damn good popping in, they feel even better coming out.

A bit of advice, be mindful of the handle on each string.

As it’s roughly the same size as the beads, I can see it going places it shouldn’t, so use a carabiner to make it safer.

What You Should Know When Shopping For Anal Beads?

Types of beads

Which type of anal beads you should buy is based entirely on your use and preferences:

  • Vibrating anal beads provide extra stimulation thanks to a built-in motor or a removable bullet.
  • String anal beads are put on a literal string (like the Gemstones) or more of a string base like the Lovehoney Classic.
  • Beaded butt plugs are more of a one-piece toy with a beaded shape. 
  • Beaded dildos are phallic-shaped and usually curved or have some type of angling options.

For other great options, see our best anal sex toy guide.


If you are in the market for something that can move freely, go with a flexible material like silicone.

If you want harder beads or no movement at all, look for body-safe glass, metal anal beads (stainless steel), or another type of hypoallergenic material.

You need to look for something that can be completely sanitized, so stay away from materials like jelly, TPR, or TPE.

Speaking of clean, do not ever, ever buy anal beads on a nylon string. Bacteria will sink into this material as it cannot ever be completely cleaned. 


Anal beads stimulate the nerves at the entrance of the anus, as well as the rectum and the G-spot/ P-spot, respectively. Different designs tackle this task in different ways. 

Rigid anal beads are usually made from softer materials and are ideal for slow thrusting.

Smooth anal beads are generally connected by a strip and look more like ribs than beads or balls. They are more flexible and perfect for beginners. 

Corded beads are the original anal bead toy design where spherical beads are connected with a cord.

They stimulate you as they move inside you, and removing anal beads or getting them out can feel pretty intense due to your sphincter opening and contracting with every individual bead.

Large anal beads are designed for anal play veterans who can handle the size. They provide more intense stimulation.


Anal beads come in several sizes. Some only measure less than 0.25” in diameter and others that come in at 2” wide.

One of the purposes of anal beads is to train your bum to prepare for anal sex or a bigger toy.

A graduated set will be easy to handle and stretch with.

But experienced anal players can easily get the one-size set of beads, like Gemstones. A good rule of thumb is to get a toy that is only 0.25” bigger than what you can handle already. 


To prevent a memorable trip to the ER, buy anal beads with a wide base that will keep them in just far enough.

Look for bases with a T-shape or flared rectangles, or use a carabiner on looped handles.


An effective set of anal beads does not have to be expensive. You can get a very satisfying set without burning a hole in your wallet.

While Walter and b-Vibe anal toys are significantly more expensive, they have a lot more features and are much more complex. 

FAQ: Anal Beads 101

What are anal beads?

Anal beads are sex toys comprised of a series of beads designed for anal stimulation. The beads are conjoined and have a sphere or egg shape to make the most of hitting your internal hot spots.

How do anal beads feel like?

Anal beads offer a different yet satisfying sensation.

Their (beaded) shape stimulates the muscles and nerve endings when inserted and removed, but think of small pops of intense pleasure rather than fullness.

How to use anal beads to lead to orgasm?

Anal beads enhance orgasms

This goes for men and women since the backdoor anatomy is mostly the same. If you want to know how to anal orgasm and incorporate anal beads into sex, you need to familiarize yourself with them.

If you are new to the wonders of butt play there are two simple rules: you are not starting a lawnmower, so start slow and small, use a ton of lube. 

You can start with a uniform-sized set of small beads to get used to the sensation or a graduated set to move up in sizes.

Once you are familiar with the beads, you can jiggle the beads a bit when getting close to orgasming to add different sensations. 

Pull a bead out and back or thrust your beads while your partner is orgasming to intensify the anal pleasure.

Solo Play

You can add beads to your masturbation session by inserting them and leaving them in while you get busy pleasuring yourself. You can also jiggle them slightly when approaching orgasm.

You might also enjoy focusing on your rear and the sensations you get from the beads. Insert them one by one and gently pull them back out to stimulate all the nerve endings back there.

Couple Play

Playing with beads can be even more fun with a partner and can be enjoyed by couples of any sexual orientation and gender. They can be an excellent accessory for power play scenarios. 

Using them for extra stimulation during vaginal intercourse can also feel amazing.

They actually feel good for both partners because they put pressure on the vagina and inserted penis through the anal cavity.

What anal beads are best for beginners?

Anal beads can be an awesome addition to your sex life, but they’re also a thing you should ease into. 

Luckily, there are plenty of products made with newbies in mind.

What anal beads are best for advanced users?

When you’re an anal adventurer, you can’t settle for just any toy – you have to be issued a challenge. Here are some anal bead options for the experienced user:

What are the best large anal beads?

Those of you that are already well versed in the ways of anal stimulation may crave that “full” feeling in your rear or maybe even a bit of a stretch. That’s what large beads are for.

What are the best vibrating anal beads?

If you really want to get things to the next level, adding a bit of vibration to anal play is just what you need

Where to buy anal beads?

Don’t buy your toys just from anywhere. Plenty of scammers will sell you something faulty or outright dangerous – yes, even on Amazon. Purchase your products from trusted sources only.

I use SheVibe and Lovehoney for all my sex toy needs. Take a look at their huge variety of anal beads and choose the right one for you! You can rest assured you’ll get an original body-safe toy.

How do I clean my anal beads?

Since you will be using a toy in an area with a lot of bacteria and a lot of lube, cleaning is essential. 

The best anal beads should be made of body-safe materials which are generally easy to clean. Keep in mind you also need to clean all that lube off, and silicone lubes take some elbow grease.

Invest in a good sex toy cleaner but make sure it is safe for the material of your beads.

Thoroughly clean your toy after every use, NO EXCEPTIONS. It’s not a bad idea to wash your clothes, sheets, or towels either. Again, bacteria.

Closing Thoughts

If things have gotten a little dull in the bedroom, ass play can spice them back up.

If you (or your partner) have an aversion to anal sex, beads could be just the right solution. They are great for solo use and can be used by men and women alike.

If you want to add a new dimension to sexual pleasure, a set of the best anal beads might just add the right touch.

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