10 Intense Penis Milking Machines For Automatic Cock Stroking

Being milked dry (in a good way) is possible thanks to the awesome penis milking machine. Check out the 10 best machines your money can buy today!

Penis Milking Machines

The big difference between a penis milking machine and other sex toys is that it’s designed to do all the work for you. 

You can sit or stand while the machine tugs and massages your penis until you’re ready to erupt.

It seems like they’re getting more advanced all the time. Some can even connect to VR porn, while others are full-size sex machines.

With so many on the market, it’s difficult to get past the noise to get to real deals.

I’ve compiled a list of 10 penis milking machines that offer something for all men looking to get stroked.

The Best Penis Milking Machines

Lovense Max 2

Lovense Max 2


Price: $
Type: Wireless
Length: 9.5”
Material: TPE
Run Time: 2 hours

kiiroo onyx plus

Kiiroo Onyx +


Price: $$
Type: Wireless
Length: 6.5”
Material: ABS Plastic, SuperSkin
Run Time: 1 hour

Quickshot Launch

Quickshot Launch


Price: $$$
Type: Hand-held
Length: 14”
Material: Unspecified
Run Time: 1 hour

Kiiroo Onyx +

1. Kiiroo Onyx +

Best overall

Type: Wireless | Length: 6.5” | Material: ABS plastic, SuperSkin | Run Time: 1 hour | Waterproof: No

  • Great for travel
  • Feelme.com compatible 
  • Good technology
  • Long charging
  • Not waterproof

You decide how you want to play with your Onyx+ thanks to the 3 modes: Interactive, Manual and Automatic.

The interactive mode allows you to connect to 2D and VR porn videos, and even webcam performers. You can also connect it to any other Kiiroo device.

Automatic mode has 4 patterns of stroking, and manual mode allows you to adjust the speed to your liking.

Onyx+ works with 10 rings that move up and down creating a wave motion stroking your penis.

The machine feels more spacious than most strokers, so it’s definitely not a tight fit. 

The inner sleeve is comfortable. It has a bumpy internal texture, but it’s reusable and replaceable.

Thanks to the partnership with Fleshlight, the sleeve is made of their realistic SuperSkin material1.

You’ll get 140 strokes per minute from the silent motor. On top of that, the device is only 6.5 inches long – perfect for travel. 

But it takes 4 hours to charge the battery to get 1 hour of playtime. It’s good that it’s USB rechargeable.

Once you are done playing…

Don’t submerge it underwater because it’s not waterproof. You can wash the sleeve with mild water and soap.

Then let it dry before placing it back into the machine.

It’s going for $219 – includes a 1-year warranty and they’ll accept unopened returns.

Lovense Max 2

2. Lovense Max 2

Best for couples 

Type: Wireless | Length: 9.5” | Vibration Modes: 7 | Material: TPE | Run Time: 2 hours | Waterproof: Splashproof

  • Sync with VR videos 
  • Long-distance control 
  • Texture silicone vagina
  • Loud
  • Tight

There’s quite a bit of technology in this toy. You can use your phone as a remote through the Bluetooth and a USB to charge it.

Just as with Onyx+, you can connect it to the VR goggles or sync it with Nora (female version). A great perk for couples!

Then, there’s the awesome app that Lovense designed.

You can control the 7 vibration modes and 3 contraction settings with your phone. Or someone else can do it for you from a distance. 😉

As for the use…

The air pump lets you control the suction, but it can be noisy. And the Quick Air Release lets you ease the pressure. 

They’ve used a similar material for the sleeve as Fleshlight’s SuperSkin or the FantaFlesh. It’s actually somewhere in between these two.

It’s not as gentle as SuperSkin, but it’s better than FantaFlesh.

At first, it’s kind of cold, but the friction should warm you up quickly and the stickiness will go away.

You’ll find the internal lining to be cushiony and soft but intricate. How intricate? It’s like being swarmed with several tongues around your penis. Nice!

Just don’t forget to lube the inside, the entry hole, and your penis. You’ve also got an option to buy a vagina sleeve.

But a few people have mentioned that the sleeve feels too tight.

Then, there’s the cleaning…

You can use warm water, but don’t use harsh soap on the inner sleeve because it can degrade the material.

Because the material is TPE, it is porous. Thus, make sure to clean and dry it thoroughly to prevent bacteria from spreading.

It will cost you $99, and you get a 1-year warranty.

Quickshot Launch

3. Quickshot Launch

Best for speed and versatility

Type: Hand-held | Length: 14” | Weight: 6.2 lbs | Run Time: 1 hour | Waterproof: No

  • Provides 250 strokes per minute
  • VR goggles compatible
  • Solo and couple play
  • Have to hold
  • Expensive

This machine is great if you want to train your stamina.

The Quickshot Launch touch control system lets you choose the length, depth and speed of the strokes. 

You can select between four stroke lengths and stroke speeds. They arecontrolled separately on each handle.

You can choose the strokes that concentrate on your base and shaft. Or go for long strokes that milk your head and shaft.

The Launch can get up to 250 strokes per minute.

Don’t be surprised that it feels like a blowjob. It’s like somebody sucking you while jerking you off. 

As the strokes get longer, the speed decreases. The smallest stroke doesn’t do much because there’s no sliding movement.

But you’ll get great stimulation if you focus your strokes on the head of the penis. 

Then, there’s the smartphone mount.

It lets you view content while holding the handles. You can even get on a video call to your partner for dual pleasure.

But it can get tiring holding the Quickshot Launch during long sessions.

On the other hand…

Don’t be surprised to find that the Quickshot Launch is more comfortable than the Fleshlight Launch. Though the build quality isn’t as great.

If you’re going to use it regularly, chances are it will break sooner than the more quality toys. 

It’s gonna take about 2 hours to charge, and you can use it for 60 minutes. Otherwise, just carry on by plugging it into the wall with the Flashlight Active Launch Mode.

The only downside to the otherwise fun machine is that the price ($190) doesn’t include the Quickshot sleeve itself. 

You will need to purchase it separately as it does not come with one.

Ultimate Penis Milking Machine

4. Ultimate Penis Milking Machine

Best bang for buck

Type: Hands-free | Length: 3.7”| Vibration Modes: 10 | Material: Silicone + ABS | Waterproof: Yes

  • 10 rotation speeds
  • Odorless
  • Adjustable suction cup
  • Unbranded
  • Short insertable length

What’s great about this device is that it spins around, strokes up and down your penis, and also has a suction cup that adjusts up to a 145-degree angle.

That’s gonna let you use the device in different positions and even attach it to a wall or a smooth surface.

There are 10 speeds of swirling rotating sensation. Then, 10 modes that allow you to change the thrusting speed and direction of the rotation.

They’ve even included a female voice that moans.

The protrusions are close together, so they brush along and twist around your penis. It can almost feel like a whirlwind around the penis. The stream of smooth ribs will gently tickle your tip.

The clear opening and vaginal sleeve let you see how your penis twists and gets stroked.

By the way…

This device can do up to 380 strokes per minute.

You enjoy all that stimulation while not worrying about the material because it’s non-toxic and skin-friendly. 

The only problem is that the insertable length is 3.7 inches. Forget about cramming a big penis in there.

The other thing is that it’s a no-name brand. So, who knows how long it’s going to last?

The price is $79,99, and you get a 90-day warranty.

10 Frequencies Elastic Transparent Cock Milker

5. 10 Frequencies Elastic Transparent Cock Milker

Best cheap penis milking machine

Type: Handle-held | Length: 6.9” | Vibration Modes: 10 | Material: Silicone | Run Time: 1.5 hours | Waterproof: Yes

  • Low noise
  • Deep throats
  • 10 rotation speeds
  • Unbranded
  • Not fast

This cock milker might be cheap, but that doesn’t mean it can’t compete with the rest.

It’s got a 3D masturbator cup with a smooth sleeve that’s body-safe and phthalate-free for sensitive skin. Perfect for practicing prolonging your performance. 

The best part is that it licks, sucks, and vibrates.  Not literally, but…

The 10 surprisingly quiet vibration modes work with the silicone sleeve to grip your penis and to massage it.

The convex particles inside cause sucking due to friction and stimulation, and “licking” comes from the specific vibration modes.

On top of that, not only does the lip-like entry wrap around your penis, but it adds to the suction.

Most penis sizes will fit into the clear case and you can squeeze the sleeve to make it feel tighter. 

Don’t expect this to be a quickie machine. It takes time to get to the good stuff.

But it’s worth it for $30.99.

F-Machine Tremblr Male Milking Machine

6. F-Machine Tremblr Male Milking Machine

Best suction

Type: Wireless remote | Weight: 22 lbs | Run Time: Power adapter | Waterproof: No

  • Silent motor
  • 3 sleeve sizes
  • Several mode settings
  • Slow delivery
  • Expensive

If you want a slow suck or a high-speed, intense climax, the F-Machine will give you both. 

You’ll find that the receiver easily slides onto your penis, and sucks all the way down smoothly.

The controls are really responsive and let you adjust the tightness, speed and stroke length.

You can set the receiver so that it goes exactly the length of your penis and fast enough to keep you hard but not too fast that you erupt quickly.

Once you get used to using Tremblr, you can edge yourself for hours, but the sensations can also be strong enough to make you cum in 20 seconds. It is up to you! 

Make sure you’ve got plenty of lube because even the insert of the receiver and the inner part feel like rubber. 

Tremblr comes with 3 sleeve sizes (M, L, XL) that will accommodate 95% of penises. They contain Latex though.

Some users claim to be able to use their Fleshlight sleeves with this machine.

Use the wireless remote control to get up to 180 strokes per minute through the different vibration and sucking modes.

And you don’t have to worry about anyone finding out what you’re up.

Because the F-Machine comes with a lightweight, discreet carry case and tools and hardware to maintain your machine.

It’ll take about 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Hismith Penis Stroking Machine

7. Hismith Penis Stroking Machine

Best stroking

Type: Floor-setup | Weight: 25 lbs | Vibration Modes: 10 | Run Time: Power adapter | Waterproof: No

  • Adjustable angles
  • Quiet
  • Solid foundation
  • Takes up space
  • Not light

Don’t let the machine fool you to believe that it’s technical to set up. You don’t need any tools and assembly takes a few minutes.

It’s well built and sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about it rattling. The T-frame rods are solid steel and grip well on carpets. 

Though that stability comes with a downside. To be precise, a 25-pound downside, the machine is not exactly light and portable. 

Hismith provides 240 strokes per minute and adjustable stroke length – 1 to 6 inches. The thrusting is powerful so you can get a really hard pump. 

The motor is surprisingly quiet – it produces about 40 decibels (computer fan). But the speed governor lets you control the speed.

You can change the angle if you want to sit and not stand. You can even use it at 90 degrees. Women will love that. 

Yes, they can also use it. Remove the masturbator cup, attach a dildo, and off they go. In pretty much any position thanks to the 360-degree adjustment system.

The machine’s versatility means it can work well for people with disabilities.

Oh, and as for the sleeves…

The machine comes with three, one of them being a rechargeable 10-pattern vibrator.

Though, Hismith doesn’t provide information about the material and the precise measurements of the cups.

Oh, and use promo code “HSM10” at the checkout for a 10% discount.

Sybian Venus 2000 For Men Penis Machine

8. Sybian Venus 2000 For Men Penis Machine

Most powerful

Type: Hands-free | Weight: 20 lbs | Run Time: Power adapter | Waterproof: No

  • Very powerful 
  • 2-year warranty 
  • 45- day Trial period
  • Expensive
  • Quite heavy

Perfect if you want a lot of power. It can do 8 to 300 strokes per minute. But it’s also quiet.

Use the remote to adjust the stroke length and speed. The machine does it by adding or removing air.

Here’s the real kicker about this machine.

They’ll make a custom fit receiver specifically for you.

How cool is that? You’ll have to provide measurements, but don’t worry if you get it wrong.

They give a 45-day trial to try the machine. The only bummer is that you’ll have to pay the shipping and return fee ($186).

The receiver has a latex rubber tube, stretched over each end. The overall tube length and the rubbery innards are custom-fitted. The tube moves and you don’t need to hold everything in place. 

When the tube rises and falls over your penis, it can feel as if your whole groin is about to take off. It’s like you’re fapped and blown by an attentive lover.

Not only is it high quality, but it’s also the most powerful machine we’ve featured. 

There are additional items that come with a discount. One is a Head Massager that does a squeeze-release action to feel like a blow job.

And the Nipple Massager stimulates male and female nipples. 

It’ll take you only two minutes to set up, and the storage bag fits all the accessories. It’s portable but weighs 20 lb.

You’ll get all the parts needed to set up. But know that the power cord is for the USA and Canada only.

The cost is $956 – use code SAVE NOW for a $50 discount. You’ll also get a 2-year warranty.

The Lovebotz Penis Milker Deluxe Auto Masturbator

9. The Lovebotz Penis Milker Deluxe Auto Masturbator

Type: Hands-free | Weight: 15.8 lbs | Vibration Modes: None | Material: Silicone, ABS plastic | Run Time: Power adapter | Waterproof: No

  • Two cylinders for different stimulation
  • Control suction
  • Discreet storage
  • Pricey
  • Plug-in

One of the things that separate this male milking machine is the 2 different sized cylinders. Both have a soft, rubber sleeve so that it’s tight around your penis. 

The larger one is 9” long and will accommodate most penis sizes. The smaller cylinder is made with a thought about more targeted stimulation.

The shaft seals your penis tightly. It makes sucking and tugging motions (suck, release, suck, release).

You can control the speed, but some people have complained about the suction power.

After you’re done, clean the cylinders with warm water and soap. Try an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner for sanitary purposes. 

Then pack everything into the discreet carrying case. It’s got a lock with 2 keys.

The cost is $610, and you’ve got 30 days to return it if unopened.

Autoblow A.I. Penis Machine

10. Autoblow A.I. Penis Machine

Type: Hand-held | Vibration Modes: 10 | Material: Silicone | Run Time: Power adapter | Waterproof: No

  • 10 different speeds 
  • Uses artificial intelligence
  • Fan cooled motor system
  • Have to plug in
  • No vibration

They’ve used A.I. to make a gripper that should feel like a mouth. So you get a blowjob that feels real with the 10 different speeds. Even more so with a VR headset and videos.

The fan-cooled motor system is meant to extend your playtime, but it’s quite noisy. 

And the sensation?

It doesn’t provide any vibration, so the strokes can feel more like a robotic arm than a sucking motion. And it uses interchangeable sleeves, so you’ve got a few options.

More about this cool machine in our complete Autoblow review.

What About Lelo F1s? 

It is a fairly new machine that has sparked interest in many people.

It’s meant to resonate from all directions so that your penis feels an overwhelming sensation. The vibrations and sonic waves give your penis a deep-like pleasure.

There’s no stroking action, only vibration. 

There is a Software Developer’s Kit that allows you to control the toy and code your programs – create your own sensations and track your progress.

This machine is not very deep (about 4’’). Because of the lack of depth, you can’t go further to get the vibration that you really want.

You might find that it’s also narrow. And the accessories seem a bit overdone.

Bottom line?

There are still quite a few downfalls (as it happens with all the new products). I suggest you pick one of the other machines mentioned above.

What Is A Cock Milking Machine & Are They Worth It?

Cock milking machines are somewhat similar to electrical masturbators.

A penis milking machine massages and stimulates you with the revolving motions. That happens thanks to the electric motor that functions a rotating arm.

There’s also a receiver with a tube that’s connected to a piston and pushes air in and out.

Once the pressure creates sucking power, your penis is drawn in, then massaged to get a hands-free experience.

The best part is that you can adjust the suction intensity and speed on most of the machines.

There are numerous types of penis milking machines, with different speeds, technology and connections. Some you’ll plug in a socket, and others have a USB connection.

What’s great is that you don’t have to manually pump or use your hands if you don’t want to. And they come in different sleeve sizes to suit your girth and length.

Are they worth it?

You decide the speed that the machine strokes you. Some are capable of more strokes in a minute than the average guy can masturbate.

If you don’t have a girl to blow you or you’re tired of the same old jerk-off routine, this is perfect.

It’s the closest you’ll get to the real thing because of the way the material feels on your dick. Some of the really advanced ones feel like real skin.


  • Bluetooth/ VR modes – One of the features that make the experience even more real. It allows you to connect your machine to your phone via an app, then to an interactive porn site. So you can sync your device with the actor’s movements. You’ll have to invest in VR glasses and a subscription to a VR site.
  • Speed settings – Some of them you can adjust to do 90 to 180 strokes per minute. Top of the range ones can even do 300 strokes. 
  • Vibration modes – Some provide several modes for targeted vibration while others have no vibration. Vibration modes range from Low to High and get really intense at Fireworks and Earthquake. 
  • Pulsation, rotation, suction – Most machines allow users to adjust suction intensity. You’re unlikely to enjoy a penis milking machine if you don’t like suction combined with movement. The suction is a great replacement for those who don’t enjoy vibration. But be careful about too much suction as it can hurt your penis. 
  • Synchronize with music – Users who enjoy electronic dance music will get a kick out of this feature. You can enjoy various rhythms and modes thanks to Bluetooth.
  • Remote-controlled – Some machines have a wireless remote control. Others allow you to use your smartphone as a remote. There’s even a long-distance control feature that allows somebody miles away to control your machine. 

What Else To Keep In Mind When Shopping?

Check The Size

Keep in mind that manufacturers generally make milking machines for an average penis. If you’re small or big, then make sure it’s suitable.

Most have various sleeve sizes to accommodate different girths and lengths. It’s not a case of one-size-fits-all with most machines. Some masturbators have claimed that they cater to all dick sizes.

But better be safe, than sorry and double-check.

What About Durability?

Make sure to check your device’s construction and materials. It’s likely that you’ll use it often, so it needs to be sturdy to ensure that it’s long-lasting.

If you’re going for a masturbator cup, check that it’s got a sturdy and durable outer ABS shell. It’s also best to go for a rechargeable toy that allows extensive play without needing to change batteries often.

Price Tag

You can get penis milkers for as low as $31. Some top of the range models can fetch as high as $1,000. Usually, more expensive machines bring more pleasurable, vibrant sensations.

Compare different models to see how their features are in relation to the price.

Just remember that there are other items you’ll have to buy to get the best experience. Factor in things like lube, toy cleaners, or access to the paid VR porn platform.

What About Materials?

Most manufacturers use skin-like material of a vagina that is soft to make it feel real. It stretches to accommodate your penis but is tight enough for stimulation without blocking blood circulation.

Most penis milkers are made from TPE and polymers – porous materials that are hard to sanitize (if not impossible). Silicone is always the safest option for your body and is easy to clean too. 

Some people are allergic to Latex, which contains phthalates – a chemical that causes rash and itching. Using a condom is always an option.

The good news is that there are models for all skin types that provide a great sensation.

Ease Of Cleaning

You can easily remove the sleeve for cleaning. Warm water and hand soap should do the trick. Some models even include cleaning brushes. 

If you’re using lube, it’s best to go for a water-based lubricant, as it is the easiest to clean.

Don’t use harsh chemicals because they deteriorate the material of the sleeve. You can buy good masturbator cleaners. Some are even included as samples with your penis milker.

Leave the sleeve to dry after the wash, and you can even powder it with talc.

How Big/Discreet Is The Toy?

Some are lightweight and compact, so you can discreetly store it. Then, some models aren’t suitable for taking on trips or storing discreetly. Usually because of size.

You’ll also find ones that come with a locked chest and keys. That discreet compartment makes it perfect for storage. 

Many penis milking machines don’t come with a case, especially the smaller ones.


It’s difficult to find one that is completely silent. There’ll always be some level of noise. 

You can find ones that are so quiet that won’t disturb people in the next room. Others make enough noise for people to wonder what you’re doing.

A good rule of thumb is to find one that is 45 decibels. That should give you peace of mind that others won’t hear.

Many manufacturers don’t provide the decibels, so check customer reviews to get a feel of the noise level.

Battery Life

After fully charged, a battery can last from 1 to 2 hours. 

Charging the battery can take up to 4 hours. If you don’t want to worry about batteries, you’ve got plenty of wired options. Usually, a big penis gets better stimulation from plug-in strokers.

Is It Waterproof?

You get ones that are waterproof and can be used in the bath and shower. 

Then, there are ones with a case that’s splashproof but not waterproof. You can wipe it down, but don’t take it into the shower.

Ninja Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Penis Milking Machine

  • Get a proper erection – penis milking machines work best on fully erect penises.
  • Connect to porn and VR goggles – it will immerse you in the fantasy even more.
  • Warm it up – sticking your penis into cold rubber could kill the arousal.
  • Use lube – male milking machines provide the best sensation with lube.
  • Take it slow – ease into it with slower settings to increase sensitivity.
  • Edge yourself – use the start-and-stop method to prolong pleasure and learn orgasm control while training your stamina.
  • Get used to the device – important so that you focus only on pleasure and avoid a fast pace that could harm your penis.
  • Use it with a partner – your partner can switch up modes unexpectedly, which adds to the arousal. 
  • Clean the toy to make it last – use warm water and soap to get all the lube out to avoid bacteria and infections from developing.

How To Make A Homemade Cock Milking Machine

Get a pulsator, a vacuum pump, and a compatible receiver for your penis. A SeriousKit receiver will take a continuous lube feed.

You’ll also need a muffler for the vacuum pump and an elastic suspension system to get long strokes.

You can connect the pulsator to the pump even if your pulsator input is a different size to the vacuum output. Just use soft tubing in each size to make an adapter out of brass fittings.

Don’t forget to use lube. Without it, the receiver will struggle to move due to a lot of friction.


It’s no longer necessary to have a partner if you want a blow job.

The machine will jerk you off and allow you to experience an orgasm at your own pace.

You can really immerse yourself in the fantasy with VR goggles and sites to give you the ultimate pleasure. Just don’t forget to clean it afterward.

The good thing is that you can get a penis machine whatever your budget. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars.

Sit back and relax while the machine does all the work.


  1. “Superskin”. Kinkly. https://www.kinkly.com/definition/7247/superskin.

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