28 Best Sex Toys For Women From LELO, Lovense & More (2024)

Wondering what the best sex toy for women is? Read on to find a suitable sex toy for you. Whether it’s a dildo, vibrator, or clit sucker, We’ve got them here!

sexual toy for women

At-A Glance: Our Top Recommended Best Female Sex Toys

For a quick rundown, here’s our best female sex toys. Or, scroll down to find more shop options and review of each female sex toy.

“What’s the BEST sex toy?” 

I get asked that a lot. And the answer is… 

Drum roll, please… 


There’s no one best toy for every woman. 

But there is the best sex toy for you.

And there’s a good chance it’s on this list. 

So without further ado, here are the 28 best sex toys for women. 

Doxy Die Cast Vibrator

Doxy Die Cast Vibrator

  • Can Vibrate Up To 9000 Times A Minute
  • Has 9 Vibration Modes That Feels Like An EARTHQUAKE
  • It’s Weighted So You Can Use It Hands-Free!
Vixen Mustang

Vixen Mustang

  • Made Of Dual-Density Silicone
  • Incredibly Realistic With Their Flexible & Soft “Skin”
  • It Comes With 4 Colors & Offers Sizes Ranging From 6.5 To 8 Inches Long
Hismith Premium Deluxe

Hismith Premium Deluxe

  • A Very Durable Sex Machine That Won’t Break The Bank
  • Offers Consistent Speed, Power, and Low Noise Levels
  • Manufacturer Offers The Best After-Sales Experience

The Best Vibrator Toys For Women

Lelo Soraya Wave Vibrator




Doxy Die Cast Vibrator



Silicone, metal handle

Lovense Lush 3 Vibrator



Body-safe silicone, ABS

Velvet Thruster Prime





Vixen Mustang





Mr. Hankey’s Dragon Dildos


8.5″ – 14.00″

7.50″ – 12.75″


Cowgirl Premium


16.7” L x 13.4” W x 10.9” H

400 lbs.

Hismith Premium Deluxe


0-240 RPM

Up to 90°

Velvet Thruster Mini Teddy


140 thrusts/min

Bendable shaft up to 30°

sexual toy for women

Strongest Vibrator

1. Doxy Die Cast Vibrator

Magic Wands are the most powerful vibrators you can hold in your hands. They have a big flat surface that vibrates ridiculously fast. 

For example, the Doxy Die Cast sex toy vibrates up to 9000 times a minute.

Which is pretty damn intense, as you can imagine. 

It’s weighted so you can use it hands-free, has a nice 3m long cable for convenience, 9 vibration modes, and oh yeah it’s like an EARTHQUAKE FOR YOUR CLIT. 

That’s why the Doxy Die Cast sex toy tops our list of the strongest vibrators, but you should check out the competition as well in case there’s something that suits you better.

Use the discount code SOCIAL20 for 20% off on the Doxy website when you click the button below.

Interested in learning more? Read our in-depth Doxy Die Cast review.

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Best G-spot Rabbit Vibrator

2. Lelo Soraya Wave Vibrator

Clitoral stimulation is great. Internal stimulation is great. 

And if you want both at the same time, you want a rabbit vibrator. 

The Lelo Soraya Wave sex toy is a top-shelf rabbit. It looks gorgeous, is easy to use, and has all the power you need for great orgasms.

Featuring deep, rumbling vibrations (the best kind), a pulsating tip to maximize G-spot stimulation and WaveMotion(™) tech that feels like you’re being expertly fingered… by a vibrator. 

I didn’t know I needed it until I got one. 

If you want to know more details about the Lelo Soraya Wave sex toy, we have an in-depth LELO Soraya Wave review.

best sexual toys for women

Best Egg Vibrator

3. Lovense Lush 3 Vibrator

Do you like the idea of giving your partner control over your sex toy, no matter where you both are in the world?

Try the Lovense Lush 3 vibrator.

It’s a super-strong vibrating egg with a tail that curls around to help hold it in place, even when you’re moving around or in public. 

The tail also contains an antenna that picks up remote signals. It connects to your smartphone over Bluetooth, so you can slip it in and let your partner take control.

It even has sound-activated functions and endless vibration patterns to play around with. 

Let me just put it this way. There’s a reason why every camgirl under the sun has one of these.

Here’s the full Lovense Lush 3 review of this beauty of a vibrator.

best sexual toys for women

Best Bullet Vibrator

4. We-Vibe Tango Vibrator

Bullets are great. They’re ultra-portable and easy to hide, but most of them just aren’t that strong. 

I say most because the We-Vibe Tango is a BIG exception.

Ask any sex toy enthusiast about the best bullet vibrators and the Tango will be top of the list 9 times out of 10. It has 7 functions and 8 adjustable speeds for a LOT of variation. 

And those vibes… let me explain real quick. 

Quality of vibration is just as important as raw strength. The Tango’s vibrations are rumbly. The stimulation is deeper and won’t leave your clit numb like other “buzzy” surface-level vibes.

best sexual toys for women

Best Clit Sucker 

5. Lelo Sila 

A clit sucker uses changes in air pressure to massage your clit without directly touching it. 

The Lelo Sila does this using sonic waves, which penetrate deeper into the tissue. It feels like they reach the erogenous zones under your skin. 

It has a nice wide mouth to fit almost any woman’s body, which is great because clit suckers work best when they don’t touch you directly — especially if you’re very sensitive. 

The Sila is not super strong.

But it is a kind of sex toy that gently builds up the tension, then suddenly, it’s 20 minutes later, you’ve just had your 4th orgasm in a row and you’re like “what the HELL was that!?”

I’ve actually reviewed the Lelo Sila vibrator before, so if you’re interested and want the full details, LELO Sila review.

female sexual toys

Best Pulsator

6. Fun Factory Stronic Drei

How about a dildo that does the hard work for you? 

The FunFactory Stronic Drei vibrator actually pulsates and thrusts while you hold it. You feel every bit of those gorgeous ridges moving inside you.

It’s nice and big, perfectly shaped to massage the g-spot without moving your hands, and it’s even suitable for anal play if that’s your thing! 

And if you like vibrators that move in an unconventional way – whether it’s rotating, thrusting, or wiggling.

If you would to have some thrusting action but anally, you can check out our best thrusting butt plugs guide.

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Best Vibrator For Squirting 

7. Magic Wand Plus Vibrator

An even more powerful version of the Magic Wand, and it is magic. It’s really simple to use with just three buttons so you just plug in and get to the good stuff. 

It has four speeds that range from “wow this thing is awesome” to “oh look I’ve lost the ability to speak”. 

If any sex toy can make you squirt, it’s the Magic Wand Plus. Generally, you need something with a big wide head to stimulate the whole area to achieve female ejaculation.

And with the Magic Wand Plus, the speed and power of the vibrations practically force it out of you. 

Interested to know more details about the Magic Wand Plus? Check out our in-depth review here.

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Best Budget Vibrator for Virgins

8. Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibrator

Don’t feel comfortable with penetration but still want orgasms? On a tight budget? 

Not a problem.

For about $50 you can get yourself the Satisfyer Pro 2 vibrator. Instead of sonic waves like the Lelo Sila, the Satisyer creates changes in air pressure to deliver pleasure.

Lots and lots of pleasure. 

It has 11 levels of intensity AND works underwater, so you will find a configuration that gives you multiple orgasms without putting anything inside yourself.

Interested in learning more? Read our in-depth Satisfyer Pro review.

sex toys for women

Best Tongue Vibrator

9. Pipedream Fantasy For Her Vibrator

If you love getting licked out but your partner doesn’t quite cut it, try this. 

It has 3 modes of suction and 7 licking patterns for all kinds of simulated licking fun

The Fantasy for Her vibrator isn’t waterproof and it can be tricky to get it in the right spot at first but once you find it DAMN it delivers on some of the best orgasms money can buy.

Also check out other tongue vibrators you might like on our best tongue vibrators guide.

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Luxury Wand Vibrator

10. Lelo Smart Wand 2 Vibrator

If you like the idea of a Magic Wand vibrator but want something that looks a bit prettier, try this beauty.

It’s also rechargeable, so you’re not limited by power outlets and cables.

You can take it anywhere you want and have up to 4 hours of playtime before you need to plug it in. 

It’s waterproof, too, so you can take it in the bath or shower! 

The Smart Wand 2 vibrator is covered in super-soft silicone and 10 adjustable settings. If you’ve got the extra cash for this luxury wand, you will not be disappointed.

For other great options, see our best wand vibrator guide.

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Best G-Spot Pulsator

11. Fun Factory Stronic G 

Some women find that vibrations are too much for their G-spots to handle. If that’s the case, go for the Stronic G. 

Like the Stronic Drei, it’s a pulsator, so it thrusts and moves instead of just vibrating.

But the G is designed specifically to steadily massage your g-spot

The curve is just right to hit it perfectly and it’s way quieter than a vibrator. 

(If you’re from the US, make sure you’re on us.funfactory.com and not the EU site, so the button below doesn’t redirect to the Fun Factory homepage.)

If you want to know more details about the Fun Factory Stronic G, we have an in-depth Fun Factory Stronic review.

Best Realistic Vibrator

12. Desire Luxury Dildo Vibrator

All of the realistic feeling of a dick but with EXTRA VIBRATIONS? 

Shut up and take my money!!

The Desire Luxury is like a work of functional art. 

It has 6.5 inches of insertable length with a beautiful veiny texture and a pronounced head and corona to hit the g-spot.

And it’s rechargeable, fully waterproof, and has 8 patterns and 12 intensities. 

So it’s basically penis 2.0. 

Feel free to check out our most realistic vibrator guide as well if you want more quality options.

Best Finger Vibrator

13. Hot Octopuss DiGiT

Finger vibrators are great because you can control them with more precision than even a bullet. 

The Hot Octopuss DiGiT vibrator loops around your (or your partner’s) finger easily for fantastic fine control.

It features 5 speeds and 5 patterns and is fully waterproof.

It’s one of the best sex toys you can take in the bath or shower.

The Best Dildo Sex Toys For Women

toys for women

Best Realistic Dildo

14. Vixen Mustang

Vixen’s VixSkin dildos might look pretty ordinary, but they have to be felt to be believed. 

See, it is a dual-density dildo and they’re made of dual-density silicone.

That means a layer of softer, flexible “skin” over a harder inner core, which copies the way real penises work. And they feel incredibly convincing.

You can move the skin around with your hands like you’re giving a handjob, and the feeling when it’s inside you is so realistic you have to remind yourself it’s not actually a severed dong. 

It comes in 4 colors including a dazzling rainbow and sizes from 6.5 to 8 inches long.

Check out the full review of this in the Vixen Mustang review of this beauty. We’ve also made an article on the most realistic dildos you can check.

womensex toys

Best Thrusting Dildo 

15. Velvet Thruster Prime

A lot of women prefer the feeling of thrusting and penetration to vibrations. 

This is great, but if you’re playing alone your hands and wrists will get tired pretty quickly from using a regular dildo. 

But what if I told you you can get a dildo that thrusts itself?? 

The Velvet Thruster Prime is a highly customizable dildo with up to 3.5 inches of thrusting length that can bang you at up to 140 strokes per minute

It has realistic and non-realistic options, a fantastic 8-hour battery life, and a good choice of colors and extras. 

There are other Velvet Thrusters available in the market and if you want to see our in-depth comparison between them, you might want to check out our Velvet Thruster review.

Pro Tip

Definitely get the optional suction cup for hands-free fucking.

And you can use the discount code ALPHA20 for 20% off on checkout on the Thruster website (any product) when you click the button below.

Want to check out more thrusting and vibrating dildos? Head over to our best thrusting dildos guide.

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Best Fantasy Dildo 

16. Mr. Hankey’s Dragon Dildos

Like many fantasy dildos, the Mr. Hankey Dragon is like a work of art you can fuck.

They’re made of top-quality silicone and come in a choice of colors, hardness and suction base. (Definitely get the suction base). 

The rippling scaly texture feels uniquely stimulating, like nothing else you’ve tried. It will take some getting used to but it’s worth the effort. 

It comes in four sizes ranging from Big to You’re Either Crazy Brave Or Just Crazy.

And you can use the discount code ALPHA10 for 10% off on checkout on the Mr. Hankey’s Toys website (any product) when you click the button below.

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Realistic Extra Large Dildo

17. Mr. Hankey’s Cyrus King XXXL

If fantasy penises aren’t your idea of a good time, how about this enormous realistic dildo also from Mr. Hankey? 

The Cyrus King XXXL is as big as you would expect. It actually comes in 4 sizes from “Small” to “XXXL”.

And even the Small (7”) is 2 inches longer than the average penis. The XXXL is 13 inches.

That’s 2 inches longer than my forearm. Let that sink in (no pun intended). 

The detail on the skin is awesome — it’s a real pleasure to hold and touch it. The pronounced head will hit your G-spot very nicely, and those balls are a wonder!

You can keep it on your desk and use them like a stress ball if you want. 

best toys for women

Best Thick Dildo

18. Mr. Hankey’s The Rabbit

Not to be confused with rabbit vibrators, this is an exxxtra-wide dildo that will stretch you to the max! 

It’s relatively short — the Medium size is “only” 7 inches in insertable length, but it’s 9.5 inches at its widest circumference. That’s about 2x wider than your average gentleman. 

There’s a lovely taper to the shape which makes it easier to train with. It starts out with a pretty normal-sized head and gets thicker and thicker until you’re filled up and stretched out. 

Like Mr. Hankey’s other sex toys it’s made of beautiful platinum-cured silicone so it’s easy to clean and body-safe.

Check out other great sex toys in our best thickest dildo guide.

Best Glass Dildo 

19. Crystal Delights Glass Dildo

Glass is a great material for a dildo. It’s tough, body-safe, super easy to clean and looks really pretty. 

This Crystal Delights Glass Dildo is so smooth you might even be able to use it without lube (for vaginal use at least). 

It’s temperature-resistant so you can heat it up or put it in the fridge for some hot and cold play.

Works great with a harness for strap-on fun, too. Just make sure you use a metal O-ring. 

All that makes it an ideal choice for kinksters and aesthetic-lovers alike.

P.S. we also have a guide on the best glass dildo if you want other options.

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Best Suction Cup Dildo

20. Lovehoney Curved Silicone Suction Cup Dildo 

Sometimes you just want a nice, normal dildo you can stick to the floor, wall, or shower door. 

This curved beauty does the job perfectly.

It’s a curved 7-incher with a semi-realistic coronal ridge. It’s made of smooth silicone and glides in and out easily. 

The suction cup means it will stick to most smooth surfaces, and it has a hollow base you can fit a bullet inside.

For other great options, see our best suction cup dildo guide.

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Best Affordable Vibrating Dildo

21. Calexotics Shower Stud

Soft, supple silicone. Realistic design with a perfect head. Pretty balls. Suction cup. Shower-proof. 

AND it vibrates! 

For all of the features packed into the Shower Stud’s 6 inches of insertable length, it’s amazingly cheap. 

Surprisingly for a waterproof sex toy, it takes batteries instead of being rechargeable. That is a con…

…BUT with that super-strong suction cup and easy-to-use vibration control, you get a ton for the price. 

ladies toy

Best Fisting Dildo 

22. Doc Johnson Belladonna’s Magic Hand

Named and modeled after legendary porn star Belladonna, this is the perfect starter for anyone interested in fisting sex toys.

The level of detail is excellent. It even has skin creases, fingernails, and knuckles you can feel going inside you. 

This fist is made of PVC that’s firm yet flexible so that it’s easy to use. 

Something to note

PVC is porous, so you have to take some extra steps to keep it clean. (See our section on materials in the Buying Guide for more on porous materials.)

Fisting is great, but getting the right tool for the job is hella important.

If you really are into fisting, you should check out our guide about the best fisting dildos.

best sex toys for women

Best Squirting Dildo 

23. Dorcel Strap-On-Me

In case you’re confused, a squirting dildo is a dildo that squirts lubricant like it’s ejaculating. It doesn’t mean a dildo that will make YOU squirt. 

The Dorcel Strap-On-Me is made of body-safe silicone and measures 7 inches insertable length and 1.4 inches wide, so it’s a good size for most people.

Not too big, not too small. 

To use it, simply fill the syringe with Fake Cum lubricant and squirt it whenever you want. It has slits in the bottom for the cum tube so that you can enjoy it to the fullest extent with any standard harness, so it’s perfect for cum play or gender expression.

best female toys

Best Inflatable Dildo 

24. Inflatable Vibrating G-Spot Pleaser

What’s better than a 6-inch vibrating dildo? 

A 6-inch vibrating dildo that inflates! 

With good vibrations and a hand pump that you use to inflate it up to 8 inches in circumference, there’s something to please even the pickiest of g-spots.

And at $35 it’s affordable too! 

Looking for alternatives? Check out best inflatable dildos guide.

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Best Dildo Mount

25. Liberator Wing

This isn’t actually a sex toy, but it will make any of the sex toys on this list EVEN BETTER. 


Well, it’s a comfortable sex pillow that you can fit almost any sex toy into and go to town! 

It doesn’t work that well with oversized dildos or wands, but everything else it will take and elevate to the next level.

Whether you’re a couple into DP or putting on a show, or you want a way to ride your favorite sex toys like there’s no tomorrow, there are countless ways to enjoy the Liberator Wing.

Use the discount code ALPHA20 for 20% off on the Liberator website when you click the button below.

If you want to learn more about dildo mounts and sex pillows, here’s our best dildo mounts guide.

The Best Sex Machines For Women

toy for lady

Best Fucking Machine

26. Hismith Premium Deluxe Sex Machine

The Hismith Premium Deluxe fucking machine is a hell of a ride. It thrusts up to 240 strokes per minute and up to 6 inches per stroke, which is INSANE. It can thrust faster and deeper than you ever could by hand. 

Hell, it thrusts faster and deeper than any guy too! 

It comes with a high-quality silicone dildo as standard, and there’s a huge selection of attachments and other dildos you can fit your machine with. 

It’s highly adjustable so you can change the angle, depth, and speed of penetration quickly. 

The Hismith is also shockingly quiet. It does everything you want from a fucking machine and more. 

Fucking machines are never cheap, but this one is worth every cent.

Use the discount code HSM10 for 10% off AND a free spring attachment (worth $30) from the Hismith website when you click the button below.

Interested in learning more? Read our in-depth Hismith review.

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Best Sybian 

27. Cowgirl Premium

Sybians are basically the ultimate vibrators. You straddle them, turn them on, and orgasm until you melt. 

The Cowgirl is really comfortable to sit on with its faux-leather finish and generous padding, so your legs won’t get tired (except from all the cumming, of course). 

It has smartphone control as well as a corded remote, so you or your partner has complete control over the sensations. 

It has several attachments for whatever gets you off the hardest, eg. double penetration, g-spot stimulation, etc.

Oh yeah, and the power is RIDICULOUS.

Way beyond anything a rabbit or magic wand can offer. It practically forces the orgasms out of you whether you want it to or not. In the best possible way. 😉

Feel free to check out our best Sybian alternative guide as well if you want more quality options.

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Budget Pick

28. Velvet Thruster Mini Teddy 

For the sex machine experience on a budget, try out the Thruster Mini Teddy. Like the Velvet Thruster Prime, it’s a self-thrusting dildo. 

But this one comes with a suction cup built-in, so you can stick it to any smooth flat surface and let it do the magic for you. 

It has a 5-inch shaft with a max thrusting depth of 2.5 inches and a top speed of 125 strokes per minute, which for a cute little dildo like this is DAMN impressive. 

It’s basically a sex machine you can throw in a suitcase and take on holiday! Just remember to take plenty of lube, too. 

What Are The Different Types Of Sex Toys? 


If a sex toy vibrates and you hold it in your hand, it’s a vibrator.

These come in all shapes and sizes, from little bullets to big strong wand-type vibrators that pack a hell of a punch. 

Good vibrators are normally made of silicone or plastic, and there are big differences in the quality of vibration. As a general rule: rumbly good, buzzy bad.

If you are looking for recommendations, we’ve compiled the best vibrators for women.


Generally, if it’s approximately dick-shaped and doesn’t vibrate, it’s a dildo. Of course, there are dildos that vibrate, but let’s not worry about semantics. 

Dildos are normally made of plastic, silicone, metal, or glass with a ton of variation in size, material, quality, and price.

If you are looking for recommendations, check out the best dildos you’ll find in the market today.

Clit Suckers 

One of the newer kinds of sex toys out there. Clit suckers do exactly what you might guess — they suck your clit to give your pleasure. 

Some work differently, but most use air pulses to create a sucking, pulsating sensation. Multiple orgasms are on the menu with these! 

Fucking Machines

It’s a machine that fucks you, obviously. They’re normally much too big to be held in your hands and give the most intense experiences. 

Some vibrate, like sybians. Others use a metal arm on a wheel to thrust in and out with whatever dildo or vibrator you can fit it with. They’re both amazing, and something every woman should try once in her life.

Explore the best fucking machines guide for all our top recommendations.

How To Choose The Right Female Sex Toy 


You can’t choose the best sex toy for you unless you know what you want it for. 

So before you head out to sex toy shopping, think about what you’re most interested in and go from there.

Here are a few ideas to point you in the right direction. 

Clitoral stimulation: Go with a nice clitoral vibrator like a bullet or wand. Or, get a clit sucker. Multiple orgasms speak for themselves. 

G-spot: There are plenty of g-spot vibrators out there, but a nice dildo will also do the trick if you prefer thrusting to vibrating. Get one with a curve to it that ensures it hits the spot. 

Penetration: You’ll want a nice dildo in your favorite size. Make sure it’s made of body-safe materials like silicone or glass, and decide whether you like more realism or more abstract design. 

Anal play: As long as the material is body-safe, there are tons of dildos and vibrators that also work for anal. Or, get a nice buttplug. Just be careful with the size. A lot of women get overly ambitious with anal toys and end up with a big plug they can’t use. 

If you’re still unsure which option is the best for you, you can check out this guide about vibrators vs. dildos.


Sex toys can be made out of lots of things, but we can separate them into two categories: body-safe and not body-safe

A body-safe material is non-porous, meaning it doesn’t have any microscopic holes in it that bacteria and other nasties can get into. They also won’t break down and leach nasty chemicals inside you.

These are easier to clean and safe to penetrate yourself with for a long time. 

Examples include silicone, glass, steel, some plastics like ABS 

Pro Tip

If a material is not body-safe, it means it might be porous, so microbes will get into it even if you clean it regularly. It could also mean that it might start to break down and leach harmful chemicals into your body from contact. 

This doesn’t mean that you must avoid them entirely. Just be careful and put a condom over anything that goes inside your vagina or anus. And make sure you clean them religiously. 

Examples include PVC, jelly, latex, rubber, thermoplastics, wood 


If the sex toy is meant to go inside you, then you have to think about how big or small it should be. 

There’s no rule on deciding the right size, but you should try to get an idea of your limits (eg. how many fingers or what size penis will fit in the hole) and try not to go too far beyond them. 

Unless of course, raising limits of what you can take is the goal. 

So what’s the perfect dildo size? Whichever you prefer!


Dildos are silent since they don’t vibrate or move on their own (mostly). 

But any sex toy with moving parts is going to make a noise. 

If you want to learn more about quiet and discreet vibrators, here’s a list of our faves.


From $2000 fucking machines to $10 lipstick vibrators, there should be something to match every budget. 

Sex toys might seem expensive, but don’t be fooled by cheap crappy knockoffs from eBay or Amazon. We’ve made a guide on where to buy sex toys that you might want to check.

In fact, it’s best to not shop for sex toys there at all. 

Pro Tip

Those sites are notorious for having cheap fake sex toys that are pretending to be expensive items on a discount. But they’re usually poor imitations that haven’t been tested, and many are made of dangerous materials. 

Would you rather spend $100 on a sex toy you know is safe and satisfies you for years?

Or spend $100 on ten fakes that break after two uses or even send you to the emergency room? 

Of course, you can get safe toys for cheaper than $100. 

In fact, if you have basically no budget at all, there are options to make homemade dildos and DIY vibrators.


As you can see, choosing the right sex toy can be complicated. But it’s better to think about these things now than waste money on toys you don’t enjoy. Be safe and have fun out there!

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore (she/her) is our resident sex expert at SexualAlpha. She’s a certified sex therapist with a Ph.D. in Gender & Sexuality Studies. Aliyah is a proud Black, bi-sexual femme passionate about empowering minority voices to embrace their sexuality and identity. She loves to write about everything sexual wellness and gives no-nonsense sex and relationship advice.

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