16 Best Long Distance Sex Toys To Simulate Sex! [2024]

While connectivity is fundamental when picking the best long distance sex toy, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. 

Look for long distance toys with ergonomic designs to ensure that discomfort and strain don’t disrupt the connection with your partner. Similarly, synchronization features ranging from real-time synching to interactive modes maintain the flow of intimacy and promote mutual pleasure.

We didn’t simply pick options that offer a fun way for long-distance couples to connect. Here, we considered key factors like battery life, remote control features, and a range of customization options that make for an immersive and fulfilling experience.

Key Considerations In Choosing A Long Distance Sex Toy

  • Type of toy: Long-distance sex toys come in different forms, including butt plugs, rabbit vibrators, clit vibrators, and strokers, among others. To pick the right one, consider the parts of your body you enjoy being stimulated most, then narrow the search to the options that pleasure that area.
  • Synchronization Settings: Opt for LDR sex toys that go beyond offering real-time synchronization. To ensure that your long distance toy mimics actual physical connection, look out for options like interactive modes (users actively control each other’s toys), bi-directional syncing (both partner’s toys mirror the other’s patterns accurately), randomized syncing (unpredictable patterns are applied to add the element of surprise), and music/sound syncing.
  • Battery Life: Battery life doesn’t simply affect the overall user experience. It also adds or subtracts convenience. So, besides looking at the estimated duration of continuous use on a single charge—generally between 1 and 6 hours—consider its charging time, power source (USB, charging docks or adapters), and standby time.
  • Remote Control Capabilities: In addition to smartphones, there are different remote control options for long-distance sex toys. You can pick toys compatible with smartwatches or even voice-activated devices because a hands-free experience is more realistic.
  • Customization Options: The more you can tailor the features to your preference, the more it will feel like your partner isn’t miles away. Look for long distance toys with personalized vibration patterns, temperature control, adjustable intensity levels, or programmable modes because a more personalized touch goes a long way.

Top 3 Sex Toys For Long Distance

Lovense Nora and Max 2

The pairing of the Lovense Nora and Max 2 stands out for offering one of the most immersive experiences on the market. The Nora rabbit vibrator and the realistic Max 2 penis stroker simultaneously respond to each partner’s movements. With this feature plus other customization options through the Lovense Remote app, distance is not a problem as it can work overseas without denting the connectivity.

Lovense Lush 3

More suited to distance partners looking for something small and easy to conceal, the Lovense Lush 3 is a G-spot bullet vibrator compatible with the Max 2. Use this long distance sex toy under a pillow or some blankets, and it’s practically silent, with a maximum sound level of 43 decibels. However, it’s not for everyone, especially beginners – despite its compact build, the fit was too snug, and I found the vibrations numbing sometimes.

Lovense Edge 2

With the Lovense Edge 2 , prostate massage lovers can enjoy the convenience and comfort of a hands-free device that’s as easy to insert as it is to clean. Its ergonomic design features a waterproof exterior, flexible neck, and adjustable arm that easily hits the P-spot for most users. Unfortunately, it’s incompatible with the Max 2 and limits users to controlling vibrations from a distance. 

Best Long Distance Toys

SexualAlpha Top Pick

1. Lovense Nora & Max 2

Rabbit vibrator, penis stroker
4.72 inches, 9.5 inches
Silicone (Nora), TPE (Max 2), ABS plastic
Run Time:
Up to 4 hours; 2-3 hours
  • Max 2 mimics vaginal contractions
  • Sensor upgrade for real-time relay of movements between toys
  • Affordable bundle price
  • Toys get loud on the highest settings

You can’t talk about long-distance sex toys without starting with Lovense toys. For over a decade, Lovense has been leading the pack in creating sex toys for long-distance couples.

For hetero-couples, we recommend getting the Lovense Nora and Max 2 combo. 

Both toys work great by themselves…

First, you have the unique Nora rabbit vibrator. Instead of having two vibrating motors, it has an insertable rotating head to hit the G-spot and a flexible vibrating clitoral arm that works for most bodies.

Then you have Max 2 that vibrates, sucks, and contracts the penis up to 360-degrees with its soft skin-like sleeve with uniform nubs. They all work to mimic the feel of vaginal walls.

You or your long-distance partner can control Nora’s rotations/vibrations and Max 2’s vibrations/contractions separately using the toy’s built-in buttons or the Lovense Remote app.

But the magic comes when you sync both long distance sex toys.

HOW? Insert the Nora, and the Max 2 will start vibrating and contracting your partner’s penis. Thrusting the Nora faster will intensify Max 2’s contractions and vibrations.

OR you can insert your penis into the Max 2, and Nora’s head will start rotating and the clit vibrations working. The faster you stroke your Max 2, the faster the vibrations and rotations on the Nora.

The Nora and Max 2 are the ONLY couples’ toys so far that truly pass on each other’s movements. You don’t get that from other toys for couples out there.

Plus, even if your partner isn’t there, you can play around with the patterns they’ve created for you. Or record the moves and voice during the call and play ‘em back anytime you want.


2. Lovense Lush 3

Wearable G-spot vibrator
1.5″ insertable diameter, 3″ insertable length
Run Time:
5 hours
  • Powerful but quiet vibes
  • Comfortable to wear throughout the day
  • Fantastic battery life and reliable app
  • There’s a learning curve to using the app
  • No clit stimulation

The Lovense Lush 3 is a wearable Bluetooth G-spot vibrator with a fixed C-shaped tail that comfortably fits your body and stays in place. You or your partner can control its vibes using the Lovense Remote app.

The design presses on your G-spot firmly, so you get those deep, rumbly, and more widespread vibes. But what makes it different from other wearable toys is its QUIETNESS.

With the highest sound level at 43 dB, that’s as loud as a bird song. Insert the toy while your long-distance partner is playing with the controls, and the rumble will sound next to nothing.

Yeah, that pretty much means that you can wear it out in most public settings and let your partner use the app to control the toy.

WARNING: Though you can easily drown its rumbles from the layer of skin and clothing, avoid using it in super-quiet places like the library ‘cause the sounds can get pretty noticeable at the highest settings.

This pink toy with a tail is pretty popular, so check out our Lovense Lush 3 review to determine if it’s the next toy for you.


3. Lovense Edge 2

Prostate massager
3.59″ insertable length, 1.38″ width
Run Time:
1-1.7 hours
  • Dual motors or prostate and perineum stimulation
  • Adjustable insertable arm for the best fit
  • Soft silicone for easy insertion and comfortable wear
  • Silicone material is lint and dirt magnet

The Lovense Edge 2 is a hands-free prostate massager with two powerful motors for prostate and perineum stimulation.

It’s the toy to get for male partners who want to try prostate stimulation (and hopefully experience super Os) at the control of their partner’s hands. Okay, I mean through the Lovense app.

What sets this P-massager apart from others out there is its adjustable insertable arm. Adjusting the toy means a better fit so the vibrations would reach the P-spot better.

Edge 2 also comes with a larger bulb above the neck to keep the toy in place compared to the first Edge.

Now, just make sure to store it inside the storage bag when not in use to keep it away from dirt and lint.

Learn how to use and maximize its features on our Lovense Edge 2 review.

Most Realistic Experience

4. Kiiroo Onyx+ & Pearl 2

Penis stroker, G-spot vibrator
6.5″, 7.9″
Soft plastic, silicone
Run Time:
1 hour
  • Onyx+ contraction rings simulate real sex
  • Touch-sensitive technology on the Pearl 2
  • Realistic sensations
  • Limited playtime

If you’re after lifelike sensations while doing it long-distance with your partner, then the Kiiroo Onyx+ and Pearl 2 are the perfect pair for you and your boo.

But first, let me explain how each long distance toy works before I share how they work together.

Unlike Max 2’s vibes and suction, Onyx+ has ten contraction rings inside (like vibrating penis rings!) its skin-like sleeve that move in an up and down motion like real-life sex. In short, it does ALL the stroking work for you.

Next, you have the insertable 5-inch thick G-spot vibrating Pearl 2 that comes with Kiiroo’s unique touch-sensitive technology. (You can also use the vibes on your clit.)

There are touch sensors on the device that react to how you use the toy. For example, the vibration intensity will change depending on how you press the toy firmly on your clit.

On insertion, pushing it deeper will increase its vibrations, while pulling it out will decrease ‘em.

So, how do they work together? Once you share devices with your partner through Kiiroo’s FeelConnect app, the long distance sex toys will react to each other.

HOW? Insert the Pearl 2, and the rings on the Onyx+ will contract at the same depth. The faster you insert the Pearl 2, the stronger the contractions on the Onyx+.

Unlike Nora and Max 2, the Pearl 2 does not react to Onyx’s movements. So if you have the Onyx+, you have to use the up-and-down touchpad to control Pearl 2’s vibrations.

Though it’s more realistic for the male partner, the sensations are still pretty intense for both.

Of course, if you want only your partner to control your toy or vice versa (or if only one partner has the toy), they can use the toy’s in-app controls. Not as feature-packed as the Lovense app, but the connection’s pretty stable.

If you want to use the Onyx+ alone, you can also signup to FeelMe AI, which will turn affiliated 2D porn videos into a interactive one that will definitely enhance your sessions!

Pro Tip

You can use the discount code SEXUALALPHA to get 10% off on purchases from Kiiroo.

Best Manual Stroking LDR Sex Toys

5. Kiiroo Titan & Cliona

Penis vibrator, clit vibrator
7.48″, 4.5″
TPE sleeve (Titan), silicone (Cliona), ABS
Run Time:
30 min to 1 hour
  • Powerful Titan vibrations
  • Cliona’s vibrating motor placement gives pinpoint stimulation
  • Waterproof, portable Cliona
  • No touch-sensitive technology
  • You have to press each toy’s buttons to control the other toy’s vibrations

Kiiroo is very much aware that different couples have different preferences when it comes to their pleasures.

That’s why they came up with the Titan-Cliona tandem.

Unlike the Onyx’s automatic contraction rings that do the stroking for you, the Titan lets you manually stroke it. And you can make your experience more intense with its 9 powerful vibrating motors positioned in 3 rows to deliver customized vibrations.

Using Titan’s touch-sensitive pads, you can choose to target different parts of your penis or have them all work automatically from top to bottom.

Pro Tip #1

If you want MORE INTENSE sensations, you can replace Titan’s default soft RealFeel sleeve with a narrow-chambered Tight Fit Sleeve for just $39.

Then, there’s the compact and waterproof Cliona. It’s a well-thought-of clit vibrator for ladies who get off more from external stimulation. Unlike other clit vibrators, Cliona has its vibrating motor in the head (vs. the base) for pinpoint sensations. 

Pro Tip #2

While Cliona is designed for external stimulation, you can turn it around to deliver intense vibrations inside your vagina and control your partner’s Titan much easier.

For Titan users, simply press one, two, or three of the touchpad buttons to control Cliona’s vibration intensity.

For Cliona users, you can use Cliona’s left and right touch-sensitive buttons to cycle through Titan’s vibration modes. Then press the plus and minus buttons near Cliona’s head to adjust Titan’s vibration intensity.

Upgrade Pick

6. Kiiroo Keon & OhMiBod Fuse

Penis stroker, rabbit vibrator
8.67″, 7.09″
TPE sleeve (Keon), silicone (Fuse), ABS
Run Time:
1.5-2 hours
  • More realistic and powerful stroke lengths and speeds on the Keon
  • Fuse LED lights perfect for visual kinksters
  • Fuse delivers deep, rumbly vibes
  • Expensive couple set
  • Fuse gets a little noisy

The Keon-Fuse combo is the most expensive hetero couple’s set on our list… but for a good reason.

Keon is the latest automatic penis stroker in the Kiiroo family. On its own, it’s jam-packed with high-tech features that let you enjoy this powerful stroker with or without a partner.

But we’re here for partnered long-distance sex, right? So, I’m not gonna dive deep on that.

Just gonna tell you that Keon has an unmatched build quality vs. its predecessors. It’s made of two parts (the main Keon device and the Feel Stroker) that make it move up and down in more realistic lengths and speeds.

The soft skin-like sleeve comes with a default vaginal orifice that you don’t get from other long-distance strokers. You can replace it with Kiiroo’s Feel Stars sleeves (think porn star’s vag). Or any regular-sized Fleshlight sleeve. Don’t get this confused with penis sleeves, those are for penis growth!

If you love the touch-sensitive tech on the Pearl 2 but feel it’s missing on external stim, then the OhMiBod Fuse is perfect for you. There are even LED lights that appeal to couples who love some visual kink.

You can control the Keon and other Feel tech-enabled devices using Fuse’s different features.

Like the Pearl 2, sliding the Fuse in/out will signal the Keon to stroke up/down at the same depth. The deeper and faster you go, the more powerful the stroke lengths and speeds on the Keon.

Pro Tip

If you want faster stroke length control of your partner’s Keon through your Fuse, use the tickler or clitoral arm. Simply double-tap the tickler to give half a stroke to Keon. You can also tap it 4x quickly to launch the Keon in full stroke.

To control the Fuse using the Keon, simply press the left and right buttons to change your partner’s Fuse’s rhythm and vibration intensity.

The downside to using both long distance sex toys is their NOISE in the highest settings. So, make sure that you’re alone or use some music to muffle the sounds (and your moans).

If you must know more about the Keon, we have a Keon review!

Best App-Controlled Vibrating Butt Plug

7. Lovense Hush

Vibrating butt plug
1.5″ or 1.75″ diameter, 3.8″ long
Run Time:
3-3.5 hours
  • Best for discreet public play
  • Thin, spiraled neck for several hours of use
  • Reliable Lovense app
  • Silicone attracts dust easily
  • Both sizes not ideal for folks with no prior anal play experience

What if you’re a long-distance couple who enjoys some butt stuff and public play? Then I definitely recommend getting the Lovense Hush.

You can buy one and have one partner wear it while the other controls the long distance toy using the Lovense Remote app inside or outside the house.

OR you can get it as a pair for a lower price.

While you can’t control the same toy together, you can each wear the Hush and control each other’s toy. You can customize the vibrations in real-time while you’re on chat or video call.

You can even use the Hush with another wearable Lovense toy like the Lush 3 (much more on that later) for anal+vaginal vibes in one.

While male or female partners can use this toy, their small (1.5″ thick) and medium (1.75″ thick) sizes fall between the medium and large size ranges in the butt plug world.

If either of you has no prior anal play experience, then I suggest starting small and slow and not wearing it outside immediately.

Though the Hush has a thin, spiraled neck to keep the lube in place for several hours of use, I don’t recommend you wear it all day. Why? The spirals can get a bit uncomfortable.

You can do so much more with Hush, so check out our full Lovense Hush 3 review.

Most Versatile Couple Toy

8. We-Vibe Sync

Clitoral and G-spot vibrator
2.94″ long, 1.24″ wide
Run Time:
90 minutes
  • Can be controlled via remote and the We-Connect app
  • Adjustable to fit your unique body
  • Can be worn during sex or from afar
  •  No male sex toy counterpart for simultaneous play

The We-Vibe Sync is a wearable clit and G-spot vibrator that you can adjust to fit the natural contours of your body and direct the powerful vibes to where you want ‘em.

It has a 3-meter range remote control so you can adjust vibration modes and intensity levels during solo play.

Of course, we’re here for the toy’s long-distance control capabilities. While the female partner only gets off from the toy, there’s something sexy about taking control over her pleasure.

First, both partners need to download the We-Connect app. Once that’s done, choose the “connect lover” option, then allow your partner to “take control.”

Even if your partner is from afar, they can cycle through patterns, adjust the intensity, and create their own vibes just for you.

The Sync is the only We-Vibe toy with Touch and Beat modes.

In Touch mode, your partner can use their fingers to adjust the intensity of either or both clit and G-spot motors. In Beat mode, the toy reacts to your partner’s voice on the other end or any song from your local library.

If you think your female partner’s the only one getting all the fun, wait till you see ‘em in the flesh cause by then, they can wear the Sync while having sex for some vibing good time.

Long Distance Sex Toys for Gay & Lesbian Couples

Best LDR Set For Gay Couples

9. Kiiroo Onyx+ Couples Set

Penis stroker
Soft plastic
Run Time:
1 hour
  • Realistic contraction sensations
  • Matte black finish for easy grip
  • Easy-to-clean sleeve
  • Grip clip can be hard to take off
  • Picky penis size

I applaud Kiiroo and Lovense for coming up with same-sex toy pairings so gay and lesbian couples can also spice up their long-distance relationships.

First up, we have the Kiiroo Onyx+ couples set.

If you’re looking to experience the same contracting up and down movements in a sleek and portable device together, then two Onyx+ strokers are the way to go.

Pair both strokers through the app, and one partner can lead the action by using their toy’s touchpads to cycle through different stroke modes and speeds. The other partner’s Onyx+ then follows these same settings.

If you want precise stroke speed and pattern control of each other’s toys, you can both use the FeelConnect app instead.

For the best experience, carefully measure your penis diameter. Onyx+ offers two types of sleeves. You have the regular/standard fit sleeve for average-sized guys (1.38″ and 1.69″ diameter) and the tight fit sleeve for below average-sized (less than 1.38″).

If you or your partner is way above average, then you’re better off with a more accommodating stroker like the Keon.

best LDR Set For Lesbian Couples

10. Kiiroo Pearl 2 & Fuse Couples Set

G-spot vibrator, rabbit vibrator
7.9″, 7.09″
Silicone, ABS
Run Time:
1 hour
  • Different types of stimulation for the price of one
  • Touch-sensitive technology on both toys
  • Various long-distance play options
  • Fuse not waterproof and can get noisy on the highest settings

While Kiiroo allows the pairing of two Pearl 2 vibrators and two Fuse vibrators, not all vagina-having partners get off from the same type of stimulation.

If this sounds like you and your partner, then this couple set is perfect for you.

The touch-sensitive tech on both toys is powerful on its own, but pair ‘em, and the possibilities are endless!

First off, you can relay your toy’s movements to your partner’s toy or vice versa. Simply push your Fuse or Pearl 2 deeper to increase the intensity vibrations on your toy and your partner’s.

Then, pull it out to subtly decrease the vibration intensity on both you and your partner’s toys.

You can also play around with the different vibration modes of both toys. If you’re the one controlling, simply use the touch-sensitive buttons to cycle through different patterns. The pattern you choose will also reflect on your partner’s toy.

Alternative LDR Set For Gay Couples

11. Lovense Max 2 Couples Set

Penis stroker
Run Time:
2-3 hours 
  • Ribbed exteriors for easy grip on the toy
  • Neutral orifice
  • Long run time
  • Need to purchase both toys separately and not as a set

Two Max 2 penis strokers are perfect for couples who prefer an intense long-distance sexual experience.

Though Lovense doesn’t currently offer two Max 2 strokers as a set, this is a plus if you both live in different parts of the world. You don’t have to spend twice as much in terms of shipping fees. You can have each toy directly shipped to each other.

So, how do both partners take advantage of the toy’s unique sucking, contracting, and vibrating features?

When you stroke one Max 2 up and down, your partner’s device will contract around their shaft. If you want to change their contraction intensity, simply stroke your Max 2 faster or slower.

If you want to change the contraction or vibration modes, you can use the toy’s buttons. But if you don’t wanna fiddle with ‘em buttons, there’s the Lovense Remote app for a more customized partner play experience.

Alternative LDR Sets For Lesbian Couples

12. Lovense Nora Couples Set

Rabbit vibrator
Run Time:
3-4 hours
  • Up to 4 hours of continuous use
  • Upgraded sensors for real-time relay of toy movements
  • Independent vibration and rotation controls
  • Separate toy purchase
  • Not submersible

Like the Max 2, you can’t buy two Nora vibrators for the price of one. However, they work perfectly together through the toy’s buttons and in-app controls.

HOW? Insert and rub your Nora, and the head of your partner’s Nora will start rotating. When you insert your Nora faster, then the head of your partner’s Nora will rotate faster; slower, then it will slow down.

Your Nora can also mimic the movements of your partner’s Nora or vice versa. For example, when your partner changes the head rotation and vibration settings on Nora’s buttons, the same settings will apply to your Nora.

Of course, if you want an easier display of the controls (or more control options), you can always use the Lovense Remote app on either toy.

Best interactive LDR Set For Gay Couples

13. Kiiroo Keon Couples Set

Penis stroker
TPE sleeve, ABS
Run Time:
30 min to 1 hour
  • Interchangeable RealFeel sleeve
  • Works with full-sized Fleshlight sleeves
  • Delivers up to 230 strokes/minute
  • Vaginal orifice only for the sleeve
  • Pricey set

This couples set may be the most expensive on our list, but the Keon produces one of the most realistic experiences for penis-having couples.

Besides the soft skin-like RealFeel sleeve, the powerful motors stroke your penis in realistic lengths. You can even focus on different parts of your or your partner’s penis using the FeelConnect app, from short strokes to full strokes.

And like how two Onyx+ strokers work together, one partner can use their Keon to control the other partner’s Keon.

HOW? Once two Keon strokers are paired, one Keon owner can lead the pleasure. Adjusting the left up and down buttons changes both Keons’ stroke lengths. Likewise, pressing the right plus and minus buttons adjusts both Keons’ stroke speed.

The only downside to Keon is that all RealFeel sleeves have vaginal orifices. Unfortunately, there are no anal or neutral sleeves as of this writing.

But if inserting your penis inside a vagina really bothers you, there are full-sized Fleshlight butt sleeves that you can put inside the Keon to suit your taste.

If you need to know more about this, you need to check out our Kiiroo Keon review!

Long Distance Sex Toys for Women

Best Long Distance Vibrator

14. We-Vibe Rave

G-spot vibrator
7.6″ long, 1.2″ wide
Run Time:
2 hours
  • Ergonomic, asymmetrical shape for G-spot targeting
  • Low-power alert
  • Can be controlled by your long-distance partner through the We-Connect app
  • Only splashproof, not waterproof
  • Buttons can be hard to press

Some partners prefer only to use the toy and surrender their pleasure to their partners. The surrendering-my-control part is a massive turn-on for some partners too.

So we bring you our top long-distance sex toys for vagina-having users, starting with the We-Vibe Rave for this section.

The Rave is a unique G-spot vibrator with an asymmetrical shape that sends rumbly vibes to your vaginal insides. Simply hold the handle and twist the Rave a bit till you find it pressing and rubbing on your G-spot.

You can even press the vibes on your clit as a warm-up for the main event.

Once you find the spot, connect it to the We-Connect app to give your long-distance partner control over the toy’s vibrations. You can keep the toy in while you’re on chat or video call. And have your partner play with the in-app controls.

They can also create custom vibrations for your Rave and send them to you. Save the vibes so you can play with ‘em anytime you want.

I’d say connecting to the app is the best way to control the Rave ‘cause the buttons can be hard to control when you’re playing solo.

Best Long Distance Sex Machine

15. The Cowgirl

Sex machine
Size (LxWxH):
16.7″ x 13.4″ x 10.9″
Vegan leather seat, silicone attachments
Run Time:
  • Very powerful even at the lowest settings
  • Comes with 2 silicone attachments
  • Small size makes it easy to store
  • Very loud
  • Very expensive

The Cowgirl is a Sybian-like sex machine that you have to straddle as it vibrates.

It’s pretty straightforward with a wired control box with two knobs to increase the speed of vibrations and rotations. There’s another button that you can press to cycle through the machine’s 6 built-in vibe patterns.

You or your long-distance partner get these same controls when you download The Cowgirl Remote Control app on your smartphone.

That means you can focus on riding this machine while your partner controls its vibrations and rotations. Just make sure to remove the corded control box for the app to function.

The best part about using the app is that you can lock the control screen, so you don’t change modes mid-play. Plus, use the pause/resume play button to put the action on hold.

You can choose from two free silicone attachments: the Rawhide and the Wild West.

If you prefer external-only stimulation, then go for the former. For external-internal stimulation, go for the latter. The Wild West has 4 inches of insertable length with a slight curve for G-spot or P-spot stimulation.

With a motor this size, it’s gonna get freakin’ loud. So, make sure there’s no one around.

Wearable Panty Vibrator

16. Lovense Ferri

Wearable clit vibrator
Size (LxW):
2.93″, 1.06″
Run Time:
3-3.5 hours
  • Small-sized toy
  • Rumbly to buzzy vibes for clit stimulation
  • Magnetic cap to keep the toy in place
  • App has a learning curve

Lovense Ferri is another wearable clit vibrator that stays securely in your panties, thanks to its powerful magnetic cap.

It’s perfect for you if you or your partner prefer customized, powerful vibes on your clit and a bunch of other app features.

But don’t let its small size fool you. It may be the smallest toy from Lovense and on our list, but it surprisingly delivers strong vibrations for a wearable toy.

It starts out rumbly and ends up buzzy, making it perfect for getting off while you’re out and about. It even has the same sound level as the Lush 3.

Just don’t be overly confident to wear the toy in quiet settings as no layer of skin can muffle its vibrations like the Lush 3.

Here’s our Lovense Ferri review to get the entire overview of this sex toy.


What is teledildonics?

Teledildonics refers to the technology in sex toys that allows them to connect with each other, making “remote sex” possible.

These devices have haptic feedback. One device communicates movements to another device through tactile sensations. 

For example, putting more pressure on one device makes the other device respond by doing the same motions or vibrations.

They don’t feel realistic—yet. But it makes long-distance more interactive.

It makes sex video calls more intimate. You don’t just see and hear your partner, but there is also an exchange of “feeling” on your toys. This physical aspect is so appealing, bridging the distance between you and your boo regardless of the miles in between.


So, there you go! 21 of the best long distance sex toys for couples.

Better hurry up and get two if you don’t wanna make your partner feel less loved even when you’re apart.

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