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I personally reviewed 40 sex swings, stands, and slings.

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Top Sex Swings In 2021

Sportsheets Door Jam Kit

Sportsheets Door Jam Kit


Price: $
Holdable Weight: 325 lbs
Material: Nylon velcro
Hook Count: None
Features: Handles, stirrups

Screamer Dual Hook

Screamer Dual Hook


Price: $$
Holdable Weight: 300 lbs
Material: Cotton
Hook Count: Dual
Features: Handles, stirrups, removable straps

Screamer Stand

Screamer Stand


Price: $$$
Holdable Weight: 350 lbs
Material: Tubular steel frame (47 lbs)
Hook Count: Can use both one and dual
Features: 12 mounting points, quick assembly

Top 3 Hanging Sex Swings

screamer dual hook sex swing in action

Screamer Dual Hook

Overall best

Holdable Weight: 300 lbs | Material: Cotton | Hook Count: Dual | Features: 2x stirrups & handles, handles 4″ wide webbing straps

When you’re looking for something that will last you a long time, comfort is a crucial consideration.

You’re seeking pleasure, not pain. 

More orgasms with less work, huh?

Screamer dual hook is one of the rare pieces that has nailed the comfort part. 

It has extra-wide and thick seat straps that will never cause discomfort on your skin. It’s made mainly from cotton (and no plastic parts). Contrary to most swings that are made from nylon primarily.

Slim couples will manage to have lots of fun even with the most basic door product. But if you’re curvier (wider hips, bigger weight) you want max comfort and max sturdiness.

This is why it’s also important that this has dual hooks that allow for wider space for comfortable sitting on the main strap. 

A few bonuses are that you get a storage bag included and a headrest (extremely handy).

Downsides are that dual hooks don’t spin 360 degree. And for this model, if you want to do a ceiling install, you’ll need to buy your own eye hooks (but they are cheap).

And you might need some upper body strength to pull off some sex positions.

bondage boutique portable sex swing

Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish


Holdable Weight: 300 lbs | Material: Nylon & Velvety Padding | Hook Count: One | Features: 2x body straps, 2x foot stirrups

The Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish is the best budget hanging sex swing. And it is a great position enhancer.

Since it’s on the single hook, it’s handy that you can spin in it 360 degree.

The Bondage Boutique comes with a downside too, it may be not wide enough for a curvier person. 

But this Spinning sex swing is a great choice for slim couples or the ones with some curves. 

One downside is that it doesn’t come with a headrest (but most don’t have one for weird reasons).

If you experiment with horizontal positions. You will quickly feel the strain on your neck. You can get a headrest here

That feeling of weightlessness & fully giving the control to your partner is magical. (Even if you stick to vertical positions.)

Oh and if you don’t have much DIY skills you’ll be pleasantly surprised that setup is very simple.

You just need to find a strong place for ceiling joist where you can screw the eyebolt and that’s about it.

You screw the eyebolt (the higher ceiling the better), hang the swing and you’re ready to go.

whipsmart sex swing for suspension sex


Holdable Weight: 450 lbs | Material: Nylon & Velvety Padding | Hook Count: One | Features: Comes in 4 colors, no handles, 3x stirrups

What’s unique about Whipsmart is that you can pick between four colors. Where for some reason black costs a little bit more, when more exciting colors are a little bit cheaper.

You get to pick from pink, cheetah (add some spots), white, and black colors.

Another handy feature is that each stirrup comes with a clip. Allowing easy removal of stirrups you don’t use. This allows for wider variety of positions. And avoids you getting trapped in wired pads by accident 😉

An important note is that their eyehook (for screwing in-ceiling) is quite small and not welded.

So for your safety would recommend to go to the hardware and buy something better.

An important note is that their eyehook (for screwing in-ceiling) is quite small and not welded. So for your safety would recommend to go to the hardware and buy something better.

Finally, remember that it doesn’t come with leg stirrups. And the spreader bar on top for hands doesn’t have velvety padding as Bondage Boutique swing does.

Most Recommended Door Sex Swing

sportsheets door sex swing position and sex

Sportsheets Door Jam Kit

Budget choice

Holdable Weight: 325 lbs | Material: Nylon velcro | Hook Count: None

Sex against the wall or doors is voted as one of the hottest ways to make love.

The only trouble? Unless you do it from behind, face to face actual lovemaking is tough. Unless you’re perfectly the same tallness.

Otherwise, the guy needs to lift her and do some heavy lifting.

It’s safe to say not many of us are that fit… 

Well, this comes to rescue.

Keep in mind that even if it supports weight up to 325 lbs (approx 350 kg). If you’re older and curvier you will have some challenges.

Like nylon straps will be too rigid and uncomfortable pressing in the skin.

You don’t need to be modeling size like in the photos, but just a fair warning. 

This is not the most comfortable sex swing.

Also, door swing is pretty much limited to two positions… well, and oral sex (which is super hot).

Still, this is a perfect introduction to the weightless world of swings.

The thrill and excitement of being suspended during sex is something incredible. I wish everyone to experience it.

best sex slings and their positions

The Best Sex Sling (Most Comfortable Choice)

Sex slings are often confused with sex swings. But they are different in the way that they have 4-point hooks. That allows for the most comfortable weightless suspension in the air.

screamer sex sling and positions showed

Non-Leather Screamer

Comfort & upgrade choice

Holdable Weight: Very sturdy | Material: 100% cow leather | Hook Count: Four point | Features: Washable, comes with a bag, 28″ wide, 38″ long, chains included

Screamer brand has really nailed both sex slings and swings. It’s a pity they aren’t more well-known. 

If you have space, willingness and love the comfortable suspension, this is the sling you want:

It’s not as naughty as the leather sling, but it’s definitely more practical and comfy. 

Plus, since it’s made from cotton and nylon it means that you can easily wash it & it will feel nice on naked skin.

The setup might take a little figuring out. But after it’s done — weightless, effortless & exciting suspension sex life will follow.

Never again you’ll need to complain about lack of variety or painful joints.

stockrom leather sex sling for bdsm dungeon

Stockroom’s Leather Sling

BDSM dungeon choice

Holdable Weight: Very sturdy | Material: 100% cow leather | Hook Count: Four point | Features: 37″ long, 22.5″ wide, 16″ wide at base

There’s just something dark and exciting about cold, black leather, huh?

This sling is comfortable, but not TOO comfortable. 

I mean, just look at that rough steel and leather piece of art. 

To be fair, it does come with a pillow. But the rough edges & steel pieces will ensure truly exciting BDSM play. It will easily serve as the centerpiece in your dungeon.

Few notes though. 

You’ll need to buy rope or chains separately for hanging this sling.

Plus, if you don’t want to hang it on the ceiling, you might want to consider this 4-point sling stand. (Designed to work together with this.) It’s well made and portable but does cost a little bit more compared to other brands.

This is the most expensive upgrade sling. 

Definitely not for the faint of heart. But if you’re looking for bragging rights and conversation centerpiece. — It doesn’t get much better than this.

screamer sex swing stand and positions

Favorite Sex Swing Stands

Screamer Stand

Holdable Weight: 350 lbs | Material: Tubular steel frame (47 lbs) | Hook Count: Can use both one and dual | Features: Height 7’2″, Length 6’2″, Width 6’7″, easy to assemble

This is a great stand if you have a dual hook product (like the Screamer recommendation). 

The setup is easy and even if it takes quite a bit of space when out there. It’s very portable for easy storage (comes even with a carrying bag).

Weight limit is 350 lbs.

Additionally, there are 12 mounting points for bondage, shibari & suspension play. 

The frame itself is heavy-duty. It won’t budge and holds up to 350lbs. No need to drill holes in ceilings or worry about accidents. 

This stand will hold everything. 

As told before, the only downside is that these stands are quite pricey.

pipedreams fetish fantasy sex swing stand

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy

Holdable Weight: 400 lbs | Material: Tubular steel frame (47 lbs) | Hook Count: One point | Features: Height 80″, Length 92″, Width 66″, easy to assemble

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy is another heavy-duty stand. It can support up to 400lbs of weight.

Fetish Fantasy only supports one point swings (but yeay, spinning sex). It is the big difference from the Screamer.

Then if you check the dimensions, Fetish Fantasy has a higher and wider stand too.

This stand can be a perfect pair for the Fetish Fantasy 360. The 360 itself can support up to 350lbs.

Many positions require a great deal of exertion and skill to hold for even short periods of time. Same with positions Achievable with the Fetish Fantasy 360.

The Fetish Fantasy will be probably larger than you expect. The stand is very easy to use and assemble, when taken out in parts it’s very portable.

If you don’t have a stand, Fantasy swings just require a ceiling, and you are good to go!

They are generally suspended from a single hook. And attached to a ceiling joist.

couple showing how sex swing work

What You Should Know

First of all, you should know all the types of sex swings there are:

  • Door sex swings — these are the most affordable (cheapest) and setup is a breeze. However, the range of motion and sex positions are highly limited. Also, you need sturdy doors for them. It’s a good starting option, but if you want a real flying experience, you want a free-hanging product.
  • Hanging sex swings (Either with one point or dual point hook.) — these body swings will give you the full suspension, weightless experience. There are one point toys that allow for 360 degrees spinning sex. And also the spinning swing. Dual point hooks don’t let you spin. But they allow higher wideness, which may be crucial for couples with wider hips.
  • Sex slings — these have 4-point hooks which makes them the most comfortable. You could sleep in this thing. These types of slings are most loved between chubbier or older couples. (For whom comfort is #1 priority.)
  • Sex swing stands — if you don’t want to drill a hole in the ceiling. You can get a stand that acts as a support for the swing or sling. Good stands are extremely secure, but also take quite a bit of space when out (but when in parts — very compact). And yes, they are quite pricey.

couple showing love swing in action

How Comfortable Are They?

Like how much can you adjust it? And how secure is that adjustment?

Does the swing come with leg stirrups, headrest, wide main strap (where you’ll sit on), handles?

No one wants to feel uncomfortable. Especially if you are trying out a new Kama Sutra sex position.

The padding of the surface is very important. 

Cheaper ones have a thin padding. And the straps itself are quite narrow which means they will bruise and cut in your skin.

I would highly urge you not to buy on Amazon. Lots of counterfeits and low-quality toys can be found there for cheap…NOT what you want.

If you’re chubbier and have wider hips, you need to be even more careful.

You’ll need wider straps and wider swing itself. 

One point hook swings are always more narrow, and two-point hook swings are wider. 

In the advertisements, you will always see very fit models. 

For them, every sex swing will be comfortable, but that might not be the case with you.

If you have mobility issues, you might even want to consider sex sling with 4-point hooks. 

These offer the highest comfort.

How Much Space You’ve Got? And Can You Drill The Holes?

This is why door sex swings are so popular.

They take little space, require no setup… 

But yeah, you won’t experience the full suspension experience…

No Bueno.

Then, if you go for hanging sex swings obviously you either need to drill the hole in the ceiling. Or purchase a sex swing stand or hack together some other stand and repurpose it for “swinging”.

diy sex swing showing how to hang it

Every option has its drawbacks:

  • Drilling the hole in the ceiling — this is the most affordable choice. And you can easily disguise that eye bolt and put a hanging plant, fake smoke detector when not using it. But you do need to find a secure place to drill the hole where there is a support beam. You may need some DIY practical skills, and you might not own the place.
  • Door sex swing — very portable and easy setup, if you have solid doors. You might consider taking door swing when traveling. And using it in the hotel room as their doors are usually sturdy. 
  • Sex swing stand — they are pricey and take the most space when out there. But they are also heavy-duty pieces, that are actually very compact when in pieces. Stands also have added the benefit of having an extra surface to hold on to or add extra bondage play. It’s a long-term investment, and a good one.

Watch Out For Included Attachments

(Attachment like stirrup counts, body straps, and sex harnesses. Also carabiner clip, leg loops, wrist cuffs and screws.)

While this might not affect your decision on which sex swing you’ll choose. It will affect how quickly you’ll be able to start using it comfortably.

For example, some swings don’t have a good, welded eyelet bolt in the package. Or no spring bar or support bar.

Or no swivel that helps with spinning sex (for one-point hook swings).

Then additionally some swings have very few stirrups. 

Inspect closely what’s included in the package, and what’s NOT.

hanging sex sling showcased with specs

You might discover that you’ll need to get additional attachments. That will be used for support, comfort or wider options of positions.

Companies are not trying to mislead. They are just trying to show how the sex swing would look in REAL LIFE, but you must read the fine details.

One big con is that almost no sex swing comes with headrest support. If you want to try horizontal positions then headrest is a must. 

Just imagine holding your head horizontally for a few minutes with no support.


Watch out for these things and plan some extras in the budget.

Even then, you might need to visit a hardware store if you’re considering some DIY solution.

With these precautions covered, let’s jump into the actual sex swings, huh?

DIY: How To Use & Mount

Now, let’s discuss the best ways how to actually install a hanging sex swing and make DIY sex furniture.

Installing sex swing stands is easy.

Usually sex swing comes with installation instructions. But below are few creative hanging solutions:


If you’re gonna drill a hole in the ceiling you need a “how to hang sex swing” guide.

First, here’s a hack solution. Where you can use a chin-up bar between the door and attach your sex swing without ANY drilling.

using chinup bar to hang sex swing

However, the same as with door swing, you do need a solid door and the frame for this to work. 

But this solution allows to easily install both single and dual hook hanging swings. The only concern may be that the door is too low.

The most common (and best) recommendation is to use an eyelet screw. It will work great if you have high ceilings and high rafters.

diy sex swing solutions presented

Ideally, you will drill either in concrete or solid wood.

Finally, watch out for ceiling mount videos on Youtube.

Sex swings are quite specific. But you can look for heavy bag mount installation videos, like this one for example.

You’ll get plenty of ideas for your own unique space.

diy hanging sex swing solutions

But how to make sure the mount is discrete?

Well, either you tell how it is…or you can hide it with:

  • hanging plants when not using a sex swing
  • buy fake smoke detectors to cover hooks when guests are over.
  • hang a hammock there.

After installing the sex swing I strongly suggest to put it really close to the floor initially.

Test it out. Make sure it holds. 

You gotta have certainty that the sex swing will hold to be able to relax and just focus on pleasure.

kamasutra of sex swing positions

Positions To Try

The first suggestion is to adjust the height to your preferred positions. And play with the sex swing before having actual sex in it.

You don’t want to realize that the sex swing is way too low or high at the heat of the moment.

Also, keep in mind that deep penetration can be difficult as the sex swing tends to force the thighs together.

For more actionable and juicy tips check out our guide on the most popular sex swing positions.

Bringing It All Together

That’s about it.

Now you are officially an expert on how to use a sex swing.

You know more than 99% of people and can make an informed decision on the best choice for YOU.

I really recommend you go for a hanging sex swing if not even a 4-point sex sling to get the best sex furniture experience.

If you have the suspicion that you will enjoy this play, try not to be cheap.

Comfort is crucial in suspension play and comfortable materials cost money.

Don’t fall into trap of cheap Amazon sex swings that will just bite into your skin and get painful fast. 

Don’t forget to check weight restrictions imposed for the swings mentioned, so that no one will get hurt.

Oh, and I really recommend you get a headrest, it will be a very positive investment in your sex life.

Happy flying!

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