15 of the Best Sex Swings: Sex Slings & With Stand In 2023!

best sex swing

We’ve tested all the best sex swings and sex slings offered today! Sex swings are naturally one of the best couple sex toys to date and we’ve narrowed it down for you to 15 swings, slings, and stands. Each one is categorized by their kind: spinning ones, slings, stands, & door mounted ones also.

Spoiler Alert… Here’s Our SexualAlpha Top Pick For The Best Sex Swing!

I can’t recommend Screamer’s Dual Hook Sex Swing enough for every couple. With the weigh limit of 300lb, significant amount of padding, a wider space for the seat than most swings, and it is machine washable. It is one of the most comfortable plus-size sex swings, you can easily maneuver around.

The Best Sex Swings For Couples

SexualAlpha Top Pick: Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing
Runner-Up Sex Swing: Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish
Best Plus-Size Sex Swing: Whipsmart Pleasure Swing
Great Spinning Sex Swing: Screamer Twist Sex Swing
Affordable Spinning Sex Swing: Wild Side Sex Swing
Most Comfortable Sex Swing: Screamer Non-Leather Sex Sling
BDSM Dungeon Choice: Stockroom’s Leather Sling
Best Sex Slings For Beginners: Purple Reins Sex Sling
Best Sex Swing Stand: Screamer Sex Swing Stand
Budget Choice: Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit
Alternative Budget Choice: Bondage Boutique Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing

Best Spinning Sex Swings

screamer dual hook

SexualAlpha Top Pick

Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing

Holdable Weight:
300 lbs.
Cotton canvas
Hook Count:
2x stirrups & handles, handles 4″ wide webbing straps
  • Dual hook design for extra comfort and safety
  • Thick, well-padded seat straps for extended play
  • Machine-washable removable straps
  • Comes with a small carrying bag for storage and travel
  • Springs and chains can be noisy during sex

You want a SAFE swing to explore angles without fear and a COMFORTABLE one for extended play without pain.

The Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing is our top pick. With its dual hook design, your weight is evenly distributed. So if you both weigh 350 lbs., each hook only takes 175 lbs., easing wall pressure.

Your partner can use the swing if within its weight limit.

Some swings can hurt if they fall – not this one.

You get two 4” straps and 1/2″ padding. The swing offers adjustable grips, footholds, and a FREE headrest.

You can adjust and remove its accessories for your preference.

Its highlight is versatility. Set up attachments anywhere – ceilings, doors, stands. More space between mounts equals more comfort, especially for those with curves.

The only hiccup? Noisy springs and chains. A bit of WD-40 or lube helps.

bondage boutique deluxe fetish

Runner-up Sex Swing

Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish

Holdable Weight:
300 lbs.
Nylon & velvety padding
Hook Count:
2x body straps, 2x foot stirrups
  • Affordable single-hook sex swing
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Has a support bar with removable padding
  • Can spin 360 degrees for increased range of motion
  • Plastic adjustments may dig into thighs with the wrong position
  • Lacks neck support and arm straps for certain positions

Looking for a quality, budget-friendly sex swing? Try the one from Bondage Boutique.

At $100, it’s a great choice for those new to swings or those who found door swings limiting.

This was our upgrade after our first door swing, and it brought many more weightless sex options.

It doesn’t have arm straps like the Screamer, but it’s great for quick position changes.

Switching angles won’t be awkward for you and your partner. It’s easy to set up with just a sturdy mounting point.

What I love is its spinning feature. Just add a 360-degree swivel hook, and you can explore different angles easily.

However, it has plastic hardware. Curvier users might find the attachments uncomfortable, and some positions lack neck support.

whipsmart pleasure swing

Best plus size Sex Swing

Whipsmart Pleasure Swing

Holdable Weight:
450 lbs.
Nylon & velvety padding
Hook Count:
Comes in 4 colors, no handles, 3x stirrups
  • Offers more weight support for plus-size couples
  • 5” wide padded straps for extra comfy swinging
  • Removable straps for a variety of positions
  • Narrow overhead bar can put pressure on hips
  • Small eye hook needs to be replaced with a welded one for safety

If you’re a heavier couple worried about a single hook, consider the Whipsmart Pleasure Swing. It holds up to 450 lbs. Impressive, right? But don’t rush – the spring’s limit is 200 lbs.

You might need to upgrade the spring and get a stronger mount.

You get three 5” padded straps for comfort and can adjust or remove them for various moves.

Worried about swinging too hard? Whipsmart has a narrow 14” overhead bar – the smallest in the market – so it won’t hit you.

But, a narrow bar can press on your hips after a while. A small trade-off for the positions you can enjoy.

I used it and found minimal discomfort. Plus, it comes with a booklet of fun swing positions to explore.

More Spinning Sex Swings

Screamer Twist Sex Swing – A really good spinning sex swing with adjustable handgrips and leg/feet stirrups.

Wild Side Sex Swing – This sex swing is all about safety with its affordability and dual-hook. This one can carry for up to 115 kg.

Fetish Fantasy Spinning Sex Swing – Try this with new and old-school sex positions! With this satin style, this one might be all flash and being fancy!

DOMINIX Deluxe Fantasy Sex Swing – If sex acrobatics is your thing, this is a must get. Adjustable padded straps, detachable wrist and ankle cuffs. Can carry for up to whopping 150kg!

Trinity Vibes 360° Spinning Sex Swing – You can also try some sex positions while spinning with this sex swing. This one is a really affordable sex swing as it is priced at $157.

Best Sex Slings

screamer non-leather sex sling

Most comfortable sex swing

Screamer Non-Leather Sex Sling

Holdable Weight:
300 lbs.
Soft, non-sticky micro-suede
Hook Count:
Four points
Washable, comes with a bag, 28″ wide, 38″ long, springs and chains included
  • For comfort-lovin’ folks and those with physical limitations
  • Made of super-soft, comfy, and washable material
  • Sturdy 4-point support
  • Extremely adjustable and versatile with handgrips and stirrups
  • Limited number of sex positions to explore
  • Not for couples with little room

If comfort over versatility is your priority, the Screamer’s Non-Leather Sex Sling is for you. But remember, sex slings need more room than hanging or door swings. Limited space? Maybe check our last recommendation.

Screamer’s Sling is unique with four springs and chains suitable for average ceiling heights.

Want more stability?

Use a four-point stand. It offers adjustable handgrips and stirrups for varying depths. Made of soft micro-suede, it’s all about comfort without that sticky leather feel.

No rug burns or chafing here, no matter how intense things get. Plus, it’s machine-washable.

The drawback? Slings don’t offer as many position options as some other swings.

stockroom's leather sling

BDSM dungeon choice

Stockroom’s Leather Sling

Holdable Weight:
Very sturdy
100% cow leather
Hook Count:
Four points
37″ long, 22.5″ wide, 16″ wide at the base
  • Made of quality black leather that feels great on skin
  • 2-ply support straps and leather stirrups for extended wear
  • D-ring attachments for easy set-up
  • With a black leather pillow for added comfort
  • Expensive
  • Need to buy rope and chains separately to hang the sling

Looking to spice up your BDSM sessions? A leather sex sling, especially this upgraded one, might be what you need. However, it demands commitment and space, maybe even a dungeon.

If ceiling mounting isn’t your thing, consider a 4-point sling stand. But keep in mind, chains and rope are sold separately. This means extra costs beyond its base price of $355.

Stockroom’s Leather Sling stands out due to its assembly.

Unlike others, it avoids sharp corners that dig into thighs during wide spreads. It might not be the most comfortable (given its rugged look), but its quality leather feels good on the skin.

Its leather stirrups allow for deeper penetrations, but, as with most slings, positions are limited.

purple reins sex sling

Best Sex Slings For Beginners

Purple Reins Sex Sling

308 lbs.
Industrial-strength C-shaped support frame, fully adjustable
  • Comfortable padding
  • Four adjustable straps
  • Included wrist straps and stirrups
  • Great for beginners
  • Affordable
  • Requires ceiling mounting or a stand
  • Limited positions

If you’re a beginner and okay with ceiling-mounted slings or buying a stand, this is a top pick.

It’s among the most affordable and comfortable sex slings. Plus, it’s easy to store and needs only one mounting point.

The padded nylon sling offers solid support, making it great for plus-sized users.

Inbuilt wrist straps and foot stirrups? Yup, they’re there for the right poses and a touch of bondage.

A limitation? Fewer position options due to its design. But hey, even beds limit positions!

Still, with manual adjustments, this sling has variety. The four straps adjust, and a 360° spin is possible. Let your imagination run wild!

More Sex Slings…

Strict Leather Premium Sex Sling – A great leather sex sling that is both durable and comfortable. Perfect for a sex dungeon!

Best Sex Swing Stands

screamer sex swing stand

Best sex swing stand

Screamer Sex Swing Stand

Holdable Weight:
350 lbs.
Tubular steel frame (47 lbs.)
Hook Count:
Can use both one and dual
Height 7’2″, Length 6’2″, Width 6’7″, easy to assemble
  • Single- and dual-mount compatible
  • 12 mounting points for versatile play
  • Easy to assemble; no tools required
  • Comes with a canvas case for portability and easy storage
  • Takes quite a bit of space
  • Pricey

Mounting a sex swing on your ceiling can be a trip-filled hardware store adventure. If you’re shy about asking for swing hooks or, like me, hate DIY assembly, you need the Screamer Sex Swing Stand. No question.

It removes the headache of swing compatibility and safety.

With 3 rings, you can quickly mount single- or dual-hook swings. It even has 12 extra points for all sorts of kinky play.

It’s a strong steel frame, supporting up to 350 lbs. So, no floor slips or tumbles during intense moments.

The catch? It’s sizable, so check your space.

The best part for me? Assembly. For someone non-handy, I set it up in under 10 minutes. Taking it down? About the same. Surprising for even me. Maybe the thought of airborne fun was motivating?

One downside: the cost. I dropped $400 on just the stand. But I’d do it again.

More Sex Swing Stands…

Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing Stand – This is designed for plus-size couples and partners. It supports up to +50 lbs and is versatile, which is already a win!

Kink Essentials 4pt Sex Sling Stand – Made in the USA, supports leather and non-leather slings with mounting spots.

Best Adult Door mounted sex Swings

sportsheets sex swing door jam kit

Budget choice

Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit

Holdable Weight:
325 lbs.
Nylon velcro
Hook Count:
2x adjustable suspending straps; Neoprene-cushioned seat straps, 2x sturdy stirrups & handles
  • Most affordable sex swing
  • Best for sex swing beginners, apartment dwellers
  • Easy to set up, works on any door frame
  • Very portable; you can use and take it anywhere with you
  • Requires a strong-ass door for the best experience
  • Not the most comfortable
  • Limited sex positions

Have you ever fantasized about being thrown off the wall by your partner for some I-can’t-wait-to-get-off-your-clothes-I-want-you-now kind of sex?

Yes? No? Are you sure? Cuz this was always one of my fantasies. We’ve done it a couple of times, but we were mostly doing it from behind.

Some face-to-face action was a bit of a challenge because of our height difference. And extended lifts can be uncomfortable from time to time. That’s why we decided to try Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit.

The first time we used this swing, our experience was just out of this world. So, we decided to try and add more sex swings into our arsenal.

Now, a door sex swing is a practical buy if you want to try something new or see if using a swing will boost your sex life.

It’s also great for couples on the go or those who live in houses with limited spaces for an entire mounted swing.

Setting this up is very easy. 1) You only need to hang both hooks on any sturdy closed door. 2) Now, you’re up and ready for some door bangin’ action.

What I like most about this door sex swing are its dedicated stirrups and handles that made climbing up and down fairly easy.

Pro Tip

Set the swing to a comfortable height before climbing up. Once you’re all set, pull the suspending straps to adjust and find the perfect height.

Unlike the others on our list, this is not the most comfortable, and positions are limited. BUT it’s a fair trade-off for couples who are still swinging their toes into weightless sex waters.

Bondage Boutique Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing

Alternative Budget choice

Bondage Boutique Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing

Holdable Weight:
308 lbs.
Nylon with acrylic anchors
Hook Count:
Thick thigh straps, acrylic door anchors
  • Very affordable sex swing
  • Best for beginners and apartment dwellers
  • Easy to set up and store away
  • Works on most door frames
  • Not comfortable for long sessions
  • Difficult and awkward to get into
  • Doesn’t work well on hollow doors

Another one for beginners, those with limited space, or those who simply want to be discreet. This over-door sex swing makes standing sex a possibility for pretty much everyone. 

It uses small acrylic door anchors, which make it incredibly easy to set up so you can be in your swing and banging away on your door in no time. Seriously, this is one of the easiest-to-use sex swings out there.

It’s strong and sturdy and carries a decent 308 lbs., and the thigh straps are thick enough to make for good support. 

This can also be great for bondage play, as long as you bring your own restraints.

Unfortunately, it is a little awkward to get into, and when you’re naked, that becomes pretty unflattering. The best way to get in is one leg at a time, hitching each strap up to the thigh before putting on the other.

More Door Mounted Sex swings

Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Door Swing – This door swing is like one of those things that you see on TVs and movie screens. Really a must get because this one is both decently comfortable and affordable!

What is a Sex Swing?

what is a sex swing

A sex swing is a sex aid designed to elevate one (or sometimes both!) partner(s) off the ground. 

Typically, one partner will be suspended from the ceiling in a sling, seat, platform, or series of straps while the other partner goes to town on them. 

The joys of suspended sex are something everyone should experience at least once. But sex swings are especially useful for folks with mobility issues or those with BDSM leanings. 

Sex swings open up a whole world of possibilities when it comes to different positions too! And they get you out of the monotony of bedroom sex. What’s not to love?

Then, What Is A Sex Sling?

A sex sling is like a close cousin to the sex swing, offering a distinct way to experience different angles and depths during intimate moments.

Imagine this: it’s all about support and lift.

A sex sling typically comprises straps that provide a comfortable cradle for you and your partner, opening the door to a range of gravity-defying positions that can really spice things up.

While a sex swing often hangs from the ceiling, offering more movement, a sex sling is commonly attached to a sturdy frame or door, focusing on achieving that perfect equilibrium between comfort and exploration.

What are The Types Of Sex Swings?

types of sex swing

Still here? Here’s quick recap of sex swing types categorized into three: door sex swings, hanging sex swings, and sex slings.

  • Door sex swings – the cheapest and easiest to set up, but you only get a limited range of motion and sex positions out of them. Plus, you need sturdy doors for them to work. A good starting swing for beginners, but you should get a free-hanging product for the best flying experience.
  • Hanging sex swings – come in one- and dual-point hook options. These body swings give you a full-suspension, weightless experience.
  • Sex slings – these are the most comfortable because you mount them on 4-point hooks. Huh, you could even sleep on one! Yup, they’re that comfortable.
  • Sex swing stands – not a sex swing per se but acts as a support for your swing or sling if you don’t want to drill holes in your ceiling. Quality stands are super secure, but they take quite a bit of space when out (though they are very compact when in parts).

Don’t Forget Your Sex Swing Accessories

Before buying your first sex swing, inspect the product description or package closely. You’ll discover what accessories or attachments are included in your package.

Purchasing a quality sex swing from a reputable seller usually means getting some accessories for free (for example, a headrest).

OR buying accessories bundled with your sex swing so that you can save more money.

Here are our top recommendations:

Screamer Universal Headrest


Screamer Universal Headrest

If you didn’t get any free headrest from your sex swing purchase, make sure to get this super important accessory ASAP. Most swings put a lot of strain on your neck.

Using a headrest ensures that there’s adequate head and neck support for a more comfortable and extended swinging experience.

This headrest works on any type of swing: via its quick-connect clips for dual-hook swings or via two mounting loops + connect clips for single-hook swings.

Screamer Squatting Attachment

accessory for more fun

Screamer Squatting Attachment

These stretchable accessories are fantastic if you want to last longer squatting or bouncing up and down your partner like a pro.

They come in a set of two that can support nearly any weight once you attach the leg supports/stirrups that came with your sex swing.

Screamer Universal Handle Set

Accessory for extra security

Screamer Universal Handle Set

Most sex swings don’t have built-in handles, unfortunately, and that’s where these universal handles come in.

These handles work on any sex swing, are super comfortable to hold onto, and provide that extra security while you’re having some bangin’ and hangin’ time.

You can check this page for a list of other accessories to expand your experience.

Sex Swing Buying guide

sex swing buying guide

I bet you’ve already decided on the best sex swing for you. But before you check out, give these things a quick check:

  • Practicality: Check in with your partner if a sex swing is a necessary add-on to your sexual repertoire. For young, adventurous couples, it’s a great idea. But if you’re nursing some back problems and positioning issues, you might want to stick with some comfy sex pillows and wedges.
  • Budget: As I mentioned earlier, you don’t want to end up buying a super cheap sex swing that’s uncomfortable and you won’t ever use again. Expect to pay over two hundred bucks for a quality sex sling or swing.
  • Weight: Always double-check your weight, your combined weight, and the sex swing’s maximum weight limit. If you’re on the heavier side, stick with dual-hook swings with generous weight limits for a more comfortable and safe ride.
  • Allergies: Check if you have allergic reactions to sex swing materials. Some materials may lead to irritation or rashes, especially from friction or prolonged use. Lube can help with the friction issue. But make sure to check the user manual, so your go-to lube won’t eat away the swing’s material.
  • Home space: Ensure that you have enough space to install your sex swing of choice. Of course, there are solutions in the next sections for those who have limited space or have other people in the house.

Next, we’ll be discussing the importance of comfort and more home space requirements in detail…

How Comfortable Are They?


When picking a sex swing, comfort is key. Ask: is it adjustable? How secure are those adjustments? Does it come with wide seat straps, leg stirrups, handles, and a headrest?

After all, you want comfort when exploring new positions beyond the Kama Sutra.

Check for good padding in the straps. Avoid cheap swings with thin padding and narrow straps, which can lead to bruises.

I can’t stress this enough: stay away from Amazon for sex swings. The risk of low-quality or counterfeit products is high.

For those with curves or wider hips, go for wider swings with thick padding. And remember, one-point hook swings tend to be narrower than two-point ones.

Advertisements might not show the real comfort level, especially if you have mobility issues. In that case, a sex sling might be your best choice for top comfort.

How Much Space You’ve Got? And Can You Drill The Holes?


Door sex swings are so popular because they take little space and require little effort to set up. 

BUT you’re depriving yourselves of the full-suspension experience that only full-fledged sex swings can offer. OH, HELL NO! 🙅🏻‍♂️

Then if you have a hanging sex swing, you have to: drill a hole in the ceiling, buy a sex swing stand, or repurpose some other frame into a swing stand.

Each option has its drawbacks:

  • Drilling a hole in the ceiling – the most affordable option, but you need to find a secure place with a support beam to drill the hole. You can easily disguise the eye bolt and put a fake smoke detector or a hanging plant when not in use.
  • Door sex swings – very portable and easy setup as long as you have solid doors. You can take a door swing on your travels and even mount it on a hotel door for some bangin’ action.
  • Sex swing stands – they’re a bit pricey and can take up the most space. But they’re heavy-duty pieces that are compact when disassembled. You also benefit from the extra surface to hold on to or for extra bondage play.

You know you’ve got a good sex swing when it’s comfortable, safe, versatile enough, and works for you, your partner, and your home space.

What About The Material?


When you’re rubbing your bare ass on something, it should feel good and be durable.

So, when shopping for a sex swing, prioritize materials. Most are made from durable nylon webbing. Ensure padded straps for comfort.

For BDSM lovers, leather swings are luxurious and supportive but pricier.

Finally, opt for something easy to clean. Fabric swings are lower maintenance, but leather ones, with care, can last for years.

Are There Extra Features?


The most common are of the bondage variety, with plenty of sex swings offering extra straps and restraints. Some are even customizable for your additions.

While some extras enhance bondage, others boost comfort. There are headrests to ease neck strain and attachable handles for swings lacking hand holds.

If you don’t want to drill, there are mounting accessories for exposed beams. And for added bounce, consider spring hooks.

DIY Sex Swing: How To Install & Mount

Installing a hanging sex swing is straightforward. Drill a hole in the ceiling or mount it to a stand. For more details, see our how to install a sex swing guide.

If you’re avoiding drilling or buying a stand, there are creative solutions to set up your swing just like in our DIY sex furniture guide.

Consider using a chin-up bar on a door, suitable for both single- and dual-hook swings. Even gym bag bars can work as mounts.

Always test your mount for safety. It’s crucial to ensure stability so you can focus on pleasure.

How to Properly Use a Sex Swing

how to use sex swing

Sex swings can attach to ceilings, doors, walls, chin-up bars, or beam mounts.

First up, setting it up!

The setup varies with the type of swing.

For door sex swings, just hook the tube-stoppers above the door frame and close the door to secure it.

For hanging sex swings or sex slings, drilling hooks in the ceiling is necessary.

Alternatively, a sex stand avoids needing to mount to doors or ceilings.

Want more pleasure and comfort? Add accessories like cuffs and headrests. For more on using your swing, see our how to use a sex swing guide.

Enhance Your Sex Swing Sex!

Get a sex swing now and see how it takes your sex life to new heights. Interested in other ways to enhance pleasure with sex furniture? Check out our best sex furniture guide.

Start with a cheaper door sex swing and move up to high-quality ones so that you can customize ‘em for the most comfortable and versatile flyin’ experience.

Show your partner (and yourself) what you’ve been missing all this time. You haven’t had the best sex until you’ve had sex in one of these swings.

Ready, set, FLY! 😉

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