My Top 25 Picks for the Best Hands-Free Masturbator!

Choosing the best hands free male masturbator goes beyond just ease of use. It’s about finding a durable product that delivers a realistic stroking experience.

You can find automatic masturbators with heat simulation that mimics human warmth and adjustable grip settings for a personalized touch. Some have interactive capabilities that enable the auto stroker’s movements to sync with your content (like an adult film), creating an immersive and responsive experience.

In this guide, I’ve picked out hands free male masturbators that stand out with these unique features, superior design, quality of stimulation, and more. You’ll find gadgets with powerful, piston-like action that deliver intense sensations with smart technology that enhances the user experience.

best hands free masturbator

Key Considerations for Choosing the Best Hands Free Male Masturbator:

  • Quality of Stimulation: Choose an auto stroker with various sensations like adjustable thrusting speeds, different suction levels, and rotation patterns. It should mimic the stroking or sucking sensation with customizable settings.
  • Durability and Build Quality: Opt for an automatic stroker made of durable materials like high-grade silicone or strong ABS plastic. The design should be sturdy and ergonomic from a reputable brand.
  • Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance: Select an auto stroker that’s easy to clean, with removable parts and waterproof. Products with cleaning tools or solutions are better for long-term use.
  • Value for Money: Match features with price. Advanced features should justify a higher cost. Look for functionality and good customer support.
  • Discreetness in Noise Level and Design: If you need discretion, choose a quiet hands-free masturbator with sound-dampening. A compact, inconspicuous design is good for easy storage and privacy, with features like travel lock modes for convenience.

Top 3 Hands Free Masturbator For Men

Kiiroo Keon

The  Kiiroo Keon , our top pick, excels in interactive pleasure with its FeelMe AI technology, syncing seamlessly with a wide array of adult content and offering up to 230 strokes per minute for diverse stimulation. However, its size and noise level may not suit those seeking a more discreet experience. Despite this, its high-tech features and immersive capabilities make it an outstanding choice for users seeking the ultimate interactive experience.

FeelVictoria and   FeelRae bundles are the best-selling bundles among the   FeelStars Combo Packs!

You can use my discount code  SEXUALALPHA  to get 10% off on Kiiroo purchases.

Lovense Solace

Lovense Solace stands out for its endurance, boasting up to 280 strokes per minute,  a deep 2.75-inch stroke depth, and unique gaming sync capabilities. Its reliance on app control might not appeal to everyone, and the intensity may be overwhelming for some. Still, its powerful, customizable experience makes it ideal for those seeking a robust, long-lasting, hands free masturbator.

The Handy

The Handy is renowned for its rapid stroking capabilities and VR compatibility, offering a highly personalized experience with adjustable stroke settings. It requires some setup and adjustment, which might be a minor inconvenience. However, for those who value speed and the ability to tailor their experience, The Handy is an exceptional choice, especially for enthusiasts of VR and high-speed stimulation.

List of Our Best Hands Free Male Masturbators

Before jumping into automatic strokers, here’s the overview of the top ten:

  1. Best Overall Automatic Stroker:
    Kiiroo Keon
  2. Best Long-Lasting Hands Free Masturbator:
    Lovense Solace
  3. Fastest Stroking Hands Free Male Masturbator:
    The Handy
  4. Best Auto Stroker For Penis Milking:
    Kiiroo Onyx+
  5. Best for Beginners:
    Kiiroo Powerblow
  6. Best Lovense Hands Free Stroker:
    Lovense Max 2
  7. Best Lovense Warming Teledildo:
    Lovense Calor
  8. Best Budget Choice:
    Fun Factory Cobra Libre II
  9. Most Affordable Hands Free Stroker:
    CalExotics Apollo Hydro Power Stroker
  10. Best Hands Free Stroker For Frenulum:
    Arcwave Ion

Editor’s Comment:

We have a separate general best male masturbators on site too. It focuses on cheaper, non-hands free sex toys.

Best Automatic Strokers & Hands Free Male Masturbators

kiiroo keon


Kiiroo Keon

Auto stroker
9 inches (insertable length), 1.6 inches (canal diameter)
Silicone, ABS plastic
6-230 strokes per minute
  • Compact and not as bulky as most hands free masturbators
  • VR compatibility
  • Powerful motor
  • Compatibility with other Kiiroo sex toys
  • Pretty expensive
  • A bit heavy for some users

You won’t have to use your hands. AT ALL. Keon comes in combo with Feel Stroker, Keon’s own sleeve. The silicone + TPE combo feels SO realistic that I could close my eyes and imagine it’s the real deal.

This is the best hands free stroker. This smart vibrator lets you sit back and enjoy up to 240 strokes per minute

Can you imagine? Your arm would be SORE before you even get to a minute if you attempt to do that manually.

What I Like Most…

It’s Bluetooth-enabled, so you can control its settings via your phone.

Keon is a sex toy for riding solo. But two is better than one.  It’s a really good automatic masturbator to use with a partner. And they don’t even have to be in the same room as you. LDR wouldn’t be a problem as you can have interactive sex with your boo by syncing your Kiiroo toys.

Plus, you can also tune in to your favorite interactive adult websites using VR or join interactive webcam shows. Interactive adult websites or Kiiroo’s own FeelMe AI, this for sure will be compatible with their Kiiroo products.

The Only Downside is…

I know, it’s quite pricey. But it’s an investment. And techie stuff always is, anyway.

It’s compact when you compare it to other hands free masturbators in its category. But it’s not “small” or “light” by any means.

Pro Tip

You can use the discount code SEXUALALPHA to get 10% off on any Kiiroo sex toy purchase.

If you want to know more about this amazing device, you can check out our Kiiroo Keon review.

Lovense Solace


Lovense Solace

Auto stroker
Silicone, ABS
14.21” x 10.79” x 4.41”
2 Hours (Approx)
2 Hours (Max)
280 Strokes/Min (Plus Programmable Patterns)
  • Great hands free desk mount
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Fast and intense thrusts are great for a quickie
  • Bulky and noisy
  • Some glitches with porn sync

Another Lovense toy that I was excited to try out is the Solace. It didn’t add too much when it comes to features, but it finally promised to fill a need all use FLYers were missing — a hands free option!

To be clear, you can’t lie in bed and expect it to stroke you hands free. The Solace can clip onto a tabletop (or headboard) so you can stand or kneel and thrust into it. I’m sure users will find other places to attach this clip to enjoy it in different positions. I particularly liked clipping it onto the table as it gave me a place to keep my laptop, and you can also adjust the tilt of the toy to get the perfect penetration angle.

The strokes on this unit felt pretty good, and you get all the tech goodies like app control and programable patterns that you expect with Lovense toys. However, I wish the toy went deeper, especially considering its hefty size. It also makes quite a bit of noise.

Apart from the hands free clip, this toy really shines with its ease of use. It gives pleasure quickly and efficiently (up to 280 strokes a minute) and is easy to clean. There are currently two interchangeable sleeves you can get — a neutral and a vaginal — and hopefully more will be available. In my opinion, this one’s great for quickies.

the handy


The Handy

600 strokes per minute
2 lbs
AC plug-in only
Interactive porn, remote control
  • Adjustable Velcro band fits most penis sizes
  • Interactive features
  • Works with some sleeves/ auto strokers
  • Has to be plugged in to the wall
  • Limited patented sleeve options

At first, The Handy seems like an ordinary compact hands free masturbator without any major features of some of the best auto strokers out there.


Back then, Handy was the top competitor of Kiiroo Keon regarding interactive features. Now, with the recent firmware updates, I’m second-guessing it.

These interactive features are more directed to the more tech people.

What I Like Most…

How does it perform when it comes to manual mode?

Spoiler… It does a really good job at replicating a handjob! You can use the automatic mode with just one hand!

You can hold the machine, control with the buttons, and watch while The Handy do the work with the transparent sleeve. You can literally see through The Handy at work!

You can even try some different sleeves from The Handy to get some different sensations like the Handy Mermaid Sleeves Coral & Pearl, some Dream Sleeves, and some regular Sleeves.

And compatibility! You can attach your Quickshot & Tenga sleeves which are great for The Handy. Any compact toy can be attached to the Extra Grip accessory for some variety of experience.

The Only Downside is…

Unfortunately, this toy has to be plugged-in to work. A little inconvenient to people who really doesn’t like wires.

Also, the sleeves for the Handy is very limited. The only compatible sleeves you can choose are the ones that they patented.

kiiroo onyx+

Best Auto Stroker For Penis Milking

Kiiroo Onyx+

Auto stroker
7.5” internally
ABS plastic & TPE
  • Virtual reality compatible, works with VR headset
  • Can be used with porn
  • Touch sensitivity
  • Needs to be held
  • Short battery life

This hands free male masturbator is more hands-on than other ones, but you don’t have to do any of the work. Just hold it and let it vibrate or stroke yourself to get off faster.

You could also put the vibrator between couch cushions or under your mattress and trust into it.

But you may want to keep as much of the auto stroker exposed as you can, so you can access the touch-sensitive pads. These pads give you extreme control over the speed of the vibrations, and these pair well interactive-wise.

It’s more than speed and stroking that gets you off though, the inside is ribbed for more sensations.

The Only Downsides are…

It might be harder to feel the soft, ribbed inside as it’s quite loose for a auto stroker. That’s not ideal if you want a tight, realistic experience.

Also, same with the Keon, it can be pricey when comparing it to other automatic masturbators. It can also be an investment, but I think there are other better options as ‘investments.’

What I Like Most…

Aside from the touch-sensitive pads, this toy has two incredible features: connectivity and syncing.

It can connect to any other Kiiroo device anywhere in the world. This is a great way to enhance Skype sex sessions for those in long-distance relationships.

Or if you’re a bachelor craving some interactive features, you can sync the vibrator to VR goggles and some interactive porn at Kiiroo’s FeelStars videos or Kiiroo’s FeelMe AI.

You get 1,500 free coins to start, but after that, the porn’s not free.

Pro Tip

You can use the discount code SEXUALALPHA to get 10% off on any Kiiroo sex toy purchase.

Interested to know more details about Onyx+? Check out our Kiiroo Onyx+ review.

Kiiroo Powerblow

Best for beginners

Kiiroo Powerblow

ABS, PU Foam, Silicone (Ring)
72 x 78 x 60mm
78 mm
1.5 Hour
1 Hour (Variable)
230 Strokes per minute
180 min (approx)
  • Great add-on to your existing auto stroker
  • Powerful suction that’s better than a suction cap
  • Customizable blowjob programs
  • App control feature with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Requires a compatible Kiiroo FeelStroker toy
  • Adds some weight to your existing auto stroker
  • Not all paired sleeves can be satisfying

You can’t often add such a massive upgrade to your toy. Still, the Kiiroo Powerblow is a smartly designed accessory that can breathe new life into your existing auto stroker. Sure, it needs to be a compatible Kiiroo Feelstroker (like the FeelSensation, FeelVictoria Mouth, FeelKayley, or FeelTanya strokers), but if you have one and things are getting a little dull, getting the PowerBlow is a no-brainer.

Basically, this little suction powerhouse replaces the suction cap on the auto stroker and gives you lots of new options to customize your blowjob experience. You can change settings manually using the buttons on the unit, through your phone using a Bluetooth connection, or with the FeelConnect app.

So, basically, it turns your auto stroker into a smart sex toy. And suppose you’re like me and enjoy exploring VR porn for those nice long sessions when you’re home alone. In that case, the Powerblow will sync with 2D and 3D videos on Pornhub for an even more realistic pleasure.

Now, if you’re about to get your credit card out and buy one right away, hold on a minute. The Powerblow is great, sure, but you have to remember that it’s almost impossible to mimic a real blowjob, so you may have to lower your expectations a little. It also makes your auto stroker a little heavier and significantly noisier. 

Ultimately, if you’re getting bored of your existing auto stroker and want to change things up without buying a whole new toy, then try out the Powerblow.

Lovense Calor

Best Lovense Warming Teledildo

Lovense Calor

Pocket pussy
Silicone, ABS
6.26” x 2.76” x 2.76”
90 Minutes
60 Minutes
Stores 10 Programmable patterns
  • Great warming feature
  • Long-distance control, sync to music, voice-activated
  • Can customize patterns
  • Squeezing has to be done by hand
  • Internal sleeve texture is not too fun

Lovense has been my favorite sex toy company when it comes to teledildos, and I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve enjoyed syncing live webcams and VR porn with a Max, and then a Max 2. So, when the Calor came out, I was itching to give it a shot. I knew the sync and app functionality would be great. What I really wanted to check out were the new warming and squeeze features.

So, the good news is that the warming feature feels great. It might not be for everyone, but with a bit of lube, it helped make things feel a little more realistic. The opening seemed quite wide, and the toy looked pretty short, which were both a little concerning when I first unboxed the Calor. How was this going to be tight enough to stimulate me?

However, once I got the vibration going and slipped inside, it all made sense. The vibes in this thing are really powerful, so that makes up for the slightly wider opening. Still, I would say that this toy is not for those with smaller penises. On the plus side, play around with the settings, and you’ll eventually find the perfect vibration setting for your mood.

Now, the squeeze feature was a little disappointing when I realized I needed to squeeze the toy manually. Sure, it gives you more control over where you want to feel the stimulation. But a long session will probably lead to tired and cramped hands. However, if you’re willing to overlook this little inconvenience, this toy is great. It syncs to porn, warms up, and is also waterproof, which is always a fun feature to have. Definitely lots of fun.

autoblow a.i.

Best Oral Sensations

Autoblow A.I.

Auto stroker
Size (LxWxH):
8.66″ x 7.08″ x 4.72″
ABS plastic, silicone (sleeve)
10 blowjob modes
  • Different BJ modes and speeds
  • Intuitive buttons + edging button
  • Silicone sleeve fits any penis size
  • Requires to be plugged in at all times
  • Gets loud at the highest speed settings

The Autoblow A.I. is for you if you’re looking for a automatic masturbator that closely mimics realistic oral sex.

First, you get a soft, skin-like silicone sleeve with a mouth orifice and a ribbed internal texture that feels like the roof of your mouth. Then, there’s a gripper on the inside that automatically moves up and down your penis like a real mouth (or hand).

While you need to hold the toy with one or both hands, the buttons are super intuitive.

You can cycle through 10 different blowjob modes and 10 different speeds without losing your focus. Plus, it comes with an edging feature to extend playtime.

What I Like Most…

I very much like toys that requires less handwork just like Autoblow A.I.+.

You can get that experience just by setting the Autoblow to the 10th BJ function. Now choose your fave wank position, relax, and immerse in full A.I. oral mode.

You’ll enjoy a variety of blowjob sensations that’ll surely surprise you each time.

I don’t know how folks at Autoblow did this. But the patterns, movements, and speed levels are different every time I touch this button. So we’re definitely getting more than 10 BJ sensations.

The Only Downside is…

This oral simulator is that you have to keep it plugged in to work. Well, it’s not really a downside for me ‘cause I don’t have to worry about my batt running out of juice.

Interested in learning more? Read our Autoblow review here.

fun factory cobra libre 2

Best budget choice

Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2

Frenulum vibrator
3.5” internal length
  • Silent when in use
  • Has vibrating outer lip for added pleasure
  • Can be held easily
  • Head-play only
  • Needs you to stay still

Here’s a sex toy that you can put on, lay back, and rest against your stomach while getting targeted frenulum stimulation.

Just don’t move too much, or it might not stay on!

Frenulum, that stringy bit of skin under the head of your penis, is one of your most sensitive areas.

This toy is small, but its two-motor rumbly vibrations bring intense orgasms. That is because they come right from that sensitive spot, rather than from stimulating your whole penis.

What I Like Most…

Cobra Libre always starts off with very strong vibrations (even too strong for some!), but then it eases off without you intervening.

That’s when you can relax and place it on your stomach to let it do the work.

If you want to bring up the intensity again, just use the buttons on the toy.

The highest setting is similar in strength to one of the most famous, strongest female vibrators of all time: the Hitachi Magic Wand.

The Only Downside is…

Those buttons are quite tricky though! You need a combination of perfect timing and aim to hit them right. 

That said, even though the buttons are quite sensitive, you can safely take Cobra Libre with you on your travels – it has a Travel Lock feature that prevents the toy from randomly turning on.

cal exotics apollo hydro power stroker

Most Affordable Hands Free Stroker

Cal Exotics Apollo Hydro Power Stroker

Auto stroker
4.75” sleeve depth
ABS, TPR sleeve
  • Waterproof, removable sleeve for easy clean-up
  • Memory chip remembers your last vibration pattern
  • Powerful suction cup mount for hands free pleasure
  • Powered by 4 AAA batteries

While the Cobra Libre 2 is cheaper among our top picks, some guys still find it a bit pricey.

That’s where the affordable Cal Exotics Apollo Hydro Power Stroker comes in.

You’ll enjoy over 30 vibration speeds and pulsating patterns from one powerful hands free masturbator for just around 70 BUCKS! Simply use the two-button controls to scroll through these patterns.

It’s the perfect automatic masturbator for those who aren’t sure if hands free sex toys are for them.

Yep, 30 different functions might be A LOT for new users, and you might not keep track of your fave setting. Good thing it has a MEMORY CHIP FUNCTION, so it remembers the last setting you were on.

What I Like The Most…

It comes with a powerful suction cup mount that you can adjust up to 180 degrees, so you can use it in any position that’s the most comfortable for you. 

Heck, you can even take it with you inside the shower because it’s waterproof. It’s also super easy to clean, thanks to its removable sleeve.

Aside from that, the soft TPR sleeve surrounded by ticklers and little nodules on the inside does a great job of simulating oral sex-like sensations – especially when you slowly stroke with it.

The Only Downside is…

This toy is it’s still powered by 4 AAA batteries, way more less advanced than most of the hands free masturbators in this list that has rechargeable batteries.

But with all these features for an affordable machine that works? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

lovense max 2

Best Lovense Hands free Stroker

Lovense Max 2

Auto stroker
6 inches (internal)
Soft plastic (sleeve)
7 patterns
  • 360-degree contractions
  • Syncs with other Lovense toys for interactive sex
  • Adjustable air vents
  • Tight for bigger penises

Lovense Max 2 might look clinical with its all-white case, but it performs great as a hands free stroker.

It VIBRATES. Plus, it CONTRACTS all around your penis, thanks to its air pump technology. It almost feels like thrusting into a vag as it’s contracting in orgasm. 

What I Like Most…

The combination of its vibrations and contractions is mesmerizing, to say the least. You can also adjust its air vents if you want more intense sensations. Its removable sleeve is transparent, which is great if you’re not into realistic-looking sleeves. And they feel good.

As with Lovense products, you can sync it with the app. This way, you can control it via the app, share your device’s control with your partner, or even sync it with their Lovense toys.

LDR won’t be so lonely anymore.

The Only Downside is…

It’s on the smaller side, so it might feel too tight for you if your peen is larger than average.

Also, it’s LOUD. Especially in higher settings. That might be a bummer if you don’t live alone.

Read on the Lovense Max 2 review.

hismith thrusting stroker male masturbator

ALTERNATIVE Cheap Auto Stroker

Hismith Thrusting Auto Stroker

11.8” x 4.05”
insertable length:
2.39 lbs
Yes (with suction cup accessory)
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Compatible with lots of other Hismith sex toys
  • App control for long-distance play with a partner
  • Not waterproof
  • “Larger” users might find it not deep enough

The Hismith Thrusting Stroker is one of the best auto strokers in its price range. It checks all the right boxes for a sub $200 auto stroker and even has a few premium add-ons.

An added advantage is that it comes with Hismith’s Cliclok system, making it compatible with lots of other sex toys including a suction cup to make it hands-free.

What I Like Most…

First things first—the inner sleeve that comes with the thrusting auto stroker feels great.

It is made of super-realistic TPE and is textured for extra pleasure. The 9 vibration settings also come in handy, and are quite powerful.

I would say that having some more vibration modes would’ve been nice, but instead, Hismith has made this toy app compatible so it can be controlled remotely.

This means that it can be controlled by someone from any part of the world while you use it.

At this price, this is a great feature to have.

The Only Downside is…

Unlike other toys in this list, this toy is unfortunately not waterproof. So, be careful when bringing this toy in the bathroom.

Also, this toy is perfect for ‘average’ sized people and not exactly for people who are a bit big in the package. They might find this toy a bit shallow.

arcwave ion

Best Hands-free Frenulum Stroker

Arcwave Ion

Frenulum stroker
1.3 to 2.1 inches wide
Silicone, ABS plastic
8 intensity levels
  • Pulsating airwaves around the frenulum
  • Unique sensation
  • Easy to clean and quick to dry
  • Might feel foreign at first
  • Pricey
  • Can be noisy even at minimum level

Clit sucker is to the clitoris as Arcwave Ion is to the frenulum. Despite the recent addition of the Arcwave Voy to the Arcwave products, the Ion is still one of the solid picks here on the list.

It uses the same idea: pulsating airwaves.

You don’t have to thrust it in and out. Just let it sit on your penis. It pulsates and suctions around the tip of your penis.

Hence, it’s hands-free. You can use your hands to grip your penis to increase the pressure if you want.

What I Like Most…

The frenulum is probably the most sensitive part of my penis, so Arcwave Ion is enough to make me cum. Hard.

It edges you, making your orgasm come (like, literally) more intensely.

Its Pleasure Air technology really gives pleasure indeed. The sensation is definitely novel. 

The Only Downsides are…

You might think at first it’s not one for you due to some . But just give it a try and be patient, you’ll soon grow to enjoy it as I did.

Also, the Ion can be loud even at the minimum level so be careful, other rooms might hear you using this if you want to be discreet.

This automatic masturbator is also in the more expensive side of things.

kiiroo titan tight fit sleeve

alternative best vibrating

The Kiiroo Titan & Tight Fit Sleeve

Vibrating hands-free masturbator
7.4 inches (internal length)
TPE sleeve, ABS case
6 modes
  • Touch-sensitive control pad
  • Compact size
  • 9 vibrating motors
  • Might be too small for some wearers
  • Not so realistic

If you want a tight grip, Kiiroo TITAN is for you. 

Its canal diameter is around 1 inch. Great if that’s the size you’re after, but not great if you’re girthier than that.

What I Like Most…

TITAN has 9 bullet vibrators in its real-feel sleeve. Nine! That’s a lot, and you’ll feel it vibrate around you.

I know you’re looking for a hands free masturbator, but you might want to explore its touch-sensitive control pad when you don’t mind using your hands. It adds sensations and helps you toggle through its 6 vibration modes.

Like Keon, it’s one of the best teledildonic toys. Use it with VR content or other Kiiroo toys for more fun.

The Only Downsides are…

For wearers who has a ‘big package’, you may want to avoid this one as it might be too small for you guys. Better check the size of this thing and make sure you fit perfectly before buying.

Also for those guys who are into realism (physical terms), maybe you can skip this one as it doesn’t really offer realistic vibes when you look at it (especially when using it).

lelo f1s v2a

Best Small Vibrating


Penis stimulator
4.3 inches (insertable length), 1.6 inches (insertable width)
Silicone, ABS, aluminum alloy
7 patterns
  • Has a software developer kit
  • Manual or automatic Cruise Control
  • Stamina training with Progress Tracker
  • Quite small
  • Expensive

LELO F1s V2A sounds like a racing turbo car. But it’s actually a vibrating masturbator. And it has a turbo—in its dual motors! It’s high-tech as well beacuse…

What I Like Most…

This device is Bluetooth-enabled, enabling you to connect via the app and unleash its features.

This penis stimulator’s patented Cruise Control technology experiments with solo play and interactive fun. 

And you can use your VR glasses to play around with your online porn library. Because why not?

The Only Downsides are…

It’s pretty expensive, but you can reason this due to F1S V2A packing a lot of features. It can be a worthwhile investment.

Also, some might find it a bit short at around 4.3 inches of internal length. You might want to check your measurements first before investing in this sex toy.

Thrusting Hands Free Masturbator

hismith premium sex machine

Luxury Upgrade

Hismith Premium Sex Machine With Male Masturbation Cup Adapter

Angles, speed, thrusting depth
insertable length:
24.58 lbs
  • Adjustable for lots of different penetration angles and styles
  • High-quality materials and motor
  • Silent mechanism
  • Easy to set up
  • Heavy and difficult to move and store
  • Might shift when used with bigger toy attachments

Time for the big guns to come out!

Hismith’s premium sex machine is a versatile all-in-one solution to all your solo-pleasure needs. It’s not often that I’d suggest spending over $500 on a sex toy, but then, this isn’t just any sex toy.

What I Like Most…

With an almost limitless number of angles, thrusting depths, and speeds, this is almost like having a sex robot to play with!

The included app also makes it very easy to adjust things mid-action by just swiping on the screen.

The Only Downsides are…

This sex machine might be considered as hands-free but not portable. This toy will be difficult moving and storing. So, if you want to be discreet, this toy is not for you.

Also, a big machine needs some big attachments. The only thing is the big machine might shift when using a bigger toy attachments. So be mindful that you need to have compatible attachments for this to reduce the risk of shifting this thing.

Better check the Hismith accessories section for compatible accessories & attachments.

So, just how good can this sex machine become? Here’s a lowdown of all the best attachments you can get. If you’re a collector and solo pleasure enthusiast, you can also look into the Hismith Men’s Stroker Machine Bundle.

 hismith rechargeable vibrating masturbation cup

Rechargeable Vibrating Masturbation Cup

If you’re the type that wants a little bit of everything, this is the best hands free masturbator attachment for the Hismith sex machine. It comes with 7 vibration speeds, 3 modes, and a nicely textured TPE sleeve that feels good.

To be clear, it doesn’t feel realistic and you won’t feel like you’re penetrating a vagina. But, it will give you a lot of pleasure.

The rechargeable battery gives you about 1 hour of playtime and, once you’re finished, the removable sleeve is easy to clean. At about $75, this is a great little add-on to get more out of your sex machine.

10 pattern vibrating masturbation cup

10 Pattern Vibrating Masturbation Cup

This is a slightly cheaper male masturbation accessory option but don’t let that fool you! It offers something special. You don’t get the different modes here, just 10 different vibration speeds. 

However, the soft TPE sleeve has a much more realistic texture and feels amazing when connected to the powerful thrusting arm of the Hismith sex machine.

rotating masturbation cup

Rotating Masturbation Cup

If you’re a fan of blowjob and handjob machines, this is the accessory for you. Instead of vibrations, this one has a rotating mechanism that feels like a mouth on your member.

Connect it to the machine, put it on a nice slow thrusting setting, add some lube and get ready for some eye-rolling, toe-curling head!

Keep in mind that this is designed for medium-sized penises and is not recommended for users with large penises.

Pro Tip

Use HSM10 discount code on checkout to get 10% off and a free Spring attachment (a special deal we negotiated for you guys).

Remote Prostate Stimulators For A Hands Free Masturbation

Here are the top prostate stimulators that are remote so, perfect for a hands free masturbation!

nexus revo stealth

Nexus Revo Stealth

Prostate massager
3.5” insertable
34 combos
  • Ribbed perineum stimulator
  • Narrow, unintimidating for new prostate players
  • Remote control works from 15 meters away
  • Not tapered

Moving away from things made for your penis, it’s time to focus on the prostate. Your prostate is a hyper-sensitive gland 2 inches up your butt, and it can give you some intense orgasms.

To stimulate it, here’s a remote control vibrating prostate massager with lots of lumps and bumps, so you feel really full and pleasured. 

The head is slightly curved for internal stimulation, and there’s also a ribbed part on the outside that rests against your perineum to hit the prostate externally.

What I Like Most…

This toy is easy to use hands-free, but you can twist it and turn it manually to experiment with different sensations.

It actually rotates on its own, but you have to angle the toy towards the prostate, leaning back against it, to feel the full impact.

If vibrations and rotations are too much for you during the first few times, you can turn them off independently.

Experiment, see what you like, and remember that you might not have a prostate orgasm on your first try, which is fine.

The Only Downside is…

The Nexus Revo Stealth might be hard to insert at first because it’s not tapered. But prepare yourself with your fingers, go slow, lube up, and you should get there.

lelo hugo

Lelo Hugo

Prostate massager
5.5” insertable
  • Motion control
  • Remote control for couples’ play
  • Easy to insert
  • Remote vibrates, making buttons a challenge

The Lelo Hugo is way easier to insert than the Nexus, thanks to its tapered tip. It’s also curved to target your P-spot, compared to the slight curve of the last one.

It’s also bigger, so you’ll feel fuller. It’s not too big – 4 inches in circumference – for new and intermediate players to play with.

Just make sure you warm up first, especially if you’re newer to prostate play. Consider sitting with it turned off inside you for a while first.

Then when you turn it on, there are two ways to play.

  • ONE: use the remote! It’s easy, and if you have a partner, give it to them. Relinquishing control can add a whole other level of kink.
  • TWO: tilt. The massager is motion-sensitive,so depending on how you lean, you can take the vibrations from level 2 to 10 in seconds. 

Great for when you’re in the moment because we all know how foggy the mind can get. Who can find buttons on a tiny remote in a pre-orgasmic haze?

What I Like Most…

The vibrations, paired with a good water-based lube, might make this hard to keep in at first. Just sit down, and it’ll stay in.

Eventually, you’ll adjust to its shape and hold it there. Or put on some tight underwear halfway, so your penis is out, and the plug is in.

This is a toy you can use for a good two hours with it just lightly humming. Or you can go intense, and it might feel like your phone is on vibrate mode, amplified by ten or more.

The Only Downside is…

With the Hugo, the toy and the remote vibrates, which is a bit annoying for the most part since hitting buttons can also be a challenge with this vibrating remote in the middle of your sessions.

Use Fleshlight Mounts For An Auto Stroker!

Check out the Fleshlight mounts that can make any fleshlights hands free!

fleshlight quickshot launch


Fleshlight Quickshot Launch

Penis stroker mount
  • Very adjustable with easy controls
  • Lightweight
  • Active Launch Mode for plug and play action
  • Fragile construction
  • Not waterproof

Stepping away from basic Fleshlight mounts, here’s a mount that turns your Quickshot toys into auto strokers.

This gadget controls the speed and length of different thrusting and stroking patterns, giving you a completely automatic masturbation experience.

You can also toggle it to target your base, shaft, or tip so you can control what kind of pleasure you’re getting.

Oh, and it has a smartphone holder, so you can watch whatever you please or video chat with a long-distance partner.

I will just say though, this isn’t fully hands-free. There are handles for you to hold, BUT it does all the work. And it’s light and comfortable to use. 

What I Like Most…

It’s a decent and not the best auto stroker. The controls are simple – left thumb controlling stroke length, right thumb controlling speed.

Then there are the indexes: left to control where it targets and right to pause the motions. Though the speed and length combinations can be tricky to figure out.

For example, if you do the shortest strokes with the slowest speed, it feels like it’s going faster. Strange! 

But it can be very pleasurable, especially when targeting those sensitive points.

So overall, it’s a fun little toy to use with Quickshot toys. 

However, if you have a Fleshlight of almost any brand, Kiiroo Keon might be better since it feels more realistic & works with any standard Fleshlight Girls sleeve.

Although it’s a bit harder to clean and more expensive than the Quickshot Launch.

The Only Downsides are…

Quickshot Launch construction is rather fragile (even a shortfall could shatter it). So handle it carefully for it to last.

Also, it’s not waterproof, even though it’s advertised as such.

fleshlight top dog

Best thrusting action

Fleshlight Top Dog

Fleshlight mount
15” x 12” x 14”
Pleather, polyester & polyurethane foam
  • Perfect height
  • Machine washable
  • Can be used by couples
  • Limited to one position
  • Can collapse under pressure

For a Fleshlight mount that doesn’t need a smooth surface, this is one to go for. It’s durable and sturdy, so it’ll hold its shape without any support.

The idea is simple: put the Fleshlight in the hole. Thrust away. 

What I Like Most…

It’s around the height of a woman on her hands and knees, so it should feel natural.

It’s also a great size if you want to grab the sides, like grabbing someone’s hips or waist.

This mount is limited to how you can use it, though. It’s built for hands free doggy-style masturbation. But with a partner, you can use it as a wedge to bend over in your couple’s play.

Something to note

But don’t apply too much pressure on it – you don’t want your wedge to collapse.

Overall, it is a good item for someone who’s into a doggy style or would like to practice his technique.

And last thing… the cover is machine washable, so if you want to make a mess over your mount, you can!

The Only Downside is…

For such a price though, I wish one could experiment with a few more positions and not limited to just one or two positions.

And again, this could collapse with too much pressure.

fleshlight shower mount and hands-free adapter

best shower option

Fleshlight Shower Mount And Hands Free Adapter

Fleshlight mount
Hard plastic
  • Adjustable height and angle
  • Reasonable price
  • Fleshlight may come loose
  • Needs high-gloss surface

Technically, this isn’t a male sex toy; it’s a tool for sex toys. If you have your own Fleshlight and want to go hands free, here’s a reasonably priced mount.

It should fit all standard Fleshlights and is specifically made for the shower.

Note: It won’t work with Ice, Blade, Sword, and Sex in a Can Fleshlights.

What I Like Most…

It’s a simple tool with a super strong suction pad on the back to attach to the shower wall.

And the great thing about it is that it’s not a sticky pad, so you can remove it and change the placement over and over again. There’s an on/off trigger for the suction too.

It’s also adjustable, tilting so you can pleasure yourself at any angle.

The Only Downsides are…

You mount the Fleshlight by screwing it in, but if you’re not careful, it can come loose. It is better to pick a position and angle and stick to it. 

Oh, and speaking of sticking to stuff, the mount works better on glass than tiles, so if you have a glass shower door, use that instead of the wall. It’s fine if you don’t, just make sure your tiles are clean and high-gloss as it only works with such.

liberator on a mission mount for fleshlight

affordable hands free TOY

Liberator On A Mission Mount For Fleshlight

Fleshlight mount
27” x 9” x 10”
Pleather, polyester & polyurethane foam
  • Versatile
  • Machine washable
  • Can be used by couples
  • Wide edge, forcing your legs apart
  • A bit too short to lay forward on comfortably

This Fleshlight mount is more versatile than the option above. The idea is the same – jam the Fleshlight in the hole and start humping, but it’s designed for the missionary position.

What I Like Most…

It’s also sturdier and comfier than the previous Liberator wedge. It almost feels like memory foam – Definitely more worth the price.

Plus, you can get more creative with this one. For solo play, it can work in the doggy style and cowgirl if you have strong arms (but this wouldn’t be hands free).

But together, you can use a Fleshlight while your partner tops you. Maybe by pegging or by controlling one of the anal toys I’ll review later on.

You can also lean over this wedge to be in a comfortable position for giving your partner oral sex. Though, it could be a bit bigger to support more of the chest.

Maybe have your partner sitting on it and penetrate her instead of a Fleshlight? You choose!

The Only Downsides are…

This mount is a bit wide, and it will force you to spread with your legs. So, not so comfortable stance for some people.

Despite this being designed for doggy style position, this mount may be too short to lean forward on comfortably.

fleshlight universal launch

Fleshlight Universal Launch

Fleshlight mount
14” x 11.5” x 7.5”
ABS plastic, silicone, PC
  • Up to 250 strokes per minute
  • Compatible with many Fleshlights
  • Manual control
  • Hefty
  • Lacks interactive features

Fleshlight Universal Launch is a very versatile mount and this toy can make any Fleshlight turn into an automatic Fleshlight.

It’s compatible with a wide range of Fleshlights, so it’s a really good choice. Especially if you already have a couple of Fleshlights in your collection.

What I Like Most…

This packs a lot of power with strokes up to 250 per minute and you don’t need to worry about running out of juice as you can use it while charging.

The phone mount is handy, so you can watch your favorite porn even when your hands are full – gripping the mount.

The Only Downside is…

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have interactive features like Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity and funscripts.

Sex Dolls & Torsos

Here is just a sneak peek of a few best options. For more, check out our best sex doll guide.

tori sex doll

Most Realistic

Tori Sex Doll

Sex doll
5’4” overall, 6.7” vagina & anus, 5.1” mouth
Solid TPE
  • Incredibly realistic
  • Customizable
  • Can be used in many positions
  • Expensive
  • Not discreet if you don’t have somewhere large to store her

When it comes to the best hands free male masturbators, sex dolls are the most hands free sex doll you can get.

They’re human-size, human-weight, with realistic features and dimensions and feelings, head to toe. But because they’re so big, heavy and real… their price is big, heavy and real, too. 

At the same time, the only difference between fucking a doll and fucking a woman is that dolls aren’t warm inside.

Welcome, Tori.

What I Like Most…

Well, you can call her whatever you like. She can look like whatever you like too – you can customize everything from her head to her labia. FOR FREE! Except for just some customizations.

Tori is for men who wish they could have sex with their high school sweetheart, or crush, for the rest of their lives. Or she can be an imaginary, perfect fantasy woman.

You can do everything you want to her, no more being rejected.

Tori will also be a good match if you embrace being a lifelong bachelor but crave companionship at night.

A sex doll can be your loving partner, or just your one-night stand… every night. I think that’s so beautiful, and so sexy at the same time.

And it certainly saves you a lot of time trying to imagine you’re looking down at a real woman when you’re in the moment!

The Only Downside are…

With or without customizations, sex dolls are expensive. This Tori sex doll is one of the most expensive toys in this roundup. So, this toy is mainly for people who have deep pockets.

pdx plus perfect 10 realistic sex doll torso

Most affordable doll

PDX Plus Perfect 10 Realistic Sex Doll Torso

Sex doll torso
17.5” overall
  • Full torso—breast, butt, and pussy
  • Vaginal and anal penetration
  • Sexy hourglass figure that would turn you on
  • Orifices are not anatomically correct

PDX Plus Perfect 10 got all the essential parts you’ll look for in a woman during sex, minus the not-so necessary limbs. As a result, you can save from a full-sized doll’s extra cost, weight, and storage space.

It’s actually such a steal for its price. It’s only a fraction of a full sex doll’s price and more affordable than most sex doll torsos in its range, considering it got the boobs, butt, and pussy in one.

What I Like Most…

The good thing about headless torso dolls is that you’re free to fantasize about any female’s face.

But this sex doll torso is not just a feast to the eyes, but it’s immaculate to touch as well. The material feels realistic to touch—it has a skin-like softness when you pinch it, and the breasts jiggle as you pounce on it.

The vaginal and anal canals are connected, resulting in a powerful suction as you thrust that feels great. This also makes cleaning easier as you can just spray from one hole, and your juices come out on the other hole.

It has a backside (not flat like others), so it’s versatile for various sex positions. You can grab on to it and hug it as you thrust vigorously. 

This doll’s very large breasts bounce realistically, adding to the lifelike experience. You can also check out another variation of color here.

The Only Downside is…

The vaginal and anal orifices aren’t placed anatomically right, but it’s not a dealbreaker for me. Both orifices have different textures—spirals and bumps for the vagina and uneven circles in the anus—and are very tight. 

insert facilitator torso

super realistic & Compact

Insert Facilitator Torso

Half torso masturbator
18” overall
  • Additional inserts available
  • Can switch genders
  • Lifesize
  • Flat back limits positions
  • Inserts cost extra

For a more premium torso masturbator, you’ll have to go more expensive.

The Insert Facilitator Torso gives you options for vaginal and anal penetration, with a penis add-on for an additional price. 

A bisexual’s dream! Or perfect for a couple wanting a threesome, without the struggle of searching for the right person.

You can also get other vaginal inserts if you want to experiment with the looks and different sensations. The extra inserts have different tightness and ridges inside.

What I Like Most…

The clitoris also looks different in some of them, ranging from exposed to fully hooded. A nice detail for someone who loves the look of a vagina.

The silicone… so it’s worth it. That’s the safest non-porous material when it comes to sex toys. It really sets this doll apart from the rest, even the full-size sex doll.

Plus, the inserts are all hyper-realistic looking, detailed, and leaving nothing to the imagination.

Also, this torso has real-life proportions and weighs 17 pounds. This is a clear winner for a realistic feel that’ll last a long time.

The Only Downsides are…

The inserts will set you back for ~$200 extra, though. A little more, and you can get a full-size doll for it.

Also, when the hands free torso masturbator is flat back, it can limit your positions resulting in only missionary position.

What Is A Hands Free Male Masturbator?

what is a hands free male masturbator?

A hands free male masturbator is similar to a regular one in shape, but it’s automated. It strokes you with the press of a button, and you don’t have to use your hands.

This automatic masturbator frees them for you to focus on other erogenous parts of your body—or your partner’s.

It’s masturbation with the least effort. 

Why Use A Hands Free Male Masturbator?

Despite what you might believe, the best hands free male masturbators are not just for the lazy. You should get one for these reasons too:

why use a male hands free masturbator?
  • Multi-tasking – It stimulates you in many ways, freeing your hands for other tasks (like stimulating other body parts).
  • Versatile – You can use it alone or with your partner, spicing up your sex life.
  • Unique features – They pack extra features like mobile app control and VR compatibility, which unlocks sexventures to a new level.
  • Stamina training – Increase sexual stamina and endurance because you can play around with it and brush up on skills too.
  • Couple kinks – You and your partner can explore your kinks with extra help. For example, you can explore interactive LDR sex if they’re compatible with other sex toys.

How To Use A Hands Free Masturbator

Not all even the best hands free masturbators are built the same. Hence, there are various ways to use them. 

how to use

Regardless of your automatic masturbator, use a generous amount of lube. This helps reduce friction, so the thrusts feel more natural and pleasurable.

As much as possible, go for water-based lubes, as other types may destroy your sex toy’s material. Our favorites are Fleshlube and one of the best warming lubes – they both make the experience that little bit more realistic.

The mode of operation for hands free masturbators could vary as well. 

Some may require you to screw the sleeve and grip the handles (like the Fleshlight Universal Launch).

For others, you only have to slide your penis in and you’re ready to go.

Can I Use A Hands Free Masturbators with My Partner?

Of course!

Hands free masturbators are great toys to incorporate into partnered sex.

Your partner could pleasure you in various ways with the automatic masturbator while your hands are free to roam around your lover’s body.

Or, you may be more creative with your imagination and try a roleplay. You can simulate a threesome without actually bringing another person into bed!

How Long Can I Use A Hands Free Masturbator?

The duration is up to you. And your toy.

You could keep going as long as it does. Most rechargeable toys last 60 minutes on average. That should be plenty of time to give you an orgasm.

Some toys that are plugged, well, let you last as long as you want to.

Of course, anything that is too much is bad. So don’t abuse your body and keep it reasonable for safety reasons.

How To Clean A Hands Free masturbator?

how to clean a male hands free masturbator

First up, you’ll have to take it apart.

Don’t worry. It’s not as hard as it sounds.

You actually only have to remove the sleeve (if it’s removable), so you can clean its residues.

Here is more info for:

  • Porous materials – Toys made of soft plastic, jelly, rubber, hard plastic, and Cyberskin hence bacteria can penetrate their surface, so it’s practically impossible to completely clean and sterilize them. I recommend you use a condom with them.
  • Nonporous materials – Silicone, glass, stainless steel, and some hard plastic can easily be washed with warm water and mild soap. You may also sterilize them by boiling them in water.
  • Electrical parts – Water shouldn’t come in contact with its electrical parts, so only wipe it with a sex toy cleaner using a gentle cloth.

Where To Buy These Hands Free Masturbators?

where to buy

Buy from the manufacturer directly. For example—Kiiroo, Lovense, Fleshlight, and LELO. This way, you can ensure your products are authentic.

You may also go for trustworthy sex toy retailers like SheVibe and Lovehoney if you want more options for various brands and make use of their exclusive promos.

How To Make Your Hands free male Masturbator (DIY Way)

If even the best hands free masturbators aren’t working for you or you already own toys you want to make hands free, there are a few ways you can do it.

Duct tape method

duct tape method diy

Depending on your height, this will work in different ways. But if you’re tall, the kitchen counter should be around waist-height for you.

Duct tape your toy to the counter and see if that lets you go hands free. If that is too high, do you have a desk you can use instead? Anything of waist height should work.

Mattress Method

matress method diy

If your mattress isn’t too heavy and your bed isn’t too high, here’s a method that could work.

Put the automatic masturbator under the mattress with the opening sticking out. You’ll have to get on your knees for this but if it works, the experience will be hands free.

Couch Method

couch method diy

This is another one that needs the furniture to be the right height. Put the hands free masturbator between the couch cushions to make it hands free. You would put it facing outwards, then get on your knees.

Alternatively, you can put it facing up to the ceiling. Then you can lay down on your stomach and use the toy this way.


Are These Automatic Masturbators Safe?

are these safe?

Of course, it’s totally safe.

Just make sure to use it correctly (by following our guides) and based on how it should be used. Avoid trying to experiment in a way that’s not recommended, as it could be dangerous for you and your partner.

What Is the Best Lubricant for An Automatic Masturbator?

Water-based lubricants are often the best choice because they are compatible with most materials and users (especially for those with sensitive skin). 

You may go for other lubes (like silicone based for longevity) as long as you make sure it’s compatible with your automatic masturbator’s materials.

Can A Hands Free Male Masturbator Desensitize My Penis?

TBH, it’s complicated.

can it desensitize my penis?

There is this thing called “death grip syndrome,” where a guy experiences decreased sensitivity on their penis because of how they masturbate. 

However, using a hands free male masturbator isn’t the cause. 

Death grip syndrome occurs when you masturbate with a very tight grip or a specific technique that desensitizes the peen over time, especially from other types of stimulation. In other words, it could happen even if you don’t use a hands free male masturbator.

So, what you should do is use it the right way.

Avoid using delaying products like condoms, sprays, and lotions. Instead, switch things up every now and then, especially if you’re using a very tight and textured hands free male masturbator.

Can I Use An Automatic Masturbator If I Have Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes, you can. But it might not be very easy.

Automatic masturbators are designed for guys to insert their erect penis into the machine.

If you’re flaccid or having trouble getting it up, it won’t be as easy to fit it through the tight corridor. Still, the stimulation of the automatic masturbator could help you keep your boner for insertion.

Plus, there are now improvements in the automatic stroker you can find in the market today to cater to men with ED. However, it’s not a standard design, so you would have to look for that feature specifically.

I Have Peyronie’s Disease. Can I Use A Hands Free Masturbator?

Possibly, but not an absolute yes.

Most hands free masturbators are designed to fit through a straight, erect penis. However, the curvature of the penis in PD can make inserting the peen into the automatic masturbator more challenging.

When choosing your auto stroker, opt for products with a hinged or open-ended design. It closes around and accommodates the penis, allowing insertion.

Again, this isn’t a standard design that you can usually find from most auto strokers. But they are available. And, of course, we’re hoping to see more of these in the future as sex toy manufacturers become more inclusive.

It’s in your hands

To make the toy work without your hands!

I hope you enjoyed this review of the best automatic masturbator and found something you want to try. Or maybe a way to make your current favorite hands free masturbator?

Either way, you’re probably in for a good time, so I’ll let you go with this piece of advice: if you do the duct tape method, don’t let it touch your skin.

You’re trying to get sexual pleasure, not get a wax!

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