46 of the very Best Male Sex Toys in 2024!

Male sex toys encompass a range of products like masturbators, prostate massagers, and penis rings. They are designed to enhance sexual pleasure and experience for men across various age groups and sexual orientations.

Whether to enhance masturbation by making it more pleasurable for solo plays or to add novelty and excitement to your sexual experiences for partnered plays, there are important factors to consider when choosing the best male sex toy for you.

In this roundup, we’ll go over the best products in the top categories for male sex toys.

Key Considerations When Choosing Your Male Sex Toys

  • Material Safety: Ensure the male sex toy is made from non-toxic, body-safe materials. The gold standard includes medical-grade silicone, stainless steel, and body-safe ABS plastic.
  • Desired Stimulation: Consider what type of stimulation you’re looking for – whether it’s external (like penis rings and perineum stimulators), internal (like prostate massagers), vibrating (vibrating masturbators or prostate vibrators), and more.
  • Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance: This is often determined by both the material and the design of the male sex toy. Silicone male toys, for instance, are not only body-safe but also non-porous, making them easier to clean and maintain. Male toys with fewer crevices and detachable parts are also simpler to thoroughly clean. Water-resistant or waterproof designs further ease the cleaning process, allowing for safe washing without damaging the male sex toy.
  • Discretion and Privacy: Consider how discreet you need the product to be in terms of packaging and usage.
  • Price vs. Quality: Balance your budget with the quality of the product. It’s often worth investing a bit more for durability and a better experience.

Top 3 Best Sex Toys For Men Of 2024

Kiiroo Keon

The Kiiroo Keon is a high-tech, automated masturbator offering up to 230 strokes per minute, ideal for a sophisticated, interactive experience. It’s perfect for tech enthusiasts seeking customizable settings and app-enabled remote play. However, its high price and complexity might be daunting for beginners. Despite this, its advanced features make it a top choice for an immersive sexual experience.

Tenga Flip Zero

Tenga Flip Zero stands out with its intricate internal design and hygienic flip-open feature, catering to those who value detailed sensations and cleanliness. Its adjustable suction control adds to the experience, though diligent cleaning is required. While its durability might be a concern, it’s an excellent choice for innovative design and practicality in a pleasure product.

Aneros Helix Syn Trident

Aneros Helix Syn Trident is a versatile prostate massager with a silicone-coated, angled head for targeted stimulation. Suitable for all user levels, it offers both pleasure and therapeutic benefits. Some users may need time to adjust to its use, and proper lubrication is key. It’s an excellent option for those seeking a comfortable and effective prostate stimulation experience.

Sex Toys For Men: Blowjob Machines

Top pick (Best Fucking Machine)

Kiiroo Keon

The Keon is a powerful, interactive hands-free machine that stimulates the entire penis shaft with variable stroke lengths, speeds, plus a few realistic textures.

Turning this 240-strokes-per-minute machine feels like you’re getting some oral action from an on-demand BJ robot.

You can use it in manual mode if you want more control over the strokes. Or hit interactive mode to connect it to your partner’s compatible Kiiroo device (Keon or Pearl 2) or adult 2D/VR content, so the machine mimics what’s happening in real-time.

You can check more options in this best hands free masturbator guide or if you want to know more about this specific machine, check out our Kiiroo Keon review.

Pro Tip

You can use the discount code SEXUALALPHA to get 10% off on purchases from Kiiroo.

Best Handjob Machine

The Handy

While most automatic machines do all the stroking action on the inside, the Handy is quite something because it does its thang on the outside.

That means it’s perfect for folks who are turned on by the sight of having somethin’ automatically work your shaft.

It comes with a clear, textured sleeve with an external motor that automatically pumps your penis, depending on your preferred stroke speed or length. OR what’s happening on your fave adult content in real-time.

You can hold the male sex toy with one hand and use its control buttons, adjust how tight or loose you want the sleeve to be, and even use other sleeves in your arsenal, thanks to its adjustable Velcro band.

Most Realistic Blowjob

La Bocca Della Verita By Magic Eyes

But what if you’re the visual type — someone who likes seeing your penis being “devoured”? 

Well, that’s exactly what La Bocca Della Verita (I know, it’s a mouthful) mimics with its lips, mouth, uvula, tongue, and teeth!

While it has no fancy motors (AKA you have to do some stroking yourself), the sleeve has stimulating ribbed textures that accommodate up to 5” of your shaft, so you’ll feel like “someone” is taking you by mouth.

Check out other great male sex toys in our best blowjob machines guide.

Sex Toys For Men: Penis Milking Machines

Best Penis Milking Machine

Kiiroo Onyx+

If you’re looking for a more compact, silent, and travel-friendly automatic machine that’s still powerful enough, then the Onyx+ is perfect for you.

It comes with a unique, textured sleeve with internal contraction rings that feel like it’s squeezing and releasing your penis — a different kind of sensation from the usual up and down from most milking machines.

It’s equipped with the same interactive features as the Keon if you choose the interactive mode, but there are two other options: manual mode for controlling the stroke motion by swiping the male toy and automatic mode to cycle through four different stroke patterns. 

Best male Sex Toys for Couples

Lovense Max 2

Lovense is one of the leading companies that sell long-distance couples’ male sex toys for both short-range and long-distance play.

With Max 2, you’re not only getting a better version of the first-ever automatic penis stroker created. But also MORE powerful vibrations, specialized air pump tech, and adjustable vents for more intense suction.

WARNING: Things can get pretty noisy on the highest setting.

Of course, all Lovense male toys come to life thanks to the Lovense remote control app. You can control your male toy or give your partner control over yours, customize vibration patterns, synchronize compatible toys, and the list goes on.

Best For Speed And Versatility

Quickshot Launch

Unlike the full-sized Fleshlight products, Quickshots are much smaller, cheaper, and versatile.

If you enjoy Quickshots more and want to take your experience to automatic levels, then the powerful Quickshot Launch has got you covered.

It can deliver up to 250 strokes/min on max speed, whether on batteries or electricity. And using any open-ended Quickshot, you can use the Launch to target specific regions of your penis.

Check out other great sex toys for men in our best penis milking machines guide.

Kiiroo FeelStar

Taking your fantasies to the next level is easier than ever with a Kiiroo FeelStar pocket pussy modeled after your favorite adult star. These toys are sculpted from the actual vulvas (and, in Victoria June’s case, mouth) of several different porn actresses, so you can add an extra layer of realism to your solo playing sessions.

Each one has a unique internal texture, ranging from mild bumps to hardcore ridges for the most intense sensations all along your penis. Picking only one can be a hard decision, but you’ll find a guide on their website with images of each sleeve’s inside to compare the different models and help you choose.

Maybe the best part about buying a FeelStar is that they’re compatible with both the Keon automatic masturbator and the PowerBlow suction device, so you can enjoy some wild and interactive hands-free action.

The sleeves are made of TPE, so be extra careful about cleaning and keeping them dry to prevent bacteria and mold from growing in damp crevices.

Sex Toys For Men: Male Vibrators

Best Starter Vibrator

Fun Factory Manta

While the Manta looks otherworldly, it’s one of the most powerful male vibrators I’ve tested and enjoyed for solo and partnered play.

It’s a sleek, well-built, and easy-to-hold vibrating stroker, which means you can use it to stroke or send vibes to different parts of your penis — balls and perineum included.

You can choose from 6 speeds and 6 patterns with just your hand or your partner’s to send deep, rumbly vibrations all over your body (or your partner’s) during sex through your penis.

(If you’re from the US, make sure you’re on us.funfactory.com NOT en.funfactory.com so it doesn’t redirect to the homepage.)

Best Upgrade Pick For Pleasure

Arcwave Ion

If you’re a “just-the-tip-baby” kind of guy and you want a different kind of sensation from your male toy, then you should take a look at the Arcwave Ion.

It’s a new breed of male vibrator that uses suction air technology to send pinpoint stimulation to the sensitive nerves of the frenulum (the male clitoris, so they say).

Finding the best position to use this male sex toy takes some time, but once you figure it out, you will experience a different kind of release — one that’s described as close to the female orgasm.

Pro Tip

You can use the discount code ALPHA15 to get 15% off on purchases from Lovehoney.com.

You can read more in our ArcWave Ion review.

Best Luxury Fun Tech Choice

Lelo F1S V2A

If you’re looking for a male vibrator that offers more than just the usual vibrations, then try the app-controlled Lelo F1 V2.

Inside this silicone male sex toy, you will find two vibrating motors — one on the tip and one on the shaft. They send powerful sonic waves to penetrate your penis on a deeper level, not just the surface.

It has a cool app interface that lets you control vibration speeds, power, patterns, toy pattern, and even your stamina training progress.

Check out other great sex toys for men in our best vibrators for men guide.

Sex Toys For Men: Male Masturbators


Tenga Flip Zero

The Tenga Flip Zero is your best bet if you’re looking for intense sensations all along your penis. The toy opens up like a book, revealing a varied and intricate set of ripples, nubs, and bumps, guaranteeing a different feeling with every stroke.

The open design also makes lubing up before your session a breeze: simply open the Flip Zero up and sprinkle as much or as little water-based lube as you want.

One of its best features is how easy it is to maintain—since you only need to open it up to give it a thorough clean-up and dry it afterward, the material is safe from any mold or bacteria growing on it and ruining your toy after some time. As long as you keep it clean and dry, this bad boy can last you years.

Best Value For Price

New Standard Tenga Egg Pack

It’s always best to go cheap when you’re looking for your first male sex toy. And a Tenga egg is one of the cheapest and low-key male toys that work.

If you have zero to limited male sex toy experience, then exploring different textures for the low price of one is your one-way ticket to pleasure.

The New Standard Tenga Egg Pack will cost you $39 for 6 different egg textures that are still as comfortable as the OG Classic Easy Beat Egg Pack but with more nubs, ridges, and new patterns for the most variety and different sensations.

If you want to know more about Tenga packs, you can check out our best Tenga Egg review.

Most Affordable

Tenga Egg

Of course, if you’re just here to test the waters and are really on a tight budget, then choosing one texture is the most affordable route.

Pick one that you think feels and looks good for you based on the packaging.

If you’re lucky enough to find a good one, then you can stick to that texture and use it 5-10 times more though Tenga says their eggs are for single-use only.

And if it’s not, there are always dozens of eggs to try.

Best Pocket Pussy

Tenga Flip Hole

Since Tenga Flip Hole was invented, Fleshlight folks knew that the competition’s getting serious.

It’s the perfect pocket pussy if you’re looking for a discreet sex toy for men that you can bring with you anywhere. It has different intense textures on the inside with suction pads on the sides to give you more control over your pleasure.

But the best part about this male sex toy is that you can FLIP IT (duh) for easy cleaning and drying.

But yeah, they’re not the best masturbator for stamina training because of how intense the textures can get.

Check out other great pocket pussies in our best pocket pussy guide.

Best Budget Hands-Free

Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2

Let’s go back to the penis head. Apparently, it’s a fave sweet spot of mine (and some guys) because it houses all these sensitive nerves that send you over the edge.

If you’re looking for an affordable hands-free experience that’s more tip-focused, then Cobra Libre 2 is for you.

You don’t need to stroke it because it stays on the tip using the right position. Instead, simply lie down or sit back and enjoy some expert massage-like action.

Check out other great sex toys for men in our best male masturbator guide.

(If you’re from the US, make sure you’re on us.funfactory.com NOT en.funfactory.com so it doesn’t redirect to the homepage.)

Sex Toys For Men: Fleshlights

Most Realistic Texture

Original Pink Lady

Before all the crazy Fleshlight textures (think swirls, spikes, and fangs!), there was the OG Pink Lady — the Fleshlight that started it all.

I recommend getting this Fleshlight if you’re a noob or someone who’s looking for the most realistic vaginal feel.

You don’t want to take the “OMG-this-is-crazy-and-super-intense!” road for your first Fleshlight experience; start with something smooth and tight and works for any penis size.


Riley Reid Euphoria

If you’re more of an ass man, then Riley Reid’s butt…. sleeve is here for ‘ya!

Because it’s a butt orifice, it starts with that extra tight opening followed by textured walls and gentle nubs that gently graze your penis head up to the shaft.

It’s not the tightest Fleshlight butt sleeve, but you can always adjust the suction cap end for more intense sensations.

Favorite MALE Sex Toy For Oral Sex

Turbo Thrust

Although Turbo Thrust is not the most anatomically correct BJ Fleshlight straight off the bat (spoiler alert: no mouth orifice), it definitely gives you the best oral action out there.

It has three insertion points to mimic that slow, sensual feel of getting head from the lips, tongue, down to the throat. Plus, it’s see-through for easy cleanup and for you or your partner to see the action happening.

Best For Maximum Pleasure

Riley Reid Utopia

While Riley Reid’s butt starts tight outside then gets not-so-tight inside, her Utopia starts a bit wide and gets tighter and tighter as you push your penis farther.

The best part about it is it gives four different textured chambers for different pleasure sensations: first with shallow ridges, second with tiny bumps, third with ridges and bumps that feel tighter, and finally, the tightest point with more ridges.

I mean, all these bumps, ridges, and tightness combine to stimulate your penis like no other.

Tightest Fleshlight

Stoya Destroya Sleeve

Stoya will DESTROY-YAH and other Fleshlight sleeves once you take this famous “alternative” model for a spin.

A texture described as having chambers of teeth and fangs might be off-putting, but once you sink in and take all the poking, squeezing intensity, those teeth dragging a little on your skin, and the tapered final third, BOOM!

I mean, this insanely intense texture combined with the name Stoya really captures the alt model’s essence and gives you some kind of kinky feel even before you insert your schlong.

You can check out other sex toys for men in our best Fleshlight sleeves guide.

Cheap Sex Toys For Men

Best Budget Male Sex Toy

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

The Vantage is one of six Quickshots you can get from Fleshlight as of this writing (vs. dozens to a hundred plus of full-sized Fleshlights) with textures, nubs, spheres, and a tight squeeze.

While it doesn’t feel like a proper Fleshlight that imitates penetrative sex, it’s still a huge improvement to your hand (or your partner’s) that’ll last longer than most pocket pussies if properly maintained.

It’s def smaller, more discreet, and easier to clean plus, it’s almost half the price of a full-sized Fleshlight (around $38)! What more can you ask for?

Best Blowjob Sleeve

Tenga Deep Throat Onacup

Most male sex toys that mimic blowjob sensations will cost you a lot of money; some even come with complicated vibrating features.

The Onacup doesn’t have all these bells and whistles, but it does recreate sucking sensations as close to a real BJ for a super low price.

It has an adjustable cap and valves for the suction effect and 5” worth of nubs for extra sensations. Also, it holds lube quite well, so you don’t have to reapply as often.

Best Frenulum Vibrator

Lovehoney Ignite Mini

It’s hard to find a cheap frenulum vibrator that offers quality vibrations. I was about to give up, but then the Ignite Mini came along.

For just $35, you’re getting a compact frenulum vibrator that stimulates the sensitive skin underneath your penis. You only need to press a single button to cycle through 3 vibrating speeds and 17 patterns.

It’s made from body-safe silicone, 100% waterproof, USB rechargeable, and comes with a travel lock feature, so you don’t have to worry about it getting all buzzy when you bring it someplace.

Check out other great toys for men in our best cheap male sex toys guide.

Sex Toys For Men: Sex Dolls

Best Sex Doll Torso

Tantaly Britney

Whether you’re a boob guy, a butt guy, or just love to stick it in the same ol’, same ol’ hole (or both minus the fear of cross-contamination), then Britney from Tantaly has got you covered.

It’s not too small or too big. But it has super squishy double Fs and two holes with textured ridges and bumps, making it perfect for folks who are 60% sure they should go all-in into sex doll territory.

There’s a lot of things that you can do with this male sex toy. Its silicone-TPE combo material feels just like real skin. Plus, it has a stable skeleton base, so it remains upright regardless of sex position.

Best Onahole

Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu’s Onahole

This super-compact, easy to hide, affordable onahole is molded after the famous Chinese nude model Zhang Xiao Yu’s vagina.

Yeah, I’m not really familiar with her too.

But I liked that the male sex toy’s outer texture gives a good squish, and the inner texture feels a bit firmer but still smooth, like it’s caressing your shaft as you go in and out.

If you’re not ready to commit to a full-sized doll but want to feel like you’re banging the real thing, you can get this onahole then use it hands-free.

Best Ass Onahole

Thrust Pro Mini Andi

If you’re looking for some realistic backdoor action from your male sex toy, then you should check the super-ribbed Mini Andi.

For just $20, you’re getting a 5” soft-textured sleeve on the outside and ribbed and tight on the inside.

It’s open-ended, so cleaning and drying are super easy. Plus, you can insert a bullet vibe on the other end for extra stimulation.

Best Full-Body Sex Doll

Rebecca Sex Doll

For those who are damn serious about investing in a full-body realistic sex doll, then I recommend the 5’2” Rebecca Doll.

It’s created by top TPE doll makers WM Dolls and sold through the super-responsive Joy Love Dolls shop.

Megan is made to order and is the most customizable doll on the market from its head type to the color of the hair, eyes, breasts, labia, etc. So let your imagination run wild!

It has around 7” of insertable vaginal and anal length and 5” of insertable oral length. Unfortunately, it’s made from porous TPE material, so you have to pay attention to cleaning your “girl” and keeping her dry.

If you want to know more about some cheap dolls, you can check out our best cheap sex dolls for men guide!

Best Full-Body Male Sex Doll

Charles Doll

What about a life-size sex doll with a super realistic schlong? Well, meet Charles — you’re 5’3” 6-pack, meaty dude.

It’s created by another popular sex doll brand, Irontech, but you can still get it at Joy Love Dolls.

You can choose from two different penis sizes: small (length: 5.9”, girth: 4.9”) and large (length: 9.8”, girth: 6.8”), and decide if you want it erect or flaccid.

Yeah, not a lot of options. But at least, you get to choose the penis size that works best for you and not have to spend on a couple of dates… only to end up frustrated in bed. (Ha.)

Check out other great toys for men in our best inflatable sex dolls guide.

Testicle Sex Toys For Men

Best Beginner Ball Stretcher

Oxballs Squeeze

Oxballs Squeeze is made of stretchable TPR material that’s super easy to put on and remove and perfect for beginners or those wondering if ball stretching is for them.

While it doesn’t give you permanent stretched balls, you’ll get an instant 2” drop once you put this ball stretcher around your sac.

It’s super easy to use and clean, is comfortable to wear for an extended period, and will help you last longer in bed.

Bigger Bulge Effect

Oxballs Ball Bender

Technically, the Ball Bender is not a ball stretcher but more of a nut-hugging cock ring that pushes your balls up and out along with your penis.

THE RESULT? Bigger balls and bigger bulge!

While it might look uncomfortable on the outside, it’s actually pretty comfortable, thanks to its soft silicone material that wraps around your package securely.

Best For Ball Stretching

The Chain Gang Donut

If you’re pretty serious about ball stretching and want to achieve permanent low-hanging balls, then the Chain Gang’s Donut metal ball weights are what you need.

You don’t even need to be an advanced baller to use metal weights on your balls. Because of TCG’s wide sizing options, beginners who want to achieve long-term low hangers can start with these.

Check out other great sex toys for men in our best ball stretchers guide.

Sex Toys For Men: Anal Toys

Best Prostate Massager

Aneros Helix Syn Trident

But if you’re still new to the whole hands-free prostate massage thing, then I recommend the Helix Syn Trident.

Unlike the firmer plastic on the Helix Trident, the Helix Syn Trident is coated in soft, body-safe silicone, so it feels more comfortable for first-time users and during extended use throughout the day or during the night.

It also comes with a larger head for pinpoint prostate stimulation, but it still has a slim design. I think that more experienced users will feel underwhelmed by this.

Best Prostate Massager

Nexus Revo Stealth

Nexus Revo Stealth is one of the best prostate massagers I’ve tested, with two motors for external vibration and internal rotation. Like other remote-controlled P massagers, it gives external prostate vibes through its ribbed perineum arm.

But what makes Stealth different from other P massagers is its ROTATING HEAD.

It simulates the motion of a finger pressing on your prostate without you doing any work, so you get more chances of hitting your P-spot and experiencing prostate Os.

Most Powerful

Lelo Hugo

While Lelo Hugo doesn’t have Stealth’s rotating head, it makes up for its dual vibrating motors that give persistent, powerful rumbly vibes for intense internal and external prostate stimulation.

So, if you’re no stranger to P massagers and have figured out that powerful vibrations are more your prostate’s thing, then this could work for you.

It even comes with Lelo’s unique motion-controlled remote that you (or your partner) can simply tilt and shake to control the vibrations – FUN!

Best Adjustable & Most Stable App

Lovense Edge 2

It has an adjustable, newly designed prostate head, so you can find the best angle to hit your prostate. Plus, a larger bulb above the thinner head for a more secure fit.

Edge 2 has the most stable remote control app, unlike other P massagers with a separate remote control.

You can customize vibration intensity and patterns, access other users’ created patterns, give your partner control, and sync your male sex toy to your fave music or sound without touching your male toy ever.

Runner Up On Adjustability & Best Newcomer MALE SEX Toy

We-Vibe Vector

The We-Vibe Vector is a newcomer in the prostate massager world, but I’m quite impressed by its versatility and how We-Vibe seems to take most of the good parts from other male sex toys.

For example, Vector has an adjustable arm like the Edge 2; however, it’s narrower and less girthy, making it a perfect first P toy for users new to prostate play.

Like other P massagers, you can control the Vector through the male toy’s single button or its wireless remote control. In addition, the We-Connect app allows you to control and customize the male toy’s vibrations, but it’s not as stable as Lovense’s.

Best Manual Toy

NJoy Pure Wand

Some folks require heavy, persistent pressure on their P-spot to experience prostate orgasms. And usually, you need a manual male sex toy for that.

The NJoy Pure Wand is an ergonomic medical-grade stainless steel manual sex toy that’ll work for everyone (it even doubles as a G-spot stimulator!) because of its length and double-ended heads of different sizes.

It’s a bit heavy, but that means that you can manipulate it with a light press of a finger to get the desired pressure.

If you want to know more, check out our Njoy Pure Wand review.

Best Aneros Prostate Massager

Aneros Helix Trident

The Aneros Helix Trident is based on the OG Aneros model back in 1996 that’s created to help men with prostate-related medical conditions.

Today, the Helix Trident is one of the most popular hands-free prostate massagers that has worked for most men and amplified orgasms — whether traditional or prostate Os.

It’s more rigid than the Helix Syn Trident (next on our list), though; so, if you prefer pushing harder on your prostate, then this could work for you.

Best For Experienced Milkers

Aneros Progasm

Of course, Aneros has also got somethin’, somethin’ for more experienced milkers.

The Progasm is the largest of all Aneros prostate massagers with a thicker head and body for more focused and fuller sensations and a round perineum tab design (balls not curves) for more comfort.

Even if you’re an experienced milker, inserting the male sex toy requires a lot of lube and time. So, I suggest using smaller butt plugs for anal training before inserting this bad boy.

Sex Toys For Men: Gay Sex Toys

Best Fleshjack

Diego Sans

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to dominate the anal insides of this Brazilian lover extraordinaire who seems to have it all?

Diego Sans’ butt replica is made from the same Fleshlight skin-like sleeve, with 8.5” of insertable length as most Fleshjacks.

But its six varied inner textures are sure to take you on a naughty, exotic ride of your life, starting with its twisting nodules, dotted nubs, ridges, and cups that provide one of the best massaging and suction action from a Fleshjack.

Best Longer Dildo

Boomer Banks

While Boomer Banks’ rear door is another great texture for getting off fast, let’s talk about his famous appendage… HIS GORGEOUS UNCUT DONG!

Unlike some Fleshjack dildos that are just a little above average length and girth, Boomer’s 7.25” insertable length and super thick 6.25” girth will give you a good stretch, so you’ll be booming for more.

It’s made from high-quality platinum-cured silicone material that’s squishy on the outside but firm enough so you can sit and ride on it without flopping over. 

Best In Depth

Brent Corrigan

Yeah, sure. Brent has depth inside and outside of the bedroom, alright. But what makes his masturbator sleeve one of the more popular ones is its so-called Bliss combo texture.

The first third has a ribbed and fairly tight texture, and the rest is a series of bumps that point toward the opening.

While describing the texture sounds boring, you have to feel the super intense combo texture to believe it. Especially when you thrust further inside the narrowing tube with the ribbed ridges gripping your shaft tightly.


Check out other great sex toys for men in our best Fleshjacks review.

Sex Toys For Men: Penis Sleeves

Best for ED

Vixen Colossus

If you can’t seem to keep it up when you’re getting it on or if you just want to last longer in bed, then you’re gonna need the most realistic-looking and -feeling male sex toy out there and also for penis growth!

Vixen Colossus is a high-quality silicone sleeve that feels and looks like a real penis — a girthy one that is. If you’re more average-sized, then fitting your penis inside the sleeve should be easy.

It also has a firm tip, so you can still wear it even if you’re not 100% erect. *Nice!*

Best Budget Choice

Lovehoney Mega Mighty

While I don’t always recommend insertable male sex toys made from plastic, this is a great starter penis sleeve if you’re on a budget or just want to test the waters.

It immediately adds length and girth to your penis if that’s what your size queen (or king) is looking for.

Plus, the material is the perfect balance of firmness and softness, so it kinda feels like the real thing. Of course, for the $30-$40 price range, don’t expect that it’ll look like the real thing.

Best For Adding Girth

Perfect Fit Fat Boy

If your partner wants to add more girth (not length) to your love-making experience, then the Perfect Fit Fat Boy is what you need.

It’s super stretchy, so it’ll fit most penis sizes, with the only downside of having a soft tip. That means it won’t work if you don’t have an erect penis.

Unlike most penis sleeves that only stimulate the penetrated partner, this one has inner ridges for mutual sensations.

Check out other sex toys for men in our best penis sleeves review.

Sex Toys For Men: Cock Rings

Overall Best

Super Soft Tantus

When it comes to cock rings, the Tantus Super Soft ring comes on top of most cock ring enthusiasts’ and sex toy experts’ lists — well, ours too.

For starters, this $12 cock ring is made from super-stretchy silicone material that makes it super easy to put on and remove.

It stretches up to 3x its original size, so there’s no need to wait for an erection to put it on or worry that it’ll constrict the blood flow from your dong.

Best Cock Ring Vibrators

Fun Factory NOS

Most vibrating cock rings I’ve tried in the past were meh — some were not powerful enough, and some were just downright uncomfortable.

But Fun Factory’s Nos vibrating cock ring is different. It has two powerful vibrating motors with 4 vibration speeds and 1 surprise pattern designed to wrap and stimulate your partner’s clit.

Plus, it’s made from soft, stretchy silicone material that fits most penis sizes and won’t distract sex.

(If you’re from the US, make sure you’re on us.funfactory.com NOT en.funfactory.com so it doesn’t redirect to the homepage.)

If you want to know more, check out our Fun Factory NOS review.

Best For Pleasure For Both At The Same Time

MysteryVibe Tenuto

If Nos looks otherworldly, wait till you see the Tenuto that’s an L-not-your-usual-shaped cock ring.

While putting this unique cock ring on requires some figuring out, you will be amazed at the different pleasure points that it’ll hit when you get the right position.

It has a total of 6 motors that effectively stimulate your penis, perineum, AND your partner’s clit or vulva. 

You can even download and use the MysteryVibe app to play around with different vibration patterns and intensities or create your own.

Check out other adult toys for men in our best cock rings guide.

What Is a Male Sex Toy?

After understanding what a male sex toy is not, it is not difficult to comprehend what one is. A male sex toy is not the same as your regular unisex device, but some unisex devices can be just that.

A male sex toy is a device made just for men to make them feel sexually aroused or pleased by using the unique qualities of the average male anatomy.

Today’s market is full of options, from adult toys for men that focus mainly on the genitals to ones that stimulate the anus and other erogenous regions of the male body.

Why Use Male Sex Toys?

There are so many things to talk about as to why you should use male sex toys, and I haven’t even gotten to the best parts yet! Men’s-only sex toys are essential to various sex communities, as it is for couples and everything that happens behind closed doors. 

They also offer several practical benefits. For example, these male toys can make your orgasms feel much more satisfying. And if you want to improve your performance, they can also increase stamina. 

For those with E.D., male sex toys can help stimulate other sensitive body parts. As a result, they can increase intimacy between partners. And for those who like to lay back and relax, these devices can also help in that department. 

What Are The Different Types Of Male Sex Toys?

Male Masturbators

From manual strokers, sleeves to hands-free, automatic masturbators and vibrators, male masturbators have made the art of getting off quite a bliss.

They simulate different experiences, including having vaginal sex, anal sex, and receiving oral sex.

They come in different shapes, textures, and most are built using either silicone or TPE material.


Fleshlights have ultimately earned many people’s trust across the world over the years & spawned a lot of Fleshlight alternatives that rode on their popularity. This they have achieved by charming hearts through their amazing textures and awesome stimulation.

Fleshlight created its own patented masturbating sleeve. Fleshlight sleeves are very smooth yet elastic enough and do a great job imitating a real vag’s likeness and tightness.

As if that’s not enough… They emulate vaginal, anal, or oral sex and are pretty discreet for better storage and handling. To put the cherry on top, they even have real-life imitations of famous porn stars in their Fleshlight Girls collection.

Machines & Simulators

These are basically high-tech male masturbators that use Bluetooth connectivity, interactive features, app sync technologies, and virtual reality content to give users more lifelike experiences

…penetrative sex or oral sex.

The best part is you can use some of these machines as mounts for your pocket pussies or realistic sleeves with multiple orifices, so you’ll feel a variety of sensations (and not just one ;)) with each use.

Check out our ultimate guide to virtual sex to learn more.

Prostate Massagers

Prostate massagers stimulate the prostate gland (AKA P-spot) for pleasurable sensations/full-body orgasms.

You can choose from manual, hands-free, and remote/app-controlled variants to stimulate the P-spot internally.

That’s through direct pressure, vibrations, electrostimulation, and sonic waves. Or externally through the perineum.

Stimulating the prostate requires a lot of practice, but finding the right sex toy for men brings you closer to achieve successful super Os.

Anal Sex Toys For Men

Aside from prostate massagers, there are anal vibrators, anal dildos, and vibrating butt plugs that you can use to try to hit the P-spot.

But some men get off more from anal play only without stimulating the prostate.

For example, some folks use anal vibrators or vibrating butt plugs while having sex or during discreet public play.

And some play with anal dildos because they love the feeling of fullness or thrusting sensations coming from their partners.

Penis Sleeves

Penis sleeves are like thicker, more textured condoms (though they don’t function like one) that you wear over your penis to instantly increase its length and/or girth during sex.

Their materials range from silicone, soft plastic, and TPR.

Some have textured external details that look and feel like a real penis from the head, frenulum, and veiny shaft.

And some have internal textures or a vibrating feature for mutual stimulation. These devices offer some relief for folks with erectile dysfunction (ED) and those who have smaller penises.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are one of the cheapest, simplest, and most effective male sex toys on the market.

They are usually worn around the base of the penis to increase blood flow, resulting in stronger, longer-lasting erections.

There are adjustable cock rings made from silicone, rubber, or leather materials and some made from metal rings for more advanced users who want more weights on their penis.

If you and your partner want more stimulation during penetrative sex, you can invest in a vibrating cock ring.

Urethral Sounding Rods & Penis Plugs

These type of male sex toys are usually made from stainless steel or silicone and are specifically created to be inserted into the urethra (AKA pee hole) to gain a new kind of pleasure.

You can also use them to directly stimulate the prostate for full-body orgasms.

Penis plugs are shorter and best for beginners because they’re easier to insert and often come with a ring around the plug to keep it in place.

On the other hand, urethral sounding rods are longer for deeper urethral play and directly stimulating the prostate gland.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Clean My Male Sex Toys?

It shouldn’t be hard to clean your male sex toys. And since each device is different, you should always look at the product’s manual for specific instructions.

Most of the time, a simple rinse using warm, clean water will do the trick. However, to make sure it is as clean as possible, use a hypoallergenic soap or a sex toy cleaner as you’re washing the device.

After, let your device dry completely before putting it back in its pouch or case. If your male toy is electronic or runs on batteries, take out the non-waterproof parts before letting it get wet.

How To Properly Store My My Male Sex Toys?

Putting away your pleasure devices is easy, especially if you buy a storage container that fits them. Most brands give you something with the male toy or have a whole line of accessories you can check out.

No matter what, put your stuff away when you’re not having fun. Airborne dust and bacteria can settle on the surface and make sex difficult.

So, keep your male sex toys in a secure and private place away from extreme environmental conditions. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual for additional information and guidelines.

What Type Of Lubricant Should I Use With My Male Sex Toy?

You can select whatever personal lubricant you prefer; however, it must be compatible with your skin type and the male sex toy’s material.

If you aren’t careful, specific substances will ruin the surface and functions of your gadgets. For optimal results, use only water-based lube or consult the product’s manual for specific recommendations.

Where to buy the Best Sex Toy For Men online?

We recommend buying male sex toys from official brand sites or reputable online retailers. And as for the latter, we suggest going to SheVibe or Lovehoney for the best deals in the market. 

What To Do If My Male Sex Toy Malfunctioned or Broke?

Most male sex toys on the market today come with a warranty. That means they are usually covered if something goes wrong when using them. 

If something does go wrong while using it, check the warranty. If the device is still under contract, send it back to the production company to be fixed or replaced. Don’t try to fix or change anything on your own.

Also, to keep your warranties valid, you must register them within 30 days of buying them. And if you somehow hurt yourself, you should see a doctor immediately.

Final Thoughts

So, there you go, folks! 46 of the best male sex toys of 2024 ranked and reviewed.

I know that the male sex toy industry is not backing down. Thus, expect that we’ll be updating this list anytime we find new products and updates that might dethrone our top picks.

But till then, give your hand a break and let your sex toys for men do most (or all) of the work for you.

Don’t be afraid to do whatever it takes to get you off. After all, you only know you, and you only live once.

Stroke it or leave it.

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