Does Losing Weight Increase Penis Size? (Before & After)

Losing weight = bigger penis? How big is the correlation between losing excess pubic fat pad to getting a bigger penis?

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Several obese men feel conscious about their penis size. And while there are a handful who accept things as they are, others go the extra mile to make some self-improvements.

Losing weight is one of the simpler ways to deal with this insecurity. 

But can it make a difference? Does dieting and working out give you the results that you are after?

Well, we’ve got the answers you need. 

This article will explore the effects of weight loss on the penis and the insecurities that develop from having extra pubic fat.  

But first… Let’s answer this age-old question. 

What Is The Average Penis Size?

According to a study by sexologist Alfred Kinsey, the average length of a penis is 6.21” (15.8cm) and average girth is 4.85” (12.3cm). 

However, Kinsey’s 70-year-old research wasn’t the most trustworthy despite being revolutionary at the time. His study had some biases. 

For example, the men who gave their measurements were all college-aged and white. And the results provided were self-verified. So, it didn’t do much in representing the general male populace in America. 

On the other hand, a more recent study (2020) by Psychologist Bruce M. King suggested that the average length of an erect penis is around 5.1”-5.5” (12.95-13.97cm)

The result came from a compilation of 44 studies, all reviewed by King on a table to compare the responses. 

Other vital facts include the average length of a flaccid penis being around 2.8”-3.9” (7-10cm). And the average flaccid and erect girth is around 3.9” (10cm) and 4.7” (12cm), respectively.

So Does Losing Weight Increase Penis Size?

Losing pubic fat will not increase your penis size (penis sleeve can be a quick fix), but it will make your penis appear bigger.

If you’re curious how much size you would gain by losing weight you simply need to put a ruler at the top base of your shaft, press against the pubic bone to push the fat back… and that’s the REAL size of your penis.

BJUI International study in 2007 on Penile Size and the ‘small penis syndrome’ revealed that the presence of a significant pubic fat pad will cause the penis to be partly buried

Depending on excess fat you could technically gain 0.5″-1″ of penis length back. Read this guide to get more instructions on how medical specialists correctly measure penis size.

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Fat people who’ve lost weight say that for every 30-50lbs of excess weight you’ll gain 1″ of the visible penis.

But it doesn’t mean that for 100lbs you’ll gain 2″. Press the ruler against all that fat to gauge how much size you could “gain”.

Sources: BJU International, Cleveland Clinic

Why Do Fat People Have a Small Penis?

Picture tells more than thousand words.

fat guy small penis

Fat people look like they have small penis because of the excess fat covering it up.

They don’t have smaller penis just that pubic fat pad and belly fat makes a shaft of the penis partly buried.

The penis itself stays the same length, but fat accumulates in the groin, just like it would in your legs or arms.

It’s like a nail sticking out of branch. The nail is the same length, but depending on how much is sticking out is all you have to work with.

The good news is that once you decide to make lifestyle changes depending on weight loss amount and excess weight before you can gain 0.5″-1″ in penis size back.

Alternatively you can check out our Vixen Colossus review for a quick fix while you are working on losing some weight.

Excess Pubic Fat Affecting People Physically & Mentally


Men who have excess pubic fat can affect their self-esteem. And as a result, it can lead to low self-confidence.

Not having enough confidence can lead to depression and anxiety. And it can even cause severe stress in professional and personal lives. 

Sexual Stamina

One downside of being overweight is that it reduces your overall stamina. Additionally, you are more likely to develop high insulin resistance and cholesterol, decreasing your sexual performance and desire.

These conditions can even cause arteries to shut down in the penis, leading to erectile dysfunction.


The thicker your fat is around your pubic region, the more likely you will feel fewer sensations during sex. This is because certain nerve endings become less sensitive since the excess skin can block off the stimulation felt around the area.

Blood Circulation

Having extra weight can also lead to circulation problems. The amount of blood pumped to the penis can decrease, and it can cause loss of sexual appetite or, worse, E.D.

Erectile Dysfunction

Speaking of E.D., erectile dysfunction is a common side effect of obesity or being overweight. 

Your testosterone levels would decrease, and your blood vessels would become more prone to damage. It can even lead you to develop severe health conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, or hypercholesterolemia.

Penis Before And After Weight Loss

penis size effect after weight loss

While there are no scientific studies, it’s been accepted by people that you can gain 1″ of visible penis after losing 30-50lbs of weight.

While not huge difference in weight, here’s a NSFW picture of a man’s penis before and after.

Wouldn’t you agree that difference is still noticeable?

Keep in mind though that when you loose a massive weight, you might still have quite a bit of fat left in pubic areas (ptosis of fat pad and skin).

If that’s the case you might need plastic surgery to lift excess pubic skin and remove pubic fat safely.

Such surgeries have proven to be effective, but you do need to lose weight before.

Here are few stories from men who’ve lost weight and what effect they saw:

Lost 140 pounds. 12 inches in waist. A fucking shoe size. Also, turns out this whole time I had a massive dick. I was single during my transformation, and I gave more orgasms to girls in that first month of dating than I had the 10 years prior. It’s like.. Yeah. I can’t even possibly overstate the difference.

Reddit user

Even without much weight loss, just gaining muscle and tone makes it bigger…

In the last month I went from 260lbs to 252, lost a total of 11 inches from my chest waist and legs, and gained 1.5 inches in each arm in muscle… That’s not even 10 pounds, and is swear it’s almost an inch longer.

My girlfriend noticed it first and I totally called bullshit, thought she was just trying to keep me motivated, but now I even notice, it’s an extra 2 fingers width of usable shaft.


Reddit user

I’ve lost 64.80 pounds thus far. My dick is about an inch or so longer when erect, and the erections are much more powerful. I’m assuming both issues are from less fat surrounding the area, perhaps better blood flow too.

Reddit user

At 5″11 my heaviest was around 320lbs. Flaccid I was less than an inch. Erect about 4.5.

Currently just over 200lbs and flaccid I’m about 3″. Erect nearing 7″. I can still push the mons pubis down another inch and a half or so. I may be one of those lucky dogs with an 8 inch penis and I never would have found out if I hadn’t lost weight. Better circulation means I also get an erection faster and it’s, well, firmer.

There’s also a few women in this thread lamenting since the most common adjustment seems to be smaller boobs, but hey, small boobs are hot. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise you wonderful creatures. And if they sag? So what. Even heavily sagged boobs will out-sexy any male genitalia out there.

The penis/balls combo looks like some kind of creature that’s only found near the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Every time I look at my penis I’m surprised it hasn’t grown a couple of teeth and a weird phosphorescent light to lure smaller penises in.


Reddit user

Source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons

How To Lose Pubic Fat Around Penis?

Chances are you know the answer already.

Eat less. Eat better. Exercise more.

To lose fat for good you must change your lifestyle. Studies back up that only one-third of people in the US who are trying to lose weight is eating fewer calories and exercising more.

It might be obvious, but here’s what you do:

  • Stop smoking, drinking (alcohol contains many sugars and calories)
  • Ditch the processed foods – eat a LOT more greens, fruits. (processed foods hide a lot of fat and calories in them)
  • Do cardio exercises for extended periods of time to move into serious calorie burning mode. Weight training won’t give the effect because the muscle still will be buried underneath the fat.

Only after you’ve done the most obvious things you can start focusing on burning fat in the focused areas like doing specialised ab exercises to lose that pubic fat pad.

Keep in mind this is not a medical advice and you should always consult a medical professional or dietitian before making serious life changes like diet and gruelling exercise program.

Finally a cool ninja “hack” to quickly get a win of your penis appearing bigger is to trim the hair around your penis.

Lots of hair make penis look smaller than it is.

Penuma Implant Surgery

Losing the extra pounds can help you perceive your penis to be much larger. But if you want to take the extra step, then undergoing Penuma implant surgery can give you the desired results. 

This type of surgery aims to increase the size of the penis by surgically inserting a silicone implant into the shaft. 

Case studies show that it is an effective solution. And several patients who have gotten the implants were highly satisfied, resulting in increased self-esteem and confidence.

Consider checking out our best sex tips for men guide to take your game to a new level.  

Source: American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Bringing It All Together

Now you know it. There are no reliable ways of increasing penis size, even penis pumps just temporarily will pump your penis to a little bigger size, but nothing is permanent.

But every little bit helps. Losing weight, perception, learning how to use better what you’ve got.

And finally, there is a chance that you only think that you’ve got a small penis.

Because of porn industry our perception of what the word average means is skewed.

Did you know that after taking measurements from 15,521 men it turned out that average penis length is 5.16″?

Learn how to measure your penis properly.

What if after losing excess fat it turns out you’re perfectly average?

How about that?

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