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Male Sex Toy Reviews

While men don't have as many toy choices as women, there are quite a bit of manual or automatic male masturbators that imitate either the vagina, ass or blowjob. There are even full-blown ultra realistic sex dolls available.

Then if you're into naughtier play there is prostate play, chastity, or even urethral play available, besides the cock rings.

Female Sex Toy Reviews

Oh, ladies are in it for a treat - vaginal, clitoral, G-spot, or squirting orgasms will be reality with the right dildo, vibrator...or a combination of both.

Hands-free experience is also made reality with a fucking machine ("it's like having sex with a superman") or a thrusting dildo.

There's even pegging toys available if you want to dominate your partner.

Sex Furniture & More

Who knew the right angle could be so important? The right piece of sex pillow or wedge will do wonders for your comfort and pleasure.

Sex swings, for example, allow to experience how it feels to have sex in zero gravity. Maybe it's time to think about a special sex room like Christian had from 50 shades of Grey?

There is tons of interesting sex furniture for it:

BDSM & Bondage Toys

Little restraints will add tons of excitement in your sexual life. These awesome spreader bars or cock cages open up space for plays like orgasm denial, orgasm torture, and ruined orgasms.

At least try some simple rope bondage with Shibari.

They sound scary, but are so much fun!

Anal Toys

Each of us have the backdoor to explore. For men there is even more pleasure than women - they can have a prostate orgasm with the right anal dildo or prostate massager.

For ladies there is a sensitive tissue and indirect G-spot stimulation. Plus, wearing a butt plug during sex can simply spice it up and give new sensations to good ol' sex.

Oh, and while vagina has the limit of depth, anally there isn't which allows for fun stretching and taking in those huge dildos some that are horse dildo size.

Sex Education

Yes, we all love toys, but sometimes it pays off to educate yourself on some tricks how to satisfy each other using all the natural tools. 

Sex toys will only add to the experience, but nothing beats 100% presence and focus on each other whether it's a rough fuck or slow & sensual lovemaking session.

If you want to learn more about each other, I also advise you to take our BDSM test together and discuss the results.