Here’s What Sexual Alpha Is All About

Want to Learn The Secrets of Mind-Blowing Sex?

Sexual Alpha provides no B.S. sex advice for Men - no fluff, no woo-woo.

 Just actionable tips THAT WORK.

🍒 It's the #1 sex blog for men. 

If you read our articles - you'll know why.

Do you ask yourself questions like this?:

  • How can I last longer and satisfy my woman to reach soul-shaking orgasms?
  • How to eat her pussy out, finger her, make her squirt?
  • How can I make our sex exciting again? Destroy the boredom, predictability? 
  • How to fix porn addiction, practice semen retention, and transmute my sexual energy?
  • What kind of kinks we could try...? How to get my partner to open up to her darkest fantasies?
  • How to be a fucking alpha in the bedroom (and life)?
  • What are the best sex toys and accessories in the market?
  • How to fuck good?

If so... you're in the right place!

I've spent years mentoring guys on this stuff and with my friend Alex Allman we help thousands of men every month become SexualAlphas in the bedroom!

What you might not expect, this sexual confidence starts from bedroom, but it transfers to your life as well..!

Who's behind SexualAlpha?

There are two main men running the show: Alex Allman and Dainis Graveris.

Plus, there is an undercover ninja ⚔ team helping us spread the message and making it all pretty. But they prefer to work from the shadows... 🦁

About Alex Allman

Alex is the creator of the best-selling books and programs that have helped tens of thousands of men, women, and couples enjoy more passionate relationships, overcome insecurities, enhance sexual pleasure, create deeper intimacy and communication, and improve their sexual confidence.

(The most famous: RevolutionarySex).

His writing, lectures, public appearances, and videos have been seen by more than 10 million people around the world. 

About Dainis Graveris

Dainis is the main man behind Sexual Alpha.

Who am I and what makes me qualified to give sex advice?

I am a 30-year-old man. Whenever I experience any challenge the first thing I do is buy books, courses and read everything available online about the topic until I discover the best solution.

I’m a fact finder. 

The real serious journey in the sex exploration started a year ago, when I was fed up about my struggling sex life.

You see, I’m in happy relationships and we live together for 2 years (know each other for long before that).

We spend every day together.

And while our relationships were incredible, our sex life was - meh…

There was a lack of excitement and fun when it came to sex.

Here’s what went on in my mind:

"That’s what it supposed to happen.

How can you expect to have the same sex drive and passion as you had in the beginning?

How can expect the same excitement with the same partner?"

It was comfortable to live with these excuses in my head, but they didn’t improve our sex. 

On top of that, there were times when I couldn’t even stay or get hard and one day I had enough.

I decided I will immerse myself and learn everything I can about sex to see if I can turn it around:

  • I spent months reading books.
  • I learned how to tease, arouse and satisfy my woman to be able to give her multiple orgasms every time.
  • I stopped watching any porn (I had lifelong addiction with this).
  • I learned my own and my partner’s sex language.
  • I experimented with various exercises by myself and with my partner.
  • I learned the arts of non-ejaculatory orgasm, multiple orgasms, semen retention and more.

Fast forward one year later…

We have more sex than ever! It’s always exciting! And we are closer than ever!

Plus, I really feel like a man in our relationships. 

Since I know exactly how to satisfy my woman, it brings me increased confidence in and out of the bedroom.

It feels powerful and incredibly satisfying!

What this means to you?

Well, you know my short story and it’s up to you if you want to listen to me or some “professional”.

I started this site because my friends started asking me for advice. I realised that talking about sex especially between guys is such a TABOO topic.

We love to have sex, but we are ashamed or shy to talk about it.

We presume that we are just supposed to know how to make love, but it’s not true.

Being great in bed is a skill! And as any skill - it’s a learnable skill! 

And this site is decided to help you become great in bed!

It will help couples, but obviously as a man, it’s written from male perspective - hence the Sexual Alpha, so men will benefit the most from the site!

What’s next?

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