What Is The Average Penis Size In 2020? (Based On Scientific Studies)

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what is average penis size cover

So many guys are worried about the size of their equipment.

Is my penis size normal?

Is it too big?

Too small?

How does it rate vs others?

What do women think is the perfect cock size?

You’ll get all the answers, I spent over 70 hours researching this topic, digging up studies & talking to people.

I’ll cover this and a lot more in this guide.

Let’s jump in.

Let’s rest the case with the first question:

What is the average penis size in 2020?

I’m guessing you’re asking about erect penis size.

The short answer?: 5 inches

There are tons of different studies done, but in all of them, the average penis size (length) is between 5.1 to 5.6 inches (13 cm to 14,2 cm).

Here are a few of them:

  • In 2015 study BJU international1 did a study of 15,521 men and found that the average erected penis size was 5.16 inches (13.12.cm), girth — 4.56 inches (9.31cm)
  • In the Journal of Urology2 study (1996), researchers did a study of 80 men, and the average size was 5.1 inches (12.9cm) for an erect penis.
  • In other study3 from 2014, researchers measured 1,661 sexually active men in the US and found that average erect penis size was 5.6 inches (14.15 cm) and girth 4.8 inches (12.23 cm)

So based on data most men have a normal, average penis that women are satisfied with.

What was interesting to me was to check how many people search on Google (US) for different penis sizes.

Here’s data:

  • 3 inch penis —1.400 searches/month
  • 4 inch penis — 2.900 searches/month
  • 5 inch penis — 4.700 searches/month
  • 6 inch penis —4.700 searches/month
  • 7 inch penis — 5.200 searches/month
  • 8 inch penis —3.400 searches/month
  • 9 inch penis —2.700 searches/month

As you can see even Google searches show that most guys have 5–6-inch penises 🙂 Google doesn’t lie, huh?

Also, interesting data is that 50% of penis size searches come from the USA, and the other 50% from the rest of the world.

Seems like US people have the biggest insecurities around their penis size.

If you’re still insecure about your penis size, girth, curve, check out AveragePenis subreddit where normal guys share the pictures of their average erect penises.

And keep reading, cuz I’ll cover how to use small or big penis to your advantage..!

Porn has put a lot of us in defensive, we feel insecure because chances are we’ve only seen other erect penis on the porn huh?

Ninja tip: If you still want to get bigger, you can use a penis sleeve. You can put it on top of your penis and suddenly become hung. Great, if your partner is a size queen.

How To Measure Your Penis Length & Girth?

carrot as penis measurement

So we mentioned before the average lengths and girths, but how do you correctly measure your own penis?

Here’s how to measure your penis length:

  • measure it when erect (it will give the most accurate results since limp penis size can differ)
  • get a measuring tape — the solid one is the most accurate or just use inch ruler (from school, work)
  • measure penis in a straight line from the top of the penis till the pubic bone (push through the pubic hair)
  • and you’re done.
measuring tape
measuring tape

This is how the researchers from the 2015 study mentioned above-measured penises.

So now you can go back and compare your size!

Average penis size (length) is between 5.1 to 5.6 inches (13 cm to 14,2 cm).

Real size version ruler of average penis length →

life size measuring ruler

How To Measure Your Penis Girth?

For this, you’ll need the flexible tape measure, like the one you would use to measure your waist size.

  • make sure your penis is erect
  • wrap it around your penis shaft where it’s the biggest (closer to the balls)
  • check the result.

Average penis girth is — 4.56 inches (9.31cm)

All Sizes From 3–9 Inch Penises Reviewed, How Common They Are & How To Use Them Best?


Okay, now you know your penis size.

What can you do with it?

Let’s look at all sizes starting from 3 inches up to 9 inches and discuss the pros and cons of each.

3 inch penis

3 inches is the size of the credit card.

It’s below average and online searches show that around 5% of men have it.

credit card as 3 inch penis
Real size version so you can compare.

It’s pretty rare to have them, yet usually, the small penis has bigger girth and women have reported that girth is even more important than length.

The good thing about having a short penis is that you can easily angle it to hit the woman’s g-spot 😉

Either missionary with a man on top or doggy style is your best positions because you can easily adjust the angle for her G. 

Small penis owners really should become a G-spot, squirting orgasm specialists.

4 inch penis

4 inches is still below the average and it’s the length of the small coffee spoon.

Around 5–10% of men have a 4-inch penis.

While it’s not great, it’s definitely enough. Hopefully, you’ve got a nice girth and if you do then with skinny girls your size would be perfect!

Again as with 3 inches, you should really work on that G-spot for her and become master at angles. And you can learn how to satisfy her in other ways too.

Especially deep positions are a missionary with you on top and her having legs behind her head. Doggy position is also great, especially if you angle your penis to her belly.

tea spoon posing as 4 inch penis example

5 inch penis

Okay, now we have entered the average penis size market.

If you remember 5–6 inches is the most common size.

Again, girth is good, but it’s how you use it. Chances are most women have seen this kind of penises and 85% of women are perfectly satisfied with the size of their partner’s penises.

Are you? Remember there’s subreddit where guys take photos of their average penises. They can really set you at ease and make you understand that you’re all good.

iphone as 5 inch penis size measurement
5 inches is a bit bigger than small, older iPhone 😉

It’s no big deal if your penis is a little bit angled left, right, up or down…

I’m on this size, and I make sure I get the best angle with help of a sex wedge to make sure it’s pleasurable and never painful.

6 inch penis

Okay, so 6 inch penis is at the better end of the averages.

You’re damn lucky because your penis is the best size you could have.

When you have sex with an average woman she’ll love it — she’ll feel it fully and also you don’t need to be worried about causing her pain.

When you have longer than 6 inches you need to start being more careful, so you don’t end up hurting woman by pounding her too deeply.

Need more tips? Learn how to please a woman with 6 inches.

twenty bill dollar as 6 inch penis size
20 dollar bill is the size 😉

7 inch penis

Interesting that tons of people search for 7 inch penis on Google. In fact, it’s the most popular term of all sizes.

Interesting, why? Since only around 15% of men have penis not sure what’s up with the obsession for 7 inches?

But it’s around the size of screwdriver. Couldn’t find better comparison.

screwdriwer posing as seven inch penis

She might be impressed and a little intimidated, it’s pretty rare… so you definitely will need to get her used to your size.

And you need to be conscious of your thrusting because you can already easily hurt her with deeper positions.

Try something shallow like standard missionary positions.

Keep experimenting and you might not be able to go all full inside her pussy.

8-inch penis

In the world of what scientific studies have measured only around 3% of men have an 8-inch penis.

It’s both good and bad huh. But if you have one, maybe you should consider pornstar’s career? It’s pretty rare and since porn exaggerates the sizes anyway, you could fit right in.

Women definitely will be intimidated by this size and get worried if its gonna hurt. You definitely need to be very careful, you can easily, too easily hurt her.

beer bottle posing as 8 inch penis size
8 inches is about the size of the beer bottle.

9 inch penis

This definitely classifies as a huge penis and only crazy women will be able to appreciate this kind of size.

There is a reason why guys with large penises often have chubby girls. With them, they can relax more and not worry about hurting them.

You’ve got an intimidating gun and you need to find the right woman (size-queen) who will like it.

I remember the story of one well hung guy who went for the cheap sex doll and fell in love with it because the doll was the first one to take his member fully balls deep

To compare iPad Pro is 9.7 inches big.

ipad pro posing as 9 inch penis

This is a nice video comparing visually all sizes:

Fun Fact: Jonah Falcon & The World’s Largest Penis

Since we’re going on the long end…

How big is the world’s largest penis?

Well, the record holder is Jonah Falcon and he has 13.5 inches (34cm) big penis.

He was saying on interviews how many Holywood’s biggest celebrities have sought him out because of his famed member.

Just look at the picture below and how his pants look like…

And that’s only a limp penis there…

Talk about big dick problems eh?

jonah falcon with the biggest penis in the world

Is Curved, Bent or Crooked Penis Normal?

Tons of guys worry that their penis is not perfectly straight as they see in porn.

Again, check Reddit AveragePenis (NSFW) photos and set your worries away!

As long as you don’t have more than 30–40-degree curve in any direction you should be alright.

You should only be worried and go to the doctor if it’s painful. Pretty obvious.

curved banana looking like penis

When you check Subreddit you’ll see that curves to different sides are perfectly normal and very common.

Doctors will say that if the curve doesn’t change and doesn’t cause pain to you while jerking off or having sex — there’s nothing to worry about.

I’ve got tons of guys emailing with their worries about the curved penis. The thing is that you just need to learn how to use it to your advantage.

Same as guys with a straight penis. They also need to learn to angle it for greater pleasure during sex.

In a lot of cases, the curved penis can actually increase the pleasure IF YOU USE IT RIGHT!

You gotta experiment by yourself with many sex positions and find which cause the most pleasure for a woman.

As they say — it’s less about the tool you have, more about HOW you use it.

However… IF the penis is increasingly growing more curved over time, you should be worried.

You may have Peyronie’s disease which I’ll talk about next:

What is Peyronie’s disease?

doctors performing peyronie disease surgery

If you have painful erections and your penis is increasingly growing more curved, you should immediately go to the doctor.

You might have Peyronie’s disease.

I can give just a general explanation of what it is, but cannot give you medical advice.

Don’t worry if you simply have a crooked penis — they are common 🙂

Now… how would one treat Peyronie’s disease to reverse or slow down the effects?

First, you should know there are active and stable phases.

It means that the penis is going increasingly crooked vs when it stops bending further.

When you go to a doctor he will:

  • visually examine the flaccid and erect penis
  • make ultrasound test, which will show if there’s any presence of abnormalities like — scar tissue, weird blood flow…etc.

If you have active worsening crookedness of your penis, there are ways to stop it with surgery and medication.

The process is long and painful, but it’s doable.

If you wanna learn more about the technical, medical side of treating Peyronie’s, check this explanation.

Do Kegel Exercises To Maintain Healthy Penis

No matter how healthy you are Kegels will only improve your penis health, erection.

Kegels are like a gym for your penis with tons and tons of benefits. Couple it with noFap for a while and you’ll become badass in the bed!

You do them by contracting your PC muscle (the one you use to stop peeing).

The best way to do them is to use a toilet as a trigger. When you pee, stop yourself 4–5x for 5 secs. Then as you finish, squeeze and hold it for extra 10 secs.

Make it a part of your daily peeing, “kegeling” exercise.

You’ll notice you get harder easier and gain more control over your penis.

It will help with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

Broken Penis: Can You Break Your Penis?


Short answer: YES.

While it cannot break like a bone since the penis is a muscle which contains tons of blood vessels and spongy tissue…

You can tear that tissue which will result in excruciating pain and a loud pop sound.

The most common time when you can break your penis is during sex when the penis is erect.

That’s when there is the highest blood pleasure in your penis and if you stretch it too far against it’s a natural state, bad things can happen.

So which sex positions you should be most careful about?

Studies have shown that intercourse is when the penis gets broken the most.

The most dangerous sex position for guys is a cowgirl with a girl on top. If she’s grinding you too much against the grain, you should beware and calm her down.

A 2nd most dangerous position is doggy style.

Just keep these in mind and don’t force your penis in too extreme angles (or don’t let your partner do it).

Another danger when you can “pop” your penis is if you overuse sex enhancement drugs + alcohol.

Taoists who were obsessed with sexual performance had tons of special mixtures that would make a guy last for hours.

If you use any of these drugs — FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.

Viagra type of drug overuse can cause your penis to POP. And there’s no coming back from that one.

Can you fix a broken penis?

Yes, the same way you can grow your penis — there are long, painful surgeries that you can undergo.

But it’s much better to take safety precautions ahead of the time.

If you’ve ever broken a bone, any doctor will tell you that they can put it together, but it will never be as good as it was.

What Are The Best Sex Positions For Small Penis?

sexy booty of woman in sea

While guys with huge penises simply need to be always careful not to hurt a girl… it’s still pretty easy for them.

Just be careful.

If you have a small penis, it’s a little trickier.

I have a female friend, who had a guy with a small penis, and they were always having anal sex. During regular intercourse, she just couldn’t feel anything.

While there are ways to grow your penis, you won’t get it from 3 inches to 7 inches (unless you undergo painful surgery)

By actively using it and doing Kegels, you can get 15–20% temporarily increase (as Dave Asprey has observed). Once you stop, the penis will go back to its default size though.

But you can learn sex positions that make your penis FEEL BIGGER.

Small penis owners need to learn all the positions that allow for DEEPER Penetration:

  • Doggy style — women will love this because the small penis can directly stimulate her G-spot. Experiment with angles.
  • Missionary with a guy on top, a pillow (or wedge) under her butt, legs in the air or behind her head — again there are tons of variations with this position, but the key is to get her pussy super exposed so you can thrust her deep
  • Anal Sex — because of small penis size, actually it makes it for the best penis for anal sex. If your girl doesn’t feel much during ordinary sex, invest in anal sex skills.
  • Learn to eat her pussy out and finger her — you can compensate for the small size by learning her anatomy really well and using your tongue and fingers. Not the same as a penis, but you gotta work with what you have.
  • Use Sex Toys — again, you must be creative, think outside the box. Turn your weakness into your strength. The toys they sell nowadays are crazy good — you can get vibrators, cock rings, dildos, g-spot stimulators… Everything!

So in conclusion: Instead of bitching and whining about having a small penis — Think Outside Of The Box.

Use your weakness and turn it into strength. The guys who have it easy usually don’t invest any time to really learn how to satisfy a woman in bed.

Because of your adversity, you have a drive like a wild animal who’s put in the corner. You’ll find a solution, no matter what!

From adversity, pain and frustration comes GREATNESS.

Remember that.

Erection 101: How To Get A Hard On Instantly & Stay Erect For Hours

man-with big penis working out

Since this is an ultimate PENIS 101 guide, let me include a nice bonus section.

Yeah, there are tons of pills and bandaids you can use to fix your erection, but those are bandaids.

Use viagra, use numbing creams, three condoms (or penis sleeves I already mentioned)… whatever.

But if you wanna have a permanently healthy penis, here’s what you should be aware of:

#1 — Take care of your health

There’s a popular question “does losing weight increase penis size?”

Basics first.

The penis is a blood vessel.

If you don’t do any cardio exercise (that improves blood flow) if you clog your vessels with trash food… you cannot expect to have a healthy penis.

If you’re overweight — get fit!

If you’re not having enough sleep — fix it!

If you’re eating trash — go on green cocktail detox (search: alkaline diet)

Yep, it’s that simple!

Get a healthier body and you will get a healthier penis.

plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables for sale

#2 — Are you having mental insecurities?

If you’ve taken care of your health, then the other culprit may be your brain.

Did you know that orgasm happens in the brain? Yeah, erection and orgasms start in the brain, which then sends instructions down to your dick.

So dig in — are you having anxieties, insecurities around your penis? If you’re not performing — maybe there’s something that is seriously bothering you.

Look for those mental blocks. Fix them — talk with your girl.

For example, when I had problems with getting hard on my girl.

When I dug deeper I understood it was because of my porn addiction. That porn overstimulation numbed my brain so ordinary sex which is mostly sensual (while porn is visual). It just wasn’t exciting enough.

Once I admitted that I was the problem, I could fix and find the solution.

#3 — Master Your Penis: Learn How Your Erection & Arousal Works

man working out on jelqing his penis

I’ve written about this extensively in my how to get a hard-on instantly and how to cum more like a pornstar.

Here’s the quick recap:

  • practice kegel exercises
  • go on porn detox, ejaculate less frequently
  • practice by yourself with edging exercises (imagine 1 is limp — 100 is ejaculation and learn to navigate and control those arousal levels)
  • Learn which sex positions are more and less stimulating — then move between them as you get too hot or too cold.
  • Give your body more ammo by eating sex superfoods or simply consume more alive food (fresh fruits and vegetables)

And finally: simply invest in your sex education.

Being great in bed is a LEARNED SKILL. We’re not supposed to magically just get how woman’s arousal and orgasm work. We gotta invest in there.

If you have a growth mindset and you simply read 15 minutes a week on some new sex things you could try. You’ll never have problems!

You’ll have a vibrant, healthy sex life no matter if you’re changing your partners every week or you’re looking to spice it up with your lifelong partner!

I’ve been on both sides and can attest that you can have tons of fun and lots more pleasure with a long-term partner than simply changing pussies every day.

Women Answer: What Do They Think About Penis Sizes & How Important Is it? Do Women like Big Dicks?

woman sharing thoughts on big dick size

Before we go to individual women’s answers here’s another interesting study4 done by Kevan Wylie, from the University of Sheffield.

Kevan did an online survey of more than 50,000 men and women.

What it revealed was that:

85% of women were satisfied with their partner’s penis size.

Only 55% of men were satisfied with their own penis size

So, in general, you should accept the size of your penis and just use it actively!

Dave Asprey found that if you actively use your penis, it’s size temporarily increases by about 20%.

Don’t use it … it goes back to normal or even shrinks a bit.

But now you know there are also sex positions that you can change based on your penis size.

But you simply need to learn how to use the tools you have — it’s not about size (not entirely at least), but HOW YOU USE IT.

Anyway..let’s ask women what they think…

Honestly now: “Does penis size matter?”

two sexy women posing to men

Women answer…

As the brilliant Amy Poehler put it, “women don’t care unless it’s really big or really small.”

“And i’ve only encountered one “really small” penis in my life, and i’m a whore (no negative connotation with “whore,” just enjoy casual sex).

Interesting anecdote: i had a date with a really cool dude a couple years ago. We started messing around and he had a super small dick.

Freakishly small. I excused myself before it got too far… not because a small penis is bad, but it was so small i was confused.

The next day, he called me and explained he is a trans-man.

The penis was a clit enlarged by hormones.

I felt kind of bad for running out.

I learned something about myself… if I knew my date was trans, i would have been good with that, and if I ever encountered a natural physically born man with a super small penis, i’d take the opportunity to get creative and work it.”

Source: Anonymous

“What concerns me more than how big he is, is his capability to make the most of it.”

“For me, this is how I see it:

  • If possible, I prefer a normal to larger-than-normal-but-not-too-enormous size.
  • I think many guys overestimate how big “normal” is because a lot of them watch too much porn
  • I would never reject a guy solely on the size of his penis, ever.
  • In the past, I’ve had satisfying sexual experiences with guys of all sizes: how you use it really is more important than size.
  • There is such a thing as too big: for those guys, I recommend a constant bottle of lube next to the bed and constant condom use: avoiding the friction of skin-on-skin is important in these cases
  • I get off more from clitoral stimulation than PIV (penis in vagina) so although size is a nice bonus, it’s by no means necessary to make me orgasm, have a great time and feel satisfied with my experiences
  • All that said, there is an awesome feeling that comes with deep penetration, and that is what makes me grunt.
  • If you have a small penis and she wants to have that ‘stretched’ feeling, then I recommend you look up positions for maximum penetration, AND that you get over any potential hangups about giving head or using a dildo on her (assuming she’s into that).
  • The G-spot is the small-penised-man’s friend. Experiment until you find it and enjoy the results!

What concerns me more than how big he is, is his capability to make the most of it.

I had a 7-month relationship with a guy with a small penis, but the main problem with our sex life is that it was repetitive and he wasn’t fit enough to get into different positions, so it ended up always being the same.

Positions for maximum penetration weren’t possible for him due to weight and back problems, so in the end that hindered my enjoyment because our sex wasn’t fun and active.

The G-spot factor was good though.”

Source: DugongOfJustice

“I think many guys overestimate how big “normal” is because a lot of them watch too much porn”

two sexy women playing with dog at seaside

“Adding to this, the foreshortening effect.

You’re always looking down at your penis, and when you look directly down at something, the view is distorted.

Your penis will look shorter and fatter than it really is just because of where your eyes are.

This also means that when you compare with other guys, yours will look smaller in comparison, but it’s just an illusion and you’re probably fine.”

Source: Anonymous

“I don’t prefer extremes in size, either way. “

There’s such a thing as too big and too small. I would never turn a guy away because of the size of his penis, although if he’s really big I might be momentarily apprehensive.

The most thought I have about a guy’s penis the first time I see it is figuring out what is going to be the most pleasurable position or act for us. I am never turned off by a man’s size.

I am, however, turned off by a guy who is insecure about it, who asks how his size compares to my other partners (the answer is none of your business) or who is afraid to work with me in order to get us both off.

Some basic guidelines (for me, because we’re all different):

If you’re small: I (and many women) can’t get off from PIV sex so don’t think your size has anything to do with this. It wouldn’t matter how big you were, it just won’t happen. Pay attention to my clit!

If you’re big: Take it slow. Use lots of lube. Experiment with different positions to find what is most pleasurable and comfortable for both partners.

Regardless of size: Switch things up. Figure out which positions work best for you and your partner. Try oral or fingering or toys. The most satisfying sexual encounters occur when you’re communicative, willing to experiment, and often involves lots of foreplay. PIV sex is not the only way to go.

And added note: I do not discuss my partners’ size with anyone.

What your body looks like and what we do in the bedroom is strictly between us.

Most of the women I know are the same way.”

Source: snapkangaroo

“The more extreme the penis (whether extremely large or extremely small), the more the size matters.”

women discussing penis sizes

“There will probably be some women here saying that they don’t like cervix-pounding associated with larger penises…

So I’m going to go ahead and say that some of us do like our cervixes getting a nice penis-pounding and feeling very “filled up.”

Source: Anonymous

“The bigger the dick the better, in my opinion. “

“PIV orgasms simply do not happen if he isn’t big enough to completely fill me and ram me so hard that I can feel the deepest part of me ache in glorious pain.

I’m sad that I’ve only had two partners who were able to really reach and ram that honey spot.

I think many (NOT all) women say size don’t matter because they haven’t encountered a giant dick in person — I know, because I used to be the same way.

Ever since I had a huge dick, I know that size matters and people are full of crap!

Being screwed by a big one literally made my mouth drop open immediately in utter shock (both mental and physical) and my mind go completely duhhhhhhh.

Never felt anything like that before during sex.

Even if a guy with a medium sizer knows how to fuck really well, it simply does not bring me to that feeling of complete fullness and duhhhhhhness.

But, that isn’t to say small is inadequate. If a man knows how to work with what he’s got, then he’s in the clear.

Hopefully, he’ll be open to screwing me with a big ol’ dildo, but if not thats cool too.

There’s such a thing as too small, but I haven’t encountered it yet.

Every guy I’ve been with has been thick and over 5 inches at least. I’m not a size queen at all, that’s just how my luck has drawn out.

I think if I encountered a guy with an overly thin penis, that would be something I might have to turn away.

But actually, I’m a bit kinky.

If a guy had a penis smaller than 5 inches, I’d give him a blowjob perhaps.

Just knowing that I’d be able to fit him all into my mouth and how amazing that would make him feel would turn me on.

I wouldn’t let him fuck me though, because I know I really wouldn’t feel any pleasure and since I’ve never faked it before it would be quite an awkward situation for me to be dead fishing it while the guys’ having a ball.

But hey, I’ve never encountered that kind of thing in reality so… It’s all hearsay.”

Source: booblebum

“No, size doesn’t matter all that much. “

beautiful woman in bed tied with man

“I think some men are extremely insecure about their penises because of porn.

I’m sorry, but a 12-inch dong would never fit in my vagina (wouldn’t even consider trying a 12 inch dildo), and those huge dicks would always disgust me.”

Source: womanwithoutborders

“Well, per my own personal experience, i would say that yes. Size does matter. “

“If we’re going by first impressions alone, i will say that upon sight of a small penis, i tend to make a sad face and get ready to be jackhammered in an attempt to make up for the size.

This is not always the case, but in my experience, i’ve never been satisfied by a small peen.

Upon sight of an average sized peen, i have an average response.

I’m still excited, still ready to go, and i’ve got about a 89% chance of being totally satisfied and having a great time.

I like them odds.


I’ve had a monster cock enter my life before, and i will tell you that it is not an experience i will ever forget.

Here i am with this average looking guy, of average height and average build, little did i know he had an anaconda in his pants.

Literally, the moment i saw it, some sort of primal cave whore within me woke up, and i went utterly berserk on that man.

Best sex of my life, no question.

He and i also had sexual preferences that fit together like a perfect jigsaw puzzle (i seriously love being choked, he seriously loved doing the choking, etc) so that definitely played a role in making it such a wonderful experience, but honestly the size of him DEFINITELY played a role as well.

So, going by my own experience, i would say yes. Size matters quite a bit.”

Source: pooping_is_cool

“Yes and no.”

cactus with measurement tape posing as short penis

I once blew a guy whose dick was so big my mouth was sore when I was done.

It was incredibly difficult to do my thing when I was constantly worried about my teeth scraping his dick.

I normally love giving head but this felt like a chore.

This guy was so big I couldn’t even get my whole hand around his dick, and I have pretty average to large hands for a woman.

I didn’t have piv sex with him, mostly because I wasn’t really that into him but I definitely felt intimidated by his size.

Sometimes I regret not going through with it just to see what it was like, but at the time the that he had this massive dick, was a virgin and was 100x more into me than I was him really put me off.

The smallest guy I ever had sex with I would rate as the best I’ve had.

I’d rate his size as a little below average, and in retrospect I think he might have had a death grip problem having been a virgin until the age of 29 (about six months before I met him) and his difficulty maintaining much of an erection meant piv sex in and of itself didn’t feel as good as with other guys I’ve been with, but the experience as a whole was so much better.

He did the most incredible dirty talk, was great at oral, indulged my special preferences, was always up to try new things, and even had a small collection of toys we used on each other.

Being an attractive, intelligent and kind person I was really into went a long way too.

Penis size does matter, but it matters a whole lot less than the rest of the man it’s attached to.

I’d be disappointed with a man who just stuck it in and thrust thinking that was enough no matter what his size was (although I’d probably lose patience with a smaller guy a lot quicker if I’m being honest).

There’s so much more that goes a long way towards making sex a good experience.”

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“No, it does not. The vagina expands to the shape of what’s put in it. If you have anything at all to rub my g-spot with, we’re good.”

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“I’ve been with tiny and with huge and with various mediums over the course of my life.

We’re not lying when we say it’s not the size of the wave, it’s the motion of the ocean.

Be a great kisser, caress rather than molest, give more than 2 minutes of foreplay.

I would rather have a man who does all those things with skill but has a 2 inch penis than a lousy kisser with no patience for foreplay or feel for how to turn a woman on with a 10 incher.”

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“It would have to be very VERY small for it to bother me.“

“I’m talking like under 3 inches.

Even then I could work with it if he was willing to and good at doing other things to satisfy me too, because honestly it just wouldn’t happen with sex.

I see so many guys complaining about how their 6 inch penis is soooooo small and how no girl will ever want them because of it.

Those guys need to stop. Really.

That is above average and perfectly great.

Also too big isn’t good. I think the biggest I’ve ever had sex with was 7.5 and I’d guess anything above 8 would get tricky.

The guys bragging about having 11-inch dicks are 1, probably lying, and 2, probably not getting laid so much because of it.

I honestly don’t know if I could do that.

Of course, I’d try but I don’t see it happening.

All in all I think it matters a lot less than guys think.

As long as it can get in and stay in and you know what you’re doing with it, it is great.”

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“One of my favorite dildos ever ever ever is 5″ long and 1 1/4″ in diameter. “

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“I would consider that to be on the smaller side of what feels good to me, but I could still probably go smaller (4″?) and have it feel good if it was angled properly.

Anything longer than 6″ is going to bump into my cervix, which doesn’t feel good to me, and anything wider than 1 3/4″ in diameter is going to stretch me out in a way that would make it painful or impossible for me to be penetrated by it.

So in other words, my ideal size for a penis or dildo is about 6″ long and 1 1/2″ wide… but I’d certainly never dump a guy just because his penis didn’t fit my specifications.

He would have to be willing to make certain adaptations for my comfort and pleasure depending on his size, though.

Someone with a smaller penis would probably have to know how to angle it to hit my G-spot, and we’d have to use positions that allowed for deeper-than-normal penetration.

Whereas someone with a bigger penis would have to use lube with me every time, warm me up a lot, and if he was really big, he might even have to accept that intercourse would be impossible for me.”

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Bringing It All Together

cucumber tied with measuring tape as penis

That’s it!

So does penis size really matters?

You tell me!

It does and it doesn’t!

Realize that porn is not reality, understand that in 99% you’re average and get good at using what you have!

There are jelqing exercises, ways to make your penis harder, little bigger, but unless you wanna undergo dangerous surgery (with potential side effects), you GOTTA WORK WITH WHAT YOU’VE GOT.

Sounds to me, unless you make it a big issue yourself — women are more open that you would think.

So just get better at sex, understand it’s a skill and you can learn it.



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  • The most important thing is work with what you have and not to talk bad about anyone. I have been told alot that men with Really big ones are Jerks and they are not good people! Appreciate with what you got and don’t ever let a woman say you don’t measure up.
    Big Chuck.

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