The 11 Best Condoms For Better Sex & Greater Safety (2024)

Looking for the most reliable condom? Whether you’re looking for the thinnest, ultra-sensitive, or extended pleasure, we’ve rounded up the best condoms here.

best condoms

Condoms have evolved since King Minos used a goat bladder (as Greek mythology goes). Thankfully.

Today, there is a condom for any size, shape, and pleasure you have in mind. You may be looking for ultra-thin ones for you to feel more, textured for more stimulation, large sizes for the big guys, and so on.

We rounded up the best popular condoms for everything you’re looking for under the sun if you don’t know where to start.

Best Condom Brand

Durex Condoms is the most popular brand for a reason. They have a massive range of condoms from A to Z, especially for guys who want to last longer.

Thinnest Condoms

The condom of the future, LELO HEX™, uses its innovative hexagonal structure to make its condoms ultra-thin without sacrificing durability. You can feel more without worrying your condom might rip apart.

Best Condoms for Sensitive Skin

Lifestyles SKYN Elite is a polyisoprene condom for folks with latex allergies. They’re extra soft, super thin, and won’t give you rashes.

Top 3 Condom Brands

Thinnest Condoms

LELO HEX™ Original

Best Condom Brand

Durex Condoms

Best Condoms for Sensitive Skin

Lifestyles SKYN Elite

Latex, polyisoprene
Latex, polyisoprene
Snug to Extra large
Snug to Extra large

Condom Brands

Condom brands aren’t made equal. So what are the best brands, and which condoms should you get from them?

Best Condom Brand for Premature Ejaculation

1. Durex Condoms

Latex, polyisoprene
Snug to Extra large
Snug to Extra large
Thin to thick
  • Large size and feature range
  • Offer the best PE condoms
  • Known for durable condoms
  • Sometimes have a noticeable latex smell

Wearing a condom is one of the easiest and simplest ways to combat premature ejaculation or PE.

The best brand you can go to? Durex.

This popular brand has an array of “delay” or “extended pleasure” condoms, like the Durex Prolong Delay condom, and condoms that sit on the thicker side to dampen sensitivity.

Durex has been around for over 100 years, giving them time, experience, and expertise to hone the best of the best of condoms. Particularly when you want to last looong.

Their condoms are also durable and vigorously tested, so you can truly perform at your most intense.

Best Condom Brand Designed for Pleasure

2. Trojan Condoms

Latex, polyurethane
Average to Extra large
Average to Extra large
Think to thick
  • Lots of great textures
  • Wide range of categories
  • Good non-latex options
  • Average pre-lubrication

Trojan is another brand that runs the gamut of condoms. 

Most men would know them by their extra large size condoms. But their lineup consists of way more than that.

Perhaps something you might’ve missed is how they have a lot of great condoms for Her Pleasure.

The textures of these condoms are DIVINE. They come ribbed, dotted, and contoured.

Your girl will surely enjoy the extra stimulating sensations of these condoms. And if you make her come first, she will no longer hold you guilty for not holding out long enough like last time.

Happy girl, happy life.

Best Latex-Free Condom Brand

3. Lifestyles SKYN Condoms

Average to Large
Average to Large
Thin to Standard
  • Non-latex alternative
  • Super soft feel
  • Fewer product range

Ninety-nine percent of the time, the condoms you see are made of latex.

Of course, there are way more non-latex options available. But they’re not as easy to find as their latex counterparts.

That’s a bummer for people with latex allergies.

Thankfully, Lifestyles SKYN Condoms make really good non-latex condoms. They’re made of polyisoprene.

The SKYN Condoms feel ultra soft, and they transfer sensations really well!

Their product range of condoms isn’t as vast as other brands (no flavored options, for instance). But with what they have, they do GREAT.

Best Feeling Condoms

The lack of sensation makes most wearing condoms a sad aspect of safe sex. How-e-ver, some condoms are sensual and stimulating—if you know where to look!

Thinnest Condoms

1. LELO HEX™ Original

43.18 microns
  • Ultra-thin condoms
  • Lightly lubricated with silicone
  • Super strong grip
  • Hard to spot if it has holes

One bummer of using condoms is how it dampens the sensations. 

But—using LELO HEX™ Original condom lets you feel more because it’s the THINNEST condom ever.

It only has a thickness, or thinness rather, of 0.0017 inches. This is the closest thing to feeling like you’re wearing nothing at all while using a condom.

A common worry when using thin condoms is that they might rip, leaving us worrying more instead of, you know, actually enjoying.

That’s not a problem with HEX™ condom as it has a hexagonal cell structure, so it’s SUPER STRONG. Plus, this improves the grip on your penis and prevents slippage.

It’s basically a condom of the future, and you should read our LELO HEX™ review to know more about its unique and innovative features.

As I mentioned, LELO HEX™ condom ranks first in the thinnest condoms. But it’s not the only one, so you might want to check out other options.

Hate condoms that have a rubber smell? LELO HEX™ has a neutralized latex scent, which is great if you’re looking for condoms that don’t smell.

Plus, I recommend LELO HEX™ condom as the best condom for first-time sex for you to feel more during that memorable milestone.

Finally, it’s also one of the waterproof condoms you might want to wear if waterplay is on the to-do with your boo.

Best Ribbed Condoms

2. Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed

55 microns
  • Ribbed for extra sensation
  • Tingling lubricant
  • Ultra-thin
  • Has a light rubber smell

Another way to enhance sensations when wearing a condom is using a condom WITH TEXTURE.

Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed condom is a ribbed-and-dotted condom that increases stimulation in use. These subtly-protruding textures add more friction, making you and your partner feel more during penetration.

This solves the dampened sensations of using a condom by increasing sensitivity. 

That said, this isn’t a thick condom. With a thickness of 55 microns, it’s on the thinner side and won’t make wearing the rubber seems too intrusive.

It’s also lightly lubricated with a tingling feeling, making it an extra sensitive condom indeed.

Extra Sensitive condom is only one of the best ribbed condoms, and there are many more types of textured condoms for you to try.

Best Condoms For Long Lasting Sex

3. Durex Prolong Delay Texture Condoms

70 microns
  • Delays ejaculation for longer sex
  • With a dotted and ribbed texture
  • Slightly lubricated for comfort
  • Might make you last TOO LONG

If you experience premature ejaculation or you just want to last two times longer, the Durex Prolong Delay condom should be in your nightstand (or, for me, right in my wallet).

On average, men only take 5.4 minutes to reach an orgasm. Meanwhile, women take 14 minutes to achieve the Big O during sex.

Using a delay condom like Durex’s really helps bridge that orgasm gap.

It uses 5% of benzocaine to prolong the pleasure for you and your partner. And it also has a dotted and ribbed texture to add stimulation.

Check out the best condoms for long-lasting sex in addition to the Durex Prolong Delay condom.

Best Condoms for Sensitive People

You used a condom, threw it out, and then experienced stinging and itchy sensations on your genitals. Ugh, it happens when you’re sensitive (and I don’t mean crybaby). But that doesn’t mean you can NEVER use a condom ever again for safe sex.

Best Condoms For Sensitive Skin

1. Lifestyles SKYN Elite

50 microns
  • For people with latex allergy
  • Ultra soft material
  • Silky smooth lubrication
  • Might feel tight for some

Ever experienced itchiness, redness, and swelling after using a condom? You’re probably allergic to latex, the most common material of condoms commercially available.

The Lifestyles SKYN Elite condom is the best condom for sensitive skin. It’s made of polyisoprene—a great non-latex alternative.

Chemically, it’s similar to natural latex BUT without the protein that causes allergy in some people.

Actually, even when I’m good with latex condoms, I love using this because it feels softer than latex and transmits sensations well. That’s why it also ranks among the best-feeling condoms for him.

But your girl will also love it, especially if she’s sensitive too. It’s thin, feels sensual, and lightly lubricated, landing on the top of the best condoms for her pleasure.

It feels quite snug, so you might want to measure your erect penis first if 2.08 inches wide is not too tight for you.

With that, the SKYN Elite condom is also one of the best small condoms.

Best Non-Lubricated Condoms

2. Trustex Non-Lubricated

70 microns
  • Dry, non-lubricated condom
  • Affordable and sold per piece
  • Quite thick

Maybe it’s not the latex you’re allergic to. Perhaps it’s the lubrication on the condom. Yep, that happens too.

If that’s the case, go for the Trustex Non-Lubricated condom.

It’s DRY. That might sound awful because how will you easily roll it out and put it on?

Actually, that’s the benefit of a non-lubricated condom—you can use any lube you prefer without worrying about mixing its existing formulations since there’s none.

It’s also great for oral sex as some people don’t like the taste of the condom’s lubrication. Feel free to use a flavored lube you (or your partner) enjoys.

Most condoms available in the market are lubricated unless it’s stated that it’s not. So you might want to check out the best non-lubricated condoms for a compilation.

Best Condoms By Size

Penises come in different shapes and sizes. So shopping for a condom shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all endeavor.

Best Biggest Condoms

1. LELO HEX™ Respect XL

43.18 microns
  • Largest, thinnest condom
  • Ultra-thin
  • Strong grip
  • Quite pricey

You liked how the LELO HEX™ condom is ultra-thin, textured, and has a robust and comfortable grip. But.. it’s too small for you. (Oh, what a problem to have.)

Worry not.

Introducing: LELO HEX™ Respect XL condom.

It has all the nice features of the regular size condom. But it’s 0.15 inches wider and 0.59 inches longer.

Another great thing is that despite the bigger size, you’re not losing out on the ultra-thin aspect because it’s the same thickness of 43.18 microns.

Yes, it’s quite pricey. But its innovative features are definitely worth paying for.

Here’s a compilation of the biggest condoms on top of the LELO HEX™ Respect XL condom.

Best Condoms for Uncircumcised

2. Trojan Magnum XL Condoms

  • Extra large size
  • Comfortable fit
  • Tapered shape
  • Quite thick

Finding the right size and shape for a condom is c-r-u-c-i-a-l if you’re uncircumcised, especially if you’re on the larger side.

And the Trojan Magnum XL condom is the best size and shape for you.

Unlike the straight shape of regular condoms, the Magnum XL condom has a tapered tip.

It starts slimmer at the base and then flares out towards the tip. That extra space makes it comfortable to wear and won’t get your foreskin stuck uncomfortably on the condom.

Its reservoir tip is also roomy to collect all your juices without risking spilling.

I don’t recommend this for more average-sized guys due to the risks of slippage. 

Don’t worry. I have other recommendations for condoms for uncircumcised peens for you.

Best Condoms for Couples

When looking for condoms for couple play, you’d want something more fun and unique. Especially as condoms aren’t just for P-in-V activities.

Best Condoms For Blowjobs

1. ONE Flavor Waves

No info
  • Fun colors and flavors
  • Soft feeling
  • Safe for vaginal sex
  • Flavor doesn’t last too long

Giving head isn’t very fun for the giver if the condom tastes nasty. 

The solution? Flavored condoms, particularly ONE Flavor Waves condoms.

You can get your pick on the sweet snacks you’re craving from the pack’s dessert flavors: Bubblegum, Banana Split, Island Punch, Chocolate Strawberry, Mint Chocolate, and Fresh Mint. (Chocolate Strawberry is definitely my favorite.)

Plus, they smell SO GOOD.

The great thing about this flavored condom is that it doesn’t contain sweeteners or sugars. It won’t mess up the vagina’s pH levels, so it’s also safe for vaginal penetration.

Thus, the ONE Flavor Waves condom tops the best condoms for blowjobs.

If you’re craving other flavors aside from ONE Flavor Waves condoms’ innovative menu, here are more best flavored condoms to taste.

The Best Condoms: Buying Guide

How do you even choose the best & right condoms FOR YOU?


Anything size-related is a sensitive topic for folks with a penis. But, there’s nothing to be self-conscious about.

In fact, finding the RIGHT size of your condom to fit your penis means a more pleasurable experience and lesser condom error risks.

Condom sizes usually fall under these three categories:

  • Snug fit – Around 1.8 inches wide and 6.5 inches long
  • Standard fit – Around 2 inches wide and 6.5 to 8 inches long
  • Large fit – Over 2 inches wide and 6.5 to 8 inches long


The material of your condom is the main decider of its feeling, effectiveness, and cost. Here are the most common condom materials you’ll choose from

  • Latex condoms – The most common material. It doesn’t transfer heat very well but is strong and thin.
  • Polyurethane condoms – A non-latex alternative that’s more expensive than latex and has better heat transfer. But it also fits looser than latex.
  • Polyisoprene condoms – A natural rubber that feels similar to latex, but minus the allergies. It’s thicker than polyurethane but softer than latex—sitting in the middle ground between the two.
  • Lambskin condoms – Thin, durable, good heat transfer, and comes in very large sizes. However, it won’t offer protection from STIs.


Most condoms come lightly pre-lubed, so it’s easier to roll down and wear. 

Meanwhile, there are also non-lubricated condoms for people who want to use their own lube. Especially if they’re allergic to most pre-lubes sold in the market.

Ultimately, you’ll want your condom lubricated to avoid friction that causes tears and rips in your condom.

Choosing your lube then depends on the type of condom you use.

  • Latex condoms – Avoid oil-based lubes like baby oil, coconut oil, and vaseline, as these would cause the latex to break or split. Use water-based lubes instead.
  • Non-latex condoms – Water-based lubes are better for polyisoprene condoms and avoid oil-based oils. Meanwhile, polyurethane condoms are safe with water, silicone, and oil-based lubes.


Lubes also have some “gimmicks” up their sleeves, because why not? They make condoms more pleasurable or spur a laugh out of you.

  • Textured condoms – Ribs, studs, and ridges add friction during penetrative sex, increasing sensations.
  • Flavored condoms – Made for oral sex to taste better.
  • Novelty condoms – More for the FUN—they could be warming, glowing in the dark, and even edible.


On average, condoms cost around a dollar each.

But, of course, that depends on the brand, store, and package. Most condoms are sold in packs of 3, 12, 24, or 36.

Some condoms are more expensive than others. You just have to find what fits your budget and the features you’re looking for.


When were condoms invented?

Our ancestors have been using some form of contraception THOUSANDS OF YEARS back. (They been #woke.)

Of course, their methods were more, let’s say, “creative.”

Cave paintings in France back in 11,000 B.C. depicted some kind of animal skin or intestine resembling a condom.

Over time, linens, animal bladders, and even tortoise shells and animal horns (ouch!) were used. The Japanese were resourceful, man.

It was around the 1900s when the condom we know today was made after the invention of latex in the 1920s.

The first lubricated condom was then produced by Durex in 1957.

The history is quite lengthy, so it’s better to read our article on when condoms were invented for the complete timeline.

How do I use a condom?

There are actually other types of condoms. But these instructions are for male condoms or outside condoms, which are the more common condoms that go over the penis:

  • Open the condom wrapper carefully. Avoid using scissors or your teeth to avoid puncturing or tearing the condom.
  • Check any potential wear or tear first.
  • Hold the rim of the condom and pinch the tip using your thumb and forefinger.
  • Make sure the rim is on the side.
  • Roll down the condom carefully.
  • Apply a few drops of lube outside the condom to reduce friction.
  • Pull out of your partner while you’re still erect when you’re done using it.
  • Then, hold the condom in one place when you pull it out.
  • Tie it in a knot and then discard it.

Are condoms 100% effective at preventing pregnancy and STIs?

No contraception will be 100% assurance to preventing pregnancy or STIs.

But when used perfectly, it’s about 98% effective. People aren’t perfect, though, so the efficacy is around 85%.

How do I choose the right condom size?

You need to know your penis size to find the right-sized condom. Here’s how:

  • Measure your penis when erect for the most accurate measurements.
  • Place the measuring tape against your pubis to the tip of the penis for the length.
  • Wrap the measuring tape around the thickest part of your penis shaft to measure the girth.
  • Get the “width” by dividing your penis girth by pi (3.14).

How do I know if a condom has expired?

Check the expiration date on the condom package.

Latex condoms break down when condoms are past their expiration date or stored improperly. So, it’s a good call you’re checking if your condom has expired.


To rib or not to rib? That is the question.

Condoms aren’t just condoms. Not all of them are made equal. And it’s good to take more time to buy one, not just pick it up from a nearby convenience store pronto.

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