World’s Largest Penis: A Dynamic Report on Global Dick Size [2024 Data]

We spent a long, hard time digging up and compiling facts on: the largest penis, size of penis by country, by ethnicity, and what length women prefer. Read on:

largest penis

For better or for worse, a man’s penis size is often intertwined with his self-confidence. Some men are proud of the heat they’re packing, while others can feel ashamed or embarrassed of their modest endowments. 

Despite the claims of boisterous guys at bars around the world, the biggest penis on record actually belongs to a small-time actor in New York City. We spent a long, hard time digging up the facts on small penises, big penises, penis size by country or ethnicity, what women prefer, and more. 

Here are some of the girthiest statistics we found on penis size:

  • 0.6% of all men have a micropenis, which is defined as a stretched length of less than 1.9 cm (0.75 inches).
  • The world’s largest penis is 34.29 cm (13.5 inches) long and 20.32 cm (8 inches) in girth. 
  • Asian-Americans have a larger average penis size than East Asians, South Asians, and Southeast Asians. 
  • The record for the world’s smallest penis is held by an anonymous man and measures 0.99 cm (0.39 inches).
  • Cambodia is the only country on record with an average penis size shorter than 4 inches (3.95 inches / 10.04 cm).
  • One study found that 90% of women said girth was more pleasurable and important than length. 
  • Women prefer slightly smaller penises for committed partners (long-term boyfriends or husbands) than they do for one-time sexual partners. 

What’s the Longest Penis on Record?

Spoiler alert – it’s big. It’s hard to imagine lugging around a package that’s over 15% of your body height, but this guy doesn’t seem to mind. 

The world’s longest penis belongs to New York actor Jonah Falcon; it’s 13.5 inches (34.29 cm) long and 8 inches (20.32 cm) in girth.

On flipside there is Roberto Esquivel Cabrera with this 19-inch penis, but there is a kind of dispute around it since Roberto worked to make his member bigger over years. But still – it is the biggest:

worlds largest penis
Roberto Esquivel Cabrera

Source: New York Post

What’s the Smallest Penis on Record?

We covered the tall; now it’s time for the small. Medically tiny penises are uncommon, but about 1 in 200 men do have them. While they may not be built for pleasure, micropenises do typically function as well as a normal penis. 

0.6% of men worldwide have a micropenis. This means that their penis has a stretched penile length (SPL) of less than 1.9 cm or 0.75 inches.

The average male infant has an SPL of 2.8 to 4.2 cm (1.1 to 1.6 inches), so in comparison, micropenises are distinguishable and easy to diagnose.

The world’s smallest belongs to an anonymous man and measures 0.39 inches or 0.99 cm.

Sources: Healthline, AskMen

What’s the Average Penis Size?

At some point, the question has been on every man’s mind – am I smaller than normal? Probably not, but it can feel better to see the numbers. 

The U.S. technically beats the global average, but not by much. These data points show the average penis size worldwide:

Average penis length in the U.S.
Average penis circumference in the U.S.
Global average erect penis length
Global average for erect penis girth
14.15 cm
12.23 cm
13.85 cm
12.01 cm
5.57 inches
4.81 inches
5.45 inches
4.73 inches

Sources: The Journal of Sexual Medicine, Honest Science

Penis Size by Race/Ethnicity

We’re all thinking it, and yes, it’s true. The disparity between the average penis sizes of different ethnic groups isn’t huge, though. From the ethnic group with the largest average penis size to the ethnic group with the smallest, the difference is less than three-quarters of an inch. 

These statistics give a clear picture of penis size by race or ethnicity:

Black/African-American men have the largest average erect penis:

Black/African-American men
Black/African-American men
14.75 cm
12.29 cm
5.8 inches
4.8 inches

East Asians (primarily China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Mongolia) sport the smallest average erect penis:

East Asians
East Asians
12.90 cm
10.5 cm
5.1 inches
4 inches

Average penis lengths and girths by ethnicity are as follows:

Black / African-American
14.75 cm
5.81 inches
12.29 cm
4.83 inches
White / Caucasian
14.5 cm
5.71 inches
12.25 cm
4.82 inches
Hispanic / Latino
14.45 cm
5.68 inches
12.3 cm
4.84 inches
14.15 cm
5.57 inches
12.1 cm
4.76 inches
13.9 cm
5.47 inches
11.9 cm
4.68 inches
Southeast Asian
13.65 cm
5.37 inches
11.2 cm
4.41 inches
South Asian
13 cm
5.12 inches
11.46 cm
4.51 inches
East Asian
12.9 cm
5.08 inches
10.5 cm
4.13 inches

Source: Honest Science

Countries Ranked from Longest to Shortest

Using reliable data from 88 countries, this ranked list of average penis sizes shows how the inches vary from nation to nation. Self-reported surveys were mostly excluded for reasons that should be obvious to anyone who’s had a disappointing one-night stand.   

While the U.S. isn’t high on the list, American readers might be happy to know that they at least beat the Russians by 0.15 inches. 

The following is a list of countries ranked by the average penis lengths of their male populations. Countries with the same lengths are ranked by a penis-to-body ratio percentage:

1. Ecuador
17.61 cm
6.93 inches
2. Cameroon
16.67 cm
6.56 inches
3. Bolivia
16.51 cm
6.5 inches
4. Sudan
16.47 cm
6.48 inches
5. Haiti
16.01 cm
6.3 inches
6. Senegal
15.89 cm
6.26 inches
7. Gambia
15.88 cm
6.25 inches
8. Netherlands
15.87 cm
6.25 inches
9. Cuba
15.87 cm
6.25 inches
10. Zambia
15.78 cm
6.21 inches
11. France
15.74 cm
6.2 inches
12. Angola
15.73 cm
6.19 inches
13. Canada
15.71 cm
6.19 inches
14. Egypt
15.69 cm
6.18 inches
15. Zimbabwe
15.68 cm
6.17 inches
16. Georgia
15.61 cm
6.15 inches
17. Paraguay
15.53 cm
6.11 inches
18. Chad
15.39 cm
6.06 inches
19. Italy
15.35 cm
6.04 inches
20. Central African Republic
15.33 cm
6.04 inches
21. Colombia
15.26 cm
6.01 inches
22. Ivory Coast
15.22 cm
5.99 inches
23. Brazil
15.22 cm
5.99 inches
24. Sweden
15.08 cm
5.94 inches
25. Bulgaria
15.02 cm
5.91 inches
26. Costa Rica
15.01 cm
5.91 inches
27. Honduras
15.00 cm
5.91 inches
28. Hungary
14.99 cm
5.9 inches
29. Mexico
14.92 cm
5.87 inches
30. Denmark
14.88 cm 
5.86 inches
31. Argentina
14.88 cm 
5.86 inches
32. El Salvador
14.88 cm 
5.86 inches
33. Serbia
14.87 cm
5.85 inches
34. Belgium
14.77 cm
5.81 inches
35. Croatia
14.77 cm
5.81 inches
36. Latvia
14.69 cm
5.78 inches
37. Belarus
14.63 cm
5.76 inches
38. Chile
14.59 cm
5.74 inches
39. Austria
14.53 cm
5.72 inches 
40. Germany
14.52 cm
5.72 inches 
41. Algeria
14.49 cm
5.7 inches
42. Democratic Republic of the Congo
14.48 cm
5.7 inches
43. Australia
14.46 cm
5.69 inches
44. Nigeria
14.38 cm
5.66 inches
45. Switzerland
14.35 cm
5.65 inches
46. Norway
14.34 cm
5.65 inches
47. Poland
14.29 cm
5.63 inches
48. Albania
14.19 cm
5.59 inches
49. Cape Verde
14.05 cm
5.53 inches
50. New Zealand
13.99 cm
5.51 inches
51. North Macedonia
13.98 cm
5.5 inches
52. Ukraine
13.97 cm
5.5 inches
53. Spain
13.85 cm
5.45 inches 
54. Finland
13.77 cm
5.42 inches
55. Libya
13.74 cm
5.41 inches
56. Azerbaijan
13.72 cm
5.4 inches
57. India
13.71 cm
5.4 inches
58. Afghanistan
13.69 cm
5.39 inches 
59. Israel
13.60 cm
5.35 inches 
60. United States
13.58 cm
5.35 inches
61. Japan
13.56 cm
5.34 inches
62. Turkmenistan
13.48 cm
5.31 inches
63. Venezuela
13.33 cm
5.25 inches
64. Greece
13.30 cm
5.24 inches
65. Russia
13.21 cm
5.2 inches
66. South Korea
13.16 cm
5.18 inches
67. Armenia
13.14 cm
5.17 inches
68. United Kingdom
13.13 cm
5.17 inches
69. China
13.07 cm
5.15 inches
70. Turkey
12.99 cm
5.11 inches
71. Ireland
12.78 cm
5.03 inches
72. Mongolia
12.77 cm
5.03 inches
73. Romania
12.73 cm
5.01 inches
74. Yemen
12.72 cm
5.01 inches
75. Taiwan
12.60 cm
4.96 inches
76. Pakistan
12.20 cm
4.8 inches
77. Iran
11.95 cm
4.7 inches
78. Indonesia
11.67 cm
4.59 inches
79. Singapore
11.53 cm
4.54 inches
80. Malaysia
11.49 cm
4.52 inches
81. Vietnam
11.47 cm
4.52 inches
82. Thailand
11.45 cm
4.51 inches
83. Bangladesh
11.20 cm
4.41 inches 
84. Hong Kong
11.19 cm
4.41 inches 
85. Sri Lanka
10.89 cm
4.29 inches
86. Philippines
10.85 cm
4.27 inches
87. Burma
10.70 cm
4.21 inches 
88. Cambodia
10.04 cm
3.95 inches

Source: World Data

Do Women Prefer Larger Penises?

What do women want? Girth, girth, girth. So making his member bigger wont actually help even if it did work. And at least 6 inches, according to a few small studies. Interestingly enough, women may prefer smaller penises for husbands or boyfriends than they do for one-time sexual partners. 

These data points give some insight into how penis size affects attraction: 

One study found that flaccid penis size has a significant impact on male attractiveness; men with larger penises were rated more attractive by women. 

Women preferred slightly larger dimensions for a one-time sexual partner:

6.4 inches
5 inches
16.3 cm
12.7 cm

For husbands of long-term relationships, women preferred a penis:

6.3 inches
4.8 inches
16.0 cm
12.2 cm

Women said that penis girth felt better and was more important than length.
Women in one study reported that they ended a relationship due to their partner’s penis size being too small for them.

Sources: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, BMC Women’s Health, Public Library of Science


Like any other body part, penises come in different shapes and sizes. They can be as long as nearly 14 inches or so little that they don’t reach a single inch. The important thing, though, is that they all work – no matter the size. 

While penises vary by race and country, the ethnic difference in average size is less than an inch. So in that sense, we really aren’t so different after all. 

Some studies show that women prefer a slightly over six inches size, and some say that girth feels better than length during sex. If you’re worried about having an unimpressive package, keep in mind – none of the women in those studies complained about tongue size. 

There’s no limit to how two (or more) people can satisfy each other sexually. A man may not have any control over his penis size, but he can deliver ecstasy in a multitude of different ways. 

In the end, the penis doesn’t define the man – the pleasure does.

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