Do Girls Like Dick Pics? A Close Look at This Digital Trend

Now that the data has been analyzed, it’s time to discuss who sends dick images, what makes them good or bad, and do girls like dick pics. Let’s investigate!

do girls like dick pics

Men aren’t very good at understanding women, and dick pics might be the best example of that. Men send dick pics for all sorts of reasons, but women are often confused or disgusted by them – especially when they didn’t ask for one. 

Love them or hate them, dick pics have become a common trend in digital communication. Millions of women have received one, and millions of men have sent them, but we rarely discuss whether or not anyone truly likes them. 

It’s time to dig into the data and talk about who likes dick pics, who sends them, what makes them better or worse, and, most importantly, consent

Here are some wide-angle shots from our research:

  • Over 1 in 5 men (21%) think that women think dick pics are sexy, but less than 1 in 10 (9%) of women think they’re sexy. 
  • One study found that men who send unsolicited dick pics display higher levels of narcissism, erotophobia-erotophilia, benevolent sexism, and hostile sexism. 
  • Only 8% of heterosexual women, 13% of bisexual women, and 0% of lesbian women said they felt aroused when receiving a dick pic. 
  • At least 29% of American women have received a dick pic (15% in the survey preferred not to say).
  • One study found that 76% of women like a dick pic when it’s appropriate (i.e., when they ask for it).

Who’s Getting Dick Pics?

Most dick pics are sent to women, but gay, bisexual, and even straight men also receive a share. 

Here are the numbers on dick pic recipients.

  • One study found that over half of women and gay/bisexual men (53.5%) have received some type of dick pic. (Sex and Psychology, 2020)1
  • A Canadian study found that men send dick pics to each gender in the following percentages: (The Journal of Sex Research, 2019)2
    • Females – 87.8%
    • Males – 7.6%
    • Both females and males – 4.6%
  • An American survey asked female adults if they had ever received a dick pic with the following results: (YouGov, 2017)3
    • “Yes, I have” – 29%
    • “No, I have not” – 54%
    • “Don’t know” – 1%
    • “Prefer not to say” – 15%

How Do Women Feel About Dick Pics?

Women feel all sorts of ways about dick pics, but few of those ways are positive. Men seem to think that women feel more positively about dick pics than they actually do. 

Here’s a look at the numbers.

  • When asked how they thought women feel about dick pics, men in one survey responded in the following ways: (YouGov, 2017)3
    • “Sexy” – 21%
    • “Funny” – 21%
    • “Pleasing” – 14%
    • “Sad” – 23%
    • “Gross” – 38%
    • “Distressing” – 20%
    • “Threatening” – 17%
    • “Boring” – 10%
    • “Stupid” – 36%
    • “None of these” – 3%
    • “Don’t know” – 21%
    • “Prefer not to say” – 10%
  • When asked how they felt about dick pics, women responded in the following ways: (YouGov, 2017)3
    • “Sexy” – 9%
    • “Funny” – 13%
    • “Pleasing” – 7%
    • “Sad” – 25%
    • “Gross” – 41%
    • “Distressing” – 17%
    • “Threatening” – 12%
    • “Boring” – 10%
    • “Stupid” – 48%
    • “None of these” – 5%
    • “Don’t know” – 5%
    • “Prefer not to say” – 14%

Do Girls Like Dick Pics?

So many dick pics are sent unsolicited that they’ve earned a bad reputation. Of course, some women enjoy dick pics, but the context is important. 

A majority of women do enjoy a sext in the appropriate context, but not when it’s sent to them randomly. So here are some inputs from women who’ve enjoyed a dick pic.

  • One survey found that 76% of women like dick pics when they’re appropriate. (Men’s Health, 2021)4
  • Women from several sources have described dick pics in the following ways:
    • “If they’re from my boyfriend, I don’t mind it. If it’s from other guys, ew.” (Odyssey, 2020)5
    • “If I asked for them or he asked if I wanted to see, then they’re perfectly fine. Random dick pics are literally the grossest thing to exist, and if I receive one, I will automatically block the sender.” (Odyssey, 2020)5
    • “Unsolicited pics are the worst! But honestly, who’s ever asked for one? Unless I’m going to gasp by how big….or small it is, don’t send it.” (Odyssey, 2020)5
    • “Unsolicited dick pics are gross and kinda creepy; however, a consensual exchange is fun! Consensual dick is great! #BodyPositivity” (Odyssey, 2020)5
    • “I’d say if it’s [from] a stranger, a dick pick does nothing for me. Like, sure I’ll look, but I’ll just delete it. But if I know the guy, or slept with him, it can be a turn-on.” (29Secrets, 2017)6
    • “If it was like, ‘Oh, I am thinking about you, and look how hard I am,’ and it was a guy I liked, I’d be flattered. Like, I must be a babe if he is all riled up just thinking about me. But I’d REALLY have to like him. An unsolicited dick pic would make me scream, laugh, and then immediately block you.” (29Secrets, 2017)6
    • “It can be hot if there’s chemistry between me and the guy, and we’ve already had sex because he’s telling me he wants me. But from a stranger, it’s juvenile and offensive. It shows me you don’t have an ounce of creativity in you.” (Thought Catalog, 2015)7
    • “If you want to send me a sexy picture, then send me one of your whole body in your underwear. That’s sexy. A dick in and of itself just isn’t sexy, no matter the size or shape. Be proud of your junk but don’t make me look at it when I didn’t ask to.” (Thought Catalog, 2015)7
    • “The only way a dick pic could ever be attractive is if the dick is included in a larger picture of the man it’s attached to and if that man is attractive to me.” (Thought Catalog, 2015)7
    • “I like them if I like the dick that I see. None of my girlfriends do, but I’m a fan of a nice thick cock.” (Thought Catalog, 2015)7
    • “I’ve asked my boyfriend for one before when one of us was out of town. This is usually followed by dirty talk and mutual masturbation on the phone or a quick and dirty Skype call. But unsolicited from someone I’m not seeing? No, no thanks, creeper.” (Thought Catalog, 2015)7
    • “It better be the most gorgeous penis the world has ever seen. Like, it better be a religious experience unparalleled by all others. Otherwise, you’re just a creeper sending me a photo of a sweaty dick in the desperate hope that yours is the greatest looking penis ever made.” (Thought Catalog, 2015)7

Dick Pics and Consent

Of people who have received dick pics, NEARLY ALL of them have received one unsolicited. Only about 1 in 10 women ever ask for a dick pic, but more than 2 in 10 men say that they’ve been asked for one. 

Here are some survey data that highlight the scope of dick pic sending.

  • A study of women and gay/bisexual men who received dick pics found that 91% of participants had received an unsolicited dick pic.  (The Journal of Sex Research, 2020)8
  • One survey asked American women if they had ever received a dick pic without asking for one: (YouGov, 2017)3
    • “Yes, I have” – 60%
    • “No, I have not” – 7%
    • “Don’t know” – 0%
    • “Prefer not to say” – 32%
  • The same survey asked American men (who had already admitted to sending a dick pic before) if they had ever sent a dick pic to a woman without consent: (YouGov, 2017)3
    • “Yes, I have” – 22%
    • “No, I have not” – 40%
    • “Don’t know” – 1%
    • “Prefer not to say” – 37%
  • It also asked women if they had ever asked a man to send a dick pic: (YouGov, 2017)3
    • “Yes, I have” – 11%
    • “No, I have not” – 73%
    • “Don’t know” – 1%
    • “Prefer not to say” – 15%
  • When American men were asked if they had ever been asked for a dick pic by a woman: (YouGov, 2017)3
    • “Yes, I have” – 22%
    • “No, I have not” – 66%
    • “Don’t know” – 1%
    • “Prefer not to say” – 12%
  • When American men overall were asked if they had ever sent a dick pic to a woman: (YouGov, 2017)3
    • “Yes, I have” – 17%
    • “No, I have not” – 71%
    • “Don’t know” – 1%
    • “Prefer not to say” – 11%

Dick Pics and Relationships

There’s a difference between a man sending an erotic photo to his wife and a man sending a picture of his penis to a girl he met two days ago. Of course, both require consent, but long-term couples have usually set ground rules and expectations for sexting. 

Here’s some data on how dick pic sending breaks down by marital status.

  • A study on men who sent dick pics found that their relationship statuses broke down into the following percentages: (The Journal of Sex Research, 2019)2
    • Single – 26.4%
    • Casually dating – 21.8%
    • Non-married committed – 16.6%
    • Married/Civil union – 33.8%
    • Legally separated/divorced – 1.3%
    • Widowed – 0%
  • A survey found the following relationship data on men who send dick pics and women who receive them: (YouGov, 2017)3
    • Males who send dick pics:
      • Married
        • “Yes, I have” – 13%
        • “No, I have not” – 79%
        • “Don’t know” – 1%
        • “Prefer not to say” – 8%
      • Separated
        • “Yes, I have” – 25%
        • “No, I have not” – 75%
        • “Don’t know” – 0%
        • “Prefer not to say” – 0%
      • Divorced
        • “Yes, I have” – 21%
        • “No, I have not” – 75%
        • “Don’t know” – 0%
        • “Prefer not to say” – 5%
      • Widowed
        • “Yes, I have” – 11%
        • “No, I have not” – 83%
        • “Don’t know” – 0%
        • “Prefer not to say” – 6%
      • Never married
        • “Yes, I have” – 21%
        • “No, I have not” – 59%
        • “Don’t know” – 3%
        • “Prefer not to say” – 17%
      • Domestic/civil partnership
        • “Yes, I have” – 15%
        • “No, I have not” – 57%
        • “Don’t know” – 0%
        • “Prefer not to say” – 28%
    • Females who receive dick pics:
      • Married
        • “Yes, I have” – 22%
        • “No, I have not” – 61%
        • “Don’t know” – 1%
        • “Prefer not to say” – 16%
      • Separated
        • “Yes, I have” – 37%
        • “No, I have not” – 45%
        • “Don’t know” – 4%
        • “Prefer not to say” – 14%
      • Divorced
        • “Yes, I have” – 26%
        • “No, I have not” – 57%
        • “Don’t know” – 0%
        • “Prefer not to say” – 17%
      • Widowed
        • “Yes, I have” – 8%
        • “No, I have not” – 55%
        • “Don’t know” – 1%
        • “Prefer not to say” – 35%
      • Never married
        • “Yes, I have” – 45%
        • “No, I have not” – 43%
        • “Don’t know” – 2%
        • “Prefer not to say” – 9%
      • Domestic/civil partnership
        • “Yes, I have” – 36%
        • “No, I have not” – 56%
        • “Don’t know” – 0%
        • “Prefer not to say” – 9%

How Do People React to Dick Pics?

Digital sexual exhibitionism is a peculiar psychological trend, and we don’t fully understand it yet. Many men genuinely hope their penis will be met with excitement, while some men send dick pics because they want a woman to feel disgusted or angry. 

Needless to say, reactions from women are often negative. 

  • A study of 1,087 dick-pic-sending Canadian men found that they hoped women would feel the following ways after receiving their dick pics: (The Journal of Sex Research, 2019)2
    • Sexual excitement
      • Frequency – 431
      • Percentage – 82.4%
    • Attractive
      • Frequency – 262
      • Percentage – 50.1%
    • Valued
      • Frequency – 115
      • Percentage – 22.0%
    • Shock
      • Frequency – 88
      • Percentage – 16.8%
    • Fear
      • Frequency – 76
      • Percentage – 14.5%
    • Disgust
      • Frequency – 57
      • Percentage – 10.9%
    • Anger
      • Frequency – 45
      • Percentage – 8.6%
    • Shame
      • Frequency – 42
      • Percentage – 8.0%
    • Devalued
      • Frequency – 36
      • Percentage – 6.9%
    • “I would rather receive a positive response to my penis than a negative response.”
      • Frequency – 139
      • Percentage – 26.6%
    • “I consider receiving no response to my penis to be worse than receiving a negative response.”
      • Frequency – 54
      • Percentage – 10.3%
  • Only 8% of heterosexual women, 13% of bisexual women, and 0% of lesbian women said they felt aroused when receiving a dick pic. (Sex and Psychology, 2020)1
  • Lesbians were twice as likely as heterosexual women to feel flattered by a dick pic, though the percentage who feel that way is still low. (Sex and Psychology, 2020)1
  • One study found that women reacted to dick pics in the following ways: (Sex and Psychology, 2020)1
    • Positive reactions
      • 8% felt aroused
      • 11% felt curious
      • 16% felt entertained
      • 7% felt flattered
    • Negative reactions
      • 46% felt disrespected
      • 49% felt grossed out
      • 6% felt sad
      • 28% felt violated
    • Neutral/Ambivalent reactions
      • 8% felt bored
      • 19% felt confused
  • The same study found that gay and bisexual men reacted a bit more positively to dick pics: (Sex and Psychology, 2020)1
    • Positive reactions
      • 34% felt aroused
      • 41% felt curious
      • 44% felt entertained
      • 28% felt flattered
    • Negative reactions
      • 14% felt disrespected
      • 13% felt grossed out
      • 4% felt sad
      • 3% felt violated
    • Neutral/Ambivalent reactions
      • 8% felt bored
      • 14% felt confused

Why Do Men Send Dick Pics?

If women don’t usually want them, then why do men insist on sending dick pics? The most common reason is transactional; men send a nude in hopes of receiving a nude. 

Other reasons can be much darker. For example, sexism and narcissism both play a role in the psychology of men who send unsolicited dick pics. Here’s a look at the data.

  • One study found that 70% of teenage girls were asked to send nude pics; in many cases, they were sent an unsolicited dick pic to initiate a trade. (Sex Roles, 2021)9
  • A study of over one thousand Canadian dick-pic-senders found that men had the following motivations for sending them: (The Journal of Sex Research, 2019)2
    • Transactional mindset – 44%
      • “I have sent dick pics hoping that the person will want to have sex with me.”
        • Frequency – 188
        • Percent per item – 35.9%
      • “I have sent dick pics hoping to receive sexy pictures in return.”
        • Frequency – 268
        • Percent per item – 51.2%
    • Partner hunting – 33%
      • “I misinterpreted the person’s sexual interest in me.”
        • Frequency – 93
        • Percent per item – 17.8%
      • “I have sent dick pics because that is a normal way of flirting.”
        • Frequency – 113
        • Percent per item – 21.6%
      • “I feel that if I send out enough pictures of my penis, someone will eventually respond.”
        • Frequency – 113
        • Percent per item – 21.6%
      • “I have sent dick pics to let someone know I have a sexual interest in them.”
        • Frequency – 254
        • Percent per item – 48.6%
      • “I have sent dick pics in the hopes of turning someone on.”
        • Frequency – 277
        • Percent per item – 53.0%
    • Sexual/Personal gratification – 18%
      • “I have sent dick pics because I like having my penis insulted.”
        • Frequency – 42
        • Percent per item – 8.0%
      • “I am not confident about the appearance of my penis and hope that someone will respond positively to boost my esteem.”
        • Frequency – 55
        • Percent per item – 10.5%
      • “I thrive on positive feedback about my penis.”
        • Frequency – 100
        • Percent per item – 19.1%
      • “I think my penis is something that others would be excited to see.”
        • Frequency – 116
        • Percent per item – 22.2%
      • “I’m proud of the way my penis looks and want to share it with others.”
        • Frequency – 124
        • Percent per item – 23.7%
      • “Sending dick pics turns me on.”
        • Frequency – 141
        • Percent per item – 27.0%
    • Power and control – 9%
      • “I get off on the knowledge that someone was forced to see my penis without their consent.”
        • Frequency – 39
        • Percent per item – 7.5%
      • “I like to make people angry by sending dick pics in response to a disagreement.”
        • Frequency – 40
        • Percent per item – 7.6%
      • “Sending dick pics gives me a feeling of control over the person that I have sent it to.”
        • Frequency – 53
        • Percent per item – 10.1%
      • “I think it is funny to send dick pics to someone who didn’t request one.”
        • Frequency – 65
        • Percent per item – 12.4%
    • Unresolved childhood conflict – 6%
      • “I remember being made to feel shame by my parents when I got too old to be naked around them and others; sending dick pics makes me feel better.”
        • Frequency – 25
        • Percent per item – 4.8%
      • “I miss the freedom of being naked around others that I experienced as a young child; sending dick pics is a way of reliving that feeling.”
        • Frequency – 35
        • Percent per item – 6.7%
    • Misogyny – 6%
      • “I don’t like feminism, and sending dick pics is a way to punish women for trying to take power away from men.”
        • Frequency – 29
        • Percent per item – 5.5%
      • “I feel a sense of dislike towards women, and sending dick pics is satisfying.”
        • Frequency – 30
        • Percent per item – 5.7%
  • The same study found that men who send unsolicited dick pics display higher levels of narcissism, erotophobia-erotophilia, hostile sexism, and benevolent sexism than men who don’t. (The Journal of Sex Research, 2019)2
  • Narcissism is extreme self-involvement that causes a person to ignore the needs of those around them. (Web MD, 2020)10
  • Erotophobia-erotophilia is a spectrum of responses to sexual stimuli. Erotophobics have more negative responses, while erotophilics have more positive responses. (Personality and Individual Differences, 2011)11
  • Benevolent sexism is when someone has attitudes toward women that sound positive (e.g., women should be cherished) but imply fragility, incompetence, or neediness that make them inferior to men. (Encyclopedia of Adolescence, 2011)12
  • Hostile sexism is when someone has negative views toward a person who does not conform to traditional gender roles. (Encyclopedia of Adolescence, 2011)12

What Makes a Good Dick Pic?

If your partner does ask for a dick pic, it can be stressful trying to figure out the right way to take one. Women don’t just want to see a dick; they want to see you. 

Here’s some input from women on what makes a great dick pic. 

  • One source interviewed several women on what they wanted in a good dick pic: (Cosmopolitan, 2022)13
    • Angles and lighting can be important.
      • “Experiment with angles rather than distance and cut it out with the flash. Warm lighting is always more flattering, so go stand by a lamp or something.”
      • “The angle is everything. I don’t want it just from the top to see the head or from the bottom to see the balls. But if it’s from the side and he’s holding it like he’s touching himself, that’s kind of hot because you know he’s thinking of you at that moment.”
    • Many women prefer videos to pictures.
      • “Fuck pictures. Send me a video.”
      • “Okay, honestly, I’m really into dick videos lately. Show me what you’re working with in a better way than what any picture can show me.”
      • “I prefer videos. Also, knock it the fuck off with the emojis.”
    • Women like specific poses
      • “I like a side view with a hearty grip that says, ‘I mean business.’ Bonus points if the snapshot includes the lower stomach area, 2x the bonus points if that tummy area has a cute lil happy trail.”
      • “The best dick pic isn’t a dick pic at all but instead is an *almost* dick pic. A guy I was dating once sent me a photo of him casually grabbing his clothed penis, and I almost lost it.”
      • “I like when a guy’s hand has a good grip on it…if you know what I mean ;).”
      • “A photo of a guy touching his dick makes it look so much hotter than just a lonely penis staring you in the face.”
    • Women want fully naked dick pics.
      • “I feel like a good dick pic isn’t even a full, no clothes dick pic. The best dick pics are a fully hard, clothed dick with his hand kinda pushing it to the side so you can see the outline through his pants.”
      • “For the love of God, take the picture with your shirt off. Please. I beg you. Don’t Winnie-the-Pooh the assignment.”
      • “I wanna look at you like the fucking work of art you are! And in my opinion, that should be a full-body nude. That’s because I don’t see a dick and get turned does nothing for me visually. But I think the human body is stunning.”
    • Being creative makes a dick pic better.
      • “The only way it really works is if there’s some humor or cheekiness involved. Once my boyfriend sent me a picture of his penis literally in a hotdog bun and said, ‘wanna bite?'”
      • “One of the hottest dick pics I’ve ever received was when a guy took one directly out of the shower. It was a full-body frontal picture in his bathroom mirror. Because of the steam, the mirror was a bit foggy, but you could see just enough of the whole body that it was actually an incredibly sexy picture.”
      • “A fresh-out-of-the-shower mirror picture is always a safe bet! Like, when there is still steam everywhere, and you have to wipe a little off the mirror to expose the D.”
    • Women want to see more than just your dick.
      • “Ideally, you wanna be able to see the lower abs—or at least the whole pubic area and some thigh.”
      • “When guys send a dick pic, I actually really don’t want to see the dick. I’m more interested in seeing his abs—or his dad-bod stomach—and maybe a little of the booty.”
      • “I personally like a hand in the picture because I really like to imagine that the guy is actively jerking off for me in some capacity.”
      • “A good dick pic includes context. I want to see a little bit of the rest of your body. Just be careful if you shoot the pic from below, so I can see your face. If you do it poorly, it can end up looking like Cockzilla is about to attack your head.”
    • Women want effort in dick pics.
      • “The key for me is effort, and as a bonus, leaving something up to the imagination is super hot.”
      • “If I send you some high-quality content, then you send a pic of your dick hard and hanging out of your underwear in your messy bathroom? Yeah, that’s not gonna cut it.”
    • Women want the real you.
      • “When it comes to dick pics, I don’t care if you are three inches or nine—accurate representation is important.”
      • “I’m looking for an accurate photo that shows true size and girth.”
    • Some women want to see confidence.
      • “The hottest thing a guy can do is ask me what I want to see. Once, an FWB asked me to specifically tell him what I wanted, and his confidence and boldness instantly turned me on.”
    • Some women like it risky
      • “I love it when my boyfriend of three years sends me nude pictures in risky places.”
    • Sometimes simple is better.
      • “A hard dick + a backdrop that doesn’t include your toilet, a sink, or a dirty floor.”
      • “First of all, it doesn’t matter on the angle, lighting, or frame of your dick pic. If we didn’t ask for a picture, don’t send it. There’s nothing worse than being on your phone and having a huge, unsolicited penis picture pop up on your screen. That being said, I’m looking for something effortless.”

Why Don’t Women Like Dick Pics?

Let’s be honest, dicks aren’t usually the most attractive parts of a man’s body. Many women don’t want to see a picture of a dick, no matter the context. 

Here’s what those women have to say about dick pics.

  • One women’s blog interviewed women who don’t like dick pics and received the following input: (Odyssey, 2020)5
    • “I don’t prefer it, but I know some girls are into it. If they are unsolicited, then that is DEFINITELY sexual harassment.
    • “Honestly, I get one like one every day, and now they are just annoying. To me, they are pointless. I definitely don’t get turned on or anything like that from it, so I have no idea why they think we’re into it. Most of the time, guys send them so randomly, and it’s so awkward to try to carry the conversation after that. LASTLY, omg, not even to mention I open my snaps around people and like my mom could be seeing Jake No. 2’s dick, so…”
    • “No. Never.”
    • “I absolutely hate it. It disgusts me. And they think we like it? Hell no. Get a life.”
    • “Honestly, it’s just super gross. Like, I don’t want a picture of that on my phone. There’s also the chance that anybody could see it considering I open up my snaps in public. They don’t need to see that just as much as I don’t need or want to see it.”
    • “Not a fan. In my opinion, a picture of a dick in no way turns me on. Especially when they are unsolicited. Unless I specifically ask you for a picture of your penis, don’t send one. I don’t want to open up a picture of your penis unexpectedly like it’s not cute, and it’s honestly quite disrespectful unless we are in a relationship.”
  • Another source interviewed women on dick pics, and they gave the following input: (Thought Catalog, 2015)7
    • “I hate them, and guys just don’t seem to get it. Whenever I receive one now, I send back a pic of the hugest, veiniest one-eyed monster I can find as my reply. Don’t. Send. Me. Dick. Pics.”
    • “Dicks look weird, and I don’t think guys understand that. Dicks aren’t attractive all on their own.”
    • “Outside of sexting, a dick pic is literally the worst thing you could send a woman second only to a picture of you having sex with your ex.”
    • “Guys are visual, so a picture of a vagina or a boob is going to do it for them, but it’s not going to be a turn-on for women since most women aren’t primarily aroused visually. It’s all a terrible misunderstanding on the part of dudes who send these.”
    • “I hate dick pics, but even worse, I hate flaccid dick pics. A dick pic itself is lazy enough, but if you can’t even be bothered to get aroused prior to taking it, then you’re a double nope.”
    • “Dick pics are offensive, but the impulse behind them is just hilarious to me.”
    • “They do nothing for me.”
    • “Not interested, dude. If I’m interested in you, then I’m interested in you, not your dick.”
    • “If you send me a dick pic, you’re going to get a two-word answer in reply, and that word will be ‘had better. They’re disgusting, and the men who send them unsolicited are thoughtless.”


The most confusing and frightening digital photography trend is the constant sending of dick pics. Men might send them to arouse, excite, or even just frustrate women. 

Unsolicited dick pics are often sent by men with narcissistic and sexist tendencies. Some men simply don’t understand what they’re doing, while others do it with cruel intent. But, by and large, women do not like receiving random pictures of a penis. 

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s never okay to send a dick pic, but it has to be something your partner asks for. Many women do enjoy seeing one while sexting or with a committed partner. 

Women have several notes about dick pics, but one theme stands out: women want more of you in the experience. They want to see abs, body, and face in creative or exciting ways. So it’s less about the dick and more about a sensual experience from the photo. 

Dick pics have a bad rap, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. If you’re unsure whether or not someone wants to see it, just ask. If they say yes, then put a little flair into it. Make it sexy, fun, and exciting. 

For more interesting sex studies and statistics, head over to our guide here.


  1. Sex and Psychology, 2020. An article on the number of people who have received unsolicited nude pictures of penises and how they felt about it.
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