The 11 Best Fleshlight Sleeve Review: #1 Textures in 2024!

The best Fleshlight sleeve can transform your experience from building stamina to edging to intense pleasure. With an overwhelming catalog that includes the classic Pink Lady, Fleshlight Girls series, transparent models, and even alien-inspired designs, choosing the right Fleshlight can feel like a chore. 

It’s all about personal fit – consider your size, sensitivity, and what kind of sensations you’re after. I, for example, am a fan of medium to mildly textured sleeves since they feel most realistic, but have owned and used dozens of Fleshlights over the years.

After extensive use and review, I’ll guide you through their strengths and shortcomings, whether you’re a first-timer curious about the hype or a seasoned user looking for something new. I’ll also highlight my top picks for best overall, best value, and best budget Fleshlight sleeves.

Key Considerations: What to Look for in a Fleshlight Sleeve

Here’s what you should consider right at the start:

  • Orifice Type: Think beyond just the choice of vulva, anus, or mouth. Each orifice type offers a unique sensation, influenced by both the psychological aspect and the physical design. For instance, anal sleeves often provide a tighter feel, while oral sleeves focus on a different Fleshlight texture experience. There’s also the neutral orifice, though it may not be available with all Fleshlight models. Consider what type of fantasy or sensation you want to explore, and let that guide your choice.
  • Size: Finding the right Fleshlight size is crucial for both comfort and pleasure. A well-fitting Fleshlight can enhance sensations, while one that’s too tight may lead to desensitization and even some sore areas. Don’t get me wrong, a tight sleeve with lots of lube feels great, but as you’ll see, it’s crucial to balance tightness, Fleshlight texture, and intensity for optimal pleasure. If you’re unsure about size, look for models with adjustable features or those known for their flexibility to accommodate different sizes comfortably.
  • Price: With the average Fleshlight going for about $70, you won’t break the bank by buying one of these sleeves. Spend a little more and get something high-quality that feels good and lasts long. Generally, first-time buyers should spend less on their stroker until they are sure of what they like when it comes to FLying.
  • Sleeve Texture: The Fleshlight sleeve’s internal texture is where things get interesting. Forget trying to mimic realism – it’s all about what feels good. Different Fleshlight textures can provide various experiences, from gentle waves for prolonged sessions to more intense, stimulating patterns for a quicker, more explosive experience. Consider your endurance and what kind of stimulation you enjoy. Are you looking for something to enhance stamina, or are you after immediate, intense gratification? Choose a Fleshlight texture that aligns with your pleasure goals.

Top 3 Products

Original Pink Lady

The Original Pink Lady Fleshlight Sleeve was built to feel like a realistic vagina, and it continues to do that very well. It’s been improved over the years and still gets overwhelmingly positive reviews from users looking for the most life-like experience. While it may seem basic to some, its versatility makes it an excellent overall choice for beginners and seasoned FLyers seeking a reliable and satisfying experience.

Riley Reid Euphoria

Fulfilling fantasies with a pornstar, specifically Riley Reid Euphoria , becomes a reality with this top-tier Fleshlight sleeve. Beyond its star appeal, it’s one of the best sleeves available, skillfully balancing intense textures with a realistic feel and catering to both shallow and deep thrusts. It’s an exceptional value for those who desire a distinct experience, though its specific texture may only suit some preferences.

Quickshot Vantage

Fleshlight’s Quickshot Vantage line started as a portable sleeve for those who wanted a discreet stroker. Less than half the size of a regular Fleshlight, the open-ended design enhances visual stimulation and makes it easy to clean. Sure, it only partially covers your penis, but this allows the sleeve to be used creatively solo or with a partner (more on that later).

The Best Fleshlight Sleeve Review

most realistic fleshlight

SexualAlpha top pick

Original Pink Lady

The Fleshlight Original Pink Lady is hands-down the MOST REALISTIC VAGINA FLESHLIGHT TEXTURE I’ve tested so far. Its inside feel might be on the smoother and milder side, but I found that it’s what makes the OG more realistic.

Read this: Real women don’t have crazy Fleshlight textures inside their vaginas. But they do have internal muscles that expand and contract as you slide in and out.

PLUS, its SuperSkin material is temperature-responsive.

Pro Tip

Warm the sleeve for 10-15 min before using it for a more realistic experience.

Yes, it pales in comparison to newer Fleshlight vagina textures, but the tightness from its suction control mechanism as you enter and once you’re all in compensates for it. 😉

It’s like being gripped by tight muscles inside a woman who does her Kegel exercises 3x a day (1 and 2 and 3…).

This isn’t the most super orgasmic, hands-off toy around. But its soft, flexible plastic material and smooth interior make it a great FL STARTER toy if you’re sensitive, prefer vanilla, want to start slowly, or enjoy longer solo sessions.

Its 0.75-inch canal diameter means that it’s ideal for above-average penis owners (over 4.5 inches in girth) who don’t need lots of lube to get an experience as close to the real PIV sex as possible.

Check out other great toys in my best pocket pussy guide.  If you’re a beginner looking for another starter Fleshlight option, I recommend the Mini Lotus!

Pro Tip

You can use my discount code ALPHA15 to get 15% off on purchases from Lovehoney.

best fleshlight sleeves


Riley Reid Euphoria

But if you’re craving for some backdoor action, get Fleshlight Riley Reid butt sleeve.

I have tried four anal Fleshlight sleeves so far, and Riley’s is the best.

WHY’S THAT? I find penetrating the toy as real as doing anal MINUS the pain or worry about how good it is for your partner. 

And once you’re INSIDE?

The series of chambers with textured walls feel more like constricting anal muscles that move around your shaft as you stroke the toy up and down.

Unlike other anal Fleshlight sleeves that are heavily textured inside, Riley’s gentle nubs are still enough to graze my sensitive tip as I go all in.

However, the hole tends to get too tight even for average-sized men, so make sure to use lots of lube.

Interested in learning more? You can read more about Riley Reid Utopia and Euphoria Fleshlight sleeves here.

Budget Pick

Quickshot Vantage

At less than half the size of a regular Fleshlight, the Quickshot Vantage is one of the most portable and discreet strokers around.

The small size and two open ends mean that it won’t cover your entire penis in one go, and the head of the penis might not get as much stimulation as it would in a regular-sized stroker. However, this design opens up many exciting ways to use the Quickshot solo or with a partner.

The tight fit and constant texture are also great for edging. It may take some time to get used to, but the Quickshot Vantage is a great portable and budget option.

best fleshlight texture

Best For Oral

Turbo Thrust (Blue Ice)

Now, if you fantasize about getting the best blow of your life or just miss your ex’s enthusiastic-penis-worshipping skills, buy Fleshlight Turbo Thrust (Blue Ice).

While it’s not the most anatomically correct BJ Fleshy straight off the bat, it definitely gives you the best oral action out there.

It’s designed with 3 points of insertion to mimic a realistic blow:

  • First: you feel its soft LIPS teasing you
  • Second: you feel the TONGUE flicking and massaging you
  • Third: you feel the THROAT wrapping around you as you enter the tight, heavily textured canal

Want to know my fave parts? The SEE-THROUGH sleeve and case. I can just look down and see where I’m hitting and going (one thing I can’t get from my GF giving me head).

And the sight even turns my girl on – it makes her feel that she’s not being left out of the action (a WIN-WIN on all parts, I’ll say). PLUS, cleaning is a breeze because you can see everything.


The Turbo Thrust’s sister from another mister Turbo Ignition is a great alternative if you want more intense oral sex action – like someone’s deepthroating you. And if you’re looking for that see-through Ice design with a vaginal orifice instead, the Ice Lady is the one for you.

fleshlight sleeves


Mini Lotus

The Mini Lotus Pink Sleeve is a tighter version of the hugely popular Original Pink Lady, so you know you’re in for a heavenly time. The interior and exterior of this sleeve are made of the same soft silicone that feels like realistic skin. It is also super tight, making it great for beginners and smaller users.

Now, let’s look at one of the most essential aspects—the internal texture. This sleeve consists of a series of tight chambers that give a soft sucking sensation as you penetrate it. It also goes quite deep and can accommodate penises up to 8-9 inches in length and 7.5 inches in girth.

Remember that this sleeve might be too intense for large users despite its sizeable insertable length.

Pro Tip

You can use my discount code ALPHA15 to get 15% off on purchases from Lovehoney.

fleshlight sleeve


Riley Reid Utopia

The Riley Reid Utopia is one of the best-selling sleeves out there, and there’s a good reason for that. Review after review has named it the most realistic male stroker. The interior and exterior are made of Fleshlight’s signature soft silicone that feels realistic. 

This Fleshlight’s texture, combined with the flexible silicone, feels heavenly!

The internal chambers feature a spiral texture that feels intense without being too constricting. The result is a balanced feel that will give you shivers but not feel like your penis is getting strangled to death!

Because of its unique Fleshlight texture, the Riley Reid Utopia is usable by medium and large users. It has an insertable 8-9 inches length and can accommodate a 7.5-inch girth. 

However, smaller users might not find this sleeve stimulating enough since the spiral texture only starts halfway into the sleeve.

best fleshlight


La Bocca Della Verita

But if you’re looking for the most realism then there is one blowjob machine that has been recommended by most men than any other toy.

Its manual masturbation helps in realism. (No fancy twirls, automatic thrusts, or vibrations.) It gives sensations that no other toy does.

It isn’t 10/10 for durability, but it feels creepily realistic.

Many users complain about the tongue that gets in the way. And about plastic teeth that irritate the penis while thrusting.

But just as many users love the added realism.

You might also want to check out other onaholes you might like here. Or if you want some versatility, the Fleshlight Quickshot STU Mouth/Butt gives you the best of both worlds.

Top Choices for Hands-free & Vibration

fleshlight insert

Kiiroo Keon

This is possible — just a bit more expensive!

Kiiroo Keon is amazing. You can use it with all the Fleshlight girls.

But it takes some time to program the experience to best simulate the experience you see on videos.

But yes, once it’s done — it’s an ultimate masturbation toy (hands-free even).

It’s something that you should try at least once. And we’re lucky — good fuck machines that women usually use cost around 400–1000$.

I get a virtual reality sexual experience for $300 (the masturbator + fleshlight itself).

I thought that porn itself was too stimulating for me…

But when I tried this experience, I seriously got scared. That I will not find ordinary sexual experience stimulating enough anymore.

If your wallet can afford it — I would really suggest you try it at least once!

The same way as I recommend prostate milking… it’s just such a different experience…

There are a lot more orgasms you can have than classic penis ejaculation ones.

Want to check out some other options first? My hands-free male masturbator guide will help you find what you need.

If you want to know more details about the Keon, I have an in-depth Kiiroo Keon review here.

You can use the discount code SEXUALALPHA to get 10% off on purchases from Kiiroo.

fleshlight inserts

Fleshlight Vibro

If you’re simply looking for vibrations though…

There is a simple Fleshlight Vibro model that some men love!

It’s really up to knowing yourself — I need thrusting motion to get pleasure, but you might love vibrations.

Interested to know more details about Vibro? Check out my in-depth Fleshlight review here. Or if you’re curious about your options when it comes to vibrating action for men, my guide to the best male vibrator will help you explore.

Best Fleshlights Sleeves From Pornstars

best fleshlight insert

Are you a fan of a specific porn star like Alexis Texas, Eva Lovia, or Dillion Harper? You can now have Fleshlight sleeves modeled by their vags (some even have sex dolls).

This is the best way to support the pornstar you like (Elsa Jean is one of my faves) and have a truly realistic Fleshlight experience.

You can check the video with your favorite lady. And know that you’re holding in your hand the perfect replica of her pussy.

There’s just something dirty and arousing about this idea, isn’t it?

Here are the best Fleshlight sleeves from real porn stars.

Fleshlight Girls Sleeve
If you’re looking for tight, realistic, and super intense sensations. It’s made of SuperSkin with bumps, ridges, and strong suction—plus, it’s got fangs!
Her Utopia vag sleeve immediately gives you pleasurable stimulation as it has unique Fleshlight textures on its first two chambers. Go deeper, and you’ll be squeezed as its canal tightens.
A spiral chamber, which is perfect if you’re into that twisty sensation. It’s not too tight but comes with a realistic and unique sensation.
Attracted with wide labia? Get this one with its surprisingly tight canal with varied Fleshlight textures for each chamber that narrows as you enter each one.
Perfect for stamina training, this Fleshlight has intense and varied internal textures, ribbed nodules, and multiple chambers.
A tight vag sleeve with stimulating nodes with a surprisingly tight twist as you go deeper. It has 5 chambers with different Fleshlight textures.
This Fleshlight’s wide labia greets you as you enter its tight canal. While it’s highly textured, the textures feel quite subtle and perfect if you prefer the feeling of tightness over textures.
A Barracuda sleeve that may not have as unique-looking Fleshlight textures as others but feels very stimulating. Its pronounced bristles feel grip-like tight.
A ribbed entrance welcomes you to this sleeve’s main event: the large multi-pointed bumps that squeeze you soooooo tightly. Be warned: it’s super tight and super textured.
Big pussy lips guide you into its ribbed canal. It has a total of 4 chambers with its more “intense” textures right on the first two—the ridges and tightly-packed bumps.

Really, chances are if you like a famous pornstar, there is a Fleshlight molded in the shape of her vagina.

There are really tons of choices…

(check out my article about the best Fleshlight girls)

You can choose from Fleshlight Girls, Dorcel Girls, Camstar girls & Fleshjack Boys. And there’s a special collector’s corner too.

But if you are getting the best Fleshlight Girl, I really recommend Stoya Destroya.

Stoya Destroya is popular for its intense Fleshlight sleeve and for its nicely textured canal.

The Stoya Destroya has her vagina perfectly done, making this Fleshlight sleeve super fun and the closest to a realistic experience you can get.

Her signature Fleshlight texture is the Wonder Wave.

Top Intense Fleshlight Sleeves To Train Against PE

Maybe you have problems with lasting long enough. And you would want to add to your sex toy arsenal to become more confident with your sex skills?

Women use dildos to practice, why can’t men do the same thing?

While you can practice lasting longer by yourself. Why not mix realistic experience with practicing?

Though I should warn — that these Fleshlights are intense.

I love practicing by myself, not using any external stimulation. Porn and these super realistic toys just put me too fast over the edge.

What I am saying — you should build it up there.

The steps are:

  • Practice by yourself & do some stamina training. Get to know your body and arousal levels.
  • Use Fleshlight stamina training unit (STU) to imitate the real action.
  • Have sex and keep working on your excitement in real life.

Just know that during real sex — it’s the hardest! There are chemicals going on, crazy arousal, attraction — build it up to there!

best fleshlight textures

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

The Fleshlight STU is built specifically for practicing. To make you last longer and ejaculation control.

As the name implies, the stamina training unit will come in handy when it comes to the real thing.

While there’s not anything too special about the specific Fleshlight. It does come with a detailed manual.

Pro Tip

The Fleshlight STU (stamina training unit) is perfect for beginners.

Also consider Flight Pilot if you’re a newbie.

Just make sure you don’t forget to remove the plastic inside the Fleshlight 😉

And yes, apply corn starch after using to ensure the Fleshlight texture and silicone sleeve last for a long, long time.

If you want to know more details about the Fleshlight STU, I have an in-depth review here. Or if you’re already familiar with the STU and want to get creative with it, why not try it out with the Universal Launch?

Pro Tip

You can use my discount code ALPHA15 to get 15% off on purchases from Lovehoney.

fleshlight ranking

Great for Traveling

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

Is size important? Maybe you want to take it for traveling and it needs to be small.

The thing with most Fleshlights is that they are huge.

They are designed to recreate the realistic sex experience and that’s why the size is what it is.

But what if you want to take a Fleshlight sleeve in your backpack?

Well, that’s when you want to check out Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage.

It’s both the cheapest Fleshlight you can buy and the most compact.

By the first look, it’s hard to tell it’s actually a masturbator.

This is the top pick if:
You want a toy that is easy to clean
Just keep a paper towel next to you. And contain the semen there (instead of ejaculating in the sex toy and then have to clean it)
Bigger than average penis
For big penis owners, normal size Fleshlights will be too small to go full in. This model fixes it…!
You like to have it similar to jerking off experience
You can squeeze the silicone toy. To help control the tightness. Some love it!
You want cheap and discreet sex toys
Self-explanatory I think!

Interested in learning more? Read my in-depth review here.

fleshlight sleeve reviews


Riley Reid Quickshot

Well, it looks like dreams do come true, at least for fans of Riley Reid. This Riley Reid Quickshot sleeve features a Lady opening on one side and a Butt opening on the other, giving its user the best of both worlds.

The internal texture is also perfect and features a chamber similar to the one in Riley Reid Utopia sleeves. The whole sleeve is also made of transparent silicon and transparent hard plastic so that you can watch the action with every stroke.

I name this the most intense Fleshlight for PE training for its incredible tightness and lovely see-through materials.

Since it is an open-ended stroker, you can combine it with some oral action with a partner. Now that’s some severe stamina training!

The Quickshot’s portable size also has some drawbacks. It only has an insertable length of about 3.5 inches. Of course, since it is an open-ended stroker, you are not restricted by length. However, it can feel uncomfortable for users with a circumference of more than 5.5 inches. 

For everyone else, this is one heavenly experience you don’t want to miss.

Most Discreet Fleshlights

But what if you want a real-size discreet Fleshlight?

Then you’re looking for Sex In A Can masturbator!

fleshlight best sleeve

These are the Fleshlight toys that are concealed to look like either a soda or a beer can!

You can learn more about these Fleshlights in my discreet Fleshlight guide.

Custom Option

In my opinion, the best is the one that’s custom-designed, the best custom fleshlight for your needs.

Pro Tip

Watch out for Fleshlight deals to save money.

I still recommend getting the classic one first. And then once you know what you enjoy — spend extra for a tailored experience.

You can customize:

  • the color of the outer case
  • the orifice: vagina like, butt like, mouth like?
  • and most importantly you can choose different Fleshlight texture patterns. That your penis will go through…

Ninja Tips for the Best Fleshlight Experience

You take out your Fleshlight, masturbate with it, orgasm, and call it a day. But you can actually do more with your Fleshlight! Here are some of my go-to Fleshlight sexperience tips for you:

Get Fleshlight accessories

You can also get accessories like mounts if you’re ready to spend extra money. Some mounts let you automate your masturbation, prop the Fleshlight on its built-in hole, or use your Fleshlight in the shower.

fleshlight rankings

Fleshlight Shower Mount

There are special suction cup mounts you can get. Which you could attach your Fleshlight to the wall in the shower, bedroom, mirror — wherever…

Yup, you can pretty much simulate all the positions you like!

While the Launch still requires holding — with the mount you just put it in the perfect place and fuck it…

Like you would a real girl!

Check out other great toys in my best Fleshlight mount guide.

most realistic flesh light

Fleshlight Flight Adapter

Want to use your Fleshlight Flight in the shower? The Fleshlight Flight Adapter is a way to attach your Flight to your shower mount, so you can enjoy some wet and wild fun by yourself. But remember, the shower mount doesn’t have to go in the shower – so when it comes to locations and positions, the sky’s the limit with the Flight Adapter!

most realistic fleshlights

Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer

The name says it all. If you want your pocket pussy to feel more like a realistic vagina, you need warmth. The Sleeve Warmer does precisely that, bringing the soft silicone sleeve of your sex toy to a pleasant body temperature.

Close your eyes, and you might be unable to tell the difference between your stroker and the real deal! Read more about this game changer in my Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer Review.

fleshlight most realistic

Fleshlight Universal Launch

The Fleshlight universal launch is an essential accessory to add some realistic play. The Fleshlight Universal Launch pack features a mold from Riley Reid’s vagina and butt suitable for small penises. 

best realistic fleshlight

Fleshlight On A Mission

If you’re a fan of the missionary position (and let’s be real, it’s a classic for a reason), the Fleshlight On A Mission is the mount you need. It lets you simulate the feeling of being on top of your partner. Plus, it’s made from faux leather – so not only does it feel luxurious, it’s also super easy to clean.

fleshlight sleeve review

Fleshlight Top Dog

But what if you prefer it doggy style? No need to worry with the Fleshlight Top Dog, which will angle your Fleshlight so you can thrust in just the way you like. Like the Fleshlight On A Mission, it’s made from faux leather for easy cleaning.

Hands-free masturbation

Jerking your peen in and out of a Fleshlight feels different from thrusting in and out hands-free. Here are some positions and how you can do them:

Sex Positions
Position your Fleshlight under a pillow and do the missionary position.
Get on your knees and prop the Fleshlight between the mattress and the base of your bed (or couch).
Lie down on your side and put the Fleshlight between two pillows.

Use it with your partner

Fleshlights are made for solo play, but you can also enjoy them for partnered play.

Your partner might get more turned on watching you play with yourself or join in the fun by using the Fleshlight to pleasure you. Leaving the Fleshlight to your partner’s control is a whole different level of experience. Another thing is to simulate anal sex by propping the Fleshlight between her legs if she’s not into anal.

Double the pleasure with toys

Give attention to your other pleasure spots by incorporating another sex toy. For example, a vibrating butt plug or a prostate massager offers incredible sensations in stimulating your anus while you jerk off with your peen.

Are Fleshlights Worth Buying?

Short answer: Immediately yes.

Long answer:

You’ve masturbated using your hand ever since you discovered the art of masturbation. You have mastered the best grip, rhythm, tightness, and variation for you to hit the peak.

But, at some point, you might feel like it’s just not hitting all the spots right. Sometimes, you need more.

That’s where a masturbator like Fleshlight comes in. It’s easily your best option to add spice to your solo play and ramp up your orgasm.

A Fleshlight lets you feel sensations you can’t get with just your hands alone. Its orifice may be designed by the textures of the vagina, anus, or mouth. But sometimes, Fleshlight textures can be even more stimulating than a real woman’s, which can be a good thing to explore something new.

Fleshlights are also modeled by a real woman’s (particularly a famous porn star) vag and internal textures. And they’re made of skin-like material that feels quite realistic.

How To Find The Right Fleshlight Sleeves

We’ll get to it right away, but first…

A little history lesson about the company itself! 🙂

The Fleshlight is a brand that produces artificial vaginas. And also anal opening type male sex toys. Other people call it pocket pussy or pocket vagina. But basically, it’s a male masturbator that imitates a woman’s vagina.

Fleshlight brand was founded in 1995 by Steve Shubin. Who was granted a patent for his invention in July 1988.

Today it is a huge company with plenty of incredible Fleshlight textures. In fact, there are so many choices.

That it’s hard to decide whether you’re buying a Fleshlight for the first time or the next one. Unless you’ve plenty of money, you’ll need to make tough decisions.

This guide is a result of testing many masturbation sleeves and blowjob machines. And then going in deep 20-hour research to discover the best fleshlights that worked for MOST MEN.

Yeah, everyone is different. Others might prefer a sex doll or adding a bullet vibrator into the mix.

But your chances are better than if something worked for 100 men, that it just might work for you too, huh?

Sex toys are a booming market. And it’s predicted that by 2022 the sexual wellness market sizes will be worth $37 billion.

What does it mean for you?

It means that male sex toys and male masturbators are becoming better and better!

Competition is growing. And for them to stay on top, they need to innovate or someone else will take their place.

Right now though Fleshlight is the undisputed leader. That is if you’re looking for a quality and long-lasting masturbator and pocket pussies.

You can customize it perfectly based on your desires and sex life.

Yes, it means once you know the building blocks that are important to you… You can design your own perfect standard Fleshlight model.

Sources: Wikipedia, Arizton research company

The Fleshlight Basics

There are three pieces in each Fleshlight:

  • the end-cap to control the suction effect, the feel of the sleeve
  • the casing to protect the sleeve against dirt and damage
  • the sleeve (which you can buy separately for cheaper if you got the base case and end-cup. You can experiment with tons of different Fleshlight textures & pressure points)

There are also smaller, cheaper Fleshlight models. Like Fleshlight Quickshot which comes only in two pieces:

  • the casing
  • the masturbator itself

What’s great with this one is:

  • it’s cheap
  • it’s quick and easy to clean
  • it’s compact

Finally, there are other more advanced Fleshlights with extra features. Like a vibrating Fleshlight or Kiiroo Keon, which is a truly hands-free experience fucking machine. You can use it with any Fleshlight sleeve.

You insert your Fleshlight into that machine.

most realistic fleshlight sleeve

Add headphones or even VR goggles. Watch specially encoded adult videos. And have as close to reality as possible sexual experience!

Want to take your hands-free masturbation session to the next level? The answer is by using the Fleshlight shower mount.

Obviously, nothing compares to an experience with an actual human being, but this is as close as it gets.

What You Should Look Out For When Choosing Fleshlight Sex Toys

You need to know what you want — simple as that.

There are so many choices right now, so you just need to know your goal.

For example:

  • Are you looking for a realistic Fleshlight sleeve? That imitates the real vagina (thanks to SuperSkin material) as close as possible?
  • Are you looking for an anal kind of sex experience?
  • Are you looking for a masturbator that stimulates oral sex deep-throat experience?
  • Are you looking for a hands-free male masturbator, automatic fucking machine that does the work for you?
  • Are you a fan of a specific porn star like Riley Reid, Lisa Ann, or Eva Lovia and want the sex toy modeled by her pussy lips?
  • Maybe you have problems with lasting long enough. Or you want to use a sex toy to become more confident with your sex skills? Women use dildos to practice; why can’t men do the same thing?
  • Is price important to you? Are you looking for the cheapest or best Fleshlights?
  • Is size important? Maybe you want to take it for traveling, and it needs to be small like the Fleshlight Go. Or you want it to be discreet?
  • Need something to spice things up while your significant other is away?

All of these options are possible and have been addressed by Fleshlight. They even have transparent ones like the Fleshlight Ice.

Just write down what’s important to you and with that knowledge I can move on to discuss specific models next.

If you’re still having trouble deciding, it might be worth doing a test drive first.

How To Clean, Use & Maintain Your Fleshlight

Okay, we’re on the final stretch!

If you put out that kind of serious cash for a Fleshlight, you better take care of it!

If you maintain it correctly, it will last forever.

If not, it will become sticky, lose its texture, and break.

It will explain and show how to clean Fleshlight.

But here are the quick steps:

  • You use a special soap to clean and disinfect it and rinse it in hot water.
  • Leave it for some time to dry it up.
  • Add starch to the inside texture to ensure sleeve material doesn’t get sticky over time.
  • or…just get Quickshot Vantage open sleeve, and you won’t need to worry about cleaning at all.

And here are the steps I take:

  • Take the Fleshlight and put it in the hot flowing water for 5–10 min.
  • Dry it up, and enter it into the cup.
  • Get the lube, and put it in the sleeve (PRO TIP: warm up the lube with hot or warm water before too).
  • Apply some lube to my penis, and let the play begin.
  • Adjust the suction cup and the opening tightness for maximum pleasure.
  • Enjoy the ride!
best feeling fleshlight sleeve


Real frequent FLyers know that Fleshlube – Fleshlight’s water-based lubricant – is a great match for their favorite toys. It’s made from the highest-quality medical-grade ingredients, so it’s guaranteed hypoallergenic and paraben-free.

best fleshlight for edging


But what about when it comes to the cleanup? Fleshwash is an antibacterial toy cleaner in an easy-to-use spray bottle. After rinsing out your Fleshlight, spray it inside and out with a generous amount of Fleshwash, and you can be confident that your Fleshlight is truly clean.

best fleshlight skin

Fleshlight Renewing Powder

Also, consider using Fleshlight’s Renewing Powder, which is for maintaining the freshness of your Fleshlight sleeve. If being fancy is more up your alley, sprinkle some renewing powder to soak up the extra moisture from the toy.

most realistic feeling fleshlight

Fleshlight Hang Dry

Drying your Fleshlight can be a serious pain. But with the Fleshlight Hang Dry, you can drip-dry your Fleshlight with confidence. Just hang your Hang Dry somewhere dry and secure, insert your Fleshlight, and it will air out and dry in no time.

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Fleshlight Stand Dry

No room to hang your Fleshlight out to dry? The Fleshlight Stand Dry is another way to get your Fleshlight dry after cleaning. Insert your Fleshlight into the stand, and let the bucket at the bottom collect all the water that runs off – easy!

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Fleshlight Screw Dry

If you’re seriously short on space, the Fleshlight Screw Dry is a space-saving way to dry your Fleshlight. Just screw it into the socket and let it dry on a flat surface. When it’s dry, you can unscrew it and put the cap back on.

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Fleshlight Air

Have you ever wanted a hairdryer for your Fleshlight? The Fleshlight Air is designed to air-dry your Fleshlight for exactly as long as it needs. Just lock your Fleshlight into the drying port, choose the setting that’s right for your toy, and wait – it will be dry in no time!

Bringing It All Together

For a fancy experience, I get my Fleshlight Launch, put on some headphones, and watch the special hands-free video.

Pair it with VR goggles synced with automatic masturbation, and it becomes an out-of-this-world experience.

What about you?

What’s your favorite Fleshlight? And do you have any pro tips to share?

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