14 Best Fleshjack Review: Guide To Gay Fleshlights [2024]

Dive balls-deep into Fleshjacks and everything about them.

Best Fleshjack Review

Are you on a quest to discover the perfect pleasure device? Look no further, as we delve into the realm of Fleshjacks, unveiling the ultimate guide to the best Fleshjack review. In this comprehensive exploration, we’ll take a closer look at the enticing world of the men’s anal Fleshlights. These specialized devices offer a unique and pleasurable experience for those seeking intense sensations.

Furthermore, we’ll explore the realm of the tightest Fleshlights, designed to provide a snug and realistic encounter that will leave you breathless. Whether you prefer a tighter grip or desire a more realistic sensation, we’ll examine the top contenders in this category.

Additionally, we’ll uncover the versatility and functionality of Fleshlight mounts, unlocking a hands-free experience like no other. From innovative suction cup mounts to adjustable devices, we’ll highlight the various options available to elevate your pleasure to new heights. You may want to try a mount like Fleshlight Launch or a similar premium mount like Kiiroo Keon or The Handy!

Now unto the article, let’s dive in!

Top Fleshjack Boys Line Sleeves In 2024

best for faster orgasm

Boomer Banks

Boomer Banks

best overall

Diego Sans

Diego Sans

best in depth

Brent Corrigan

Brent Corrigan

Insertable Length:

The Best Fleshjack Sleeves In The market Today

best overall

1. Fleshjack Diego Sans Sex Machine

Have you ever met someone who seems to have it all: the looks, the brains, the sense of humor, the world-shattering skills in the sheets? Well, Diego fits this description to a tee.

This Brazillian slice of perfection has carved out a reputation of a confident, dominant lover. He knows when to apply a gentle hand, and is open to any erotic experience.

This tribute to Diego is almost 10” long sleeve with 8.5” of usable length. This is a standard size for most of the Fleshjacks

Diego’s delicious butt replica has six greatly varied texture types that change the further you shove yourself into it. 

There are twisting nodules, dotted nubs, ridges and cups that provide massaging and suction.

In addition, there’s a bottom cap that adjusts the amount of airflow. This regulates the amount of tightness in the toy.

This all makes it very easy to use. Playing with it is tidy, too, as long as you don’t lob your lube all over the place. The cleanup takes a bit more effort, but it’s far from a hassle.

You may have to cough up a pretty penny for this one ($90, to be precise), but fulfilling this fantasy more than pays off.

Best for faster orgasm

2. Fleshjack Boomer Banks Sonic Boom

A sculpted, tattoo-covered beefcake, Boomer Banks has a booming presence that quivers the knees and tingles your dick unlike anyone else.

And the Fleshjack sleeve sculpted in his rear’s image comes with a custom texture designed to push you to orgasm in a flash.

The spiraly entrance provides a tight interlude for your jack-off session. After that comes a firm ribbed section, followed by a cluster of massaging nubs.

The ride closes off with gentle ridges that reward the well-endowed.

The main attraction is the spiral at the start. It grips you in a firm, yet titillating fashion. If you’re already kinda worked up, it alone can be enough to make you cum.

All in all, if Boomer Banks is up your alley, you’ll love being up his (or at least, the imitation of it).

Best in depth

3. Fleshjack Brent Corrigan Bliss

If you can say one thing about Brent Corrigan, it’s that he has depth. Sure, he can take a pounding like few others, but that’s not the only depth I’m talking about.

You see, Brent doesn’t only do porn. He also produces and even directs and acts in indie films.

You can spot him in the acclaimed Milk, and he also directed the movie Triple Cross.

Here is a chance to get a taste of his depth through his very own Fleshjack sleeve.

This Fleshjack sleeve toy has 7.25″ of insertable length and sports two textures (a combination called Bliss). The first is ribbed and fairly tight, but it’s only a couple inches deep.

The rest of it is a series of bumps pointing toward the opening.

The densely packed bumps are prone to storing residue, which makes washing and drying more time-consuming. But they more than make up for it with the pleasure they offer.

This texture feels really intense, creating an all-around massaging sensation, especially when thrusting further inside.

Coupled with the tight grip of the ribbed ridges and narrowing tube toward the end, it’s truly worthy of the name Bliss. 

4. Fleshjack Calvin Banks Spank Bang

Possibly the hottest twink to ever grace the porn industry, Calvin Banks has been making waves ever since he hit the screen scene in 2016.

An energetic personality coupled with a ripped, flexible gymnast’s body and a rocking cock, few can resist Calvin’s charms.

But we’re more into the ass here. And such a firm, bubbly butt can only be complemented by something as wild a ride as spending an hour or two in the sheets with Calvin would be.

And that’s exactly what his Fleshjack sleeve provides.

Its biggest standout feature is its spiral-shaped tube. This windy section comes right after the very tight entrance, rewarding you for your tenacity.

In fact, the entering point is tighter than most toys of this type.

After navigating the ribbed/nubbed spiral, you’re treated with rows of curved massaging bumps, followed by a unique criss-cross pattern that caresses the tip.

The spiral opens up some creative pleasure options. You can twist and twirl the toy, finding new angles of ecstasy at every degree.

5. Fleshjack Boys Milan Christopher King

Rapper, human rights activist, chiseled stud: Milan Christopher is all kinds of amazing.

This Chicago-born talent has been very active in LGBT rights issues, but has also done plenty to show off his sexual prowess.

Few have seen his enormous rod without having to pick up their jaw off the floor.

And his ass is just as glorious, which this Fleshjack Milan Christopher sleeve pays tribute to.

This design, dubbed the King, is almost built like a gauntlet of stimulation. The further inside you go, the more intense it gets.

Crowning the top of the toy is a ribbed entrance. Interrupted by a chamber of caressing bumps, the ribs give way to a succession of delicious curves and folds to which words can’t quite do justice.

It’s tight, and all the varied textures will have you whirling to a toe-curling orgasm.

6. Fleshjack Beaux Banks Beauxner

Have you ever watched the sensational Beaux Banks and thought “damn, I wish I could have some time with him?”

Of course, he’s a splendid, tight piece of dreamboat that has experience with hip hop dancing and ballet. Toned and flexible – it doesn’t get much tastier than that.

Well, there’s a way to bring this insatiable bottom a little closer to your life: a Fleshjack made in his “image.”

The Fleshjack sleeve boasts a vortex of spiraling ridges and rubbing nubs that alternate between one another throughout the toy. A sophisticated design that more than gets the job done.

It also seems a little tighter than most Fleshjack Boys, so it’s a good pick for anyone looking for a firmer grip.

7. Fleshjack Colby Keller Lumberjack

An intense, gruff exterior that covers a soft, artistic soul, Colby Keller has layers for days, as well as a mouth-watering physique.

Colby’s Fleshjack sleeve feels particularly realistic, mostly because it has a very ribbed texture.

The second section sports some bumps and nubs that rub your cock as you pass them. Meanwhile, angled bumps dot the final section, stretched out eagerly awaiting to meet your dick.

While straightforward in the design, this Fleshjack is no less intense than the others on this list.

In fact, the entrance on it is really, really tight. All of that helps add a layer of realism to your playtime.

8. Fleshjack Allen King Majestic

Born in a remote part of Bilbao, Spain, Allen King seemed almost destined to be a great porn star. 

Manager Lucio Saints spotted his talents – as well as his delicate 5’5” frame – and allowed him to get his foot in the door of the gay porn scene.

And this Fleshjack sex toy, as tight and eager as its model, lets you get into his back door. It’s an experience almost as gripping as fucking Allen himself.

The texture inside this toy is a relentless storm of ridges and folds that leave you no moment to rest. It switches seamlessly from tight ribs to eager nubs.

It’s very grippy , so it works great for reaching a quick orgasm.

9. Fleshjack Ice Jack Bottom

The Ice Jack Bottom functions like other Fleshlights sex toys for gay men. However, it has one very clear difference: it’s see-through.

This adds an entirely new kink to the toy. If you’re the voyeuristic kind of person, you’ll get a kick out of this toy. And if you simply can’t get enough of looking at your own cock, you’ll love it, too.

The texture in the toy alternates between bumps and ridges. They’re not all the same, so the experience is varied enough to not get boring.

But the more interesting fact is that its diameter varies, being narrow at some points (just 0.3”!) and wider (0.6”) at others.

Overall, it gets tighter the deeper you go, but it’s more undulating than a straight-up cone shape.

This makes the Ice Jack sleeve really intense since there’s more friction and massaging the deeper you thrust.

The cleanup portion is pretty much the same as for all other Fleshjacks.

The only difference is that you should keep a closer eye not to miss any leftover lube or whatever due to the material being transparent.

It doesn’t make the process any harder, but it’s still something to keep in mind.

10. Stamina Training Unit Butt

The Stamina Training Unit Butt’s long-term mission is to make you last longer in bed.

To that end, it has a very deliberate inside design. Namely, it has tons of long nubs throughout its length. No spirals, no changing diameters, just bumps for days.

All those densely-packed nubs make it a little harder to clean. But with this simple design comes an intensity you’ve never felt with any toy of this kind.

The toy grips your cock firmly and massages it from tip to base. The sheer amount of friction and rubbing push you into an orgasm like a hurricane.

The point of this intensity is to get you used to an extremely stimulating sensation. Once you’re capable of using it, it will be harder for you to ejaculate prematurely (in theory).

It’s a neat idea, but whether it actually does what its creators claim is not as straightforward.

It doesn’t really affect your mental stimulation, which is what makes (most) people cum so soon.

That’s why it’s more useful as a way to learn more about your own sensitivity. It can help you better understand when you’re getting near the edge, how to cool off enough to keep going, and so on.

Even without the supposed endurance boost, it’s a gay anal Fleshlight that feels awesome to fuck.

11. Fleshjack Boys Levi Karter Explosive

For fans of what’s in Levi’s, this Fleshjack gives you a glimpse of what the real thing might be like. 

This particular Fleshjack Boys sleeve is called Explosive, which is quite a marketing promise. 

So, does Levi Karter’s Explosive Fleshjack live up to its name?

The tight entry point gives a slight resistance, making it a remarkably realistic experience. It’s inside the canal that things really get crazy, though. 

The first few inches are ribbed and snug without being too tight (though that depends on your size) before opening up to a slightly larger chamber with larger bumps. My favorite part is the spiral section halfway down before things get unpredictably alternating at the end.

All in all a wild ride and certainly an explosive experience for me!

12. Johnny Rapid Man Cave

Ideal for larger-than-average users, the Johnny Rapid Man Cave is really a unique Fleshjack.

Firstly, it has a more open orifice than other Fleshjacks, which makes entry much smoother. The canal, while still nice and snug, isn’t as tight as many other models, so it’s perfect if you’re on the larger side. 

That also means that if you’re smaller-than-average, you may not get as much stimulation out of this model.

Beyond its size, the opening is pretty deep-set, with nice fleshy ‘butt cheeks’ that give some comfortable buffering. More cushion for the pushin’, am I right?Inside, it features a long, gradually expanding twisted canal that practically sucks you in. Think of what it might be like to fuck a tornado, and you’re on the right track (I assume, as I’ve never actually penetrated a tornado).

13. Classic Pink Butt

If you have an active imagination and want to save yourself some cash, you can pass over the Fleshjack Boys series and simply go for the Classic Pink Butt model. It is exactly what it sounds like – a generic butthole Fleshjack that’s pink. And classic.

This is one of the original Fleshlight sex toy models, and it’s stood the test of time. It’s one of the reasons Fleshlight is the household name it is today (if your household is very liberal, at least).

While the more modern Fleshlights and Fleshjacks have basically any texture and shape, you could possibly imagine the Classic Pink Butt sex toy is simply a smooth, uniform canal, so don’t expect any crazy sensations.

If you’re used to other Fleshjacks, this might be a bit boring, but if you want to resensitize yourself to less intense sensations. It’s still a solid choice if this is your first Fleshjack sex toy.

14. Fleshsack

Have you ever looked at a Fleshjack sex toy and thought, “You know what? This could use some balls.” 

If you have, you and the designers at Fleshlight have something in common.

Introducing the Fleshsack sex toy. 

I have good news for you if you love the feeling of your partner’s balls smacking against you as you pound them. Made from the same silky-soft SuperSkin as the rest of the toy, you can enjoy the full experience with two hanging testes.

Not only that, this model is actually designed to help with endurance training. The inner canal starts with a tight opening chamber dotted with alternating patches of nubs and ridges. The rest of the canal features the same textures, but every couple of inches, the pattern makes a quarter turn.

This makes for a spiral of intense texture that, with the right technique, can help you last longer.

3 Best Fleshjack Accessories

To bring your Fleshjack experience to the next level, check out these accessories.

1. Shower Mount

If you like to get wet and wild, the shower mount is the perfect accessory to spice up your shower time. The strong suction cup will attach to any smooth surface and is adjustable so you can get exactly the angle you need.

With an ON/OFF suction switch and a sturdy wing nut, you can bang away without a care – your Fleshlight will stay put!

2. Sleeve Warmer

Sure, you can soak your sleeve in warm water, but by the time you dry it off for use, it’s usually cold again. Luckily, the geniuses that gave us a Fleshjack with balls also thought of a way to warm your Fleshjack from the inside.

Just slip your Fleshjack over the warming rod and wait for it to heat up. And don’t worry if you forget about it – the warmer will sense when your Fleshjack is the right temperature and turn off automatically. It’ll also turn on again if your sleeve cools down again in the meantime. The future is now!

3. Liberator Top Dog Toy Mount

For an all-out luxury experience that will let your imagination run wild, the Liberator Top Dog Toy Mount is the perfect way to enjoy doggy style with your Fleshjack. Slip the toy into the Top Dog and pound to your heart’s (and dick’s) content.

The faux leather cover makes for easy clean-up and its base is covered with a friction-inducing fabric that will help keep the mount stable, no matter how crazy you get.

What Should You Know About Fleshjacks When Shopping?

What Is A Fleshjack?

The Fleshjack is a masturbation tool designed for penis insertion. It’s roughly the size of a large beer can, and its inside (a.k.a., the sleeve) is lined with a soft, pliable material dubbed SuperSkin.

If you wear yours out, the soft butt sleeve is replaceable. You can pick from several textures, though only the Fleshjack brand sleeves are compatible with their containers.

But the insides are where all the action is. You can find Fleshjacks (as well as Fleshlights) with all kinds of titillating bumps and curves on the inside.

Fleshlight Vs Fleshjack: How Do They Compare?

If you’ve ever seen or heard of the Fleshlight, it’s basically the same thing. The only real difference is that Fleshlight entrances are marketed more toward straight guys, while the Fleshjack caters more to the gay users.

Fleshlight offers sleeves representing mostly vagina openings with some beautiful butt replicas of female porn stars.

Fleshjack, on the other hand, mostly focus on anal sleeves resembling the male butt. 

During use, the two are pretty much identical. If you keep your eyes shut, odds are you won’t feel a difference between a Fleshlight and a Fleshjack.

The Different Designs Of Fleshjacks

There are several designs of the Fleshjack for you to indulge in.

Classic bottom jack

All the Fleshjack iterations, from the Ice Jack Bottom to the Fleshjack Go, owe their existence to the Classic Bottom Jack.

But as grateful as we all should be for that, I can’t really recommend using it. 

You see, the newer Fleshjacks have all these wonderful curves and textures on the inside. And the Classic? Smooth from top to bottom.

That won’t keep your attention for long, especially if you’ve tried other textures.

It’s fine, but you can find much better toys nowadays. If you’re brand new to Fleshjacks, it will please you, but you can still just buy a newer one and enjoy it even more.

Fleshjack Boys

The series known as Fleshjack Boys brings the replicas of famous gay pornstars’ butt holes. This adds a layer of fantasy to the experience, as you can imagine fucking some of your favorite porno studs.

Check out other options in our best anal fleshlight guide.

Combine it with Fleshjack dildos

Sure, you can get a taste of famous male pornstars’ “rear doors,” but what about their delicious dongs?

Well, Fleshjack Boys has got you covered there, too.

All the above pornstars also have their own dildos for you to buy. They’re all lovingly crafted to resemble their Fleshjack models’ dicks so that you can indulge in your fantasies in an authentic fashion.

Build your own Fleshjack

The makers of Fleshjack also allow you to make your own toy on their website. Just choose the specs and add to cart!

You can pick the color of the casing, the type of opening (currently, they only have the Fleshjack butt), the texture type, and accessories (suction cup, mount, and warmer).

How To Choose A Fleshjack Texture For You

In terms of texture, Fleshjacks vary a great deal.

Fleshjacks and Fleshlights (check out the latest Fleshlight deals) combined, there are well over 100 textures to try out, so you won’t run out of options any time soon.

If you want your toy to feel really intense, choose a tighter tunnel with more exaggerated textures. Smoother, wider tunnels will feel great for well-endowed guys.

Superskin: the mysterious Fleshjack material

I mentioned “SuperSkin” a little earlier, and some of you probably wondered what that is.

SuperSkin is a soft, flexible material used exclusively by ILF (Interactive Life Forms), the company that makes these Fleshjacks. It looks like some sort of TPE or TPR (thermoplastic elastomer or thermoplastic rubber).

The company keeps the exact ingredients under wraps. However, it’s phthalate-free, which is great since phthalates are bad for you.

All the fancy chemistry aside, the material feels genuinely close to actual skin. And it feels even closer to the real thing if you heat it up in warm water for about 15 minutes.

How To Use A Fleshjack?

The basic idea of using a Fleshjack is very intuitive to most penis owners. Your tool goes in the hole, and you can jack the toy or thrust into it (if you position it right). 

Of course, you’ll need lube to make the experience more pleasurable. The best Fleshjack or Fleshlight lubes are usually water-based. Oil-based or silicone-based will degrade your toy.

Don’t shy away from applying lots of lube (you can warm it up, too). Put it in the Fleshjack and some on your penis. Expect to reapply every 10 minutes or so.

That’s all well and good, but how can you spice up your playtime with this toy? 

  • Warm It Up. Heating the soft part of your toy up in warm water really adds to the realistic aspect of it. Around 15 minutes in the water should be enough to warm it up enough.
  • Tighten the Sleeve. If you feel like your Fleshjack should squeeze you a little tighter than the bottom caps allows, here’s a neat trick. Remove the “fleshy” bit, place a few rubber bands on select places, and put the toy back together. It’s a small, yet really noticeable difference.
  • Attach a Vibrator. Take a few rubber bands and connect a vibrator to your Fleshjack. To reduce the rattling, wrap the container with some cloth.
  • Use interactive Toys. If you want to get fancy, why not buy some interactive/VR masturbators? Something like the Fleshlight Launch or Kiiroo ONYX can connect via bluetooth to a video and sync the actors’ movements to how it strokes you.
  • Try It Out Hands-Free. You can get a special suction cup adapter. Stick it to a smooth surface (how about the bathroom tiles in your shower?) and pound away.

Alternatively, you can simply wedge the thing between some couch cushions or pillows. Look around your living space and see where you can stick the toy.

You can also buy specially-crafted mounts for your Fleshjack if you feel like spending some extra cash. The On a Mission or Top Dog mounts from Liberator are good picks.

How Do You Clean & Look After Your Sleeve?

If you want yours to last long, it’s vital that you clean and look after your Fleshjack. 

Wash it out after every use to ensure it lasts. The SuperSkin material doesn’t have any smell on its own, so if your Fleshjack starts smelling, it’s a sign that it needs some cleaning.

Here’s how you do that.


The hard casing is dead simple to wash. Just rinse it out and leave it to dry.

For the sleeve, you’ll need warm water (and rubbing alcohol for more thorough cleaning).

That means no soap, detergent, or whatever cleaning product you have lying around. These can damage the SuperSkin material.

Remove the sleeve from the plastic container and run water through it. If that isn’t an option for you, turn the sleeve inside out and wash it by hand. Feel around with your finger to make sure it’s clean.

After you’ve rinsed out the sleeve, leave it out for air drying. Wipe the inside with a lint-free cloth to remove as much moisture as you can.

Once dry, a coating of renewer powder will restore the sleeve’s texture and feel. The material can get tacky and sticky if you skip this step.

If you’re on a budget, use cornflour instead. Just don’t pour it down the hole since it can coagulate; use rubbing alcohol for that.

Final Thoughts

So there’s your primer for the gay Fleshlight, a.k.a. the Fleshjack! It’s a wonderful addition to your jackoff sessions.

And the Fleshjack review section gave you a good idea of the sexiest toys of this kind. With the right one, you can get one step closer to fucking your ideal porn star.

Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Want to check out another juicy toy? Check out our Fleshlight Turbo review.

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