Best Fleshlight Deals, Discount Codes & Money Saving Tips

Explore all the top methods to save money on any Fleshlight deals. Obtain your preferred masturbators with the newest discount codes available in 2023.

Fleshlight is undoubtedly a leader in the sex toy industry. So much so that it became SYNONYMOUS with the most popular male sex toy!  Most people just call masturbation sleeves “fleshlights,” kind of like we call all sparkling wine champagne. 

Branding recognition like that comes from innovation and quality. And quality is expensive. 

I get how pricey sex toys get, but I also think every guy deserves to treat himself to the pleasure only Fleshlight can give you. That’s why I decided to gather all the best Fleshlight money-saving tips in one place!

Fleshlight Discount/Coupon Codes

Here are the best discount codes that are ACTIVE RIGHT NOW.

  • SES – 50% off on all your order 
  • HOL09CASES – 50% off Fleshlight cases
  • COOLDEAL – get up to 30% off your purchase
  • Best15 – get 15% off your order 
  • FLKINK – take 10$ off your purchase
fleshlight deals

The 50% off is the best discount available right now. Getting half on my WHOLE order? If that’s not a deal, I don’t know what is. 

Keep in mind that not all discount codes and coupons apply to all items. There might be changes based on whether the item is already on sale or not, whether you’re ordering from the US or EU, and so on. If a certain code doesn’t work for you, try and try again with other ones.

Fleshlight Deals

Most manufacturers offer exclusive deals available only if you purchase through their website and Fleshlight is no exception. 

Try the Buy 2 get 1 free deal, where you get an extra sleeve if you buy 2. It’s a  great opportunity for anyone who wants to swap between different textures. 

Fleshlight also offers great combo deals for anyone who wants to shop in bulk. There are different combos like sets of lubes, accessories, and toys. It’s a great deal to take advantage of if you’re a newbie and want to start building your collection.

If you have always wanted to get it on with a real adult film star, the Fleshlight Girl combos might interest you. Not only do you get a gorgeous Fleshlight modeled after some of the sexiest women on the planet, but you get everything else you need to maximize your experience.

The combos include lube (for easy penetration and a lifelike feel) as well as cleaning products (proper upkeep will make your Fleshlight last longer).

Of course, everything costs LESS THAN if you bought all of the stuff separately.

If you’re interested in more than one Fleshlight Girl, buying in bulk will be best for your budget. Discounts vary based on how many “girls” you purchase. Just go over to the “Orgy” section on the “Deals” tab and browse your options. 

Fleshlight Shipping Policy

Fleshlight offers free shipping in some cases.

Normally, if you order products for $100 or more, you’ll get free ground shipping. Keep in mind that this amount may change at any time due to current promotions, so always double-check their policy when ordering. 

Sadly, Fleshlight does not offer free shipping on any air freight service.

If you’re a few bucks shy of the free shipping limit, consider adding something extra to your cart like their lube. You’ll be needing lube anyway, and trust me when I tell you THEIR lube is AMAZING. 

Fleshlight Return Policy

Yes, it is possible to return Fleshlight…if it is UNOPENED AND UNUSED. Make sure you make your returns within 30 days from the date the item is delivered for a product value refund.

What if you get a defective toy? 

Yes, that happens, albeit rarely. Yes, don’t worry; in cases like this, they’ll still replace it after you’ve opened the box.

Contact Fleshlight’s customer service department, and they’ll be happy to right any wrongs on their part. They’ll need to receive pictures of the defective product. Once it has been proven there is a defect, they’ll send you a replacement at their expense! You don’t have to send the defective item back.

The same procedure applies to any incorrect deliveries. 

Make sure you contact Fleshlight within 90 days of delivery of the defective/incorrect item because they won’t send you a replacement if you don’t contact them on time.  

Fleshlight Money Saving Tips

Fleshlight Resellers

While we covered the best above, there are extra ninja tips on how you can save some more either by thinking ahead or using their loyalty program.

You could also explore different sex toy stores like Lovehoney, but keep in mind that usually, these stores will have more expensive brand toys than you would find on original site.

The reason is simple. These stores are resellers, and it would be silly for Fleshlight company to not keep the best prices for themselves.

As resellers these stores need to add prices on top to have a margin for profit, allowing them for little room for discounts.

With that being said, you can get lucky. Just install Chrome extension Honey and go through the most popular toy stores like:

  • Lovehoney
  • AdamEve
  • PinkCherry
  • Shevibe
  • Babeland
  • JackAndJillAdult

Fleshlight Loyalty Programs

Fleshlight has a VIP rewards tier system ensuring that the more you buy, the better discounts you get over time.

Every gold tier system, for example, every 1$ spent equals 4 points.

Then after every 500 points they have increased discount promos that you can use.

It’s not a lot, but it can add up:s

  • 500 points saves you $5
  • If you leave a review: 1 review = 500 points
  • If you follow Fleshlight on social media, you get extra – 50-100 points
  • On your birthday, you get – 500 points

You could play this game, but frankly, it is easier to just wait for Black Friday or just make more emails to get one-time 20% off on purchases.

Buy One Case For Two Sleeves To Save Money

While not a saving code or anything else, you could consider not buying the case for every sleeve you purchase.

Some guys have only 1 case for every 3 sleeves, and they save money this way.

Of course, this will only work if you’re a true Fleshlight connoisseur, and you need to buy standard size Fleshlights, but thought it’s worth mentioning.

How to Redeem a Fleshlight Coupon Code

It’s easy.

First, you select all the items you wish to purchase; then as you proceed to checkout, you’ll see the box to apply the discount code like this:

how to apply fleshlight discount code

Enter your code there, and once you click the “Apply” button, you’ll immediately see the adjusted discounted price.

If it doesn’t change, you might have an expired code, or another chance is that you picked an already discounted item. For those you cannot have a double discount.

This will usually happen with combo packs or special offers, or if you’re outside the US and the code doesn’t work in the EU, for example.

About Fleshlight

After all that talk about the awesome deals Fleshlight offers, I think it might be a good idea to explain to some of you what all the fuss is about. 

The Fleshlight is a groundbreaking male sex toy – a super soft textured masturbation sleeve with a hard outer casing that makes the toy look like a flashlight. 

The product is pretty incognito when closed, but when you remove the lid, you get a pretty strong visual because the opening almost perfectly resembles a vulva, an anus, or even a mouth. Some of the products are even modeled after real-life adult actresses. If you’re not into the lifelike appearance, you can always get a neutral toy with a slot instead of an anatomically correct orifice.

The sleeve itself is made of what they call SuperSkin™ material, designed to replicate the sensation of penetrative sex. It’s not only lifelike but also very durable (at least if you take proper care of it).

The inside of each Fleshlight is different, and the huge variety of textures offers unique sensations. You can even adjust the level of suction on each Fleshlight, changing the stimulation intensity.

Maybe you’re not looking for realism but extreme sensations. Fleshlight Stamina Trainers are made to overstimulate you so you can learn to last longer during sex. They also have smaller sleeves your partner can use on you during oral if you want to go kick things up several notches. 

The company has expanded its selection since it was first founded in 1995. Along with all the great male toys, you can find some pretty awesome female toys as well. You’ll also find anal toys, lubes, and more! 

Fleshlight has been on the market for quite some time now and has earned its place among the leaders in the sex toy industry. Their products are high quality, innovative, easy to use, and built to last. You can rest assured you’re spending your money at the right place.


Does Fleshlight offer Black Friday and other promotions?

Yes! Like most big companies on the market, Fleshlight offers Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. So don’t forget to add some personal items to your deals shopping list.  

However, Black Friday is not the only time you’ll get extra special offers! 

The folks at Fleshlight want to help make your holidays a little bit sexier, so they  offer discounts on 

  • Christmas holiday
  • Thanksgiving weekend
  • Valentine’s Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Halloween

Don’t forget to check their official website when the holidays are upon you, so you don’t miss out on offers like this. If you want to be sure you’ll never miss a deal, subscribe to their mailing list! You’ll also receive interesting info about new and exciting products and more! 

Does Fleshlight offer a military discount?

No, it doesn’t appear that Fleshlight has any discounts for the military as of the moment. It’s nowhere to be found on their site. There is only a general Deals section.

How do I contact Fleshlight?

If you still have questions about anything Fleshlight-related, it’s best to go right to the source! Fleshlight has excellent customer service, and its employees will be happy to answer any and all inquiries. 
You can contact Fleshlight at their official website. They’re also active on social media, so you can message them on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

Bringing It All Together

That’s it. All the best Fleshlight deals in one place! If you’re patient, you can save up to 40%, but normally 20% is still easy to attain.

My favorite way still is to save up and buy a big combo of Fleshlight sleeves. Shipping is free, I get a big discount and attain plenty of Loyalty program VIP points.

If you know of any other good saving tips, do them share below.

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