Stoya Destroya Review: How Good Is Lotus Fleshlight?

Stoya Destroya fleshlight is one of the well-known and loved fleshlights amongst men.

The Good | Stoya Destroya is made out of good quality material that feels almost like the ‘real deal,’ and it is known as one of the tightest fleshlights out there.

The Bad | This fleshlight has a very complex texture with longer bumps, and this makes it harder to clean. You need to be extra attentive when washing to make sure there is no cum or lube left behind the longer bumps.

The Bottom Line | Stoya Destroya fleshlight is a great quality fleshlight with a unique texture, and it provides great pleasure while using it.

In this Stoya Destroya review, I’ll be covering all the details you need to know about this fleshlight if you’re interested in buying it.

Who is Stoya?

Stoya is an iconic American porn-star from North Carolina. She has been working in the adult film industry for over ten years and is best known for her work in alt-porn. 

Stoya has won 9 awards and has been nominated for many more. She also stands out because she’s not only a successful adult film star but a writer.

In 2015 she became a sex columnist for The Verge, and her works have been published in The New York Times, Vice, Nylon, Playboy, and many more.

She also is a published author. In 2018 she published her first book ‘Philosophy, Pussycats, & Porn.’ 

Stoya Destroya Fleshlight Overview

Stoya Destroya fleshlight is a part of a collection called Fleshlight Girls, which is designed in collaboration with some of the biggest adult movie stars.

However, because it’s so successful and loved, it also comes as a part of their classic pink collection. 

There is no difference in feel or the look of these two sleeves, so it doesn’t matter which collection you’ll buy from. 

This fleshlight is known to be one of the tightest fleshlights out there, and it’s a massive part of its appeal to most men.

Stoya Destroya is designed after Stoya’s vagina, and there is also a sleeve called ‘Epic’ designed after her, but. 

The size of the Fleshlight is the regular 10″ size and the sleeve inside measures at 9.5″. 

Like all the other fleshlights from Fleshlight, Stoya Destroya is made out of ‘Super Skin’ material that makes it feel like the ‘real deal.’

The material is a bit sticky, so keep this in mind, but it makes it more pleasurable.

Case lengthSleeve lengthGirth
Destroya10”9.5”Up to 7”
Epic10”9.5”Up to 7”

Price, Where To Buy

Stoya Destroya fleshlight comes at the same price as all the other fleshlights from the best Fleshlight Girl collection, and it costs $89.

There are cheaper fleshlights on the market, the ones that cost around $50. However, as this Stoya Destroya fleshlight is made to last you a long time, it might be worth the higher price. 

If you want to save some money, Fleshlight has a Loyalty program that allows you to earn points in various ways. You can later use those points to get money off your purchase.

You can get up to $25 off, which is a great deal.

There are a few places where you can get your Stoya Destroya:

  • Your best bet would be to buy directly from the Fleshlight website here
  • Lovehoney also sells it for the same price as the Fleshlight website, so you can get it here as well.

There are sellers selling Stoya Destroya on eBay and Amazon. However, we don’t recommend you buy the fleshlight there.

You can never know if it’s authentic, and it can be a waste of your money.

Design & Features: Texture and Firmness

Stoya Destroya fleshlight is designed to be very intense, and the texture of it is very complex. It’s very tight from start to finish. 

Destroya fleshlight has four different pleasure chambers, all different textures, and intensities that provide great pleasure.

Four pleasure chambers are:

  • The first one is the smallest, very tight, and it has a lot of small bumps all around the sleeve. It grips your penis tightly straight from the getgo. 
  • The second chamber has longer bumps with pointy endings, all over the sleeve, pointing to the center of the camber. They give a more intense stimulation to your penis. There is a tightening before the third chamber.
  • The third one is long and provides the most stimulation. It starts off with a line of rectangle bumps all around the sleeve, and then it has three rows of long pointy bumps shifted in a 45 degrees angle towards your penis all around the sleeve. The chamber then is closed off with a bump ring. 
  • The fourth chamber is long, and it tightens as you go deeper. It has a lot of ridges all around the sleeve for intense stimulation. This final pleasure chamber is accessible to men who are at least 8.7″ long.

As you can see, Destroya fleshlight has a very complex design and can provide a lot of different stimulations. 

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

While Destroya fleshlight is the best-selling fleshlight and is praised a lot, there are some mixed reviews. So, I was very interested in trying it myself to see what’s the deal with it.

When you first enter the sleeve, it feels nice and tight, with the first chamber being narrow. It grips the penis nicely, and I could feel the little bumps, but very subtly. 

Once you go deeper into the second and third chambers, the stimulation becomes very intense and different textures work well in here.

I enjoyed the tightness mixed with intense texture, and it’s hard to last long while using Destroya fleshlight. 

Not every man will reach the last pleasure chamber, the one with the ridges all around the sleeve, but the ones who will, won’t be disappointed.

The tightening as you go deeper and subtle ridges feel nice on the tip on your penis, and the suction at the end adds to intense pleasure. 

Using Destroya fleshlight is an intense experience, but very pleasurable. 

How Easy To Clean & Durability

As you might know, it’s essential to care for your fleshlight and clean it properly if you want it to last and be in good condition anytime you use it. 

Destroya fleshlight is made out of durable and good quality material, but it’s not the easiest sleeve to clean and care for. And it’s all because of all the texture and long bumps inside. 

There are places where lube and cum can hide if you don’t clean it properly each time. This can ruin the sleeve very fast, and it can get moldy easily this way. 

Always clean your Destroya with water after each use. It’s best if you take the sleeve out of the case and evert it while cleaning.

This will ensure there is no cum or lube hiding behind the longer bumps. 

Drying it takes longer, you can air dry it or use a hairdryer on a cold air setting. Never use hot air on your Destroya fleshlight as it will ruin the material it’s made of. 

Would I Recommend it?

Yes, I would personally recommend Destroya fleshlight as I did enjoy using it. It has a very unique and intense design and textures, giving different stimulation in each pleasure chamber.

The price point is not bad either, at $89 it’s a good investment if you’re looking for a fleshlight to buy. Knowing that it will last you many years if cared for properly, it’s a good deal. 

Of course, there are different preferences and needs when it comes to choosing the right fleshlight for you. 

Who is it for?

  • All the guys who love intense pleasure.
  • Guys who are fans of Stoya herself and would enjoy using her fleshlight while watching Stoya perform. 

Who is it not for?

  • Guys with larger penises as it’s a very tight sleeve, and for some, it might be uncomfortable to use.
  • More sensitive guys, as this sleeve has a very intense stimulation.

What do Other People Think About It?

Here are some other reviews and opinions of other people I’ve found online.

What people are saying on Reddit:

There’s nothing painful about it and it just has a firm grip when you use it.

Besides that, it’s a total vacuum machine, it’s that good, really, and probably one of the better purchases available from fleshlight.

The only problem I’ve had is that it takes time to get a feel of it. It took me a few uses from it to start feeling all the bumps and pieces inside of it which are really the selling point. But that’s hardly the toys fault.

Two other things you should know is that it’s a little more difficult to clean it just because of the texture and it uses a lot more lube than normal.


Now for the first use (I headed over to r/joip it’s honestly GREAT for using a fleshlight with, provided you find a post where you actually seem to fuck the celeb), back to the FL, I warmed up it, put some lube in it and on me ( little goes a long way! ), and got to work. Oh. MY. GOD. (Janice type beat), I barely lasted 20 seconds in my first time, even though I couldn’t really feel the textures but I’m guessing that’s due to DGS(?), it felt fucking unbelievable. 20 seconds and I was done, I couldn’t believe it – ( barely 20 seconds !? I was shocked).

After around 2 hours i decided to give it another try, same routine as before and when I got to enter it again, oh my GOD. It was even better than before;however, this time I felt the textures slightly more ( I loosened the suction cup more this time around ), I was in it for maybe 30 seconds when I felt the climax coming but I tried to edge, I tried to hold it but I just couldn’t and lasted maybe around a minute this time (only because I kept pulling out and re-entering).

The feeling you get when you pull out and re-enter is fucking fantastic actually holy shit, money’s worth just for that. The material is actually close to resembling skin, I was very shocked to feel that it wasn’t just straight up plastic feel, very soft and skin like. It was tight but not TOO tight, and when you’re pulling out and then going in the lips actually seem to grip you (which is an amazing feeling topped by the entry feeling – which I can’t stress over how AMAZING it feels.)



If for some reason, Destroya fleshlight is not for your taste, there are some different alternatives for you to choose from:

  • KIIRO Onyx+ is a great alternative if you want something high-tech, automatic so you wouldn’t need to do much work, just lay back and relax.
  • If you want an intense experience, Fleshlight Flight Pilot shares a similar texture to Destroya fleshlight, but it’s cheaper.
  • Also, check out our Lisa Ann Fleshlight review for another great choice.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to invest in a good quality fleshlight, I hope this Stoya Destroya review proved that it’s one of the best options in the market.

If expectations and size is right, it’s a great realistic cock sheath.

Stoya Destroya Review

Dainis Graveris

stoya destroya fleshlight


Stoya Destroya fleshlight is a great unique sleeve. It’s one of the tightest on the market, has very intense texture, and it definitely provides a unique experience while using it. 
It is a crowd-pleaser, and many different men would find it pleasurable to use or have it in their sex-toy collection. 


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