Stoya Destroya Review [2024]: Lotus, Epic & Destroya Sleeves Compared

In this Stoya Destroya review we compare Lotus, Epic & Destroya sleeves with each other – look at good, bad and suggest EXACTLY who is it for and who not for:

stoya destroya review

Are you a STOYA SUPER-FAN? An “alt-porn” superstar through the 2010s, with jet-black hair and pale skin. Today, Stoya has mainly transitioned into writing and traditional acting.

Her LEGEND lives on in the porn industry, however, with the Stoya Destroya, considered a gold standard for Fleshlights. It’s one of the tightest and most intense ones you can buy.

But does it hold up to modern Fleshlight standards, or can you find newer models with better features?

In this Stoya Destroya review, I’ll walk you through all the features of this classic Fleshlight, including its legendary tightness, lifelike texture, and more.

The Good

Do you love the feeling of a tight Fleshlight? Who doesn’t, right? Well, Stoya’s Destroya delivers. Most guys find that this Fleshlight creates an awesome gripping sensation while still allowing for comfortable thrusting.

The Not So Good

Experienced Fleshlight users might think the Destroya is a bit tame. It’s so well-known that many other popular toys have used it as a basis for improvement, making it sometimes seem lacking in comparison.

Also, it might not be the best choice for guys with extra-large penises because the excessive tightness could feel uncomfortable. Plus, the narrow canal can make cleaning difficult (but not impossible).

The Bottom Line

Although it doesn’t always live up to the hype – what could? – the Destroya is a classic for a good reason. It provides a tight, intense, and pleasurable experience. I recommend it to both first-time users and guys with a large Fleshlight collection.

Review Note: I ordered the Destroya (vagina), the Epic (butt), and the Lotus (compact vagina). While the Destroya is the main focus of my review, I’ll also discuss the unique features and feel of the other two.

Stoya Destroya is for you if:

  • You’re looking for a tight and intense Fleshlight
  • You want a Fleshlight that’s more “realistic” compared to others
  • You’re an avid FLyer who wants to add a classic to your collection
  • You’re a die-hard Stoya fan

Stoya Destroya might not be for you if:

  • You want a Fleshlight that’s easy to clean and dry
  • You have a bigger than average penis

Who Exactly is Stoya?

Stoya (real name: Jessica Stoyadinovich) is an American pornstar and former alt-erotic model with over 17 years of experience working in the sex industry.

She’s best known for starring in adult movies and writing columns about sexuality for various sites and magazines.

Her body is a well-known commodity in the adult entertainment world. She’s got a gorgeous face with piercing green eyes.

Stoya is a versatile performer, having starred in both softcore and hardcore pornography.

Unbeknown to many porn aficionados, Stoya began her career in the industry when she was 19.

This all started when she posed nude for her friend’s photography project.

Shortly after, she also began posing for alt-erotic websites. This was when she used the screen name “Stoya.”

In 2007, Stoya was discovered by talent scouts of Digital Playground, a pornographic film studio considered the biggest in the US.

After that, she signed up as one of their top actresses until her contract ended in 2014.

Currently, Stoya focuses on independent projects and poses for ZeroSpaces online magazine.

Stoya Destroya Review: The First Impressions

fleshlight destroya review

All three products arrived in one discreet brown box. Once I opened up the big box… BOOM! 

Three classic paper Fleshlight Girls boxes with three Stoyas staring straight into my soul.


Sometimes, Fleshlights can arrive with a slight soap-like film on them. That’s fine. It’s a side effect of certain types of packaging processes.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • White case
  • Superskin Sleeve
  • Vaginal orifice
  • User Manual
  • Lube Sachet

Superskin Sleeve

Like all Fleshlight products, Stoya Destroya offers a patented Real-Feel Superskin sleeve. 

It has a velvety texture and feels incredibly realistic. 

It’s soft but has an incredible tightness that will satisfy even the most demanding of men.

Vaginal Orifice

The opening of the sleeve comes with a vaginal orifice that’s shaped after Stoya’s own labia.

The Destroya’s orifice feels squishy, which adds to the realism of the sleeve. You’ll have no problem penetrating it at all.

Outer Shell

As the brand name suggests, the iconic white outer shell looks like your typical flashlight

It is made from high-quality ABS plastic. Although it has a large circumference, gripping it is easy, thanks to the horizontal ridges on its handle.

Inner Texture

Stoya Destroya’s inner sleeve is a work of art that offers a roller coaster ride of sensations for your penis.

As you thrust the toy, the texture changes. The deeper you thrust, the more pleasurable your experience will be. 

The first two chambers are bumpy (0.5” – 2.5”), while the succeeding chamber is ribbed (3” – 6”). These are designed to massage the shaft of your penis.

The deepest chamber of the sleeve features a series of ridges that stimulates the head of the penis effectively (6” and above).

Bottom Cap

The bottom screw cap is mainly designed to adjust the toy’s suction power. You can tighten or loosen the cap to regulate the amount of suction power. This feature allows you to customize your sensations with each thrust.

In addition, the bottom cap is important because you don’t want to accidentally spill your semen out once you’ve climaxed.

Stoya Destroya Fleshlight Specs Comparison

Here’s a rundown of product specs for the Destroya, Epic, and Lotus:

Sleeve Length
Case Length
Sleeve Length
8.75″ (texture repeats at 4.75″)
1.75 lbs
1.43 lbs
1.6 lbs
Not listed
Case Length
Not listed
Not listed

How Does the Stoya Fleshlight Look & Feel?

All three toys in the Stoya line are made from durable materials with an eye for detail.

fleshlight stoya destroya


The Destroya inner channel is 9.75″, which should accommodate most guys.

The case is made from ABS plastic with subtle, off-white coloring. The outside skin is a creamy tan. Although not quite as pale as Stoya’s famous complexion, the design of the vaginal orifice is 100% authentic to her real body.

The inner channel is welcoming with a tight 0.39″ chamber and bumpy texture. As you move further into the sleeve, the channel widens a bit, and the bump size increases.

At about the halfway point, the texture of the sleeve changes, turning from bumps into fangs. (“Fangs” aren’t sharp. It’s just the term for a bump that ends in a dull point instead of an oval.) Each fang points towards the front opening at a forty-five-degree angle.


The anal sleeve has a deceptively simple design.

Like the Destroya, the Epic is tight. In some places, it’s as narrow as 0.4″, which helps simulate real anal play.

fleshlight destroya

Stoya Epic

The interior sleeve features a triple-chamber pattern. It includes ribs, fangs, and nubs. At the 5.5″ mark, the sleeve has two sets of teeth facing each other, which creates a powerful pulling sensation.

The incredibly tight entrance opens to slightly larger chambers with textures that grip the penis completely.

If you want to learn more about anal sleeves, here’s a list of our faves.


The Stoya Lotus has the same design as the Destroya – but smaller. It’s made so that guys with smaller penises can penetrate the channel deeply. (A mini version of a Fleshlight is sometimes called a blowjob toy.)

stoya fleshlight review

Mini Lotus

With the Destroya, you need at least 6″ to reach the tight, final chambers. But the Stoya Mini Lotus gets the party started much sooner.

On the inside, it feels basically the same as the Destroya, only with smaller sections. Note that while the length is smaller, the Lotus isn’t significantly tighter than the Destroya. (in-depth review here)

How to Use Destroya

Is there a wrong way to use the Stoya Destroya? Not particularly. If it feels good, go for it!

That said, these tips and techniques help maximize the pleasure potential for all three Stoya products.


Before using any FL, you’ll want to warm it up first. It greatly enhances the feel of the toy by helping mimic the natural warmness of a real person.

Many guys skip the warm-up because they’re eager to get started. But trust me. Warming up your Destroya, Epic, or Lotus takes less than five minutes and improves the experience like you wouldn’t believe it.

The easiest and most common way to warm your FL is with water. Fill your bathroom sink with hot water. Drop your toy. Let it soak for about five minutes, and you’re good to go!

Safety Tip: Stick your fingers into the channel first to make sure the interior isn’t too hot.

Want something easier and more effective? Invest in a sleeve warmer! It’s a USB-powered plastic stick that you slip into Fleshlight for a few minutes.

The main advantage of a sleeve warmer is that your toy doesn’t have to get wet (with water, not lube).

If you can help it, you don’t want to use a wet Fleshlight. It mixes with the lube and can make a mess that doesn’t provide enough lubrication.

Watch out! Never use the microwave or a hairdryer to warm any sex toys. It can distort and damage the texture and shape.


You’ll need water-based lube. Avoid oil and silicone lube. They’re harder to clean up and can potentially stain both the inner sleeve and the outer case.

Lube is a must with any sleeve toy. Without lube, you can easily injure your penis. Plus, lube greatly increases your ability to slide in and out of the sleeve, enhancing total pleasure.

The tightness of the Destroya and Epic requires a precise amount of lube.

Too little, and inserting into the sleeve becomes uncomfortable. Too much, and the lube can act as a buffer against the tight textures, dulling the sensations.

Personally, I look for water-based lube specifically made for Fleshlights, which means it won’t dry or clump up.

Solo Use

You don’t need fancy moves to have FUN with the DESTROYA.

Hand stroking is the most popular technique. Move the FL up and down your shaft, altering the speed and depth.

stoya destroya fleshlight

While hand stroking is convenient, it can have some drawbacks. The Destroya is 3.5″ wide, which can be difficult to hold with one hand. Using two hands to move the FL usually is fine for short to medium sessions but can become tiring during long periods of play.

Another option is using a mount, which allows for hands-free use. Some toys have built-in mounts, such as a suction cup for shower use.

You can also make a DIY mount. One popular option is inserting your FL between your bed frame and mattress.

With a Partner

My partner and I love using all three of these toys together!

Most couples find that the best technique is for the girl to use the FL on the guy while the guy gives the girl oral. 

Are you into anal, but your partner doesn’t find it comfortable? They can use an anal FL on you. It’s a pain-free alternative that’s fun for everyone!

fleshlight stoya review

My Experience with Stoya Destroya

The first thing I noticed is the heft. It’s not heavy, but it does weigh a bit more than most of the other Fleshlights I own. Not a deal-breaker, but still a small strike against it.

My first time using the Destroya, I used more lube than I probably needed. Truthfully, I was just unfamiliar with the incredible tightness of the sleeve and overcompensated with lube. Every other time, I’ve used less, and the experience was much better.

The Destroya starts great with a small opening that expands into a larger, ribbed chamber. You feel immediate, 360-degree stimulation as you first enter.

The tightness does feel incredible, but at times I felt like that grip got in the way of some sensations. The pressure against my penis sometimes dulled the touch from the bumps, ridges, and fangs.

Lube Usage

Fleshlight’s official recommendation is to use quality water-based lube such as Fleshlube when using their products. The main reason they give is that it makes the product more realistic by enhancing sensation and texture.

DON’T EVER use oil or petroleum based lubricants on any of Fleshlight’s products. Doing so may cause damage that voids your warranty. These include Vaseline, baby oil, and most personal lubricants available in stores.

Ease of Use

The Stoya Destroya is pretty much as easy to use as can be. It has an intricate yet simple design that makes for a comfortable and fun experience.

Once inside the silicone sleeve, simply start pumping and you’ll soon find yourself ready to reach new heights of pleasure. 


The quality of this toy is first class.

The materials used are non-toxic phthalates free and the interior is made of a soft material which feels amazing as you slide into it.

Every inch of this toy has been carefully designed and manufactured to give maximum pleasure for the user.


The texture of Stoya is a combination of bumpy, ribbed and ridged, which provides ALL the right sensations. 

The bumps near the opening provide good friction during thrusting, while the ribs add more girth, creating a delicious sensation. 

If your penis is long enough, you’ll feel every ridge with your glans, making it very pleasurable,


It has an incredibly realistic design and feel and will definitely get any guy off!

The tightness of Stoya’s inner sleeve is what makes it such a pleasure to thrust. 

Her girth is almost frighteningly realistic. 

The only drawback is that it can be hard to reach some of her inner parts if your penis isn’t very long.


Stoya Destroya only offers four chambers to explore, as I mentioned previously. This is average for a sleeve, but it’s not bad at all.

Compared to other sleeves out there, that may seem like a lot or not enough depending on what kind of experience you’re looking for.


I thought the Epic created an amazingly realistic experience. Entry is tight, almost awkwardly so. But the interior channel widens slightly to allow deeper penetration.

One aspect I enjoyed was the double-teeth section about halfway into the sleeve. The two rows face each other at a forty-five-degree angle.

It creates an awesome, contrasting sensation that you won’t find in many other toys.

If your partner doesn’t like anal, but you do, this makes a pretty excellent alternative, especially as part of couple play.


As I described above, the Mini Lotus has the same basic design as the Destroya, only in a more compact size. So I was surprised by how different it felt when using it. 

The smaller length meant I felt more sensations at once. Did I like it more than the Destroya? Not particularly, but I still liked it a lot. 

Plus, the size makes it perfectly portable. I’ll definitely take it along with me on my next trip, whether I’m traveling solo or with my woman. 

stoya destroyer

How to Clean the Destroya

The Destroya is the first Fleshlight many people buy. If it’s yours, let me stress something important: You must clean your Fleshlight after every use.

Cleaning a Fleshlight doesn’t require any special tools. Use hot water only, as soap and detergent can degrade the material. For the ultimate in hygiene, you can also use special cleaning products made specifically for Fleshlights.

The trick to keeping a Fleshlight clean is washing out all the nooks and crevices, especially near the tight spaces at the far end.

With toys as tight as the Destroya, and especially the Epic, this can get complicated. Fortunately, the toys are durable and flexible.

With a small amount of elbow grease, you can TURN THEM INSIDE OUT, which makes them much easier to clean.

Personally, I use the sprayer from my kitchen sink, but any faucet should provide a suitably strong water stream.

After I’ve finished cleaning these Fleshlights, I leave them turned inside-out to dry. If you’re in a hurry, you can pat them with a towel or even use a blow dryer in the cold setting. (Never use a blow dryer on the hot setting as it can damage the sleeve material.)

Price and Where to Buy

As you’d expect from such popular products, both the Destroya and Epic are easy to find and widely available.

The Destroya and the Epic are both sold for $79.95 apiece on the Fleshlight website when you click the button below. You can split the purchase up into four interest-free payments of $19.99.

You can also buy the Mini Lotus from Fleshlight.

Don’t forget that Fleshlight has a Loyalty program that lets you earn points in a few different ways. You can later use those points as money off your purchase.

What Do Other People Think About It?

Redditors are well aware of the hype surrounding the Destroya and frequently weigh in with their personal experiences.

I think Destroya is a classic, so yeah, I think it is as good as people say. That being said, don’t overhype it. Hype never lives up to expectations.


Reddit user

It does for me. [Referring to whether or not it lives up to the hype.]

The downside is that the cleanup takes a little longer because of the inside being pretty complex.


Reddit user

The only problem I’ve had is that it takes time to get a feel of it. It took me a few uses from it to start feeling all the bumps and pieces inside of it, which are really the selling point. But that’s hardly the toy’s fault.

Two other things you should know is that it’s a little more difficult to clean just because of the texture, and it uses a lot more lube than normal.

destroya fleshlight review


How do the Destroya and Epic compare to other popular toys? Here are two options you might want to consider instead:

Mia Malkova LVL UP Fleshlight

Mia is another popular porn star with her own body-accurate Fleshlight. Although relatively new on the scene, it’s become quite popular in just a few years.

Like the Destroya, the Mia Malkova LVL UP is super-tight. However, I’ve found it doesn’t feel quite as intense. The LVL UP has what’s called an “offset hole.” The labia opening is underneath the hole, so the pressure is placed on the top of the penis during entry. (in-depth review here)

stoya the destroya

Mia Malkova LVL UP

What the LVL UP lacks in intensity, it makes up for with variety. The texture is highly detailed, especially near the front.

One group of guys who might prefer the LVL UP instead of the Destroya are those with small penises, including micropenises.

The unique angled entry and textures near the front both concentrate the pleasure centers on the first few inches on the channel. With the Destroya, the most stimulating section is at the far end, which means you need at least 6″ to experience everything the toy has to offer.

Flight Pilot

As I mentioned earlier, the Destroya is a bit on the heavy side compared to other toys. If you’re looking for something lighter, check out the Flight Pilot.

stoya destroya sleeve

Fleshlight Flight Pilot

The Flight Pilot has a similar design as the Destroya, only in a much smaller size. As a result, it’s lighter and easier to maneuver.

Also, the Flight Pilot is a bit looser. If you like the sensations of the Destroya, but the pressure feels excessive on your penis, the Flight Pilot offers a gentler experience with the ability for faster thrusting.

I often recommend the Flight Pilot for anyone who likes the Destroya’s design but not its size.

The compact size of the Pilot makes it easier to store away in a discreet location, which can be a significant selling point for anyone who lives with parents, roommates, or anyone besides a significant other.

You may also want to consider checking out our best pocket pussy guide for more options.

Final Thoughts

Stoya has majorly influenced the world of sex toys – and I, for one, sure am thankful!

The Destroya’s design will never go out of style. It’s tight and intense with a durable, easy-grip outer case and a lifelike, body-accurate sleeve.

I recommend it as a first Fleshlight or for anyone looking to add a classic to their collection.

Read more about the Destroya, Epic, and Lotus – including the experiences of other real users–here:

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