Lovense Edge Review: How Good Is This Bluetooth Prostate Massager?

The Lovense Edge is a definite darling amongst prostate players more so because of its improved features over the Lovense Hush. It comes with an upgraded interactive feature that allows usage with its app via your smartphone or PC. The adjustable head is also a very nice touch as you can change the angle to where it hits your P-spot best.

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The Good | It has an adjustable head for different levels of stimulation. It comes with interactive features that allow connection via Bluetooth and the internet. Which is good for couple play and long-distance relationships. It has dual motors that give very powerful vibrations. It also a silicone body that gives it a soft touch when inserting or taking it out.

The Bad | First off, its insertable length is short and will be a bummer to some guys. It offers a way lesser experience if you can’t connect it to the App. The multi-function button at the base is also a bit stiff to press for that matter. Also, the thinned neck may cause the toy to occasionally slip-off during movements or when you have it plugged in during sex with a partner.

The Bottom Line | The Edge is definitely a superb invention and its adjustable head is a creative input for this P-spot toy. Its interactive features are well off-the-charts and offer a way broader experience than when used manually. The size may cause some inconveniences during play for some but the silicone smoothness is great. For this, the price is also decent.

Lovense has once again come with some flair with the Lovense Edge sex toy. 

I know… you’d expect nothing else, especially since they crowd-sourced funds for its creation from IndieGogo. The product has to be stellar.

And that’s what we’re looking at in this Lovense Edge review…

Lovense’s selling pitch is the Edge’s adjustable stimulator head (which is true). It has one of the largest perineum stimulators with dual motors to back this up.

They’ve thrown in a well thought out interactive feature and have covered all these niceties with silicone.

The World’s First Adjustable & Best Prostate Massager! It Will Hit YOUR Spot!” – says Lovense’s marketers. 

But is that true? Let’s find out…

Lovense Edge Tech and Specs Overview

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Now, for guys who love that extra length, this will come as a spoiler as the Edge has a shorter insertable length. Also, we’re made differently and this may cause not to fit some guys.

Getting right into it:

The Edge’s head measures about 1.41” and has a total vertical length of 4.49”. On the downside, its insertable length is only 3.13” and not the prevalent 4.00” that most toys (especially Aneros) come with.

On the brighter side, its size makes it an easy asset to store away.


Lovense has used medical-grade silicone to top the icing on the toy’s design. Silicone is always a safe bet for sensational stimulation in sex toys. 

What’s more, they’ve ensured the material is phthalate and latex-free in the spirit of consumer-health protection.

There’s also a bit of metal-work that has gone into making the internal frame and motor circuits.

Price, where to buy

As you know, fellow hedonist, there’s an unspoken law that guides us on our pleasure-seeking quest: 

‘If it gets the job done, then it’s worth the buck.’

The Edge currently sells at $119-129 depending on where you shop. It may come as a steep price for such a small toy but the service you’ll get from it is worth it. 

You can get yourself one at Lovense ($119.00) and comes with a one year warranty.

DO NOT buy such products from Amazon or eBay as the distributors there are mostly unauthorised and will send you fake products made from unhealthy materials.

What’s more, you may get an invalid warranty and still pay exorbitantly!

Table for model specs:

Now, I’ve prepared a table that represents the Lovense Edge’s specs in a nutshell. Hope this helps you understand this prostate toy better.

(head tip and insertable
Lovense EdgeSilicone1.41”, 3.13”Primary BlackSolo, Partner PlayDual Vibrators with 7 Settings

Design & Functionality

lovense edge Design and Functionality

Right! Getting into the details of the Edge:

It has a 2-pronged vibrator design with an adjustable head. This allows you to get it in the desired angle hitting your spot well.

There’s a thinned out neck at the base that is comfortable and serves to provide a firm anchor on your taint.

For a couple-play, it comes with a redefined interactive feature that lets you connect it with your smartphone or computer (must connect a Lovense PC adapter).

You can do this via Bluetooth or wi-fi and lets you control it from any part of the world as long you have access to an internet connection.

This toy has 2 powerful vibrators that are located in the head and the other in the P-tab.

The genius bit is that you can independently adjust the intensity and power settings on each vibrator to suit your taste. Personally I found that pretty exciting to explore.

To top that, it has 7 different settings that give you an adventurous starting base without connecting the App.

In addition to all these, you’re assured with long usage (over 1.5 hours) when you give it a full charge.

Capping it, it’s also waterproof so you can have a session in the showers or tub.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

I used a water-based lube on this toy. Silicone-lube degrades the toy’s integrity as they react aggressively.

Moving on… I pressed the power button for 5 seconds to turn it on before I inserted it in. It filled me up quite great but may bring discomfort to beginners as the vibrators make the tips kinda large.

From my experience, once you adjust the angle, you don’t have to worry about it resetting once you’ve turned the vibration on.

On this note though, the thinned neck was quite a bother as it made the toy feel like a loose-fit when engaging its higher vibration settings.

Once everything was flared up, alternating the intensity and patterns between the toy’s head and P-tab was a sure-fire way of getting pre-cum flow from my peen.

As earlier stated, I found using it with the App far more adventurous than the one-button control on the toy.

This is because you can explore the numerous pre-set settings and intensities or pick from other users online.

Plus… who has the time to keep reaching between his butt crack to change settings?!

Conclusively, I had three orgasms using three varying vibration settings and patterns that I found to tickle my fanny.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Cleaning the Edge is a walk. You can wash it under a running faucet or even soak it in the sink as it’s waterproof. 

You may use a mild soap or any toy cleaner of your choice here. Just make sure you give it a thorough rubbing to prevent any scent or bacteria from harboring on the silicone surface.

Sadly, Lovense doesn’t include a storage bag in the package and so you’ll have to find an appropriate place to keep it.

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

The Edge is a great toy and I’d recommend it mainly to experienced studs. The interactive feature may boost a newb’s experience but the bulbous size of the head and P-tab is a tad too hefty for them.


Who is it for?

  • Definitely guys who love vibrating p-toys.
  • Guys in long-distance relationships.
  • Advanced PO players.
  • If you have a reliable internet connection.

Who is it not for?

  • If you are not down with the buzzing business.
  • Definitely not for beginners.
  • If you can’t access a reliable internet connection.
  • If you’re looking for a low-budget toy.

What Do Other People Think About It?

See and read what other users had to say about the Lovense Edge on Reddit.

From the Red Light Lounge on Reddit, we found this personal experience from guys who tried the Edge…

Shinythingsss also happened to have the Hush and this was the comparison he made:

“I would say the Edge can provide better stimulation overall (because it has two arms and is designed to hit the p-spot) but I use the Hush more because it stays in better and is easier to use hands-free. If you’re just wanting a toy for solo play or remote play with a partner, and you aren’t worried about noise, then get the Edge.

If you want a toy that will be comfortable in a variety of positions while having sex or that can be in while you’re doing other stuff (I sometimes use mine to spice up boring chores like dishes haha) then grab the Hush.”


Here’s another user, wirysturd, who got his order from the first batch:

“I ordered mine on IndieGogo, from Batch 1. It’s a fantastic toy – uses their Lovense phone app, where you can download saved patterns, manually control the toy, remotely control/be controlled by friends over the internet, use video chat, etc.

Being adjustable really makes it shine; I HATED the Aneros, but this form-fits. Easy to insert (not too girthy), stays in place, really fun. The two motors (one internal, one external) are AMAZING. Had some really good orgasms with this toy. Incredible. You won’t be disappointed!!”



lovense edge alternative

In case you might be asking yourself, “Are there other alternatives?” well yeah – there are. Best of all if you’re a newb!

You can check out our Nexus Revo review. This may just be your knight in shining armor and will give you a satisfying experience better than what you’ll get with the Edge.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

The Lovense Edge is an awesome p-spot massager and has very engaging interactive features.

It’s good for couples if you want an out of the ordinary foreplay. Its adjustable head is also a huge plus and the silicone touch will always carry the day. It’s also fairly priced.

One thing’s for sure though: This teledildonic’s not a one-size-fits-all model and may cause turn-offs if you don’t check your size

They encourage use in public but I ain’t following through with that any time soon bro!

Considering beginner-compatibility, it comes a distant second after the Nexus Revo Stealth.

That’s my cue!

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See you in the next review!

Lovense Edge Review

Dainis Graveris

lovense edge bluetooth prostate massager


The Lovense Edge is an awesome p-spot massager and has very engaging interactive features. Its adjustable head is also a huge plus and the silicone touch will always carry the day. It’s also fairly priced. But the size might work for you and it might not – that’s the tricky part.


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