Fleshlight Launch Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This

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Now, this is a new category that's been only around for few years.

When VR Porn sites are popping up like mushrooms after rain, VR sex toys bring this virtual reality experience to the whole new level.

If 2 years ago the technology was still buggy, then now the software has caught up and Pornhub has synced VR interactive videos for free.

If you were looking for a time to try this automatic male masturbator, now is the best  time.

This guide is a result of over 40 hours of research and hands on testing. I reviewed hundreds of other men experiences and tips to come up with this detailed guide that will show the ninja tricks to use the Fleshlight Launch and educate on what exactly you can expect from this device.

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What Is The Fleshlight Launch?

Fleshlight Launch is the first futuristic mainstream male masturbation machine.

It looks cool, and if you've been previously jealous of all the women sex toys — this one offers men an incredible sexual experience!

To use Launch you'll need to get a Fleshlight first.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. I review each product thoroughly and recommend only the very best.

In total the setup will cost around $300:

With Fleshlight Launch you can have the masturbation done for you while you just hold on to the device and sit back.

Watch this intro video to understand more ins and outs of how to use this thing:

But basically there are two modes:

  • manual mode — you control the intensity yourself
  • bluetooth mode — where you hook up this thing with specially encoded videos and get the realistic sexual experience.

The second mode is the reason why you should get the Fleshlight Launch.

Manual mode feels robotic and unreal.

Bluetooth mode and now the software that's available to go with specially encoded porn videos is INCREDIBLE!

guy using blowjob robot

If you get it all setup right — the sync will be perfect.

You will go through foreplay… to receiving virtual blow-job, different positions, different speeds…

What happens in the video — this fucking machine imitates!!!

In past there was a price to pay for subscription or .99$ per video which sucked.

But now PornHub has released these videos for free and the software is there too!

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What Do You Need To Fully Enjoy The Fleshlight Launch Interactive VR Experience?

Right now, it's easy.

  • You simply download “Feel Connect” app to your smartphone — iOs or Android.
  • Then you open the app, scan the QR code from Pornhub.
  • Finally you simply go to the interactive category video, click sync interactive toy to video and “Watch in App”.

Then you just sit back and enjoy the experience! Easy enough!

If you're more hands on and want to watch your favorite porn video synced with the Fleshlight Launch, you can do it too!!

There is a community who share their scripted videos on RealTouchScripts site.

You can just check what you like, download the video, download the script and right away you can enjoy the experience!

If you want to script the video yourself, you'll do that with a help of Blender addon.

It takes some time to learn the basics, but if motivation is right… you can do it!

Yup, you can right now script any video you like and really only your imagination is limitation!

Here's the software I was talking about:

  • RealTouchScripts — this is the community where people share their scripts and you can learn how to do your own scripting
  • Buttplug — the software you need to connect internet browser with Fleshlight Launch
  • Synchyndink — this is the hardware synced movie player by Buttplug. Easy to use!
  • Funscripting addon for Blender — use it to write your own scripts for the Launch
  • Scriptplayer — this is a stand alone player with lots of functionality, that you can use to script your own videos.
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You'll get the best experience if you find the right video that starts with slow fore-play and goes through all the arousing steps till it ends with active fucking process.

With the right video you'll really feel that the experience is simulating the real thing…!

Top this off with good headphones with VR goggles and oh man, you are for the threat!

These Kiiro VR ShineCon goggles ($35) come with headphones and are compatible with iPhone and Android models.

VR goggles to compliment the best blowjob machine

This is a small price to pay compared the Launch itself, so do yourself a favour and don't skimp on this thing!

Will work great with PornHub VR videos.

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Other People Fleshlight Launch Reviews:

Now let's add some perspective and hear what others think about this cool VR toy, shall we?:

“I feel like I’ve gotten $200 worth of fun out of Fleshlight Launch over the past nearly four months. “

“At first, also having the expense of content sucked, but now PornHub has synced content for free.

Syncing isn’t perfect…it’s a little off, but to me, the real appeal and benefit of the Launch is the unique and exciting feeling of pleasuring motion coming from a source other than yourself.

The sense of something being done to you rather than you doing it to yourself, and on that, it delivers.

The first time I used it, I had this vague feeling like I might have just cheated (in a relationship) because it was so wild to feel like I had just been stroked off by someone else, yet it was just me using an advanced sex toy.

So, I see the price of the Launch as paying for an experience (a repeatable) experience rather than just a product or device.”

Source: jawshyouwahwah

vr fleshlight from different sides

“Yeah, ”I’m not even that big into porn, but I can hook it up to the content, close my eyes, and enjoy the Launch move less predictably and in a more human way.”

“The noise level was one of the things I was most concerned about when the Launch was announced — if it was going to be loud, I wasn’t going to buy, but I was surprised by how quiet it was when I watched the videos and wasn’t disappointed when I heard it for real.

But it does gets louder as it gets faster.

Personally, I don’t like how it feels when it’s really fast so I keep it slow and it works out for me.

I’m still hoping for practically silent in the near future, but for an early device, I was surprised by how quiet it is at slower speeds.

About safety…

There are no problems, injuries, or discomfort so far, even if it has slipped off due to me raising it up too high while it was moving.

If you’re just talking about whether or not you dick slips out easily, it’s not an issue for me, and I’m average size.

It only slips out if I raise the Launch up too high.

It is an early product in what will probably be an emerging category, especially in terms of it being somewhat/relatively mainstream and/or mass produced.

There are certainly opportunities for improvement.

I think whether or not it is “worth it” and whether or not you can enjoy it despite its early stage imperfections depends not only on how exciting you find the idea of the stimulation coming from a source other than yourself…

But how excited you are (or are not) about the development of this technology and the interactivity in general.

woman holding automatic fleshlight launch

For me, I’ve been what I call a “sex nerd” since I was basically 10 or 11, so being an early adopter of this technology and finding the idea of being among the relative few and first to experience sexual physical VR outside of some sort of lab or DIY scenario made the Launch a must-have.

I wanted to be among those providing the constructive feedback on devices like this in order to propel us forward to the next generation of product in this category.

If you aren’t really excited and curious about what this experience suggests about what is to come in the future…

If you’re looking at this more like, “ehh…do I really need a cordless electric drill…’cause I already got this one with a cord and it works okay” and judge it as if it’s a mature commodity device category that has been around for ten years, then early adoption of this product may not be for you.

This is like the first iPhone — really cool and amazing, but new and full of potential for improvement.

And if you don’t have the stomach for dropping a lot of money on something so nascent, that’s absolutely understandable.

I didn’t say yes to an iPhone until the iPhone 3.

And yeah, if I was making $11.25 an hour and just saw this as a fancy sex toy rather than a really interesting thing/experience, it would be really hard for me to rationalize this purchase also.

But, from where I’m coming from and with a bit of money budgeted for “entertainment”, I continue to be happy with the purchase.”

Source: jawshyouwahwah

fleshlight launch user review

“First time Fleshlight & Fleshlight Launch user review”

“Background: Married, sex regularly, purchased Fleshlight and Launch because I wanted something more “automatic” since there are several toy options for women.

(Author's note: for other automatic masturbator alternatives check this blowjob machine guide.)

My wife also liked the idea of having something assist so hand jobs aren’t the only non-intercourse option.

We also wanted toys so we could use them together at the same time.

One other note, because Fleshlight seems to be geared towards solo masturbation and porn (and I understand why, not bashing that community), we’re not into porn or getting Fleshlights branded for porn stars.

With that in mind, I wanted a plain Fleshlight that wasn’t a vagina, mouth, or ass.

I ordered the stamina one, which is just plain pink with a hole.

Not realistic looking, which is what I wanted.

I’ve used the Fleshlight Launch one time so far.

Last week we received and tried out the Fleshlight Launch.

Here’s my thoughts after first use:

  • Looks great. Actually, it looks like a single bottle wine cooler.
  • Damn, the touch controls are ridiculous and so unnecessary. I cannot believe I actually have to rub this thing with both hands on either side to adjust stroke and speed. I really wish I could hold it with only one hand. This is from the perspective of a guy that is with another woman while using, but even if I wasn’t, I don’t want to hold this thing with two hands the entire time. I want hands free!!!
  • the Bluetooth button is difficult to shut off because you cover it with your hand to shut it off.
  • it’s very easy to accidentally tap mid session, setting it back into pairing mode and stopping.
  • I don’t use the interactive mode because we don’t integrate porn into our sex, I wish it wasn’t the default.
  • I really do wish there was a way to make it balance or sit firmly without needing to be held. Balancing doesn’t work because it does require some down force for full depth
  • noise isn’t bad, I was impressed.
  • Battery life after first full charge was close to two hours. Doubt that will last long without degradation and the battery isn’t replaceable.

I wish that the Fleshlight extended below the surface of the Launch. As it is, the device doesn’t quite get as deep as when using the Fleshlight manually, which is a bummer knowing I could get a bit more.

Maybe positioning will fix this in future sessions.

It was very smooth in its operation. Impressed.

The speed was good, both fast and slow.

man and his wife

The machine is just awkward enough to not be able to hold comfortably with one hand. I did finally manage to just grab the top and press down, but then I had to change my grip to adjust speed.

I really think an attachment that hooks around and underneath the back while laying down could be great. I may rig something up myself.

Once I finally got comfortable, it was not bad.

My wife and I were able to interact without her being stuck in one place. That was a huge plus.

If the Fleshlight is difficult to use when not fully erect, then the Launch + Fleshlight together are a train wreck:

  • Step 1: get erect.
  • Step 2: use after becoming erect.

Thoughts going forward I’m glad I got it.

Final thoughts I’ll continue to use it.

If anything, I think it will improve sex by making hand jobs more infrequent.

With some practice and modifications, it may be a more useful and fun addition to our interaction as well.”

Source: just_some_throway

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Review After a week with Fleshlight Launch

“The Launch is a quiet, comfortable device with the right tech. With the extensive library of sleeves, you can tailor the experience to your liking easily.

Sync’d videos are mind-blowing but in short supply.

Things like the FeelPerformer app don’t work with the launch yet but they need to make it a thing.

Manual mode needs to be a little more responsive and the controls for things like location need to be more clear.

The intense sensation is great but there’s no easy way to back the Launch off when you climax other than pulling out or shutting it off making for some ruined orgasms from time to time.

Cleanup is simple with the only difference being you need to give the fleshlight a quarter turn to release it from the Launch and then take it over to the sink for some soap and warm water.

It’s about the size of a football so storage may become an issue for people trying to keep it in a smaller storage space like a desk drawer.

Basically, we’re on the verge of affordable sex robots but have to wait for the economics and software to catch up before this item is a household name.

This is a very new product and hopefully Fleshlight/Kiiroo realize how much is on the table if they’ll just let go of the software and let more people in on the game.

I’ve used the launch just about every day since it arrived and it’s only getting better.

I can’t recommend this enough.”

Source: letshavefunlive

woman and automatic fleshlight

Bringing It All Together

This is an ultimate male masturbation toy.

When Fleshlight Launch came out few years ago, the technology/software was buggy and expensive.

But now really — you can encode your own videos or just browse through Pornhub free encoded videos and enjoy the ride.

If you get this thing, please don't stick with the manual mode — the magic hides in the interactive mode which makes the experience feel real.

I honestly tried it for few times and loved it — though I am afraid to use it day to day.

I have a girlfriend after all and it's scary good and stimulating.

But it's incredible to see where the future's technology is going.

Now there's also Fleshlight Quickshot Launch coming — which looks interesting:

fleshlight quickshot launch vr machine

It's better for cleaning, better for guys with bigger then average penises and the machine itself is more comfortable to hold.

So the interactive sex world is really getting more and more exciting!

If you're looking to upgrade your sexual masturbation experience, you gotta try this thing…!

Oh, and finally, check out my jerking off — masturbation guide — it will show you the secrets you didn't know surely 🙂

It doesn't involve any machine, just your hand… 😉

Have fun 🍷