33 Best Fleshlight Girls of 2023: Celebrity Pornstar Models [Ranked And Reviewed]

I spent hours testing & researching the best Fleshlight Girls to make it easier for you. The result is a detailed list of the top 33 celebrity pornstar models!

Best Fleshlight Girls

Would you like to sleep with your favorite porn star

Of course, you would. 

Today, we’re looking at the 33 Best Fleshlight Girls sleeves and alternative sex toys money can buy.

Don’t have time for all 33 Fleshlight Girls reviews? 

Maybe our TOP THREE celebrity Fleshlights have what you seek.

SexualAlpha Top Pick

Riley Reid Utopia does everything right. It’s a perfectly calibrated mix of realism, intensity, tightness, and aesthetics. It’s top of the list because there’s basically nothing to fault.

Most Intense Fleshlight Girl Alternative

FeelVictoria combines amazing tightness, intense textures, and strong suction. This stroker can make you cum hard and fast. Plus, it’s great for shallow thrusts or men with a shorter penis as its most intense textures are located in its initial chambers.

Best Gentle Fleshlight Girl

FeelRae is a gentle stroker that mildly stimulates the head of your penis and the entire length of your shaft. Gentle, but not boring. The uniform ribbing patterns make it ideal for more well-endowed penis-havers looking for consistent stimulation throughout.

Top 3 Fleshlight Girls in 2023

Most INtense Fleshlight Girl Alt



Riley Reid Utopia

Riley Reid Utopia




The Best Fleshlight Girls

A quick note on ratings: Intensity simply means how strong the sensation is, not how good or bad it feels. A more intense Fleshlight Girl is not necessarily better. 

The same goes for tightness. Tighter isn’t always what you want. 

Cleanup and drying is straightforward: 5 is fastest and easiest to clean and dry, 1 is slowest and most difficult. 

SexualAlpha Top Pick

1. Riley Reid Utopia

  • Perfect balance of tightness, intensity, and realism
  • Good for most sizes
  • Good for new and experienced FLyers
  • Might feel vanilla to sensation-seekers

Fresh-faced Riley Reid has been going strong and winning awards since 2011. 

And it’s easy to see why, if her Fleshlights are any indicator of the real thing. 

The Riley Reid Fleshlight Sleeve Utopia starts out with a SUPER tight section that opens up to a wider canal lined with nubs. Then there’s another tight bit, then another canal with bumps, but this time it spirals

Utopia is great because it’s sort of in the “Goldilocks zone” of Fleshlight Girls.

It’s not too intense, not too mild, not too tight, not too loose, etc. Just right

A lot of Fleshlights are only good for certain guys or guys who like particular features. 

But Utopia has mass appeal, much like Riley herself. Almost everyone likes her. It. Both.

Oh, if you want to complete Riley Reid experience, her Euphoria butt sleeve is also great for mimicking anal sex.

Interested in learning more? Read our in-depth review here.

Most INtense Fleshlight Girl Alternative

2. FeelVictoria

  • Combination of tightness and texture
  • Great for shallow thrusts or men with shorter penis
  • Intense, quick ejaculations 
  • Cleaning and drying take a bit longer

While not officially a Fleshlight toy, KIIROO’s FeelVictoria is one of the best and most intense strokers I’ve used. It ticks the boxes if you’re looking for something TIGHT and TEXTURED.

Plus, it has a strong suction control.

FeelVictoria is really unique because, unlike other strokers, you can reach its most stimulating textures immediately after you go in.

In addition, you don’t have to have a long schlong to enjoy the ribbed textures that are usually located at the end of the sleeve.

Initial thrusting feels great because of its suction cup, but it really shines during withdrawal or pulling-out strokes. It stimulates the entire head and shaft, and you can feel each nub and ridge massaging your penis’ head.

FeelVictoria is not for you if you’re looking for a stroker for slow edging and stamina training. It’s NOT gentle at all but still soft enough not to dull the varied sensations from its tightness and multiple textures.

Best GEntle Fleshlight Girl

3. FeelRae

  • For longer sessions; great for edging and stamina training
  • Stimulating for men with a larger penis
  • Very easy to clean and quick to dry
  • Not for those who are looking into intense strokers

The FeelRae stroker by KIIROO is a gentle sleeve for mild stimulation. But it’s not boring or lacks sensation.

You can FEEL FeelRae—it has good friction during entry and feels wonderful when you thrust deeper and in and out. It’s ideal for longer sessions, not quick and intense orgasms.

It offers a unique sensation from other KIIROO strokers and Fleshlight Girls models. The texture patterns aren’t varied. It generally has the same pattern throughout—light ribbing—just with varied tightness along the canal. 

Larger dudes would enjoy this stroker with its reliable stimulation along the head of their penis and shaft.

FeelRae is probably one of the easiest sleeves to clean from my collection. Its ribbing texture means there are no nooks and crannies to rinse in detail. The KIIROO material also doesn’t hold onto too much lube or cum, making cleaning and drying fairly easy.

The newest member of KIIROO’s FeelStars Strokers is FeelRomi. While its canal doesn’t seem too tight, its large and very pronounced nodules and bumps will intensely stimulate and massage your penis to orgasm.

Tightest Fleshlight Girl

4. Alexis Texas Outlaw

  • Gets tighter the further in you go
  • Not too stimulating, so you can focus on tightness 
  • Smaller guys won’t reach the tightest sections

Alexis Texas might be most famous for her ass – one of her biggest movie titles is called Buttwoman – but her vaginal Fleshlight, Outlaw, cannot be overlooked.

It starts out with a relaxed, loose chamber right at the beginning, I guess to lull you into a false sense of security. 

But as you delve deeper into Outlaw country you’ll find ridges that stroke you with some nice pressure and twisting, dotted canals that really squeeze you super tight

The further you go in, the TIGHTER it gets.

That means that shorter guys might not experience it as the tightest Fleshlight out there (try Jessica Drake Heavenly if that’s what you’re looking for). 

This Alexis Texas Fleshlight Sleeve has good suction too, which makes the whole thing even more confined. And it’s fairly gentle to slide through, so you don’t get distracted or overstimulated. So good it feels illegal. 

Most Intense Fleshlight Girl

5. Stoya Destroya

  • Tedious to clean and dry
  • Takes a lot of lube
  • Squishy exterior looks and feels good
  • Teeth probe and drag intensively
  • Tight rings and a variety of textures

From nude model to kinky alt porn darling to New York Times published journalist and author, Stoya has had quite the career. 

When she was at her porn peak, Stoya built a reputation for the adventurous and even the extreme, so it follows that her Fleshlight mold would do the same. 

Destroya is a ride.

A studded tight entrance leads into a “pleasure dome” of “spikes” that probe and massage your head as nothing else can. Following that you find another tight ring to penetrate through and you’re in a tunnel packed with MORE questing teeth. 

Finally, there’s a section of tightly packed ribs that feel like a spa day compared to what came before. 

The suction is top-class as well, making Destroya one of the most intense Fleshlights you can get despite being several years old by now. 

The fact that so many experienced FLyers swear by it even now should tell you everything you need to know. 

Interested to know more details about Stoya Destroya? Check out our in-depth review here.

Best For Depth Play

6. Elsa Jean Tasty

  • Incredible Fleshlight texture variety
  • Tight all the way through
  • Takes forever to dry

Elsa Jean is a cute petite blonde with a wild streak that makes her crave being stretched out again and again. 

And her Fleshlight, Tasty, is no different. 

Narrow all the way through, Tasty has four distinct chambers, each with its own unique texture for the ultimate variety of feelings

Gentle but firm ribs, zig-zagging dots, a twisting vortex, and some lovely fleshy bumps at the final chamber. 

It makes you want to take it slow and penetrate as deep as possible to FEEL the difference every inch of the way. 

If you don’t have 8 inches or more of the shaft to feed her, have no fear. It also works well if you take the case off and just use the entire sleeve to reach the very end. 

Tasty is great because however deep you get inside, you still want to go further. 

Best Fleshlight Girl For Beginners

7. Eva Lovia Sugar

  • Very realistic feeling orifice
  • Not so tight so it won’t overstimulate
  • Very good suction
  • Doesn’t feel like much if you go fast

Eva Lovia is the kind of star you want to make sweet love to for a whole weekend. 

Sugar captures this perfectly: It’s ideal for long, slow sessions. It’s pretty loose by Fleshlight standards, which makes it a sweet choice for anyone who gets overstimulated easily.

But don’t mistake relaxed for boring. There’s plenty of change to keep things interesting, with length and width-wise ribs and chambers of different-sized bumps. 

The sensations are subtle rather than in-your-face.

So if you like to thrust at turbo speed, this might not be your favorite Fleshlight sleeve.

But it’s ULTRA-SOFT, glidey, and has enough stimulation to keep the average enthusiast entertained for marathon sessions or even stamina training. 

Most Realistic FLeshlight Girl

8. Christy Mack Attack

  • Great for fast thrusting
  • Texture feels both real and stimulating
  • Maybe loose for smaller penises

Christy is well-known for her curvy body and bad-girl aesthetic. Not to mention her lively, even aggressive approach in all of her scenes!

Attack has a nice plump entrance that feels very lifelike, especially if warmed up. 

And once you’re inside you’re greeted by pretty tame bumps and a ridge going into the main chamber lined with short bumps running in different directions.

The bumps SWIRL and CARESS, enticing you to up the tempo and experience the whirlwind. 

Anyone 6” or longer will find three nodes that decrease in size towards the end. These seem to help with suction, which is high-quality. But they also feel realistic around your head.

The texture is nice and stimulating while managing to feel a lot like what you’d find in a REAL vagina. It’s like reality with some interesting nubs added on to make it feel even more pleasurable

Best Fleshlight Girl For Large Penises

9. Asa Akira Dragon

  • Realistic
  • Doesn’t need much lube
  • Works well at different speeds
  • Not much intensity or variety

Who doesn’t want to screw the legendary Asa Akira? Her striking Japanese-American features, tight body and insatiable appetite for sex make her one of the most memorable and favorite porn stars ever. 

And both her exact replica Fleshlights stand out as works of sexual art.

Dragon in particular really lives up to its name. 

It feels like it’s coiling around you as you stroke, like Jormungandr coils around the roots of the mighty World Tree. No wait, that’s a Viking thing. Hmm. Whatever the Japanese version of that would be.

The twisting motion feels different depending on the direction it’s moving. So the in stroke feels different from the out stroke, but it transitions smoothly in a mesmerizing SPIRAL

Dragon isn’t very tight and the spiraling effect is better the more inches you have to work with, making it the ideal choice for larger dongs

Best Fleshlight girl For Short Penises

10. Angela White Indulge

  • Satisfying rippling feeling
  • No chambers so you don’t feel like you’re missing out
  • Cleaning is hard and drying is above average time

Everything about Angela White screams indulgence, from her soft voluptuous curves to her genuine lust for all things hot and filthy.

Indulge is one continuous chamber of increasing tightness, that ripples and undulates with unique different-sized bumps running the length of the Fleshlight sleeve. 

It’s not intense, but if you take it slowly and feel the waves crash over you you’ll get some incredibly powerful orgasms. 

It’s very stimulating while also feeling extremely smooth.

Since Indulge uses the SAME pattern all the way through, then guys with shorter penises won’t feel like they’re missing out. 

And that rippling sensation is something every man should indulge in. 

Most Versatile

11. Dillion Harper Crush

  • Varied inner texture sampled from other popular Fleshlight sleeves
  • Huge variation of intensity and feeling
  • Quite loose for thinner wangs

The Crush sleeve is not so much inspired by Dillion herself, which might not be ideal if you’re a huge fan. 

But if they actually tried Crush, I don’t think they would complain.

Crush is a mix-up of some of the most popular sections of other Fleshlight sleeves. 

It has a combination of cross-wise ribs and bumps to begin with, making it a very strong entrance that hypes you up a lot. 

After that, there’s a ring of toothy bumps, followed by a tight ridged section and some soft rippling rings. 

There’s a lot of change and a lot of intensity to enjoy, so it’s perfect if your penis tends to get bored of samey textures. 

Most Unique Textures

12. Mia Malkova LVL UP 

  • Highly detailed textures
  • Intense stimulation from beginning to end
  • Takes ages to dry 

LVL UP has a gaming theme to it, obviously, which is part of what makes it so unique. 

It has button-like nodes for you to “push” and feel like you’re grinding for experience. 

The first section is fascinating. It’s got kind of a tentacle thing going on, with beaded sucker-like arms spiraling around the first few inches. 

So it’s sort of like you have to slay the Kraken before you get your reward. And that’s awesome. I’d fight a colossal squid monster to bang Mia Malkova too. 

The rest of the texture is less weird but equally intense, with fat buttons and multiple ridges of bumps completing an intricate and compelling journey. 

Read our Mia Malkova review to learn more.

Good Tightness and Intensity

13. Jessica Drake Heavenly

  • Very tight section early on
  • Unique smooth and winding tightness
  • Very long drying time

Jessica Drake has been in the adult industry longer than some of her fans have been alive. 

And it’s easy to see why she’s enjoyed such enduring popularity. Especially given the quality and popularity of her vagina sleeve, Heavenly. 

Heavenly is another Fleshlight sleeve that’s great for smaller penises, like Indulge. In fact, it’s even better if you want it TIGHTER and SMOOTHER.

It starts out with a nice gently stimulating entrance before taking you into an extremely tight and twisting canal that grips and squeezes you like crazy.

Then there’s a lotus node which feels like a second entrance. 

Finally, it opens up into a ribbed section ending with some soft bumpy teeth as its final chamber features.

Unfortunately, all those great features come with a cost – Heavenly is hellish to dry out. But it’s absolutely worth the hassle. 

Great In Both Directions

14. Lisa Ann Barracuda

  • Prolonged, predictable intensity 
  • Out stroke feels as good or better than the forward
  • Can feel repetitive for some guys

And now for the queen of the MILFs, Lisa Ann herself. One of the most prolific and hard-working stars in the industry, Lisa deserves a sleeve that matches her status. 

The Barracuda is her pussy or lady sleeve. And just for naming alone, it’s definitely the coolest. I’m not even sure what a barracuda is (some kind of fish?) but it sounds dope. 

But most people aren’t as into names as me, so what does it feel like? 

Barracuda features row after row of prominent teeth, similar to the middle section of Destroya.

But after three inches or so, the teeth REVERT to face the other way. 

Combined, they feel highly stimulating on the in stroke as well as out. So in a way you get doubly stimulated, especially on the sensitive undercarriage. 

Trust Lisa Ann to know a clever trick like that!

Best For Asymmetrical Feeling

15. Lana Rhoades Destiny

  • Asymmetrical so feels different from different angles
  • High variation 
  • Awkward to clean 

There are many sides to Lana Rhoades. She looks cute, classy, and dare I say innocent sometimes.

But from another (more accurate) perspective she’s a freak who wants nothing more than to drain you dry. 

And Lana Rhoades Destiny captures that beautifully.

Both the angles thing and the… draining. It features many of the standard chambers full of nubs, twists, bumps and ribs, but with a twist. 

The whole sleeve is asymmetrically designed, so it feels different if you rotate it around.

That adds to the lifelike feeling and also means that you can move it around to search for your favorite angle. 

The whole experience is novel, constantly changing, and deeply satisfying. Amazing for variety-lovers

Best Fleshlight Girl for Fast Sessions

16. Jenna Haze Obsession

  • Consistently stimulating texture
  • Good suction
  • Simple texture might be boring for some
  • Lube-hungry 

Jenna Haze was definitely a staple of my teenage years. At one point you might even say I had an… 

Obsession itself is quite a lot like the Lisa Ann Fleshlight sleeve Barracuda, but with all of the teeth facing the same way. And there’s an entrance lined with angled ridges that wake you up with a JOLT before you get into the main event.

The one long chamber helps with suction, which is excellent. 

Altogether it makes for a highly intense texture that manages not to overstimulate

You’ll still finish very fast if you’re not careful, so Obsession is another fantastic stamina trainer. 

Best for Grip 

17. Madison Ivy Beyond

  • Grippy and clingy exterior
  • Somehow rough and smooth simultaneously
  • Not the best for thinner penises

Madison Ivy is my second favorite thing to come out of Germany. Just ahead of Weissbier and right behind Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. 

So that’s pretty high praise. Never mind all the awards she’s won for her amazing performances over the years. 

Like a symphony, there’s a lot of INTRICATE detail in Beyond. And like beer, you just want more and more of it. 

If you do the old “get inside it then twist the suction up” trick, you’ll find the secret weapon that makes Beyond stand out from other Fleshlight Girls sleeves. 

Lips that grip! 

Seriously, as you pull you feel the first chamber holding on while the lips wrap themselves around your shaft like she doesn’t want you to leave just yet. 

So get back in there and enjoy those prominent ridges and angled spines that fondle and nuzzle until you start singing Ode To Joy. 

Nice Twisting Sensations

18. Kendra Sunderland Angel

  • Twists while it stimulates
  • Snug but not too tight
  • Great beginner Fleshlight sleeve
  • Challenging to get the lube balance right

That’s right, the Library Girl herself has her very own Fleshlight! 

The Angel texture has two sections in the beginning and middle which are focused on spiraling around your shaft

In between there are more stimulating bumps and a choke point that feels like a miniature version of Destroya’s intense pleasure dome. 

You have to get the amount of lube just right to get the best results out of Angel. Too little and it will catch on your skin, but too much and you’ll lose a lot of the sensation. But trust me it’s worth taking the time to figure out the right amount.

The combination of tightness, probing, and rotating sensation makes for a 3D experience that lives up to the name. 

High Intensity And Variety

19. Abella Danger Danger

  • Tight and high intensity 
  • Many intricate and hot textures
  • Feels good fast or slow
  • Easy cleaning but long drying time
  • Overstimulates easily

Like Dillion Harper’s Crush, Danger is another “greatest hits catalog” of the more popular textures, behind Abella Danger’s lovely labia. 

There’s so much going on inside Danger that you have to stop to take a rest every now and again. 

Starting with the tight sucking entrance, through the toothy bulb and ridges, then onto a canal of dense, angled slats a bit like a tiled roof… *deep breath* And then MORE big fleshy bumps followed up by a narrow tunnel of smaller nubs to finish you off. 

Phew. Did you get all that? 

Whether taken fast or slow, this pornstar Fleshlight sleeve is for you if you like to live dangerously, knowing it could all be over any minute. 

Best Fleshlight Girl For Edging

20. Veronica Rodriguez Caliente

  • Easy to clean 
  • Not too intense, good for edging 
  • Boring for sensation-seekers

Caliente is velvety-soft and features spiraling nubs and swirls running the length of the whole canal. 

The eagle-eyed FLyers among you will notice that Caliente looks and behaves a bit like Asa Akira’s Dragon, and you’d be right. 

Caliente is gentler though, with less strong stimulation from those velvety-smooth bumps. 

Therefore, Caliente is the ideal sleeve to spend a few hours EDGING yourself with. It’s predictable and won’t get too much, so you can really build yourself up. 

Best Exterior

21. Dominika Butterfly

  • Realistic, pretty exterior
  • Stimulating but not too intense
  • Not everyone likes teasing

The outer lips are spread wide open beautifully, a bit like – ohhh I see what you did there Fleshlight! Very clever. 

The lips often get overlooked, but for many users, they add a lot to the overall experience.

And Butterfly’s are some of the best. They look gorgeous and they’re a lot of fun to tease yourself with playing with them however you want. 

Like Dominika, Butterfly is such a tease all the way through. The more stimulating textures are in the WIDER chambers, so it never stimulates you too hard. It always leaves you wanting more. 

That is, until the midway point where a constriction gives way to some intense bumps that will surprise you with sudden pleasure

Best For Strong Suction 

22. Gina Valentina Stellar

  • Amazing suction
  • Rough edges feel unique 
  • Pretty exterior
  • Cleaning and maintenance 
  • Gets sticky quickly

Brazilian-born beauty Gina Valentina is one of the newest stars to get her own Fleshlight Girls products, and the sheer intricacies of the designs show how far the technology of cumming is coming. 

Stellar is packed to the brim with dense ribs, ridges, and notches. 

It’s extremely soft but quite stimulating because of the sheer volume of rings massaging your head and shaft in different places and tightnesses. 

And then we get to the party piece. 

Stellar’s suction is mind-blowing. Like, it’s hard to believe there’s no electronics or magic making it suck so hard. 

It’s almost like there’s a hand outside the sleeve jerking you off with it. 

I don’t know how Fleshlight managed it, but I can’t wait to see what they accomplish next. 

Other Fleshlight Girl Sleeves You Should Consider

Kenzie Reeves Creampuff

The tight entrance and undulating chambers on this Fleshlight are great for all sizes. Forward- and backward-facing nubs make for intense pleasure on every stroke.

Riley Steele Nipple Alley

Living up to its name, this model offers a uniform canal lined with alternating rows of ‘nipples’ for a consistent feel. Great for stamina training or for a simple session.

Tori Black Torrid

One of the more unique designs, this Fleshlight features a series of large textured chambers connected with incredibly tight canals. Definitely unlike any other fleshlight you’ve felt before.

Adriana Chechik Empress

Undulating chambers lined with soft nubs and ridges. The swirling pattern of the textures makes for constant pleasure.

Nicole Aniston Fit

If you want to take your stamina training to the next level, this is the Fleshlight for it. Lots of pleasurable textures without being overwhelming.

Brandi Love Heartthrob

This model is a whirlwind of pleasure in more ways than one. Its inner chamber is relatively uniform but is lined with a rough, twisting texture that practically sucks you in.

Nikki Benz MVP

With a canal that undulates up and down, as well as in diameter, this Fleshlight has plenty to offer. With plenty of delightful textures, there’s a lot to enjoy.

Ana Foxx Silk

Filled with jagged textures, this one is not for the faint of heart. For lovers of intense pleasure and stimulation.

Emily Willis Squirt

The corkscrew entrance and texture-filled chamber on this model are bound to offer tons of intense sensations. Plenty of changes in size and texture will keep you more than occupied.

Kira Noir Spellbound

With a tight entrance and grippy chamber, this highly-textured model is for those who love a good squeeze. You’ll love the central texture chamber and backward-facing ridges.

Maitland Ward Toy Meets World

Three tight entrance chambers give the feeling of entering over and over again. Ridges, nubs, and massage beads will bring you plenty of delight.

How did we rate these Fleshlight Girls Sleeves?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to any sex toy, especially something like a Fleshlight. There’s so much to be said for personal preference, size, sensitivity, and purpose. 

We can’t tell you which Fleshlight is best for you. Instead, we’ve dug deep into the experiences of real, day-to-day people – professional sex toy reviewers, regular folk, and our own researchers – and given you all the information you need to decide for yourself.

The Best Fleshlight Girl Buying Guide

Which star is your favorite? 

Which one are you going to fantasize about? Which one do you wish you could have the most? 

That’s as good a reason to pick a Fleshlight sleeve as any. 

You may also want to consider checking out other anal Fleshlight in this post.


You’ve probably noticed the intensity rating out of 5 I’ve given to every Fleshlight sleeve

You might think that more intense sex toys mean better, so you should always go for the 5 out of 5s. 

Don’t do that. 

More intense doesn’t mean better; it just means more intense. It CAN be overstimulating if you have a sensitive wang. 

If you’re the type of guy who feels like he’s being electrocuted when he finishes during a blowjob, then you definitely don’t want a 5/5 sleeve. Go for a 1, 2, or maybe 3. 

And of course on the other end of the spectrum, if you’re a major thrill-seeker who thinks cock-slapping a cactus is a bit dull, you’ll want the maximum intensity possible. 

We’ve made an ultimate Fleshlight review guide that you can check to compare and choose the best toy for you.


It’s what’s inside that counts, and that’s never truer than when you’re talking about a Fleshlight. The inner shape and texture of your sleeve will determine the sensations that you’re experiencing, so take a look at a Fleshlight’s canal and imagine what it will feel like.


One of the great things about these toys is the choice of orifice – do you want to enjoy a pornstar’s pussy, or her ass? You get to decide!


What are Fleshlight Girls?

Fleshlight Girls combine all the fun and pleasure of a regular Fleshlight with the fantasy of going to bed with your favorite pornstar. Each model is molded from a different pornstar’s pussy (or ass) and features a textured inner canal to give you intense pleasure.

Why should I buy a Fleshlight Girl?

The Fleshlight is already considered the premium toy for penis owners, so the Fleshlight Girls series is only taking them to the next level. If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to have sex with your favorite female pornstar, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy Fleshlight Girls. 

How does Fleshlight measure up to the real thing?

I won’t lie to you – no sex toy will simulate actual sex with a human being because, well, people aren’t toys. 

That doesn’t mean a Fleshlight isn’t awesome, though! There’s so much pleasure to discover. And with a huge range of styles, sizes, textures, and shapes to choose from, there’s so much pleasure to be found here.

Which is better, Fleshlight Girls or regular fleshlights?

If you love the idea of fornicating with a particular pornstar and want the most accurate experience possible, you might be drawn to the Flashlight Girls series. The internal textures are also made in collaboration with the adult performers, so you can get an extra kick out of that.

On the other hand, if those things don’t matter to you, or you prefer to rely on your imagination, you can always get plenty of pleasure from a regular Fleshlight.

How to use a Fleshlight Girl?

As with a regular Fleshlight, use a little water-based lube on yourself and inside the toy for a smooth experience. For a more realistic experience, you can warm your Fleshlight in warm water beforehand.

You may also want to warm yourself up. Once you’re hard enough to penetrate, you can slip inside and enjoy the ride!

Check out our guide on how to use your Fleshlight to get the most out of it.

Is it cheating if I use Fleshlight while in a relationship?

Unless you’re sleeping with the actual pornstar, no, using a Fleshlight isn’t cheating. However, for the good of your relationship, it’s always best to talk to your partner about this first, to see how they feel. 

In fact, you might find wonderful ways to incorporate this toy into your play sessions together!

How do you properly clean a Fleshlight Girl?

Proper cleaning is imperative for the longevity of your Fleshlight and your own health. 

Remove the sleeve from its case. Then, using a mild soap or sex toy cleaner and warm water, clean the inside and outside of your Fleshlight with your fingers (for the love of god, don’t use a bottlebrush, or you’ll destroy your Fleshlight).

Find out more tips in our guide about how to clean your fleshlight.

Where can I buy the best pornstar fleshlights online?

Lovehoney, SheVibe, or the official Fleshlight website, are the best places to buy your Fleshlight Girls. Avoid the temptation to buy from cheap resellers since you’ll probably be getting a bad knock-off made of unsafety materials.

How to make a homemade Fleshlight Girl?

If you want the DIY option, here’s one of the easiest ways to make your own Fleshlight. It won’t look like a pornstar’s pussy (let’s be honest, it won’t look like anyone’s pussy),  but use your imagination. All you’ll need is three pairs of socks, a latex glove, and a rubber band.

  • Take three pairs of socks and stack them on top of each other in pairs.
  • Fold the toes over on the first two pairs.
  • Make a glove sandwich with two pairs of socks, with the glove’s opening on the toe end.
  • Roll the glove’s cuff over the folded-over toes.
  • Wrap the second pair of socks around the middle of your glove sandwich and secure them with a rubber band.
  • Use a little water-based lube and your imagination. Enjoy!


Ultimately, there’s no best Fleshlight Girl any more than there’s the best flavor of ice cream. 

I mean, of course, the best flavor of ice cream is salted caramel but you might disagree and that’s fine. You’re entitled to your incorrect opinion, no judgments here. 😛

The same goes for Fleshlight Girls. Each one is someone’s favorite, and that’s beautiful. 

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