Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Review: Is It Any GOOD?

The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch will give you a fully automated experience using your favorite Quickshot collection toys.

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The Good | It offers an automated experience where you don’t need to do anything, just sit back and relax.

The Bad | It’s a large and loud tool that might be hard to hide or use when there are other people in the house.

The Bottom Line | The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch has a very innovative design and user system that will allow you to get a full-on blow job experience just by yourself. 

In this Fleshlight Quickshot Launch review, I’ll be taking a look at this tool and discussing how it feels when using it and whether it’s worth your money.

About Fleshlight

Fleshlight is a leading heterosexual male sex toy brand that has been selling various body parts as sex toys since 1995.

The story of how the whole fleshlight concept was born is quite unique. 

When the founder’s wife was pregnant, she had a difficult pregnancy, which meant that she wouldn’t be able to have sex for nine months.

Steve, the founder of Fleshlight, was looking into options that would help him survive this 9-months long dry-spell. And that is how the concept of the fleshlight was born. 

Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Overview

Quickshot Launch is an automated male masturbator machine created by Fleshlight to be used together with their Quickshot fleshlight collection toys.

This machine opens up a new world of experiences for male masturbation like the toys here.

It allows you to pick your favorite fleshlight and have a full-on blowjob experience without doing any work, all by yourself.

The company also offers another Fleshlight Launcher option, which was designed to be used with their classic fleshlight toy collection, so don’t get these two confused.

Quickshot Launch is way cheaper and works with a different set of fleshlights. 

It has a very unique and innovative design and user features. Its open design allows for easy cleaning up after the use, and there is even an integrated phone holder so you could enjoy your favorite porn while getting Quickshot Launch experience. 

Quickshot Launch is quite a large and bulky toy, coming at 14″ in length.

It’s not a toy that you can easily hide in your underwear drawer, and it doesn’t come with a bag to keep it in, so you’ll have to take care of that yourself.

It has many different speed settings, which is great, but the higher speed setting can make the machine a little bit loud, so keep that in mind.

Length sizeBluetoothFunction
Quickshot Launch14”No3 pleasure points, various speed options and thrust lengths
KIIROO Onyx+10”YesAutomatically contracts up and down
Bestvibe10.2”No10 speed, thrusting and rotating modes

Price, Where To Buy

Quickshot Launcher is not the cheapest toy to add to your collection.

While it does cost cheaper than the original Fleshlight Launch, it still comes at about $170, which is not very cheap. 

Also, keep in mind that the machine doesn’t come with any of Fleshlight Quickshot toys, so you’ll need to buy them yourself, which adds an additional $38 for each different Quickshot.

Many different places sell the Quickshot Launch, but the best place to buy your Launcher from is the original Fleshlight website here.

We don’t recommend you buy your Quickshot Launch or eBay or Amazon, as you can never know whether you’re buying the original thing or not.

It can end up being a waste of your money and a big disappointment. 

Design & Features 

As mentioned before, Quickshot Launch has a very innovative design that allows easy use and a quick clean up after use. 

The Quickshot Launch has two handles on each side with touch-sensitive pads that allow you to control the speed and the whole experience completely. 

It is fully compatible with all the Quickshot collection toys, so no matter which one you prefer, you can use it with the Launch with no issues. 

One of the most amazing features this Launch has is its ability to boast a maximum of 250 penis strokes every minute at various speeds, penis positions, and strokes. 

This is a very impressive feature as you yourself would never be able to accomplish that, and your hand would be tired after trying. 

It’s always good to have many different speed controls, penis positions, and stroke lengths, so it fits different preferences and moods, and it never gets boring. 

When using the Quickshot Launch, you also have the option to choose from 3 available pleasure zones: the base, the shaft, and the head.

So if you know that stimulating one of these zones gets you off easier, it’s great to have an option to focus on one of those zones. 

Another great thing about the Quickshot Launch is that it has a rechargeable battery, so you don’t ever have to worry about running out of batteries in the middle of a masturbation session and having to go to the shop. 

The battery can work for a full 60 minutes after a full charge. But even if you forgot to charge, you can use it while it’s plugged into the power outlet, which is great. 

A unique thing about this Quickshot Launch is the universal smartphone mount it comes with.

It makes it so easy and comfortable to watch your favorite porn, hards-free while using the machine, for the maximum pleasure. 

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

When I first used the Quickshot Launch, I plugged it in for a charge as I wanted to try using it remotely, instead of having to depend on a wire hanging around. 

It was very easy to get my Quickshot Pulse in place, and it was holding in pretty sturdy. 

I prefer watching porn while I masturbate, so the universal phone mount came in handy for me. I no longer had to worry about finding a spot in my home where I can sit down and would have something to hold my phone for me comfortably. 

Now, to get started, you need to press the Start button and hold for 3 seconds, and all the fun begins.

Once the device is on, you can easily control the speed, stroke length, and the pleasure zone you want the machine to focus on.

The easiest way to describe the experience of using the Quickshot Launch is that it’s like getting an intense, amazing blowjob from a true professional who never gets tired of sucking. 

As a man who loves blowjobs, this Launch was a great investment for my money. 

One of the things to keep in mind about using the Quickshot Launch is that it does get very messy while you’re using it.

As it has that open design, which is great for clean up, the cum is everywhere after you finish, and you need to be careful not to get in on your phone. 

You can make the cleanup easier for yourself if you prepare in advance and get yourself some paper towels or tissues.

You can cover the interior of the Quickshot Launch and the cum won’t get everywhere. 

Apart from that, the whole experience using the Quickshot Launch was great. 

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Cleaning the Quickshot Launch is fairly easy, but it’s best if you do it straight after the use.

You can easily unscrew the fleshlight part and wash it as usual by removing the sleeve and rinsing it with warm water. 

The Launch itself can be cleaned by using wipes. Always wipe it properly, as it prevents your Launcher from developing a bad smell and just looking bad. 

After each use, storing the Launch can be a pain in the ass as it’s kind of bulky and doesn’t come with a case or something like that.

However, you can easily keep it in the box it originally came in between the uses. 

This will protect it from collecting dust and won’t be in everyone’s face when someone visits your home. 

Would I Recommend it?

Yes, I would recommend the Quickshot Launch for those of you who are looking to make your masturbation more pleasurable. 

It is a unique and useful sex toy to have on hand, and while you might not use it every single time you’re masturbating, it’s always great to have around for switching things around. 

While it does cost quite a lot of money and you need to buy the Quickshot fleshlight separately, it’s a sturdy toy that will last you many years.

So, it might be worth the investment. 

Who is it for?

  • Men who want to have an automatic masturbation experience where you don’t need to do a lot of work yourself.
  • Someone who is in a long-distance relationship and wants to enhance their sex life.

Who is it not for?

  • Men who are intimidated by using sex machines to masturbate. 
  • Someone who doesn’t have privacy at home and needs a discreet toy. 
  • Men with larger penises as it might be uncomfortable and you would better go with the original Fleshlight Launch.

What do Other People Think About It?

Here is what other people on the internet are saying about the Quickshot Launch.

What people are saying on Reddit:

If you’re a lazy mf like me, cleaning a regular Fleshlight just ain’t worth the effort sometimes. The quick shot is so easy to clean. I’d say go ahead and get one. It’s good for when you just wanna bust a quick nut lol. They have a new Riley Reid one that has a butt and vag entrance.

Quickshot hack: Insert the quickshot in the opposite end of a regular Fleshlight case and pound away lol. It stays in place, and it also makes the quickshot feel tighter.

Hack 2 (for cleanliness): Insert a plastic shopping bag or trash bag in the Fleshlight case before you put the quickshot in and you won’t have to worry about cleaning your spunk outta the case. Just discard the bag when your done.


How big are you? If you’re average or above average I’d go with the regular launch, the quickshots aren’t that great, and that quickshot launch doesn’t look all that great.

Quickshots are cheaper but kind of a mood killer unless you travel a lot and just want something to take with you, or you’re playing with your spouse or significant other s/he can stroke and suck you at the same time. If you’re above average in girth the quickshot is more uncomfortable than anything.


I really don’t you’d fit inside it. I got one for a free gift and it didn’t fit. I’m usually 5.5 and go up to 6 on occasion. It wasn’t close. The material is stretchy, but the plastic case isn’t.

If you want a launch, I’d go with the regular one and a sleeve of your choosing. They’re designed for people of any size including larger ones. That would be an awful lot of money to pay for something you won’t be able to use or resell.

In addition, you can actually cum inside the full size sleeves without making a mess. The quickshot is open ended, so it goes where it goes. It’s really designed more for couples or shower use, in my opinion. Making a launch specifically for it was a head scratcher I’m still to figure out.



There are a few alternatives for men who are not convinced that Quickshot Launch is a good option for them.

Fleshlight quickshot launch alternatives
  • If you’re using the regular fleshlights and not the Quickshots, you might be interested in getting the original Fleshlight Launch. It is a more high-tech and less messy alternative.
  • KIIROO Onyx+ is another high-tech, sleeker alternative you can consider if you want to invest in a machine that provides that blowjob experience.
  • Here is another blowjob machine alternative that is cheaper and works great for beginners.
  • Other options in our Fleshlight Ice review & Fleshlight Swallow review.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

As seen in this Quickshot Launch review, it is a good quality automatic masturbation machine that would be a great toy to have for Fleshlight Quickshot fans out there. 

The price point of this machine is not the cheapest; however, if you already own a few of the Quickshot collection toys, it might be worth investing in adding the Launch to your collection to enhance the experience.

If you don’t own any Fleshlight Quickshot toys, just regular fleshlights, I would not buy the original Fleshlight Launch instead as it’s going to be a better deal for your money. 

It truly feels like a professional blowjob, and there are a lot of features that allow you to customize each experience for greater pleasure. 

Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Review

Dainis Graveris

Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Review


If you’re looking for a new addition to your sex collection and what to get something that would automate the masturbation experience, Quickshot Launch could be for you. 


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