7 Best Hands-Free Fleshlight Wall Mounts & Sex Toy Holders! (2024)

You got a Fleshlight, but you want a hands-free experience to simulate various sexual positions more realistically. Enter Fleshlight mounts.

However, ensuring the Fleshlight mount is compatible with your specific Fleshlight model can be tricky. Not all mounts fit all models, leading to potential mismatches. Your mount must also securely hold the Fleshlight in place during use without slipping or moving.

This article highlights the best Fleshlight mounts ranked according to their build quality, model compatibility, and ease of use so you find a mount that feels custom-made for you. We also touch on some must-have Fleshlight accessories and DIY mount ideas to enhance your experience.

What To Look For In A Fleshlight Holder

  • Model Compatibility: Ensure the Fleshlight holder fits various Fleshlight models, including standard and specialized versions. This makes it versatile for current and future use.
  • Ease of Use: Look for Fleshlight holders that are easy to set up and use. They should allow quick attachment or detachment of the Fleshlight without a complicated setup.
  • Durability: Choose Fleshlight mounts made from solid materials like high-grade plastics and silicone, with features like reinforced joints to withstand regular use without damage.
  • Adjustability: Select a Fleshlight mount that lets you easily change height, angle, and orientation for varied experiences.
  • Stability and Flexibility Balance: Find a Fleshlight mount that securely holds the Fleshlight in place but is flexible enough for natural movement, ensuring a realistic experience.

Top 3 Fleshlight Mounts

Fleshlight Shower Mount

Ideal for solo adventurers seeking an immersive experience, the Fleshlight Shower Mount offers hands-free operation in the shower. Its adjustable, suction-based design ensures stability on flat surfaces, allowing for varied stimulation angles. Compact and easy to use, it’s perfect for those who want to enhance their solo sessions with the convenience of hands-free pleasure.

Liberator Fleshlight Top Dog

The Liberator Fleshlight Top Dog Mount is a game-changer for solo enthusiasts favoring doggie-style stimulation. Its sturdy foam core and comfortable faux leather surface provide the perfect blend of support and realism. This mount is a must-have for those looking to diversify their solo experiences with a focus on doggie-style positioning.

Liberator Fleshlight On A Mission

For a lifelike missionary experience, the Liberator Fleshlight On A Mission Mount stands out. Its high-density foam and luxurious cover offer a realistic feel, enhancing solo play with a true-to-life missionary position. This mount is ideal for individuals seeking to deepen the realism and intensity of their hands-free solo sessions.

The Best Fleshlight Hands-Free Stands & mounts Available Today

fleshlight shower mount, fleshlight shower

sexualalpha top pick

1. Fleshlight Shower Mount

  • Versatile
  • 100% hands-free fun
  • Waterproof & submersible
  • Not compatible with some Fleshlight products

Do you love water play? Then this Fleshlight holder is your new best friend.

Simply take off the cap of your Fleshlight and screw the device tightly onto the mount.

Next, attach the suction base to your preferred flat surface (think shower wall). To achieve optimal suction, make sure that the surface is completely dry.

Then, find the best angle using the handy side hinges, apply a dollop of a lube for fleshlight, and slide in!

The suction base is super strong if the Shower Mount is positioned properly, and the hard plastic casing makes for a sturdy and stable construction.

As a result, you shouldn’t experience any sliding or wobbling while in standing position — unless you are an unusually vigorous thruster 😉

Oh, and don’t forget to try the Shower Mount outside the bathroom, too: it can be stuck onto various flat surfaces such as furniture, doors, tiles, mirrors, and laminate floors.

The device is compatible with all classic Fleshlight, Fleshlight Girls, and Fleshjack Boys cases, except for the clear varieties.

If you want to use it with your Fleshlight Flight, you’d need to buy a separate Shower Mount Adapter (see the next review).

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flesh light holder


2. Liberator Fleshlight Top Dog

  • Machine-washable pleather cover
  • Moisture-proof polyester inner lining
  • Polyurethane foam stuffing for full support
  • Product is made to order, which may delay shipping

If you are more of a doggie-style guy, get yourself a Top Dog Mount. 

It works much like the On A Mission Mount. The only difference is that you might want to place some cushioning under your knees — especially when using it on the floor or some other hard surface. 

Why not just hop on the bed instead? Trust me, that little bit of extra fuss is worth it: harder surfaces will make the mount more stable and less likely to give in under you and topple over if you get too enthusiastic. 

The Top Dog Mount comes in a standard size of 14.5″ x 12″ x 14″.

So, depending on how tall you are, you might need to widen your legs a bit or bring them closer together to get the perfect angle. 

fleshlight holder

Most realistic

3. Liberator Fleshlight On A Mission

  • Machine-washable pleather cover
  • Moisture-proof inner polyester lining
  • Polyurethane foam stuffing for full support
  • Product is made to order, which may delay shipping

If you are looking for a more realistic experience, the On A Mission Mount is the way to go. 

Simply insert your Fleshlight and slide your dong in for a nearly true-to-life missionary position thrusting

And with a little creativity and some strategic pillow placement, you can make the mount work in a host of other positions too!

What’s more, the On A Mission Mount is not just for solo play. It’s super sturdy and can withstand a fair amount of pressure, so your partner can sit on it and kiss you while you penetrate the Fleshlight. 

Alternatively, you can have your partner lie on the mount just above the Fleshlight. With its dimensions of 27″ x 9″ x 10″, the mount is large enough to comfortably accommodate (most of) your partner’s torso.

That should give you easy access to all their sweet spots — and one or two extra holes to choose from!

Just note that it takes a bit of pressure to insert the Fleshlight into the mount, so it’s best to hold off on the lube until the device is fully in and securely positioned. 

Oh, and the suction can be slightly too intense if you close off the cap completely. To avoid blowing your load too early, make sure you have at least a 1/4 turn off to let some air in.

shower fleshlight

Alternative adapter

4. Fleshlight Flight Adapter

  • Waterproof & submersible
  • Compatible with all Fleshlight Flight models
  • Not compatible with non-Flight products

If you have a Fleshlight Flight, I bet you’ve been enjoying it greatly.

However, you can always have more hands-free pleasure — which is where this handy Shower Mount Adapter comes in. 

It takes things up a few notches by allowing you to attach your FL Flight onto the Fleshlight Shower Mount. 

The result? 

100% hands-free water fun! 

The adapter is super easy to use: simply unscrew the cap of your FL Flight, attach the adapter, and screw it onto the Fleshlight Shower Mount.

The adapter is made of the same hard plastic material as the Shower Mount, so the two fit together like a glove.

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And A Few Extra Must-Have Fleshlight Accessories

fleshlight holders


5. Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer

  • Splash-proof 
  • Non-slip base
  • Built-in power cable
  • No on/off switch, so you need to plug/unplug it when you need to use it

The Sleeve Warmer is an insertable rod-like device that warms up your Fleshlight from the inside for a hyper-realistic sexual experience.

Simply plug the device into a USB port and shove it up your Fleshlight. 

The benefit of using a Sleeve Warmer instead of simply dunking your Fleshlight into hot water is that it’s way faster.

The old-school hot-water method can take a good twenty minutes or longer, whereas the Sleeve Warmer can reach 105°F in just a few minutes

The device also features an automatic shut-off function, which should come in handy if you accidentally forget to unplug it. 

Interested in learning more? Read our in-depth review here.

insertable fleshlight

Product Preserver

6. Fleshlight Renewing Powder

To ensure that your Fleshlight serves you well and for the longest time possible, you should look after it properly.

A common issue with Fleshlight devices is that they may naturally lose some of their suppleness over time. 

One way to prevent that is by regularly dusting your toy with a Renewing Powder. Simply take the Fleshlight from its case and fully coat the soft parts in a thin layer of powder.

Then, place the toy back in its case and store it as usual.

You can also use a regular stash of cornstarch instead. Although the powder comes in a handy container that’s easier to use and store than the typical bulky cornstarch boxes. 

hands free fleshlight

Best Fleshlight Cleaner

7. Fleshlight Fleshwash Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner

As always, health and safety come first — which is why you want to keep your Fleshlight sparkly clean and wash it after each use. 

Here’s where things get tricky, though. You should NOT use soap on Fleshlight devices, as that may damage their delicate surface.

Instead, simply wash your Fleshlight sleeve under running warm water and then spray some of this Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner on both the inside and outside of the toy. 

Finally, let the device air dry overnight before you stow it away. Remember: you should never use your Fleshlight while wet, or you risk ruining it!

Feel free to check out our in-depth guide on how to properly clean and maintain your fleshlight here.

Does Your Dildo Also Need A Mount?

When it comes to mounting your Fleshlight onto a surface, you have plenty of options. But what about a mount for your dildo? If you’re looking for our best dildo mount guide, look no further – here are some of our favorite ways to get your dildo in just the right position.

Best Dildo Mount

Liberator Wing Sex Toy Mount

The Liberator Wing is a pillowy mount that lets you ride and grind in total comfort. It can accommodate any dildo in the range of 1.25” to 3”, and there’s even a place to insert your favorite vibrator if you want the whole thing to move with you. Plus, it doubles as a sex cushion if you ever want to get your partner involved!

Alternative Dildo mount

Liberator Bonbon Sex Toy Mount

The Bonbon is taller and narrower than the Wing, which makes it perfect if you want to bounce on your favorite dildo (without your hips starting to ache from spreading your legs too wide)! It can fit most dildos, though dildos with balls can damage the interior over time. If you love taking control when you’re on top, this is the mount for you.

Lovebotz Bangin Bench

The Bangin Bench is slightly different from the two Liberator mounts – instead of a cushion, it’s a bench with straps that can support up to 300lb. You can attach a suction-cup dildo or use the included harness, so it works with your flat-based dildo instead. After that, all you have to do is get on board and ride!

DIY Fleshlight Mount Ideas On How To Customize Your Fleshlight Hands-Free Experience

Warm Up Your Fleshlight 

If you don’t have a Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer, you can warm up your Fleshlight by wrapping it in an electric blanket or dunking it in hot water

In either case, you should check the temperature every five minutes to avoid overheating the device. Too much heat can damage the product.

If you don’t want to risk heating your Fleshlight, you can warm up your lube instead! Water-based lubes like Fleshlube can take a little heat. Use hot or warm water (depending on your preference), and then apply the lube to the sleeve.

Too much effort? Try using warming lube instead – it’ll give you that tingly warm feeling without the mess.

Add Extra Suction

In the mood for some blowjob action? 

Get yourself a glass mason jar with a 2” to 2.5” wide mouth. Insert your Fleshlight in it so that it fits tightly around the neck of the jar. 

Then, stick a hollow ballpoint pen tube or a sturdy straw in between the Fleshlight and the jar lip.

Lube up your penis and slide it into the Fleshlight. Then, carefully pull the pen or the straw out to form a tighter seal. 

The farther you pull out, the more powerful sucking action you will feel. If the suction becomes too strong at any point, simply stick your finger between the jar and the sleeve to release the pressure. 

Make Your Fleshlight Vibrate

Even if you don’t have the vibrating model, you can still make your Fleshlight buzz. 

What you should do is use superglue or stitching to turn the eight flaps around the neck of the device into pockets for bullet vibrators.

Simply glue or stitch the outer edge of one flap to the edge of a neighboring flap. The goal is to create four cylindrical pockets. 

Then, insert a bullet vibrator into each pocket and start thrusting! 

Make Your Own Fleshlight Mount 

Have you ever wondered how to make a mount for Fleshlight using nothing but common everyday items?

It’s super easy! You can use a bunch of pillows and a mattress to prop it up. 

And if you’d like a more secure grip, use your shoes! Yes, you read that right. Simply place your sneaker on the floor, loosen the laces, shove the Fleshlight case in there, and tie the laces tightly. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to level up your solo game or your sexy time with a partner, Fleshlight Mounts are incredibly versatile and can offer unexpected heights of hands free pleasure.

On occasion, they might be somewhat tricky to get used to, but the learning curve is certainly worth your while!

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