Fleshlight Turbo Review: Thrust Vs Ignition [2021]

Fleshlight promises to give you a blowjob with their Fleshlight Turbo collection, and we’re here today to give a review and find out whether it’s true or not.

Fleshlight turbo review cover

The Good | Fleshlight Turbo does have a very unique texture, which makes it one of the most pleasurable sleeves they offer.

The Bad | It doesn’t quite measure up to a real blowjob, but it does come closer than any other fleshlight. 

The Bottom Line | Fleshlight Turbo collection is a good quality fleshlights with a very pleasurable texture inside, and it is a good alternative to oral sex.

Fleshlight has allowed us to have sex with our favorite porn stars, and now they promise a blowjob experience for those who don’t have volunteers around. That is quite a bold promise!

In this Fleshlight Turbo Review, I’ll be taking a look at two models from this collection, Turbo Thrust, and Turbo Ignition. We’ll discuss whether it’s worth your time and money. 

Fleshlight Turbo Overview

Fleshlight Turbo Overview

So, as I mentioned before, the Fleshlight Turbo collection has two different models to choose from – Turbo Thrust and Turbo Ignition. 

Both models are made out of Fleshlight’s signature SuperSkin material that is supposed to make it feel just like the ‘real deal,’ and it comes in one color only – Blue Ice. 

While it is made of the same material as all the other sleeves from Fleshlight, this Blue Ice color sleeve is a bit more sticky than their pink version.

So keep this in mind when buying your Fleshlight Turbo. 

Both Fleshlight Turbo models are the same size. The outer case comes at 9.75,” and the insertable length is 8.5″. Like with all other fleshlights, they can fit men with the girth up to 7″. 

Case lengthInsertable lengthGirth
Turbo Thrust9.75”8.5”Up to 7”
Turbo Ignition9.75”8.5”Up to 7”

Fleshlight Thrust and has a very neutral orifice. It’s quite nice that it only has a discreet hole in the middle and that Fleshlight didn’t try to emulate the mouth.

It can be more of a turn-off sometimes, so it’s nice they didn’t take this route. 

Fleshlight Ignition also has a neutral orifice, but the texture around it varies from the Thrust, and that’s where their differences start. 

It’s important to keep in mind that this oral sex simulating fleshlight is not automated like some other blow job imitators on the market. So, you’ll need to do some work while using it. 

Also, it’s important to remember that this model of a fleshlight doesn’t go with any accessories like the Fleshlight Launch. 

Price, Where to Buy

Fleshlight Turbo collection toys are some of the cheapest Fleshlights. It only costs $68, and I think it’s a very reasonable price for what it is.

There are many different places that claim to sell the Fleshlight Turbo collection. However, it’s always best to buy from known sellers or the original website directly. 

  • Get your Turbo Thrust or Ignition on the original Fleshlight website here.
  • Buy Fleshlight Turbo Thrust on Lovehoney here.

Also, Fleshlight has a Loyalty program that allows you to earn points in various ways. You can later use them as money off your purchase. You can get up to $25 off.

We don’t recommend that you buy your Fleshlight Turbo from sellers on eBay or Amazon.

You never know if you’re buying the original product, and it can be a waste of money in the end.

Design & Features: Texture and Firmness

Fleshlight turbo design and features

Fleshlight Turbo collection has a very unique design and texture to them, and they’re very different from other fleshlights. 

The main thing that sets them apart when you’re using a Fleshlight Turbo is that it has two entrances compared to the regular collection fleshlights who have only one entrance. 

It is this way so that the first entrance in Fleshlight Turbo feels like the lips, and the second entrance is the tongue. This is supposed to make it more like a blowjob. 

And while it doesn’t fool your brain 100%, it does still feel different and unique in a very pleasurable way. 

Another design difference between the Turbo collection and the regular fleshlight collection is the feeling when you penetrate the toy. 

With regular fleshlights, they usually have a tight entrance, so you feel that bit of resistance when entering it, so it doesn’t feel like you’re penetrating the vagina. 

With Fleshlight Turbo, there is no such resistance upon entry, and it feels more like you’re entering the mouth.

It is a very interesting design choice, which makes the Turbo collection stand out. 

The design on Turbo Thrust and Turbo Ignition makes them two very different experiences, even though they come from the same collection.

So, let’s take a look at each Turbo collection fleshlight:

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Design

Turbo Thrust has four different holes you can enter. It has the main orifice in the middle, which looks like a simple circle, and then there are three swirls around, creating three more open holes for your dick to go in. 

This is a very interesting design choice, and it makes the experience way more fun.

You can enter through the main hole and get straight to the main part of the toy, or you can enter through the side and feel different parts of your penis receiving pleasurable stimulation. 

Turbo Thrust is definitely the more luxurious and gentle fleshlight in the Turbo range. There is no resistance when you get inside, and it feels snug and familiar in a good way. 

It has three distinct pleasure chambers:

  • The first one has the most texture; it has little bumps and swirly ridges going all around the sleeve.
  • The second chamber has a very interesting design with different ridges going in all directions all around the sleeve.
  • The third pleasure chamber has rectangular and square bumps all around the sleeve, going in all directions. 

You can feel different textures as you’re passing to different pleasure chambers, and it does give a lot of pleasure. 

Fleshlight Turbo Ignition Design

This Turbo collection sleeve has a very different design from the Thrust version. 

The first difference is the orifice. While it does have the same neutral circle hole in the middle, it does have three thick lines going doing the side from the center hole. 

There are even more ways to enter the fleshlight, as there are six side holes and the one in the center. 

The second entrance is where the main difference between the Turbo Thrust and Turbo Ignition lies. Ignition has this intense cluster of bumps and ridges all around the sleeve when you first enter. 

It creates a very unique stimulation, and each time you have to pass this section, it feels amazing. 

Once you’re past this first section, there is a snug pleasurable corridor that gives you some intense stimulation. It has ridges, bumps, rectangles, and oxygons going all around the sleeve in all directions, all ready to give you the most amount of pleasure.

Ignition has a way more intense design and texture inside than Thrust has. 

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

Okay, so there are a lot of things to unpack here. Let’s start with my experience using Turbo Thrust. 

Turbo Thrust was a very pleasurable experience for me. It was nice, familiar, and it did remind me a bit of some blowjobs I’ve had in the past.

Now, it didn’t completely felt like those blowjobs, but it did come pretty close, which was nice. 

The sleeve fits very snug around your penis when you enter it. While you do feel the different texture each pleasure chamber has, it’s very subtle, and the pleasure feels linear, consistent. 

It doesn’t offer any surprises when you’re inside the sleeve; it just feels soft and silky and pleasurable while you’re inside. It is a very comforting fleshlight that I see a lot of men enjoying. 

Turbo Thrust feels like sex with someone familiar and relaxing, a toy that you would use when you want to wind down after a long day or on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Turbo Ignition, on the other hand, is a completely different experience. 

It is a way more intensive and aggressive type of pleasure experience. When I used it, the first impression after entering was ‘Oh My God!’.

The sensation, when passing through the cluster of texture at the very beginning of the entrance is quite mind-blowing. 

It has a little bit of resistance, which puts pressure on all the right points on your penis when you’re entering it.

When I used it, I had this craving of wanting more of it, of wanting to feel that passing thought the clustered area again and again.

It’s was a very exciting experience, and quite a lot different from using Turbo Thrust. 

I feel like Turbo Ignition gives that quick, exciting blowjob experience, and it does remind more of that deep throat blowjob than a regular one.

Of course, it doesn’t come close to a real-life thing, but it creates a reminiscing feeling.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Cleaning your Fleshlight Turbo toy is not going to be the easiest task. 

Because it’s a pretty tight sleeve and has lots of different bumps and texture inside, you have to be careful and attentive when washing it to really get everything out. 

It’s always best if you wash it straight after the use so that the liquids don’t get dry inside. 

Simply put it under warm running water and rinse it. Try inserting your fingers and really scrape all the lube and cum out so that there is nothing left inside. 

These fleshlights also tend to dry slower due to their complexity in texture, so leave it at least for 4 to 5 hours each time. 

With every other fleshlight, it’s always recommended to use the renewing power after a few uses to make sure your sleeve doesn’t dry out with time. 

Because Turbo collection comes in this almost transparent Blue Ice color, I don’t recommend you use the renewing powder on it as it will get cloudy and can look bad. 

Would I Recommend it? If so, to whom?

Yes, I would actually recommend these fleshlights if you were interested in getting one. 

While it’s not going to give you a full-on blowjob experience, it’s still a very much different experience from any other fleshlight. So, it’s worth having it in your collection. 

Also, it does come at a pretty reasonable price, so you’re not going to break your bank by buying it at $68.

Of course, everyone has different sexual needs and preferences, so you might not need Fleshlight Turbo in your sex toy collection. 

Who is it for?

  • For men who want a different fleshlight experience from the classic collection. 
  • For men who don’t like the feeling of resistance while using the regular fleshlight. 
  • For men who want to expand their sex-toy collection.

Who is it not for?

  • For men, who want a fully automated experience, Fleshlight Turbo collection requires you to do some work. 

What do Other People Think About It?

I found a few different experiences of using the Fleshlight Turbo collection toys that people shared online:

What people on Reddit are saying:

“I love the Ignition. Feels exactly like the lips and tongue of a blowjob. And the interior is super intense. Yanks the orgasms right out of me.

But you mentioned you wanted something a little more “sloppy”. And that would be Thrust. It is a little more subdued experience. Add some extra lube and it is even more sloppy.”


“The thing I love most about the Turbo Thrust is that it gets my shaft as hard as ROCK!!! No other sleeve gets me as hard so quickly!

And of course, it’s not at all about the looks of the sleeve. It’s the feel of the sleeve that gets me so rock hard! There’s just something about the smooth stimulation it puts on the shaft that makes it so great.

Plus the rings fairly accurately simulate the sensation of lips, tongue, and throat. Some reviewers said that if they closed their eyes then they really couldn’t tell much difference between the Thrust and the real thing lol”



If you don’t like the pleasure experience Fleshlight Turbo has to offer you, there are alternatives on the market.

Of course, as this product is pretty unique, you won’t find something similar but at a lower price. Rather, something that’s either automated or has a different texture. 

Some great alternatives to choose from:

fleshlight turbo alternatives
  • KIIRO Onyx+ is one of the best quality automatic blowjob machines that will blow your mind. It does come at a way higher price, but it has many different features that make it worth the price point. Also, it’s very sleek and has a discreet design so you can even take it when you’re traveling with you. So when you get lonely in a hotel room, you have something to play with.
  • Here is another automatic blowjob machine option for those who are lazy to do the work themselves, but want that blowjob experience. It’s a cheap model and is pretty simple when it comes to different features. But if you’re a beginner, it might be worth giving it a try to find out if you like that type of pleasure toys.
  • Fleshlight has more variations on different textures on their website here and here if you like the Ice material on your fleshlights. It might be worth checking them out if you were not impressed with the textures that the Fleshlight Turbo collection has to offer.

We also have a Fleshjack review if you want other options.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Fleshlight Turbo collection is made out of great quality materials and has a very unique design that you won’t find anywhere else. 

You have two different toys to choose from, so you can either go a more luxurious, simple way with Turbo Thrust, or you can choose the more intense ‘Oh my God!’ path and pick the Turbo Ignition. 

While Turbo fleshlights won’t completely replace the real-life blowjobs, if you’re going into not expecting it to do so, you’ll be in for a pleasant ride. 

It does provide a different pleasure experience from other fleshlights so they are worth it.

So if you were on a lookout for a new addition to your pleasure toy collection, I hope this Fleshlight Turbo review will make your decision that much easier.

If expectations and size is right, it’s a great realistic cock sheath.

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Review

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fleshlight turbo thrust


Fleshlight Turbo collection is made out of great quality materials and has a very unique texture that you won’t find anywhere else.


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