23 Best Cheap Fleshlights & Affordable Budget Alternatives [2021]

Looking for best cheap Fleshlight that is budget friendly, yet affordable? I ACTUALLY tested all of them to give you the best options that won’t break the bank all in one place! Read on:

Best Cheap Fleshlight Alternatives

Fleshlights are the big name in male masturbators for a good reason. 

They’re high-quality, durable, and oh yeah they feel awesome. 

The only problem is… most Fleshlights don’t come cheap. 

But there are exceptions. 

And many great alternatives from other manufacturers. 

That’s why I’ve rounded up the 23 best cheap Fleshlights and Fleshlight alternatives so you can bust a nut without busting your wallet. 

Here’s my Top 3 if you want the best of the best. 

SexualAlpha Top Pick

The best value for money belongs to the Quickshot Pulse. For half the price of a regular Fleshlight you get an open-ended stroker that looks good, cleans up easily, and feels amazing whether used alone or with a partner. Plus it’s simple to hide and travel with! 

Best for Quick Sessions

Fleshskins Blue Ice is less of a stroker and more of an improved handjob. With finger holes for better control, you can cum in two minutes or two hours, whatever you need. It also comes with a handy drying and storage case. That’s a lot of bang for your buck. 

Best Lightweight Cheap Fleshlight

And if you want the full Fleshlight experience for a bargain price, Flight Aviator is the way to go. It’s a lighter, more streamlined Fleshlight that offers all of the fun in a more compact design. Also, it’s transparent, so it’s a treat for the eyes as well as your… other areas.

Don’t forget that Fleshlight has a Loyalty program that lets you earn points in a few different ways. You can later use those points as money off your purchase.

Top 3 Cheapest Fleshlights in 2021

Fleshskins Blue Ice

Fleshskins Blue Ice


Insertable Length: 5.4” 
Orifice Type: Non-anatomical
Material: Soft Plastic
Features: Drying case

Quickshot Pulse

Quickshot Pulse


Insertable Length: 3.5” 
Orifice Type: Non-anatomical
Material: Soft Plastic
Features: Open-ended transparent 

Flight Aviator

Flight Aviator


Insertable Length: 7” 
Orifice Type: Non-anatomical
Material: Soft Plastic
Features: Transparent

23 Best Cheap Fleshlights/Fleshlight Alternatives

1. Quickshot Pulse

SexualAlpha Top Pick

Insertable Length: 3.5” | Orifice Type: Non-anatomical | Material: Soft Plastic | Features: Open-ended, transparent

  • Traansparent so you can see yourself thrust
  • Discreet and easy to hide
  • Great for couples
  • Feels more like a handjob than penetration
  • Simple texture might be boring for some guys

It doesn’t look like much — actually it just looks like a fist-sized chunk of clear plastic — but appearances can be deceiving. 

Just 4.4 inches in total length (3.5 insertable), the Quickshot Pulse is small and easy to hide in your sock drawer away from prying eyes. 

And once you slip it on… WOW

It’s open at either end so you go in one side and out the other, so you use it as an enhancement for your hand rather than a pussy. 

You can stroke yourself and watch the transparent plastic ripple over you, or have a partner supplement their blowjob skills with it. 

Either way, you’re in for a treat. 

Plus, it’s really easy to clean. You just wash it out and leave it to dry for an hour or two. 

Full-size Fleshlights are big. Like, 10” long total. And the whole sleeve needs to dry out before you can use it again. That can take a whooole day. 

24 hours of leaving your big plastic vagina out in the open so it doesn’t go moldy. Not exactly a ninja’s wet dream.

So the Quickshot is way more convenient than a full-size Fleshlight.

2. Quickshot Vantage

Most Discreet Pocket Pussy

Insertable Length: 3.5” | Orifice Type: Non-anatomical | Material: Soft Plastic | Features: Open-ended, transparent

  • Screwing texture more intense than the Pulse
  • Small and discreet
  • Picks up dirt easily

The Vantage is basically the same design as the Quickshot Pulse, but instead of the gentler ribbed texture, it has more of a corkscrew thing going on.

That makes it more intense, which is either better or worse than the Pulse depending on your personal preference. 

And if your budget can stretch that far, you can always grab two Quickshots and a connector for the full-length treatment. 

3. Go Surge

Tightest Cheap Fleshlight

Insertable Length: 6.5” | Orifice Type: Vagina | Material: Soft Plastic

  • Tighter than most Fleshlights
  • Full Fleshlight experience in a more compact case
  • Too tight for some guys

If tightness is king for you, go for the Go Surge. It’s one of the more expensive items on this list at about $60, but you’ll know where your money went. 

The Fleshlight Go range is just as normal Fleshlights, but smaller and more compact. 

That means they’re easier to store and considerably tighter.

Plus you can still fit your whole penis inside them (unless you have a big ol’ schlong), so you get the FULL penetration feeling.

The Go Surge Lady features criss-crossing lines that slide along your shaft, leading to a bulb of intense nubs that massage the glans magnificently. 

Sure, if you’re on a shoestring budget then this might be out of your price range, but it’s money well spent! 

4. Go Torque Ice

Portable Budget Fleshlight

Insertable Length: 6.5” | Orifice Type: Non-anatomical | Material: Soft Plastic | Features: transparent

  • Transparent
  • Great adjustable suction
  • Lots of texture to enjoy
  • Clear plastic gets cloudy
  • Texture makes it harder to clean

With the Go Torque Ice Fleshlight managed to fit a whole lot of texture into a neat 7-inch package. 

It’s got bumps, ridges, tight canals, nodes, you name it — it’s in there somewhere

Just pushing into it slowly and marveling at what you see and feel next is a great time. 

And the transparency is awesome because you can watch yourself fill the sleeve and take up every inch. 

Basically, if you or your penis gets bored easily, this is the Fleshlight for you. 

5. Fleshskins Blue Ice

Best Cheap Fleshlight For Quick Sessions

Insertable Length: 5.35” | Orifice Type: Non-anatomical | Material: Soft Plastic, ABS plastic (drying case)

  • Can increase the pressure easily by squeezing your hand
  • Comes in a handy drying case
  • Stretchy
  • Finger holes look kinda weird
  • Easy to dry but hard to clean

Sometimes you wanna crank one out as quickly as possible. You’re a busy guy, you don’t have two hours for a marathon FLying session. 

In that case, the Fleshskins Blue Ice was made for you. 

Sure, the finger holes look a little goofy, but as the old saying goes: 

“If it looks stupid but it works, it ain’t stupid.” 

So the Blue Ice is very smart indeed. You can adjust your grip in a heartbeat exactly like masturbating the old-fashioned way. 

Basically, it’s jerking off but if your hand felt like a Fleshlight. Which as you can imagine is so much better. 

And because you have so much control over the action, you can finish as quickly as you want to. 

6. Flight Aviator

Best Lightweight Cheap Fleshlight

Insertable Length: 6” | Orifice Type: Non-anatomical | Material: Soft Plastic |

  • Sleek design
  • Light and easy to carry
  • Tight
  • Same-y internal texture

The Flight series are some of the most popular Fleshlights out there. It’s all the FUN of a full-size Fleshlight but with a more stylish, curved design. 

The orifice is one of the most interesting parts of the toy. It’s shaped like a turbine in a jet engine, which looks awesome and feels interesting to push through. 

Once inside you’re greeted by a steady texture with rings and notches that have square edges, so the stimulation is constant and intense

Changing the speed changes the feeling a lot, so experiment with different airspeed velocities to find your cruising altitude. 

 Still, if you prefer variety then check out the Pilot or Commander below. 

7. Flight Pilot

Best Cheap Fleshlight for Travel

Insertable Length: 6” | Orifice Type: Non-anatomical | Material: Soft Plastic

  • Engaging, varied texture
  • Black case for discretion
  • Too small for above-average penises
  • Smooth outer case gets slippery with lube on your hands

If you want a cheaper Fleshlight specifically for travel, the Pilot is the best of the Flight series. 

It has a black outer case that makes it more stealthy in your suitcase compared to the clear Aviator or blue Commander. 

It feels great, too: lots of bumps and ridges and alternating chambers make it one of the more intense Fleshlights. 

The bumpy textures combined with the tightness means it’s not the best choice for girthier gentlemen, but for everyone else looking for a fun travel companion the Pilot will take you where you want to go. 

8. Flight Commander

Best Budget Fleshlight With Intense Sensations

Insertable Length: 6” | Orifice Type: Non-anatomical | Material: Soft Plastic

  • Two entry points for strong suction
  • Extra tight
  • Feels like a blowjob
  • Loud
  • Too small for some

Less texture than the Pilot, but tighter and with impressive suction, the Commander feels more like a blowjob in a case than a sleeve. 

The double entry points make it suck harder and provide the feeling of lips and tongue when you close your eyes, which is brilliant. 

Like all of the Flight sleeves, the Commander is light and ergonomic enough to use one-handed, so they make great shower companions. 

And since it’s compact, average-size guys can reach just about to the end for a real deep-throat sensation. 

9. Original Pink Lady

Most Realistic Texture

Insertable Length: 9” | Orifice Type: Vagina | Material: Soft Plastic

  • Close to the real thing
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Full-size Fleshlight but cheaper
  • Not very stimulating

The Pink Lady was the very first Fleshlight ever invented, and it’s stuck around for a long time.

Since it’s older, you can get it for a bargain price compared to the newer and more intricate Fleshlight Girls. 

It’s a plain, smooth pink tunnel that feels more like the real thing than any of the FL girls. 

It might be boring if you’re used to highly stimulating textures or jerk off with a very tight grip, however. 

But for a realistic Fleshlight that doesn’t break the bank, you can’t go wrong with the original. 

10. Mini Lotus

Best For Beginners

Insertable Length: 9” | Orifice Type: Vagina, Butt | Material: Soft Plastic

  • Tight but soft
  • Realistic and stimulating
  • Takes a long time to clean and dry
  • Can be noisy

The Mini Lotus is a fantastic first Fleshlight because you get a combination of realism and sensation that’s hard to find in such perfect balance. 

It has gentle, rippling waves that draw you in and massage from all directions, so it feels smooth but not boring. 

It also has a good level of suction that keeps things engaging without distracting from the texture. 

And all while giving you change for 60 bucks! I’d call that a bargain. 

11. Turbo Thrust 

Feels Most Like A Blowjob

Insertable Length: 8.5” | Orifice Type: Non-anatomical | Material: Soft Plastic | Features: Open-ended, transparent

  • Blowjob feeling
  • Transparent
  • Huge variety of sensations
  • Loud

Okay, maybe the Turbo Thrust is pushing the limit of what you’d call “cheap”. 

I mean, $70 isn’t exactly pocket change. 


It’s so damn good that you’d think it would cost twice as much. 

The Turbo Thrust has three points of entry for some fascinating combinations of feeling. 

You can play around with the wobbly top part to tease yourself first, or plunge right into the wild edgy-yet-smooth texture. 

The three points mimic the feeling of lips, tongue and throat. I was skeptical at first but I gotta tell ya — it really does the job. 

And the suction is top-notch to boot! It even makes a pretty convincing deep throat sound. That’s not quiet, so make sure you put on some music if you don’t live alone. But it sounds nice. 

12. Stamina Training Unit 

For Stamina Training

Insertable Length: 8.5” | Orifice Type: Vagina, butt, non-anatomical | Material: Soft Plastic

  • 3 orifices to choose from
  • Constant stimulation
  • Gold case is conspicuous

The STU is a nice, simple sleeve. From beginning to end it’s lined with big, soft bumps all around. These massage every inch of your shaft and head gently but firmly. 

The constant gentle pressure ramps up quickly to BIG orgasms if you’re not careful. So it’s perfect for increasing your sexual stamina to last longer during the real event. 

You can ROTATE it too to add another dimension of stimulation — just in case it wasn’t enough already. 

Oh yeah, speaking of cases — this one’s bright gold. Which is either cool or annoyingly flashy depending on your preference. But whether you like it or not, it’s gonna be difficult to hide from prying eyes. 

Despite the distinct look, the STU is a simple design that still goes toe-to-toe with any of the most intense FL girls, but at a nice discount. 

13. Classic Pink Butt

Cheap Anal Fleshlight

Insertable Length: 8.5” | Orifice Type: Butt | Material: Soft Plastic 

  • Butt orifice feels like the real thing
  • Hole is tighter than the Pink Lady
  • Might be boring

Exactly the same uniform smooth texture on the inside, but with a butt hole instead of a vagina. 

That makes the Pink Butt perfect for anal lovers and anyone who prefers a tighter entrance

It has all of the same strengths as the Pink Lady otherwise — realistic and easy to clean. 

But it also shares the limitation, i.e. if you get bored easily and need more stimulation this won’t be the best choice for you. 

In fact, you might be better off without a Fleshlight at all. 

Let’s see what other sex toy creators have to offer… 

Cheap Fleshlight Alternatives

14. New Standard Tenga Egg Pack

Best Cheap Fleshlight Alternative

Insertable Length: stretches to about 7” | Orifice Type: Non-anatomical | Material: Soft Plastic

  • 6 textures in 1 pack
  • Very discreet
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Not long-lasting
  • Tear easily with vigorous use

If you want to broaden your horizons from the fake vaginas and butts, let us sail to a distant land of non-anatomical pleasure and innovation. Tenga eggs are as good a place to start as any. 

Each pack contains 6 different egg-shaped masturbation sleeves, all offering a different texture and feeling once you squeeze it over yourself. 

They’re made of ultra-soft plastic that can stretch to fit around a Coke bottle, so don’t let their small size put you off. 

Some are more stimulating while others are more subtle, so you’re practically guaranteed to find something that hits you just right.

And since they’re squishy and stretchy the amount of pressure you feel is in the palm of YOUR hand. 

Note: Tenga say that their eggs are meant to be single-use and disposable, and it’s true that the first use is the best. But you can wash them out carefully and re-use them for about a month before they wear out completely.

15. Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu’s Onahole

Most Realistic Alternative

Insertable Length: 5.5” | Orifice Type: Vagina | Material: Soft Plastic

  • Incredibly life-like
  • Very tight yet soft
  • Different positions give you new sensations
  • Hard to clean
  • Soft material tears easily

It might be hard to spell and pronounce but this sleeve should not be ignored. 

Meiki feels more like the real thing than any Fleshlight, all the way down to the internal folds and prominent g-spot

In fact, it’s so life-like at times that you start trying to use it in ways that “she” will enjoy! 

There’s no hard case for this onahole so you can squeeze the outside for added tightness or wedge it between some pillows to make love to “her”. 

The only downside of all this glory is that she’s high-maintenance. Those internal folds and delicate material make it a challenge to clean and dry without toy cleaner and a bit of patience. 

But it’s 100% worth the effort, and for less than a Fleshlight, you’re still saving money. 

16. THRUST Pro Mini Ella

Cheapest Quality Alternative

Insertable Length: 5” | Orifice Type: Vagina | Material: Soft Plastic

  • Has a hole for a bullet vibrator
  • Very light and easy to travel with
  • Too tight for some guys
  • Wears out easily

The Mini Ella is a cute little sleeve that’s a great choice to put in a bag and take with you traveling. Just roll it up in a towel or something first. 

It has a realistic opening and supple material that’s REALLY tight. 

Most dudes should like the close-fitting canal, but it’s probably gonna be too tight for anyone much bigger than average. 

Oh yeah, and if you happen to have a bullet vibrator lying around, Ella has a slot you can use to make the whole thing vibrate

That’s a vibrating sleeve at a fraction of the cost of a “proper” vibrating sleeve. Talk about value for money. 

17. Tenga Deep Throat Onacup

Discreet Pocket Pussy

Insertable Length: 5” | Orifice Type: Non-anatomical | Material: Soft Plastic | Features: Open-ended, transparent

  • Strong suction
  • Comes pre-lubricated
  • Limited use
  • A little noisy

It might look pretty basic, but once you get inside it you realize there’s a lot of engineering inside an Onacup. 

Another innovation from Tenga, the Onacup works a lot like a non-anatomical Fleshlight. 

It has adjustable suction thanks to the air hole on the top. This gives a convincing deep-throat feeling to the experience.

It even has the squelching noises, so if you have roommates I wouldn’t use this while they’re around. 

The material is this luscious pillowy TPE that clings and grips in all the right ways. The Onacup feels so good that you’d expect it to be way more expensive… 

…But then, Tenga say that it’s designed to be used once and thrown away. 

It’s not easy to clean out, but if you avoid finishing inside it (or wear a condom) you can get several good uses out of it. 

Definitely worth trying as a tester to see if you’ll like Tenga’s reusable products. 

18. Tenga 3D Polygon

Best Modern Art Pocket Pussy

Insertable Length: Stretches to about 9” | Orifice Type: Non-anatomical | Material: Soft Plastic 

  • Beautifully designed
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Stretches to fit more sizes
  • Not that intense feeling

How about a wanking sleeve so pretty and discreet you can put it on a shelf when your parents come to visit? 

Take a look at the Tenga 3D Polygon. 

To use it, you flip it inside out so the angles shapes are on the inside, add some lube and away you go. 

Then once you’re done you just reverse it again and wash it off. The case that it comes with also functions as a drying stand, so cleanup really couldn’t be much easier. 

The sensations can be increased or decreased depending on your grip, but don’t expect it to hammer at your senses. It’s more mild than extreme, which can be good or bad depending on your preferences. 

The TPE material feels high-quality and is fairly sturdy, so you should get a lot of use out of the 3D Polygon. 

19. Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita

Best Cheap Blowjob Simulator

Insertable Length: 5” | Orifice Type: Mouth | Material: Soft Plastic

  • Realistic lips, tongue and teeth
  • Deepthroat whenever you want it
  • Teeth can be scratchy (but removable)
  • Appearance is weird to some people

Other toys may feel like a blowjob, but La Bocca Della Verita actually looks like one too. 

The appearance of the toy might be off-putting to some guys, which I understand. But if you’re obsessed with BJ’s there’s a lot to enjoy here. 

It has soft, inviting lips, a tongue that rolls around and massages as you stroke, and even teeth!

If you’re very girthy then the teeth might be uncomfortable, so watch out for that if you’re blessed that way. 

But for average-sized men, they add another layer of authenticity to the whole thing. 

So if you want more oral action in your life this is a good value option! BTW, you can use the discount code HONEYX10 to get 10% off upon checkout on Lovehoney.

20. Pipedream PDX Elite

Cheap Vibrating Stroker

Insertable Length: 5” | Orifice Type: Mouth | Material: Soft Plastic | Features: Vibrates

  • Waterproof
  • Vibrations included
  • Kinda small

Sure, it’s kind of a snug fit. 

Sure, the mouth orifice isn’t very detailed. 

And sure, it’s not the easiest to clean out. 


It even comes with its own batteries! 

Now that’s value for money for even the most thrifty of onanists. 

21. Main Squeeze Sasha Grey

Most Discreet Pocket Pussy

Insertable Length: 7” | Orifice Type: Vagina | Material: Soft Plastic 

  • Squezable grip to change pressure
  • More discreet than a Fleshlight
  • Middle chamber is quite wide

For a discount Fleshlight, I would argue that the Main Squeeze Sasha Grey actually looks better.

Especially the outer case. There’s no giveaway “FLESHLIGHT” branding in big letters. It’s sleek and subtle. 

In fact, it looks like a portable speaker. So 10/10 for stealth. 

As for feeling, it’s comparable to a Fleshlight but not *quite* as good. The skin-like material is of good quality and it has some decent texture. 

The internal canal isn’t quite as well designed as a Fleshlight Girl’s, but then it’s half the price and like 80-90% of the quality. 

I’d take that deal. 

22. Sue Johanson Head Honcho

Cheap Clear Stroker

Insertable Length: 5” | Orifice Type: Vagina (ish) | Material: Soft Plastic | transparent

  • Easy to hold and use
  • Transparent so you can watch
  • Packs a lot of stimulation
  • Clear plastic gets sticky with repeated use

Who said you have to spend big to get a good see-through masturbator? 

OK so probably no one has ever said that, but here’s the proof if you needed it. 

The Head Honcho has a lot going for it. It features three chambers that work together to create some decent suction.

Plus, the ribbed texture and plenty of stimulating bumps means it feels equally good stroking fast or slow. 

After a while, the clear plastic does get sticky, which can be unpleasant and will need replacing eventually.

But it’s cheap enough that you can get three for the price of one Fleshlight Girl, and it feels good enough that you’ll want to. 

23. Doc Johnson Jessie Andrews

Cheap Realistic Stroker

Insertable Length: 5” | Orifice Type: Vagina | Material: Soft Plastic

  • Detailed orifice and texture
  • Heats up easily
  • Durable for a cheap pocket pussy
  • Hard to grip if you have lube on your hands
  • Slight chemical smell on opening (goes away quickly)

You might not know who Jessie Andrews is, and that’s fine. All you need to know is she has a great pussy. 

At least if this sleeve from Doc Johnson is anything to go by. It’s supposed to be molded from her vagina, as opposed to Fleshlight Girls that just take inspiration from their models. 

It’s got good tightness and some surprisingly high-quality detailing for such a cheap stroker. 

And it’s temperature-sensitive like a Fleshlight, so you can put it in warm water to get that body-temperature feeling. 

It doesn’t do anything particularly amazing, but at this low a price it doesn’t have to. 

Buying Guide: Choosing The Best Cheap Fleshlight

Choosing a good-quality wanking sleeve is easy. 

But choosing a good-quality CHEAP one? 

Much harder. 

There are tons of shoddy knock-off products and fakes out there. They’re cheap, sure, but you’re not gonna have a good time with them. 

Fear not! Sexual Alpha is here to help. 

Here are the most important things to look out for so you can tell the difference between a bargain and a piece of crap. 


What’s this thing made of? How long is it going to last? 

You should ask yourself these questions about any sex toy you’re thinking of buying.

Hell, you should ask these questions about most things, from frozen pizza to shoes. But let’s stick to pocket pussies for now. 

Fleshlights and alternatives are made of combinations of soft plastics and mineral oils and secret mystery chemicals. 

Different companies use different blends, which is why some are better than others. 

Generally speaking, you want a sleeve that’s soft enough to enjoy the feeling but durable enough that you get your money’s worth before it’s unusable. 

Fleshlights feel great and last a pretty long time. The only downside is that many of them are a hassle to clean and dry out. 

Cheaper FL alternatives are often easier to maintain but don’t feel as soft and inviting. 

And Onaholes are the kings (queens?) of silky skin-like realness, but they need a lot of care and attention to not get damaged. 

When you’re buying online, check the reviews on the product page before buying anything. If 50 guys out of 73 say it’s too hard or it tears easily, then it’s a good idea to listen and save your money.

Discretion + Storage

If secrecy is important to you, CHECK THE DIMENSIONS AND COLORS. The bigger and brighter a toy is, the harder it’s gonna be to hide. 

What about packaging? Most toys are delivered in plain brown cardboard boxes these days, but the box for the toy itself might be a different story. 

Maybe don’t open your packages in front of family and friends? 

Another thing to think about — how are you gonna store it? Does it have a storage case or bag? Will you keep it in the box it came in? (Hey torso, I am looking at you!)

The best place to hide a sex toy is somewhere other people don’t look that doesn’t get dusty. 

Dust is important. If you leave your Fleshlight to pick up dirt, it’s gonna be ruined pretty quickly. 


The same rule applies to your cock as to your car… 


Spend a few extra bucks on a quality water-based lube

DON’T get silicone or oil-based lubes as they’ll degrade your pocket pussy’s material. 

And thicker is usually better. It feels better, lasts longer and you can get away with using less of it. 

Price + Value

Obviously, if you’re seeking good value you need to check the price. 

Not just how much it’s gonna cost you. How much should it cost? What do other products with similar designs and materials cost? Are you just paying for a name?

Fleshlights are expensive because they’re made of good materials, they’re quality tested, and yes, they spend a lot on marketing and branding.

When you buy a Fleshlight you’re paying for all of that.

Other less scrupulous manufacturers might not bother with any of those things and just pump out potentially dangerous garbage for $10 a pop. 

Which one seems like the better value for money? 

As the timeless saying goes “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”


I hope you enjoyed this piece and at least now you can orgasm better for cheaper! 

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