Kiiroo Titan Review (2024): An Advanced Male Toy For Men!

In this Kiiroo Titan review, we take a look at how this interactive vibrator performs and if the VR experience is as good as it sounds.

kiiroo titan

Now have you ever wanted to explore more variety of VR porn sex toys in your life? Or do you just want to dabble in more interactive strokers similar to what the Kiiroo Keon can bring?

Well, you’ve come to the right place, my friend!

The Titan is genuinely a mind-shattering experience for any sex toy enthusiast to enjoy. From the delectable vibrating sensations to the all-in-all interactive simulations, you’ll experience a new world of worthwhile pleasure right before you. 

Of course, if you want the full-on package, you can get the Titan VR Experience Bundle. But we’ll set our sights on the toy alone for this review. 

So before giving you the deets, here’s a quick rundown of my insights on this virtual sex device. 

The Good

Kiiroo Titan is affordable, comes with an easy-to-follow manual, and has different sleeves for you to try for some variety. It has nine bullet vibrating motors for maximum pleasure, allowing you to connect to over 4,000 interactive adult videos and follow every stroke of your favorite porn star. Using the couple set with the Pearl 2, you can also feel your partner’s strokes in real time, even if they are in another country.

The Not So Good

This product isn’t so much an auto-stroker as it is an interactive vibrator. It doesn’t stroke you automatically but instead vibrates. If you are more in need of an auto-stroker, it might not be for you. 

The Bottom Line

Kiiroo Titan is one of the cheapest interactive toys on the market and is excellent for having with your partner or having solo sessions, but it’s not for everyone. 

If you want an interactive masturbation experience while at home alone, or if you want to masturbate with your partner even when you are in a long-distance relationship, the Kiiroo Titan is for you. You can partner with FeelMe AI or for a great time!

On the other hand, it might not be the best option if you need an auto-stroker to enjoy your solo sessions fully.

Kiiroo Titan is for you if:

  • You’re looking for an affordable interactive male masturbator
  • You want something you can stroke manually
  • You enjoy vibrating sensations
  • You’re in a long-distance relationship

Kiiroo Titan might not be for you if:

  • You prefer an automatic machine that jerks you off vs. sends vibrations over your shaft
  • You’re no fan of interactive bells and whistles

Pro Tip

You can use the discount code SEXUALALPHA to get 10% off on purchases from Kiiroo. ($69 minimum spend)

What’s In the Box of The Kiiroo Titan?

As with my other devices from Kiiroo, my Kiiroo Titan sex toy arrived in a discreet, unmarked box. There’s the Titan, a USB pin charging cable, and a 1-year warranty card inside the box.

Sorry, no lubricant or renewing powder in the package.

PIECE OF ADVICE? Buy a water-based lube by yourself. And then use a small drop each time you use the vibrator to avoid chafing. 

kiiroo titan

Now onto the toy itself…

The Titan sex toy looks nice and sleek; it has a beautiful black design and will feel smooth in your hand.

One thing that struck me was just how small and compact it was compared to some other toys.

That makes it perfect if you want to carry around a small toy discreetly or if you want to hide it somewhere in your room. It’s very lightweight and easy to handle.

But TBH, it could easily pass off as a generic black Bluetooth speaker. So, no need to go shoving it inside of your sock drawer or closet after every use.

Kiiroo Titan’s Tech Specs & Functionality

As I mentioned, the toy is pretty small and lightweight. It weighs 1.89 lbs., not counting the charging cable.

It has a canal diameter of 3.43 inches and a length of 8.7 inches. It can accommodate penis sizes up to 1.97 inches in diameter and 7.87 inches in length. That should be enough for most people.

It uses a 1000 mAh battery, which should last you around 30-40 minutes on a full charge. You’ll need 3 hours or a bit more to charge it fully, however.

There are nine vibrating bullets to help you control how strongly you feel the vibrations. Plus seven modes that you can cycle through by pressing the multi-functional (power) button.

Mode 1: Bluetooth (interactive) mode — connects your device to interactive online content or your partner’s Kiiroo device

Manual Modes

Mode 2: Targeted — press the touchpad to send pinpoint vibrations to the toy’s top, middle, or bottom section 

Mode 3: Targeted power — press the touchpad to send targeted power, from the bottom, bottom and middle, or all vibrations

Automatic Modes

Mode 4: Auto — vibrations move up and down to mimic penetrative sex

Mode 5: Blow — simulates a blowjob experience (duh)

Mode 6: Pulse — vibrations move from low to high with small pauses

Mode 7: Endurance — vibrations move up and down at varying intensities

Pro Tip

When in automatic mode, you can use the touchpad to control the vibration speed, from slow, medium, to fast levels.

kiiroo titan

The Sleeve: How It Feels and What It’s Made Of

The Kiiroo Titan sex toy allows you to use three interchangeable sleeves. They are removable, making for easy cleaning. But you actually need to remove the sleeve when cleaning it since the toy is NOT WATERPROOF.

The sleeves contain textured material, such as thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and rubber, and they feel pretty good.

So, what do the three sleeves feel like, and what is the difference between them? 

  • The regular sleeve: This sleeve comes with the Titan. It’s pretty basic and is designed to provide as close to real-world penetrative sex as possible.
  • The Tight Fit sleeve: The Tight Fit came out later and is designed to mimic anal sex. It fits your penis tightly. 
  • The Power sleeve: This sleeve, which is also a later addition, is designed to help you improve your stamina in bed.

You can remove any sleeve and insert one of the other two at any time. You can get the second two sleeves here from Kiiroo. If you get both in a pack, they will cost less. 

kiiroo titan review

The Kiiroo Titan + VR — How Does It Work?

One of the best things about the Kiiroo Titan sex toy is the VR experience it offers. So, how does it work?

To enjoy the VR experience with the Kiiroo Titan sex toy, you need to connect the vibrator to a VR headset compatible with your smartphone.

It’s not compatible with Oculus headsets like the Oculus Go, but it will be compatible with any smartphone-based headset.

You will need to install the FeelConnect app and connect your vibrator via Bluetooth to connect to videos. If you have used FeelConnect toys in the past, you will be familiar with the process. 

You can then browse VR content on the website and buy premium VR videos. 

Furthermore, you can buy the VR package from Kiiroo as well. That will give you VR goggles, a lubricant, and a toy cleaner solution in addition to the actual interactive vibrator. 

Here are some of the features of the Kiiroo Titan sex toy VR experience:

  • Immerse yourself in a solo experience
  • Feel the strokes of your favorite porn star
  • Follow along with your porn star as they have sex
  • Join along with your partner and feel their strokes (they need another Kiiroo device too)
  • Connect to (or interact with) webcam performers

On a different note, you can also get the Kiiroo Titan and Pearl 2 Couple Set. 

Kiiroo Couple Set

Kiiroo Titan And Pearl 2

These toys will surely deliver and offer a realistic simulation of mutual interactive pleasure. To be honest, no VR experience can replace the real thing. And no toy is as textured to rival the satisfaction of having sex with your real-life partner. 

But for some, they can get pretty close. Titan & Pearl 2 might be a fantastic option if you’re seeking real-time reactions, giving you the impression that you’re genuinely having sex with your lover.

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So How Much Is It and Where Can I Buy It?

The Titan retails at $149 apiece. You can buy it directly from Kiiroo or at Lovehoney if you’re thinking of buying a bunch of other stuff.

The price difference is only $0.99, and you’re getting a 1-year warranty from both.

The Best Alternatives

Kiiroo Onyx vs. Titan

Unlike the Titan, the Onyx contracts automatically, so you don’t need to stroke manually. It is a bit shorter, but it weighs more too. It’s also a tad bit noisier than the Titan.

Kiiroo Titan Alternative

Kiiroo Onyx Plus

But like the Titan and other Kiiroo devices, you can still connect it to VR content, your partner’s device, or your favorite webcam performer.

Kiiroo Keon

Upgraded pick

Kiiroo Keon

The Kiiroo Keon is much better for automatic stimulation. It supports the FeelStroker and FeelStars Stroker sleeves and provides a pumping and thrusting sensation.

It’s around the same diameter as the Titan and only slightly longer. Overall, it feels much better and provides a more pleasurable experience.

Looking for more options? Check the best blowjob machines here!

How to Use Kiiroo Titan with the FeelConnect App

So, how do you use the Kiiroo Titan sex toy with the FeelConnect app for the full Kiiroo Titan VR experience? Here is a quick guide on how to get it set up.

  1. Make sure you fully charge your device. 
  2. Register your device on this page so that you can connect it to video content. 
  3. Create a user account on FeelMe so that you can access video content. 
  4. Download the FeelConnect app, so you can pair it with your device using Bluetooth. 
  5. Turn on your device and wait for the flashing blue light, which means that Bluetooth is activated.
  6. Connect the device to the FeelConnect app within the app; the blue light will stop flashing and turn solid once it is connected. 
  7. To connect in the app, you must select Connect a Device and select the Kiiroo Titan.
  8. Go to on your computer. If you have not yet created an account, create one now. If you have an account, log in. 
  9. Click on My Devices to connect a device. 
  10. Then, click on Add a Website in the menu in the app (you might see a plus sign). Allow it to access your camera so that you can scan the QR code on the FeelMe website on your desktop. 

Your Kiiroo Titan will connect to FeelMe, and you can access over 4,000 videos, including VR content, on the site. You only have to connect to your account once. 

You get some free coins to purchase content when you purchase a Kiiroo Titan. But you will have to purchase additional coins for more premium content once you use up your initial coins.

Some videos are free, though, and don’t require payment. 

So, how can you watch VR content on the site?

  1. Find a VR video on the FeelMe website.
  2. Select Stream VR to open the video in the FeelConnect app. 
  3. Then, select the VR Cardboard mode to stream in cardboard mode.
  4. Finally, put your phone in the cardboard goggles and start watching! Enjoy!

You can use any headset compatible with your phone model. 

In addition, you can use the Titan sex toy together with your partner if they connect their own Kiiroo device to the app. Click on Partner Connect in the app and get the special invite code; then share it with your partner via your favorite messaging app.

Your partner needs to click on the invite link and accept it; if you have a female partner, they can use the Kiiroo Fuse or Pearl 2, an interactive female vibrator. 

Also, note that you can connect to their devices without an invite link via Bluetooth if your partner is close by. Click on Local Connect and select the other device (make sure the other device is in Bluetooth mode). Then, the devices will all respond to each other.


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My Experience With the Kiiroo Titan

Overall, I found the toy pretty easy to use. Setup is not too difficult, even if it’s not the easiest either; you only need to set it up once anyway. 

The textured feel of the sleeve was pretty good, even if some other toys and Fleshlights outperform it, in my opinion. I loved the feel of the vibrations and the nine motors. 

I have to say, I enjoyed automatic mode the best, as it simulates intercourse. 

One thing I did not like that much was that I had to do manual strokes. It’s a vibrator, after all, and not an auto-stroker. That was a bit annoying when I was immersed in a VR experience.

Nevertheless, it did not require much work, and I could orgasm without feeling like I had to work hard.

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How to Clean The Toy

Fortunately, the Kiiroo Titan is easy to clean. Here’s how to clean it without ruining it: 

  • Press the button on the side to open the device and pull the sleeve out. 
  • Clean the sleeve with warm water and a specialized toy cleaner; you can get a toy cleaner from Kiiroo. The toy cleaner is necessary so as not to ruin it. 
  • Dry the sleeve completely before putting it back in. 
  • To clean the exterior, use a damp cloth or baby wipes. Do not use water, as it is not waterproof. 


Does It Come With Additional Sleeves?

The vibrator comes with one sleeve. You can purchase the other two sleeves separately, either together as a pack or just one at a time. 

Kiiroo Titan Sleeves

Kiiroo Titan Sleeves

How Long Does It Last?

It takes 3 to 3.5 hours to charge fully. Once fully charged, it lasts 30-40 minutes on a single charge, depending on the mode and speed.

What Do Other People Think About the Titan?

User DaveMania on Reddit says that the Titan is great because if you buy it with the VR headset as a package, together with the cleaner and lubricant, it’s a great deal. 

According to him, it’s his #1 choice if you are a beginner and would like to try out a long-distance or interactive porn experience at a low price. It also allows for more control because it requires manual stroking. 

On the other hand, user VRBro thinks that the Titan is “not that great” because it just vibrates instead of stroking. As mentioned before, the Titan is NOT an auto-stroker. Also, VRBro felt that it’s hard to clean. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Kiiroo Titan is an excellent choice if you are looking for a cheap vibrator that allows you to enjoy an interactive solo session with your favorite porn stars. Or have some good old fun with your long-distance partner. 

It might not be the best option if you are looking for automatic stroking; the Kiiroo Keon would be a better choice for that.

To buy the Kiiroo Titan, or to see more details and user reviews, check it here:

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