What’s The Best Prostate Massager That Will (Almost) Guarantee Super-O?

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If you want to see the best prostate massagers in one place, you’ll love this guide.

I spent over 60 hours of research, read hundreds of reviews. I checked 53 prostate massagers (vibrating and manual).

In the end, I picked 10 prostate toys, put them on a side-by-side comparison chart for an easy choice.

Let’s dive in:

best prostate massager overview

If you want a quick answer…

After hours of research, we chose Nexus Revo Stealth as our top choice.

This anal toy has the rotating head that has caused more Super-O’s than any other prostate toy. This is the toy that brought most first-time prostate orgasms.

You can use it with vibrations or rotations. It even has remote for an incredible hands-free experience.

My Story: How It All Started

Chances are…

This is not your first time looking for a prostate massager…

Yet you keep missing that elusive prostate orgasm, huh?

It’s frustrating to read other lucky bastards earth-shattering prostate stimulation success stories. All the while you have nothing to show for it.

I know, I’ve been there.

I kept trying sex toy after toy thinking IF I would find the right prostate vibrator… It would do the work for me and lead me to bliss.

I wasted hundreds of dollars with little to show for it.

Yet, I wasn’t willing to give it up.

I rocked back and forth from “I guess my body is different” to…
I’m not gonna f*cking stop till I succeed!

I wanted to find THE PROSTATE MASSAGER that will finally pull me over the edge. I read hundreds and hundreds of reviews.

I spent countless hours to be able to deliver this guide to you.

I guess this persistence was what led me to succeed eventually. But the transformation happened when I learned that the RIGHT anal toy is only 30% of the equation.

And that’s why 99.9% of men fail.

Yes, the right sex toy is a CRUCIAL ingredient to succeed with a prostate play, but it’s only part of it.

Oh, and even worse if you’ve been trying to do it with only your fingers, you also set yourself for the failure.

Yeah…in theory it’s possible to achieve prostate orgasm with fingers.

In practice… well… your fingers will get sore and tired first.

You can get enhanced penile orgasm, but nothing more.

man looking over the beach

What are the 3 crucial ingredients to reach prostate orgasm?

Think of it as a three-legged stool.

Remove one leg and you get a wobbly foundation.

Stool falls.

three legged stool

Those three ingredients are:

  • The right toy + the right lube with it
  • The right arousal
  • The right process (together with right expectations)

The reason you’ve failed so far is that you missed one of these.

In this guide, we’ll focus on finding the right prostate stimulator.

I’ve got a guide on how to have a prostate orgasm that will answer the other two questions.

You Get What You Pay For: The Best Prostate Toys Cost Money

I want to stress this point too.

A good prostate massager is especially important when you’re a beginner.

Experienced men can achieve prostate orgasm without any toys. They masturbate with perineum (taint) motion, nipple stimulation, and right breathing.

They couldn’t care less about the prostate vibrator.

But it took them YEARS to get there.

As a beginner…

The one who has never broken the glass ceiling to the bliss…

You need all the best sex toys to increase your chances of success.

The good sex toys I will recommend (there are three of them) cost money.

One cost in $100 range, other costs $100–$200 range, third one…even more.

I’ll give recommendations to cheap knockoff massagers you can start with. But don’t expect mind-blowing prostate massage from them.

Expect enhanced penile orgasm.

Which is cool.

A thing you shove up your ass is rarely ever in the budget.

I get it.

Don’t get one if it’s going to hurt you financially.

Wait instead until you have some disposable income to burn.

Fool around with cheap prostate massagers (without high expectations). But know that a proper prostate toy is a must for successful prostate play.

What Are The Best Prostate Massagers To (Almost) Guarantee Your Chances of Success?

topless man looking in camera

In total, there here are four different varieties of massagers:

  • #1 — Manual Prostate Massagers
  • #2 — Prostate Vibrators
  • #3 —Prostate Massager with Remote Control (Hands-free)
  • #4 —Prostate Massagers with “Come Hither” or Rotation Motion

There are pros and cons of each and you should know them before we go to individual prostate massager review.

#1 — Manual Prostate Massagers

These are massagers that don’t have any motor, electronics with it.

The great thing is that they are a lot less likely to break. Life-span can be very long, especially if you buy the #1 recommendation I suggest.

That thing will NEVER BREAK.

Also Aneros, for example, gives LIFETIME guarantee for their prostate massagers.

aneros helyx sin prostate massager

The downside is that it’s not gonna be a hands-free experience. Though you can always attach it to a fucking machine. But that’s $400 extra).

You can get cheap Aneros Helix Syn knockoffs. Or even affordable curved glass dildo that will give you SOME sensations.

This is what most people settle with because of the cheap price.

It’s okay, it’s still a good testing ground.

#2 — Prostate Vibrators

These are hard plastic or silicone prostate vibrators. They allow switching between different vibration modes.

Many people buy cheap vibrating prostate toys on Amazon and again wonder why it doesn’t do a lot to them.

prostate vibrator from amazon

It’s fun to play around a bit but won’t do much unless you invest in a good rumbling motor (which costs).

#3 — Prostate Massager With Remote Control

Navigating the buttons while this thing is up to your ass is tough. It gets difficult if you don’t have a willing partner to help out.

Remote control comes to the rescue.

With a good vibrating prostate massager, you can relax. Simply take the position and focus on sensations.

Now, we’re getting closer to increasing your chances of discovering that Super-O.

Many newbies have succeeded with good prostate toys like these…

#4 — Prostate Massager with the “Come Hither” or Rotation Motion

After reading hundreds and hundreds of reviews and forum entries…

I discovered that the anal plug with a moving tip gave the most success to the beginners.

lelo loki wave with moving tip

Some succeeded with manual stimulation.

Some succeeded with vibrations.

But most successes came from a vibrating prostate massager with specific movement motion. It had this motion, that imitates the finger pressing against the prostate. Come hither motion.

The downside?

These are the MOST EXPENSIVE and most likely to BREAK sex toys.

There are usually dual motors involved and that rotation, movement motion tends to break after a while.

It can be 3 months, 6 months, 2 years, but they WILL BREAK.

Only a matter of time.

It’s the same as with the car.

You don’t expect the car to run forever without repair, maintenance.

car with open engine

The silver lining?

Usually, these toys come with a 1-year warranty.

Which means if you plunk down that kind of money…

You better use it OFTEN!

Make sure it breaks within the 1 year and you get the new model or can ask to return the money.

Oh, and also there are some ninja DIY guys who know how to fix the most common breakage. So you can also get it fixed if the warranty expires.

Okay, let’s jump to the specifics to determine the best prostate sex toy.

Side-by-Side Comparison of The Best Prostate Massagers

This chart should come handy… but let me explain it first.

Vital: Don’t buy sexual wellness products on Amazon. You won’t get a warranty and chances are high you’ll get a counterfeit product. It will be lower quality and from possibly toxic materials. Instead, buy from original creators or from trusted sources we’ve identified.

chart comparing best anal play sex toys

Notice that from left to right I arranged manual to the most advanced massagers.

I marked the top 3 recommendations by yellow color (I’ll explain why later in the article).

I also included more cheap alternatives and Aneros type knockoff items. Find them at the end of the guide (if you’re on the budget for now).

Here’s a quick rundown of each prostate massager:

  • Aneros Helix Syn — this is the most popular of all Aneros models because of its small girth. It’s good if you know how to manipulate it to hit the P-spot perfectly.
  • Aneros Progasm — this is a popular bigger model which is more forgiving for hitting the right spot. With Aneros, you must find the best size massager for you. Many people buy 4–5 Aneros toys till they find the right one for them…
  • nJoy Magic Wand (⭐ Best Manual Toy). This sex toy should be in every sex-toy collection. Its versatility is insane and it will last for a lifetime. It’s made from stainless steel and weighs around 1kg. The right toy angle gives the right stimulation with little work. Its unique size ensures it will work for EVERYBODY. (tall, short…you’ll hit the spot with this wand). It feels good and is easy to clean. And yeah, it’s perfect for G-spot stimulation to help with squirting orgasms. So great for men and women.
  • Aneros Viceyes, it’s Aneros and it vibrates, but you get very little for that steep price… I don’t recommend it. Aneros Helix Syn is a better choice.
  • Lelo Bruno — an honorary mention. It’s an older model that came before Hugo. It’s great, but if you get something from the high-end, you should get Hugo with the remote. Bruno is exactly the same, just no remote.
  • Desire Luxury Desire — Yeah, the price for what you get is unbeatable. Get it if you want to fool around, but don’t expect too much. Pick it if you are curious to check if you like vibrations at all. If you do then you can invest in something quality like Lelo Hugo.
  • Lovense Edge — another honorary mention. Don’t get it, please. It has an adjustable head, phone app…it looks great on the paper. But it doesn’t work — it breaks, Bluetooth connection doesn’t hold, vibrations are not rumbly but buzzy. Know more about it in our Lovense Edge review.
  • Lelo Hugo (⭐ Runner Up) If you like vibrations Hugo, has the most powerful ones. You’ll get both prostate massage and perineum stimulation. It’s a great model, the only complaint some men have is that it doesn’t hit the spot quite right. But these are more exceptions, perfect for 98%. Complete details in our Lelo Hugo review.
  • Lelo Loki Wave — this is a popular prostate toy for couples play. It doesn’t have a remote, but it has the unique feature of “Come Hither” moving head (insane sensations). More about it in our Lelo Loki review.
  • Nexus Revo Stealth (Our Pick) — this is a newer version from Nexus Revo 2 and the biggest update is remote. After reading hundreds of reviews, this is the one vibrating massager that gave the most POs and Super-O’s across the board. This and the Magic Wand. The greatest features? — rotating head (the key factor) and killer battery life (10h). (sorry, the price is $220 as of now, a mistake from my end). Get the full scoop in our Nexus Revo review.
  • Just wanted to add another alternative, check out our Bad Dragon Nova review to know more about it.

Okay, now you can check the spreadsheet fully and compare how everything holds:

best prostate massager chart
Check the original spreadsheet here.

Now, let’s dive deeper to discuss the best options in detail:

  • #1 — Aneros Prostate Massagers (The Big Picture)
  • #2 — The Sorcery of nJoy Magic Wand
  • #3 — Lelo Luxury Prostate Massagers
  • #4 — The Magic & Precautions With Nexus Revo Stealth
  • #5 — Affordable Starter Prostate Massagers (Budget Alternatives)

various aneros helyx sin prostate stimulators

#1 —Prostate Massager Aneros (The Big Picture)

Aneros is the sex toy company that started it all.

Aneros were the first company to create the first prostate massager in the 1990s.

You will always hear about Aneros whenever the discussion is about prostate massage.

But men have various experiences with Anero Helyx Syn toys.

I mean, they work, but they require a quite steep learning curve to get used to.

You may get lucky with the size, but mostly you won’t.

Maybe on 3–4th time.

aneros prostate toys

Aneros Helix Syn & Aneros Progasm seem to give the most success to most men.

The newer, smaller Aneros Progasm Jr. hits the spot right for some. It is $10 cheaper than the original Progasm toy.

But Aneros are precision tools. Great for pros. Not so great for newbies.

Which is why I don’t recommend Aneros unless you know your prostate well.

Also notice that I link to LoveHoney (not Amazon). It’s because Aneros does not have any authorized resellers on Amazon nor eBay.

Meaning: If you buy through Amazon, you won’t get a warranty.

If you want to get more help choosing the right size Aneros…here’s the best Aneros prostate massager guide that we created.

But let’s move on to a better option (in my mind):

#2 — The Sorcery of nJoy Magic Wand (Author’s Choice for Manual Stimulation)

Okay, so why does this weird metal piece get raving recommendations across the board?

Because it simply works:

  • It’s ergonomic — you don’t need to arch your hands and wrists in very weird positions.
  • It’s heavy — it’s 1kg of medical grade stainless steel. This means you can manipulate it with a light press of a finger and get the desired pressure.
  • Since it’s stainless steel, you can use silicone lube with it and forget about the need for continuous lubrication. Easy to clean and maintain!
  • It will work for everyone . The two-sized heads, the length ensure that no matter how deep your P-spot is, you will be able to hit it. If you get the big head in, it will ensure that you don’t even need to be precise — it will hit the spot!
njoy magic wand sex toy chart

And finally, you can use it with your wifey.

Magic Wand is the most popular sex toy that has given most women their FIRST squirting G-spot orgasm.

Sorcery indeed.

It’s pricey, but it will last for the lifetime and the only regret I have is — that I didn’t get it earlier.

Here’s how it looks like in real life:

The only downside is that nJoy wand doesn’t come with the instruction manual…

Some tips for using the Magic Wand:

  • Warm-up with the smaller end, but the real fireworks start once you move up to the larger end. All I can say is — Man up and do it! You’ll thank me later. Move slowly, gently back and forth. Use lots of lube and you’ll get there.
  • Lay on your stomach (the wedge is handy here). Keep the other end of the wand between your legs to make it a hands-free experience. The wand’s own weight will keep the ball pressed against your prostate. Then relax and wait for things to happen…
  • First, insert the wand laying on the side (fetal position).  Then manipulate the wand with 1–2 fingers pressing very lightly. If you inserted the large end you’ll find the big ball will hit the P-spot easily. Use the wand’s weight to your advantage.

Final warning: Don’t get the wand on Amazon. You’ll find the cheapest price there, but you may need to get used to knockoff versions.

LoveHoney is reliable and has a 30-day return policy (just in case).

Honestly, I cannot recommend the wand enough.

Don’t forget to apply plenty of Lube!

If you use your fingers or metal, glass prostate toy, you can use Pjur Silicone Anal Glide or Wet Platinum. Silicone is the thickest and last the longest. But if you have silicone prostate massager you cannot use it. (great for njoy wand though.)

Also…even baby oil straight from the grocery store will work great (or coconut oil). The great thing about having metal wand…lube is not an issue.

Whatever you use, don’t use Astroglide.

Astroglide is like the lowest quality lube you can get. It contains glycerin, which tends to create weird reactions to people.

#3 — Lelo Hugo, Bruno & Loki Luxury Prostate Massagers (Runner Up Choice)

Okay, it’s time for the serious boys.

Lelo is famous for its high quality, and while Lelo Hugo male sex toys holds for quite a bit…

Lelo Loki Wave tends to break. The reason for this is simple:

There are just a lot of gimmicks going on with the Wave model that CAN go wrong.

There is Come Hither motion… plus, another motor for perineum (taint) vibrations.

lelo loki male anal sex toy

For that reason, if you’re looking for the Lelo Loki type model, consider their previous, cheaper model Lelo Loki Original.

It’s without the perineum vibration patterns, without the Hither motion.. and costs $170 (around $50 less).

The better bang for the buck.

But… if you’re plunking down serious cash for your prostate satisfaction… Why not go for hands-free remote Lelo Hugo?

That’s what I recommend.

Lelo Hugo has the strongest rumbly vibration modes. It also has an intuitive SenseMotion remote that works.

Here’s how it looks like:

It holds fairly long too — approx 2 hours.

best lelo prostate toys on comparison chart

The only concern?

If you’re a bit larger than the average-sized man it might not be the best for you.

If you know that your P-spot is deeper, further inside, it might not hit the spot.

Still, this is one of the best prostate sex toys I’ve used… AFTER Nexus Revo Stealth…

#4 — The Magic & Precautions With Nexus (Author’s Choice For Everyone)

Yep, you heard it…

Nexus Revo Stealth is the #1 prostate massager that has generated the most POs and Super-O’s.

“It’s a bit pricey, but I’d pay twice what I did knowing the experiences it’s given me.”

The proper prostate sex toys are 1/3 of the core ingredients to get there…and this one is the best one that does it.

Here’s what it does:

You might have heard about Nexus Revo 2, Slim and Intense models. They are all fairly similar, just they don’t have the remote.

nexus revo stealth prostate stimulator

Sorry, the price seems to be $220 now. I guess it had a discount at the time.

You’ll notice the two key features in Nexus Revo:

  • Use time is up to 10 hours
  • And it has a two-speed rotating shaft.

Now, this is a game-changer.

It’s girthy, but it HITS the spot!

Here’s helpful review video from LoveHoney:

How to use it?:

I use it in the simplest form.

I forget about the perineum vibration patterns and use the slowest rotating pace for the shaft.

I slip it inside, turn on the lowest setting (hit the button once). Then lie back and periodically tense my PC muscle a bit.

Think 10–20% tension…very light…

Just to increase the pressure a little bit from time to time.

Be careful with cleaning though. It’s splash-proof, not waterproof.

Best to use antibacterial wipe for it. It’s easy to clean.

Okay, sounds great…


Unfortunately, there is one.

These Nexus Revos tend to break.

The rotating head is the one that usually gives in after few months…or later.

broken nexus revo prostate vibrator

Well, you need to work around it.

Use their 1-year warranty. This is the reason you should buy it from an authorized seller like Lovehoney, NOT the Amazon).

In your place, if you buy it, I would make sure that you use it a lot.

Not buy it…then use it once every few months and BAM! A 1-year warranty has expired.

If you won’t be using it actively, then go for Magic Wand.

I dare you to break that thing, haha.

In the worst case, you can fix it. Here’s an amazing DIY fix tutorial.

And it’s worth the hassle because there is no better prostate stimulator out there YET.

Oh…and make sure you use water-based lube with it.

Sliquid Sassy lube has proven to be the most enjoyable across a wide range of anal play lovers. It is glycerin and paraben-free.

Sliquid Sassy anal lube

Watch out for anything that contains glycerin though (like Astroglide or K-Y). A lot of guys have reactions to it, and will suddenly have a very strong urge to run to the toilet and move the bowels.

It’s not meant for anal play. It will cause a painful burning sensation which may give the wrong impression. Anal play is not supposed to painful.

It was simply the wrong lube.

happy man laughing with camera in hand

#5 — Affordable Starter Prostate Massagers (Budget Alternatives)

“But Dainis… I cannot afford to shell out $100–$200 for a prostate massager…”

Don’t expect too much…BUT:

In that case, you need to go for cheap Aneros knockoffs…and a cheap vibrating prostate massager…

And you will need to spend more time to learn how to manipulate these things.

The good thing is that even if you don’t get multiple orgasms, using prostate device you’ll get ENHANCED PENILE ORGASM either way!!!

Which is actually my recommendation for how you approach prostate play.

Most guys achieve their first PO on average within 1 year.

If there’s so much failed tries why do guys do it?

Because, in the end, there is always mini-reward when you do stroke your penis.

You’ll shoot ropes of semen and orgasm will last longer, be more intense than usual.

Warning! When shopping for a cheap vibrating prostate massager look for non-porous silicone sex toys. You don’t want to get bad reactions because of shitty material. Sex toy industry is highly unregulated, so you’ll find lots of bad quality, toxic sex toys on Amazon.

Desire Luxury Desire Rechargeable Remote Control Prostate Massager (Best Budget Option)

With this product, you’ll get safe material (silicone) and remote control. The vibrator has 8 modes with 12 intensity levels.

You’ll get 60 minutes of play and USB rechargeable cord. Nexus Revo’s shape is similar, but don’t make a mistake. You cannot get the same results from 3–4x cheaper toys.

If you’re on the fence, this is a good enough option to dabble with and get some promising results. It feels good.

Remote Control Prostate Massager
Remote Control Prostate stimulator

Read more about the model here.

The upside with cheap models is that you can buy 4–5 models and learn what you like…and maybe some toy sticks and does magic.

But I do not recommend it, chances are much higher with proven models.

Icicles No #46 Glass Butt Plug ($20 range)

The head of this baby is 1″ girth, which makes it a fun toy to walk around with…or just warm up with.

It’s a cheaper version from njoy Pure Plug (since it’s glass) and can be tons of fun.

Do you know what a butt plug will give you that Pure Wand & vibrating massager won’t?

The answer: a hands-free prostate stimulation during intercourse 😉

Pipedream Icicles prostate toy

Pipedream Icicles, in general, are cool and cheap.

Doc Johnson Silicone Butt Plug (Mood Naughty) — ($20–30 range)

You must be careful with Doc Johnson as many toys they make are non-body safe.

However, on the Shevibe shop you’ll find only body-safe toys and this silicone plug is handy.

Doc Johnson Silicone Butt Plug
Doc Johnson Silicone Butt Plug

If you know your P-spot location, you can hit it great with this plug and walk around with it.

Lovehoney Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug — $13

Booty Buddy is a small angled butt plug that will be easy to get for newbies. It makes a good anal training toy while hitting the P-spot very well.

Lovehoney Booty Buddy Silicone Butt Plug

Tons of raving reviews for this one.

Lovehoney Ripple Rider 5 Function Vibrating Prostate Massager — $40

This seems to be a cheap alternative to Aneros Vice.

It is powered with AAA battery, made from silicone…

Lovehoney Ripple Rider 5 Function Vibrating Prostate Massager

Length and girth are similar to Vice prostate massager, but there is one more ripple added.

FAQ: Common Prostate Massage Questions Answered:

How to massage prostate?

Make sure you’re aroused first. This will intensify the whole experience.

It’s crucial that you’re relaxed. Make sure nobody and nothing can interrupt you. Ideally you would play 2-3 hours for prostate play.

If you’re doing it for the first time, don’t expect magic. Prostate massage is a learned skill. It will take time.

How to give a prostate massage?

It might be easier if you have a partner to help you out. Logistics with anal play get a bit challenging. A willing partner helps you to stay relaxed and focus on the experience.

Make sure you give lots of feedback to the partner. Both men and women can benefit from breaking social stigmas. It can be a truly bonding experience.

It takes time to find what massaging way gives the best feeling. It takes time to find your favorite sex toy design that works.

How often should you massage your prostate?

There is no right or wrong answer. But massaging shouldn’t hurt. Getting that big prostate massager inside though is no small feat. It takes time especially the first time.

Give it a few days break. You can practice with butt plug for long wear to make the whole anal play more pleasurable.

Listen to your body. This is the best advice.

man in leather jacket looking afar

Prostate Massage: Bringing It All Together

We’re done with the toy part…

So I hope you’ll be able to get either:

  • njoy Pure Wand for manual stimulation + silicone lube
  • …or Nexus Revo Stealth for hands-free almost guaranteed PO + proper water-based lube.

That’s when you’ll cover 1/3 of the keys that are required to reach PO’s and Super-O’s.

You might be natural and reach your PO by fooling around with these. But chances are you need to work on the other 2 ingredients.

  • #1 — The proper prostate toy + lube = covered
  • #2 — The right arousal = still to go.
  • #3 — The right process (together with right expectations) = still to go.

Since you read till the end, I want to reward you…

Here’s an infographic that shows the prostate milking step milestones. It should help to make an easier measurement of your progress. (click right –> save as).

prostate orgasm infographic

That’s it, folks!

Keep in mind, it takes time and rewiring of the brain to succeed with prostate massage. It’s not hit/go like with ordinary ejaculation.

This is a new journey…

But the pleasure you get is out of this world…

If you’re new to anal play, know that you might benefit a lot from a good butt plug.

It will help with a warmup and stretching.

  • Thank you so much, this article is really helpful.
    I’m in one year journey, started with cheap knock off, bought 6 of them before finally I get myself Aneros Helix Trident recently. And I haven’t Super O yet.

    Your article also answered the problem I had with KY Jelly, the bowel movement.

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