10 Easy Ways To Make A Homemade Prostate Massager Toy (2024)

Discover a few possible ways on how you can make your own homemade prostate massager. Though it is doable, this is not the safest way to get one as it bypasses a lot of safety protocols.

Make Homemade Prostate 2

I bet you‘ve heard about the amazing Super-O and have decided that you want to get a piece of what that release feels like…

Probably, you may also be facing some financial limitations preventing you from getting a toy like the Lelo Hugo through the shops.

Well, here are 5 ways that you could improvise and make yourself a DIY prostate massager.

But, let me remind you that this is NOT the safest way to get one as it may result in injury or breakdown during use.

I’d advise you to get tried and tested p-massagers that go for as low as $10!

Why Do You Need a Homemade Prostate Massager?

Homemade Prostate Massager

Homemade prostate massagers are great, but why would you want to use one? There are actually a few reasons people go for it.

If You Can’t Afford A New One

If you’re on a strict budget, even the most affordable sex toys might seem like a splurge. 

However, that doesn’t mean you don’t want want to diversify your sexual experiences, whether they’re solo or part of partnered play.

Not having the means to buy a sex toy shouldn’t stop you from having fun – just direct your attention to a safe DIY option that will cost you close to nothing but bring you tons of pleasure.

You’ll be satisfied AND save a decent amount of money!

To Explore Your Butt

You might be a newbie to butt stuff or unsure whether you’d enjoy the feeling at all.

Knowing your body and what kind of sensations you like is key when buying a prostate massager. 

Starting with a DIY toy allows you to explore freely, so you can be sure of what you want before spending your hard-earned money.

For Fun

Whether you’re feeling lonely or just horny, a homemade sex toy can help you with that. 

Masturbation has a positive effect on your mood and overall health. Heightening your pleasure by adding prostate play to your usual routine makes things even better.

Sometimes “because it’s fun” is more than enough reasoning. 

The Pros And Cons Of A Prostate Toy

Getting a prostate massager has many benefits, but it’s not all roses. If you weigh the pros and cons of using one, you can decide for yourself if it’s worth it. 


  • Could be a treatment for chronic prostatitis
  • Heighten your pleasure
  • Boost the intensity of your orgasm


  • Might hurt the delicate prostate tissue or the rectal lining.
  • Doing it wrong can cause hemorrhoids or bacterial infections, which can become serious or even deadly
  • Might contribute to the spread of prostate cancer, but only if it’s already present

Dangers & Safety Precautions

Prostate massage

Don’t Rush

The prostate tissue is extremely delicate and sensitive, so be careful when exploring your backside—newbie or veteran. 

Taking things slow will prevent discomfort, irritation, and injuries. 

Be gentle and stop at the slightest feeling of pain. That’s your body’s way of telling you something isn’t quite right.

No Sharp or Pointed Objects

Not only is the prostate tissue delicate, but so is the rectal lining and even your anus. 

All of these areas are prone to tearing, which means sharp or pointed objects as sex toys are out of the question.

Even when you’re DIYing your prostate massager, choose something smooth with rounded edges. There are plenty of household items that fit this description. We’ll talk about them in a bit. 

Flared Base

All anal toys, especially homemade ones, should have a flared base. 

This prevents your anus from sucking the toy in and it getting stuck. 

Make sure you don’t neglect this important feature – you don’t want to have an embarrassing trip to the ER.  


The best prostate massagers are made with body-safe materials. That may not be the case with your homemade massager. 

But there is a solution! 

Just use a condom.

The condom is body-safe and will protect you from the potentially harmful material of your DIY massager. 

You won’t have to worry about lingering bacteria in porous materials, allergic reactions, and so on. 


Even if you use a condom, it is better to clean your homemade prostate massager before your play session. This will minimize the risk of infection, inflammation, allergic reactions, and other nasty stuff.

Make sure the item is dry before putting on a condom. 

If possible, use antibacterial soap and water to clean your DIY massager. Don’t forget to rinse well or at least wipe down multiple times – soap particles can also be very irritating for your insides.  

If you prefer, you can use a toy cleaner, which provides disinfection that’s hard on germs and gentle on your body. 

4 Ways To Make A Homemade Prostate Massager

#1 If You’re Good At Glassblowing or Woodworking 

Massaging the prostate

This only works if you’ve got the required equipment to mould either wood or glass into the stipulated body-design.

The goal is to create plugs with curved tips and ensure some level of safety by coating the wood. This will at least block the pores and minimize bacteria retention.

Now, again, make sure you have the right plan for body design. It is important for easy insertion and holding with the hands.

Better still, it’d be great if you could get your hands on quality proofing gear. This would be handy in ensuring that your creation at least won’t kill you 🙂

On the other hand, the type of glass needed would be a tough duty and hard-to-break. This is vital in preventing fissures from constant angling that could otherwise pinch if the glass broke.

And to put a lid on it… 

Make sure you cut your coat according to your length! Meaning – get your internal length correct to give your final product correct dimensions.

It will help you reach your p-spot more accurately. It will also help prevent you from inserting overwhelming sizes that could end up giving you more pain than pleasure.

#2 Use Clone-A-Willy 

This is the easiest way to make your own silicone penis mold.

Clone a willy for prostate massage

Clone A Willy Penis Molding Kit

The trick here lies in timing. You have to work simultaneously to make sure you mix your mould, get a boner, and place your peen inside for two minutes.

This could get easier if you had a partner who could help you with the mould as you focus on making yourself erect.

All in all, a cock ring could help you with your erection. Wearing it behind your testicles ensures it does not deviate much from the real penis.

The figure below illustrates how you could add a base:

  1. After cutting the extra tube, save the cut-up upper length of the mould holder.
  2. Mould your peen as directed.
  3. Once it dries, piece back the cut-up length on top, with enough length for the base.
  4. After you mix up the silicone, pour it in as instructed making sure you fill-up the extra length taped on top.

And there goes one bad Willy ready for swingin’.

#3 Get a cheap prostate massager instead!

As I said a couple of while ago, DIYing yourself a homemade prostate massager is not the smartest move. That’s if you include the risk factor and the short term period in which you’re able to use them before breaking down.

In other words, you may choose the hard way and keep fiddling with tools in your garage. Or you may decide to cut your losses and just get yourself a SAFE, cheap, but working p-massager!

And to help you with a few great options… I recommend Lovehoney Booty Buddy ($10 – 15) as a #1 alternative. It’s medically approved for human use and ships in a discreet package.

prostate massager cheap

Lovehoney Booty Buddy

At #2, you may also check out the Cloud 9 Silicone Curved G-Spot Massager ($15.99). Contrary to what its name dictates, you can also use this toy to give yourself good anal stimulation.

Prostate Massager that is cheap

Cloud 9 Silicone Curved G-Spot Massager

Lastly, check out our best prostate massanger guide for other great options.

#4 Ask your partner to help out

Prostate massage at home

This is pretty straight forward. If you have your partner around, then you can go back to the mighty finger!


A little bit not-so-creative, I know. But if you get an experienced navigator, then you could leak cum every time he/she initiates a come-hither motion over your p-spot.

Worth mentioning, it’s important to observe hygiene during this kind of prostate stimulation. 

And to achieve that, you may slip on a condom over your hands before fingering. Also, make sure your fingernails are clipped down to prevent tearing the condom or soft anal tissue.

6 Household Items That Can Be A Prostate Massager

Here are a few household items you can also modify to give you a short term solution:

#5 Electric Toothbrush

These come ready-made with vibrations. You might only want to ensure that you get a waterproofed one. Otherwise, you’ll get miniature lightning bolts inside your anus!

Also, don’t use the end with the actual brush… You’ll bleed buddy… Real bad.

#6 Cucumbers

This fruit is widely used as a penis substitute most of the time. After cleaning, wrap it in a condom and you’re set.

You should take extra care NOT to pick a ripe one. This is because the anal sphincters can mash them up and cause quite a mess.

#7 Courgettes

The courgette (or zucchini) is very similar to the cucumber in shape, but it’s generally firmer and thicker. 

The round bulbous shape of the tip makes insertion a little tricky, but it also makes putting pressure on the prostate easier, giving you a nice full feeling. 

Since courgettes are vegetables, their shape differs slightly with each individual piece – so you can choose something you think would work best for you. 

You can also keep this “massager” in the fridge and enjoy some cool temperature play. 

Wash your courgette thoroughly and put a condom on it before inserting it.

#8 Spoon

You can also use spoons to pick your butt. Provided they have a well-rounded off handle on one end.

Ideally, I suggest other materials (glass, stainless steel, hard plastic, etc) over wooden models. This is because wooden surfaces have micro-pores that collect and harbor bacteria when used anally. 

This may cause a bad infection if reused in your body again.

#9 Candles

Candles also have the phallic shape that’s important for any insertable toy. 

Candles for prostate massage

Doc Johnson Hot Wax Candles

The only advantage they have over the rest is their flexibility. This gives your anal walls an easier time but still, you have to take care not to break them.

Otherwise, you’ll have to walk with a wick hanging out your butt.

#10 Hairbrush

Hairbrushes may not be your first idea when you think of DIY sex toys, but you may use one for prostate stimulation. 

With caution.

The head acts as the flared base of your massager. Some handles have textured rubber wrapped around them, which provides further stimulation.

If you choose a hairbrush with a handle that’s tapered towards the end, insertion would be easier, but you’ll have more luck targeting your P-spot with something a bit thick. 

Again, it’s not designed for anal play, so you should be extra careful when using it.


Making yourself a homemade prostate massager is not rocket science… though not the safest bet.

Getting your DIY design to have a curved tip and flared base is the key to getting something primal. This is easier achieved if you’re skilled in woodwork or glassblowing

But if you take into consideration all the risks and hassles involved with these models, you’ll find that buying one is more appropriate.

You can get butt plugs that are both CHEAP ($10 – 20) and SAFE to use.

I hope this has helped answer questions you might have had over making a DIY prostate massager!

Feel free to share and leave any questions in the Comments Section below!

Till next time… Ciao!

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