Fleshlight STU Review: Does This Endurance Trainer Work?

Fleshlight STU claims to be the endurance training fleshlight of your dreams that will help you increase your stamina.

Fleshlight STU

The Good | It is one of the most intense fleshlights out there, and it will intensify your orgasms.

The Bad | It’s not the only fleshlight on the market that can help you increase your stamina, so if you only want to buy it, for this reason, it might not be worth it. 

The Bottom Line | Fleshlight STU is a good quality fleshlight that has a unique design and will help you get a more intense orgasm, and it could be a fun addition to your sex-toy collection.

There are so many different models that Fleshlight produces that sometimes it can get overwhelming when choosing which one to buy. That is why we do these reviews.

In this Fleshlight STU review, I will discuss different aspects of this collection and whether it’s worth your money. 

Fleshlight STU Overview

Fleshlight stu overview

The Fleshlight STU, otherwise known as The Stamina Training Unit, is designed to overstimulate the penis and help the user increase their sexual stamina to last longer in bed. 

It is recommended as the must-have tool for men who have issues finishing too soon during sex or those who want to learn how to control their ejaculation a little bit better.

Fleshlight STU collection is great for you if you like a super intense Fleshlight experience. 

STU collection has three different models: Lady, Butt, and Pure. They all serve the same purpose, and the only significant difference is the orifice. 

For gay or bi-for-guys community, Fleshlight has a different collection called the Endurance Jack that you can find here.

STU collection sleeves are made out of the regular pink SuperSkin material designed to feel just like the real skin.

One thing that might turn you off from getting this fleshlight is the case. 

Every fleshlight in this collection comes in a cheap-looking gold case, and this color is not my favorite for a fleshlight.

Also, it’s very out there and not discreet at all. But that’s not a massive issue at the end of the day. 

All three STU fleshlights come at the same size. The total length of the case is 9.75,” and the insertable length of the sleeve is 8.5″. Plenty of space for 95% of the male population.

As with all the other fleshlights, it works for men with the girth up to 7″.

It might be too tight and uncomfortable for some men out there. I personally didn’t have any issues with it being too tight.

PriceOrificeExtra value
STU Lady$68VaginaFree e-guide on how to increase your stamina
STU Butt$68ButtFree e-guide on how to increase your stamina
STU Pure$68Neutral holeFree e-guide on how to increase your stamina
Super STU Combo$138 (now on sale for 25% OFF)Vagina8 oz FleshLube Water, Renewing Powder, Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer, Fleshlight Shower Mount, Fleshwash

Today I’ll be focusing this review on the STU Lady model as that’s the one I’ve tried and bought.

But it doesn’t really matter as every other model has the same texture, and the only thing that’s different about each of them is the orifice. 

Price, Where to Buy

Fleshlight STU collection toys all cost $68, which is reasonable for a good quality fleshlight.

They also have a few different bundles on their website, including lubes and renewing powers, so it might be worth checking out if you want to save some money. 

Also, Fleshlight has a Loyalty program that lets you earn points in various ways. You can later use those points as money off your purchase.

You can get up to $25 off, which is a great deal if you ask me.

You can find Fleshlight STU on many websites online, but I think the best places to buy this toy are:

  • The original Fleshlight website, you can find all the Stamina Training Units from this collection here
  • Or get your Fleshlight STU Lady on the Lovehoney here.

As per usual, we don’t recommend you buy your fleshlight on eBay or Amazon. You can never know if you’re buying the original toy, and it can be a waste of your money.

Design & Features: Texture and Firmness

Fleshlight stu designs and features

When you first look at the Fleshlight STU Lady, the texture of the toy doesn’t look like anything impressive. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting very much when I bought it. 

If you take a look at other fleshlights like the Stoya Destroya or the Vortex, they look so much more intense, with different textures, tightness and swirls all around. 

Fleshlight STU has one tightness throughout the whole sleeve and only one type of texture.

It’s quite large rounded bumps, very close to each other going all around the sleeve. Not the most exciting surface for a fleshlight, right?

As for the case, I’m not the biggest fan of this collection. While the gold color does look better in real life than in the pictures on the website, the plastic case looks a little bit cheap. 

However, it still has the same feel as any other fleshlight, and it’s comfortable to use if you’re used to other fleshlights. This part never disappoints. 

Fleshlight STU Lady’s orifice is supposed to mimic the vagina. It is not a bad model, and I have to say that I didn’t mind it.

STU Butt has butt shape orifice, so if you prefer that part, it might be worth getting the STU Butt and not Lady. 

What’s great about this collection is that the Fleshlight really thought about everyone’s preferences and made the STU Pure with a very neutral orifice, that just looks like the plain hole for those men who don’t like imitations of mouth, butt or vagina. 

STU collection fleshlights are all made out of their usual SuperSkin material, which feels very soft and as close to a real vagina as possible.

It is a little bit sticky, so you might need to get used to that if you’ve never had another fleshlight. 

One thing to keep in mind about the Fleshlight STU is that it does not feel realistic.

It is designed to provide very intense stimulation and orgasms, so if you want something that feels like having sex with a real vagina, this fleshlight is not going to be for you.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

When I first got it, my expectations were pretty low. I wasn’t expecting it to help me last longer during sex, as I don’t have this issue anymore.

Because I have a decent collection of fleshlight and I use them regularly, I wanted to try this one purely for fun. 

If you’ve been interested in fleshlights for some time now, you know that the texture of a fleshlight is essential, and that’s how usually we choose which one to go for.

Well, unless you’re a fan of a pornstar and buy Fleshlight Girls collection toys only for the purpose of having sex with a pornstar.

However, even though the texture of fleshlight matters, I don’t always sense every single texture variation when using different textures.

Yes, they do feel different overall, but you don’t always sense which bump stimulates your penis the most. 

With STU Lady, the experience was completely different.

While in the beginning, it looked like it’s going to be boring to have the same unimpressive looking texture all around the sleeve, it proved me wrong. 

The stimulation of a penis while using this sleeve was so intense, I couldn’t last longer than one minute the first time I used it.

Honestly, I could feel every single rounded bump stimulating my penis in a mind-blowing way.

When you penetrate the sleeve, all those rounded bumps surround your penis all around, all at the same time, applying pressure to multiple pleasure points all at once.

This sleeve texture is more impressive than it looks. 

I actually enjoyed the fact that the texture was not changing throughout the whole sleeve.

That consistent texture from the moment you enter the sleeve, to when you reach the end makes it very pleasurable. 

It’s always the ultimate goal to find something that feels good for your penis and doing it over and over again, until you climax. And this STU Lady fleshlight delivers just that. 

Another thing that felt great about STU Lady fleshlight was the fact that the texture was the same when my penis was going backward from the sleeve as it did when it was moving forward.

Sometimes, the problem I have with other sleeves is that it feels very intense when you’re entering it and going inwards the sleeve.

Then you feel the texture and the stimulation, but once it’s time to go backward, the texture doesn’t feel the same. 

I think it’s great, as it gives that little bit of break before getting an intense feeling entering the sleeve again, like the pleasure them come in waves instead of being intense 100% of the time. 

STU fleshlight did precisely that for me. It was intense 100% of the time, and there was no downtime or waves of intense stimulation.

And that’s why I couldn’t last very long the first time I used it. 

That’s where the purpose of training you to improve your stamina shows very well. With this type of intense stimulation, you have to learn not cum in 30 seconds.

I think it can help control yourself better as you have to learn how to stop before you reach that point where you just can’t and need to cum.

Would I Recommend it? If so, to whom?

I personally think that the Fleshlight STU collection lives up to its hype. So, yes, I would recommend it if you’re looking for something with intense texture. 

However, in reality, every other fleshlight on the market can help you improve your stamina, you don’t need to buy just this one specifically to train yourself. 

Also, I would keep in mind that if you don’t have issues with your stamina levels, and are happy with how long you last now, you might not need this fleshlight. 

You don’t want to get to the point where you need such a long time to finish that your partner gets tired, waiting for your orgasm or simply gets bored.

This is not a great thing as cumming in 60 seconds isn’t. 

I think the price of this fleshlight is great. At $68, it’s pretty reasonable, and knowing that you can save some money with their Loyalty program or by buying bundles, it’s very reasonable. 

Who is it for?

  • Men who want to expand their sex-toy collection and try different textures. 
  • Men who enjoy very intense stimulation with their fleshlights.

Who is it not for?

  • Men who don’t have any stamina issues, don’t try to fix something that’s not broken. 

What do Other People Think About It? 

I found a few different experiences of using the Fleshlight STU collection toys that people shared online.

Here is a great video review of the Fleshlight STU Lady sleeve where you can better see how this toy looks like: 

What people on Reddit are saying:

There’s tons of info out there on stu fleshlight and training to last longer. You have to pace your self and journal your info. There’s different types of ways to practice that’s on the Internet. 5 minutes a day, 10, 15 etc it’s up to you. Trust me when you get that thing your gonna wanna bust after the 1st thrust.

For example you can use it 10 minutes a day and pick a sex position you struggle with or wanna get better at. For example I’m going to use it first for missionary position. I’m going to thrust slowly learning my body and breathing patterns for 10 minutes or so a day maybe more like 30. If I feel like busting after 1st or 2nd stroke it’s okay.

As long as I’m breathing deeply and using my kegels to hold myself back from cumming and doing the stop start method I will get better in time . The stu has tight grip or loser grip you can adjust it to how you like.

Once you warm up the fleshlight properly and use a water based lube your good to go. You have to learn and have self control btw to stop fucking the fleshlight and not Cumming in it.

It’s a matter of self control just like you don’t eat a whole box of cookies in one sitting. Why ? Because you have to learn self control over yourself.


“These things are pretty intense. I can last quite a bit longer during real sex than I can with any of my fleshlights. I have to stop and rest less than a minute in and take super slow strokes while controlling my breathing to last longer than 90 seconds. I’m sure i could last longer if i went in “cold”, but i always warm them and the lube in hot water first.”


“STU – 10/10. My 1st sleeve and still one of my favorites. As I write this, this was the last sleeve I used, and I had such a great orgasm I started convulsing in my bed as I was shooting my load.

The consistent texture on the inside is incredibly stimulating at first, but over time, as advertised, you get used to it. It is practically noiseless, so a little extra lube will allow you to really pump away with it. It’s incredible for edging too. Highly recommended for anyone interested at all in FL’s.”



If you don’t like the texture or the look of the Fleshlight STU collection toys, there are some alternatives for you on the market.

You don’t need to get this specific sleeve to increase your stamina. Any other fleshlight can help you do it. 

Of course, Fleshlight STU has a very unique design, and no other fleshlight has anything similar to it, but there are other great textures that are loved by a lot of men. 

Here are some of my best alternative recommendations:

Fleshlight STU alternatives
  • Fleshlight Flight: Pilot is another one of men’s favorite fleshlights. This one is more compact and has a sleeker design, so you can even travel with it. This fleshlight is made out of the clear SuperSkin material, not the pink one, and offers a little bit of a different experience. 
  • Mini-Lotus pink sleeve is another of the men’s favorite. It has a very unique texture inside that provides an intense and pleasurable experience, but it’s not as intense as the STU provides. You can learn more about it in our Fleshlight Mini Lotus review.
  • Ice Lady fleshlight is a transparent toy, and it’s one of the best selling fleshlights. It has five different pleasure chambers that give intense stimulation (not as intense as STU thought), and it’s made out of the clear SuperSkin and not the pink one. Some men do prefer the clear version over the pink. 

If these suggestions for alternatives are not enough we also have a couple of guides to help you find the right toy:

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

As with all the other fleshlights on the market, Fleshlight STU collection toys are made out of good quality materials and have a unique design you won’t find anywhere else.

From that alone, you can say that these Fleshlights are worth it.

While they’re marketed specifically as sleeves that will help you improve your sexual stamina, I don’t think you need to buy them specifically to do that.

I hope that you enjoyed this Fleshlight STU Review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section.

Fleshlight STU Review

Dainis Graveris

fleshlight stu product


Any other fleshlight on the market is designed in a way to help you improve your sexual stamina and be better at controlling the ejaculation, so don’t think that you need to get this one specifically. It is a good Fleshlight with a very intense stimulation experience, so I think if you like trying out different flashlights, it might be worth your time. 


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