Lelo F1s Review: Is This Prototype Sex Toy GOOD?

Lelo’s prototype sex toy combines the power of the conventional vibrator with new Sensonic technology. From the creator’s promises, it should give you an all-round penis stimulation for a great orgasm experience.

Lelo F1s Review cover

The Good | The Lelo F1s uses dual motors that consist of sonic waves at the top and the traditional vibrations at the base of the sleeve. You can use this with or without the app. The Cruise Control mode is also a cool concept to keep your play rolling regardless of how you’re using the thrust.

The Bad | The toy lacks an air valve to allow airflow. As a result, this produces a rather annoying slurping sound when you make slow to moderate-paced strokes. The insertable length and width are also kind of small, and bigger guys will not get all the way in. The controls frequently lag in the low vibrations mode.

The Bottom Line | The F1s combined traditional and sonic waves vibration is a great development yet to be adopted by the other toys in the market. The soft silicone skin is also a very nice stimulator that delivers the intensity of the vibrations too well. On the downside, if you are not a tech-guy, then the software development kit won’t be worth much to your experience.

So, in the case that you have spent countless hours online searching for a detailed Lelo F1s review, then you’ve landed on the right page! 

In this space today, we are going to give you a detailed text on the F1s infamous penis milking machine and the creative tech features woven into its production.

Outstandingly, the dual motors form a new tag-team in the male toys category and give a whole new sensational experience.

The F1s Developer Kit will allow you to use these features whether you’ve connected the app or not and still work the same.

You’ll get to see their choice of sleeve technology and how it works in delivering what Lelo promised the toy would.

This edition is highly future-oriented and has a lot of nerdy improvisations, like the Cruise Control, that comes along with it. So, brace up and prepare to understand all these and more!

Let’s lift-off…

Lelo F1s Tech and Specs Overview

Lelo F1s


As always, the F1s come in a remarkable small-sized edition by Lelo. In fact, it’s so small you could cup it between your palms and it would fit just like a mug.

And for this reason, guys who are hanging anything above 6.00 inches (length) by 2.00 inches (width) might find it a bit of a tight squeeze to fit in.

I know this is not an ideal universal wanking toy. And though it might be a small concern, it will prove to be a huge bummer for most people.

In measurements, the F1s come in one standard body dimension. This is 5.63 inches (H) by 2.80 inches across the width.

I really wish a decent amount of this could stick for the insertable dimensions. The difference is too big and the resulting consequence in usage is quite a bother.

The user dimensions, at least as per my measurements, come in at a baffling 4.3 inches (length) and 1.55 inches for your penis’s girth. I wish they do more about this.

Anyway, as a sort of recompense, they have made the F1s very light so it is not a burden on your hands when you engage your session.


Lelo has brought these three materials together to give us a sleek and cool-looking model with a visible touch of a red theme to reel in the perfect romantic setting.

The aluminum alloy is carefully crafted to create the body casing of the F1s and this, I must say, has played a major role in giving the toy a very lightweight.

The hexagonal-like shape also makes this male masturbator quite easy to hold and use.

The other material is the ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene) plastic that has gone into the production of the transparent little window on the toy’s side.

The window allows you to have a look at what’s going on inside when you are using the masturbator.

The last bit of the material is silicone. Lelo has used this to create the F1s non-porous sleeves and I must say they uphold the test of touch and skin sensitivity.

The sleeves are colored red and simulate the sensations you would get from the human lips in a blowjob.

Oh! And if you’re worried about the aluminum case becoming slippery, Lelo includes a pair of red and black gloves for you to use that makes the grip sturdy and secure.


This is where most of us went nuts when Lelo made the announcement on what to expect from the F1s upon their release!

Get this:

The F1s consist of two internal motors that are located at the top and base of the toy. The top motor uses the Sensonic Feature and gives off the novel sonic waves that massage your penis from a 10-point sensor positionings.

The Cruise Control mode, previously only available to the SONA and others in the series, is also available in this release. And just like the name suggests, the feature lets the device read and understand your strokes and patterns (if any).

In response, it will increase or decrease its motor and sonic intensity depending on the deepness and pressure of your thrusts. Pretty neat.

There is the free Lelo demo app that you’re supposed to get free access to immediately you receive your toy. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones or tablets.

To use it, you must connect via Bluetooth to have personal control of the stimulation intensity you want.

The F1s decided to throw a bone to the nerdy hedonists by allowing the toy’s sensors to be customizable, for tuned sensations.

These sensors are 10 in number and are strewn all over the sleeve to capture and enhance your performance throughout.

For manual control, you can use the ( – ) and ( + ) buttons on the toy to either increase or decrease the strength of the motors. 

You may decide to just place your penis inside and hold it in place for the vibrations to work on you.

For variation, you can also try thrusting and see whether it’ll give you a better swing than holding.

Price, where to buy?

Well, the F1s price is not for shallow pockets. And yes, this fact was to be expected considering the ‘advanced’ quality invested in the toy.

But if you are a ritual wanker who sure likes updating his toy collection, then you could probably knock yourself out and order one.

Currently, the F1s retail at a market price ranging from $159 – $199 dollars depending on where you want to buy.

Yeah… that’s not pocket change. It is moderately expensive I know, and can be because of the extra features included.

All in all, you don’t want to gamble with such money and for that, you’d better keep your nose off Amazon or eBay if you want a legit transaction.

For a legitimate purchase, I’d advise you to head over to Lelo’s Official Site to make a perfectly safe order of the F1s.

They will give you one year warranty on the toy and you’re sure to get the real thing ordered.

If you’re in a mood to scout around, you can also check out the store at Lovehoney and see their deals on shipping and guarantees.

At a glance:

I’ve prepared a small comparison table that will show you the tech and specs of the F1s. 

But in truth, I can’t say there’s much of a difference between the Developer’s Kit Red and the Prototype. They have the same size dimensions and battery capacity (3.7v 850mA Li-Ion).

And in the same line of thought, they both have a permanent sleeve attached, no movable external parts, and no mains power supply.

Take a look at it below:

F1s Developer’s KitABS,
alloy, and
0.63lbs10 sensors.3-Button interface.Matte
and Red.
F1s PrototypeABS,
alloy, and Silicone.
0.64lbsNo sensors.3-Button,
Matte Black.
Table showing the F1s tech and spec difference.

Design & Features: Texture and Firmness

Lelo F1s Design and Features

The F1s design is pretty much convenient for its overall use and functionality. 

On the outside, the aluminum alloy casing gives a sturdy and firm grip when holding this device.

To make it better, Lelo also includes a pair of gloves to enhance your grip just in case the wets get out of control. 

Internally, the sleeve is made from soft silicone for maximum stimulation. This sleeve is also curved to enhance the texture and penile sensations.

You can also feel the motors right beneath the soft skin when you circle your penis around.

What impresses in this model is the squishy entry that simulates real lips. It really feels nice on your penis’ tip and can leave you anticipating the warm breath that accompanies the lips in a real blowjob.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

Well, the F1s are pretty much set up to use when once your order arrives as the sleeve is already attached waiting for lubrication. I used my own water-based lube.

To active manual mode, press the power button once to turn on, then once again to skip the connection mode.

Now, though I liked the insertion feeling on my head, I noticed that there wasn’t enough room left for airflow.

The concern over this is that it results in some loud sucking sounds made by the lube and the poor suction

That aside, the waves vibrating through my shaft from the base washed all that away. What I got was a highly stimulated penetration effect upon entry.

And once my business had settled in there, the SenSonic feature kicked in with its teasing waves massaging my shaft all through. 

The Cruise Control though was an effective performer as it adapts to your patterns and cranks up the toy’s power if your thrusts are deeper and vice versa.

This makes sure that you get the best vibrations intensity as you adjust your styles and thrust (if you decide to).

The 3-button control are on top and there’s the transparent window on the side. Well, this would’ve worked better if it were on top so we wouldn’t break our necks trying to peep on ourselves.

To use the app, press the power button once and pair it using the Lelo app from your phone.

The app will show you stats like device speed, temperature, and the pressure coming from your little siesta. The app allows overall use with 2 of the motors but allows no third parties in its API.

Spoiler alert: The demo app’s features themselves seem to be incomplete, and I doubt whether using the open code from their site will make developing it any better.

Also when using the app, the Cruise Control malfunctioned almost every time I had the motor setting set to low vibrations. What’s the deal with that, Lelo?

While I can say that the F1s give a great service to my penis, I wouldn’t say that the experience was “mind-blowing” as per their promise as I actually had to force myself to uhh… climax.

…Not edgy for this edging toy.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Since the sleeves are permanently fitted in the F1s, cleaning it up is not much of a hassle as they are also made “water-proof”.

Now, I do take issue with this “water-proof” business as I noticed my toy developed a fog inside the transparent pane. I don’t know. Maybe this is a normal hazard. But I really don’t think so. 

Anyway… Lelo includes a free cleaning spray that you can use to clean the toy but mild soap and water get the job done too.

After the toy is clean and dry, you may also use the satin bag that comes within the package to store the toy.

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

This time is a bit of a dilemma.

The F1s really don’t deliver ALL that Lelo promised it will in terms of experience. But the awesome massages from the sonic waves are indeed artistic, and I have no problem anyone having a swing at it.


Who is it for?

  • Guys who’re into vibrators.
  • Horny nerds who’d want to create customized experiences.
  • Guys who want long sessions.

Who is it not for?

  • Guys with dongs past the 5.00” mark.
  • Guys who prefer thrusting.
  • If you want stronger orgasms.

What Do Other People Think About It?

As always, here’s a sneak peek of what other people have to say about the Lelo F1s:

From YouTube, here’s a review by TheSextrovert in this video.

Here are some comments and personal opinions from Reddit’s interactive lounge. 

Seems like Coolnerd11 was pretty pissed about his experience. Read this:

“There is ABSOLUTELY no way this is a “developer’s kit”. That is a clever way of saying “unfinished product” if anything. With all the coding resources in the world at my disposal, the only extra “performance” you might get from this is the ability to add little patterns to how this thing vibrates?

I’m not kidding, there is essentially nothing included in the body of this toy that even has the ability to give a person any sensation other than a light vibration.

The unfortunate thing is that I read every article I could find on this toy. I should have known that all the articles were bought and paid for by Lelo, but I really wanted to believe that this thing would be fun.

I honestly tried really hard to find a bad review, and when I couldn’t find anything negative about it I took a chance. That’s why I feel the need to tell people what a joke this thing actually is.”


Here’s a user Mike4672018, who had a different opinion on the F1s:

“It could be better, absolutely. There is a demo app that I really do not need. The thing with having to turn the location on an Android phone seems to be a must, so I cannot blame the app. I did try the app, it worked fine, but as it says, it is a demo so there is not much there. And do not forget to start the app before turning the device on.

Is it a disappointment? Well, no, but it can definitely be better. Maybe my expectations were not high so I am not disappointed. I wanted a sex tech device after all those simple toys for men. It did take me a few minutes to figure the app out though.

I am not really a fan of using a phone while enjoying myself and if I am going to watch porn, I’ll watch it on a big screen while using my device. And that is what I sometimes do. Guys who are more into SDK, high tech seem disappointed so I cannot say much about it, not an expert.

Yes, I did wait for a long time, yes, it took me some time to figure out the app. However, it is working, but I don’t really need it. I would not say that the device is bad, but it can be much better. It works for me.”



Lelo F1s Alternatives

In all honesty, there are alternatives that are better in performance and ride on the same price range.

I mean, if you’re spending such big bucks on a toy, it better be worth every single dime.

If you want to check other options, check out our Kiiroo Onyx review and Autoblow review.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

To wind up, the F1s model is not at all awful. It’s a nice futuristic toy that has maybe not reached its full potential yet. It promises a lot but its delivery is bupkis.

The dual vibrator experience is also great and its F1s software development kit is worth trying if you got the required skillset (code on their site). You can develop games or videos that hook up to it. 

But for that price, there are other better options like the Fleshlight Launch that will get the job done. 

I hope this review answers your questions on the Lelo F1s.

Happy toy hunting!

Lelo F1s Review

Dainis Graveris

lelo f1s prototype toy


To wind up, the F1s model is not at all awful. It’s a nice futuristic toy that has maybe not reached its full potential yet. It promises a lot but its delivery is mediocre.


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