Venus 2000 Review: Is It A Good Milking Machine For Men?

The Venus 2000 sex machine is a very nice touch in the male masturbator toy’s category. ABCO has improved a great deal on the motor noise by reducing it to discrete! The air suction technology is, indeed, amazing creativity.

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The Good | The Venus For Men model is a discrete toy that could work well in most settings. It has an ingenious air pump technology that replicates the actual thrusting in normal sex and will give you an exciting climax. You can also attach other accessories used with the purchased item.

The Bad | It goes without saying that for anyone to get their hands on this piece of work, then you must prepare to dig deeper into your pockets. Also, this machine can get very loud if you put it on top of a hard surface.

The Bottom line | Well, the price sure is a dream killer and is not afforded by every John and Dick. On the other end, it will get the work done for you. And you can use the nipple sucker receiver accessory on your partner if they want to join in the fun.

I know when you hear about ABCO Research Associates, the first thing that props up in your mind is the famous Sybian Saddle for women.

Well, this time the company went out of their way and produced something amazing as a token to the large horde of male masturbators & milking machines (see our favorites here).

In the Venus 2000 review today, we are going to reveal what we have discovered about the new Sheriff in town.

The model has come with a fair amount of buzz surrounding it and I know you’d like to clear the facts from the clatter.

The design is, to our relief, discrete. It may be a bit bulky to you if you don’t fancy toys that need a multiple-step assembly.

They have introduced a nice network of air tubes. These work well with the motor pump and the receiver to give you a life-like experience.


So what’s the deal about the price and functionality? Are the design and specs worth the $956.00 price tag attached to it?

With the kind of target the model aims for, does it have attachments that would enable a two-way tango?

Read on to find the answers to all these queries about the Venus 2000 sex-machine.

Venus 2000 Model Specs and Overview

Venus 2000 Model Specs And Overview


Well, to begin with. 

The Venus For Men device is not your ideal option if you want something that falls in the line of a pocket pussy.

Though I wouldn’t say the size screams much, I’ve personally found a bit of distraction with the network of air tubes.

When these tubes coil and tie themselves up, you can end up with a messy entangled affair.

The venus box measures in at about 12.5 inches (height), 11 inches (width), and a 10-inch height. That’s pretty okay by me, considering the kind of duty it releases.

What’s more, is that the model weighs in at about 6 lbs. I’d say that was fine by me, as I expected a much heavier companion from the assembly video I saw on the teaser videos.

I actually thought they delivered a wrong order at my doorstep.

So, generally, it’s not a pocket-pussy size type but you can store it in a closet or a compact box compartment (as I do with mine).


The Venus 2000 consists of plastic, padded metal body casing, and natural rubber.

The receiver is cylindrical and made out of a transparent plastic case. This allows you to have a look at whatever’s going on when your business is on.

Not that there is much to look at anyway. I mean…we all know what a wrapped up penis looks like.

The body, on the other end, has a padded metal-like fitting with a very cool finish that makes it look like a Spy Gadget.

The top of the motor also has a convenient handle of the same material. You can use this handle when you need to move your buddy around.

Finally, they have used natural rubber to create the sleeve that goes into the receiver.

Why is that a big deal?

Toy manufacturers noted concerns from users who get allergic reactions when they use latex materials.

So to mitigate this problem, they developed a material made from natural rubber that has better suitability to most users.


The Venus For Men model has an intricate system designed to give you the best climax you can get with it.

It has a powerful motor that makes the pumping in and out of air very smooth in the receiver. It has 4 external ports on the front side of its body.

I used the two ports with a valve-like opening to connect the air tubes. One for bringing in air, and the other one for taking it out.

The other two ports on the side are to attach the power cord and remote controller for the speed.

The receiver, though not so sexy, has a rubber sleeve that’s designed to fit with any penis size taken into it.

Also, this rubber sleeve expands and binds itself to the receiver’s mouth without needing much support.

If you buy the toy from their site, the package offer comes with a 4.4oz Glide lube and one 1/8 “ wrench for use.

Price, Where To Buy?

I have already stated that you will put away your coin purse and take out your checkbook to make this order.

It retails at a staggering $956.00 on their online site. This includes free ground shipping that’s within the United States continent.

They also charge an extra $50.00 flat fee if you want your order delivered through the United States Post Office Box.

Other deliveries outside of the US continent are still possible through the worldwide shipping option. This though will incur you extra charges and you might need to look up the rates at their site.

Most International Shipping will cost you something in the range of about $60.00 to $250.00, depending on your location.

The good thing is that they give you a valid warranty. This is redeemable when your device becomes faulty, resulting from a hardware problem.

To make your order for the Venus 2000 sex machine, click on their VenusForMen website and follow the steps there.

Available Attachments

There are other available attachments that you could get delivered to you through a separate order.

These attachments include 3 types of receiver pumps for your action.

They include:

Venus 2000 attachments
  1. Normal masturbator – An extra receiver for use if you have another partner.
  2. The Pump Receiver – This receiver is another variant and works as a penis enlarger.
  3. The Nipple/Head Set – This is another type of receiver that took into consideration the needs of a female partner (if you have one). They are effective attachments that give your penis’ head and nipples a good tip-sucking experience. They are also much smaller in size as compared to the standard-issue penis receiver.

Design & Features: Texture and Firmness

I received my toy with the standard-issue receiver that has one sleeve made from natural rubber. 

The fact that the sleeve’s design fits all sizes is a sweet touch. I know we all have our views about the right size. So, this sleeve pretty levels the room on that.

As said earlier, I liked the idea of natural rubber and it did not disappoint in texture too. The sleeve fitted my dick and held it in place using the air sucking in and out of the receiver.

The sleeve gives you real life-like vaginal touch on your dick.

What if you want another sleeve experience? ABCO has got you covered with the other textured stroke sleeve that they manufactured.

This sleeve will give you the added stimulation and texture to tip off your ball-scales!

Here’s a video by VenusForMen giving details of this model. You can watch it later here.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

Before I used my Venus 2000, I took great care to first assemble it correctly.

I already mentioned that this model comes with 4 connection ports on the front side. On the right panel are two.

One for connecting the small air hose located on top. And the lower port to connect the larger air hose.

The other small hose’s end connects to the airbox control and the large hose’s other end connects to your receiver. 

Note: Make sure you remove the cap covering the receiver’s inlet before you plug in the large hose.

On the left panel. There is the remote control connector port on the top and the power cord connector that sits beneath it. Connecting these is pretty easy I’ll say.

Now you can lube up the sleeve and yourself and get right to it.

In my experience, I loved the fact that the Venus box is discrete in design and lacks those shouting marketing stickers.

The toy’s motor was discrete when placed on my bed and I bet this could allow you to hear your partner’s moans if you have the attachments.

Despite this, the motor has a speed range that goes from 8 – 300 RPM! I used the airbox controller to add and remove air in the box, affecting the length of each stroke in the process.

You can do soul searching in this thing as you go from long gentle strokes to the much shorter intense bursts. 

The speed remote helps a lot in adjusting your music’s tempo from nice classical operas to full-on Rock ‘n Roll!

I know you will enjoy the experience more if you play with both the speed remote and the airbox control. Have different settings and see what combination will milk you best.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Cleaning this toy is not much of a hurdle as the package comes with a cleaning set to help with its maintenance.

You can use the light brush to scour the receiver using warm water and a soap of your choosing.

Before you do this you must ensure you have replaced the air cap on the receiver to prevent water from lodging inside the motor.

Cleaning the sleeve is also easy and you have to let them dry well before storing or reassembling them.

Venus 2000 comes off as a very sturdy gadget, judging from the design and materials used to build it.

However, you need to take great care not to allow water into the motor as it will most likely damage the engineering.

In that case, then, you would have used your $956.00 to buy an expensive heartbreak!

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

This toy sure is a super entry. I think I’d recommend it to rich friends or those who’re disciplined in the art of saving.

The discreteness is marvelous and I won’t mind carrying this to my honeymoon. The thrill from its experience is something you could always use to double up your sex life.

Who Is It For?

  • People who can afford $956.00.
  • People who value secrecy.
  • Guys living in rented apartments.

Who Is It Not For?

  • If you cannot afford $956.00.
  • Guys who don’t like pipes tangling up.

What Are Other People Thinking About It?

Let us take a quick look at what other people have to say concerning this Venus For Men male masturbator.

We have sourced independent reviews from YouTube and Reddit to give you an idea of what the online buzz has to say about it.

Watch the assembly and functioning discussed by the ChannelBeforePurpose vlog in the video below:

As usual, let me also give you bits and snippets from the red streets at Reddit.

“They have a trial and return policy. You can use it and return it if you don’t like it.

When your package arrives, enjoy your Venus for 45 days at your leisure. If you wish to return your Venus, call or email Abco Research Associates before the end of your trial period for a return authorization number. You are responsible for the return shipping cost.

Upon return receipt of your Venus, Abco Research Associates will refund the cost of the Venus Package minus a $186 return fee ($956-$186=$770 typical return amount). Beyond the Venus Package, any additional attachments and accessories purchased are refundable only if unopened.”

Source: Reddit user, aaronryder773.

“I have had one for several years now. It is not the type of toy you just masturbate regularly with like you do with your hand or a Fleshlight. There’s minor to mild work involved with use and upkeep. If you’re into several hour-long sessions then it is for you 100%. Also, my sexual stamina has noticeably increased since my purchase. I’ll word it this way. It does not feel like a vagina or another human at all. 

This feels like a machine that was designed to make you cum with no love at all. If you long for sexual intimacy, this will never be the answer until/unless somebody else is at the controls while you are hooked up. If you just wanna cum fast and hard and have the option of having a toy that can say “you’re not done cunning till I say you’re done” and let it go wild on you-it’s like nothing you’ve been able to do in a solo session before ever.”

Source: Reddit user, Labordave.


Venus 2000 alternatives

At this point, if you have figured that the Venus For Men is still out of reach for you, then you can check out other awesome alternatives that I have compiled for you.

What alternatives do you have?

Well, depending on your taste and preference, you can check out other options that give you the same experience in penis milking that are convenient and have fantastic overall performance.

As the number 1 alternative, I’d suggest that you check out the Fleshlight Launch.

This toy goes for a way lower price (retails from $196.00) than the Venus 2000. It has great interactive features and can elevate your blow experience.

You can also check out our Kiiroo Onyx review.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Getting down to Earth from Venus… 

I hope that the information I have passed here has helped you to clear the facts from noise.

Also, I trust that you now have enough knowledge of the product features, functionality, and expected experience.

Well…that’s my cue!

Did you enjoy reading this Venus 2000 review article? Drop your thoughts and questions in the comments section below, and I’ll get back right to you!

Venus 2000 Review

Dainis Graveris

venus 2000 product


I reiterate that the Venus 2000 sex toy model is not a cheap venture. It is grossing in the expensive toys category.
Though it gives you good value for your money, I’d suggest that you consider renting out from a trusted vendor for occasional use.


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