Fleshlight Quickshot Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This

Fleshlight Quickshot is the smallest and cheapest fleshlight designed to enhance your solo play and spice up your play with a partner.

Fleshlight Quickshot

The Good | It’s made out of quality materials, and it’s a very versatile fleshlight, perfect for both solo play and sex with your partner.

The Bad | The outer case is a hard shell, so you can’t use your grip for a more intense experience. 

The Bottom Line | Fleshlight Quickshot is a very versatile toy to have in your sex toy collection. It’s made out of good quality materials and is very small and compact. 

In this Fleshlight Quickshot review, I’ll be taking a look at different parts of this toy and whether or not it’s worth your time and money. 

About Fleshlight

Fleshlight is a leading male sex toy brand that has been selling various body parts as sex toys since 1995. The story of how the whole fleshlight concept was born is quite unique. 

When the founder’s wife was pregnant, she had a difficult pregnancy meaning that she wouldn’t be able to have sex for nine months.

Steve, the founder, was looking into options that would help him survive this 9-months long dry spell. That is how the concept of fleshlight was born.

Fleshlight has sold over $1 billion worth of products since they first launched, and they’re dominating the male sex toy industry with their unique inventions.

Fleshlight Quickshot Review & Overview

One of the most popular and versatile of all fleshlights are their Quickshot range.

They’re the cheapest, most compact, and one of the tightest Fleshlight I’ve tried.

It’s a great option for men who want to buy their first fleshlight but are unsure which one to choose from. Fleshlight Quickshot can be a great option as a very first fleshlight. 

There are three different Fleshlight Quickshots you can choose from:

The inside sleeve is made out of clear flesh-like material called SuperSkin that every other fleshlight sleeve is made out of.

It’s a material that’s easy to clean and maintain and feels just like the ‘real deal.’ 

All Fleshlight Quickshots are made to accommodate men of different sizes, and because it’s open-ended, you can fully experience every texture inside.

Total lengthInsertable lengthGirth
Vantage4.5”3.5”Up to 7”
Riley Reid4.5”3.5”Up to 7”
Pulse4.5”3.5”Up to 7”

Price, Where To Buy

Fleshlight Quickshot is the cheapest fleshlight sleeve in their range. It costs only $38, which is a bargain as full large fleshlights usually come at around $89. 

If you’re looking to save some money, Fleshlight has a Loyalty program that allows you to earn points that can later be used as money off your purchase. You can get up to $25 off. 

There are lots of different places where you can buy your Fleshlight Quickshots, but we recommend these places:

  • Buy directly from the Fleshlights website here. It’s always the safest bet. 
  • Or get your Quickshots on Lovehoney here. They carry all three options available.

We don’t recommend you buy your Fleshlight Quickshots on eBay or Amazon as you never know whether you’re buying from the original source, and it can be a waste of your money. 

Design & Features: Texture and Firmness

Fleshlight Quickshots are small, compact, and made out of a transparent material. It has a very unique and innovative design.

It’s composed out of a hardshell case on the outside, which makes it easy to hold and a SuperSkin sleeve inside which provides pleasure while using. 

All Quickshots are small, the total length being 4.5,” and the insertable length is 3.5″. It might seem like it’s too small to do anything; however, it’s quite the opposite. 

Quickshots allows you to see your penis in all the glory while using it, and open-ended design choice makes it very easy to clean up.

However, as it is open-ended, you have to be careful where you shot, as it can go anywhere if you’re not careful.

All three Quickshots have different textures inside them which makes a lot of difference when choosing which one to buy: 

  • Quickshot Vantage has a unique texture of orbs and spheres going all over the sleeves. It offers diverse stimulation while using it. Both ends of the Vantage model are the same, it doesn’t have an indication of vagina, butt, or mouth.
  • Riley Reid Quickshot has two different orifices, one being designed after Riley’s butt and another after her vagina. Inside has a very stimulating texture of longer bumps at 45 degrees angle and rectangle bumps all over the sleeve. It’s two different pleasure chambers with totally different experiences. 
  • Quickshot Pulse has a very simple ridged interior texture; however, it provides a very pleasurable intense stimulation like no other. 

So, if you want a more compact Fleshlight than the classic ones, you have quite a few design options to choose from.

Must have accessory for your Quickshots – Quickshots Launch

If you want to make your experience using Fleshlight Quickshots even better, they have a machine called Quickshot Launch, which allows you to automate your masturbation. 

This tool will allow you to sit back and enjoy masturbation without doing a lot of work.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

Using a Fleshlight Quickshot is very pleasurable.

When I used it alone, it did give me a stronger orgasm than I would have achieved by only using my hand.

Knowing how to use a Fleshlight does make the experience more enjoyable.

It grips the penis nicely, and you can feel the texture subtly without it being too harsh or uncomfortable. 

What’s also great is that when my partner tried using it to enhance the blowjob, it truly was great.

Having that extra stimulation in combination with her mouth working my penis was pleasurable, and it makes it more interesting to spice things up sometimes. 

One of the best advantages of using Fleshlight Quickshot over their classic fleshlights is that it’s open-ended.

I can make sure that a very sensitive penis head stays away from the stimulation when I’m about to come. 

It’s a natural thing for penis head to be very sensitive just before finishing, so when using regular fleshlights, it can sometimes get too intense and even painful.

With Quickshot, I don’t have that issue, and it saves the uncomfortable feeling.

However, using Quickshot is way messier. As it doesn’t have the closing, in the end, you have to be mindful of where you’re shooting.

Also, lubricant can get everywhere while using it. But these are just two small inconveniences which don’t undermine how amazing Fleshlight Quickshot is. 

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Another thing that’s so amazing about Fleshlight Quickshots is the fact of how easy they’re to clean compared with other fleshlights. 

As they’re open on both ends, it’s very easy to take it out of the hard case, rinse it and dry.

You can even try to gently evert it if you want to make sure that every nook and cranny gets cleaned, so it doesn’t get moldy. 

Once your sleeve is dry, put it back in the case and store it until the next use. 

Like with all other fleshlights, if you want yours to be in the best shape for a long time, you need to clean it with Isopropyl alcohol and apply some renewing powder every few uses.

This will prevent your sleeve from becoming dry. 

Would I Recommend it?

Yes, I would definitely recommend getting one of the Fleshlight Quickshots if you’re looking into buying one for your collection. It has many advantages and is very pleasurable to use. 

Of course, everyone has different needs and preferences, so I understand that some men would like the full experience of full-size fleshlight. 

Who is it for?

  • For first time buyers. If you’re not sure where to start, Fleshlight Quickshots are the way to go. 
  • For men who don’t have a lot of privacy and prefer to have discreet toys.
  • For men who want a versatile toy that works both for solo play and sex with a partner.

Who is it not for?

  • For men who have a substantial collection of other fleshlights. It might not be necessary to own a Quickshot. 
  • For men who don’t like messy masturbation.

What do Other People Think About It?

Here are a few different experiences from people around the internet who enjoy using Fleshlight Quickshots.

What people are saying on Reddit:

“For now this one suits me fine and it’s easy to clean, but I think I might want to upgrade in the future! It is a shame, yes. Sometimes when she really gets into it, it’s fine, but once I put on a condom she is repulsed by it again and feels very uncomfortable.

It’s getting a bit better as time goes on though, she’s putting in a lot of effort. I was amazed how much I felt like I actually had sex after using the fleshlight though.. Such a difference from my hand!”


“Yes! Here’s my short version:

1. Wow…it really is small. The site doesn’t really convey the true difference in size.

2. Cleans and dries so much faster than the full-size Fleshlights. Good thing too, because…

3. The Quickshots are messy! Being open-ended, the lube gets everywhere.

4. Very hideable.

5. Noisy. All the sound that is normally muffled in a Fleshlight is all right there happening in front of you.

6. Better orgasms. I don’t know about others here, but although the overall experience of a Fleshlight is great and better than the hand, I’ve always been frustrated because I get so sensitive at the head when the orgasm happens that I can’t keep moving during the orgasm. I just seize up.

With the Quickshots, you’re popped out on the other side during the orgasm, which means that you can continue to stimulate with the Fleshlight right below the head during the orgasm, which…as you know, keeping it going just right during the orgasm is a wonderful thing.

7. The “getting there” part is still better with the full-size Fleshlights and the Go.

I haven’t tried yet, but I think it’s going to be great for couple’s play. I just need to get my lovely cohort in the mood to play.

I got both of them to compare and I liked the Vantage (Ice) one best. You can read my epic (long) review of the Fleshlight Quickshot here. It goes into a lot more detail and includes product photos with side-by-side comparisons.

Overall, I feel like if you need something super discreet—like if you live in a dorm or something, it could work as your only one for a while. Or maybe it’s kind of a “gateway” Fleshlight. Otherwise, I think it’s a good second/alternative Fleshlight for more routine usage when you want something a little less involved, but you’ll still want the bigger one.”



There are no other good alternatives to Fleshlight Quickshot. It’s a very unique type of a sleeve that would be good for most men.

But if you want to have another option, you can check out our Fleshlight Ice review.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Fleshlight Quickshots are very cheap, versatile, and compact fleshlights to have in your sex toy collection.

It’s made out of good quality material and will last you for many years if taken care of properly. 

If you’re looking to buy your first fleshlight, but you’re not sure which one to get, I hope this Fleshlight Quickshot review gives you a better buying decision.

Fleshlight Quickshot Review

Dainis Graveris

fleshlight quickshot product


It’s a great toy for a first-time fleshlight user and can help you enhance your sex life with your partner. Not many other fleshlights are as versatile as the Quickshot is.


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