Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Review: Is It Any GOOD?

The Hot Octopus Pulse Solo is a great invention from the Londoners revolutionising the world of penis vibrators. They have included a PulsePlate technology feature that’ll make you orgasm even without putting in an effort. The oscillating disc vibration allows use with a flaccid penis and is a good catch for guys with ED.

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The Good | The Pulse 3 Solo Lux combine sensations from the stroking action with a powerful oscillating pulse plate to give you a wholly unique experience. It has 6 speeds and 8 different intensity levels. The best upside to this vibrator, I think, is that it can arouse a flaccid penis.

The Bad | The motors may go off if you exert pressure on the disk with your penis. The buttons are also a bit tough to press (applies to all pulse models) and may prove a turn-off during play. The vibrations are powerful but a tad loud with high settings. 

The Bottom Line | It’s a great penis vibrator that’s discreet in size and appearance. The PulsePlate is a great technology that will give you a unique penis stimulation, different from what you’ll get from other vibrator toys. The price is a bit expensive but I’d say it’s worth it.

In case you might be asking yourself, what’s the whole deal around the Hot Octopuss Pulse 3 Solo edition, then allow me to start by telling you: They are awesome innovators!

Introducing the Pulse Solo Lux, Hot Octopuss has again, given us an ergonomic treat that adapts the PulsePlate oscillating vibrations to give men a very novel experience like the masturbators in this guide.

What does this mean for you?

Simply put, you can lock in your flaccid peen, turn it on, and you will still get the shudders.

What’s more, it’s designed to let you use it with or without a lubricant and comes with a wrist remote control.

To make this even crazier, they have made it usable in a hands-free mode, or you can give yourself the ol’ stroke if you are old-school.

Tell you what…why don’t you hang around this Hot Octopuss review and read about the dual motor’s turbo function? I know the design will blow your mind, but what more else is there?

Let’s dig into it…

Pulse 3 Solo Lux Tech and Specs Overview

hot octopus Pulse 3 Solo Lux overview


When I got my delivery, the first thing that struck me was the small size the Solo Lux came in.

That’s actually nice if you value things like secrecy and storage space. But all-in-all, the size is just about right for the kind of purpose it’s made to serve.

So what are the measurements?

The Pulse 3 Solo Lux has a body dimension of 4.61” (L) x 2.64 (W) x 2.83” (H). This makes it smaller than the Duo model.

As for the weight, I measured mine after unboxing and it was about 0.49 lbs, which is very light. Well, that is pretty convenient for a hands-free session, and makes stroking even better!


The Hot Octopus Pulse 3 Solo Lux is also built using three basic materials. These are silicone, ABS plastic, and small metal-works.

To make a clear picture, the silicone makes up what’s otherwise called a head-rest. Yeah… this is where you place your glans and its companions for stimulation. 

The body is made using body-safe ABS plastic and covers most of the base.

The metal-works go in the motors, internal circuits, and charging ports and are protected by the waterproof capabilities of the Solo Lux.


This is where the Solo Lux struck gold for this puny buzzer!

Here’s the deal…

It has the PulsePlate technology using an oscillating plate moving in circular motions beneath the glans. This feature is what allows it to make you involuntarily nut!

There are 6 vibration settings, 8 intensity modes plus a turbo function that all come in to maximize your climax.

Also, unlike the Solo Essential, the Solo Lux comes with a wrist remote control that is ideal for solo or, through creativity, a steamy BDSM couple’s play.

For usability, the head-rest is winged, making it comfortable in holding your shaft during hands-free. This is again made better by the fact that you can still use it with or without lube.

It also has a 3-button control for easy power and intensity adjustments. 

Not to forget to mention finally, it’s magnetic charging feature enhances its waterproofing abilities so you can buzz it out in the shower or in a tub!

Price, Where To Buy

Solo Lux doesn’t come cheap. To have this experience, you might end up parting with up to $149.99 – $202.35! And this will vary with where you make your order from.

But if you’re a pleasure-seeker who values quality, then you’re probably okay with this.

If you want to get yourself one, then I suggest you check Lovehoney ($149.99) or HotOctopuss official site.

Both of them offer a variety of shipping options and a warranty just in case your vibrator does not withstand the waterproof test.

Don’t make such orders from Amazon or eBay to avoid getting fleeced!

So, what’s next?

We’re always dedicated to preparing a comparison table to help you check the different specs between the models.

Check out what we’ve got for the Pulse Solo vibrators below:

Pulse Solo
PulsePlateNo**Yes Yes4,450
Pulse Solo EssentialPulsePlateNoNoNo3,950
Pulse Duo
Pulse DuoPulsePlateYesYesNo3,950

Design & Features: Texture and Firmness

hot octopus Pulse 3 Solo Lux designs and features

The Solo Lux is very effective in delivering its pulsating vibrations and here’s why:

The silicone head-rest is light and winged. This makes it very subtle on the corona parts underneath the penis.

On top of that, it’s also soft and can expand to hold most penis girths.

Since it’s also a lightweight, it gives no strain on your dick. If you want to stroke, then it’s almost like using your hands!

Check out this short video for more details on the Solo Lux.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

Once I charged my Solo Lux, I powered it up by pressing the power button for 2 seconds.

The same also applies when you want to use the remote. I must say though, the battery drains pretty fast!

I decided to try the no-lube stint (my penis loves new thrills) and kept alternating between the static and stroking actions. 

I used (-) and (+) to adjust the vibration’s intensities. The ‘Crown’ button on the remote initiates the turbo mode for a powered-up stimulation that leaves you grinding your teeth in pleasure.

I also think the circular rumblings from the oscillator may really work for guys with ED. 

Since there’s a remote control, I realized it was very handy when I engaged a little BDSM-restrained action when my girl came in. 

Well, I didn’t keep tabs on the time it took me to orgasm using this one as I was experimenting a lot. On average though, the Solo Lux could get you off in 4-11 minutes!

How Easy To Clean & Durability

The waterproof feature makes cleaning a sure breeze. Remove the remote from the wrist band before wiping it as itself is not waterproof.

You can use warm water and mild soap before air-drying and storing (storage bag included). 

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

I’d recommend the Pulse 3 Solo Lux if you want to have a very different but unique climaxing experience!

But first:

Who Is It For?

  • If you want a lazy man’s toy.
  • Guys who like powerful vibrators.
  • Guys who can afford its price.

Who Is It Not For?

  • Guys who prefer non-vibrating masturbators.
  • If you don’t like charging in every 2 uses.

What Do Other People Think About It?

We picked some reviews from users on Reddit about the Octopus Pulse 3 Solo ‘guybrator’. 

“When you turn it on, the Hot Octopuss Pulse III sensation begins to build, and it is wonderful. It is very sensual and—again—sexy. You can lay back, relax, and just feel waves of pleasure wash over you. I would also say that the masturbation experience with the Pulse is less urgent than manual masturbation or a Fliphole. It is easier for me not to rush to orgasm.

After some period of time, the sensation becomes even more intense and you can start to feel your muscles in your penis and sphincter contract and relax—some voluntarily and some involuntarily.

It is almost like the vibrations are stimulating your internal muscles to masturbate you to orgasm. This sensation builds and becomes very intense and results in a shattering orgasm.”


Also, read LadyBombus’s review below:

“I play with my partner using the Pulse III Duo, Pulse Solo Lux (although there is also the Pulse Solo Essential) they are good toys in that they can be used at any stage of play, i.e they can be attached to a flaccid penis to help get things started or they can be used with a fully erect penis for fun.

They are also super useful for people with ED issues as it takes the pressure off getting pleasure as it can be used at all stages of erection.

The difference between the Solo and Duo is that the Duo has a motor on the top and bottom to allow someone to grind on you, the Solo does not. The lux has a cool remote control with it whereas the essential doesn’t have that cool remote with it.”



hot octopus Pulse 3 Solo Lux alternatives

There are always alternatives to compare before making your purchase.

So if you’d want something that’s of a different price or shape, then you should check out this Cobra Libre review.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Bringing down the hammer on the Pulse 3 Solo Lux guybrator…

It’ll be your new travel companion and you’ll be able to shoot one out even after a long day at work.

If not, then the guide provided above will sort you out. I hope this Hot Octopuss review has been a real help to you!

Have you used one yourself? What were your experiences? Feel free to comment and share this article!

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux Review

Dainis Graveris

hot octopuss pulse 3 solo lux


It’s an exciting toy with intense orgasms. Well, the greatest thing here is the turbo intensity. So, if you can spare the bucks, you won’t regret it. It works and offers a fun different experience.


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