Tenga Flip Zero Review: How Does It Fare Vs Others?

The Tenga Flip 0 is a very creative male masturbator and is a remarkable piece of art. The Tenga Flip Zero EV is a vibrating update that’s derived from the Tenga Flip Zero and is way advanced than the Tenga Flip Hole (first release). Flip Zero is definitely a fantastic toy that will give you a satisfying experience.

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The Good | The Tenga Flip Zero has a very sleek look that’s better than the Flip Hole. It has a creative sleeve texture that will give you a great sensation. The Flip Zero is very compact which makes the grip firmer and easier to use.

The Bad | The only problem you might experience with the Tenga Flip Zero is cleaning the sleeve. Because of its detailed nooks and crannies, you will have to take extra care to clean in between the folds. Also, the sleeves might take very long to dry so you’ll need to dry with paper/face towels to prevent bacterial/fungal growth.

The Bottom Line | The Tenga Flip Zero is an amazing male masturbator that has an advanced sleeve texture technology. The physical design is compact and allows users to have discreet sessions. If you hold its overall functions to the price placed on it, then Tenga has given a decent price for this decent toy.

Tenga is always on the path of developing creative sex toys (see the best Tenga here) with an awesome aesthetic touch that doesn’t scream ‘sex toy here’.

The Flip series is no exception to this trademark. It boasts a hit catalog comprising of the Tenga Flip Hole, Tenga Flip Zero, and Teng Flip Zero EV.

The Flip Zero and the EV are the most recent in their release and are still enjoying positive user feedback.

Now, on this Tenga Flip Zero review, we’ll take a focused look on this toy which is an ergonomic, reusable male masturbator.

The design used here is very sleek and streamlined as compared to the Tenga Flip Hole.

We’ll take a look at the materials used and the unique texture that gives it quite a mindblowing sensation.

Also, stick around to find out more about its functionality and where to get yourself one.

Sit tight!

Tenga Flip Zero Tech and Specs Overview


The Flip Zero is a way more compact model and has curved edges compared to the Flip Hole’s boxed up look.

As a result, the finished product is more streamlined and is very convenient to hold and use.

This model comes in with a standard measurement of 2.76” (D) x 3.15” (W) x 7.09” (H) for both the black and white variation.

For the internal user dimensions, the Tenga Flip Zero measures at 6.30” (L) and 2.00” (W).

This is great for most penis sizes but might prove a bit of a challenge for guys hanging extra lengths.

Although, if you’re doing about 7.00”, fiddling around with circular strokes will get you off the same.

Concerning its weight, the Flip Zero is about 1.01 lbs (give or take) when you unbox it, which is very light on your hands. 

The model’s small size and streamlined body coupled with the lightweight will allow you to have an epic Friday Night Showdown.


Tenga has used 3 basic materials to build the Flip Zero and Flip Zero EV models. These include plastic, TPE plastic, silicone, and some metal-works.

The plastic makes up most of the toy’s body case and the sliding arms. This is also the primary material used to make the holding base.

The TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) plastic is what was used to come up with this ingenious Tenga sleeve.

It is a very soft element and is very delicate to penises upon contact, especially with the texture design used here.

The metal’s presence is minimal as it is only found in the hinge, sliding arm’s frame, and the internal circuit powering the motors for the EV version.

They’ve also used silicone to create the pressure padding and I must say it gives quite a nice touch on the toy. 


The Tenga Flip Zero has a more improved functionality that is as a result of an upgrade from its Flip Hole predecessor.

Starting from the outer works, the sides have a linear pressure pad different from the Flip Hole’s 3-button pressure points that you can use to adjust the sensation. 

Also, they have introduced an integrated pivot near the insertion point that acts as a hinge.

This means that the opening is now seamless, unlike the Flip Hole that has a rather not-so-sexy seam at the entry point.

This improves usability as it solves the problem of lube leakage during usage.

Another thing is that you can use the sliding arms as a drying stand once you’re done with cleaning the toy.

You can also dry the toy by spreading it open on top of the plastic base (I won’t recommend this for electric EV for obvious reasons).

To enhance suction, Flip Zero has a one-way valve at the top for air escape creating a nice vacuum.

Price, Where To Buy

All Tengas in the Flip series come at a very decent price. Already, taking the Flip Zero and EV as an example, you can see the impressiveness in the sleeve quality, functionality, and fantastic experience.

The Tenga Flip Zero retails at $99.00 at the Official US Tenga Store.

What’s more, they offer free shipping for orders above the $50.00 mark within the US. And those ordering from other regions can still get theirs through the different international shipping options available. This will cause an extra cost of course.

Another good alternative is buying it on Lovehoney who has very good customer service and fast shipping (also free).

As always, I remind you not to make your orders on eBay or Amazon as these sights are notorious with scammers and generic items. So bank this advice and save your sweet bucks!

Model Comparison

So as promised above, I went out of my way and prepared for you a table comparing the Tenga Flip Zero and EV models. Check it out to get a better understanding of the models’ specs and see whether there’s a difference that might influence your preference.


(in inches)
D x W x H
(in pounds)
Tenga Flip Zero2.76 x 3.15 x 7.091.01Manual stroker, no
Plastic, TPE,
and Silicone
Teng Flip Zero EV2.68 x 3.35 x 6.901.16Has 2 Vibrating cores,
with 5 modes.
silicone, PP
and ABS
Table showing different model specs for the Tenga Flip Zero and Tenga Flip Zero EV.

In a quick comparison on the Tenga Flip Hole vs Zero:

  • The most noticeable bit is that the Flip Zero is seamless while the Flip Hole has a rather ugly seam at the mouth which leaks lube during use.
  • Another glaring contrast is that while the Flip Hole has a 3-point pressure pad, the Flip Zero has an integrated linear pressure pad that works better.

Design & Features: Texture and Firmness

Tenga flip zero Design and Features

Tenga has scored big points when it comes to the Flip Zero’s sleeve texture! The sleeve could give you a boner by just looking at it if you let it.

Get this:

The Flip Zero’s sleeve has one of the most detailed texture that our dicks have/will ever see. This includes bumps, ridges, and protruding ledges that all look and feel amazing to the touch.

At the tip is a ridge wall and rippled dorm that is pleasingly tight when inserting your peen.

These go all across the sleeve’s interior and you’ll agree it looks like an awesome obstacle course for your penis.

For a firmer grip, the Flip Zero has a silicone pressure pad on either side that enhances your hold for maximum use. To give my opinion, this is all too awesome.

Check the official Tenga design video here.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

Setting up this beauty is easy. Once you’ve opened it from the package, remove the slide arms from the case and squeeze the rails until it clicks open.

You can then use your water-based lube or the free sample included underneath the bottom cap and spread it generously against the interior of the sleeve.

Make sure you get all the folds and ridges.

When through, close it and replace the sliding arms to secure the toy. Lube yourself and the insertion point up and you’re cleared for a no-rule match at the Tenga tango

You’ll feel the pleasing tightness at the entry around your penis’s head. The ridge walls hug your penis from either side as the rippled dorm holds you at the base.

The triple chain gate in the middle does an exciting brush across your shaft. 

At the layered end orb, your tip will receive sensational stimulation from all angles, sending waves of pleasure throughout your dick’s brain.

As you continue stroking, you’ll see the sides of the toy bulging – acting like some sort of confidence booster.

Also, the harder you also squeeze the pressure pads, the tighter it gets (you can press the top, middle, or base for varying tightness). 

For the EV, you’ll need to connect the slide arm and press the top button for 3 seconds to power-on the toy.

I enjoyed (still do) nutting myself silly inside this sleeve. Oh! And the best part is that there is no lube leakage as the mouth is seamless and is again much quieter than the Flip Hole’s slurpiness.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Cleaning the Flip Zero is easy as it just requires you to open the sleeve and wash with antibacterial soap under running water.

The downside though is that the sleeve has many crevices that need extra attention for you to clear the spooge.

Also after washing, you’ll have to use paper/face towels to dab the inside dry before airing it out. 

This is because it takes a lot of time before it fully dries. You can also use the sliding arm as a drying stand and base as a storage kit (looks like a Bluetooth speaker by the way!).

On the brighter side, the Flip Zero will last longer than some of the best Tenga egg series toys as it’s reusable.

Tip: Use talcum powder to reverse the sticky feeling that comes after long periods of use.

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

Yes, I would definitely recommend the Tenga Flip Zero to people. Its unique design is out of this world and the experience is all too great to keep to myself.

Let’s see…

Who is it for?

  • People who’re into solo careers.
  • Guys who love old-fashioned self-stroking.
  • Guys who travel a lot.
  • People looking for discretion.

Who is it not for?

  • If you prefer vibrating strokers.
  • Guys packing anything above 6.30”. (who are you people?)

What Do Other People Think About It?

See what others had to say about the Tenga Flip models in the YouTube reviews and Reddit discussions.

Look at what MaleToysReview said in this youtube video.

From Reddit, heddhunter posted this comparison between the Flip Zero and Flip Hole:

“One of the main differences of the Zero vs the Flip Hole is that the zero is hinged at the bottom, which lets the insertion point be a solid unbroken piece. (See the video above for details.)

The old model was hinged at the top, so when you put it back together, the insertion end has a seam in it. This allows lube to leak out of the bottom, all over you. Kinda gross. With Zero, this is not an issue.

However, because of the design, it means there is a seam on the top end. You put a plastic clip over that end, but I’ve found that lube leaks a bit out of the top. If you use it standing up or sitting so that the toy is pointing up it’s probably less of an issue, but I like to use it lying down.

The best solution I’ve found is to put a small piece of paper towel over the seam before putting the clip-on, then wrapping the top end in a regular hand towel. Sounds kind of clunky but it’s not bad and the overall experience is easily worth the effort.

I give the Zero a solid “A”. It will be my go-to toy for a long time to come.”


Here’s a user who had concerns about the model’s drying:

“The drying is the difficult part. This toy has a million convoluted folds, nooks, and crannies, so even hanging it overnight or a day on its drying stand (holds it open, face down) seems to still leave droplets here and there tucked away.”



Right off the bat, I can’t come up with any male masturbator that matches what the Flip Zero and EV offer our penises.

But you can check out our Tenga 3D review for another option.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, the Tenga Flip Zero is a fantastic beauty that can give you multiple orgasms. The toy is very discreet and compact, making storage much easier. 

Though the cleaning requires a bit of care, its attractive design is very appealing and beats the “boxed” Tenga Flip Hole outlook.

So, if you want to take your penis through a pumping stroke-athon, then consider getting the Tenga Flip Zero now.

Enjoy your toy hunting, bud!

Tenga Flip Zero Review

Dainis Graveris

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The Flip Zero is an amazing toy on its own (without the electronic features of the EV) and its price is just right. It’s a steal deal and will satisfy most.


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