Top 10 Best Bad Dragon Dildos (And 5 Alternatives) Ranked And Reviewed [2023]

Check out the best bad dragon sex toys your money can buy. After testing the most popular BD dildo for beginners & experts alike, we’ve come up with this list.

Bad Dragon Toys

Bad Dragon is the biggest name in fantasy dildos, and they sure make some beautiful (and terrifying) designs.

But they’re not the only maker of exquisite monster cocks. Here’s our best fantasy dragon dildo guide for more.

Today we’re looking at Bad Dragon, the biggest name in fantasy dildos, as well as a few of their competitors who give their design and quality a run for their money. 

Sound good? 

Here’s the Top 3. 

SexualAlpha Top Pick

Bad Dragon Nova is my top pick. With sensuous ridges leading down to a prominent bulge that will leave you reeling, it’s an incredible feeling from start to finish. It’s got a lovely curve too, so it’s sure to hit all the right spots. 

Best For Intense Stimulation

For intensity, it’s hard to look past Bad Dragon Ika, the tentacle from the deep. The suckers lining the arm feel great going in, out or just teasing. It starts out thin but quickly tempts you to stretch yourself out on its fat base. 

Best Bad Dragon Alternative

And then there’s Mr. Hankey’s Dragon. It’s not from the same company, but it’s every bit as bad, with beautifully detailed scales, plates, and ridges that feel as good as they look. 

Top 3 Best Bad Dragon/Alternative Dildos


Bad Dragon Ika


bad dragon nova

Bad Dragon Nova


Mr. Hankey Dragon

Insertable Length:
5.25” to 12”
5.75” to 11”
8.5” to 14”
Top Circumference:
2” to 4.5”
4.5” to 9”
6.75” to 11.25”
Base Circumference:
6” to 14”
5” to 9”
7.5” to 12.75”

The Best Bad Dragon Dildos

NOTE: Every dildo on this list is made of ultra-high quality silicone. Bad Dragon and Mr. Hankey’s are made of platinum-cure silicone, which will last you for years! 

best bad dragon toys

SexualAlpha Top Pick

1. Bad Dragon Nova

Insertable Length:
5.75” (Small) to 11” (X-Large)
Head Circumference:
4.5” to 9”
Shaft Circumference:
5” to 9”
  • Multiple crests and knot for varying sensation
  • Option to choose a firm base
  • Pointed tip for easy insertion
  • Heavy base is hard work on the wrists
  • Needs a lot of lube

Starting with a pointed tip that makes it easy to get started, Nova kicks things off with three increasingly pronounced ridges that feel amazing when you penetrate yourself slowly. 

It feels like skin, smooth but with just the right amount of grippiness to it. 

And once you get to that knot at the end… oh my.

Even in the small size, the width of the bulging knot can be a challenge to take in all the way, but once you do, you’re rewarded with an orgasmic feeling of fullness

It feels great when you insert it slowly, and when you switch things up and start thrusting faster, those ridges give some resistance that can drive you wild.

Nova feels like a real dick with extra features that make it even more pleasurable, so it deserves its spot as one of the very best fantasy dildos. 

Interested in learning more? Read our in-depth review here.

best bad dragon toys

Best For Intense Stimulation

2. Bad Dragon Ika

Insertable Length:
5.25” (Mini) to 12” (X-Large)
Top Circumference:
2” to 4.5”
Base Circumference:
6” to 14”
  • Suctions cups are great for clitoral stimulation
  • Taper is ideal for stretching
  • Surprisingly multi-functional
  • Not cumtube compatible 

Ranging in size from an adorable little octopus arm to a tentacle from the mighty Kraken, every Ika has subtle ridges and not-so-subtle suction cups running from the tip to the base. 

Those suction cups feel amazing rubbing against the clit for some teasing play before the main event. 

And what a main event it is. Starting out very narrow, Ika has the perfect taper for stretching you out and challenging you to see how much you can take. 

And if you go for the medium or soft, the tip doesn’t poke your insides like you might expect, so it stays comfortable no matter how far deep you go. 

Check out other great toys in our best tentacle dildo guide.

best bad dragon toys

Best Knotted Bad Dragon Dildo

3. Bad Dragon Rex

Insertable Length:
5” (Mini) to 12” (X-Large)
Head Circumference:
2.75” to 6.25”
Shaft Circumference:
3.25” to 7.5”
Knot Circumference:
4.75” to 11.25”
  • Easy to hold even in bigger sizes
  • Knot keeps it inside you for a filling sensation
  • Gentler texture is easier for beginners
  • Falls over if you get soft or medium firmness

Lovers of animals and giant schlongs rejoice, for Rex is here! 

Featuring a gentle, veiny texture and a nice pronounced head, Rex’s shaft is a good time all on its own. 

And that knot is something else.

Sudden, bulbous, and mouth-watering, it’s what makes Rex stand out. 

For anything sized medium and above, getting that knot inside you is a challenge, but once you do, you’ll find he sits and stays beautifully.

And what’s great about Rex is that if you don’t feel like doing the difficult part every time, the rest feels like a pretty ordinary dick that you can enjoy the “normal” way with the knot as a natural endpoint. 

So whatever kind of mood you’re in, there’s something for you to enjoy. 

best bad dragon for beginners

Best For Beginners

4. Bad Dragon Echo

Insertable Length:
4.75” (Mini) to 9” (X-Large)
Head Circumference:
3.5” to 6.5”
Shaft Circumference:
4.75” to 9” 
  • Simple, semi-realistic design
  • Smooth texture
  • Balls are fun to play with
  • No suction cup

Maybe it’s called Echo because you’ll moan so loud it’ll echo? Who knows… 

Echo is a semi-realistic dildo that looks like a dick with some extra interesting bits and your choice of beautiful color. We went with Night Sky in small, and the end result was stunning. 

There’s a medial ring about two-thirds the way down the shaft for a little extra reminder that this ain’t your normal dick shape, but apart from that, Echo is a smooth experience

That means it doesn’t need as much preparation as Nova or any of the other wild textures, so it’s one of the few Bad Dragon sex toys you might use every day.

Echo has a lovely pair of balls at the end that is fun to play with and easy to hold on to and thrust. You don’t have to worry about your wrists getting tired, which is helpful since there’s no suction cup option. 

It’s a happy medium between the realistic and the mythical, so Echo is a great choice for anyone who wants an introduction to fantasy dildos. 

best bad dragon toys

Best For Anal

5. Bad Dragon Fenrir

Insertable Length:
4.7” (Mini) to 10.4” (X-Large)
Head Circumference:
3” to 7.25”
Shaft Circumference:
4.1” to 9.2”
Knot Circumference:
5.8” to 12.2” 
  • Tapered head for an easy start
  • Varied, intense texture
  • Comes in mini size
  • Uncomfortable in hard firmness
  • Takes a lot of prep

Before the knot, you’ll notice Fenrir is shaped a bit like a butt plug with some extra ridges for stimulation. So guess what this mythical wolf was made for? 

Remember that you should go for the soft or medium firmness if you want it for anal.

There’s no thin neck to give yourself a rest, so if it’s very hard it’s going to be uncomfortable after a few minutes. 

The tapered head is easy to insert at first, then those ridges combined with the curve shape offer some interesting sensation and extremely satisfying fullness

So you can insert Fenrir up to the knot and call it a day, and you’ll have a great time. 

Or you can go for glory and try to devour the whole beast! 

Looking for other alternatives? Check out the best Bad Dragon toy for anal here!

best bad dragon toys

Best For Prostate Orgasms

6. Bad Dragon Flint

Insertable Length:
4.15” (Mini) to 10” (X-Large)
Head Circumference:
4.5” to 8.75”
Shaft Circumference:
5.75” to 13.5”
  • Highly stimulating texture
  • Comes in mini size
  • Firm enough to stand up on its own, squishy enough to be comfortable
  • Heavy
  • No suction cup

Steampunk dragon schlong… hell yes. 

Flint is covered in scaly plates, rivets, and studs to ensure it hits all the right spots on the way in and out. 

And it’s got some real weight behind it. It feels solid and satisfying in use, but the heaviness also makes it more tiring on the hands and wrists. 

The curving, thick shaft is deliciously intense and angles the texture to hit your P-spot just right for some hardcore prostate orgasms. 

But there’s no suction cup, so you’re going to get a good workout when you’re using Flint. 

For p-spot newbies, it’s not the best choice since even the small size is pretty damn thick and intense. 

But for the seasoned adventurer, this promises to be one of your greatest quests yet! 

best bad dragon toys

Best For G-Spot and P-Spot Stimulation

7. Bad Dragon Nocturne

Insertable Length:
5” (mini) to 9.73” (X-Large)
Head Circumference:
3.6” to 7”
Shaft Circumference:
4.25” to 8.25”
Knot Circumference:
5” to 10” 
  • Pointed tip for g-spot and p-spot
  • Thick, bulging shaft
  • Heavily curved for stronger feeling
  • Base is heavy so you need the suction cup for longer sessions

If you want a nice thick shaft without too much overwhelming texture, Nocturne is for you. 

It starts out gentle with a tapered head and ridged corona, moving on to a lovely strong bulging shaft.

Nocturne’s knot isn’t as dramatic as Rex’s, so it’s easier to fit inside. But it’s still big enough to stay in once you’re past it for that intense full feeling you’re craving. 

The shaft curve means that it can hit your g-spot or p-spot while stretching you out, so you get double the intensity.

But it’s smooth, so it’s not too hard on your skin. 

You can also order Nocturne in split densities so that you can get a firm base and medium or soft shaft. That will help it stand up while still being comfortably squishy and forgiving. 

Combined with a suction cup and cumtube, that means you can ride it to your heart’s content hands-free!

Interested in learning more? Read our in-depth review here.

biggest bad dragon dildo

Biggest Bad Dragon

8. Bad Dragon Chance Flared

Insertable Length:
6.75” (Small) to 15” (X-Large)
Head Circumference:
5” to 10.75
Shaft Circumference:
3.75” to 8”
  • Incredibly long 
  • Smooth ride once you get past the head
  • Soft option falls over easily
  • No suction cup

Going from a healthy 6.75 inches long all the way up to a terrifying 15, Chance is the longest dildo BD has to offer.

It’s thick from the start, too – the flat, flared head makes it feel more like a fist than any penis I’ve ever seen. 

Once you get past the head, the rest of the shaft is actually thinner until you get to the medial ring. The texture is veiny with a few small ridges, but it’s pretty tame compared to the others on this list. 

No, Chance is all about that massive head and the insane length that plunges into the deepest depths and makes sure you feel every inch

There’s no suction cup, but the heavy base means it should stay upright long enough for you to get on and ride it. 

There’s also an unflared option that is “easier” to insert and get started on… 

But let’s be honest, if you’re looking at one of the longest dildos on offer, you probably want the most challenging option. 

best bad dragon toys

Bad Dragon Ejaculating Dildo

9. Bad Dragon Fusion Lil’ Squirt

Insertable Length:
Circumference (widest point):
  • Cheap ejaculating dildo
  • Cute and non-threatening
  • Only one size and firmness

This cute little monster has a nice tapered shape and some stimulating ridges in a size that won’t intimidate anyone. 

Every Lil’ Squirt automatically comes with a cumtube and syringe, so it’s the cheapest way to test out that feature and see if it’s something you want. 

It’s also a great warmup toy to get yourself nice and slippery before you tackle one of the big boys. 

best bad dragon toys

Best Thick Bad Dragon Dildo

10. Bad Dragon Pearce

Insertable Length:
3.8” (mini) to 9.25” (X-Large)
Head Circumference:
4.25” to 11”
Shaft Circumference:
5.35” to 12.8”
  • Realistic look and feel
  • Thick but not too long
  • Subtle texture and detailing
  • Looks comparatively ordinary
  • No suction cup

If you prefer your dongs built like the proverbial brick shithouse, take a look at Pearce. 

The extra-large Pearce has a widest circumference of 12.8 inches, which is thicker than my forearm. Huh. Maybe I should hit the gym more. 

It looks more like a real dick than the other BD offerings, except for the colossal girth and the Prince Albert.

That “piercing” is good for teasing your clit and adds some extra sensation once inside. 

You can add a cumtube for even more realistic goodness, but unfortunately, there’s no room for a suction cup. 

Still, Pearce will stand up straight so you can ride him no problem, and the hefty base makes him pretty easy to handle. Heavy, though. 

Maybe that’s how I can get bigger forearms… 

Best Bad Dragon Dildo Alternatives

Bad Dragon makes some great dildos… but you have to be patient. If you order one custom-made there’s a wait time of several weeks. 

If you’re not the patient type, fear not! There are alternatives that ship much faster

And they’re every bit as high-quality as BD themselves. 

Here are some of the best alternative fantasy dildos that you can get delivered in days, not weeks. 

Best Bad Dragon Alternative

11. Mr. Hankey’s Dragon

Insertable Length:
8.5” (Small) to 14” (XXXL)
Head Circumference:
6.75” to 11.25”
Shaft Circumference:
7.5” to 12.75”
  • Incredibly detailed 
  • Compatible with strap-ons and sex machines (with vac-u-lock)
  • Super-stimulating texture
  • Only 4 color options
  • “Small” is still big 

The detailing of the scales and plates alone makes Mr. Hankey’s Dragon worthy of a place on this list. 

It’s a work of art, from the bony plates to the prominent ridges on the head. 

There’s also a vac-u-lock option which you should definitely take. For just an extra 5 bucks, you can attach it to most fucking machines and experience the joy hands-free. 

Mr. Hankey’s Dragon is functional as well as fashionable. The texture makes it an unforgettable experience as it slides inside you, making you savor every nuance of every inch

The only real downside is the sizes. The smallest size is still 8.5 inches long and thick as hell, so it’s not the best choice for first-time riders. 

But experienced users will love how the bulging shaft fills them up and the texture brings them to rapture like no ordinary penis could manage. 

If you weren’t a fan of the reptilian before, you will be after doing battle with this Dragon. 

Best Alternative For G-Spot And P-Spot

12. Mr. Hankey’s Taintacle

Insertable Length:
8” (Small) to 14” (XXL)
Head Circumference:
2” to 4”
Shaft Circumference:
7” to 12.5”
  • Curve and pointed tip for precise g-spot and p-spot stimulation
  • Suckers are smooth but stimulating
  • Falls over sometimes
  • Not harness compatible

Wanna live out your very own tentacle porn? Now’s your chance with the Taintacle! 

Once you’ve slathered it up with some thick lube, it’s even more like a creature from the deep, which enhances the whole fantasy. 

The suckers aren’t as pronounced as the BD Ika (#2 on this list), but the curve makes it stimulating in other ways. 

It presses against the p-spot or g-spot harder for a more robust pushing sensation.

So if you like surface details, go for the Ika, but if you want something that slides in easier and pushes against your walls harder, get the Taintacle instead.

Best Knotted Alternative

13. Mr. Hankey’s Beowulf

Insertable Length:
9” (small) to 13” (XL)
Head Circumference:
4.25” to 6.75”
Shaft Circumference:
7” to 9.75”
Knot Circumference:
8” to 12”
  • Pronounced bulges and ridge so you feel everything
  • Silky-smooth silicone
  • Great for stretching exercises
  • Only experienced users can reach the knot
  • Narrow base can be hard to hold on to

Beowulf is basically a long, thick dildo with an even thicker buttplug at the end.

If that sounds like a good time, keep reading!

The texture is very smooth and glidey with the right lube, so it slides in easier than you might expect. 

But don’t mistake smooth for boring.

It bulges and ripples in all the right places, so there’s always something new to feel. 

The tapered fit and impressive size mean it’s a great toy for anal stretching. You can start at the beginning, which is fairly easy, and work your way down until you finally reach the knot. 

And once you get past the knot, congratulations! You have slain the beast like the mighty Beowulf himself.

Best For Sci-Fi Fans

14. Mr. Hankey’s Alien Breeder

Insertable Length:
7.5” (Small) to 13.4” (XXXL)
Head Circumference:
4.75” to 8”
Shaft Circumference:
6.87” to 12.5”
  • Smooth and highly textured in one toy
  • Awesome artistic detailing
  • Bulges in the middle to fill you out
  • Color options aren’t the best 
  • Needs a ton of lube

Any HR Geiger fans here? 

If you’ve ever wanted a xenomorph inside you, now’s your chance. 

This alien-inspired dildo is gorgeously detailed, with the face of the classic monster at the tip ready to attack your unsuspecting hole…

It’s smooth on one side and intricately detailed on the other, so you can rotate it for different combinations of feelings.

The crevices and ridges on the textured side means it needs a LOT of lube to slide in comfortably, so be prepared and stock up before boarding the Nostromo. 

You can only order it in one of three colors, although why the hell would you want anything other than black? 

Unique Texture And Shape

15. Geeky Sex Toys Drodong 

Insertable Length:
Shaft Circumference:
  • Pointy head good for anal play
  • Slick, glossy surface for easy insertion
  • Only one size and firmness

Ready to be the Mother of Dragons? Or how about the Stepmom of dragons, if you get me… 

The creatively-named Drodong is a good choice for anyone who’s into the scaly side of things but maybe doesn’t want something that will tear them open like one of Mr. Hankey’s Toys. 

It’s a modest 8.5” long in total, of which about 7 is insertable.

And 6” in circumference means it’s a nice pleasing thickness without needing hours of preparation and stretching to take in. 

Once you get down to the base, the spines can tickle your clit (if you have one) for some kinky fun. 

Drodong is soft on your skin but firm enough to keep its shape no matter how hard you’re going for it. 

A great choice if you want the dragon experience but not the dragon size. You can use the discount code SEXUALALPHA5 for 5% off at checkout.

BD Dildo Buying Guide: How To Choose Your Dragon

Since fantasy dildos are so creatively shaped, there’s a bit more to think about than with usual dick-shaped dildos. 

Obviously, you need to consider what shape is your favorite – animalistic, mythical creature, just plain huge? 

Whatever you’re into, there’s bound to be something that fits your preferences. 

I’m going to assume that you know roughly what kind of shape and style you want. Otherwise, I’d be here all week listing fetishes.

Let’s talk about the practical bits – size and budget.


Fantasy dildos can get big. Like, crazy big. Scary big. 

Remember that the average penis size is about 5 inches long and 4.6 in circumference. 

So when you’re looking at 10-inch monsters, you should consider that you’re going to need practice and a lot of preparation to take it all the way. 

And whatever size you get, stock up on lube. All those spines, ridges, knots, textures, etc., feel great, but they don’t go in as smoothly as plain skin does. You’re going to need a lot of lube to tackle the mythical beasts. 

Budget + Material 

We can cover this in one section because most quality fantasy dildos are made of silicone.

That’s awesome because it’s durable, body-safe, and easy to clean off. It’s the best material for a dildo to be, especially with all that detailing! 

But there’s a cost. High-quality silicone is not cheap. 

Not to mention the expertise and time required to make a good mold and pour it, in your favorite color no less… 

So for a big, detailed toy, expect to pay upwards of $100. Anything less is frankly suspicious. You might not be getting what you pay for, so watch out. 

And as always, only buy from sellers you trust. Check review sites (like this one) to see which manufacturers and sellers come recommended and which you should avoid.


What are fantasy dildos, and why do they exist?

Fantasy dildos are unique-looking sex toys that typically resemble the “genitals” of mythical beings. Examples of these creatures include the likes of dragons, werewolves, tentacled monsters, aliens, goblins, and even zombies.

Now, the products are sort of a niche among its peers. But they nevertheless have a devout following among communities.

And although designs are unconventional and sometimes outright ridiculous, they do cater to a particular “kink” demographic among sex enthusiasts.

Is Bad Dragon Discreet? 

Yes, Bad Dragon knows discretion is key for a lot of their buyers, so they ship in plain, brown boxes.

There is a tiny sticker from the company but no massive labels to give away what you purchased.

When you open your package, the toy comes in a bag with one clear size and one black, labeled side.

NOTE: Bad Dragon will only take returns if you don’t open the bag. Use the clear side to check for problems with size or color and look closely for any tears or imperfections.

If everything looks good, tear it open and get going!

Can A Bad Dragon Dildo Be Used As A Strap-on?

Yes, a BD dildo can be used as a strap-on but with so many toys and a huge number of options, you need to find the toys that come in strap-on-friendly shapes.

First, look for a toy available in small or medium size. Keep in mind Bad Dragon toys run big, so a large or extra-large dildo will struggle to stay in place.

Then opt for a plain base so you get a shape that fits easily against your body.

You’ll need O rings in a range of sizes. A rubber O-ring is easier to fit around the bigger girth of a Bad Dragon toy.

What Is Bad Dragon’s Size Chart? 

Bad Dragon makes choosing a size easy to visualize by showing you their toys in 1:1 size on your computer screen, with a credit card for comparison. 

You can even compare the sizes of different toys at the same size so you can decide which is more suited to your needs. 

They also give you the EXACT dimensions underneath. Top-notch service if you ask me, something that more sex toy manufacturers should consider doing. 

What Customizations Are Available? 

The Bad Dragon sex toys come in a dizzying range of colors and patterns, along with the option to create your own custom color blend.

There are also cum tube options with compatible toys.

As you can probably guess, this puts a tunnel in the toy along with a syringe for you to inject cum lube (or normal lube too, I guess). Great if you want to lubricate yourself from the inside or crave the feeling of the monster finishing inside you! 

Finally, you can get them to add a built-in suction cup so you can attach your dildo to any flat, smooth surface and go crazy. 

What are the pros and cons of using Bad Dragon toys?

  For starters, every Bad Dragon toy uses high-quality materials. So you’ll surely get your money’s worth if you decide to get one yourself. 

Though if you put aside their value, the best selling point of these toys is that they’re customizable. So if you want to be a little out there with your imagination, Bad Dragon may just be the right call to fill your inner fantasies.

However, if you’re not much of a fan of slow and annoying shipping, you may also want to reconsider.

Yes, these toys are practically perfect for those with monster kinks. But it’s an acquired taste for the most part. So if you want to try it with a partner, it’s probably best to have a conversation beforehand.


Whatever you’re into, there’s a fantasy dildo for you. Bad Dragon has some of the best (dildos, masturbators, etc.), but they’re not the only place you should be looking.

Oh yeah, and always warm up and use lots of lube before attempting any of the giants on this list. 

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