Autoblow Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This

Autoblow 2+ XT and Autobot Ai are great masturbating toys that can get the job done for you. The Autoblow Artificial Intelligence is a great feature but will need some improvements on the loud factor to improve flexibility.

Autoblow review cover

The Good | Autoblow blowjob toys have interchangeable sleeves that are easy to clean. They have introduced power cords, and worth mentioning also is the 10 modes that are infused in its microchipped engine.

The Bad | This series outrightly sets you off with its physical appearance. We believe Autoblow could do a better job in giving our pleasure-seeking selves a more sexy outlook! Couple this ugliness with the noise it makes when turned on, well…sheesh.

The Bottom Line | The Autoblow gets the work done despite its hefty look. The price is a bit high considering other better alternatives, but we commend the technology.

In this Autoblow review, we are going to map out the details on their build, functionality, and overall performance. 

We will also cover the design and see whether they scored a clean 10/10, or have room for improvement. 

This comes especially when you put into the facts that Autoblow had a successful campaign at IndieGogo that got them 600% more funds than what was initially required.

Well, they do say they are ‘in the business of making toys for men, by men!’ And the men sure did turn out to give their rock-solid support. 

Over the years, Autoblow has manufactured a list of toys including the Autoblow 2 and the more recent, Autoblow AI. In this review, however, I am going to talk about the Autoblow AI model because it’s what I got my hand on. 

It’s a pretty sleek model this one, but I figure for the price, they have held back a bit on us.

Let’s read on to understand more about this penis milking machine.

Autoblow Features And Specs Overview

Autoblow AI Penis Machine


When I unboxed my AI model, I found myself exclaiming out loud, “What the F***!!” (Fish… I said fish.)

Here’s the deal, despite seeing the pre-released pictures and videos, it hadn’t got to me yet that this Autoblow model actually looked like a mini vacuum cleaner. Yeah! And that was the first ‘yikes’ moment for me.

In real measurement, the toy measures about 8.66” in total length, with about 8.46” insertable sleeve reach. Well, that is a bit disturbing if you’re in the extra size category.

It leaves you little to no room between the casing and the sleeve-end when you’re penis expands to full size.

It measures 7.08” across the width, and 3.93” – 4.72” for the height. The sleeve’s mouth opening is about 0.39”, but can also stretch to accommodate your girth. So I believe this won’t be a problem for most people.

There isn’t much to add to this. The model is a standard-issue so I believe the measurements remain the same for every piece or has a slight variation. 

Again, its size is quite bulky for my fancy. I mean, I want to feel head. Not carry it!


My Autoblow AI model has 3 minimum materials used. You get this if you count the case, the sleeve, and the engine components.

Most of the outer part is made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic that is latex and phthalates-free. 

The inner sleeve is entirely made of silicone and aims to give you a real vaginal touch to your penis.

What I feel lacked here, is a bit of texturing to make me feel those nerves when edging for a climax.


To cut them some slack, I think that Autoblow has done us a real big one on the AI model.

They have an integrated microchip in it giving you 10 different intensity levels of oral play enacted from the real action. 

To add on top of this, they have also aligned 10 different modes to help you get random blowjobs! The 10 modes are:

  • Full Stroke
  • Intense Edge
  • Fast Edge
  • Teasing Slow Edge
  • Top Stroke
  • Bottom Stroke
  • Top and Bottom Stroke
  • Master Stroke 1
  • Master Stroke 2
  • Full A.I. Experience

If you find the right balance in combining a specific mode to intensity, then you will get very nice experience.

Price, Where To Buy

The Autoblow price is another place where I find an issue. While I soberly agree that it will get the work done, there isn’t much to take home except the AI feature, that warrants the kind of price it retails at ($299.9 – $300!). 

They do have a sales discount if you buy on their site selling the Autoblow AI for $219.96.

All in all, we both know that better toys are retailing at way lower prices out there. Their marketing department did a fantastic job on this one.

But after much use and engagement, I strongly feel they have just created too much buzz around it.

For that price, I sure don’t want to have a dryer blowing over my nuts. Plus the aesthetics are just below average.

Anyway if you feel like you want to give it a go then you get yourself one at 

Now, we made a table to compare Autoblow 2 and Autoblow AI to help you better understand them.

Check it below:

Autoblow A.I.Uses AI10 modes + 10 speedsQuieterDouble chamber for the sleeve and engine.
Autoblow 2+ XTNo A.I. Single stroke with speed control.LouderSingle cylindrical chamber for the sleeve and motor.

Design & Features: Texture And Firmness

Autoblow AI designs and features

Well, I have already expressed my disappointment in the outlook of my Autoblow AI model. I view it as a major design flaw.

When you use it, you don’t get that ‘skin’ feeling that enhances your fantasy. Instead, you get this plastic touch from a mini vacuum blower.

I would best suggest that you use the toy when seated or laid back. This gives you a much-relaxed suction compared to dealing with the weight (2lbs) while standing.

If you do the latter, I don’t think you can go on for extended periods.

The inner sleeves come in three different styles (mouth, anal, and vaginal), but the texturing done in there is a bit poor. 

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

I wouldn’t say the toy is most suitable to give you a boner. You have to wake that dragon up yourself before putting him in.

Once you’ve lubed up its mouth and your penis, getting in isn’t much of a struggle.

Now, one thing I felt once I turned on the toy is the imbalance. Take note that the AI model is double-chambered, with one side holding the engine works while the other side has only the sleeve.

When you turn it on, you’ll notice that the side with the motor is heavier than the sleeve’s side. Thus my suggestion above that I found it best used when seated, or lying down.

When things got heated up, the toy kind of just stopped working with my dick inside. Well, after all her fan’s moaning, the silence was a bit awkward. 

However, I tried adjusting the intensity a little and she spun back to life. 

The Full AI Experience mode is also an awesome thrill as it combines varying motions and intensity to give you a random blowjob, just like your girl would.

You can experiment with the other modes too to make sure you have the ideal lazy blowjob experience.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

The fact that the sleeves used here are made of silicone makes it a very easy affair to clean. 

To do this, you carefully remove the sleeve after using, then wash it with undyed or unscented soap and warm water. You can use a light brush for scouring.

One has to be careful though since the AI model uses a microchip. Any contact with water or any similar liquid may cause it damage.

Before I forget, the Autobow 2+ XT and AI models both come with a power cord for firing up the toy.

This is a right if you plan to go extensive hours with them without having to worry about changing battery packs.

Would I Recommend it? If So, To Whom?

Autoblow does the work, but in 2020 there is a lot better blowjob machine for the price I would recommend you to consider: Kiiroo Keon (read or watch our review here).

Well, the AI model is a bit quieter than the 2+ XT, and has a greater enhanced experience. If you’re a sucker for Autoblows then I would recommend the AI version over its counterpart.

Although, you wouldn’t find this ideal if you value discreteness when handling your business.


Who is it for?

  • Guys who have good privacy for a loud show.
  • For guys who have an extra need for speed and intensity.
  • Guys who don’t mind spilling some juice in a plastic vacuum head.

Who is it not for?

  • It’s kinda heavy. So, people who don’t fancy lifting weights with their penis.
  • People who prefer normal skin appeal.
  • Guys who live in close quarters like dorms or hostels.

What Do Other People Think About It?

Well as always, we did an online search to find other independent reviews for you to see what people have to say.

“I ordered my AI around Christmas (personal gift), and received it in early January. My expectations were high considering it is a $200+ toy and the glowing online reviews. The unit is solid and well made, no complaints there. The bulkiness and cord are not an issue if the machine does a great job… For me, it does not.

Have used the AI four times and have yet to climax. Yes the sensations are pleasurable and it has gotten me close a couple of times, but after finally giving up and turning the unit off, I felt frustrated. Kinda like edged without the finish.

I’m older, not large, and perhaps require more stimulation or perhaps a different type of stimulation than the AI provides. It lacks vibration which my favorite toys have and which work well on me to produce a happy ending. I have not yet given up on the AI but I know it will never be in my top three favorite toys, none of which were even half the cost…”


One user, Zoenboen also seemed to encounter the same awkward moment as me during use. Read below:

“It took an hour after arrival for me to give it a go. I had to lube myself and the toy, getting perfectly erect and I was off to the races. For once, it actually did feel like a decent simulation of a blowjob, I just had to hold it in place, swap the modes, and let it do the work. That was heavenly in itself.

A few modes were not perfect, and maybe disappointing until I ramped up the speed or cycled back through when it was the right time. Switching modes gets distracting for sure, and can cause issues – would be great if it would cycle through on a program like the Max did (i.e. their app lets you predefine or download patterns).

At the end of that first session, it actually caught me off guard as it worked the tip and other spots in AI mode, and I exploded, let out a moan, and finished before I expected. That’s a huge win in my book.

Since the initial trial, I’ve had a few more chances to give it a run.

The second session gave me some issues. Each mode started and stopped after the first thrust/choke. One of the modes did work, but I can’t find out why this was happening. It did feel off, and I think the problem was that the sleeve was fully inserted but the choker wasn’t entirely seated with the grip. Hoping that it gave some resistance, and that made it shut off (and keep my dick from being destroyed).

The third session – everything was right again. The modes where it’s pulling up and down on the shaft gave me a sensation I’ve not really had before exactly. It’s not like a deep throat, it’s like a firm handjob working the shaft but with the pleasure of being in a mouth.”



There are other models we know of that could give you much more satisfaction, and cost way less than the Autoblow model.

For instance, I’d highly recommend you take a look at our Kiiroo Keon review. It’s our favourite machine from 2021 – it works great, feels great, and allows you to enjoy it hands-free! We’ve even did video for you there to check it live.

Optionally you can check out our Lelo F1s review (though this toy has been a bit of a let-down compared to Keon).

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Autoblow will always wow us with its creativity in making cool blowing machines.

The Autoblow 2 and Autoblow Artificial Intelligence models have done really great in terms of service delivery. The bodyworks though really need some sprucing up to make it more appealing.

If the bulky size, noisy motor, and plastic casing ain’t a problem for you, then you can buy it. Not a fair deal though considering the price.

Always have a good backup plan as the Kiiroo Keon recommended above. It offers a better deal and will take you into space. Autoblow marketing is great, but the toy doesn’t really deliver for the price.

Well, there you have it! I hope this Autoblow review was a great help to you!

You can leave your questions in the comments section below as I go wash my wiener…

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